Free non-fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

60 Artful Recipes for Self-Healing through Nature and Spiritual Wisdom

by Anesa Kratovac

The following 60 artistic recipes explore how the magic of herbs, application of natural wellness habits and attainment of spiritual wisdom can help us rediscover our own inner power and love of life. Combining art and calligraphy, the recipes are simple reminders of our ancestors’ knowledge of healing and symbiotic relationship with nature. This is vital in this modern era of technological and scientific worship, during which we are increasingly losing this connection, and in turn, slowly severing the vital understanding of ourselves. This book serves as a guide to awaken our senses and knowing to the abundance that comes from our alignment with the Truth of the Cosmic Consciousness. Only in embracing the laws of nature and cosmos can we truly start the process of healing ourselves and the world around us.

DIY Repellents: 100% Organic Recipes to Protect Yourself from Bugs, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

by Kristina Silva

DIY Repellents:

100% Organic Recipes to Protect Yourself from Bugs, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

By purchasing this book, you are on your way to taking the chemicals out of your home and bringing in all-natural solutions to your bug problems into it.

In this book, you will be introduced to:

  • What essential oils are
  • The tools you will need to measure and mix them
  • The most common preparations you will be using to take control of the insects
  • Beginning recipes to help you get started.
  • And a lot more

This book was written to answer the questions you may still have about essential oils and how to eliminate toxins from your home on step at a time.
So, if you’re ready to get started, swipe the page, and let’s begin.

Unleash the Supernatural : Unlock Miraculous Power to Transform Your Health, Wealth and Relationships into a Life of Unlimited Abundance

by Lenka Koloma

Motivational speaker, success and transformation coach, Lenka Koloma, demystifies the world of self-help. She shows a clear path to realize the hidden powers within each human being and she offers a path to a life of miracles. Lenka bares her soul and shares how she went against the entire world and recovered from her congenital handicap. She went on to live the American dream, heal from cancer and overcome a near-death experience with a miraculous recovery. Lenka went to the deepest darkness and against all odds overcame the pressure of others, her own fears and misfortune to find endless light and supernatural powers.

This book is for the brave who are tired of living a mediocre life. It is for those who want to rise higher, find their purpose and experience a life of miracles. Lenka takes you on a wild ride to challenge everything you have been made believe. Beliefs that keep you weak, stuck and powerless. “Unleash the Supernatural” is not just another self-help book but an authentic, real life-guide that will turn your life into a fairytale love story and forever honeymoon.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

A Good Nazi?: Can friendship survive evil?

by David Canford

Growing up in 1930s Germany two boys, one Catholic and one Jewish, become close friends. After Hitler seizes power, their lives are forever changed. When World War 2 comes, will they help each other during their darkest hours, or will secrets from their teenage years make them enemies?
From the idyllic surroundings of the Bavarian Alps to the vastness of Russia and the beauty of Lake Maggiore in Italy, a story of families torn apart by war and its aftermath, but also a novel about the resilience of the human spirit and love, by the author of Betrayal in Venice.
Fans of novels such as White Rose Black Forest, From Sand and Ash and Beneath a Scarlet Sky should enjoy this.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

Slices and Stitches

by Hillary Kaitlyn Walsh

Poems and prose based on the author’s life, only some literary rules followed. Read the Intro for more info. A wide variety of topics and situations from the author’s life are explored, including personal growth, dating and relationships, recovery from an accident, mental illness, and hope. Enjoy the book and form your own opinions. Welcome to this journey, it’s just the beginning!


by Gene Hult

Poems of Manifestation

The diamond firebirdâ??ashes he stirs.

Hear me keening for understanding,
my love? Wait, not yet, while I paint
another sequined scrim of myself.

Ser (Portuguese Edition)

by Kácio de Lima

Algumas poesias
não continuam iguais,
quando traduzidas
o que eram já não são mais.

As poesias em Libras
são exemplo de tais,
movimentos que contam tudo
e olhares que contam mais.

