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Cricut Projects Ideas: 40 Craft Vinyl Decorating Ideas To Color Blast Your Surroundings: (Cricut Vinyl, How to Master Your Cricut Machine, Cricut Machine, DIY, Cricut Tips, Cricut Books Book)

by Julianne Fitzgerald

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Cricut Projects Ideas: (FREE Bonus Included)

40 Craft Vinyl Decorating Ideas To Color Blast Your Surroundings

The beauty of the surrounding all around us makes us live and feel alive. It is because innovation along with creativity lies at the base of human creation so as long as these elements remain prominent in the surrounding one can feel the spark of life. It is the need for beauty and creativity which makes human mind thinks in a creative way. As a result, we can see a lot of variations in crafting materials which are being used in modern crafting techniques.

This book is a collection of some beautiful ideas extended for all the lovers of art and craft. These ideas have been chosen because these are the easiest to follow even for those how do not have any kind of experience in vinyl crafting. However, those who have already tried some projects with vinyl crafting can make up innovation in these projects to come up with even better ideas.

The significant part of this book pertain to following major discussions and ideas which will help the readers to make innovative and eye-catching art and craft pieces made with various forms of vinyl.

  • The introductory information to make the reader aware of the use and application of vinyl as a medium for crafting along with a discussion of its various forms.
  • A set of different innovative ideas making DIY vinyl crafts which are easy to handle and easy to follow, with detailed information about the procedure followed and supplies needed.
  • A list of multiple vinyl craft ideas to make the reader think about innovation to be put in the domain of vinyl crafting.

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El Mapa del �xito: Siete Pasos Para Llegar A Donde Siempre Has Soñado (Spanish Edition)

by Jessica Calderón

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué es lo que hace que algunas personas tengan más éxito que otras? Quizás hoy mismo te estés preguntando por qué tú no has podido alcanzar las metas y sueños que te habías propuesto.

Fuiste creado con el potencial de alcanzar más, mucho más de donde estás ahora. Tu espíritu te dice que tú puedes más. Y tu espíritu no está errado porque tu Creador puso este sentimiento en ti.

El propósito de este libro es ayudarte a recordar quien eres tú y lo que verdaderamente puedes lograr al conocerte mejor. Vamos a compartir contigo los SIETE PASOS PARA LLEGAR A DONDE SIEMPRE HAS SO�ADO.

Estos pasos funcionan sin importar tu edad, el lugar donde vives, tu nacionalidad, tu educación o tus ingresos. Si sigues estos pasos gradualmente tu vida irá mejorando. Irás logrando metas y alcanzando éxitos, y cuando menos lo esperes, ¡verás tus sueños hechos realidad!

Versatile DIY Projects Box Sets (6 in 1): Get the Best Projects for Your Garden, Upcycling, Sewing, Household and So Much More! (Upcycling & Crafting)

by Cheryl Palmer

Versatile DIY Projects Box Sets (6 in 1) Get the Best Projects for Your Garden, Upcycling, Sewing, Household and So Much More!

Get SIX books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • DIY Gardening Projects
  • Upcycling Cans and Bottles
  • Functional DIY Projects for Your Home
  • Sewing for Beginners
  • DIY Household Hacks
  • Chicken Coops

In DIY Gardening Projects, you’ll learn 35 Awesome Gardening Hacks to Better Your Garden

In Upcycling Cans and Bottles, you’ll learn 40 DIY Projects to Reuse Old Cans and Bottles for Crafts and Home Decorations!

With Functional DIY Projects for Your Home, you’ll get 13 Creative Do It Yourself Home Projects & 44 Hacks to Simplify Your Everyday Life

In Sewing for Beginners, you’ll learn 15 DIY Starter Projects for Newbies to Try

In DIY Household Hacks, you’ll learn Over 50 Cheap, Quick and Easy Home Decorating, Cleaning, Organizing Ideas and Projects Plus More!

With Chicken Coops, you’ll get Beginner’s Guide to Planning and Building Your First Chicken Coop to Become Self-Sufficient

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The Prepper’s Urban Survival Guide to Los Angeles: A Plan to Escape, Survive, and Protect Your Family From Any Disaster

by Yoni Binstock

We live in a chaotic world where disasters, manmade or natural, can strike at any time. Earthquakes, wildfires, blackouts, and acts of terrorism are all real threats and if you want to keep your family safe, you need to be prepared.

Unlike survivalist books or fringe websites that expect the imminent end of the world, this book doesn’t endorse getting a cabin in the country, going off the grid, building an arsenal of weapons, or any other unrealistic suggestion to prepare for a doomsday scenario.

Instead, The Prepper’s Urban Survival Guide to Los Angeles is a guidebook written specifically for Los Angeles on how to stay safe during a city-wide emergency with practical and common-sense advice. In the book, we’ll have a list for anyone living in Los Angeles of geographically relevant disasters, evacuation routes, and city-specific emergency plans, and other important information they need to know to either hunker down or evacuate the city.

Some things you’ll learn

  • Previous Los Angeles disasters
  • The emergency plans of the city
  • What to keep in your emergency supplies
  • How to put together a bug out bag
  • What route and mode of transport you should take during an evacuation
  • How to take care of pets during a disaster

As a bonus, there is an extended list resources to help you be fully prepared in any emergency.

“I like that the book had a lot of practical resources in it. I especially like the reference maps highlighting key areas. I’ll be keeping this one in my glove compartment.” – Luis Perez

“This book is full of great material. What I especially liked was unlike TV shows like Doomsday Preppers or other sites that recommend moving out to the boondocks and loading up on ammunition, this book was very practical with its suggestions. The author realizes that the vast majority of people don’t want to go full out “prepper”, but instead want a simple and gradual list of things to do to better prepare for a city-wide disaster. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should check out the book.” Wendy Selig

Buy the book today and be prepared for any disaster.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming: The 10 Most Powerful Tools to Re-Program Your Behavior and Maximize Your Potential (Mind Control, Influencing People, Self Mastery, Confidence, Success)

by Derren Myles

Learn the Most Powerful Techniques for Mastering Your Psychology and Understanding Human Behavior

Do you ever feel like you are not operating at your maximum potential? Do you ever wish that you had some life hack that would allow you to easily increase your productivity and make you more successful? Do you suspect that you may have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving more in life?

If you want to improve your success in life, whether that success is in your career, your relationships, your business, or finances, Neuro-linguistic programming can help you tap into your hidden potential and help you transform your life. Everything from breaking phobias to improving leadership skills can be achieved with these simple but effective strategies.

Get this Kindle e-book for the 10 most powerful tools you will need to re-program your mind and take control of your life.

Here Is What You’ll Learn How to do With NLP:

  • Develop confidence.
  • Remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential.
  • Improve your communication skills to gain an edge in business and relationships.
  • Change your subconscious negative behaviors into positive ones.
  • Learn how to influence yourself and others most effectively.
  • And so much more!

Take action with your life today, and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99! Regularly priced at $2.99.

Body Scrubs: The Most Popular Organic Body Scrubs Recipes That Will Make Your Skin Beautiful (body scrubs, homemade body scrubs, natural skin care)

by Carrie Dresden

We normally go to the closest beauty shop to buy body and skin treatments when in fact, we could always make one at home. There are a lot of benefits why you should consider making your own beauty products at home. One of them is the fact that you will know exactly what is going to be in the product you are going to apply on to your skin – we can make sure that they are 100% organic if ever we want to and we can assure that it is not going to harm our skin because we are aware of what our skin is sensitive of and what to avoid. In addition to this, the amount of money you can save when you avoid the expensive brands is truly significant.

In this book, you will learn 30 simple and effective body scrubs to make your skin a lot healthier, smoother, and softer than ever. The ingredients included in each recipe are popular and could be found just right inside your kitchen or your backyard,

Learn these recipes now – I can guarantee you’ll be happy with the results you will get in a matter of few weeks or less! These organic body scrubs not just beautify your skin; they also do deep cleansing by stimulating cell renewal and get rid of the dead cells from the surface of the skin. You will get a result that is spotlessly clean and fantastically smooth skin that you just can’t get enough of!

