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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

Apple Cider Vinegar: Powerful Remedies To Heal The Body & Improve Your Health (Easy at Home Recipes)

by Megan Chung

***Powerful Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar..

Apple cider vinegar has long been popularly utilized as a pickling agent in food items. However, over time, as with other items, people found that this vinegar was not just good for pickling but was also useful for other things around the house.

In this short ebook you’ll learn:

- What Apple Cider Vinegar Is

- It’s Unique Benefits

- How It Works W/ Weight Loss

- Amazing Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

- Easy Homemade Remedies For Common Aliments

- And Much More..

If you’re curious about the benefits that apple cider vinegar entails or if you want to gain more knowledge regarding apple cider vinegar, this eBook can help provide you with all the information you need and more.

With recipes and remedies included in here, you can take a look at the history of apple cider vinegar and see why it’s hailed by everyone as a substance with a thousand uses.

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The Habitual Success Ritual: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Ensure Winning Habits for Life (setting goals, success, achievement, potential, winning, personal growth, success principles)

by James Randall

The Road To Self Improvement Start Here

Ensure Winning Habits for Life And Reach Your True Potential…

The steps and strategies in this book are designed to help anybody, regardless of their age, gender, profession or current location. By simply reading this book, you can transform your life to achieve desirable outcomes in the future.

You will be given ideas on how to handle your personal life, business deals and career, in the hope that you will take stock of the teachings and transform your life. You’ll also learn what to do when things aren’t going as planned or as you had wished.

Regardless of how hard it is to achieve a given objective, you can rest assured that you’ll find yourself on a better overall trajectory after reading this book.

A wise man once said that those who really want to achieve something find a way to achieve it, and those who don’t, find an excuse for not achieving it. This book will hopefully aid you in eliminating all those excuses from your mind once and for all.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Effectively et Goals And Stick To Them
  • Improving Your Negotiation Skills
  • How To Stay Ahead of Your Competitors
  • Managing Your Private and Public Lives
  • Concentrating On The Future
  • The Habit Of Healthiness
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: goals, success, achievement, potential, habits, personal growth, health

Organic Soap Making: Beginners Guide To Making Handcrafted Luxurious Soap From Organic and Natural Materials

by David Stone

Make Organic Natural Soap At Home Starting Today!

Contrary to what advertisements and endorsers say, manufactured soap bars can actually harm the skin. Store bought soaps contain not only harmful chemicals and preservatives but also some of the same ingredients found in detergents! They strip the skin of its natural oils and further irritate it. This book will help you understand the importance of using soap made from organic materials found at home. You will learn about the benefits of making your own handcrafted luxurious soap instead of buying one from stores and supermarkets.

Organic Soap Making contains proven steps and strategies in making high quality organic soaps that can help clean your body and maintain a soft and youthful looking skin. This book also contains tips on how to choose the right ingredients in making soaps.

Homemade soaps offer a lot of benefits in just a single bar. They can exfoliate, revitalize, hydrate and moisturize the skin at the same time. Aside from that they have an aromatic scent that smells natural, light and sweet!

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It’s In Your Hands: 5 Strategies To Achieving Your Life Dreams

by Jane John-Nwankwo RN MSN

This book is a motivational and inspirational book written to empower individuals of every age to achieve their life dreams. It consists of five chapters. The 5 chapters in the book were spelt from the word: HANDS, because, it’s in your HANDS to succeed!

H- Hightime you made a move!

A- Accept challenges

N- Never be intimidated

D- Design your own methods to navigate

S- Success is for the ready

GLUTEN FREE Comfort Foods: Low Carb Gluten Free Foods The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

by Megan Johnson

Are You looking for delicious dishes that are tasty yet healthy and gluten free?…Well if you are then this is the book for you!In ” Gluten Free Comfort Foods The whole family Will Love!” You will discover heartwarming, delicious meals even the most pickiest of palates is sure to enjoy. Whether you’re following a paleo, primal, or gluten free way of life these delicious recipes with full color photos and nutritional info will help individuals and families alike lose weight, eat healthy and achieve optimum fitness.

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Atkins Diet: How I Lost 187 Pounds in 9 Months Using the Atkins Diet (illustrated with Stick drawings)

by Stella Goodwin

Achieve the easiest weight loss success of your life with the Atkins Diet! If you’re even the tiniest bit curious about starting the Atkins Diet, start right here with my book. In it, I share every detail of my journey with the Atkins program, which resulted in an astounding 187-lb weight loss. And you can do it too! This book includes valuable advice on what to eat, the best on-the-go snacks, tracking your progress and how to ease from one phase to the next. If you find the Atkins plan confusing or intimidating, my practical guide breaks every step down into manageable chunks so you’ll never feel overwhelmed and you can truly focus on achieving what’s most important: epic weight loss!

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

The Mine (Northwest Passage Book 1)

by John A. Heldt

In May 2000, Joel Smith is a cocky, adventurous young man who sees the world as his playground. But when the college senior, days from graduation, enters an abandoned Montana mine, he discovers the price of reckless curiosity. He emerges in May 1941 with a cell phone he can’t use, money he can’t spend, and little but his wits to guide his way. Stuck in the age of swing dancing and a peacetime draft, Joel begins a new life as the nation drifts toward war. With the help of his 21-year-old trailblazing grandmother and her friends, he finds his place in a world he knew only from movies and books. But when an opportunity comes to return to the present, Joel must decide whether to leave his new love in the past or choose a course that will alter their lives forever. THE MINE is a love story that follows a humbled man through a critical time in history as he adjusts to new surroundings and wrestles with the knowledge of things to come.

Onset: An American’s Voyage Beyond Borders

by JB Gatling

Brett Howard had exceeded the American dream. He started with nothing and was fully retired by the age of thirty-seven. After such a blazing career where he battled his way to the highest levels of big business, was it finally his time to unwind and relax, to travel the world and to sail off into the sunrise? Those thoughts never crossed his mind. Instead, he set out on the exact opposite course and shed the trappings of power including the racing yacht, the expensive Manhattan townhouse, and his diamond-studded girlfriend. He returned to the very same inner-city streets from which he escaped as a young boy because he was determined to make a difference in the lives of those left behind. He was also certain that he wanted to face the new challenges with his childhood love, Lailani. But can they overcome their forced twenty-year separation or do their vastly different experiences while apart leave no common ground between them? Through it all, a ruthless Wall Street banker and his progeny unknowingly disrupt Brett’s life, but also lay the foundations for his voyage beyond borders.


by Ray Drayton

All is not as it appears in this South Pacific Paradise. The idyllic Islands of Fiji hold a dark secret, privy only to a select few. Both MI6 and the CIA are desperate to expose a secret operation producing Ethanol derived from sugar cane. The Bio Fuel is destined for India’s arsenal of nuclear missiles. The Intelligence Services of the UK and USA orchestrate a coup in an effort to shut down the entire operation to avoid nuclear war breaking out on India’s frontier with Pakistan, China and Russia.

