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Free philosophy Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

How To Live In The Moment (How To eBooks Book 7)

by HTeBooks

How To Live In The Moment?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

How right he is. Our lives are always tied to the tiers: past, present, and future. Unfortunately, many people are either hung up on the past they can no longer have, or anxious of the future that is still to come. Too few of us really live in the present. We squander the time meant for the present on the past and future.

It’s a corporate world we live in, with money and numbers zigzagging around our atmosphere. We’re hardly living, and merely existing. It doesn’t help either that our film industry has sought to keep producing zombie films. Perhaps the zombies are us?

This eBook will show you some ideas and ways on how you can train yourself to live in the present, to actually live in the now. You will learn ways to unclutter your thoughts, to stand still but fulfilled in a busy world, and to take charge of your life. So, brace yourself, your life is about to change.

Would You Like To Know More?

Then Download Now: And Learn How To…

  • Meditate
  • Take a Hike
  • Turn It Off
  • Smile and Laugh More
  • Be Kind
  • Be Thankful
  • Wait Wisely
  • Try Something New
  • Travel
  • Dream Awaket
  • And Much Much More

Check Out What Other People Are Saying…

*) ” Everyone’s life has a purpose. There are times that you will experience struggles, depression and stress. It can happen in your future, past and even your present days. This book teach you on how to live in the moment or present. Forgive and forget negative sides of your past and learn to live happy and with purpose in life.

I will recommend this book because I know people can learn and get ideas on how to live in the moment or present. Learn to get off your past and live at the present and see your future with full of happiness and positive things.” – Angel Swan

*) “How to live in the present moment is such a heartwarming book that is filled with moving advice and wonderful ideas to stop, listen to your thoughts and live your life right now. I particularly love this line: Appreciate each moment and be thankful for each day given to you because yesterday is gone and tomorrow might never come–that is very true! I also like the inspiring sayings penned on the pages of this book, it added some kick to an already motivating book! Download this book and learn to live in the moment!” – Melissa Angcon

*) “A great guide book to leave the past behind. Living now and cherish every moment of our lives is a great way to have a Wonderful and meaningful life. This book offers simple ideas on how to control and manage your life in a simple way to live a happy life NOW.” – Pamela Hernandez

*) “An excellent read, being present is something that I have been trying to become more aware of for a long time, being introverted I am often in my head and that has had negative effects on variuous areas of my life, this book is in no way a wonder cure but it is a start.” – Amazon Customer

What are YOU waiting for?

Download NOW!

And start to enjoy your life NOW!

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

The Three Fates

by Kate Quinn

The Three Fates

Beloved Emperor Trajan is dead. His brutal successor Hadrian draws ever nearer to Rome. And three desperate souls try to forge new paths in a world turned upside down . . .

THE EMPEROR’S NEMESIS. Battered warrior Vix has always been Hadrian’s bitter enemy, and he vows that will never change, even when he is made Praetorian Guard and Imperial watchdog. But with his family’s lives on the line, Vix faces a bitter choice: kill a friend, or serve a foe?

THE EMPEROR’S RIVAL. Mild, scholarly Titus might once have been favored as Imperial heir, but he never wanted the throne. All he desires is peace in the arms of his new brideâ??but the jealous Hadrian has other ideas. A horror of bloodshed and violence interrupts Titus’s wedding night, and the man of peace finds a choice at sword-point: honor and death, or betrayal and a cell?

THE EMPEROR’S WIFE. Elegant, elusive Sabina is desperate to escape the bleak future that awaits her as Hadrian’s Empress, and even more desperate to conceal the secret growing in her own body. But when she begs a famous seer for a glimpse into her future, she receives an astonishing vision of the Eternal City under Hadrian’s rule, and the new Empress must choose: her own freedom, or the glory of Rome?

Three former friends find new futures in blood, omen, and prophecy. Three prequel vignettes to Kate Quinn’s long-awaited “Lady of the Eternal City.”

Lady Harriet’s Unusual Reward

by Em Taylor

Lady Harriet Weatherby is at the end of her tether. Her brother, the Earl of Oldbeck is running amok. That would not normally be her problem, but the ton consider the earl to be an imbecile. Since her father died, he has had no one to guide him and he will no longer listen to Harriet. And now that Mary the kitchen maid is carrying his child, Harriet sees no other option but to marry. And there is only one man for the job.

Two years ago Lord Stephen Charville, a widower and second son of a duke, promised Lady Harriet that he would do her any favour she asked him as thanks for saving his daughters life when she nearly drowned. He did not expect her to turn up at his townhouse and ask him to marry her and set an example to her brother. There is nothing wrong with Lady Harriet and he’s not averse to helping out her brother, he just has no inclinations to marry again. And for the record, he’s no tragic hero, pining away for his lost love. The problem is that Harriet begins to burrow her way into his affections.

When Lord Stephen offers without marriage to help the earl to learn the ways of the world, Harriet is still determined that the only way to do the job properly is for them to marry but she agrees to do it Lord Stephen’s way. No one is more surprised than Harriet when she begins to have feelings for the dissolute second son or when he begins to ignite passions in her she’d never dreamed existed, all the while trying to keep her errant brother out of trouble and way from scandal.

The Finnish Girl

by Dennis Frahmann

Secrets kill. Not just those you choose to keep from others, or even those that others guard from you. There remains those secrets that you so desparately hide from yourself. They all catch up with Lempi Makinen Lahti.

When Lempi’s teenage son Danny discovers her suicide, he seeks to solve the mysteries that defined her life and death. A pack of letters and clippings hidden in an old family trunk may be the only keys to understanding both his mother’s past and his own future.

“The Finnish Girl” is a richly told tapestry of interwoven charactersâ??the family patriarch who emigrates from Finland to the United States to create his own future, a son who turns his back on his home as part of an ill-fated mission to Russia during the Depression, the elderly mother who faces deportation in an America driven by fear during the Red Scare, and the young Finnish girl who cares too much about the injustices she sees.

Decisions in one generation propel another on unexpected paths, until one family’s hopes for the American dream threaten to become its nightmare.

“Melancholic, brooding, and cut-to-the-bone incisive, this is a tale to remember.” – Publishers Weekly

A Sherman Tank Named Cookie: Billy goes off to fight in World War II. He has a newborn first cousin named Cookie that will travel with him in spirit. The allied forces invasion of Normandy.

by Jim Shirden

Billy knew that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor last December. In fact, it was just before Christmas on December 07, 1941. Yeah! He thought, just out of the clear blue sky Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was bombed and many American lives and ships were lost. It was a sneak attack. No one saw it coming. Everyone listened the next day as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his speech on December 08, 1941 and declared war against Japan. It was only three days later when Hitler’s Germany also declared war on the United States. Billy thought, I’m only 18 years old and have just graduated high school. Will I be going away to fight in World War II?

Taken by Bandits: Medieval Group Menage

by Chera Zade

I was en route to the convent, damned to a future devoid of touch, love, or passion.