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

Love in G Minor: Almost a Fantasy

by Nawar Alsaadi

Love in G Minor: Almost a Fantasy is a symphony composed with words, a tale of love, life, serendipity, and self-discovery told through a chance encounter between an obsessive existentialist author and an aspiring actress. Love in G Minor is a riveting experience that will take you on an emotional roller coaster, pulling you from the depths of despair to the intoxicating high of an all-consuming love, and through all that is in between. The words of this moving story will stay with you forever and shed a new light on all that matters in your own life.

The Apology

by Plato

In what relation the Apology of Plato stands to the real defence of Socrates, there are no means of determining. It certainly agrees in tone and character with the description of Xenophon, who says in the Memorabilia that Socrates might have been acquitted â??if in any moderate degree he would have conciliated the favour of the dicasts;’ and who informs us in another passage, on the testimony of Hermogenes, the friend of Socrates, that he had no wish to live; and that the divine sign refused to allow him to prepare a defence, and also that Socrates himself declared this to be unnecessary, on the ground that all his life long he had been preparing against that hour. For the speech breathes throughout a spirit of defiance, (ut non supplex aut reus sed magister aut dominus videretur esse judicum’, Cic. de Orat.); and the loose and desultory style is an imitation of the â??accustomed manner’ in which Socrates spoke in â??the agora and among the tables of the money-changers.’ The allusion in the Crito may, perhaps, be adduced as a further evidence of the literal accuracy of some parts. But in the main it must be regarded as the ideal of Socrates, according to Plato’s conception of him, appearing in the greatest and most public scene of his life, and in the height of his triumph, when he is weakest, and yet his mastery over mankind is greatest, and his habitual irony acquires a new meaning and a sort of tragic pathos in the face of death. The facts of his life are summed up, and the features of his character are brought out as if by accident in the course of the defence. The conversational manner, the seeming want of arrangement, the ironical simplicity, are found to result in a perfect work of art, which is the portrait of Socrates…

Bizinesu Renkinzyutsu: Koufukuno tameno Barajujikaino Gihou Barajujikai Nihonhonbu AMORC Sohsyo (Japanese Edition)

by H-Spencer-Lewis

ã??ã?のé?»å­æ?¸ç±ã®è?±æ??å??æ?¸ã§ã?ã??ã??家庭とã??ã?¸ã?ã?¹ã«å½¹ç«?つã?ã?©åå­?ä¼?のå??ç?ã?ï¼?Rosicrucian Principles for Home and Businessï¼?ã?ç±³å?½ã§å?ºç??ã?ã??ã?のは1929年のã?とでã?ã?ã??ã?の年にä¸?ç??大恐æ??ã?èµ·ã?っã?ã?ã?ã?å?æ?¸ã¯èª­è??にとってそのå¾?の大不況ã??ä¹?ã??è¶?ã?ã??ã?ã?ã®ã?¿ã?¤ã? ã?ªã?¼ãªæ??é?ã¨ã?て役ç«?つã?とになã??まã?ã?ã??è??è??のHã?»ã?¹ã??ã?³ã?µã?¼ã?»ã?«ã?¤ã?¹ã?ã?のæ?¬ã§ç¤ºã?ã?ã??ã?·ã?ã?¹ç??の人ã?ちへのã?¢ã??ã?ã?¤ã?¹ã¯ã?ãã®å½?æ??ã??ä»?ã??å®?é??ç??でæ??ç??なã??のでã?ã??ç¶?ã?てã?まã?ã??


ã??ã??ã?¸ã?ã?¹ã®ç?¶æ³ã¯å½?æ??とä»?では大きくå¤?å??ã?まã?ã?ã??ã?とã?ばã?ä»?æ?¥ã§ã¯å¤?くのã??ã?¸ã?ã?¹ã?女æ?§ã?ªã?¼ã??ã?¼ã??女æ?§ç¤¾é?·ã«ã??ってå?¶ã¾ã??てã?まã?ã?ã?å?½å¢?ã??è¶?ã?ã?æ´»å??ã?ç??ã??にè¡?なã?ã??てã?まã?ã??ã?½ã?¼ã?·ã?£ã?«ã?ã??ã??ã?¯ã?¼ã?­ã?³ã?°ã?µã?¼ã??ã?¹ã§å¤?くのæ??å ±ã?é£?び交ã?ã??ã?になã??まã?ã?ã?ã?ã?¯ã?¬ã?¸ã??ã??ã?«ã?¼ã??はã??ちã?ã??のã?とã?é?»å­æ±ºæ¸?ã??珍ã?くなくなã??まã?ã?ã??


ã??ã?ã?ã?ã?ã??ã?¸ã?ã?¹ã??æ?å??ã?ã?ã??ã?ã?ã®æ ¹æ?¬ã¯å¤?ã?ã??ã?とã?なã?とè¨?ã?ã?とã?できまã?ã??とã?ã?のã??ã?ãã??は人é??とä¸?ç??のæ?¬è³ªã«ã¤ã?てのæ³?å??にå?ºã¥ã?てã?ã??ã?ã??でã?ã??ã?のæ?¬ã®ç« ã®ä¸?つä¸?つはã?äººã®å¿?の深奥とä¸?ç??にå?ã?てã?ã??æ§?ã??なæ³?å??ã??æ´»ç?¨ã?ã??ã?ã?ã®ã?å?·ä½?ç??でå®?ç?¨ç??なã?¬ã??ã?¹ã?³ã«ãªã£ã¦ã?まã?ã??

















ï¼?ï¼? ç²¾ç¥?ç??é?¬é??è¡?






















El abismo del yo. ¿Cómo sobrevivir al nihilismo más profundo? (Spanish Edition)

by J.M Rocha

Este es un libro fuera de todo genero literario, de naturaleza ensayística, escrito en primera persona. En el se combinan metafísica, religión, esoterismo, filosofía, ciencia y psicología. El denominador común es el individuo, el ente humano, y como se relaciona con el todo. Puede ser duro para aquellos cuya conexión es positiva, clara y definida. Pero se convierte en un atípico manual de supervivencia para aquellos que están perdidos, aquellos que no se han encontrado del todo, o para aquellos que necesitan una explicación y sentido a sus vidas que no ha conseguido ningún credo, pensamiento o esperanza…

OTRO TITULO DEL AUTOR: La cruel palabra de Dios.

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Free war Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

The Boy Behind the Barrel

by S. B. McKee

Set amidst a world of criminals, activists, and draft dodgers, The Boy Behind the Barrel follows the story of several characters navigating the streets of Chicago and beyond during the Vietnam War era. Inspired by the sacrifice of someone close, Elizabeth joins the anti-war movement, soon to discover she’s in way over her head. Meanwhile, James struggles with the decision to answer the call of duty to his country or to his family.

An action novel from new author, S. B. McKee, The Boy Behind the Barrel is sure to thrill from start to finish with twists and turns along the way.

Parental Advisory: This novel does contain strong language, mild alcohol and drug use, and violence.

Kamikaze (Japanese Edition)

by Ben Stevens

ã??ã?ã?å?½ã?æ??æ?¥ã¾ã§ã ã¨æ±ºã?ã??ã??てã?まっã?ã??ã?ã?なã?はä»?æ?¥ã??どのã??ã?にç??きまã?ã?ï¼?


ä¸?ä½?ã?å??はä½?のã?ã?ã«æ­»ã¬ã??だï¼?æ?¥æ?¬ã¯ã??ã?è² ã?てã?ã??のにã?ãªã?死ななくてはなã??なã?のã?ã??