THE HIBISCUS CODE: Two men are responsible for extinguishing the nuclear flash point. Their mandate is to pull the free world back from the nuclear abyss.

The unseen enemy they confront proves to be an opponent who fights from the shadows in an all out effort to protect their country’s nuclear arsenal. The confrontation spanning Britain and Fiji is as much a battle of minds as a physical war between two foes. Each side is intent on protecting their ideals. During the pursuit through the dark illusory world of International Espionage the hunters become the hunted.

Majestic Madness

by Kyle Turk

Joshua Norton may have lost his mind, but that didn’t stop him from successfully declaring himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico in 1859.

After growing and then losing his inheritance during the California Gold Rush, Norton commiserates in total isolation with a locket containing the visages of his parents. Once delusions of grandeur fully pervade his twisted mind, he rises from bankruptcy and emerges from exile to proclaim his majestic authority over an obliging San Francisco population.

On his final brisk and rainy eve, Norton gifts the locket to a young boy. Years later, Emma, the boy’s daughter, comes to possess the item and quickly discovers a cryptic clue alluding to treasure. Her adventurous nature allows her obsession with the locket to grow rampantly as more clues are revealed, leading her – and her reluctant fiancée – to South Africa and Norton’s footprints.

Spanning nearly a century and including natural disaster, adventure, and romance, MAJESTIC MADNESS is a 76,000-word historical fiction novel which offers a colorful insight into the eccentric world of Emperor Norton and his mysterious locket.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

Selected Poems

by Fiona Pitt-kethley

The Selected Poems of Fiona Pitt-Kethley

God Whispers on the Wind: Spiritual Poems of Light, Laughter and Love

by Dave Ursillo Jr.

When we can reach out and touch the common threads quietly spun between different, even seemingly contradictory human spiritualities, we begin to attain a far more enriched and empowered understanding of humanity, itself â?? and a deeper understanding of ourselves, personally.

God Whispers on the Wind is a collection of 81 spiritual poems that guides a reader of any faith to truly touch those common threads: the perpetual and binding human qualities of love, happiness, purposeful living and shared experience that make humans so exceptionally unique as spiritual beings.

From the author of Lead Without Followers, writer Dave Ursillo ventures into an open, heart-warming, free-form poetic style in a deep and introspection glimpse into the mind of a young generational thinker. In this poetic exploration of God, Spirit, the Universe, and the higher power to which we are all connected, God Whispers on the Wind invokes a light-hearted and playful voice, drawing from occasional humor, cursing, hilarity and even heresy.

Indisputably, this debut collection leaves a memorable imprint upon the reader with Ursillo’s inimitably heart-stoking style. And featuring original contributions from seven talented writers from across the globe, God Whispers on the Wind is a true celebration of the diversity of human spirituality.

Whatever you believe, God Whispers on the Wind will serve as a gentle reminder that we are forever connected to a couple of important things: to the ether, and to one another.

My Personal Poetic Catharsis Party

by Marvin Bell

This is the debut poetry book, wrtten by Marvin J. Bell, also known as mrvnthenovelist. Ranging from addressing subjects; such as sex, personal controversies from the past and currently, society, suicide and self-condemnation. With varieties of storytelling, lyrical rhyming, acrostic, tanka and haiku, this poetical debut is something that is a must-read for those who love poetry.

ZODIACS AND THEY DID MAKE APE AS HELL. ‘They Ape Hell’, last words of Jesus. – IC7.

by Mr. Charles Sankey Buck Emanuwa

This Book is made of: Poem: a literary composition in verse, especially one expressing deep feeling or noble thought in an imaginative way.
Spiritual: of the human spirit or soul, not physical or worldly.
Spiritualism: the belief that spirits of the dead can and do communicate with the living.
Carnal: Of the body or flesh, not spiritual, e.g. Carnal desires.
Psalm: a sacred song, especially one of those in the book of Psalms in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.
Anthology: a collection of passages from literature, especially poems.
Alliteration: the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of several words in succession, e.g. sing a song of six pence or I love to love those who choose to love.
Myth: a traditional story that embodies popular beliefs or explains a practice, belief or natural phenomenon. A parable, allegory. A fictitious person or thing.
Metaphor: the application of a word or phrase to something that it does not apply to literally, in order to indicate a comparison with the literal usage, e.g. the evening of one’s life, food for thought, Peter the Rock.
Simile: a figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another, e.g. went through it like a hot knife through butter, he is as hard as rock.
Oxymoron: putting together words, which seem to contradict one another, e.g. bittersweet?
Eulogy: a speech or piece of writing in praise of a person or thing.
Dirge: a slow mournful song, a lamentation for the dead.
Euphemism: a mild or roundabout expression substituted for one considered improper or too harsh or blunt, â??pass away’ is a euphemism for â??die’.
Paradox: a statement etc. That seems to contradict itself or to conflict with common sense but which contains a truth, e.g. â??more haste, less speed’.
Pantheism: the belief that God is everything and everything is God.
Parable: a story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth.
Split infinitive: an infinite with a word or words placed between to and the verb, e.g. to thoroughly understand. Many people dislike this construction and it can usually be avoided e.g. by putting to understand thoroughly.
Exaggeration: to making of (a thing or issue) seem larger or more than it really is; with exaggerated courtesy, with excessive courtesy.
Evocation: calling up, produce, or inspire (memories, feelings, a response, etc.)
Hyperbole: an exaggerated statement that is not meant to be taken literally, e.g. a stack of work a mile high.
Fact: something known to have happened or be true or to exist.
- Propaganda: publicity intended to spread ideas or information that will persuade or convince people.
Fiction: a product of the imagination; an invented story.
Onomatopoeia: the formation of words that imitate or suggest what they stand for, e.g. cuckoo, plop, sizzle, chirp, screech, bubble.
Omnipotent: having unlimited power or very great power.
Omnipresent: present everywhere.
Omniscient: knowing everything, having very extensive knowledge.
- Om: a mystic syllable considered the most sacred mantra (in Buddhism and Hinduism etc)
Chant: a tune to which the words of psalms or other works with irregular rhythm are fitted by singing several syllables or words to the same note; a monotonous song.
Verse: a metrical form of composition, as distinct from prose.
Prose: written or spoken language not in verse form.
Satire: the use of ridicule, irony, or sarcasm in speech or writing.
Parody: a comic imitation of a well-known person or literary work or style.
Tautology: saying of the same thing over again in different words.
Travesty: an absurd or inferior imitation.
Innuendo: an unpleasant insinuation.
Craze: a great but often short-lived enthusiasm for something.
Dream: a series of pictures or events in a sleeping person’s mind.
Vision: the faculty of seeing, sight. Something seen in the imagination or in a dream etc.
Visionary: existing only in the imagination, fanciful, not practical – visionary schemes.
Testimony: a declaration or statement (.