Ã? com a poesia acima que Kácio de Lima trata de distinguir as diferenças entre a língua portuguesa e a Libras – Língua Brasileira de Sinais, que por ser uma língua visual possui uma nova perspectiva de criação poética e literária jamais vista. E que embora pretenda apresentar ao público poesias criadas em Libras, o faz pela escrita da mesma não deixando espaço para traduções em língua portuguesa por acreditar ser necessário abrir um novo ramo literário para tais obras. Desse modo o autor estimula a produção de literatura especializada somente em Libras e abre portas para aqueles que nunca se depararam com a escrita da Libras ou que estejam iniciando seus estudos nessa área se deleitem com as poesias e se encantem com a perspectiva de publicações editoriais monolíngues em língua de sinais.

Sparta Gym (Spanish Edition)

by Alexis Baros López

Sparta Gym ofrece una escritura limpia y llena de ironía que invita a la reflexión sobre la vida moderna y sus vicisitudes. Utiliza como referencia a los espartanos, aquellos soldados formados para la guerra desde la infancia, símbolo y recuerdo de la antigua Grecia heroica. La voz lírica se traslada a los gimnasios de nuestros días, único recinto en donde el culto al cuerpo puede considerarse acaso similar al de antaño.

La fauna encontrada allí, sin embargo, es muy diferente. Modernas princesas que se entregan sin pudor a sus conquistadores, un bailarín de zumba que no consigue ser feliz, figuras llenas de engreimiento y presunción que, al mismo tiempo, son atormentadas por la obsesión de sus cuerpos casi perfectos, un deseo de la carne que los lleva a la autofagia.

El poemario invita a repensar el concepto de belleza en nuestros días, apoyándose en el culto a los nuevos dioses, deidades que se agazapan en la soledad del gimnasio, custodiadas por el frío metal de las pesas.

The Anthology of Poetry Therapy

by Ruel D Fordyce

This book is divided into four chapters and each chapter serves a different purpose. Provides a different type of therapy. Heals the mind, body and soul. In the journey of life, there are bitter moments but there’s a sweet relief in finding inner strength; a silent motivator that brings true peace; surpassing all understanding that only words can provide.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

Emma of the Amish: A Collection of Amish Romance Short Stories

by Megan Mason

An anthology of Sweet Amish Romances headlined by “Emma of the Amish”…Emma is an angry young Amish woman. Her father had tried to set her up with son of his best friend and she refused. She runs away with the blue-eyed Englischer, Travis, but soon longs for her simple Amish life. Will the community take her back after she has turned their back on them? Or will she remain on the outside world and work things out with Travis?

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Free horror Kindle books for 24 Sep 18


by Misha O’Hara-Manley

She awoke in this forest months ago. She does not know who she is. She does not where she is. She does not know why she is there.

The only thing she knows for certain is that she cannot leave.

There are embers of the past in every inch of the abandoned house. Embers that promise to set ablaze the eager kindling of her memory. So many times she’s come close, yet at the crucial moment the spark dies and she is once more left in darkness. She is here for a reason. She will uncover it.


In another time, Detective Judy Norris works to solve the case of a missing girl and her mother, both of whom vanished in plain sight. The veteran agent of the law discovers that it is but one of many disappearances along the rural Pennsylvania roads that surround a small town. A town that is not mentioned on most maps. A town nestled deep within the forest.

What she finds will surpass all other challenges she has faced this far.

Both women will discover that there is so much more to life than they imagined.
Especially when one looks beneath the skin.

The Ghost Mine

by Ben Wolf

Fatal glitches. A corporate cover-up. And something haunting the depthsâ?¦

Three years ago, a horrific accident closed ACM-1134, the energy mine on Ketarus-4. Now the mine has reopened, and Justin Barclay has joined the first new batch of miners hired to begin harvesting the energy stored below the planet’s surface.

But as he settles into his new job and home, Justin quickly discovers that the mine’s polished exterior is masking a host of hidden dangersâ??some of them fatal. When the mine’s technology begins malfunctioning, Justin’s coworkers mysteriously disappear, get injured, and some even die. Justin knows something else is going onâ??and he’s the only one willing to do something to stop it.

With his job and his life on the line, Justin works to uncover the mine’s darkest secrets to save himself and his fellow workers. But the company doesn’t like Justin digging where he shouldn’t be, and they’re determined to put a stop to his inquest once and for allâ??at any cost.

As Justin begins to unearth the mine’s darkest secrets, he starts to realize that sometimes it’s better to let the past stay buried.