I found myself saved by thieves –scoundrels and ruffians. Held against my will for a ransom I knew would never come,

I gave myself, my innocence–hard, deep and unprotected–to the three hardened highwaymen who had saved me…and then claimed me.

Eureka: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe: A Novel

by Sara Wilburn

The life of tragedy, loss and poverty that Edgar Allan Poe lived might have made the average person bitter or angry. In his case, it served instead to forge, sculpt and hone him into a poet of the highest order and into the beautiful human being who conceived “Eureka,” a work that is today his least-known, but which he considered his magnum opus.

Brothers and Lovers Boxset Vol One

by Catrin Collier

â??Meticulously-researchedâ?¦warming the hearts of millions of readers.’ Historical Novels Review

â??Collier has a gift for bringing her characters to life that will keep the reader engrossed until the end’ Daily Mail

Beggars and Choosers – Book One in the Brothers and Lovers Series

Pontypridd, Rhondda 1905: Coal is king and the families who sunk the first collieries are rich.

No-one is wealthier or more generous than Harry Watkin Jones. His daughter Sali is about to marry her childhood sweetheart, but tragedy strikes.

Four years later Sali is a penniless outcast, fleeing from a violent husband and struggling to support herself and her son in a world very different. Sali finds work in the home of family of colliers and she and her son find the warmth and love missing from their lives for so long.

But unrest and violence have come to the valleys. Caught up in the conflict, Sali finds herself denying her roots, her class, and even sacrificing her son’s future, for the sake of the people she loves and the cause they are prepared to die for…

Winners and Losers – Book Two in the Brothers and Lovers Series

Megan Williams is eighteen and in love with the boy next door, Victor Evans.

1910: The Rhondda Valley, poverty and hardship are taking their toll as troops are brought in to control the striking miners.

Megan finds work where the troops lay, shunned by her friends and neighbours who believe she has betrayed her class by working for the enemy and with her father refusing to see Megan marry Catholic Victor as his father and brother are marked as strike ringleaders, Megan is caught in the middle.

Victor and Megan find themselves fighting for the right to love one another, remain together and build a future they can share.

Sinners and Shadows – Book Three in the Brothers and Lovers Series

Orphaned at eight and raised by a brutal sadistic brother, nineteen-year-old parlour maid Rhian dreams of meeting a man who will love her and give her a family of her own.

When she is invited to join the Evans family on New Year’s Eve 1913, her life is thrown into turmoil.

The youngest Evans’ brother, twenty-two year old Joey, confesses he loves her. Handsome, charming Joey has never met a woman who could refuse him anything until Rhian.

Just when her feelings begin to emerge Joey’s past overshadows and finally shatters their happiness.

Unable to separate truth from lies, wanting to hurt Joey as deeply as he has her, Rhian turns to her employer, Edward Larch, for solace. Unhappily married, Edward offers her the only position he can, that of his mistress. Her choice is simple and irrevocable – to forgo love, her reputation as a ‘respectable girl’ and all chance of a settled family life for the sake of financial security.

When Europe is plunged into war, even the lives of the people in Tonypandy are affected. But no matter how dangerous the conditions or how many hours she works, she cannot stop thinking about the man she loved who betrayed her – and the problems peace will bring.

Becoming the King’s Mistress (The Arundell’s Book 2)

by Seraphina Ward

Ginny has seen her sister Georgiana get married to the Earl of Londesbury, a man who demands obedience from his wife and she has never seen her happier. Lord Afton believes that Ginny is in need of the same discipline, so agrees to let her accompany them to the court on the King’s invitation.

Once he sets eyes on her, the King knows he must have her, he must claim her hard, though she is inexperienced. In his court, all eyes are on her, but as all whispers tell, no one refuses the King.

Reader’s Note: This short story quickie contains Adult language and sexy scenes.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

Nonsense Creatures – The Limericks, Book 1 By Paul Rance

by Paul Rance

Paul Rance of Peace & Freedom Press and booksmusicfilmstv.com rediscovered Edward Lear in 2009, and began creating his own nonsense creatures – in the form of illustrations and limericks. Here, in this updated edition, are the first 24 limericks, which should appeal to children aged 3 to 120. Originally published on Associated Content they are now only available through Amazon.

1. The Lesser Striped & Spotted Buttbird of Maine 2. The Crabimal of London 3. The Facefish of Hawaii 4. The Ski Parrot of Miami 5. The Giraffeosaur of Cape Town 6. The Picasso Cat of Madrid 7. The Tennielanian Lobster of Bristol 8. The Helicopter Bull of Hereford 9. The Unicorn Dog of Brussels 10. The Dolphizard of Long Island 11. The Crosseyed Elephantfish of Hartlepool 12. The Three Humped Camel Car of Cairo 13. The Kissing Fish of Kansas 14. The Fighting Squirrel of Luton 15. The Bigfooted Winged Wolf of New Jersey 16. The Kitebird of Kentucky 17. The Pirate Bat of Plymouth 18. The Panda Ballerina of Peterborough 19. The Soccer Playing Seahorse of Spalding 20. The Laidback Ant of Arizona 21. The Hippie Snail of San Francisco (naturally) 22. The Timid Limbed Snake of Tucson 23. The Burnley Bee Man 24. Slug Chick Lorraine

Longings: A Chapbook

by Martins Lagos

Longings explores the range and subtlety of yearnings manifest in love, relationships and life itself.

Full of witty rhymes, this is poetry for everyone.


by Mandy Haggith

Castings is a collection of poems reflecting love of the land and concern for the environment. Some are set near the poet’s home in the North West Highlands of Scotland, some are about the Kelvin River, which runs through Glasgow, and some are the result of global travels, to Africa, Russia, Asia and the Americas.

‘The poetry here shows real clarity of eye marking the dialogues of nature in a place, be that place the lonely Scottish crofting area that is home, or the cource of the river Kelvin through the Lowlands, or a Russian forest. The sequence on the river Kelvin is itself a wholly fresh and valuable addition to the literature of the Glasgow region.’ Tom Leonard.

‘Outstanding originality and quality. Impressive for its sharpness, sympathy and decisiveness… this poetry is in a constellation with work by Robert Lax, Thomas A Clark and a few others. It works, illuminating, and I’m grateful to have read it.’ Alan Riach.

‘There is so much to admire and enjoy in this collection: finely disciplined movement of cadence, formal and technical virtuosity, elegant economy of expression… the poetic language has a vivid and rich physicality, helping us discover a resonance in the passing moment, or the passed-over figure; words strike sparks off each other.. Vivid, witty and unusual, these poems juxtapose their carefully chosen yet spontaneous-seeming words against the white expanses and spaces of the page.’

finding Beauty

FINDING BEAUTY is about awareness: awareness of beauty in the commonplace, awareness of the deep beauty of others. Awareness of the mystery of beauty. Awareness of our deep driving desire for beauty.

FINDING BEAUTY is about the painful process of opening oneself to beauty, and about our struggle to express the beauty we find.

The poetry of FINDING BEAUTY is accessible, without being trite, contemporary without being trendy.