The Confessions

by Clare Hathaway

A new voice in English poetry, Clare Hathaway’s first collection is a searing and moving series of meditations on the past, loss, love and childhood.

May Contain Nuts…

by Adam Gill

This is a collection of poems, verse and other works surrounding life, love, advice, stories and things that just seem to happen along the way.

The majority of my work is based on either real-life experience – or something that I felt was worth exploring, from another person’s point of view. As the title suggests, you may find some “nuts” and it can be quite alarming – beware!

Unsent Omens

by Nadia Skye Nolan

A small collection of love poems and letters written from Nadia Skye Nolan to her love, Owen Danan Martin.

Best Laid Plans: And Other Strange Tails

by G. Michael Vasey

A fifth collection of poetry and rhyme by G. Michael Vasey musing about the magic of life. From the mystery of The Story through to magic of the Hexagram and the number 6, Vasey twists words and phrases to paint deliciously vivid images of how he sees life and everything.

Songs of the Tewa

by Various

This is a collection of poetry of the Tewa. The Tewa are a Pueblo culture, who live on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. This monograph includes translations of a cycle of Tewa poems. An appendix has interlinear texts for some of the Tewa songs. The book is preceeded by an essay on Native American poetry and literature, including samples from the north to the south of the American continent.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

The Lion’s Heart

by Dena Hunt

Is love ever wrong?

Paul Meyer has never let anyone get too close.

Until Max.

The Lion’s Heart is a heart-rending story about love and sacrifice. The emotional struggle of Paul’s same-sex attraction, the guilt he feels, and his ambivalence toward his Catholic faith all come together in this look inside the heart of a tortured man.


“Dena Hunt is a consummate story-teller who does not shirk or shy away from the difficult questions about life and love that her story raises. The Lion’s Heart contains not only the loves of lovers, spouses, parents, and children but also the demons and dragons that selfishness unleashes. The Lion’s Heart is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the hard-hearted. It pulsates with a passion that will bring true hearts to their knees.” –Joseph Pearce, author of The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, co-editor of the St. Austin Review

“It may be fiction but The Lion’s Heart reflects a truth that is as real as the sunrise. The moral conflicts and dilemmas are treated with dignity and there are no easy answers, though, thank God, there are answers. The style, beauty, and flow of Dena’s writing speaks for itself. I could not give this book a higher rating, for it is at the top of the charts. I thank Ms. Hunt for having the courage and the beauty of heart to see, feel, and love as she did – for this book is, above all, a work of love. May it be accepted as such.” A.K. Frailey, author, The Deliverance Trilogy

“Whatever side of the controversy you call home, this book is a game-changer. With The Lion’s Heart, Dena Hunt gives us a compassionate story courageously told, depicting the truth in all its dimensions. Readers will never be the same, and with The Lion’s Heart, the landscape of faith-based fiction is changed forever.” Erin McCole Cupp, author, Don’t You Forget About Me

“The Lion’s Heart moved me to the core. Dena Hunt managed a rare feat: a delicately crafted novel that is at once a work of beauty and existential weight, and yet forces you to keep reading with all the urgency of a thriller.” –Bernardo Aparicio Garcia, Publisher, Dappled Things

“Dena Hunt conveys some of the very real struggles of those persons who have same-sex attractions (SSA), especially the shame, confusion, and misery that can accompany such feelings. She shows how that suffering can affect family and friends. The path to understanding homosexuality requires abundant patience, prudence, and good will because the topic is not primarily a controversial cultural issue, but rather a complex personal reality. It is one for which there is not one simple or general explanation – or response. This novel gives us a glimpse into the lives and hearts of those touched by SSA who are striving to understand themselves, and so to love genuinely after the example of Jesus Christ and the teachings of His Church.” –Rev. Paul Check, Executive Director, Courage International


by Diana Gardiner

Good News

Gloria Eliot has finally earned the promotion of her dreams. Her boss in New York, recently appointed TV News Director of Mediacom, has given her the plum job of overseeing WHBN, the premier TV news program located in Richmond, Virginia.

When Gloria arrives in Richmond to take over WHBN, her assignment is to maximize profits for Mediacom. Full stop.

Josh is the idealistic manager of WHBN. Over fourteen years of hard, dedicated work, Josh has created a news station known for its integrity and excellence throughout the South.

Their different goals for the way forward clash immediately. Will Josh be able to maintain Christian standards of honest reporting in the face of corporate demand for instant profit? Will Gloria be able to do the bidding of her boss while maintaining the loyalty of WHBN’s staff? And how can these two very different people reconcile a personal attraction that refuses to diminish, and instead grows with every conflict?

Fun E Farm (TodaysGirls.com)

by Terry Squires

Morgan secretly hides an abandoned litter of kittens in her family’s old barn after Dad says they belong at the animal shelter. Before long, the TodaysGirls discover that the Humane Society is out of money and Edgewood brims with unwanted animals. So Morgan begins taking in everything from puppies and ducks to iguanas and parakeets, trying to place them in homes via the e-Farm, a Web page she launches from home. The site becomes an unexpected money-maker through local advertisers, and Morgan discovers that God has a plan for his creation and that she must trust in that.

2014 Revised Edition

On Mason Mountain

by G Frank Miller

On Mason Mountain is a feel good read for the entire family. The Mason family has lived in Virginia at the base of Mason Mountain since colonial times. Kyra Mason is ten years old and wonders what is up on the mountain. Her curiosity leads to discoveries and adventure for three generations of Mason’s as mysteries of the mountain are revealed.

The Christmas Promise: A story of faith

by Alan Riehl

Jenny and her Father were very close. They made a pact to build a life size Nativity Scene in their backyard when she was young. Jennifer never saw that promise fulfilled because of the horrible accident that claimed her parents’ lives on Christmas Eve. Now each Christmas holds a terrible tragedy in store for young Jennifer and her husband. Will she have enough faith to overcome the continuous heartbreak in her life or will she succumb to the tragedies. With a supporting cast of her husband, her in-laws, the local Minister, and a promise that still calls to her; this is the story of a young woman’s belief in God and the testing of that belief. This story is timeless and will cause you to shed a tear. It takes place in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It will be an instant classic!