主人å?¬ æ??æ­¦å??は読まã??ã??ã?とはなã?とç?¥ã??なã?ã??ã??ã?å®¶æ?ã¸å?ã?てæ??ç´?ã??æ?¸ãã??
でã??ã?ç?¶ã?ã??ã??å??は母ã?ã??とè??å¥?子のã?ã?ã«æ­»ã®ã?ã??æ?¥æ?¬å?½ã«ã?ã??å?¨ã¦ã®å¥³ã®äººã??å®?ã??ã?ã?ã«æ­»ã®ã?ã??そã?てã?ç?¶ã?ã??のã?ã?ã«æ­»ã®ã?ã??ç?¶ã?ã??はã?å??のç?¶ã?ã??だã?ã??ã??ã??ã?å??ã?ã?¢ã?¡ã?ªã?«æ?¦è?¦ã??ä¸?é?»ã§ã??ç??ç ´ã?てã?ã?くã?ã??のã?¢ã?¡ã?ªã?«å?µã??è² å?·ã?ã?殺ã?ã?とã?できã?ã??ã?ãã?ã?ã??ã?æ?¥æ?¬ã??ä¾µç?¥ã?ã??ã?¢ã?¡ã?ªã?«æ?¦è?¦ã??ä¸?é?»ã?ä¾µå?¥ã?てくã??でã?ã?ã?ã?¢ã?¡ã?ªã?«å?µã??ä¸?人でã??æ¸?ã??ã?ã?とã?できã??ã??だã??

なã?ã?ã?のæ??代にç??まã??ã?ã??だã?ã?ã??äº?十年å?ã ã£ã¦ã?äº?十年å??だってã??ã?っã?ã?ã??なã?ã?ã??なã?ä»?なã??だï¼?æ??ã??べきã??のã??ã?å??はæ??ã?ãªã?ã??æ??ã?ã?å°½ãã?べきã??のã??ã?å??はæ??ã?なã?â?¦


ã?¤ã?®ã?ªã?¹äººã®å??にç?¹æ?»é??の話ã??æ?¸ãè³?æ ¼ã?ã?っã?のだã?ã?ã?ã??ç¥?風ç?¹æ?»é??につã?てæ?¸ãã»ã©ã?å??はä½?ã??æ?ã¡å?ã?ã?てã?ã??だã?ã?ã??
Kamikaze diaryとã?ã?æ?¬ã?ã?の小説ã??ã?くきっã?ã?ã??ä¸?ã?てくã??ã?ã??主人å?¬ã?æ??とè?ªå??è?ªèº«ã??é?ã­ã?æ??とå?ã?ç?¶æ³ã«ç«?ってみã??ã??彼はä½?ã??æ?³ã?ã?è??ã?てã?ã?でã?ã?ã?ã?ã??
å?·ç­?はè¾?くã?ä¸?つの場面ã??æ?¸ãçµ?ã?ã??ã?びに中æ?­ã?ã?ã??é?·ã?æ­³æ??ã??ã?ã?て小説はå®?æ?ã?ã?ã??ã?ã??は死ななくてはなã??なã?äº?人のç?·ã®è©±ã§ã?ã??ã??ã?だäº?人だã?の話だã?ã?ãã??ã?ã?のç?©èª?のå?¨ã¦ã ã??æ?¥æ?¬ã«ä½ã??で十ä¸?年になã??ã??その年æ??ã?ã?ã??ã?ã?の小説ã?ã??ã??現å®?å?³ã??帯びã?ã??のになってã?ã??と信ã?てã?ã??ã??

çµ?æ¸?ç??ã?æ?¿æ²»ç??にå®?å®?ã?てã?ã??å?½ã«æ?®ã??ã?てã?ã??人ã??にとってã?æ??とã?てç??きã??ã?とはå½?ã?ã??å?ã®ã??ã?にæ??ã?ã??ã??のとæ?ã?まã?ã??æ??æ?¥ã?確å®?に来ã??ã?とã??ã?å½?ç?¶ã®ã?とだとã??でã??ã?ç??き延びã??ã?とã?å½?ã?ã??å?ã§ã¯ãªã?æ??代ã?ã?ã??ã?ä»?ã??ç??きã??ã?とã?å½?ã?ã??å?ã§ã¯ãªã?å ´æ??ã?ã?ã??ã??


Romance: Protector Romance Collection Boxed Set (New Adult Alpha Male Virgin Secret Baby Hero Romance) (Contemporary American Series Seduction BBW Anthologies)



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This collection includes:
– “Erik” My Bodyguard
– Starlet
– Protecting Nicole
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WARNING: This book contains mature content with **BURNING HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

El Supremo de Greva (Spanish Edition)

by Raúl Martínez

Los grevanos fueron una etnia que supuestamente se asentó en las regiones que tenían salida al mar Mediterráneo. Gal, el rey de los grevanos se convertió poco a poco en el hombre más poderoso de su tiempo, llegando a conquistar al mundo, en toda la objetividad de la frase. La lucha por el poder, la maldad del hombre y la búsqueda de un amor perdido, son los temas principales que convergen en este drama.

Sicra: El inicio del otoño (Spanish Edition)

by Pedro Miguel Guillén Mejía

El sol está dormido en la última de las montañas, la peste contamina los ríos y lagunas con cientos y cientos de cadáveres. Y de las aldeas que había en la tierra de Litúan sólo quedan muy pocas de pie. La guerra ha comenzado en los Desiertos Nevados y todos tienen miedo.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

ROMANCE: Paranormal Romance: SAVAGE : Wild Tales of A Silverback Shifter (Alpha Male Billionaire Protector BBW Mail Order Bride Shifter Romance) (Paranormal … College Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

“Chain me up, honeyâ?¦ or I might just destroy downtown New York!”

I came to New York full of dreams, but making it big on Broadway wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. When billionaire real-estate developer Phillip Stone offers me a job as his live-in personal assistant in one of the best addresses in New York, it’s say yes or catch the next flight home.

I’m determined never to go back to Omaha Falls, but I’m nervous about what Phillip is going to want from me. Who needs their assistant to live-in? And why?! But when he asks me to chain him up every night I am confused. I know he must be hiding a dark secret; one he needs my help to control.

When I find out his secret, it is darker and stranger than I could have imagined. But I am determined to stay and help him; whatever it takes.

DOWNLOAD NOW to find out what lies ahead and experience the INTENSE emotional highs and lows contained within this story!

Get this book FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: Paranormal Romance: BLOODRUNNER : Wild Tales of A Silverback Shifter (Alpha Male Billionaire Protector BBW Mail Order Bride Shifter Romance) (Paranormal … College Romance 4 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

An out of work actress falls for a rich recluse only to find out his has a terrible secretâ?¦

It all started so innocently. Against my mom’s advice I went to live in New York where I thought I could get a job as an actress. How was I to know how difficult it would be? My roommate didn’t offer much help. In fact when I couldn’t pay the rent she turned on me.

Desperate, I began to consider alternative employment. It even crossed my mind to become an escort. But being a good girl, I decided to apply to a rather strange advert for a live-in domestic help job.

That’s when life began to get a whole lot tougher. When I first met my incredibly handsome employer I thought he was a bit reserved. Later I found out he had a problem that scared me.

DOWNLOAD NOW to find out what lies ahead and experience the INTENSE emotional highs and lows contained within this story!

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 4 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Slow Burner (Colonel Russell series Book 1)

by William Haggard

â??Here at last we have an adult Ian Fleming’ – Sunday Express

â??Thoroughly recommended’ – Observer

â??Could hardly be bettered’ – New Statesman

â??Very good and very intelligent, spy and political fiction. Plot, pace, suspense and set-piece action without flaw’ – Independent

â??Utterly compelling. . . like reading a Bond from M’s viewpoint’ – HF magazine

For British spymaster, Colonel Russell, the Cold War is about to get hotter.

When plans for a new and highly-innovative form of nuclear energy are stolen it falls to Russell’s Security Executive to retrieve them before the secrets of Slow Burner are leaked to Britain’s enemies.

But as Russell discovers, the enemy within can be more dangerous than any foreign adversary.

Tense, pacy, intelligent and atmospheric, Slow Burner is the first in William Haggard’s Colonel Russell series of hugely acclaimed Cold War thrillers – now available in digital version for the first time.

For fans of Ian Fleming, John le Carré, Charles Cumming and Frederick Forsyth.

Samurai: Cherry Blossoms Fall

by Alex Ness

â??To paraphrase the famous words of the Three Great Shoguns of Japan:

“Little Bird – if you do not read this book, you will miss something good in the wind.”