Heckava Haiku

by Robert T Gasperson

366 Haiku about a little bit of everything, from work frustrations to thoughts about the state of the universe to faith to the death of a famous pop star (Michael Jackson).

If you consume most of your reading material digitally or just don’t want to spend money on a book, I have made it available for very little cost here for your kindle reader.

A Journey Through Shadows

by Michael J F Garrett

An anthology of poetry, some gentle, some harsh. Love, hate, passion, pain and angst (mustn’t forget the angst!) – many routes are covered. You may like it, you may hate it – you won’t know until you read it.

Contains adult language and themes.

Macabre Noir et Blanc: A collection of poetry

by J Elyzabeth

Macabre Noir et Blanc is a collection of poems written over a decade. It contains poems that are simple and childlike to poems alluding to the darker side of life. These poems explore the simple things of life, from mud to boot-camp to nightmares in the night.

Please read with an open ear and a kind heart for many things touched upon are faced by someone sometime in their life.

611 and 612 are coming through.

Left, left, left right left.

Week oneâ?¦

Musings from the Faultline after Dark: post structural poetry

by e. smith sleigh

Musings from the Faultline by e. smith sleigh contains dark poetry that is adult in nature. In this collection, Sleigh continues to explore poststructuralism with free verse indeterminacy and polycentric, cyborgian mixing of hypermedia word flashes descriptive of our unmediated collective experiences in the early 21st Century.

Poststructuralism is a reaction to structuralism and works against seeing language as a stable, closed system. It is a shift away from seeing the poem or novel as a closed entity equipped with definite meanings that the critics decipher. Poststructuralism sees literature as irreducibly plural, an endless play of signifiers which can never be finally nailed down to a single center, essence, or meaning.

The writing inside Sleigh’s new collection is not presented to the reader in the traditional poetic form. The poessays are numbered and easy to read paragraphs. The spacing format is loosely arranged around the cadences of the words. Sleigh does not use traditional punctuation. The reading flows with an enjoyable rhythm that resembles musical lyrics.

Sleigh distills the realities of life in the western world and asks the hard questions in the poems contained within her fourth book, MUSINGS FROM THE FAULTLINE AFTER DARK.



e. smith sleigh writes poetry and historical fiction. She won recognition for her writing in the US and abroad. She now lives in Robert Penn Warren country where she draws inspiration.

Within the year, e. smith sleigh poetry appeared or is forthcoming in Paper Darts, Squalorly, Kumquat Poetry, Kaleidoscope, Words Fly Away: Poems for Fukushima Anthology, Pankhearst’s Slimline Volume: No Love Lost, the 4th Issue of PRISM ‘Ekphrasis’, The Criterion, Silver Birch Press and elsewhere.

She won finalist designation in several literary and academic competitions including Eastern Kentucky University’s academic journal Nine Patch: A Creative Journal for Women and Gender Studies.

On her website, THESE THINGS ARE A ONE THING, she blogs about Post structuralism and poetry.

–e. smith sleigh

[email protected]

authorandpoet, twitter


Other work appears in:

psychic meatloaf, literary journal and in their published poetry book

finalist in the Tucson Poetry Festival

Unsere Winterreise by Peter Weltner

el ultimo Libro (The Last Book), an installation designed by Luis Camitzer displayed in National Libraries in Buenos Aires, Zurich, Switzerland, the New York Public Library, Carl von Ossietzky Staats und Universitäts Bibliothek, and the Dutch architectural journal, Volume

Danse Macabre


Café del Soul

The Cynic

Seven Gates Of Destiny

by Darren Hobson

We are all addicted to the news and this poet takes you behind the scenes of all the news stories from the past ten years, you will be astonished to know everything is linked and all the details are included here in this epic book of poetry.

Poetry of the Years

by Minda Webber

Fifty years of living, loving, losing, winning, crying, laughing, reflecting. The poetry of a woman’s journey.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

Thursday Mystery: A Hannah Scrabble Cozy Novelette (Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mysteries)

by Marty Donnellan

It’s 1977 and Jimmy Carter is President. Amateur sleuth Hannah Scrabble has visited the Mountain City Public Library every Thursday for the past year. One day she realizes another Thursday patron has been checking out the same book over and over, all year long. Hannah sets out to find out why, and in the process discovers a threat to the nation that only she can stop.

A shorter companion book to the “Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mysteries” series.

Special Preview: first few chapters of “Mountain City Murder, A Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mystery”.

Fall From Grace: A Christian Romance Novel (Glen Ellen Series Book 1)

by Kelsey MacBride

Fall From Grace is Book #1 of 2 Christian Romance books and offers a FREE Preview of the Glen Ellen Story. It begins with the story of Kevin Stewart, an ER doctor whose life falls apart when he fails to save a young girl who resembles his late niece, a niece who lost her life while he was behind the wheel. Fighting a losing battle against the tentacles of depression, he escapes LA to a small town by the ocean, hoping to rebuild his life and rediscover God’s purpose for his life. This story highlights Kevin’s journey from hopelessness, his hopes, his struggles, and his achievements as God shows him a different path to healing.

*This is a FREE Preview and not a stand-alone novel*

In this first book, Kevin Pierce, a resident ER doctor has his world turned upside down when he fails to save a teenage girl named Rachel injured from an auto accident. What complicates matters is Rachel resembles Sarah, his late niece who died while he was behind the wheel. While Kevin still blames himself for Sarah’s death, his failure to save Rachel makes his life spiral into a dark place. Unable to cope with life, he escapes to a small town in Northern California where he hopes to find God and a resolution to the devastation he feels. But the overwhelming emotional pain paralyzes him and just when he is at his limit, his life takes another unexpected twist when he accidentally meets Stephanie, Rachel’s mother who has also escaped to the same small town to live with her parents. Kevin is torn between feelings of guilt and indebtedness when he finds out Stephanie wants him to help her heal from the loss of Rachel. Can he come to grips with the painful events in his life and travel down the road to recovery with Stephanie by his side, or will he reject her help?

Stephanie Knight is a single mother who suffers the loss of her daughter Rachel to a tragic car accident. Even though she has a close relationship with her mother Valerie and a strong faith in God, she struggles with the question of why God would allow Rachel to be taken so early. She relocates to her parent’s home in Northern California to escape the depressing memories of her daughter and to take time to heal. With God’s help and her mother’s support, she manages to cope with the loss of Rachel. But to her surprise, she finds out that Kevin Pierce, the same doctor who couldn’t save Rachel, is also living there. When she notices that Kevin’s life has spiraled into a place darker than her own, her heart goes out to him and she proposes they work together to help each other heal. But will he accept her help and forge an unlikely relationship? Or will Kevin choose a darker path to cope with his emotional suffering?

Other titles in the Glen Ellen Series by Kelsey MacBride

-Saving Grace: Book 2 of the Glen Ellen Story

Don’t miss out on these Inspirational stories of love and faith!

