20 Oct

Free fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

The Chef at the Water’s Edge: A Hannah Starvling Twilight Cozy Murder Mystery Novel (The Twilight Mystery Series Book 1)

by Kee Patterbee

Hannah Starvling is a former FBI agent turned Chef Culinary Consultant along with her friends Buster and Cate Jordon attend a cooking festival honoring the town’s famous Chef, Julia Karas, who died a year prior in a terrible accident.

Hannah has always been curious by nature and cannot resist any opportunities to solve mysteries when presented to her.

So when the Jordon’s long time friend, Louie invites Hannah to join the festival and stay at his house to investigate the death of Mrs. Karas, she couldn’t turn it down. It did not take long for Hannah to realize that something was not right.

Working her way through the twists and turns of a public life gone tragically wrong her investigation her investigation is complicated by a man that stirs her emotions and perhaps clouds her judgment.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:

1. What really happened to Julia Karas?

2. And more importantly, why was the Chef at the water’s edge.

Who Was That Lady?: Book One: Gildo

by Carey Harrison

An archaeologist invents a new, highly successful form of psycho-therapy based on Stone Age shamanism. In Book One, Roley Watkins, our hero, studies archaelology while developing a keen interest in what will become his career: psycho-therapy. We meet his family, in particular his deranged but charming stepfather, Gildo, whose pupil and unofficial guardian Roley becomes.

Three Lousy Dates (Three #1)

by Octavia Wildwood

A year after a devastating breakup, Whitney Swanson has all but given up on love. When she drunkenly agrees to go on the matchmaking reality show Three Dates, she thinks it will be nothing more than a fun, crazy adventure with her best friend. She certainly doesn’t expect to find love.

Then Whitney meets Ryan.

Ryan Wright is the total package. The handsome, successful star of the dating show isn’t just gorgeous and rich. He’s also sweet, attentive and kind. What a catch!

Whitney immediately finds herself drawn to Ryan, and he makes it clear he only has eyes only for her. Though they met under unconventional circumstances, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Sometimes Whitney has to pinch herself to be sure she isn’t dreaming. What she has with Ryan seems too good to be true. Is it?

Just when she finally begins to let her guard down, Whitney makes a terrible realization about Ryan. Soon she finds herself questioning everything – love, friendship and the growing pains that come with becoming an adult.

Is Whitney headed for yet another heartbreak or will she get her happily ever after?

This book contains explicit adult situations.

It is the first part of the Three trilogy.

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20 Oct

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

Beautiful Skin at Any Age: No Surgery Required!

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling puzzled by that old person staring back at you? Hate your wrinkles, but don’t want the expenseâ??or the risksâ??of surgery??? Read on! Beautiful Skin at Any Age: No Surgery Required! shows you how to start looking younger almost immediately. You don’t need high-tech interventions like a surgical face-lift or Botox injections. The editors at Bottom Line Health have gathered the best secrets from the country’s top experts in traditional and alternative medicine for healthy, glowing skin. You’ll learnâ?¦

- 7 ways to look younger in five seconds or less (really!)

- Antiwrinkle foods and spicesâ?¦and the foods that CAUSE wrinkles

- Simple way to counteract saggy eyelids.

- Makeup mistakes that make you look older. (Are YOU wearing the wrong kind of lipstick???)

- Skin-smoothing supplements (including the “youth pill”)â??even for those with the healthiest diets.

- The sunscreen you should never use.

- Homemade face masks that repair sun-abused skin, banish brown spots and wrinkles, and firm your skin.

- Natural relief for oily skin, dry winter skin, rosacea, eczema and even psoriasis.

- 3 wrinkle treatments that really work.

- The best lotions and potions for your skinâ?¦and the ones to avoid.

- How to be pimple-free at last (you’re never too old for acne!).

- The do-it-yourself face-lift using only your fingertips and the right type of pressure to the right spots on your body…most of them BELOW the neck!

- How to get rid of bumps under the eyes (syringoma).

- And much, much more.

Stop feeling embarrassed at looking your ageâ?¦or even older. And start feeling beautiful againâ??inside and outâ??with the easy-to-implement strategies in Beautiful Skin at Any Age: No Surgery Required!

The Unstuck Process: 12 Powerful Questions That Create Breakthrough Results

by Robert Middleton

The Unstuck Process is designed to explore limiting and fearful beliefs and either reduce or eliminate them.

The Story of the Unstuck Process

One weekday afternoon sometime in 2003, I sat in my home office, as stuck as I’d ever been. All productive work had ground to a halt several days before, and I was feeling down, frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck. I could barely get through the routine tasks of the day, such as checking email. And instead of working, I avoided almost everything.