The Ghost Mine is a gripping sci-fi/horror novel sure to thrill you and chill you late into the night. If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s Aliens, you’ll love this book.


“Wow! The Ghost Mine is a phenomenal story. Ben Wolf excels at so many elements of storytelling, it’s impossible to identify a single gem: richly developed characters; a fascinating and detailed future of machine-human hybrids and deep-space mining operations; an intriguing mystery; shocking-yet-believable twists; breakneck action; and more than a few leave-the-lights-on/eye-watering moments of sheer terror.

Now imagine all this in the hands of a deft wordsmith. Man! Think Aliens meets Ender’s Game meets Rambo.

Taut, vivid, and captivating, The Ghost Mine will leave you breathlessly bandaging paper cuts from flipping the pages so fast. This one’s a definite winner.”

â??Robert Liparulo, bestselling author of the Immortal Files and Dreamhouse Kings series

“A snappy, fun, wild ride from hell! Wolf’s knockout novel brings all the sci-fi intensity of Ridley Scott’s Alien movies together with a Michael Crichton style thriller. When space colonization goes wrong in The Ghost Mine, it means a long, nail-biting night of sheer reading delight! Positively unputdownable!” – Brandon Barr, USA Today Bestseller and author of the Song of the World Series

Buy The Ghost Mine todayâ??and read it with the lights on.

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Free travel Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

RV Living: More Than 15 Hacks For Debt Free RV Living

by Damon Webb

RV Living: More Than 15 Hacks For Debt Free RV Living

In these hard times and with a struggling economy we are all looking for a way to save some money and free ourselves from debt. What better a way to do it than through an RV? Getting rid of the mortgage, electric bill, and a billion other expenses allows you to save a ton of money while you see the world! The modern Recreational Vehicle provides you with an incredible amount of freedom and options and in this book we will cover all of the fundamental aspects of starting your RV journey!

This book steers us right through the rules, regulations and buying guides for the RV life! Helping to navigate us right through the monotony and stress to a relaxing excursion that can lead to a thrilling and exciting debt free life! Even in the midst of student loan and credit card debt you can drastically scale down your life inside an RV, using the road of the RV explorer as your road to recovery!

Never before has such an intensive guide been put together in one book. Explaining in depth the differences of RV classes and the maintenance of each, this book goes above and beyond in its call to inform of the monumental power of the RV to transform lives and pocket books! So come along with us for the journey of a lifetime as we overview the solutions provided by debt free RV living.

Some aspects covered in this book:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • How to Purchase RV’s
  • Recreational Activities
  • Proper RV/Van Maintenance
  • Budgeting Basics for Your Trip
  • Camping Essentials and Etiquette

We also run through some points to bear in mind when choosing your first RV. Thousands of people now enjoy their leisure time travelling the world in their very own RV or caravan â?? you could be one of them!

Download your E book “RV Living: More Than 15 Hacks For Debt Free RV Living” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

RV Travelling: Beginners Guide On Debt Free Full Time RV Living

by Jack Sparks

RV Travelling: Beginners Guide On Debt Free Full Time RV Living

Do you have a dream of living a debt free RV lifestyle? I can assure you that whatever your situation, with a little planning and patience, that dream can be made into a reality. Learn how to budget your money, pay off your debt, and develop streams of income all while planning for the dream RV purchase.With a little research, you can find all that you will need to start your great adventure, whether that be retiring and living on the open road, or ditching the traditional nine to five and all the maintenance that goes with it and working the non-traditional way.You will soon see that an entire sub culture exists out there for people like you, people who want to take on the world and not be tied down to a single spot while living their lives.

  • Learn to budget and spend wisely
  • Pay of your debt
  • Calculate your future income
  • Develop new streams of income both now and for retirement
  • Finding the right RV for you
  • Making a check list on what you will need along the way
  • Plotting your course
  • Where to go and stay for free
  • Find new resources for people like you

Download your E book “RV Travelling: Beginners Guide On Debt Free Full Time RV Living” “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Free or Cheap Volunteer Programs Peru: A resource book to help you find a volunteer travel opportunity in Peru

by True Travellers

Travelling to Peru?
Looking for a local volunteer opportunity?
This book is for you!