A Strong Tower

by Tom Fallwell

As a computer programmer, Paul had always depended on his logical mind to solve problems. He suddenly finds himself in a most illogical situation that makes him rethink exactly who he is going to trust. Himself, or God?

The Black Hand of God

by R.S. Basi

As a man floats down the Kongo river in the 18th century, his confused thoughts unfold to tell a story of greed, deception, and murder. A skull, some bones, and his recollections reveal the truth about one of Africa’s greatest heroines and how she shook the foundations of Catholicism in Africa. Since so many slaves came to America from this region, her story is crucial to understanding early African American Christianity.

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4 Mar

Free horror Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

Witch Hunt (The Witch Hunt Series Book 1)

by Devin O’Branagan

Leigh has been married to a Hawthorne for a decade, but never knew the family secret: the Hawthornes are witches. When the dynamic Preacher Cody instigates a new worldwide witch hunt, Leigh must choose sides. Will she stand with her husband and children, or will she run? This isn’t the first witch hunt the Hawthornes have faced, but it could be their last. Will anyone survive?

Ravaged (Dial M for Murder Book 1)

by Alexis Kennedy

Detective Brooke Daniel’s first day in the Homicide Department began with the grueling discovery of unidentifiable human remains and continued with the Mayor’s daughter being slain by a sadistic killer. The killer begins to taunt Brooke, as if he knows her personally, and the killings continue. The detectives soon dub him “the Ripper” because of his copycat behavior of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Meanwhile, more unidentifiable remains are found and the homicide team soon finds them themselves hunting another kind of killerâ??an animal kind.

When “the Ripper” sets his sights on Brooke herself, whoâ??or whatâ??will save her?

The Gate: Part 1 of the Hinterlands Series

by Charlotte Grey

When Shannon wakes up in the middle of a forest, confused and disoriented from her sudden and unexpected death, she follows a path that leads to a small town full of silent spirits who repeat the same tasks over and over again, completely unaware of their surroundings. And the worst part? She might be trapped there forever.

She’s alone and terrified until she runs into Ben, a charming but cautious man from Victorian England who’s been imprisoned in the town since his death in 1894. He tells her she’s the only person who’s spoken to him since he arrived. With his experience and her creativity, will they be able to find a way out of the town and into a better afterlife?

“The Gate” is the beginning of an emotional and haunting adventure that depicts a budding romance between two people who never met in life, and can only be united in death.

This is Part 1 of a series of novelettes, and is approximately 9,000 words.

The 13 Secret Cities (Omnibus)

by Cesar Torres

This omnibus collects parts 1 through 4 of 13 Secret Cities (which were originally released separately). By choosing the Omnibus you save $2 . The book is now available in paperback, too. in case you prefer another format.

From the imagination of author Cesar Torres comes the year’s most thrilling dark-fantasy novel.


Clara Montes has a single goal in life: to achieve social justice.

As she begins her freshman year in college, Clara joins the Occupy Liberation Front, a controversial political group that has planned a gathering of thousands in Chicago’s Millennium Park on a chilly Friday afternoon to protest the city’s negligence. Nothing will stop Clara from attending. 

When the protest turns into a riot, Clara is swept into a horror that will change the course of American history. As a result, Clara’s parents forbid her to return to the OLF. They warn Clara that she has developed a thirst for chaos and violence that goes against every value and tradition they brought with them from Mexico. 

Clara will need to atone for her transgressions by traveling to the mythical city of Mictlán, the realm of dead spirits. During the journey, she will face the Lords of the Dead, two merciless ancient gods who thrive on the taste of human blood. 

What are the 13 Secret Cities? #13SC

The Enforcer – Book 1: An Urban Fantasy Serial for KU (The Enforcer by J.E. & M. Keep)

by J.E. Keep

In a city run by Vampires, there’s one person standing between order and anarchy — The Enforcer.

In the lawless wastelands inhabited by the dregs of a decadent civilization, the demoness, Zwi, keeps the peace. She’s just as hard as any of them, just as desperate to survive, and even more willing to fight for the little slice of heaven that came from a vial or between the sheets.

Where criminals reign, she has to be the biggest thug of them all to maintain even a modicum of control.

A series made to be read through KU.

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4 Mar

Free travel Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese

by Clay Boutwell

Many teachers recommend learning hiragana as a first step toward Japanese proficiency.

This book was designed by the people at TheJapanesePage.com to help beginners quickly master hiragana. Helpful mnemonics and illustrations make learning the characters quick and painless. You can learn hiragana in less than two weeks using this book if you just set aside a few minutes a day to study.

â?? Helpful Mnemonics
â?? Fully Illustrated
â?? Covers all forty-six main characters plus all the variations
â?? History and helpful hints throughout
â?? Contact the authors with any questions as you study (direct email addresses found in the book)

â??â?? PLUS! â??â??
Download nearly TWO HUNDRED sound files free of charge to hear not only the correct pronunciation of each character, but also of each example word and sentence found in the book. The link to download is found on the last page of the ebook.

The Monkey King 2: The Great Sage

by Chris McElwain

The lyrical, illustrated retelling of the Chinese classic Xiyouji (The Journey to the West) continues in The Monkey King Book 2: The Great Sage.

Sun Wukong the Monkey King is ordered to appear before the Imperial Court of Heaven to answer for his mischief. The bureaucrats who run Paradise attempt to end Sun Wukong’s disruptive antics by offering him a job, a hard proposal to pass up in these tough economic times. But the stick-swinging simian sorcerer is determined to carve out his own place in the world without reference to existing hierarchies of power.

An excellent introduction to Chinese mythology for children and adults alike, The Journey West adapts the themes of power, mortality and obedience to authority inherent in the story of the Monkey King for a contemporary Western audience.

How to Find Your Dream Home in Belize: Buying or Building on the Caribbean Coast

by Lan Sluder

Have you ever thought about living on the Caribbean Coast? Do you dream about waking up every morning to a view of the Caribbean Sea? Or escaping the rat race to a cheaper place, building your own home and growing bananas, citrus, mangoes, papaya and other tropical fruit? How to Find Your Dream Home in Belize: Buying or Building on the Caribbean Coast by Lan Sluder is the complete guide for anyone thinking of buying property or building a home in Belize. In 50,000 words and 23 chapters and appendixes, it covers everything you need to know about buying or building in this beautiful, English-speaking country on the Caribbean Coast. It provides detailed information on all the major areas of Belize, whether inland or on the coast and cayes: Corozal Town and Corozal District, the islands of Belize including Ambergris Caye (San Pedro) and Caye Caulker, San Ignacio and Belmopan in Cayo District, Hopkins and Placencia in Stann Creek District, and the Punta Gorda area in Toledo District. Author Lan Sluder has been banging around Belize since 1991. He’s visited every area of the country. Sluder is the author of a dozen books and eBooks on Belize, including Fodor’s Belize, Easy Belize, San Pedro Cool, Adapter Kit Belize, Belize Islands Guide and Living Abroad in Belize. He is the founder and editor of Belize First, now an on-line magazine at www.belizefirst.com.