It is available as part of Alan Riehl’s short story compilation: LEVELS, also available on Amazon.

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Free horror Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

Game of Thrones: The Ultimate Game of Thrones Character Description Guide (Includes 39 Game of Thrones Characters) (Game of Thrones Series Book 1)

by David Nolan

#1 Bestseller!…39 Game of Thrones Characters Included!

Get this Amazon bestseller for just $4.99. Regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

Game of Thrones is easily the most intriguing and captivating TV series today. It is no surprise that it is the most talked about and the biggest show since the Sopranos finale

If you’re new to the show, it is easy to get lost if you do not understand the plot or how each of the characters fit into place. You do not want to be the one person in the room who is sitting there clueless, while the others are enjoying the show because they understand it and have been following it for numerous seasons. Therefore, this guide was created for you to catch you up with the four seasons, and all of the main characters that make the show what it is today!

*In this book you will discover 39 characters, and the important roles that each of them play, as well as the impact each of them has made on the series. Each of the characters are arranged by family to help you understand how they are connected to one another. The Ultimate Game of Thrones Character Description Guide displays clickable links that leads you know numerous photos and pictures for each of the characters.


To Read Immediately, Simply Click The Orange “Buy Now” Button At The Top-Right.

Widow: First of The Fallen (The Books of The Fallen. Book 1)

Ancient horrors lay deep within the dark woods surrounding their city. Sinister, and merciless. This is the initiation of the Ardorins, to fight, and to survive her first trip into the woods. Dirge Has trained many, and watched many die. He has high hopes for this apprentice, Epashia Vaergs. Can he find her before she dies, and is swallowed by the blackness forever?

In Defiance of Heaven (The Forsaken Comedy Book 3)

by Kevin Kauffmann

“They wanted a Horseman, but I will give them a Devil.”

It has been a year since Niccolo and his allies confronted Azazel and Beleth, and the world has changed drastically. After the revelation that both Lucifer and Adonai had been manipulating him for three centuries, Niccolo discarded whatever compassion he had left. Millions of people have been sacrificed to his Black Death, all for the purpose of creating an army that would fight against God, and his friends have watched as he has transformed himself into the next Devil, complete with Lucifer’s powers.

However, as much as they want to bring him back from the edge, it is obvious that they need Niccolo’s brand of monster in order to stand a chance against Adonai. Even Cadmus has allowed far too much death, hoping that Niccolo would turn back from his destructive path, but in these final days, he has to consider that his best friend may have truly become evil. Allies new and old, terrible and heroic, will join them on their journey to the end of the world, but Cadmus knows that he is the only one who could hope to bring back the Niccolo they know and love.

However, the forces of Hell do not have time to focus on what might have been or grieve for their fallen allies. Before they can even make it to the Gates of Heaven, they must travel through Purgatory, face terrors from their memories, and confront gods and monsters beyond their comprehension. It is doubtful they will all survive the journey, let alone the battle for humanity’s existence, but it is a sacrifice they are willing to make.

After all, if they fail, there will be no tomorrow.

In Defiance of Heaven is the final book in Kevin Kauffmann’s Forsaken Comedy, a trilogy about the rise of the Four Horsemen and their efforts to free humanity. Mixing together mythology, horror, fantasy, and even a little science fiction, the Forsaken Comedy is a biblical apocalypse for a new generation.

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2 Sep

Free travel Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

For 91 Days In The Yucatan

by Michael Powell

A collection of stories, photography and advice from three months spent in the Yucatán Peninsula, one of the most remote and wonderful regions in Mexico, filled with stunning beaches, historic towns and fascinating Maya ruins. Mike and Jürgen are travelers who spend 91 days in various locations around the world, capturing the history, lifestyle and culture of their temporary homes. With the enthusiasm of newcomers, they’ve explored the Yucatán from the vibrant capital of Mérida to the pristine coasts of Quintana Roo, from Cozumel to Campeche, visiting well-known sights as well as some hidden gems.

Packed with information about the history, ruins, cenotes, villages, food and culture of the Yucatán, this e-book follows Mike and Jürgen as they sample the street foods of Mérida, and embark on road trips which take them around the entire peninsula. Their three months in the Yucatan were spent discovering Maya sites like Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Ek Balam and Edzná, visiting henequen plantations, hiking through the jungle, swimming in cenotes, luxuriating on Cozumel Island and Tulum, and surviving Cancún. The story fleshed out by interesting historical anecdotes and humorous descriptions of life in the Yucatán. The book contains over 200 professional full-color photos, along with indexes organized alphabetically and by category.

For 91 Days in the Yucatán isn’t a traditional guidebook, but an impartial and colorful account of three months spent in this unforgettable peninsula. Join Mike and Jürgen as they explore the Yucatán over the course of 91 days. Whether you’re planning a trip, already there, or simply curious, their experiences might help to enrich your own.

PointsAway’s Essential Guide to American Airlines: Master the AAdvantage Program â?¢ Unlock Incredible Airfare Deals (PointsAway Essential Guides Book 1)

by Casey Ayers

You can travel the world for free using frequent flyer miles.

Don’t believe it? In the past year alone, I’ve booked 90,000+ miles of free airfare for my family and friends. Each week, I also show readers at PointsAway.com how to take the trips of their dreams while saving thousands.

This book is the essential guide to American Airlines and its AAdvantage frequent flyer program.

What You’ll Learn:

- How to quickly and easily rack up tens of thousands of miles without leaving home and see how you can start instantly earning free travel while shopping or dining out.

- How to find and book free and cheap flights with miles, both with American Airlines and its partners, bringing your dream trip in reach.

- How you can earn enough miles for a roundtrip to Europe or Japan without ever leaving home.

- Which award flights offer the best airfare deals, saving you thousands of dollars over the cash cost, and which you should avoid.

- How to earn elite status with American in just a few flights, earning a wide array of benefits at the airport and in the air.

- How to score free upgrades, moving up to Business and First Class.

- How to gain access to exclusive airport lounges without paying for expensive memberships.

- How to fly like a pro and become a budget travel ninja.

If you want to learn the secrets to budget travel and become a master of flying for free with American Airlines and its AAdvantage program, then this is the book for you.

Your dream adventure doesn’t have to wait a minute longer. Learn how your next trip is just…points away!