This book is a resource of free or cheap volunteer programs in Peru. If you are going to Peru and are looking for volunteer experiences, this is the resource for you. It is intended to be a starting point for the independent traveller. We provide you with an overview of the organization, the volunteer opportunities offered and contact information. It is up to you to dive deeper and connect with the organization to see if this opportunity is right for you.

We hope you find the resource helpful.

Safe travels and enjoy Peru!

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Free sports Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution

by Gary Collins

Want to leave the rat race in your rearview mirror? Discover the mile-by-mile guide to a whole new life on the open road.

Do you feel trapped in your humdrum routine? Do you want more from life than a paycheck and a permanent address? Author and entrepreneur Gary Collins has found true freedom and fulfillment in his life on the road. Now he’s here to help you liberate your lifestyle and find lasting joy through simplicity.

The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution contains step-by-step instructions for transitioning to a carefree traveling lifestyle. From the author’s first-hand experiences, you’ll learn the ins and outs of selecting and outfitting your ideal home-on-wheels. With Collins as your navigator, you’ll steer clear of costly and time-consuming hazards of mobile living for a smooth ride into your adventurous new life.

In The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution, you’ll discover:

  • How to declutter and downsize your life for a stress-free new beginning
  • How to select an RV that will meet all of your personal mobile living needs
  • How to handle common obstacles for a trouble-free transition into your new life
  • Gary Collins’ personal story of running his business remotely and riding the road
  • Tips and tricks for saving money and time along your journey and much, much more!

The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolutionis your must-have roadmap for mobilizing your future. If you like first-hand advice, practical how-to guides, and forging your own path, then you’ll love Gary Collins’ first guidebook in The Simple Life, a liberating life adventure series.

BuyThe Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution > to grab the wheel of your destiny today!

Soccer Shooting & Finishing: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Score (Understand Soccer Book 2)

by Dylan Joseph

If you are NOT interested in scoring more goals or teaching others how to get the ball in the net, this book is NOT for you.

With game-proven methods to get more goals against any team, this is your manual for scoring success!

How defenses think and react during a game is not easily understoodâ?¦ or is it? Through countless hours of practice, training, and experience, soccer’s elite have shown consistent patterns of in-game skills that when applied, will lead to predictable outcomes – more goals, more assists, and more wins! The current soccer books on the market teach about general knowledge of infrequent game situations without the clear steps to put the ball in the net. This book is specifically for players that need the tips, tricks, tweaks, and techniques to 10X the number of goals he or she scores in a season.

In Soccer Shooting & Finishing, there are 22 chapters, with well over 100 tips for you and your team to score more goals. From 1v1/2v1/1v2/2v2s to 5 shooting techniques, heading the ball to getting rebounds efficiently, and turning with a defender behind you to correct ball placement on shots, this book will help you approach common game conditions and be in high probability situations that can make you the MVP goal scorer. When many coaches’ advice for scoring is to pass more, improve your conditioning, practice taking free kicks, and hope for the best, this book stands out on delivering the steps to turn any player into an unstoppable goal producer. Every topic is explained to answer the question, “How can I develop a system to get at least one goal in each game?”

Learn what coaches do not teach, not because they don’t care, but because they just don’t know how to get a player to score consistently. Often, coaches only emphasize the team’s abilities to pass and work as a unit, while giving no time to the scoring skills of each individual. It is just as essential to develop the players within the system as it to strengthen the squad itself.

Who this book is for:

-The defender who gets a few chances to shoot and wants to make the most of them or who wants to make the transition from defense to offense.

-The midfielder who strikes the ball at or outside the 18-yard box, but has had little success at scoring.

-The striker/attacker/forward who doesn’t score 2 goals a game and wants an entire book on their role of scoring.

-The parent who loves their child, but hates to see them struggle with a lack of self-esteem from not being able to score.

-The coach that knows their squad can score more if their players’ shooting power, heading form, and awareness on how to outsmart defenders were improved through increased IQ.

Outcomes of applying the facts in this book:

-Learn how to create enough space to get a shot on target.

-Know how to shoot correctly and when to use each shooting form.

-Ensure that you are on the stat sheet every game.

You may ask “why should I order this book versus watching YouTube?” Well, though YouTube can be used to supplement this book because a video shows visual representations of shooting form, each video is often unorganized and there is little structure on the order you watch them. This book provides the structure needed to put the ball in the net for boys, girls, kids, teens, young adults, men, and women.