In these stories and excerpts Alex and Josh show their deep interest in samurai, and approach the subject with the respect and sophistication due to the twofold Way of the pen and the sword.’

â??Sean Michael Wilson, author of manga versions of The Book of Five Rings and The 47 Ronin

“Stories as sharp as a samurai blade.”

â??Chris Bradford author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series

Samurai commonly describes a warrior in Japan who serves a lord, using combat skills and living by the code of Bushidō. But not everyone followed the code so directly, nor was every samurai so bold and courageous. So while the truth is somewhere between the idealized icon of fidelity and bravery, and bullies with swords, this work features the samurai who lived by their code.

Inspired by the great and legendary samurai themselves, this work of original short stories and poems is meant to evoke, however briefly, life from the viewpoint of the samurai.

Nelly of No Man’s Land

by B.J. Myrick

It is 1890, and Nelly Duncan is a dying woman. Her husband, Will, learns of a medicine man in No Man’s Land who can save lives when doctors fail, so he moves the family to Oklahoma in hopes that Nelly, too, can be saved. Nelly’s health improves, but life brings other battles, including Will’s alcohol addiction and infidelity. Then the past returns to haunt Nelly: the handsome peddler she turned to for comfort during her husband’s unfaithfulness and who fathered her youngest child, a daughter her husband thinks is his own, reappears in her life. Nelly is faced with a choice. Which man will win her heart?

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Free poetry Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

The Released

by Shiarnice Taylor

A diverse collection of poignant and profound poems written by Shiarnice Taylor aka Lyric invigorates the reader with wisdom, knowledge, and a challenge to pursue one’s walk with Christ to the best of his/her ability. Get ready to inundate your life with this moving collection of poems.

Salt In My Wounds – Poetry and Haiku

by Latonya D Young

Love is universal. Everyone of all ages has experienced falling in love, heartache, lossâ?¦. In this collection of short stories and poems, the author writes about experiences with love, relationships and heartache. Each poem is easy for the reader to relate to and there is something in this collection for everyone. Latonya’s work is raw, deep and whimsical. This body of work will resonate with everyone who picks this book up. It is a compilation dedicated to love, love lost, heart break, first love, finding oneself and love renewed.

140 caracteres: As melhores frases e pensamentos poéticos (Portuguese Edition)

by Ivan Costa

Para refletir sobre a vida, sobre a alma, sobre o amor, sobre si mesmo ou sobre o que quiser… Para viajar!! São mais de 250 frases e poemas reunidos, todos em até 140 caracteres, retirados da conta do Twitter do escritor Ivan Costa.

Abaixo, uma pequena amostra do livro:

Abri meu próprio peito
Para, com efeito
Estudar anatomia…

Da alma.


Amar da boca pra fora…

Até os psicopatas amam.


Pessoas grandes procuram crescer

Já as pessoas pequenas

Procuram defeitos nas pessoas grandes.


Teimar ou temer: eis a questão!


Notei você
Peguei o papel
E tomei nota…

Nasceu poesia


Ofereça-me o céu para voar
Ou, até mesmo, o chão para eu cair.

Mas nunca esse silêncio,
Esse vazio…

Que parece nunca mais ter fim.


Nunca se tem nada a perder

Quando se tem a si mesmo


Mantenha a calma…

Os extremos opostos alargam-se mutuamente.


Você me olha e só vê defeitos.

� que você não vê

Que somos sempre rascunhos de nós mesmos.


Se existem Universos paralelos?

Nosso próprio planeta é uma unidade de vários deles.


Sou aventureiro…

Gosto de escalar os abismos mais íngremes da alma


Muitos procuram anjos pelas asas…

Doce ilusão.

Eu os encontro em olhares…



РṆo ligue para a bagun̤a.
– Mas o apartamento está arrumado.
– Não, não é isso, nem ligo para isso… Estou falando é do meu coração.


Olho embaixo do tapete e vejo muuuuuita sujeira…

E o tapete é voador.


Ela queria que ele fosse como ela
Ele queria que ela fosse como ele
E o “nós”, guardando o melhor…

Morreu de solidão.


Entre idas e vindas
Entre voltas e revoltas
Quem fechou a porta?
Não importa.
Há janelas e telhados e,
se preciso for…

Derrubarei paredes.


De vez em quando
Pelas pedras do caminho
Nascem umas flores.

E todas as dores
Parecem querer voar…

De alegria.


Diga-me o que devo fazer…

E eu te direi quem és.


Faltava um milésimo de segundo para esquecer você…

Mas foi justamente aí que emperrou.


Sonhei com você…

E nem Freud soube explicar.


Meu em-tu-siasmo… Sabe onde está?


Se for verdadeiro


Se não for…

Para que ficar?


Fica bem, meu amor.
Pessoas como nós
Ã? mesmo esse vai e vem.

Uma hora,
a vontade de viver vai embora.

Outra hora,
a vontade de morrer também.


Se é verdade que o amor morreu…

Ele foi enterrado dentro de mim.


Quantas ditaduras ainda precisam ser derrubadas?

Não, não estou falando dos governos lá fora…

Estou falando é do governo sobre si mesmo.

Sobre o autor: Ivan Costa é natural do estado de Sergipe e tem quatro livros publicados, sendo um de poemas, “Meus Versos, Meu Universo” (2011 – Editora Biblioteca24horas), outro sobre uma viagem por alguns estados brasileiros feita à bordo de uma Kombi, lançado pela editora Novo Século com o título “Clarice, minha menina”, publicada em 2013 e os outros dois publicados de forma independente, “140 caracteres” e “140 caracteres – Novas Frases”, em 2011 e 2012.

[email protected]

De Pernas Abertas: poemas eróticos, românticos e perdidos (Portuguese Edition)

by P. S. Rudá

“De pernas abertas” é um livro de poemas eróticos e românticos.
Os braços abertos representam carinho, receptividade… Já as pernas abertas… Como o amor, podem ser bobas e selvagens.


Eu sei que não sou a mais bonita
Nem a mais inteligente
E provavelmente, não sou a mais interessante

Sei que às vezes sou rabugenta
Sei que às vezes exagero demais
Sei que às vezes choro demais
Sei que às vezes estou errada
Ou falo as palavras erradas

Sei que tenho um olho maior que o outro
Sei que tenho um pouco de buço
Sei que minhas orelhas são de abano
Mas elas se alegram com os sons dos seu passos
(ao ouvir você vir)
Sei que meus olhos incham ao sorrir
Mas eles riem sozinhos
(ao ver você vir)

Sei que sou cheia de estrias
Sou cheia de manias
Sei que você odeia responder ao “estou gorda?”
Sei que tenho celulite
Sempre testo o seu limite

Sei que às vezes fujo do seu olhar
Sei que às vezes finjo o prazer
Sei que às vezes prefiro disfarçar
Só para te satisfazer

Sinto que quando sou tudo o que sou
Você só quer se desfazer

Também sei que quando fecho os olhos
Sempre vejo você
Sei que quando vejo você
Sempre me sinto mais feliz
Sei que quando estou mais feliz
Sempre fico mais bonita
Sei que quando estou mais bonita
Sempre você me quer
Sei que quando você me quer
Sempre cedo aos seus desejos
Sei que quando cedo aos seus desejos
Sempre fecho os olhos para ver você

Tudo o que sei é que não sou a mulher mais bonita
Nem a mais inteligente e nem a mais interessante
E que mesmo assim você me ama
Me escolheu dentre todas as mulheres
Para ser a mulher da sua vida
Enfim, só consigo ter uma certeza
Sou a mulher que ama sem ver uma saída

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

Curvy Romance: Plus Size Collection – Big Beautiful Women Anthology of Romantic XL Plus Size Love, Large Women, Billionaire Romance, Amish Romance, Mail Order Bride Romance Novels Shorts Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘He turned and looked at her. As he moved towards her, she felt his hands start to remove her dress as he kissed her. She was against the door as the dress fell around her feet. She ripped off his shirt and heard the buttons bounce on the ground. Their kisses became more passionate as the clothing came off. Her hands went down to his pants and found..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: millionaire, short stories, shades, relationship, marriage, wedding

Mail Order Bride: Mending Broken Hearts (Historical New Frontier Love Story) (Clean and Wholesome Inspirational Fiction)

by Michel Brown

Susanne Marie Wells is a privileged girl, a daughter of wealthy parents, living in the town of Savannah, Georgia in 1905. She is unhappy with her dictator father and virtually lifeless mother. Her two older brothers and two sisters do not make life any easier for her. Out of desperation and to the excitement of her friends, Susanne decides to answer the call from a wealthy ranch-owner in Wyoming who has put out an ad for a bride. Before she leaves, tragedy strikes her family, leaving her fatherless and without one of her brothers. To deal with the pain, her mother and brother accompany her to Wyoming to begin a new life. Clint Crawford is more than willing to help them with this seemingly enormous task. Will they find more heartache in Wyoming? Or will they be able to mend their broken hearts and live out the rest of their days in love and happiness?