The Friendly Ghosts. Stories from Laos

by Martina Sylvia Khamphasith

Spirits want to be respected and spoilt with attention. If they are, their protection is assured. Woe to those who neglect or mistreat them â?¦
The author describes in her stories the fragile balance between the world of spirits and reality, external and internal existence, tradition and modernity. Maintaining a balance is a key to luck and harmony. If it is disturbed, misery is not far behind.
These modern stories challenge the reader to draw lessons for ensuring personal good fortune.

Travel: The Ultimate Travel Guide For Getting The Most Out of Every Trip (travel, traveling, travel guide)

by George Walter


You’re about to discover how to…

This book only has one job – to prepare you for your travels and help you make the most of them.

Questions like, “what should I do?” or “where should I go?” and “how would I get there?” are all common questions that this book will answer for you. This guide will help you make smart and well informed decisions when preparing for your travels based on the essential tips you will find in this book .

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Planning your trip
  • Essential pre-travel checklist
  • How to explore a new country
  • Things to bring
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Much, much more

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All Inclusive NYC Tourism Guide – The New York City Tourists Guide: Greater NYC’s Hottest Tours & Attractions

by David Batterson

Planning on a New York City Getaway?

The “All Inclusive NYC Tourism Guide – The New York City Tourists Guide” has it all! From Hotels and Restaurants to Bars & Clubs as well as tons and tons of other hot spots, points of interest and shopping.

This is a guide for the solo tourist or the entire family!

New York City Points of Interest Included

“Over 170 Pages & More Than 122 Color Photos”

9/11 Tribute Center

American Museum of Natural History

Blazing Saddles

Bronx Renaissance Tour

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Bridge Sight Seeing Bike Tours & Rentals

Brooklyn Childrens Museum

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Museum

Atlantic City Excursion on Academy Bus

Carnegie Hall Tours

Central Park Bicycle Rentals & Tours

Central Park Sightseeing Bike Rentals & Tours

Circle Line Downtown

Circle Line Sight Seeing Cruises

City Sight Seeing Cruises

Clipper City Tall Ship Cruises Manhattan by Sail

Discovery Times Square

Dwyer Cultural Center

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

El Museo del Barrio

Empire State Building Observation Deck

Fashion Windows Walking Tour

FDNY Fire Zone

Food on Foot Tours

Fraunces Tavern

Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Hallelujah Gospel Wednesday

Harlem One Stop Cultural & Heritage Walking and Step-On Group Tour Packages

High Line-Chelsea-Meatpacking Tour

Historic Richmond Town

Inside Broadway Tours

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Jewish Childrens Museum

Luna Park at Coney Island

Madame Tussauds New York

Madison Square Garden, All Access Tour


Morris-Jumel Mansion

Museum at Eldridge Street

Museum of American Finance

Museum of Biblical Art

Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of the City of New York

NBC Studio Tour

New Museum

New York Botanical Garden

New York Hall of Science

New York Historical Society

New York Insider’s Shopping Tour

New York Skyride

New York Transit Museum

New York Water Taxi

Noble Maritime Collection

NYC Gospel Walking Tour

On Location Tours Central Park TV and Movie Sites

On Location Tours UPTOWN New York TV and Movie Sites

Queens Museum of Art

Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour

Rockefeller Center Tour

Shearwater Classic Schooner – Manhattan by Sail

Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour

Snug Harbor Botanical Garden in Staten Island

SoHo – Little Italy – Chinatown Walking Tour

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Staten Island Childrens Museum

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum

The Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Neighborhood Tour

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Cloisters Museum and Garden

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum of Sex

The Paley Center of Media

The Ride

The Skyscraper Museum

The Studio Museum in Harlem

Top of the Rock

Tours of Lincoln Center

Van Cortlandt House Museum

Wall Street Walks

Wave Hill

Weeksville Heritage Center

Yankee Stadium Tours

There’s really nothing that we’ve left out! And! Everything is conveniently linked to a google map for using your tablet to navigate the city, along with physical addresses, telephone numbers and website addresses to assist you in your journey.

As already stated, this guide is “All Inclusive”! We’ve covered it all, from transportation to NYC area Parks & Recreation – it’s all in there! We also cover the positives of getting yourself a travelers New York Pass to save you time and money on your NYC excursion!

So tour the Big Apple in style! Take along your camera and your tablet and allow the “All Inclusive NYC Tourism Guide” to take you anywhere within the city you would ever want to go!

Guided Tours: The Definitive Guide To Tourism

by Jason McKinney

The Only Book You’ll Ever Need

Grab a copy of the fastest-selling ebook by Jason McKinney

If you love to travel then you’ll love this guided tour guide that reveals everything you’d want to know.

Here a preview of what you must know:

  • EÑ?Ñ?ӏогÑ?ng NоÑ?tаӏgÑ?с GÏ?Ñ?ԁеԁ TоÏ?гÑ? оf GегmаnÑ?
  • GÏ?Ñ?ԁеԁ TоÏ?гÑ? оf LоνеӏÑ? AÏ?Ñ?tгÑ?а аnԁ SÏ?ггоÏ?nԁÑ?ng AгеаÑ?
  • GÏ?Ñ?ԁеԁ TоÏ?гÑ? оf BеаÏ?tÑ?fÏ?ӏ ItаӏÑ?
  • and Much More!

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Somewhere Inside Sweden

by Bassia Bar-Chai

A book of poetry and drawings celebrating a summer of love in Sweden.

India Travel Guide: The India Travel Bible

by Mary Dame

Anyone who decides to travel abroad would want to visit a comprehensive destination. This may be one reason why most travelers are always in the search for the most-beautiful, peaceful, exciting, and wonderful country to visit. Asia is a good place to start and while you’re checking the different countries in Asia, you may want to take a good look at India. You see, this may the answer to all your searches. This is your ultimate India travel guide, so read on.

In this incredible guide discover everything you need to know about:

- ChеаÑ? AÑ?r Trаvеl tо IndÑ?а

- Hоw tо Gеt thе ChеаÑ?еÑ?t Trаvеl tо IndÑ?а

- Thе Grеаt ImÑ?оrtаnсе оf HаvÑ?ng IndÑ?а Trаvеl InÑ?urаnсе

- And Much More!

New York City: Experience New York! The Go Smart Guide To Getting The Most Out Of New York City (New York City Travel Guide)

by Go Smart Travel Guides

See The Real New York

Your Comprehensive Guide to Everything about the Quintessential New York City

Are you looking to travel to New York but you do not have much of a clue of what to expect from the place? This is the guide which will help you out. In this book, we have offered the much needed details which will help you plan the perfect trips that can help you have a wonderful trip.

If you are wondering as to what are you going to learn from this book, here are some of the different things you will get acquainted with.

Explore New York

In the Travel Guide to New York City, here are the top things you are going to come across.

- A history of New York city: all avid travelers love to know the details and background of the place they are touring. This is why we have offered you the historical background of this city and you will be able to get a glimpse of the place this city enjoyed in the books of history.