List Of Chapters:


Chapter 1: American’s Early Days

Chapter 2: American’s Gateway To The Globe: Oneworld

Chapter 3: Earning Miles With American Airlines

Chapter 4: Valuing American AAdvantage Miles

Chapter 5: Using Miles For Award Flights With American Airlines

Chapter 6: Best Values On American’s AAdvantage Award Chart (And When To Be Wary)

Chapter 7: Earning Elite Status With American Airlines

Chapter 8: The Privileges Of Elite Status With American Airlines

Chapter 9: Scoring Upgrades With American Airlines

Chapter 10: Enjoying Airport Lounges Worldwide

Final Thoughts

But Wait, There’s More!

Palm Springs Unanchor Travel Guide – Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea: A 3-Day Itinerary

by Clare Auchterlonie

Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea: A 3-Day Itinerary

Palm Springs is Los Angeles favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. There’s plenty to see in the desert, from weird art to strange museums, to a Zen-like experience, 400 species of birds, fine art, and having dinner where the Rat Pack used to hang out – the desert has something for everyone.

This trip provides the complete desert experience – how to get there, where to stay, great places to eat, and what to see. If you buy this itinerary, you will have fun, save money, and see a wide range of what the desert has to offer – not just the popular places of the desert, but plenty lesser known suggestions as well.

Days of this tour can be swapped around according to your needs:

Day 1 – Palms Springs – enjoy some relaxing in Hollywood’s favorite get away spot.

Day 2 – Salton Sea Adventure – Amazing folk art, California’s largest lake, wildlife, thousands of bananas, and much more!

Day 3 – Joshua Tree – Get your cowboy on in the High Desert, take a sound bath, visit the crochet museum, and see the incredible Yucca trees.


- Lots of tips about visiting the desert.

- Where to stay whatever your budget.

- Suggestions on how to save money on your trip.

- The best lunch and dinner suggestions to suit your wallet.

- Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.

- Days of the tour can be easily swapped around for your convenience.

- Tons of activity suggestions if you want to extend your trip.

- All destinations are suitable for travellers of any age.

Top Ten Sights: Dresden

â??Top Ten Sights: Dresden’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Dresden has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Dresden’ is the only guide you need!

Oahu Unanchor Travel Guide – Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget

by Julie Cao

Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget

Oahu is more than Waikiki and the Ala Moana shopping center. Sure, you will have time to spend in these two places, but there are many other top-notch beaches and nature landscapes that await you to explore. Where can you find the best vantage point to surf and watch the surfing contest? Do you know the best place to watch the sunset? Do you know that there is a place where you can have a 360-degree view of the island?

Dining is the least of your concern on Oahu as it serves food from all over the world. But, where is the best place to have shrimp? Where can you find the best pancakes?

Locals may tell you the beautiful beaches on the island are in Kailua, but do you know that there is a secluded beach that is not far away from Kailua? Most tourists do not know of its existence, even if they have been in the proximity multiple times. The last day of this itinerary will take you to explore this most-isolated beach on the island. The sheer beauty of this beach will surely take your breath away.

Particularly designed for hardcore travelers and off-the-beaten path seekers, this itinerary includes but is not limited to:

- Detailed information on exploring historical sites and the state’s capitol building on your first day

- Lesser-known places and activities for adventure junkies

- Pictures, directions, and maps allow you to explore the island easily

- Suggestions for local food and night activities, as well as money-saving tips on transport

Some highlights of the itinerary: beach hopping, cliff jumping, surfing, hiking, kayaking, shark diving, and even jump out of an airplane.

My email is included at the end of the itinerary if you have any questions.

Now onto your first day in Oahu!

Moab Unanchor Travel Guide – An Active 2-3 Days In Moab, Utah

by Michael Kelly

An Active 2-3 Days In Moab, Utah

Moab has long been a haven for those who love the outdoors. In addition to being the easiest home base from which to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Moab is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

- There are a lot of things to see around the city of Moab. This guide is based on the experiences of the author, backed up by reviews and information from various travel sites, and is meant to help a newcomer to the area sort through the numerous options and decide what they need to see to fully experience this corner of Utah.

- This itinerary is for an active person who wants to see the one-of-a-kind sights around Moab, and doesn’t mind a bit of walking to get to the best view.

- It includes 3 days of the best places to go for a hike and take your camera, with options for shorter or longer visits.

- This itinerary should provide you with sufficient directions and other information to almost act as a standalone guide to the area. However, in some cases there are hyperlinks to other (free) websites, primarily for more detailed maps that you may find helpful while planning your trip.

- Experience Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and ride the world-famous Slickrock bike trail.

- Includes 25 miles of hiking, plus a 12-mile bike trail, spread over the 3 days.

What you’ll find in this itinerary:

- Site-by-site instructions for the various sections of Arches National Park.

- The best of what there is to see in Canyonlands National Park compressed into a single, awesome day.

- The best lodging option in town, and why to stay there.

- List of the best dining options, at various price points.

- Maps and driving directions, with links to the best-quality free trail maps online where appropriate.

Why use this itinerary:

- Saves you time by not having to do additional research on the area.

- Know what time of day to visit each area to get the best experience, and the best pictures.

- Canyonlands has so many options available, this guide helps you identify how to see the true highlights in just 1 day.

- With these instructions, a solo traveler will only need to spend $90 on activity and rental fees, a couple just $140, or a family of four just $200.

Itinerary Table of Contents

- How to Use This Guide

- Why Visit Moab?

- Getting There and Getting Around

- Lodging

- Restaurants

- Day-by-day Itinerary

- Making a Shorter or Longer Trip

- About the Author

100 Days At Sea: No Fiction Just The Truth


A guy just turned 21 and being sent off to sea on a world class cruise liner! 100 Days At Sea is a true story through the day to day diary kept from his journey. No fiction just the whole truth!

Como Unanchor Travel Guide – A Day on Lake Como, Italy

by Elisabetta Marchesi

A Day on Lake Como, Italy

With the shape of a large capsized ‘y’, Lake Como, fed by the river Adda, is considered one of the most picturesque pre-alpine lakes of Lombardy, in Northern Italy. Como, located on the western end of the lake, framed by the mountains, is a pretty town with an ancient history.

This itinerary “Como: A Day on the Lake” is organized in two parts to take advantage of the day as much as possible. In the morning, a short trip with the ferry boat on the line “Navigazione Laghi” will allow you to discover the first part of the western shore of the lake, punctuated with charming villages with little Romanesque churches and luxurious villas overlooking the lake. You can get off at two stops and have time to immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of the lake. We have chosen two very different villages, Moltrasio and Cernobbio, to help you discover both a place a bit off the beaten track and one of the most touristic resorts on the lake. In the afternoon, you can go back to Como and have a walk in the historical center of this ancient city, discovering its numerous monuments as well as some of its more typical products.

