Free fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Wolf Mountain Peak Complete Series

by Sarah J. Stone

Monica was done with hectic life in New York. Leaving to practice medicine at a tiny hospital in Shandaken would surely be the change she needed. Moving into her new house, fate knocked in the form of a tall, athletic man, bleeding to death and needing a doctor.

Raul was a rule breaker – constantly fighting with his pack and disobeying his alpha. With his life on the line after a battle, he crawled to the first house he saw. Socializing with humans was forbidden but he would never have guessed the girl who saved him to be the embodiment of beauty and kindness.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only. This box set contains 10 books.

The Devil Died at Midnight

by Cheryl Bradshaw

The devil is in the detail.

When true-crime writer Alexandria Weston is found murdered on the last stop of her book tour for The Devil Wakes, a story about the life and death of serial killer Elias Pratt, fellow writer Joss Jax steps in to investigate.

Joss’s search reveals disturbing details from Alexandria’s past, and a long list of enemies, each with a secret to hide. Just when Joss believes she’s solved the mystery, an unexpected twist rises to the surface, a twist so deadly it unearths Elias Pratt from the grave and changes the lives of those who knew him forever.

If you enjoy books by Dean Koontz and Robert Dugoni, you’ll enjoy reading Cheryl Bradshaw.

Readers are saying:

“The ending was a surprise.”

“Bradshaw is an author I can always rely on to entertain.”

“If you love a good story, this is a must.”

Regan O’Reilly, Private Investigator (Book One in the Regan O’Reilly Series)

by Margaret Lake

Print Length 50 pages

May, 1942 – Regan O’Reilly comes from a long line of police officers. She would have followed her father and brother into the Force but women officers are rare and usually relegated to the status of social workers.

Now she’s a private investigator with her own agency and the freedom to live her life the way she wants. That is until she meets widower Mark Harris and his delightful son, Patrick, who have plans of their own for Regan.

Book Two: Regan O’Reilly, PI, Goes Undercover

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Neuroplasticity and the Default Mind: How to Shape Your Plastic Brain by Forming New Connections to Automatically Get Positive Results, Success and Prosperity

by Sage Wilcox

Self-Help, Inspiration, Reference

Why Is Brain Plasticity So Important?

New research shows that you can reprogram your own brain and obtain goals you never thought possible! You have the ability to, literally, rewire your brain. Your brain is adaptable, and you can change it yourself, and anyone can do it! Psychologists say that approximately 95% of our lives are controlled by our subconscious mind. On average, we have about 65,000 thoughts a day. About 75 – 90% of those thoughts are coming to you from your default mind. On auto-pilot, so to speak, coming from learned behaviors, experiences, and even our circumstances and environment. You are constantly rewiring your brain, all the time, anyway. Why not be deliberate? Why not learn how to use this new research to your advantage? Come along! You’ll be glad you did!

With this book:

– You’ll learn how to use Neuroplasticity for yourself!
– You’ll begin to see the many rewards that come from rewiring and strengthening your neural pathways.
– You’ll discover why people are learning the simple process of neuroplasticity and how they are using it to treat depression, addiction, brain damage, and more.
– You’ll see that everything you need is already at your fingertips – all you have to do is follow the simple steps in this book, and then reap the many benefits!

Why is brain plasticity so important?

Because you have the ability to literally rewire your brain. The brain is designed to adapt. It is designed this way as a survival mechanism. Your brain wants you to be comfortable. It doesn’t want you to experience discomfort. This is why psychologists say that approximately 95% of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind. On average, we have about 65,000 thoughts a day. About 75 – 90% of those thoughts are coming to you from your default mind. They are on automatic pilot so to speak. This is great if you’ve strengthened your neuro pathways and trained your brain to think positively. We need to break away from our preprogrammed way of thinking. Our circumstances, our environment, and the people we spend most of our time with and their beliefs and habits (which they have learned) are shaping and molding our brains. Most of our beliefs are just learned from those we are closest too. You are who you hang out with. You can’t fly with the eagles if you are hanging out with the turkeys. You may have heard those sayings before. Even Proverbs 13:20 tells us those who walk with wise men will become wise, yet a companion of fools will suffer. Your life circumstances and what you believe are not your fault because you’ve been in default mode. You’ve been going through the motions day in and day out based on all that you have learned, observed, and experienced thus far. But, today is a new day! You no longer have to live in default mode.

Order now, and reap the benefits! You’ll be glad you did!

What has shaped your beliefs?

This is an important question to ask yourself. Why do you think and believe what you do?

However effective you want to be, however, successful you desire to become; or, however large your dreams are, it all boils down to the sequence of actions and reactions which you consciously and subconsciously control. Every action you initiate reverberates into the future to become the history of tomorrow. The actions that dictate your present are the direct result of your mindset.

This book undertakes to accomplish three tasks in bringing the world of neuroplasticity to the everyday reader and to his or her idea of improving it in a way they see fit. It shows the reader that each person has the ability to alter and adjust the shape and resistance of his or her own mind. This is powerful information because when you alter the shape of the mind, you are essentially changing your destiny.

Would you please consider leaving a review? Reviews help more than you know. Thank you!