It gives every player the ability to (1) score more goals (2) lead your team to victory and (3) develop the confidence of an amazing soccer player! This book has the facts that will empower every youth player, trainer, mom, and dad who cares and wants more.

Please note that this is not a picture book.

It is time for the countless hours of SHOOTING to finally pay off. Become the player, coach, or parent that changes every game from here on out. Score more GOALS today by clicking BUY NOW.

Soccer Intelligence: Soccer Training Tips To Improve Your Spatial Awareness and Intelligence In Soccer

by Chest Dugger

Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level? Or just looking for ways to improve your understanding of the game?

Read below.

Consider the greatest players the beautiful game has ever seen. Pele and Puskas, Maradona – from the present time, Messi and Ronaldo. The likes of Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, the great readers of the game such as Beckebauer and Bobby Moore and that devastating finisher, Gerd Muller. When we try to analyze what it is that made these players so successful and held in such regard, a number of similarities come to mind.

They are, of course, mostly strikers, Beckenbauer and Moore apart. They played in the busiest, most challenging area of the pitch and in a position that could, and frequently did, change games. That is certainly true of the attacking players, but also applies to those with more defensive duties. Interestingly, though, the two defenders listed were known for their ball playing skills as much as their defensive ones.

Each possessed pace, physical strength, fast feet. Each could control a ball in an instant, were balanced in their running and hard in their shooting. But there is something more that turns the merely very good into the exceptional, at whatever level they choose to play. And that is that indefinable quality we call soccer intelligence.

Intelligent people in whatever field they work know that simple works best. Soccer is, at its heart, a simple game. Pass the ball, move into space (where it is easier to control a pass and to deliver a return), move the ball on. When the chance arises, attempt to score a goal. If you are a defender, try to deny the other side space. A simple pass is easier to complete than a complex one. Intercepting the ball is easier than winning it through a tackle. Moving into space, finding a good angle and communicating well makes a pass easier to deliver for a team mate. Intelligence and simplicity might sound as though they should be opposites, but in fact they are close bed fellows.

The purpose of this book is to define soccer intelligence, to break it down into its constituent parts and, importantly, present drills the good coach can use with his or her team to develop that intelligence to its greatest potential.

Because it is a fact that those with innate ability to read the game, anticipate passes (from both teams), to find space and utilize it contrive to make that ability of theirs better, more finely honed, even more effective than it might otherwise be.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn from in This Book:

  • Introduction
  • First Touch Into Space
  • Drills To Develop A Good First Touch Into Space
  • Movement Without The Ball
  • Drills To Improve Movement Without The Ball
  • Choosing Between Passes
  • Drills To Improve Intelligent Passing
  • Predicting Opponent’s Passing
  • Drills To Improve Passing Interception

Scroll up and download now.

Strength training Bruce Lee

by Sergey Matyushkov

“Study your experience, remember what is useful, discard useless and try to find your own way …” Bruce Lee

Who are typical dilettantes and whom to imitate?

You can find information about achievements and methods of those who are genetically gifted by nature mostly in all the books.

Let’s honestly admit, genetically gifted skills among the large army of those who want to become strong and independent are rarely met. The vast majority of people who decided to begin systematic training cannot say that they have outstanding natural skills. Therefore, the chance that you will be a rare exception from the rule is very low.

So, what training methodology should a common dilettante select, if he has skills which can’t be named as outstanding, who does not take steroids and other harmful pharmacology?

Let’s be objective. A beginner with ordinary physical capabilities will have to go through a lot of anguish and frustration to grasp one key truth: he needs a reasonable and thoughtful approach to the creation of his own (individual) program, and not to exhaust himself with “star” systems.

I will repeat once again, it is stupid and pointless to choose traditional methods of strength training, which work only with genetically gifted people.

Sweet Sue’s Golf Instruction for Women: A Book of Revelations

by Steffy Sota

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I became one of history’s first female sports stars by mastering everything from basketball and track and field to softball, tennis, and even bowling. I broke records as a golfer, winning an unprecedented 82 amateur and professional tournaments before my untimely death at age 45.