The programme of the day has been carefully planned so that you can see the most interesting attractions as if you were accompanied by a local guide and have time to enjoy the magnificent views of the lake. The walking is not too much and there are a lot of chances to take a break. You just need a little of curiosity and enthusiasm to discover some of the most beautiful and typical Italian landscapes.

Key West Unanchor Travel Guide – 2 Days Exploring Haunted Key West

by Lyra Radford

2 Days Exploring Haunted Key West

In 1521, when Ponce de Leon and his crew discovered Key West, they called it “Cayo Hueso”. Translation: “Bone Key”. The island was literally covered with bones before being cleared out and built on. Every structure standing in Key West today has been built on what once was a mass burial ground. Is it really any wonder why so many places are reportedly haunted?

Key West is home to locations rich with history of a dark variety but still beautiful to behold. This itinerary will take you to such places.

Here are just a few examples of the variety of sites you’ll see:

- Civil War era Forts

- Peaceful cemeteries:

- A charming lighthouse:

- A doll, said to be possessed

There are a variety of guided tours offered throughout Key West, only a few that will share all of the haunting tales the island is littered with. You can explore on your own or with an organized tour group, the choice is yours. This itinerary gives you the information needed to take either route. Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or a history buff, you’ll enjoy the information this guide has to offer.

Los Angeles Unanchor Travel Guide – Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)

by Clare Auchterlonie

Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)

Los Angeles is the second most traffic congested city in the US, and the prospect of driving in it is overwhelming for visitors. Using the City Sightseeing buses, this guide shows you how to see the very best and diversity of Los Angeles, without having to worry about driving or traffic! If you buy this tour, you will have fun, see a wide range of the city, and all destinations are suitable for travelers of any age.

This is a four-day tour of Los Angeles partly using Hop On Hop Off buses.

Days of this tour can be swapped around according to your needs, but please remember Hop On Hop Off multi-day passes are only valid over consecutive days.

Day 1 – Hooray for Hollywood – a walking tour of Hollywood’s historic sites – no need for the bus this day.

Day 2 – Explore the glamor of Beverly Hills, shop till you drop on Melrose, and eat till you are beat at the Farmer’s Market on the red bus route.

Day 3 – Delve into Downtown Los Angeles, one of the countries most up-and-coming metropolis’ with its world class restaurants, uber cool hotels, and trendy boutiques on the purple bus route.

Day 4 – Beach life! This is why we live here. Spend a day exploring some of LA’s beach cities. You can use the yellow/green bus route, or we show you how to save money and take public transport!

Please note this tour is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Starline and City Sightseeing Los Angeles. While every available opportunity is made to keep this tour up-to-date, details such as bus number stops may change, so be sure to pick up the latest tour map from Starline and City Sightseeing to accompany this tour.


- General tips about visiting Los Angeles from a local.

- Off the beaten path suggestions from a local.

- Suggestions on other ways to save money on your trip.

- Lunch and dinner suggestions for every budget.

- Ideas for those who want to explore LA nightlife further.

- Wide range of evening activity ideas for every budget.

- Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.

- Days of the tour can be easily swapped around for your convenience.

Margate Unanchor Travel Guide – One Day in Margate, UK on a Budget

by Zara Louise Gill

One Day in Margate, UK on a Budget

This Margate itinerary is designed for people who want a brilliant day out, whether it be with family or a solo day looking at educational sites.

Your day will include sun bathing and swimming at the beach (fair rides for the children), art and culture at the Turner Contemporary, history at the museum, retail shopping, exotic foods to eat, fun at the amusement park, and a very cheap hotel you can stay overnight in and have dinner at.

You will get a lot of sun and exercise, and the train station/car park is right next to the sites you’ll be visiting.

Northern California Unanchor Travel Guide – Beer Lovers 3-Day Guide To Northern California

by Michael Harrington

Beer Lovers 3-Day Guide To Northern California

Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is proof God exists and wants us to be happy.” He could have easily said the same thing about the breathtaking natural beauty of northern California.

In this itinerary, we combine these two extraordinary pleasures into one exquisite three-day adventure. Come with us as we use some of the finest breweries in the world as a guide to one of the most scenic parts of the United States, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the towering redwoods of Humboldt County.

This is the perfect trip for both bar flies and outdoorsmen, hikers and beverage aficionados alike. Come for the redwoods and stay for the beer? Or come for the beer and stay for the redwoods. To each their own…

Richmond Unanchor Travel Guide – RVA Haunts, History, and Hospitality: 3 Days in Richmond, Virginia

by Gemma King

RVA Haunts, History, and Hospitality: 3 Days in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond (or RVA) may be small, but it’s an exciting and historic city that spans the centuries.

The city is filled with American history, including Civil War battlegrounds, important African American sites, diverse architecture, and even St John’s Church, home of Patrick Henry’s infamous “give me liberty or give me death” speech.

Richmond is also home to world-class museums, including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the American Civil War Center, and the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, where you’ll find many of the gothic master’s original manuscripts.

But its rich history aside, Richmond is also a truly contemporary city, brimming with quirky bars, brilliant restaurants, artisanal breweries (of beer, cider, and coffee!), and marvelous vintage and local shopping.

This 3-day city guide blends practical travel tips with tidbits of local history, personalized walking tours, and insider suggestions, to help you make the most of your time in RVA.

Haunts, History and Hospitality

This itinerary will lead you step-by-step through the best Richmond has to offer, with each day centering on a different part of the city:

Day One: The Fan and Jackson Ward

From the leafy Fan district through world-famous Monument into the historic African American district, Jackson Ward.

Day Two: Downtown, Shockoe, and Church Hill

From cobblestoned downtown Richmond into the heart of the city’s oldest (and newest!) district, Church Hill.

Day Three: The Museum District and Carytown

From artistic heavyweight, the VMFA, through the quaint streets of the Museum District to the charming village of Carytown.

What does this itinerary include?

- A three-day step-by-step tour of the city – all the planning is done for you

- Detailed maps, directions, and parking information to guide you easily from spot to spot

- Insider tips for saving time and money, including plenty of free activities

- Beautiful photographs of key city sights

- Anecdotes and details about what makes each site unique and why it is worth visiting

- Personalized dining, shopping, and sightseeing suggestions you won’t find through a Google search

- Tips for day trips from Richmond, in case you have an extra day or two

- Contact and visitor information for all destinations

- Questions? Comments? Ramblings about the wonders of RVA?

An Aussie expat currently residing in Richmond, I’ve made it my personal quest to learn all there is to know about this fabulous little city.

If you are unsure about any details for your trip or have extra questions, you can contact me directly; my email address is provided in the itinerary. Let me do the research for you and be your personal guide to Richmond!