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

A Family Shattered: Book Two in the Michal’s Destiny Series

by Roberta Kagan

“A Family Shattered” is book two in the “Michal’s Destiny” series

Taavi Margolis is arrested on Kristallnacht when he races out of his apartment to protect his daughter’s fiancée, Benny, who is being attacked and killed by a gang of Nazi thugs as they pillage and destroy the streets of a little Jewish neighborhood in Berlin. Taavi’s wife, Michal and their two daughters stare in horror through the window as Benny is savagely murdered. Then, they watch helplessly as the gang turns their attention to Taavi. They beat him with clubs until he is on his knees and bleeding on the pavement. When the police arrive, instead of arresting the perpetrators, they force Taavi into the back of a black automobile and take him away. Michal, pulls her daughters close to her. No one speaks but all three of them have the same unspoken questions. Will they ever see their beloved husband and Papa again? They realize, after tonight, the Anti-Semitism that is growing like a cancer all around them can no longer be ignored. Their future is uncertain. What will become of this family, what will become of the Jews? This is the story of the struggle of one Jewish family, to survive against the unfathomable threat of the Third Reich.

The Far Journey: A Timeslip Novel of Survival on the Oregon Trail

by Tom Reppert

Young, sharp-tongued Paula Masters, used to her cell phones, cherry lattes and designer jeans, suddenly finds herself thrust back in time to 1848 and the Oregon Trail. In modern life, she rebels against the curfews and restrictions of her day, seeing them as unfair hardships. But now in this alien world with its buffalo stampedes, wild Indians, and deadly pestilence, she is about to find out what real hardships are. To get home, she must set aside her Rude Girl persona and learn how to survive.

On the trek, Paula meets young Daniel Langdon, hunter and part-time scout, and an infatuation quickly becomes a great passion. She realizes this is the love of her life and to get home she will have to leave him behind.

In the tradition of Outlander, The Far Journey is a grand epic of love and tragedy, loyalty and betrayal, peril and survival. Throughout, Paula Masters is tested in body and soul and must discover the strength and toughness inside her.

“It has all the elements that make a good book hard to put down.” Foster Cline, M. D., author of Parenting with Love and Logic.

“What a grand, mind-bending tale Tom Reppert has spun!” Jim Payne, author of One Inch above the Water.

“An Intriguing story that captures you from the first page.” Sara Vinduska, author of Reflections.

A Relative Invasion: The Prequel

by Rosalind Minett

What happened before 1937 and the relative invasion? Readers have asked about the family before the boys were born. Did the adults’ previous lives predetermine the dramatic events that finally explode in Book Three? Judge for yourself as the older generation give some account of their pre-war life.
A Relative Invasion (“This well-executed emotional drama” (Historical Novel Society)) explores the fateful relationship between Billy and his talented but devious cousin, Kenneth, and how this mirrors the tensions and explosive situation in forties Europe.

The background story to the fateful rivalry between cousins Billy and Kenneth. That rivalry

From Ice Wagon to Clubhouse: The Life of Jude Mooney

by Viola Russell

At fifteen years old, Jude Mooney is driving an ice wagon to help his struggling Irish immigrant family. An obedient son and devoted brother, he willingly works in the sweltering New Orleans heat along with his friend, Pete Saluto, to help his pious and respectable parents. When his older brother’s suicide leaves the family nearly destitute and shame-ridden, Jude seeks employment in the infamous Storyville of old New Orleans, becoming the confidante of the many characters who populated Emma Johnson’s establishment.

When his parents learn of his activities, Jude leaves the family nest, becoming even more embroiled in the seedy lifestyle until a disastrous encounter forces him to leave town and join his relatives in Ireland. It is in his ancestral birthplace that he meets the fiery Maeve and joins the fight for Irish independence and then, paradoxically, the British army when his love turns sour. Upon his return from the front, he seeks Maeve, who has had his twin sons.

Together, they return to New Orleans. A series of losses then force Jude into an uneasy alliance with the powerful mob family, the Matrangas. He rises in the ranks of the Matranga “family,” becoming a valuable cog in the wheel of their bootlegging and horse-racing empire. However, any links to the mob brings risks. How much more will Jude lose as the Feds pursue the men who supply the country with the illicit nectar?

Stone Heart

by Peter J Merrigan


For two boys in ancient Ireland, their lives are about to change forever.

Following the raiding skirmishes of an invading nation, Ireland forms its first ever standing army. Made up of the boys of its uniting tribes, they train not just to fight, but to win.

Young Áed finds himself far from his family, training and working in a hillfort that overlooks the North. With his best friend, Rónán, they grow and learn together:

What it means to fight, and what it means to love.

But as they grow into the legends they are duty-bound to become, not even the druids will have the power to stop the course of destiny.

A Celtic novel of war, love and survival in a time of Ireland’s fiercest warriors.

In der Nacht weint meine Stadt: Eine Novelle zum Roman Was wir zu hoffen wagten (German Edition)

by Michaela Saalfeld

Ein Krieg. Zwei Schicksale. Eine tragische Liebesgeschichte.