As a token of our appreciation you will be receiving ten bonus stories for your enjoyment

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Free horror Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

The Creature Within

by Lynnette Cochrane

A geneticist is horrified when three experimental shark/dolphin hybrids escape into the wild where they hunt down and kill humans. He and a reporter team up to stop the monsters before they can kill again, or worse, reproduce.

Late one night on the outskirts of Berrien Bay, two teenage boys break into a research and development laboratory. Their motive is to release trapped dolphins back into the ocean. However, they inadvertently release three genetically enhanced dolphin/shark hybrids, known as Dolarks.

Doctor Charles Brennen, the creator of these creatures is already disillusioned with the guilt over the death of his wife and unborn child, and now people are dying. The town erupts in fear over the likelihood of a rogue shark in their waters. But, Sarina White, a feisty News Reporter confronts Doctor Brennen believing there is a connection between the break in and the attacks.

Brennen’s life soon begins to spiral out of control, fired from his job, and now a mercenary group has taken over his laboratory. Things soon take a turn for the worse when the mercenaries die in a fighter with the dolarks. Brennen is left with no choice but, to stop what he has created, and Sarina is not about to let him do it alone. In a fight to the death, Brennen must embrace his fears and stop them before it is too late.

La sombra de la muerte: (Psicoterror) (Spanish Edition)

by Antonio Lagares


¿Estás dispuesto a combatir contra tus propios miedos?

¿A iniciar esta arriesgada lectura?

�l lo hizo, y ahora está muerto�

Da rienda suelta a tu curiosidad, sé valiente, pasa y,

Póstrate ante un nuevo género literario.

Lector: ante ti se alzará el «PSICOTERROR».

Tú y tus pasos, la agonía, una sombra� la noche. Buscas algo a lo que aferrar tus miedos; un remedio que cure ese pánico que te anquilosa, ralentiza hasta convertir en una víctima sumisa.

Entre la oscuridad, una figura te acecha. «¿Voy a morir?», te preguntas. Contra el suelo, la sangre golpea como esa maldita mecedora la pared de aquel piso vacío. El sonido al abandonar tus venas evoca en ti la garganta del amor de tu vida, abierta en canal; tú mismo la cercenaste. «¿Voy a morir?», insistes en preguntar. «Nunca debí leer aquel manuscrito», lamentas; es tarde ya para lamentaciones. Lo aprietas con fuerza y empapas de rojo carmesí. El fin se acerca, lo notas. «Voy a morir».

Cuando el deseo y el ansia por dejar de respirar te engulle, aparece ella. Sonriente se presenta ante ti la mujer de negro y pelo plateado; no viene sola.

Marcos Nieto Pallarés


El psicoterror es un género prohibido para mentes creativas, pues tiene la capacidad de manipular la ficción y transformarla en realidad.

Nada es lo que parece, y menos en este libro. Su autor juega con los desequilibrios mentales y manipula hasta la saciedad. Mueve los peones con la suficiente destreza para desarmar tu fantasía y apoderarse de ella. Consigue llevarte a su terreno, y provoca que te identifiques con su propia imaginación.

El terror psicológico rastrea en la mente de las personas sus miedos más profundos y consigue alterar su estabilidad emocional. Los sube a la superficie y a partir de ese momento, realidad y ficción se entremezclan en un mundo imaginario que cobija a todas las fobias alimentadas desde nuestra infancia. Esos episodios traumáticos nos torturarán con tanta intensidad que nos pueden provocar una enajenación mental y, en algunos casos, el temido suicidio.

Mientras que en el PSICOTERROR, el personaje se adueña de tu mente, como si te poseyera. Es tan acusada la identificación entre ambos que a veces se produce la muerte del lector.


Otros libros de Antonio Lagares:

Viaje sin retorno


La Rastreadora


Seres malditos. La conversión (Spanish Edition)

by Eba Martín Muñoz


En el TOP 20 del ranking de novelas de su género


Dos niños con cualidades mágicas se conocen en un orfanato. Desde el inicio, ambos reconocen en el otro sus facultades, además de un espectacular parecido físico. ¿Qué misterios encierra esa fuerte conexión que sienten? ¿Qué sucede en el futuro para que ambos busquen la muerte del otro? ¿Quién matará a quién?

A su vez, una serie de seres sobrenaturales poblará su existencia y se mezclarán con ellos en un sinfín de aventuras llenas de contrastes: violencia y ternura, misterio y dolor, terror y humor, erotismo y amor.

Prepárate para sumergirte en un mundo de fantasía oscura que te hará emocionarte, horrorizarte y sorprenderte. SENTIRÁS, EN MAY�SCULAS.

Los blogueros y lectores opinan:

“Escrito con una agilidad y una maestría que te dejan ojiplática. Donde crees que hay, no hay; lo que piensas que es, no es; cuando ya lo tienes, no está. Ya no digo más, hay que leerlo. Una historia fantástica y tan actual no es fácil encontrar.”, Marisa

“Consigue emocionar y sensibilizar, tanto a los lectores como a los propios personajes que forman parte de la fauna urbana del inframundo. Acabas empatizando con ellos, porque son seres sobrenaturales y mágicos humanizados hasta el extremo que te sientes reflejada.

Eba logra poner gotitas de humor e ironía a lo más sórdido y ante la violencia de algunas escenas sientes toques de ternura y tragicomedia. Muy, muy recomendable” Blog La princesa ya se ve

“En la historia se ve a unos personajes luchando por un sentimiento tan humano como el deseo de ser querido, de encajar y encontrar su lugar en el mundo. Por contraposición, nos encontramos un mundo plagado de maldad, traiciones, sexo y ultraviolencia, en el que los personajes tienen que tratar de sobrevivir.

Como punto fuerte de la novela, tenemos a unos personajes muy creíbles y humanos, a pesar de ser personajes sobrenaturales” Gemma Herrero, escritora

“Es un riesgo fácil creer que en literatura está todo dicho y hecho. Un riesgo que puede hacernos cometer el error de no acercarnos a obras como ésta. Seres malditos no copia ni imita a nadie y se arriesga, con gran éxito, a experimentar con los límites del género y de sus capacidades narrativas.

El lector conecta con los personajes de tal modo en el que es un placer seguirlos a donde quiera que vayan. Merece mucho la pena acercarse a esta autora, si su talento le acaba llevando a donde debe, será un placer poder afirmar que estuvimos con ella desde el principio” Juan Manuel

“Eba Martín Muñoz se está ganando un puesto en mi ránking de autores/as favoritos/as” La Contraportada

The Rise of Peter Troy: The Decayed Ones

by Joseph DiBartolo

Life has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy. His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough. After losing his job as a butcher at the local market and getting dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day, Peter tried to close himself off from the world. His efforts were thwarted when his obsession actually became a reality. Follow Peter on his journey to redemption as he struggles with his mixed feelings of excitement and regret. Will he be able to adapt and excel in a world now being overrun by the living dead? Or will he fail to succeed as he did when the world was normal?