St Croix Unanchor Travel Guide – Two Amazing Days in St. Croix, USVI – Hello Cruisers!

by Renee Hundt

Two Amazing Days in St. Croix, USVI – Hello Cruisers!

Cruisers, young couples, and families alike will truly enjoy a visit to the amazing island of St. Croix, the largest of the Virgin Islands in the U.S. territory that is entirely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea! The island is just 28 miles by 7 miles and the territory’s capital, Charlotte Amalie, is actually located on another island, St. Thomas.

Visit the islands second largest city of Frederiksted, “Freedom City”, and travel the short distance to the islands largest city of Christiansted or vice versa! It is approximately a 30-minute car or taxi ride between the two cities. If you choose to rent a car, be aware, they do drive on the left side of the road and you will need to find parking, but if you take a taxi you get dropped off at the most central area of either city.

Both cities have much to offer, with a variety of historic sites, nature activities, water sports, horseback riding, scuba diving and snorkeling, and lets not forget the food and shopping!

This itinerary will focus on the two cities of Frederiksted and Christiansted, over a two-day period. If you are a cruiser, your port will be in Frederiksted and you can use one day of this itinerary to guide you through this sleepy town, or take the public bus and use the other half of this itinerary and spend the day in Christiansted before you head out for your next port!

Top Ten Sights: Hawaii

â??Top Ten Sights: Hawaii’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Hawaii has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Hawaii’ is the only guide you need!

Don’t do cocaine in Nicaragua: The insiders guide to local hole in the walls, great eats, travel destinations and exploring the best hostels Central America … to offer (Traveling Central America Book 1)

by Nicholas Voth

This is an insiders book for anyone wanting to explore Costa Rica and a little bit of Nicaragua. I cover secret local hot spots, great tourist locations, hostels, places to eat and other tips and tricks. I spend 90 days in Central America writing this book, so everything I write about, I have experienced first hand, and would like to share with you! There are many small hole in the wall places that I mention, that other writers have no idea about. Let me know what you think. NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

Journey Thru America – The Way Home

by Gary L Beer

This is the second volume of Gary’s incredible journey through America; continuing his adventures from Journey Thru America – My Quest For Peace.
The Way Home starts in California in the Giant Redwood forest at Big Sur – Gary prepares for the return journey east across this vast continent. Travelling alone the journey back is filled with excitement and adventure as Gary meets many fascinating and hilarious characters who also travel this huge country.

St. Petersburg Unanchor Travel Guide – Three Days in the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg, Florida

by Rachel Shapiro

Three Days in the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida is a city on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It’s known for its warm weather, proximity to the beach, and wide variety of museums. It’s often referred to as the “Sunshine City” because it averages 361 days of sunshine a year. That’s good news for all of those people who want to sunbathe. Visitors to St. Petersburg tend to divide their time between the beach and the bustling downtown area. By doing that, they’re able to see everything St. Petersburg has to offer.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions for vacationing in St. Petersburg. It will show you the highlights of Downtown St. Petersburg, and it will give you ideas for activities to do on the beach. If you’re a first-time visitor to this area of Florida, this guide is sure to help you plan your trip.

Some of the Sights You’ll See With This Itinerary:

- Dali Museum

- The cool and laid back shopping area of Downtown St. Petersburg

- Museum of Fine Arts

- St. Petersburg Museum of History

- The famous St. Pete Beach

- The shops of John’s Pass

- Sunken Gardens

- And more!

Why You Should Buy This Guide

- You’ll learn about all the highlights of St. Petersburg.

- You’ll get detailed instructions on how to get from place to place.

- You’ll be guaranteed to have a great trip!

If that all sounds good to you, then let’s get started!

Jewish Adventure in Modern China

by Ben-Tzion Spitz

Join Ben-Tzion and Tamara Spitz on a fun-filled journey to China. See the new and the old. The ultra-modern spires of Shanghai and the ancient palaces of the Ming Dynasty. Join them on a unique journey of discovery and celebration that will inspire you to follow in their footsteps and see the curious and the wonderful, the amusing and the unconventional in the paradox that is modern China.

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2 Sep

Free sports Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

$Win$ Place Show

by Lee Oakes

Hello greyhound race fans and handicappers. My name is Lee Oakes. I have been handicapping the greyhounds for well over thirty years. I once published off track tip sheets for three greyhound tracks for many years and developed my personal software management and handicapping software named after my former tip sheet.

It is my hope that everyone, from the newcomer to the more seasoned handicapper, will find something in this book that will improve their handicapping skills or challenge their present thought process to achieve one goal…..WINNING MORE OFTEN!

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2 Sep

Free science fiction Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

Evacuation Earth (Comet Clement series, #5)

by Kevin George

As the comet draws nearer, the ‘Inner Circle’ makes their final plans for Earth’s survivors. The secret can no longer be kept and when it’s announced, the world is threatened with chaos…

The seeds of discord are sown in several arks, which face serious threats before the comet arrives…

Colin’s future becomes clearer, if he can survive long enough to see it…

With Comet Clement just months from striking, who will survive Earth’s Evacuation?



Book 1 – The Inner Circle

Book 2 – Interception

Book 3 – The New Space Race

Book 4 – The Three Arks

Book 5 – Evacuation Earth

Book 6 – Final Days

Book 7 – Impact

Book 8 – Uninvited

Book 9 – Takeover

Book 10 – Mission: Survival

Book 11 – Relocation

Book 12 (final book) – A Second Chance



LIFE, INC. – If you could learn the exact moment of your death, would you? If you could see a deceased loved one for one last day – at the cost of one year of your life – would you? These are the answers Life, Inc. wants to know…


Book 1 – Drinking Life

Book 2 – Recruits

Book 3 – The Water Queens


Book 1 – The North Pole Challenge

Book 2 – The Rudolph Challenge

Book 3 – The Jack Frost Challenge

Book 4 – The Frostie Challenge

Book 5 – The South Pole Challenge


by Mark Phillips

A peaceful afternoon is shattered when a gunman takes over a college classroom. The students are terrified and the police lock down the campus. Captain Taylor wants to know the gunman’s demands. He doesn’t have any, but he does offer a wild tale to explain his actions. Is he insane, or is he telling the truth?

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2 Sep

Free science Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology AND The Human Touch

by Bertalan Mesko

A few short years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that exoskeletons could enable paralyzed people to walk again; that billions of people would rely on social media for information; and that the supercomputer Watson would be a key player in medical decision-making. Perhaps more than in any other field, technology has transformed medicine and healthcare in ways that a mere decade ago would have sounded like pure science fiction.