A number of important tasks and projects that had seen no progress for over a week languished on my to-do list. And every time I looked at the list, I felt more hopeless than the moment before.

Then I remembered something.

During the past year I had been working with Byron Katie’s process designed to get one past limiting and stressful beliefs. I had used it a number of times with some success, even with clients, but this time was different: I was as intractably stuck as I’d ever been. So I decided to give it a try.

I pulled out the worksheet to go through the steps of this written process. It included several questions that I answered by writing them down.

In about half an hour I had answered all the questions in the process.

Once I was done, I sat there wordless for several minutes. In that short span, something had shifted. The doom and gloom that had hung over me for the past few weeks lifted like the fog on a sunny day.

I looked out at the world through different eyes, with different thoughts, with different feelings. And then I turned my attention to my to-do list. My hopeless feelings were replaced by hopeful ones.

Items that had seemed impossible to accomplish seemed ridiculously easy. And by the end of the day, I had completed everything I had been putting off for so long.

If I’d only gotten that one result from doing this process I’d, have been more than satisfied. But that was only the beginning.

For the next several months, I experienced an explosion of productivity and creativity unlike anything I’d experienced before. My business took off as I created new programs and services, and my income increased and then doubled over two years. I initiated several large projects and succeeded at all of them with very little struggle.

These results got my attention, to put it mildly. And whenever I felt down or stuck and started to avoid things, I’d simply apply the process again with similar results.

Over the past several years I’ve also done a lot of tinkering with the process. I wanted to make it easier and even more effective. I tested it on my clients with similar results. I led workshops and created programs that integrated this process.

Ultimately I called it The Unstuck Process.

If you are stuck, avoid doing things you want to be doing, have had little success with motivational approaches and just want to get unstuck, then this book will give you what you need.

All you need to do is answer the 12 questions in the process as honestly as possible regarding any issue where you’re stuck, and your stuckness will lessen or even disappear. Try it!

Cheers, Robert Middleton

About Me

My name is Robert Middleton, and for 30 years I’ve been an internationally known marketing coach and consultant for self-employed professionals. People come to me because they are not having great results with their marketing.

I teach and coach them in my step-by-step system for attracting ideal clients. But some people don’t move forward because they are stuck – often paralyzed by fear, lack of confidence or overwhelm.

Years ago I went on a search for a methodology to help my clients get unstuck. In 2002 I discovered the Work of Byron Katie and then adapted it to work my clients who were stuck.

I’ve used this adapted process with hundreds of clients, in workshops and virtual programs. Now I’m making it available as a book to help anyone who is stuck to get unstuck.

1894 FRONTIER DOCTOR’S MEDICAL HANDBOOK: Book Two: How to Gather and Prepare Medicinal Herbs and Barks (1894 FRONTIER DOCTOR’S HANDBOOK 2)

by Daniel Edwards

THE 1894 FRONTIER DOCTOR’S HANDBOOK: Book 2 – How to Gather and Prepare Medicinal Herbs and Barks contains 19th Century knowledge of the proper use of healing plants. In 1894 many frontier settlers lived on homesteads far from cities and towns and needed to make do with home remedies. This short guide contains an alphabetical list of period cures using everything from American Poplar to Wild Cherry to treat all sorts of afflictions and diseases. Also contains information on how to make poultices, liniments, and salves. Whether you are a natural cures enthusiast, a curious historian, or someone that wants to be prepared in case the SHTF this book is for you.

Health Benefits of the Essential Oil Oregano

by Jessica Munroe

Essential oil oregano is one of the most useful oils to add to your aromatherapy collection. Pure, therapeutic grade oregano essential oil contains a multitude of health benefits and can even be used to clean your home without the harmful side effects of chemical-laden cleaners. On the other hand, food grade essential oil oregano is a healthy way to add flavor to your dishes.

If you haven’t used oregano oil before, this guide will show you why it should be a staple in your household.

Baking Soda: Discover The Incredible Health, Personal Hygiene, And Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know About Baking Soda (Baking Soda, DIY Household Hacks, Natural Remedies)

by Ashley Stone

Discover The Incredible Power Of Baking Soda – Including Personal Hygiene, DIY Househould Cleaning Hacks And Health Remedies


Get This Ebook As An Immediate Download To Your Kindle Device!

Baking Soda; we’ve nearly all heard of it and most of us have some lurking at the back of a cupboard in the kitchen. For those who bake regularly it will be a familiar item, regularly used and much loved! For others it could be one of those mysterious substances that sits in the cupboard largely unused until a recipe calls for a pinch or two.