Godelieve hat ihr ganzes Leben in der flandrischen Stadt Ypern verbracht. Im Schatten der berühmten Tuchhallen wächst sie auf, heiratet und gründet eine Familie. Doch plötzlich bricht der Erste Weltkrieg aus, und das kleine Ypern liegt direkt an der Front. Godelieves Familie flieht, sie selbst jedoch bringt es nicht übers Herz, ihre kranke Mutter zurückzulassen. Ohne Unterstützung und ohne Geld bleibt ihr kein anderer Ausweg, als sich als Hure in einem Bordell zu verdingen.

Dort trifft sie auf Scott, einen jungen britischen Captain. Von den Schrecken des Krieges gezeichnet, sucht er Trost in den Armen Godelieves. Keiner von ihnen hat eine Liebesgeschichte im Sinn – und dennoch entwickeln sie Gefühle füreinander. Entgegen aller Vernunft hoffen die beiden auf eine glücklichere Zukunft. Aber um sie herum tobt weiter unerbittlich der Krieg …

Die Novelle zum Roman “Was wir zu hoffen wagten” von Michaela Saalfeld jetzt als eBook von beHEARTBEAT – Herzklopfen garantiert.

Die Novelle enthält eine Leseprobe aus dem Roman “Was wir zu hoffen wagten” .

I Ging: klassisches chinesisches philosophisches Orakel â?? Das Buch der Wandlungen (German Edition)

by unbekannter chinesischer Autor

Das I Ging ist ein altes, durch klassische chinesische Philosophie geprägtes Orakel, das bei der Beantwortung von ungelösten Fragen hilft. Früher wurden dazu Stengel der Schafgarbe geworfen, was für uns heute, schon wegen des Mangels an Schafgarbe in deutschen Städten, nur schwer durchzuführen ist. Ebensogut kann man seine Fragen an das Orakel mit sechs Würfen von drei gleichen Kupfermünzen stellen. Der Wert jedes Wurfs wird notiert, aus diesen Zahlen ergibt sich das Hexagramm für die Antwort des Orakels. Ein Hexagramm mit Wandlungssymbolen gibt zwei Antworten.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Beach House (Bondi Beach Love Book 1)

by Annie Seaton

From award winning author Annie Seaton, this romance will make you smile.

Rosie Pemberton has her life mapped out, and her tarot cards agree. The cards take a turn, though, when her aunt leaves the old house on the hill above Australia’s Bondi Beach to champion surfer Taj Brown. Three months sharing a house with a pinup would test any woman’s self-controlâ?¦

THE ANGEL OF ZIN — A Holocaust Mystery

by Clifford Irving

Can a serial killer wreak havoc in a Nazi death camp?

At Zin, in Poland, the strangled body of an informer is discovered by the mistress of the camp commandant. Then an SS lieutenant is found, his throat cut ear to ear.

When the Berlin Criminal Police is ordered to solve these crimes, the task is given to Paul Bach, Chief Homicide Inspector, a widowed combat veteran. As Bach closes in on his target, this daring novel offers an answer to the question: “If I had been German, and realized what was happening, what would I have done?”

“Absolutely compelling. A totally engrossing thriller.”– Thomas Keneally, author of “Schindler’s List”.

“Masterfully done. A powerful novel.”– Publishers Weekly.


by Michael Hall

Who am I? Why am I here? What should I do with my life?
Riddles of the meaning of Life, wrestling with questions of identity and destiny.
Risen is a journey of exploration, within and without, seeking and finding, rising and falling, failing and succeeding at seizing possibilities and opportunities to be and to do, to behold and become: Who I was created to be.

Ð?Ñ?иклÑ?Ñ?ения, поÑ?еÑ?пнÑ?Ñ?Ñ?е из моÑ?я жиÑ?ейского. Саломея (Russian Edition)