- The travel checklist: another thing you need to know when you are making a trip is to get a hang of the top travel tips. You will need to have a checklist which will help you in being sure that you are not missing out on the important points. The checklist will give you the details of the things you must carry when you are travelling to New York city.

- The weather: we will help you get the details of the weather in New York because sometimes the weather may play spoil sport and rob you of the pleasure of your trip. It is important to be aware of what kind of weather is likely to greet you and this book is going to shed light on the same.

The top sightseeing points

When you read a travel guide, what is the top thing you desire? Don’t we all want to take a glimpse of what are the top sightseeing points in the place? This travel guide has been written with this point in mind when you are going through Travel Guide To New York City, you will be able to get a clear idea of which are the places that you must visit in this city.

We have made it a point to compile the list after careful and thoughtful consideration of the different options which you have. Going through the places will help you be sure that you plan your travel itinerary in an apt manner. Some of the places we have discussed in our guide include the following.

- American museum of natural history

- Chrysler building

- Ellis island

- Empire state building

- The Bronx zoo

Is the list getting you excited already? Make sure to grab a copy of this eBook to find a lot more places and even the inside details of why these places have managed to make to this list.

We assure you that with this guide, you are going to have one trip to remember. So is New York calling?

Want to Know More?

Download Your Copy Right Now!

Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.


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4 Mar

Free sports Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

Bodyweight Training: The Ultimate Guide To Building Solid Muscle with Bodyweight Training Only (body, weight, training, body weight training)

by Mike Kane

Bodyweight Training

You’re about to discover how to…

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to develop muscles without using any exercise equipment. There is no longer any need to purchase any equipment or a gym membership. The author of this book, Mike Kane, is going to show you step-by-step how to build the body of your dreams simply by using your own body!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Science of Muscle Building
  • Introduction to Bodyweight Training
  • Bodyweight Training Essentials
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • How To Make Your Own Workout Plan
  • Much, much more

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Gymnastics For Dummies: The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Gymnastics

by Pearl Taylor

What You’re Dying To Discover

Grab a copy of the fastest-selling ebook by Pearl Taylor

GÑ?mnаÑ?tÑ?сÑ? оffегÑ? mаnÑ? gгеаt ЬеnеfÑ?tÑ? tо tһе аtһӏеtе wһо Ñ?Ñ? Ñ?nνоӏνеԁ. WÑ?tÒ» mаnÑ? ЬеnеfÑ?tÑ? tһаt аге оnӏÑ? Ñ?Ò»Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?саӏ аnԁ mаnÑ? оtһегÑ? tһаt аге аӏÑ?о еmоtÑ?оnаӏ аnԁ ԁеνеӏоÑ?mеntаӏ, tһеге аге Ñ?о mаnÑ? tÒ»Ñ?ngÑ? tһаt mаkе gÑ?mnаÑ?tÑ?сÑ? wогtÒ» tһе tÑ?mе аnԁ еffогt tһаt Ñ?Ñ? геqÏ?Ñ?геԁ. Fгоm tһе fÑ?гÑ?t сӏаÑ?Ñ? Ï?ntÑ?ӏ tһе νегÑ? еnԁ оf Ñ?оÏ?г сагеег, Ñ?оÏ? аге Ñ?Ï?ге tо еnÑ?оÑ? tһе ЬеnеfÑ?tÑ? tһаt gÑ?mnаÑ?tÑ?сÑ? саn Ñ?гоνÑ?ԁе tо Ñ?оÏ?. This ebook reveals everything you’d want to know.

Here a preview of what you must know:

  • RеаÑ?оnÑ? tо AνоÑ?ԁ GÑ?mnаÑ?tÑ?сÑ? CаmÑ?Ñ?
  • ImÑ?огtаnt TÒ»Ñ?ngÑ? tо Lооk fог Ñ?n а GÑ?m
  • BеnеfÑ?tÑ? оf GÑ?mnаÑ?tÑ?сÑ?
  • and Much More!

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Bones Burnt Black

by Stephen Euin Cobb

A serial killer–brilliant, methodical and suicidal–sabotages a large commercial spacecraft’s engines to set it on an eight-day trajectory to burn up in the sun, then remains aboard ship to murder and torment its passengers and crew. With no other ships near enough to reach them, rescue is impossible, and the few survivors fight their unknown enemy while trying to invent a way to survive the growing heat of the sun.

“A riveting and realistic portrayal of space travel gone wrong, and of a crew who must fight for their survival. Bones Burnt Black is exciting, and expertly told. A must-read.”
J.C. Hutchins, author of the 7th Son series
“Without a doubt one of the most entertaining and believable science fiction books I’ve ever read.”
Janine K. Spendlove, author of the War of the Seasons series
“Stephen Euin Cobb has achieved an excellent cross-genre work in Bones Burnt Black. This is much like an Agatha Christie plot, with a stalker hunting down the victims one by one and Cobb handles this very well. Bones Burnt Black is a mystery, it is science fiction and it is a great page turner. If you enjoyed books like Caves of Steel or movies like Ten Little Indians, you should read this book. You will find that science and murder can be a powerful fusion.”
Colleen R. Cahill, writing in the SFRevu

23rd Century Romance

Set in an age when artificial intelligence and online technology have made it depressingly easy for individuals to live out their lives in the virtual world, people are now able to cast aside their imperfect bodies, gloss over their hopeless social skills and kid themselves that their bizarre fetishes are perfectly normal. It is an age where virtual sex is “better” (in some people’s opinion) than real sex.

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Essential Oils For Beginners: The Little Known Secrets to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Beauty and Healing (Essential Oils and Aromatherapy For Beginners)

by Ella Marie


If you have been thinking about reaping the benefits of essential oils but are unsure of which ones to use, then this book is the book for you! Maybe you have heard someone mention the phrase “essential oil” so it has sparked your interest; maybe you are already an essential oil connoisseur and you are just seeking to expand your knowledge. Whatever the case may be, if in-depth knowledge is what you seek, then this book is the perfect book for you.

The book starts off with a gripping description of what essential oils really are and the history of essential oils. From their religious, cosmetic, meditational usage in Ancient Egypt right down to their medicinal usage in France in the 1900s, nothing is left unturned!

Yet the essential oils of today are somewhat different from the essential oils of yesteryear. Though they are made in a similar fashion, nowadays there are many different factors that can affect the overall quality of a sample of essential oil and in this book, the author gives you all the information you need to discern real essential oils from fake ones. When you read this book, you will see that an entire section of the book is dedicated to teaching the readers how to determine the quality of essential oils using factors such as purity, integrity and grade.

Essential oils can also be very dangerous substances if they are handled improperly or stored incorrectly. In this book, you will also get detailed information on how to store, handle and care for your essential oils so that they can last for a very long time without being a danger to the health of yourself and those around you.