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Free travel Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

A Peek at the Remarkable Camino de Santiago: A Photo Journey (Woman On Her Way Book 4)

by Jane V. Blanchard

This 130+ photo journey illustrates the phenomenal appeal of the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. By mixing pictures of the majestic Pyrenees, the high plains of Spain, and the Galician hills with those of architecture, people, and the Spanish culture you get a peek at this remarkable trail and why it has gained the status of a European Cultural Itinerary.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • – Sample what you can see each day as you travel along the author’s 2011 43-day journey.
  • – Let these photos ease your concerns about your upcoming pilgrimage.
  • – Discover why walking is the best way to travel.
  • – Through the photographs, see Spain in a unique way, up close and personal.
  • – Recall the joys of your own Camino with this photo memento.

Jane V. Blanchard says, “While assembling these photos, I tried to capture the essence of the Camino Francés so my readers could savor its beauty and understand its draw. I hope these pictures inspire a desire to explore the world by walking. That slow pace best allows the mind to register the beauty that you might otherwise miss.”

Mallorca Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in Mallorca (Globetrotter Guide Books)

by Marc Cook

Mallorca: Be Mesmerized in the Mediterranean!


Are you thinking of your next vacation, but you’re not sure where to go? Would you prefer some quiet time lounging on a dazzling beach, or would you like a more adrenaline filled trip, with mountain climbing and great opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Or, maybe, you want to discover a new culture and experience a brand new island. Well then look no further. Mallorca is the place to visit whether you’re interested in just one or every one of these options.


This Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea offers its visitors some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, beautiful old towns and amazing mountains just waiting to be explored.


Mallorca has a great number of touristic attractions and it can be quite difficult to select those you are certain you’ll like. That is why you should definitely get this compact book, which will give you the most important information about the attractions you can’t miss while visiting Mallorca.


Inside the Mallorca Travel Guide:


  • La Seu
  • book

  • Valldemossa
  • book

  • Playa d’es Trenc
  • book

  • Castell de Bellver
  • book

  • Palma
  • book

  • Cala Figuera
  • book

  • Placa Major de Palma
  • book

  • Coves Del Drac
  • book

  • Serra de Tramuntana
  • book

  • Soller
  • book


Follow in the footsteps of artists and writers and seek refuge on one of Mallorca’s spectacular beaches. The idyllic landscapes will be more than enough to keep you entertained and happy during your stay.


Mallorca also has several old towns with great architecture and old-world charm. Starting with the main city, Palma, tourists who want to experience the Mallorca lifestyle should simply take a stroll through the old streets.


One of the many things Mallorca is famous for is La Seu. But, did you know you can take a tour of the cathedral and see firsthand the beauty of this world famous feat of architecture?


Well, in this easy to read travel guide you’ll find out which are the most popular architectural sights, but also the most interesting caves and natural reserves and what other amazing things you can do while vacationing in Mallorca.


Why wait? Get the Mallorca Travel Guide right now and start planning a great vacation!


20 things to do in Udaipur (20 Things (Discover India) Book 3)

by David Riley

Historically, the city of Udaipur formed the capital of the kingdom of Mewar. It is known for its history, culture, scenic locations and the Rajput-era palaces that can be found in the city.

Also known as the â??city of lakes’, Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in Rajasthan, and has even formed the setting of many movies, including the James Bond film, Octopussy.

Besides being known as the â??city of lakes’, Udaipur also has many other things to offer. Magnificent palaces, intricately carved temples and spacious havelis are a few amongst those.

This book takes an effort to uncover many of the Jewels of the city of Udaipur, in the form of â??20 things to do’ in Udaipur. So, enjoy the list to a point where you can’t just read anymore, and you just “HAVE TO” go to the city of lakes (also referred to as the â??White city’ and â??Venice of the East’) and experience it all with your own eyes.

Do check other books on,

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ladakh, Shimla, Manali, Delhi and many other cities in India.

2 years 4 months 2 hours : From Italy to the world. A memoir of love and travel.

by Chiara Townley

2 years 4 months 2 hours is a memoir of love and travel. Chiara meets Tyler in London while she’s working in a hotel. For her it’s love at first sight. She is from Italy and he is American. There is no time for dating because he’s leaving for a trip to South America then back to the US. What happens next is the journey of a woman that follows her heart against all odds. This true story will push you to fight more for your dreams. And if you gave up on your dreams maybe you will think about getting them back.

Best of Cebu: Photo Guide

by Sergei Tokmakov

Most photogenic natural attractions of Cebu Island, Philippines

CATALUNHA: ESTAMARIU [1] (Portuguese Edition)


Coleção de imagens dos Pirenéus catalães se concentrar em uma de suas mais belas aldeias: Estamariu (Alt Urgell).
[Primeiro álbum]

People of Modern Africa: Survival on the Streets of Lagos, Nigeria

by Carol Gibson

Despite the fact that Africa is plagued by insurgencies, unemployment, and dwindling economies, there are people with an indomitable spirit who rise above their circumstances. A happy and industrious people who cannot afford to give up. People with definitive goals who work within their realistic abilities to achieve their targets.

This book is a collection of photographs featuring the inspiring and touching pictures of Lagos City. From the C.E.O in his well-furnished office down to the beggar on the street, everyone has a story; even the buildings and trees do too.

People of Modern Africa reminds you to go and pursue your dreams.

Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome – a travel guide and tour as with the best local guide (Rome Travel Stories Book 6)

by Wander Stories

Dear Traveler,
Welcome to the WanderStoriesâ?¢ tour of the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. We are now ready to take you on your personal tour of this world famous landmark.
We, at WanderStoriesâ?¢, are storytellers. We don’t tell you where to eat or sleep, we don’t intend to replace a typical travel reference guide. Our mission is to be the best local guide that you would wish to have by your side when visiting the sights. So, we meet you at the sight and take you on a tour.
WanderStoriesâ?¢ travel guides are unique because our storytelling style puts you alongside the best local guide who tells you fascinating stories and unusual facts recreating the passion and sacrifice that forged the beauty of these places right here in front of you, while a wealth of high quality photos, historic pictures, and illustrations brings your tour vividly to life.
Our promise:
– when you visit the Castel Sant’Angelo with this travel guide you will have the best local guide at your fingertips
– when you read this travel guide in the comfort of your armchair you will feel as if you are actually visiting the Castel Sant’Angelo with the best local guide

Let’s go!
Your guide, WanderStories

Low of level first foreign travel in Taiwan (Japanese Edition)

by yuto sato


INGLES: FRASES DE VIAJE PARA HISPANO PARLANTES: Las 1000 frases de viaje más útiles en inglés para viajeros que hablan castellano,

by Sarah Retter

¿Le gustaría viajar con gracia y elegancia por países anglo parlantes consiguiendo lo que necesita cuando lo necesita?

Este libro es la solución para sus problemas de comunicación cuando viaje por países de habla inglesa.

Usted puede acceder a la frase que necesita mediante el acceso directo que provee la Tabla de Contenidos que lo lleva a cualquiera de los siguientes temas que requiere un viajero:

Accidentes de Auto, Accidentes Personales, Aduana, Avión y aeropuerto, Banco, Bar, Boutique, Café, Cine, Clima, Comunicación, Consulado, Dinero, Direcciones, Embajada, Equipaje, Fecha y hora, Gasolineras, Hoteles, Incomodidad, Información personal, Niños, Pasaporte, Peluquero, Profesiones, Reuniones de negocios, Restaurante, Renta de autos, Salud, Supermercado, Teléfono, Taxi, Teatro, Viaje en tren, Viaje en metro, Viaje en bus, Viaje en auto, Visa,

O Usted puede encontrar la frase que necesita buscando en la opción “Buscar y encontrar” en su equipo móvil.

¡Cuando Usted encuentra la frase se la puede mostrar a la persona desde su teléfono celular o su tableta y solucionar su problema de inmediato!

Compre ahora su libro para viajar en forma segura y tranquila!

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Free sports Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

Running: A Long Distance Love Affair

by Shawn Hacking

“What happens when a skinny, painfully shy, socially awkward, average kid with no fashion sense, an unmet need for orthodontics, a perpetually goofy home haircut, and a funny last name makes it in a high school sportâ??even an introverted ‘fringe’ sport like distance running? Well, let me tell you: my whole life changed.”