by АлександÑ? Ð?елÑ?Ñ?ман

«Саломея» â?? знамениÑ?Ñ?й бесÑ?селлеÑ?, веÑ?Ñ?ина Ñ?воÑ?Ñ?есÑ?ва А. Ф. Ð?елÑ?Ñ?мана, Ñ?аланÑ?ливого и самобÑ?Ñ?ного писаÑ?еля, совÑ?еменника и дÑ?Ñ?га А. С. Ð?Ñ?Ñ?кина. Ð? Ñ?енÑ?Ñ?е повесÑ?вования сÑ?дÑ?ба кÑ?асавиÑ?Ñ? Саломеи, коÑ?оÑ?ая, Ñ?знав, Ñ?Ñ?о Ñ?одиÑ?ели пÑ?оÑ?аÑ? ей в жениÑ?и богаÑ?ого сÑ?аÑ?ика, Ñ?еÑ?аеÑ? сама найÑ?и себе мÑ?жа. «Ð?оÑ?е жиÑ?ейское» â?? эÑ?о в пÑ?едсÑ?авлении Ñ?Ñ?дожника окÑ?Ñ?жаÑ?Ñ?ая его дейсÑ?виÑ?елÑ?носÑ?Ñ?, в коÑ?оÑ?ой собиÑ?аÑ?Ñ?ся, как бесÑ?исленнÑ?е Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?ейки и поÑ?оки, беÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ие свое наÑ?ало в Ñ?азнÑ?Ñ? соÑ?иалÑ?нÑ?Ñ? слояÑ? обÑ?есÑ?ва, â?? Ñ?еловеÑ?еские сÑ?дÑ?бÑ?. Ð?днако геÑ?ой ее Ñ?омана видиÑ? в ней лиÑ?Ñ? эгоисÑ?иÑ?нÑ?Ñ? кÑ?асавиÑ?Ñ?, Ñ?азÑ?Ñ?Ñ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? Ñ?Ñ?жие сÑ?дÑ?бÑ? Ñ?ади своей пÑ?иÑ?оÑ?и. Ð?Ñ?омоÑ?ав все денÑ?ги, полÑ?Ñ?еннÑ?е оÑ? геÑ?оини, он бÑ?осаеÑ? ее, пÑ?скаясÑ? в аванÑ?Ñ?Ñ?нÑ?е пÑ?иклÑ?Ñ?ения в поискаÑ? богаÑ?сÑ?ва. Но, несмоÑ?Ñ?я на полнÑ?Ñ? инÑ?Ñ?иг жизнÑ?, геÑ?ой никак не можеÑ? забÑ?Ñ?Ñ? покинÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? им женÑ?инÑ?. Ð?н посÑ?оянно дÑ?маеÑ? о ней, пÑ?еследÑ?еÑ? ее, напоминаеÑ? о себеâ?¦

Ð?еÑ?Ñ?веÑ?Ñ? моÑ?я (Russian Edition)

by Ð?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? Ð?еÑ?Ñ?овиÑ? Ð?недиÑ?

Рассказ Ð?еÑ?Ñ?а Ð?еÑ?Ñ?овиÑ?а Ð?недиÑ?а (1855â??1925), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованнÑ?й в 1887 годÑ?.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Andrew Chipman’s Christmas Angel

by Richard W Linford

Andrew Chipman’s Christmas Angel. A novella. An ebook. Angels and life after death.

The Secret

by Mary Lingerfelt

An Amish boy and an English girl struggle to preserve a fragile and forbidden love. Can their love survive when all the odds are against them, and when everyone else in their world is urging them to part?

More Than Friends: A sweet and clean Scottish Christian romance (The Macleans Book 2)

by Autumn Macarthur

One summer day could change both their lives…

Catriona Maclean is determined to give the special needs children in her Edinburgh church a seaside day out. She’s a nurse, her older brother is disabled, and she knows just how tough that can be for a family. But when a last minute hitch means she must call on the man she’s been secretly in love with since her teens for help, only her promise to God will carry her through.

Alistair Murray has seen Catriona almost every day for the last twenty years. She’s a work colleague, his best friend’s little sister, one of the guys. They even went to Sunday School together. The last thing he wants is to spend his day off working on her project, but for Cat, he’ll do it.

Will a summer’s day at the beach, together with a dog and a busload of very special kids, be the miracle they need to show them they can be more than friends?

Uses British English.
Part of The Macleans series of sweet and clean Christian inspirational romances. Each is a complete story following a different couple, so there is no need to read them in order.
34,000 words, 150 paperback pages

Faith, hope, and heartwarming – inspirational romance to make you smile!

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Free travel Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Downtown Portland (Sentinel Hotel)

by Janelle Lassalle

Downtown Portland is the place to be. Enjoy this spotlight with a curated Microguide to the Downtown district. We’ve got recommendations for places to eat, see, shop, and drink!

52 Sleeps


52 Sleeps is an e-book from showcasing an amazing hotel stay for every week of the year.

We’ve handpicked a collection of the UK’s most inspired and original hotels and tied them in with local events, quirky festivals and seasonal happenings, to give you a year’s worth of short breaks that are a little less ordinary.

From castles, spas and cosy inns to country manors, boutique B&Bs and even a boat hotel – discover 52 fabulous hotel stays spread all across the UK.

Whether it’s a stunning view, beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food or an award-winning spa, these properties are all special in their own way. And we hope you’ll use 52 Sleeps to find some great inspiration for your short breaks throughout 2014.


by John Reinhard Dizon

Based on the life of West Texas pioneer J.D. “Big John” Sanders, Generations is a celebration of Irish heritage, a story of indomitable spirit and unfailing vision, and of relentless pursuit of the American dream.

After a whirlwind romance with the formidable Nora Brooks, Big John forges a cattle town in the rugged West Texas frontier during World War I. Thirty years later, Marion Kidd Sanders journeys to New York in pursuit of fame and fortune â?? and brings the family name to new heights.

A historical family saga that spans nearly a millennia, Generations takes you deep into the lives of one family: from their beginnings in medieval Ireland, through to Boston, Texas and modern-day New York.

English – Telugu Conversation Guide (Conversation Guides Book 1)

by Aarthi Janyavula

A practical handbook for Telugu learners.
This book guides you to make Telugu conversations in the easiest way. Starting with essential words and sentence construction techniques, it continues with everyday life situations where they can be applied.
It contains plenty of tips and facts about the different ways of saying something (casual, formal, etc.) that can be used in different situations such as travelling, shopping, eating, emergency, etc.
Grammar explanations are kept as minimal as possible in order to focus on making basic conversations.
Start reading and speak like a local in no time!