After you learn how to determine the quality of an essential oil and how to store it and keep it safe, you are then taught about some popular essential oils that are in use nowadays. You learn about their origins, how they are extracted and also some interesting facts about them. You learn how to use them as antiseptics, disinfectants, antibacterial agents and more. Many of us are plagued by skin conditions such as acne, alopecia and dermatitis. In this book, you will learn about the popular essential oils used to treat and prevent the aforementioned conditions and you will learn how to treat even more skin conditions using essential oils. You will also learn some surprising uses of some essential oils, for example, some are used in the treatment of menstrual cramps, some are used in the treatment of convulsions and epilepsy, while others are simply used as aphrodisiacs to boost your sex drive! All these issues will be discussed in this thought-provoking piece of literature.

This book also digs deep into the uses of essential oils as beauty enhancers. The high moisture and anti-oxidant content of some essential oils make them perfect for repairing damaged skin. The astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of others help to tighten the skin, treat acne and reduce inflammation and redness. They are easily absorbed into the skin and have little to no side effects. This simply means that these essential oils are specialized to make you look younger, firmer and healthier too.

Essential oils are also used in aromatherapy. These sweet smelling substances are so much better than the chemicals you buy from stores and they bestow more benefits too. If you plan to try out aromatherapy, this is the book for you. With their sweet, soothing aromas, the essential oils listed in this book will calm your body, mind and soul and will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized and revitalized.

This book is all you will ever need if you want to learn more about essential oils and their plethoric benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up and grab your copy now!

The Language Of Flowers: Introduction to Flowers and Their Meaning. The Personalities of Different Flowers (Language of flowers, Understanding flowers and flowering, Secret Meanings of Flowers)

by Lana Gilmore

The Language Of Flowers

Introduction to Flowers and Their Meaning. The Personalities of Different Flowers

Everybody knows the significance of a red long-stemmed rose as a symbol of love, but what about the hydrangea or the daffodil? Did you know that flowers have their own hidden language, as full of meaning, symbolism, and intrigue as any spoken dialect? The practice of uncovering this secret knowledge is known as floriography, and learning it can make you a more effective communicator! By learning to speak through flowers, you can learn a new skill that applies to almost any occasion, as you uncover the nuances of conveying feelings through the universal gift of beautiful, fresh blooms.

Did you know that each month has its own birth flower? How about the fact that each different color of a specific type of flower has something unique to say?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to select which flowers to give as gifts on a number of specific occasions like weddings, funerals, birthdays, and more!
  • A history of the hidden language of flowers
  • How to create arrangements that communicate how you feel
  • The symbolism and meaning of many types of common flowers
  • The positive and negative meanings of various types of blooms

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EKG and ECG Interpretation: Learn EKG Interpretation, Rhythms, and Arrhythmia Fast!

by Alyssa Stone

EKG and ECG Interpretation

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to interpret an ECG, and determine if a heart rhythm is regular, or if there is something abnormal occurring!

This book explains what an ECG/EKG is, and how it is commonly performed, recorded, and interpreted. You will also learn about the different ECG methods that can be used, and how each is administered.

You don’t need to be a medical professional to learn about ECG interpretation, although this book will benefit those entering the medical world also.

Included in this book is a breakdown of how the heart operates and functions, how to perform an ECG, and how to interpret an ECG graph including how to check the following:

- Rhythm

- Rate

- P Wave

- PR Interval

- QRS Interval

- T Wave

- QT Interval

- ST Segment

You will also learn about the different Arrhythmias that occur, how to read them on a graph, and what they mean for the patients health.

As previously mentioned, this book is suitable for everyone, including medical professionals, those wanting to enter the medical field, and simply those who are interested in learning more about the heart and its functions!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About…

  • How an ECG Works
  • How an ECG is Conducted
  • How to Read an ECG Graph
  • How to Determine Abnormalities
  • How to Calculate the Rhythm and Rate
  • The Different Arrhythmias and Their Implications
  • Much, much more!

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$2.99 to begin learning about ECG interpretation today!

Baking Soda Cure: Discover the Amazing Power and Health Benefits of Baking Soda, its History and Uses For Cooking, Cleaning, and Curing Ailments (Baking Soda Power – Baking Soda Recipes)

by Ella Marie

“Baking Soda Cure” is THE go-to book detailing the history and use of baking soda, as well as the COUNTLESS benefits of using this powerful substance as a multipurpose cleaner in order to enrich your life and create a cleaner, healthier environment for yourself and those around you. Filled with interesting facts and helpful tips, “Baking Soda Cure” explores the effect toxins have on our health and our environment and explains how incorporating baking soda into your daily life in ways that are simple, practical, and cost-effective can significantly improve your quality of life.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide to the role baking soda plays in helping us continue efforts to live a life of sustainability while improving our overall health and well-being. This will go a long way in ensuring a better planet on which to live for generations to come.

Inside this book you will find the following:

  • The history and scientific formula for baking soda
  • Information regarding pH balance
  • Benefits of baking soda in cooking and cleaning
  • The necessity of a switch to greener living
  • Baking soda as a fire extinguisher
  • A plethora of other, surprising uses for baking soda
  • Fun and interesting experiments using baking soda
  • Myth busting and confirming facts about baking soda
  • Odor eliminating hacks to help you breathe a sigh of relief
  • Baking soda in your first aid kit?

Is this book worth the read?

Well, that depends entirely on you! If you spend a large amount of time (and cash) cleaning up your home, then this book will open your eyes to easier, more cost-effective solutionsâ?¦ not to mention the many health benefits of doing so. If you find yourself dealing with insects and their bites or stings on a regular basis, then this book will provide some much needed relief. If you find yourself frustrated with produce that goes bad far too quickly and often is more harmful than good for you, then this book will help you find the answers you seek. If aching muscles and tired feet are harassing you, then this book is for you. If you are the unfortunate victim of a skunk encounter gone terribly wrong, then this book is definitely for you. If you have a box of baking soda just sitting in your cabinet, why not take a moment and read about the many benefits of opening it up and seeing what it can do for you, your home, and your family?

So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up and get your very own copy today!

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES: Natural Home Cures and Remedies Guide – Alternative Treatment How to Cure Sickness, Prevent Disease and Overcome Illness

by Lily Simon


Natural Home Cures and Remedies Guide – Alternative Treatment How to Cure Sickness, Prevent Disease and Overcome Illness

This good book is a true guide for curing the diseases in a natural and healthy way. You can go through this book and can get a clear vision that how you can cure your diseases and health issues without any side effects.

The major health problems that have been covered in this book include pain, stomach cramps, burning sensation in stomach, peptic ulcer and so on. You can get to know that how you can get rid of acute and chronic diseases.

This book is very well searched and contains valid and authentic information. The images have been added for sake of ease of understanding. Moreover, easy language is used so that it can give guidance to every common man.

The major theme of this book is to give the educated guidance to the people about cuing the diseases in natural and herbal way. You can get to know how you can use your kitchen ingredients and the fruits in your lawn for sake of getting rid of diseases. The major topics you will find in this book are:

- Why to use homeopathic remedies?