From his unique vantage as a trained physician, researcher, and medical futurist, Dr. Bertalan Mesko examines these developments and the many more down the pipeline. His aim is to assess how the hand of technology can continue to provide the dose of humanity that is crucial to effective healthcare. The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology and the Human Touch is his incisive, illuminating roundup of the technologies and trends that will shape the future of medicine.

Patients, medical professionals, and any healthcare stakeholder will find an eye opening, reassuring roadmap to tomorrow’s potential in this accessible and fact-based book. By preparing for the inevitable waves of change, you can make informed decisions about how technology will shape your own well-being.

Home Health Aide Training Manual And Handbook

by Jane John-Nwankwo RN MSN

This book was written out of an inner passion to provide a quality, but concise textbook for Home Health Aides as well as Caregivers. If the reader gains any new knowledge from this book or finds new strength to care for people who require care in their homes, then the purpose of this book would have been achieved.

- Jane John-Nwankwo RN, MSN.

The Psychology of Prepping: What Every Good Prepper Is Thinking

by Ruslan Korlov

What Will The Next SHTF Scenario Feel Like?

It’s very easy to view the process of prepping as an exercise in supply gathering, you get the list of kit, store some food and water and congratulations – You’ve prepared.

Or have you?

The reality of a disaster scenario is not bug out bags and fire flints that have never seen so much as a spark; the reality is that surviving economic collapse, the next pandemic or a natural disaster will be a dog fight fought mostly in your own head.

Long days, longer nights and dwindling supplies will be the mainstay of your days.

So exactly how can you prepare for that?

You can start by understanding the realities of what will happen, the fact that people will turn on you and friends will become enemies or the fact that you’ll have to deal with the reality of the world never being the same ever again.

So what can you do now?

There are predefined stages that we’ll all go through, including the stage we’re likely to be in now – the one where nothings happening.

You can learn about the mental challenges that you’ll face at each part of the fight for survival and what’s more, you’ll learn how others are thinking which is just as important. Second guessing the moves of others allows you to set up your plan to counter them before it’s even begun.

Prepping is often misconstrued as an activity of the paranoid or for those who choose to isolate themselves from society, but if recent years are any indication of the future, then unpredictable events are a real concern and any smart individual is going to be ready.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why Prep? Why there is a real need to prepare for the unexpected
  • What to do before it even starts
  • How to manage mass panic and hysteria
  • How to stay mentally vigilant through it all
  • How flourish while others perish
  • To bug in or bug out – that is the question?
  • How to prepare for a new world
  • The difference between surviving and thriving!
  • Download your copy today!

    Tags: Urban Prepping, prepper, STHF, urban survival, survivalist, disaster preparedness, prepping

Heart Attack and Congestive Heart Failure: 20 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

by Edward Wilson

Many people who carry a family history of heart disease and stroke worry about that serious risk. They can find helpful information in Heart Attack and Congestive Heart Failure: 20 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. This easy to understand guide walks the reader through in-depth research and the most current information about how to improve the condition of the heart.

The American Heart Association says that heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death in the United States, taking 380,000 individuals in 2010. Beyond that staggering statistic, the Heart Association says that over 83 million Americans currently have heart disease or have had a stroke.

This book outlines 20 healthy and simple lifestyle changes that can eradicate heart disease, and it also tells how to increase energy and reach health-related goals. Easy to implement, effective and side effect free, these healthy habits can help anyone improve their health for today and for many years to come.

Start reading this book today to prevent and to treat heart disease.

CNA Study Guide: Nurse Assistant Complete Test Prep

by Jane John-Nwankwo RN MSN

This is a study guide for CNA students preparing to pass the state test

EBOLA: How to Prepare for an Ebola Outbreak

by Jennifer Smith

One of the most virulent and deadly of all diseases affecting humans, Ebola Virus Disease, is caused by a microorganism first discovered in 1976. Since then, more than 20 Ebola outbreaks have occurred across the globe.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst one to date. Thus far, 3,069 individuals have been infected, and of those, there have been 1,552 fatalities. Health officials say that this staggering number is expected to rise significantly before the outbreak is over.

From EBOLA: How to Prepare for an Ebola Outbreak, you will learn about the current outbreak of this deadly virus and its symptoms, replication, history, treatment and how it is spread. This book discusses what you can do to protect yourself and your family should an outbreak occur near you.

Whether you are concerned about the Ebola outbreak or are planning to travel to Africa, this book will provide you with up-to-date information and insightful suggestions about this killer virus.

EKG Interpretation

by Julie Johnson RN MSN

This book is a quick run-down on ekg interpretation. It can be said to be an ‘EKG Interpretation made-simple’.

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2 Sep

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 02 Sep 14

Identity in Christ: Making it Real

by John Hunt

You can Place God’s View of You–Inside You.

Make Your Identity in Christ a Reality

Knowing who we are in Christ and internalizing this new identity can be transformationalâ??from insignificance to realizing you’re amazing, from feeling discarded to knowing you’re loved, from self-doubt to believing in yourself (through Christ).

There are many good books that explain the biblical basis for your identity in Christ. And frankly, there is no point in repeating what they have already doneâ??and done well. But one area in which these books come up short is on explaining how you can instill this new identity in you. This to-the-point material fills the void and tells you how.

Child of God, are you tired of being encumbered with self-doubt and false shame? It should not be that way. Turn around your self image, and see yourself as God sees youâ??with this concise Kindle book, Identity in Christ: Making it Real. This book gives you the answers, strategies, and methods to make your identity in Christ a reality.

It’s an extraordinary gift to no longer look at yourself harshly. It’s a wonderful gift to be free from the world’s perception of you. It’s a remarkable gift to be able to hush all the lies. God wants to give you this giftâ??every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Receive his gift! God wants you to feel good about yourself!

Doing Business with God An Everyday Guide to Prayer & Journaling

by Catrina Sparkman

The premise of this book is very simple. If you are breathing, if you have a pulse, if your heart’s desire is to experience more of God, then you are qualified to do business with Him. You don’t have to be a pastor or a priest to do this. You don’t have to be a man or a woman of the cloth. Trust me when I tell you that the God of heaven and earth is looking to commune with average, everyday citizens. It is the birthright of every person on the planet to connect with the Creator in prayer. This book teaches you how to pray effectively for your family, your community, your enemies, the church worldwide, your government, and the lost. Also discover how to: birth new concepts and big ideas into the world through prayer. Become a faithful prayer warrior in just under twenty minutes a day. Become a keeper of God’s words as you record God’s promises to you. Grow the faith of your posterity as they read the historical account of what you prayed and how God answered you.

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