SOUTH AMERICA: SPANISH TRAVEL PHRASES for ENGLISH SPEAKERS: The most useful phrases to get around when travelling in South America

by Sarah Retter

Do you want to travel with ease and elegance through South america?

This is the solution for your communication problems to get what you need whenever you need it. No hassles!

You can access the phrase you need by using a clickable table of contents that will lead you to the topic you are looking for:

Bank, Bar, Boutique, Bus travel, Business meetings, Café, Car accidents, Car rental, Car travel, Children, Cinema, Communication, Consulate, Customs, Directions, Discomfort, Embassy, Gas station, Hairdresser, Health, Hotel, Luggage, Metro travel, Money, Passport, Personal accidents, Personal information, Phone, Plane and airport, Professions, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi, Theatre, Time and date, Train travel, Visa, Weather

Or you can find the phrase you need by searching the keyword in the “search and find” tab of your mobile device.

When you find it you can show the phrase in you mobile device to the person and solve the problem right away!

Download you copy today and travel safe and confident!

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Free sports Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Muskelaufbau für Hardgainer: Strategischer Masseaufbau bei schlanker Genetik – Krafttraining, Hormone, Ernährung und Supplements (German Edition)

by Mario Fried

Goodbye Mr. Skinny!

Wenn du trainierst wie’n Bekloppter und isst bis zu platzt – und am Ende all die Mühe deine Muskeln nicht kratzt

Aktionspreis zum Verkaufsstart: Jetzt erhältlich für nur 0,99� statt 4,99�!

Dank den neuen Sozialen Medien haben sich Fitness, Kraftsport und Bodybuilding zu einem anhaltenden Boom entwickelt: Egal wo wir hinschauen – alle paar Meter begegnen wir Männern und Frauen mit athletischen und muskulösen Körpern. Umso frustrierender kann es sich für all diejenigen von uns anfühlen, bei denen die Muskeln (trotz harten Trainings, Ehrgeiz und einer achtsamen Ernährung) aus scheinbar unerklärlichen Gründen nicht wachsen wollen.


  • Optimierung des Hormonhaushalts (Testosteron, DHT, Cortisol und co.)
  • Maximale Muskelfaserrekrutierung durch intelligente Trainingsgestaltung
  • Für Hardgainer optimierte Ernährung und Tricks zur Ã?berlistung des Sättigungsgefühls
  • Lösungen für die typische Problemzonen von Hardgainern (Armumfang, Brust und seitlich Schultermuskulatur)
  • 5 Supplemente die dir wirklich helfen (100% humanwissenschaftlich fundiert)
  • Für Hardgainer optimierte Trainingspläne und Einkaufslisten (inkl. Weight-Gainer-Rezepte)
  • und vieles (vieles!) mehr

â??Iss mehr” ist nicht alles - Erfahre…

  • Was einen â??Hardgainer” zum Hardgainer macht und welche Rolle die Genetik beim Thema Muskelaufbau spielt.
  • Welche die Top 5 Gründe dafür sind, warum â??von Natur aus dünne Männer” an standardisierten Trainings- und Ernährungsplänen scheitern.
  • Wie du es schaffst, diese fünf Faktoren für dich so zu optimieren, dass du in 3 bis 6 Monaten Ergebnisse erzielen kannst, von denen selbst genetisch privilegierte Sportler oftmals nur träumen können.

Sichere dir jetzt dein Exemplar in der Kindle-Ebook-Variante oder als Handbuch und überliste deine genetischen Hürden. Maximiere deinen Muskelaufbau für deutlich sichtbare Ergebnisse und brich auf ein neues kraftvolles Leben!



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Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

The Cleansing Last Stand


The final book in the trilogy, the world is nothing but a mess and a shadow of it’s previous self, the masks are ever looming with their piercing red eyes still breaking through the back of Steve’s skull whenever and whatever he does.

The earth is in shatters and the environment and landscape is nothing but a ruin and a playground for mutated beasts and crazed humans, several groups have broken free of the reigns of the masks and now there is nothing left to do but decide who will be the one to continue on humanities legacy.

Watch Steve as he falls through the rings of desperation and self torture as he tries to come out above it all after suffering great loss, feel him as his demons chase him through each corner and turn he takes on this winding and ever shortening road.

Where will you be when The Cleanse ends?

Unleashed: The Guardian Chronicles: Gabriel 3

by J.T. Whitman

The battle for the Oracle continues. But someone from Hell has decided to awaken an ancient power. It’s Heaven vs. Hell vs. Gabriel. Will Gabriel be able to protect Corinne or has Hell finally trumped her.

Assassin 13: A Time-Travel Thriller set in a Dystopian Future and 1927 Prohibition Hollywood

by Tom Reppert

In the dystopian 22nd century, Lauren Ramirez is an Assassin 13, the best at her profession. Betrayed by her employer, the President of the United States, on an off-planet op, she escapes when her spacecraft hurtles through time and crash lands in 1927 prohibition Hollywood with its silent film stars and bootlegging gangsters.

She finds herself an alien in an alien land.