After spending my youth beating the neighborhood boys in pickup sports games, I became a standout performer on my high school’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and swimming teams. At age 18, my skills caught the eye of the Employers Casualty Insurance Company who convinced me to quit school and play for its women’s basketball team in the Amateur Athletic Union. It wasn’t long before a brash and boastful “Sweet Sue” staked a claim as the league’s top forward. I led my team in scoring during my debut game and was selected as an all-American for three straight years from 1930 to 1932.

Billing myself as the “World’s Greatest Woman Athlete,” I toured Chicago and New York with a variety show that included singing, harmonica playing, and sports-related stunts such as hitting plastic golf balls into the crowd. During an era when most women were making mere cents an hour, my wildly popular performances earned me as much as $1,200 per week.

I faced jabs from reporters that believed women had no place in athletics. “It would be much better if she and her ilk stayed at home, got themselves prettied up, and waited for the phone to ring,” one sports columnist wrote in the New York World-Telegram. Other reporters demeaned me for being unladylike or claimed that I only excelled at sports because I couldn’t attract attention from men. A few even suggested that I was a man in disguise.

In 1934, I turned my attention to playing competitive golf that I described as “a game of coordination, rhythm and grace.” Four years later, I made history by entering the all-male Los Angeles Open, the first event on the Professional Golfers’ Association calendar. I struggled at the tournament and missed the 36-hole cut, but my appearance marked the first time that a woman competed in a PGA Tour event.

My outsized ego often grated on my fellow golfersâ??I was fond of informing them that they were all playing for secondâ??but I backed up my boasts with results. Between 1946 and 1947, I won 14 golf tournaments in a row, often annihilating my opponents in match play. The run also included a victory at the British Women’s Amateur Championship that had never been won by an American. To this day, my 14-tournament winning streak remains the longest in golf history.

In 1953, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and forced to undergo emergency surgery and a colostomy. It was reported that I would never play golf again, but I returned to my winning ways a little more than a year later when I trounced the field at the 1954 U.S. Women’s Open by a record margin of 12 strokes. My comeback saw me voted the Associated Press “Female Athlete of the Year” for the sixth time in my career.

My illness continued to intensify, however, and I passed away on September 27, 1956, at the age of 45.

Open Access Policy

You are free to share, copy, or redistribute the materials in this text in any medium or format. You are free to adapt, reuse, modify, transform, or build upon the materials in this text for any purpose whatsoever.

Joggen für Anfänger: Laufen lernen und langfristig abnehmen. Vom Einsteiger zum erfolgreichen Läufer (German Edition)

by Katja König

Joggen lernen?

Es gibt viele Gründe, warum man mit dem Laufen beginnen möchte. Das Joggen hat sich mittlerweile zu einer ganzen Kulturbewegung entwickelt. Aber es geht nicht nur darum, den eigenen Körper zu definieren (das ist vielmehr ein Nebeneffekt des Joggens), sondern es geht darum, dem Körper Gutes zu tun.

Zu aller erst sollte man ein wenig mehr über das Joggen und Laufen erfahren.

Markante Themen sind u.a.:

– Wie fängt man an?

– Was braucht man dafür?

– Wie macht man weiter?

– Woher weiÃ? man, ob man es richtig macht?

– Was ist zu beachten?

Alle Antworten auf diese Fragen finden Sie in diesem Ratgeber.

Möchten Sie endlich richtig laufen können?

Sie möchten nicht mehr nur darüber reden, sondern endlich die Zügel in die Hand nehmen und loslaufen?

Mit diesem Buch sind Sie auf dem richtigen Weg!

Ich werde Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie ganz einfach beginnen können. Dazu brauchen Sie keinerlei Vorbildung und/oder irgendein bestimmtes Fitnesslevel.

Was Sie in diesem Buch lernen:

– was für Gründe es gibt überhaupt zu laufen

Рwie der K̦rper reagiert

– was für Unterschiede es zwischen joggen, laufen und Dauerlauf gibt

– wie Sie richtig atmen

Рwie Sie ganz einfach durch das Laufen abnehmen k̦nnen

– wieviel Jogging gesund ist

und vieles mehr!!

Es ist definitiv nie zu spät. Zögern Sie nicht und holen Sie sich noch heute diesen Ratgeber und � fangen Sie an!!