So begins this runner’s story. But Running: A Long Distance Love Affair goes far beyond the youthful, competitive side of running. Running isn’t just about the briefly young and fast. It’s about the life-long runners who, like running itself, keep going and going. Each of us plays a part in the story of running, and each of us has something to add. Running: A Long Distance Love Affair is a love story for every runner. In this story, we all run our first mile against an “unbeatable” champion. We all have our “dog days,” good and bad. We all run with deer on a snowy mountain trail. We all battle our own hill in a lightning storm. And we all run the toughest race of our lives, the “human race.” Lace up your running shoes, and let’s go . . .

Mental Toughness: A Guide to Developing Peak Performance and an Unbeatable Mind in Everyday Life (Mental Training, Sports Psychologist, Mental Strength)

by Richard Bond

Mental Toughness – A Guide to Developing Peak Performance and an Unbeatable Mind in Everyday Life

The concepts of Mental Toughness are simple to understand and with the right mind set, are easy to implement. My aim is for you to take the understanding you gain from this book and to train your mind just like you would in any other discipline. For example, you might know how to perform a Bench Press, but that alone won’t allow you to bench 500lbs. You need to train, rest, grow and adapt over time to get to that level.

I share the mental exercises I use to develop my mental strength, from my own research, experience and experimentation. I have sourced information from the best Sports Psychologists, Military Leaders, and Business Owners to create this book. Knowledge on its own is not enough though, you need to practice.

The benefits of Mental Training are not restricted to War or Sport. They can be utilized in everyday life – Doctors, Fireman, Nurses, Business Managers, or 9 to 5 office workers are all tested on a daily basis, and this book will show you how to develop Mental Strength.

Here’s a Preview of what’s inside

  • What Is Mental Toughness and Can You Have It?
  • Who Can Benefit From Mental Toughness?
  • Find Your Desire – Learn How to Find a Purpose and Strengthen Your Mind
  • Remove the Negative Thoughts from Your Mind and Build Self-belief
  • Change Your State Of Mind and Build Your Mental Strength
  • How Can You Manage Stress?
  • Developing Your Discipline with These Simple Methods
  • Determination Is a Powerful Tool to Build Your Mental Toughness
  • and much more!

Download your copy today to receive all of this information. Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button

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Bagua Zhang: the art of control

by Andrey Shvets

Martial arts techniques were forgotten. One hundred years ago, again revived interest in the martial arts and all the techniques were invented anew, but they were very different from the original techniques. Bagua – is no exception. This book describes some of the original techniques.

Bagua techniques were created to control the opponent. Control is carried out either in a stationary position, or while moving around.

Hands are always free. Grab an enemy with the help of the shoulders and arms. This feature makes the Bagua techniques are not similar to the known methods of struggle.

Demo video:

Keeping a Promise (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 177)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Keeping a Promise

There is a pleasant sweetness in the black

That silent place that lies between the stars

The wisdom we retain while looking back

So doing so can show us who we are

There is a grace that comes from taking time

To know there is a soul behind the face

A different point of view, another mind

A window to another place and time

And memories, they come from in-between

From in between the heartbeat and the notes

There is a joy that comes from being seen

From realizing promise from the hope

I lay the rose upon the altar stone

A promise kept to hearts that wept alone

Copyright: August 24, 2016.

When the Grid Goes Down: Survive When SHTF And Lowlife Criminal Scum Come After Your Prepping Supplies And Your Family

by Rick Sawyer

What will the first week be like after the grid goes down?

For one thing, the shelves at your local supermarket will empty out in a hurry.

Fortunately, many of your neighbors will feel sorry for you and give you some of their food…for the time being, anyway.

As hours turn into days, people will start getting more desperate and crime levels will start to rise.

People will start doing things they normally wouldn’t do.

It will start with minor things such as dumpster diving for food and quickly progress to burglary, looting, and other violent crimes.

At this stage, you will have to have some type of plan to protect yourself and your family, while still following the law, of course.

Download this practical prepping SHTF survival guide and find out…

* What you should do when lowlife criminal scum come after your prepping stash.

* The worst place you could be when the grid goes down.

* How to survive for an extended period without electricity.

* Should you move to a rural area? (Why not every rural area is suitable)

* How to get food and other necessities when money as we know it is worthless.

* How to get around in a world without electricity or gasoline for vehicles.

* Why this ancient profession will be in hot demand once again.

* Why infection will spread quickly after a disaster…and how to protect yourself.

* How will you communicate when the grid goes down? (Keeping in touch without the Internet or cell phones)

…and many more survival off grid secrets!




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Free science fiction Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

Consensus: Part 1 – Citizen

by Jason Tesar

In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion.

Sixteen-year-old Rena has few memories of her childhood before adoption. A forest teeming with wildlife. Mountains reaching up to a blue sky. The voice of the man who raised her.

The problemâ??they’re not real. Such things don’t exist in Esh, a self-governed metropolis shielded from the harsh environment by a transparent canopy. And beyond the city is only the Barrens, an endless wasteland of fog and freezing rain.

When Rena’s violent instincts save the lives of her friends, her delusional past begins disrupting her prospects for the future. To find the source of her impulses, she’ll have to sort through the fragments in her mind. What awaits is a connection between her true identity, the city’s forgotten history, and the secret war being waged beneath the surface of her polite society.

Paradisi Escape: A Paradisi Chronicles novella (Paradisi Exodus Book 1)

by Cheri Lasota

Paradisi Escape, Book 1 of the Paradisi Exodus Series

Genre: Near-Future Scifi, Apocalyptic Earth, Colonization, First Contact

In near future 2094, Earth is on the brink of nuclear winter. A secret evacuation is already underway, and Solomon Reach and his crew have guaranteed passage on the last ship to leave for colonization and exploration of a new planet in the Andromeda galaxy. When Solomon learns of a betrayal that will have catastrophic consequences, he is faced with an impossible choice: who will live and who will die?

The Paradisi Chronicles Universe

In the last decades of the twenty-first century, ten families seeking to escape an increasingly devastated Earth focus their power and wealth on constructing spaceships that will allow a select few to leave Earth and colonize the world they call New Eden. Here, on their new home in the Paradisi System, these Founding Families hope to avoid the environmental and political disasters that were destroying Earth. But they find that the world they claim for their own is already inhabited, and the Ddaeran, although human in their appearance, possess abilities that the Founders and their descendants find both intriguing and frighteningâ?¦



The Paradisi Chronicles is an open-source multi-author scifi universe set in a fictional planetary system in the Andromeda galaxy. Built by seven founding members of the group, Paradisi Chronicles has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more authors continue to explore 200 years of history spanning the flight from an apocalyptic Earth to the settling and expansion of the Paradisi System. Cheri Lasota’s first book, Paradisi Escape, covers the escape of the lower class Reacher group as they leave the Solar System on the 11th and final ship. Cheri’s Paradisi Exodus Series follows the Reachers across galaxies as they struggle to thrive on worlds that would wish they had never survived at all.


LATEST NEWS: Sideris Gate, Book 2 is out now!

The Starborn Uprising: Books 1, 2, and 3 (The Starborn Saga)

by Jason D. Morrow

Out Of Darkness
It has been sixty years since society as we know it was destroyed. People are forced to band together in isolated villages to hide from the predatory greyskinsâ??the once humans that will eat anything that moves. But sometimes, hiding isn’t enough.

Nineteen-year-old Mora leaves her grandmother, little brother, and the rest of her village to seek out the man who can offer protectionâ??Jeremiah. Along the way, she meets two brothers, Connor and Aaron who help her discover that she has a new ability within herselfâ??the power of the Starborn. And there are others like her.

But these super-humans are on a mission: to kill Jeremiah. They claim that the man who offers protection for everyone is a murderer with dangerous secrets. Mora must now choose between the man who claims he can keep her village safe, and those who can show her who she really is.

If It Kills Me
Overconfidence has no place in a world where the dead rule. Nineteen-year-old Mora has learned this the hard way. After a conflict in the colony of Salem that left hundreds of people dead, Mora and her Starborn allies have been branded as fugitives by Jeremiah, the leader of Screven.