Becoming friends with Pauline Windsor, one of Hollywood’s top actresses and girlfriend of mafia chieftain Benny Sorrentino, thrusts Lauren into the middle of a gangland war. Even as she clings to her burning need for vengeance in the 22nd century, her relationship with the people she meets, stunt pilot boyfriend Remy Garnett, Pauline, and Pauline’s young children Rolly and Emmy, all begin to change the hard surface of her heart.

Now she must decide whether to use her 22nd century talents and technology in their defense or abandon them to the vicious thugs and slip back into her own time to wreck vengeance on her enemies.

“A striking taleâ?¦”
â??Kirkus Review

â??the Reader

“Page-turning excitement!”
â??Foster Cline, author of Parenting with Love and Logic

“I couldn’t put it down. Great read!”
â??Captain Bill Collier, author of Cia Super Pilot Spills the Beans: Flying Helicopters in Laos for Air America

“A delightful, mind-stretching adventure into the rough and tumble early days of Hollywood.”
â??Jim Payne, author of Worlds to Discover; Kayak Adventures One Inch above the Water

“Assassin 13 is a riveting novel that melds science fiction with accurate historical fiction. Lauren Ramirez is a complicated woman with deadly skills and a very humane AI intelligence in her head. She is stuck in the 1920’s Hollywood and I loved reading the history through the lens of the future.
â??Mary Haley, author of The Great Potato Murder (Ghost Writer Book 1)

“â?¦a strong protagonist who’s resilient in any time period.”
â??Kirkus Reviews

â?«Ù?Ù?Ø·Ù?Ù?Ù?ا: اÙ?عاÙ?Ù? اÙ?Ù?دÙ?Ù? â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by Yasser Bahjatt

رÙ?اÙ?Ø© تارÙ?Ø® بدÙ?Ù? تتحدث عÙ? دÙ?Ù?Ø© Ù?Ù?Ø·Ù?Ù?Ù?ا اÙ?تÙ? Ø¥Ù?تÙ?Ù? Ø¥Ù?Ù?Ù?ا اÙ?Ø£Ù?دÙ?سÙ?Ù? سرا بعد سÙ?Ù?Ø· غرÙ?اطة

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Free science Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Keto Fat Bombs: Snacks & Treats for Ketogenic, Paleo, & other Low Carb Diets (Keto Diet Coach Book 5)

by Sydney Foster

Keto Fat Bombs: Snacks & Treats for Ketogenic, Paleo, & other Low Carb Diets.

  • Are you trying to stick to a low carb diet?

  • Do you find yourself distracted by hunger pains?

  • Are you looking for a way to keep full and reach your weight loss goals?

  • Then Keto Fat Bombs: Snacks & Treats for Ketogenic, Paleo, & other Low Carb Diets by Sydney Foster can help!

Fat bombs are an easy way for you to stay full during the day and still get the energy you need. If you’re on a low carb diet, you already know that carbs aren’t the best source of energy. You can turn your body into a fat burning machine and stay full, and fat bombs are the way to reach these goals! You’ll find sweet fat bombs, savory fat bombs, liquid fat bombs, and chocolate fat bombs in: Keto Fat Bombs: Snacks & Treats for Ketogenic, Paleo, & other Low Carb Diets by Sydney Foster. There’s a fat bomb for everyone, and some take less than ten minutes to make! It is possible to lose weight and keep hunger away.

Chocolate Macadamia Bites

Serves: 6

Time: 10

Calories: 267

Protein: 3 Grams

Fat: 28 Grams

Net Carbs: 3 Grams


¼ Cup Heavy Cream

2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder Unsweetened

2 Tablespoons Swerve

4 Ounces Macadamia Nuts, Chopped

2 Ounces Cocoa Butter


Start by taking a small saucepan in a bath of water, and melt your cocoa butter. Place your cocoa powder into the saucepan.

Add in your swerve, and mix until all of your ingredients are blended.

Add in your macadamia nuts, blending again.

Add in your cream, mixing well and then bringing it back up to a simmer.

Pour it into molds, and allow them to cool in the fridge at for at least a half hour to harden it.



by Harald B. Teicher


Aimed at students, professionals, business analyists & investors and others wishing to understand basic aspects of Crop Protection Development, this book is an easily accessible introduction to essential principles of Pesticide and Biopesticide Mode Of Action and Formulation. 

Particular attention is given to pesticide and biopesticide formulation, delivery and application practices, and to understanding the impact of plant defence induction kinetics on application timing and placement.

In addition, an overview of biopesticide evaluation and registration is presented, with a primary focus on the regulation of biopesticides in the US and EU.



1. Herbicide Mode of Action

2. Insecticide Mode of Action

3. Fungicide Mode of Action

4. Pesticide Formulation


5. Bioherbicide Mode of Action

6. Bioinsecticide Mode of Action

7. Biofungicide mode of action

8. Biopesticide Formulation


9. A Biopesticide Timeline

11. Biopesticide Regulation

* * *

NOTE: By purchasing the print edition of this book on AMAZON, you are eligible for a free download of the eBook version, providing access to high-resolution, zoomable colour images.


by Richard W. Linford


Clean, pure, good tasting water is the most important life fluid on the planet. Without water we and the animals and birds and plants and other organisms die. Water is essential in manufacturing processes. Water is essential in waste management. Water is essential to our environment. Water is essential in This report explores World Water Solutions. It explores water purification. It explores Salt Water Desalination. It explores Atmospheric Water Generation.