- Natural home cure and remedies for palpitation and irregular heart beat

- Natural remedies guide to cure peptic ulcer

- Natural home cures for burning sensation in your stomach

- Natural herbal remedies for your hair problem

- Natural remedies to cure sickness and pain

Download your copy of ” HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother: A Guide to Becoming a Surrogate and What You Should Know About Surrogate Motherhood

by Greta Knowles

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother and want to know what all is involved, then this book is for you.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproductive technology that is gaining popularity for many couples unable to conceive a child. It has brought immense joy to many partners who have almost lost all hope of ever becoming parents. You may be considering surrogate motherhood either because a friend or family member asked you to carry their child, or simply because you want to be able to help others create a family. Either way, if you are looking at the possibility of being a surrogate, there are numerous questions that need to be answered and legal processes you must fulfill. All that can be overwhelming, even scary. This ebook is designed to help women considering surrogate motherhood to understand the process and be ready for what they might face. It details all the planning and preparation needed, the actual procedures, and the safeguards you must put in place to protect yourself. With this book, you can proceed into surrogate motherhood with open eyes and a ready mind to provide a service to another family in a most selfless way.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Surrogacy Is and Why More Couples are Opting for it
  • How to Qualify as a Surrogate Mother
  • The Steps to Take to Become a Surrogate Mother
  • The Pros and Cons of Surrogate Motherhood
  • How to Prepare for Pregnancy and Delivery
  • Guidelines in Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Leptin Resistance: The Ultimate Leptin Resistance Diet Guide For Weight Loss Including Delicious Recipes And How to Overcome Leptin Resistance Naturally … Leptin Resistance Recipes For Weight Loss!)

by Ella Marie

This book is all you will ever need if you want to learn about and eventually conquer Leptin resistance. It is informative, easy to follow and gives in depth information about the condition itself and the various means by which it can be controlled. This book also features many recipes that can be copied or altered to produce delicious meals that will help you regain your Leptin sensitivity and also tickle your taste buds too.

The book starts off by giving you an in depth description of what Leptin resistance is and how the disorder works exactly. The author believes that it is very important that you get the full knowledge of what the disease is and how it works, so that you will be fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle this ubiquitous disease.

It then goes on to describe in detail the many causes of Leptin resistance and tells you the many ways that you can identify Leptin resistance in yourself and the one’s you love. It then goes on to show the many ways that Leptin resistance is related to other hormonal diseases, such as diabetes.

As you delve further into this book of knowledge, you will see ways of treating Leptin resistance naturally. It gives you clear instructions of what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat too. The reasoning behind these rules are also explained so that you are not left in the dark about these practices.

Even more important is the fact that this book features numerous recipes that will help to get you back on track with your Leptin sensitivity. They are easy to prepare, tasty and sharable too.

There are natural ways to treat Leptin resistance and there are not-so-natural ways to treat it too. This book will give you all the knowledge you need on treating Leptin resistance with acupuncture and intermittent fasting. You will not be left in the dark about any method that can be used to treat Leptin resistance.

Grab your very own copy today and get rid of your Leptin resistance forever!

How To Use Food As Your Fuel (How To eBooks Book 9)

by HTeBooks

How To Choose The Right Foods For Optimum Health?

The purpose of the creation of this book, “How to Use Food for Fuel,” is actually very straightforward. The main reason why this book is created is to guide people on how they can use food to fuel their bodies. Humans, just like any living organism, require energy to keep their bodies running. The main way in which they can get their energy is through the food they eat. As you can infer, what a person eats has a huge say on their overall energy reserves.

This said, the first way this eBook can help you is by teaching you how food can help you gain energy. The human body is a remarkable system in itself, regulated by all kinds of processes to keep it running at a high level. The human body has a specialized and specifically ordered system that allows it to use different kinds of materials coming from food for energy. Knowing the different processes that transforms food into energy gives you a better understanding on how our bodies work and how diets should be done for maximum energy and nutrition.

The second way this eBook will help you is that it would teach you the basics of energy nutrition. There are three main energy sources for the human body. These are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Each of these so-called macronutrients is processed in different ways, providing energy and nourishment for the body on the process. Aside from teaching you the basic process on how these molecules are transformed into usable energy, you’ll also learn which foods you can consume to get all these nutrients.

Last but not least, this eBook will tell you about other nutrients that are critical on the energy-production process. While they don’t provide much energy in a caloric sense, some of these nutrients are important to ensure that your energetic functions are functioning like it should be. Vitamins, minerals, and even water play a huge role in sustaining the vitality of the human body, so learning where you can source these nutrients is crucial to attain maximum vitality.

Would You Like To Know More?

Then Download Now: And Learn About…

  • Energy and the Living Organism
  • What You Need to Know about Food
  • Carbohydrate: The Primary Energy Source
  • Where to Get Your Carbs
  • Protein: An Unlikely but Effective Power Source
  • Where to Get Your Proteins
  • Fats: Your Power Repository
  • Where to Get Your Fats
  • Other Nutrients Important for Body Energetics
  • A Sampling of the Best Energy Foods
  • And Much Much More

Check Out What Other People Are Saying…

*) “A effective guide for anybody to change their eating habits for a better more fullfilling life, the author had a nice writing style that was obsorbing, the content was top notch from the start, for the price it was a steal.” – Amazon Customer

*) “How to Use Fuel for Food is great! It is an interesting guide to healthy eating and more along the lines of having a good healthy diet as opposed to fad diets! It helps you understand carbs and proteins and really helps you understand food!” – Leanne

*) “Expand your knowledge by reading this book on how to live a healthy life.

Know the processes on how to use the food you intake to have a maximum energy.

Interesting book for everyone.” – Pamela Hernandez

What are YOU waiting for?

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4 Mar

Free romance Kindle books for 04 Mar 15

His Witness (A Dark Romance)

by Vanessa Waltz

He kidnapped me.

He was charming, powerful, intoxicating. Accepting his advances might be the last mistake I’d ever make. He was a dangerous man, and the fact that he made me feel alive couldn’t hide that I danced with death.

I made my choice, and he made his.

Now I’m trapped in his basement, completely at his mercy. Day after day he toys with me for his own amusement. Pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure. The two are so linked now that I can barely tell them apart and I’m beginning to crave both.

Worse, I’m beginning to crave him.

Author’s note: This 77,000-word dark romance novel has mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.

Ruin Me (Nova) (Breaking Nova Book 5)

by Jessica Sorensen

**Can be read as a standalone**

A part time student, CNA, and caretaker for her slightly deranged mother, Clara McKiney doesn’t have time for a relationship. That’s why her friends with benefits arrangement with sexy and ridiculously charming Jax Hensley works perfectly.

But Jax has other ideas.

The moment Jax met Clara he was instantly drawn to her wittiness, confidence, and gorgeous smile. Even though he agreed to the friends with benefits arrangement, he secretly hopes for more than their weekend hook ups.

When Jax’s estranged mother mysteriously disappears, he sees an opportunity to spend more time with Clara. After convincing her to return home with him, a new agreement is made. One road trip and week together to find out why his mom vanished into thin air.

Things are about to get complicated.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.