Now, Mora must prove to the world that she isn’t the enemy, and that hope for the future lies with the Starborns, not Jeremiah. To do that, she must find out the truth behind the origins of the dreaded greyskins that roam the Earth, attacking villages relentlessly.

But more than that, she must protect her family. The Starborns attempt to set up a base at her home, Springhill, but it only brings more turmoil. With a mentor channeling her dreams of the past, and two rival brothers fighting for her love, Mora learns of a new enemy that threatens to bring them down before the revolution can even begin.

Even In Death
Green, you’re clean. Red, you’re dead.

Nineteen-year-old Mora is haunted by the flashing red light that pronounces her doom. Now she knows she only has about twenty-four hours to defeat Jeremiah and finish the revolution she has started, before the greyskin virus claims her life.

To do this, she must lead the other Starborns through the war-torn streets of Screven. But Jeremiah has a secret power that will test Mora in ways she could have never imagined.

We Were Choi and Lee: Our Beginning (Choi and Lee Collection Book 1)

by Rostand Reads

When Choi met Lee, she didn’t like him or trust him. A series of adventures the two warriors are forced to face together brings them closer. The lack of trust and secrets keep them apart. Lee faces what her past has prepared her for as sinkholes destroy the Earth’s inhabitants leaving the Upper Land open to the Trolkins who resided deep within the planet. They are cruel and seeking Lee as a breeder. Choi avoids them for another reason that he doesn’t want to divulge to Lee. Will Choi betray Lee on their journey? Will they both make it to the Utopia that only she knows the location of? Will they find the love neither has ever felt with each other? Follow the adventures of Choi and Lee through this Romance/Sci-fi series to find out.

Spy Thriller: To Russia for Love: An Involuntary Spy Series Espionage Thriller (Involuntary Spy Espionage Thriller Series Book 2)

by Kenneth Eade

Take a wild ride of mystery and suspense when a regular guy enters a life of espionage in this action-packed, romantic, suspenseful novella

Book two of the controversial bestselling eco-thriller/espionage series by the author critics hail as ‘one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene’ is a white-knuckling, romantic thriller.

Ukraine is perched at the beginning of a bloody civil war. Involuntary spy Seth Rogan finds himself back in Russia when his Russian secret agent girlfriend disappears while on an undercover assignment in Ukraine amidst the political upheaval and unrest. How does his former employer, the giant chemical company and GMO seed king Germinat, stand to benefit from the war and how involved is the company in her disappearance?

Discover what critics say about this spy thriller mystery :

“GMO foods, international politics, and quests for power: steeped in the flavor of modern times, To Russia for Love is international thriller reading at its best.” – Midwest Book Review

“Eade is brilliant when it comes to creating complicated, intriguing stories that end in mind-blowing surprises.”- IPublisher News

“Eade’s skill with writing dialog is brilliant. His technique for propelling a story forward is second to none.” – Literary Aficionado

Discover what readers already know about this fiction best seller:

“Kenneth Eade has written an excellent spy thriller. But To Russia With Love is more than just a well written story because Eade ventures bravely into the world of genetic seed modification without infringing on the story itself. And in doing so he is enlightening the reading public of the dangers of tampering with mother nature. I don’t like books with a message but Eade subtly and skillfully weaves his message into the story without it being a detriment to it. If you are looking for a spy thriller roller coaster ride then I recommend this excellent book.Joe Corso

“To Russia for Love has an excellent plot from start to finish and I actually finished it in 1 sitting as I could not put it down.”Michael Naylor

“What a great fast-paced thriller we have here, and It’s good to see the resourceful Seth Rogan back, this time doing his stuff in order to bring his kidnapped girlfriend back from Russia. A well thought out plot, with good characterizations and dialogue. This author has certainly done his homework. Full marks from me, Kenneth.”S. Gloidon

“This was a really fun spy story set in the current conflict in Ukraine during the upheaval. I really loved the sense of suspense in the story and the twists and turns of the conflict were brilliantly depicted. The characters have all been well developed and I kept trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together as I read it. Very intriguing political thriller with great storytelling. Highly recommended.”Liz A.

“This was a fast paced spy thriller in the Ian Flemming motif. It had action, danger, and intruige. Kenneth Eade can write.”Kyle Robertson

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Orlo Suggs, Space Ranger

by R. N. Wright

Orlo finds himself inducted (or abducted) into a new order. His new mission will have him revisit some old haunts with old friends and a surprising newcomer. He also discovers he has a new enemy, one that will imperil the mission and his life.

Some adult content and language. This is the 4th episode, after Space Dick.

Pocket Aces (The Adventures of Captain Jason Hunter and the Bandit Jacks Book 9)

by Shane Black

Playing one of his famous hunches, Captain Jason Hunter takes the risk of his career and orders DSS Argent and her battle group to close with the heavy battleship Kingsblade.

It’s railguns against plasma cannons and armor against armor as two of Skywatch’s most formidable ships go at it in a deep space slugging match you have to read to believe!

Hunter’s next chilling discovery puts his mission on the edge of a knife. One mistake could conceal the fate of Admiral Hughes and more than a dozen missing ship’s crews forever.

The Odd Game (Nerdology Book 9)

by Andreas Boe

What would you do if your own brain decided to play a game against you? Mikko doesn’t like it at all. A new breed of imaginary friends has begun to appear in the dream world he is sometimes pulled into and unlike his old imaginary friends they don’t admit that they are hallucinations. Mikko can only see one way to end the game; to find a way to prove them wrong.

Despite being part of a series The Odd Game is reasonable self contained, so you should be able to enjoy it even if you haven’t read any of the earlier books. It contains three adventures: The Odd Game, The Dark Arts and The Thin Line. The first one begins in January 2058 when Mikko and Sharon goes to Finland to visit Mikko’s relatives.

Off Earth

by Ben Stevens

‘Thanks…’ ANDY WEIR, Amazon #1 Bestselling author of THE MARTIAN

The Drek have invaded earth…

Their most loathsome weapon – the so-called ‘Grabba-Bots’ – is fast wiping-out humanity…

For the fortunate few, however, a way ‘off earth’ exists. The ‘salvation ships’ will transfer them at hyper-warp down a number of galactic wormholes, taking them to a place far removed from any conflict or danger…

But for a humble Earth Alliance marine like 22-year-old Tel Jaaner, there is no hope of boarding any such vessel. He is merely expected to fight – and die…

But then Marine Jaaner encounters a most unusual Grabba-Bot. One calling itself the ‘Old Man’, which expresses one strong desire in particular…

To join forces with Marine Jaaner, so that the pair of them can find a way off earth – and thus survive…

An AMAZON KINDLE Sci-fi Short – just 99¢.


‘I have become a big fan of Ben Stevens. He writes extremely well…’ Lloyd Tackitt, Bestselling author of the EDEN series. (Amazon US 5-STAR review for THE WHISTLER: A MURDERER’S TALE.)

From Ben Stevens, Internationally Bestselling Author of THE ENNIN MYSTERIES, I, HELL, PARKER: AN APOCALYPSE SURVIVOR, THE WHISTLER: A MURDERER’S TALE and over 130 other titles.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Illustrated)

by Jules Verne

“Go down the crater of the volcano Snaefells. Follow the shadow just before the month of July. You will find your way to the center of the Earth. I did it.” That mysterious message, found in a long-lost letter, propels a young man and his uncle on the adventure of a lifetime: to a prehistoric world below the earth where dinosaurs and other strange creatures still roam.

Jules Verne’s classic 1864 sci-fi novel tells the story of German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the center of the Earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into the Icelandic volcano Snaefellsjökull, encountering many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, before eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy, at the Stromboli volcano.

Journey has been read by millions of inquisitive minds and has influenced some of the worlds most famous explorers such as Admiral Byrd, who announced on his 1926 expedition to the North Pole that “it is Jules Verne who is bringing me.”

Renowned cave explorer Norbert Casteret said in 1938 that A Journey to the Center of the Earth was a “marvelous book which impressed and fascinated me more than any other. I have re-read it many times, and I confess I sometimes re-read it still, each time finding anew the joys and enthusiasm of my childhood.”

*Includes image gallery.

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