The Latter Stage Jeet Kune Do

by Kenneth Pua

Martial Program Designed for Beginner and Advance Practitioners Handbook
This is a fully illustrated How to Book in the Latter stage of Jeet Kune Do. Train the way Bruce Lee trained in the Final Stage of Jeet Kune Do’s development and evolution.
Latter Stage” JKD” is about dynamic and explosive footwork that can be applied to enhance your stand up game regardless of your background. JKD at its highest level is about delivery and avoidance with emphasis “in delivery” on full body weight, mass accelerated movement and recovery! JKD is Bruce’s application of geometry, physics and kinesiology in the realm of effective Stand Up Fighting. It is the ultimate adaptable vehicle!
The Jeet Kune Do Handbook that shows you the training drills , Techniques and Basic Movements ,that are only discussed in JKD seminars . This book shows you the basic techniques and drills needed to practice the latter stage Jeet kune do .The hand before foot technique. The basic weapons , movements and footwork. The Fundamentals of the Jeet Kune Do kicking techniques. The 5 ways of attacks was discussed and shown in a step by step manner that is easy to follow. With 1000 instructional Photos and illustrations to guide you to do the techniques correctly and help you to develop your own combinations .

This Book covers all the aspect of the Latter Stage of Jeet Kune Do. Simplicity . Using No Way as Way , Using No Limitation as Limitation. This book is a road map for your own self expression.

Unusual Effect of Running: Running for Beginners (Personal Development Book): Healthy Living, How to Lose Weight Fast, Feeling Good, Increase Endurance, Weight Loss

by Martha Rowe

“To Be Responsible, Keep Your Promises to Others, to Be Successful, Keep Your Promises to Yourself”

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99.
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Nowadays the sedentary lifestyle is called “the second smoking.” It is implied that this little habit by insensible degrees breaks our health and, in significant amounts, even kills. Some recent studies revealed a direct connection between the sedentary lifestyle and emergence and development of such diseases as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and mental diseases.

Meanwhile, busy exercises can positively change the whole system of our body. We can see (or feel) the result of doing sport almost immediately, but to have a more profound and more long-term effect, a person must be engaged in a game always throughout the life.

Studies have revealed that such physical exercises as running, aerobics, running fitness, swimming, cycling – all that trains the heart muscle, – have an extraordinary effect on the human heart. The exercises performed permanently over an extended period, cause a marked increase in heart rate (beats per minute) and stroke volume (the amount of blood coming out of the heart per pound).

To increase the effect of exercises, you need to choose the type of activity that suits your purpose. No matter what training you do, the basic rule is “Don’t give up.” You can change the type of exercises depending on the purpose and mood, but the sport must always be present in your life. If the person stops, the entire health benefits from activities will â??disappear’ in a few weeks.

Here You Will Learnâ?¦

  • Unusual Effect of Running
  • How to Increase the Running Performance Level?
  • Pre- and Post-Exercise Eating Tips
  • Running as a Lifestyle
  • Running Technique for Weight Loss
  • Bonus! Sexuality and Proper Nutrition (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more! …Free Gift Inside 😉

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GolfLates: Le Pilates au service de votre prochaine saison de golf! (French Edition)

by Guy Bouchard

Apprenez comment la méthode Pilates peut faire de vous une golfeuse et un golfeur hors du commun.

IT Planning for the Super Bowl

by Martin Harris

Big sporting events like the Super Bowl generate huge volumes of bets putting enormous pressure on bookmakers IT systems. This book is a guide for IT professionals, working for bookmakers, describing what they can do to improve and protect their IT infrastructure and prevent failures on Super Bowl Day. The book goes through every stage from initial planning to post-event analysis, reviewing the customer journey and different customer channels. This book is easy to follow and will hopefully provide ideas your IT department could employ, to help manage the huge volume of bets coming your way.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

Skyla: A Ghost Virus Novel (Ghost Virus Series Book 1)

by A. E. Field

The world as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. Humanity has retreated to the skies after being almost obliterated by the deadly Ghost Virus. Man-made islands floating in the troposphere house those that survived. The System, a new form of government, now controls and regulates everyone’s lives in an effort to preserve the human race.

Skyla Deep is not your average orphan in this sky born world; abused, neglected and in need of something the System doesn’t offerâ?¦freedom. Desperate to live instead of merely exist, Skyla runs away. She aligns herself with one of the notorious sects who control the outer edges of the islands. There’s just one problem. On an island this small you can only run from the System for so long.