AREA 51: A phone call one night with actual AREA 51 Personnel

by John Love

A phone call one night with actual AREA 51 Personnel

Interesting Conspiracy Theories and Mysteries

by Ken Alan

UFO’s, ghosts, shape shifting lizards, secret societies, assassinations – explore the world of mysteries and conspiracy theories in this book of Interesting Conspiracy Theories and Mysteries.

busaneko (Japanese Edition)

by eding corporation

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Reverse Diabetes Naturally (Health Insights Book 5)

by Gary Harvey

Surprise! Diabetes CAN be REVERSED, naturally. Discover how, in this free ebook.
– What’s the problem with sugar?
– So what about sugar substitutes?
– Scary diabetes stats.
– Can diabetes be reversed? YES
– Surprising things the government says about diabetes.
– What are some good/bad foods for diabetics?

Photographic Memory: 2 Books -Advanced Strategies and Techniques For Remembering More & Learning Faster and How to Train Your Brain to Think Faster & Concentrate … More (Accelerated Learning Series Book 3)

by Russell Davis

This 2 book bundle: Photographic Memory: “Advanced Strategies and Techniques For Remembering More & Learning Faster” and “How to Train Your Brain to Think Faster & Concentrate More” is written for individuals, who want to improve their memory skills and, consequently, train themselves to acquire a photographic memory or an eidetic memory.

So, you want to have a photographic memory. It’s possible and attainable with grit and diligence. If you believe you can, and you’re determined to work hard to achieve your goals, then you can. Nothing can stop you.

In this book, simple and proven methods will be presented. These methods were proven to be effective. The catch is – you have to practice them daily to be able to acquire a photographic memory. Furthermore, a lot of examples are given to allow you to understand the concepts better.

There are no short-cut methods. If you bought this book looking for miracles, you’d be disappointed. There are no miracle formulas. You don’t acquire a photographic memory by merely reading this book. You have to actually apply the methods every single waking day of your life to obtain a photographic memory. It’s like learning how to ride a bike. You don’t gain the skill from reading; you have to get on the bike and practice.

For sure, you will encounter various challenges. It won’t be easy. But, hey, nothing ever comes easy in life. Nevertheless, with hard work and persistence, you can do it – if you believe you can. Continue reading and change your life forever.

Thanks again for downloading this book. Have fun reading and learning!

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Free romance Kindle books for 20 Aug 18

Her Summer Cowboy (The Scott Brothers of Montana Book 2)

by Katherine Garbera

Many years ago Emma Wells turned her back on the music world and its accompanying heartache and bitter, tragic memories, but her famous grandfather’s farewell tour drives Emma from her quiet life back onto the stage and into the lime light. As she picks up her battered guitar once again, she begins to find her song writing voice. Is she beginning to heal or is her inspiration sparked by the heated gaze of the strong, sexy cowboy watching backstage?

The road is the only home Hudson Scott’s ever known since he stormed out of Marietta, Montana when he was 18 years old after a blow out fight with his father. Can the sweet summer nights at the country fairs and a burning attraction to a tempting songstress teach him how to stop running and how to build a life with a woman he just might be falling in love with?

The Scott Brothers Series

Book 1: A Cowboy for Christmas
Book 2: Her Summer Cowboy
Book 3: The Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride
Book 4: Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside

*Bonus story: Where There’s a Will by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy included inside!*

Kiss Me, Cowboy (Bar V5 Ranch Book 3)

by Melissa McClone

It was one small kiss.
After all, a kiss is just a kiss.
Or is it?

After a passionate and empathetic kiss, dude ranch wranglers, Charlotte “Charlie” Randall and Zack Harris, are out of sorts as they pretend nothing happened. With too many demons to battle, Zack can’t let Charlie get close. But it’s too late, because she’s fallen hat over spurs for the handsome military veteran turned cowboy. Taking a job in another state is the only way to protect her heart and finally move on.

But Zack can’t let her leave, so he concocts a plan to find Charlie a boyfriend–a perfect match–to keep her in Montana. Until he realizes the only cowboy he wants her with is him. But it might be too late. Has Charlie made up her mind to put the kiss in the past and forget the cowboy who rode off with her heart?

The Bar V5 Ranch series
Book 1: Home for Christmas
Book 2: Mistletoe Magic
Book 3: Kiss Me, Cowboy
Book 4: Mistletoe Wedding
Book 5: A Christmas Homecoming

Copper King: Werebear Romance (Takhini Shifters Book 1)

by Vivian Arend

From New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend, a new series in the Takhini Wolves/ Granite Lake Wolves world. These stand-alone stories are filled with humour and heart-felt adventures, and the sexy happily-ever-afters are sure to make you smile.