As events escalate, Skyla will come to question all that she’s been taught to believe. She’s always felt the System wasn’t what it claimed to be, but wonders just how deep their treachery runs? And with the Ghost Virus making a reappearance on the islands, will humanity survive?

Havenworld (Havenworld Phase One Book 0)

by Bard Constantine

You’re invited to explore Havenworld, a series of stories and characters in an exciting new connected universe. Read the stories, then vote for your favorite to become the next novel!

Imagine a world broken. Where humanity believed their only chance of survival was hibernation in stasis chambers until the day arrived to claim the world as theirs again.

Imagine a dystopian future where glittering cities exist alongside unchecked wilderness, where one can stumble from a cyberpunk setting into a post-apocalyptic one. Imagine the strange and wondrous sites and residents of such a place.

If you can imagine that, you might just be in Havenworld.

After the Cataclysm nearly wiped out humanity, the remnants of mankind survived in Havens: city-sized constructs built to reboot society and usher in a new age of civilization.

However, the new age was not the type the architects had envisioned. The same greed and lust for power that existed before the Cataclysm resurfaced and the Havens quickly became quagmires of political and economic conflict, threatening to destroy the future envisioned by their founders.

This is a world where an indecisive young man can witness the end of all things. Where a boy’s impending death can lead to a new life. Where a girl’s escape from captivity still may not free her. Where the naivety of youth can be manipulated for evil deeds. Where taking on that last job might be the worst mistake a desperate hacker ever makes.

One of these stories will become a full-length novel. Your vote counts, you make the call!

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Fight the Good Fight; Give it Your All: 50 Delectable Cancer Fighting Recipes

by Daniel Humphreys

Inundated with info outlining cancer fighting foods? Need help wrangling all that into quality recipes?

Than this collection of 50 cancer fighting recipes is just what you’ve been looking for. Healthy fats, lean meats, anti- inflammatory ingredients; there all here! You’ll be eating like royalty with the peace of mind afforded by healthy these cancer fighting recipes.

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Nadine’s Bible (Book 2): New Testament (AfroFuturism Sci-Fi) (Alien Monologues 1)

by T Lindsey-Billingsley

There’s a popular saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In this pseudo-science fiction reimagining of the Anunnaki myth, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Great Mother created the perfect woman in Her image on Venus, and the Great Father created a perfect man in His image on Mars. When the Great Father and Mother began feuding over their creations… a Gender War began that would alter the galaxy, and all life within it, forever!

Regardless of who won the war, the new generation of Gods and Goddesses, led by the Adam and the Eve, would eventually separate themselves, taking rule of Venus and Mars- biding their time to conquer the Earth and it’s new lifeforms in the name of their mighty Creator Parents.

In the meantime, both sides are forming alliances with that of savage, cold-blooded extraterrestrial species, and desperate human factions, that are power hungry and starving to join the Intergalactic Council.

There is unrest in the Cosmos, as since the day mankind was formed. Unlikely heroes will rise to calm the storm- led by a earthly heroine with a mysterious, and questionable, family tree.

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Last Heartbreak (A Nolan Brothers Novel Book 5)

by Amy Olle

Falling in love was easy, instant, and dangerously all-consuming. Breaking up won’t be so simple.

Shea and Isobel were teenagers when they had a baby together, months before they’d even gone on their first date. Now, after nearly eighteen years of marriage, the heartaches have piled one on top of the other, dousing the fire of their passion and drowning the memories of a life built together. Though he is her first and only love, two years spent living separate lives has convinced Isobel it’s time for them to let go.

Except quitting isn’t in Shea’s blood. Every day of his life has been a fightâ??to save his brothers, to put food on their table, to hold on to the tattered shreds of his dignityâ??and now he’s in for the toughest fight of them all: the battle to win back his wife. But with Isobel already one foot out the door, is it too late for their second chance at happily ever after?

LAST HEARTBREAK is a full-length, stand-alone steamy contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author Amy Olle. Fans of emotional, sexy romances will fall in love with this fifth installment in the series about the five Irish-born, fiercely loyal, beautifully flawed Nolan brothers. Books in the series may be read in any order.

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