Three things make billionaire Jim Halcyon’s to-do list: women, workâ?¦and more women. It’s a perfect agenda for a rich shifter who has no problem letting his inner grizzly out to play. From the bright lights of Vegas, to the sophisticated action of New Yorkâ??he’s got the money and the power to do anything he wants.

Anything, except resist the lure of Lady Luck, an ancient copper coin he gambles yearly to possess. Jim is determined to regain control of the pretty penny, and damn if he’ll let any bit of eye candy distract him from his goal. Not even the mesmerizing woman in the middle of the casino floor with the shimmering hair and enormous green eyes.

With a life-changing move ahead of her, Lillie’s finagled a temporary layover en route to her future. She’s got five days to soak in new experiences, and while Vegas is too big and shiny and loud for her shy bear self, she’s eager to do this up right. It’s the last chance she’s got to let her hair down.

Until his challenge begins, Jim is more than willing to oblige Lillie’s wish for a final fling. Only Lady Luck has some twists of fate planned for them bothâ?¦


Includes a BONUS SCENE for the story titled FRIENDS AND LOVERS.

The Billionaire’s Love (Billionaires’ Brides Book 3)

by Alexia Praks

The Billionaire’s Love is a new adult contemporary romance featuring a compassionate alpha male hero and a sweet, gentle heroine with a dark past. They are flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable for readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women’s fiction with strong family value and character growth.

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Chandra Chandler, known affectionately as Chan, and her two sisters move to Australia to escape their tormented past and build a better life. When a fortune-teller reveals to Chan she will fall in love with a man who is as bright as the sun, she dismisses the very idea as nothing more than hocus pocus. Love, she knows, is beyond her reach. But when the drop-dead gorgeous Sam Harrington and his cute daughter waltz into her life, Chan’s world turns upside down.

Sam draws her to him like a moth to a flame with his good looks, charismatic personality, and kindness. Most of all, his warm gaze and gentle touches tempt her with the promise of hot seductionâ??a dangerous territory she is very afraid to enter, yet longs to experience. And what about the handsome Jeremy who is courting her? The man who, according to her fortune reading, is destined to be her soul mate? Is her attraction to Sam nothing more than a short, intense blaze? Or is it something more?

After the death of his wife in a freak accident, multibillionaire Sam Harrington is sick of women throwing themselves at his feet simply because they are attracted to his enormous bank account and good looks. When he accidentally bumps into a woman named Chan, he instantly knows she is different. He finds he is powerfully attracted to her, and to his surprise, overwhelmingly wants her. Then he realizes Chan is dating his cousin Jeremy, but he relentlessly courts her none the less, if only to get to know her better and be with her for a stolen moment. When he discovers this strong, beautiful woman is broken inside and in danger of losing herself, he vows to protect and love her unconditionally.

Chan must make the ultimate choice, Sam or Jeremy?

Breaking His Rules

by Sue Lyndon

Amanda has always ignored the attraction she feels for her strict boss, Mr. Mizenov. He’s a bit mysterious and holds everyone at a distance, and she doubts she has a shot in the dark with him anyway. He begins to treat her differently though after she forgets her e-reader at work one evening, and she suspects it’s because he’s spied the titles of the spicy books she enjoys – particularly the book she’d had open at the time, Spanked and Dominated by the Boss. Yikes. Talk about embarrassing. Even worse, she’s a virtual kink-virgin in real life, and when Mr. Mizenov threatens to spank her if she’s a mere minute late for work, she has to make a choice. To be on time…or to be naughty?

Note: “Breaking His Rules” is a short story that contains scenes of spanking, medical fetish (temperature taking, oh my!), and other erotic content.

The Wild Child (The Bride Trilogy Book 1)

by Mary Jo Putney

A mad heiress and a false fiancé…

The younger son of an earl, Dominic Renbourne is offered an irresistible bribe by his arrogant, identical twin brother, Kyle, who is heir to the earldom. All he must do is take Kyle’s place at Warfield Manor, where he is to politely court Lady Meriel Grahame, the orphaned and vastly wealthy heiress Kyle is pledged to marry. The deception need only take a few weeks and no one will be the wiser because the fey Lady Meriel lives in a world of her own. The last thing Dominic expects when he arrives is to be entranced by a silent sylph whose ethereal beauty is as stunning as her passionate love for Warfield’s flowers and fields and creatures.

Until now, Meriel has kept her distance from normal society, spending her days at one with nature and safe from the nightmare that nearly destroyed her as a child. She is content to live alone, until the handsome intruder begins to inspire dreams of the world beyond her sanctuary. He understands her as no one else ever has–and because she lives outside society’s rules, she sees no need to restrain her desire for the man who is surely her destined mate.

Though Dominic’s sense of duty helps him control his longing for his brother’s future bride, Meriel’s untamed spirit proves more powerful than he can resist. In her garden paradise, passion binds them body and soul despite the agonizing consequences.

Can Meriel forgive Dominic’s deceit once she learns he is not Kyle, and can Kyle forgive the betrayal of the brother who had once been closer than his own shadow? Then past and present collide in a dangerous cataclysm that may bring destruction–or lasting love and a hope for beginnings.

The Bride Trilogy
Book 1: The Wild Child
Book 2: The China Bride
Book 3: The Bartered Bride

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