Yes, Baking Soda is an essential ingredient in all manner of baked goods from cakes and cookies to breads and muffins. A simple, plain and inexpensive white powder it’s essential in baking but that’s about it. Isn’t it? Well, not exactly. Some people may well have that box or container in the cupboard but also keep a little in the refrigerator. An old wives’ tale, possibly your own old grandma’s tale, suggesting that it keeps things fresh and reduces odors.

Baking Soda can be used for an astounding range of household cleaning, culinary and even medicinal uses. It’s cheap, widely available and sadly overlooked in our modern world. Thanks to the needs of large, commercial organizations, who need mainly to make a profit, Baking Soda has been replaced by many exciting, far more expensive products in many of its traditional uses. However, for those of us who like to keep the costs down, or simply avoid using too many dangerous chemicals when cleaning our homes, Baking Soda can provide a perfect alternative.

Get A Sneak Peak Of What Is Inside…

  • Baking Soda In The Kitchen
  • Baking Soda In The Bathroom (With Cleaning Hacks)
  • Baking Soda And Laundry
  • Frugal Cleaning Hacks
  • Health And Hygiene Recipes Using Baking Soda
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Tags: Baking Soda, Natural Remedies, Frugal Cleaning, DIY Cleaning Hacks, Natural Cleaning, Baking Soda Solution, Baking Soda Uses, Cleaning, Baking Soda Cleaning, Baking Soda Cures, Baking Soda Medical Uses

Detox: The Cleanse Solution: How to Cleanse and Detox Your Body and Feel Amazing in 10 Days or Less (FREE Report Inside!!)

by Mary Johnson

Do You Really Want to Lose Weight and Feel Amazing in the Next 6 Weeks?

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Losing weight and taking care of your health can be very difficult. You may not know what to eat, you probably don’t have any go-to recipe you can use anytime you want, and you’d really like to have specific guidelines to take control of your health. Everytime you look at your body, you probably wish you looked better, and you don’t have a lot of energy to live your life fully.

If that’s how you feel, I can certainly understand your problems, because I’ve had to deal with them too. And I can tell you one thing for sure: improving your health will also improve your life. Just imagine a healthier version of yourself: how would you look? How would your energy levels be throughout the day? What kind of looks would you attract from the opposite sex? Don’t you think your life could become incredible by looking and feeling better?

Well, if you want to achieve great health, I have exactly what you need. In this ebook, you’ll discover a complete guide to cleansing your body. It is THE most complete resource on the topic, and contains practical tips and information you can apply right away, as well as tasty recipes you can make in minutes. This is by far the EASIEST way to start a cleanse, and no matter where you’re at in you’re life right now, I can guarantee you this book will help you get to the next level.

I am really convinced this book has the potential to transform your life. Take the first step right now, and buy it for a limited-time offer of only $0.99 instead of $9.99. And don’t forget: in the end, the only thing that gives results is action. If you want great health, then what are you waiting for?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Prepare for a Cleanse
  • What Are the Best Foods to Detox Your Body
  • The Two Best Ways to Create the Health You Deserve
  • Dozens of Delicious & Healthy Recipes
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Volume 2 (Boxed Set

by Speedy Publishing

Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. Integrating essential oils into a person’s routine can lead to becoming more relaxed, happy and fun to be around.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Ultimate Guide (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide with Recipes, Uses and Benefits

by Speedy Publishing

Aromathery and Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. Integrating essential oils into a person’s routine can lead to becoming more relaxed, happy and fun to be around.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 Essential Oils Guide for Weight Loss with Recipes

by Speedy Publishing

Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. Integrating essential oils into a person’s routine can lead to becoming more relaxed, happy and fun to be around.

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20 Oct

Free war Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

Lost Dreams

by Jude Ouvrard

*An Amazon bestselling author, #12 in War*

When Carter is killed in combat, he leaves behind his heartbroken wife, Avery and his shattered best friend Remy. Naturally these two wounded souls gravitate together, irresistibly drawn by the loss of the one they both loved, as well as their deep friendship with each other. But when that friendship starts to turn into something more, new problems arise.

Will Avery be able to move on after losing the love of her life?

Will Remy be able to fill the void left by the loss of his best friend? Or will this new chance at love cost them all they have left?

I, said the Spyder

by Larry Johns

Action at the sharp end of the espionage business, where a “final solution” could mean anything.

Henry’s Cry

by Kevin Crater

When a group of Americans start defying the government because of overreaching and regulation they start a chain reaction that will lead to the end of America.

But will it be her end, or a brand new beginning?

A Time to Die

by Larry Johns

Burma has already fallen, and it seems certain that India must follow. The Allied armies, frantically attempting to regroup, must find a

way to halt the westward advance of the Japanese, to gain a few precious hours’ respite. The target is Major General Tohutaro Sakurai, Commander of the Japanese Fourteenth Army, mastermind of the Japanese victories from Singapore to the Arakan. For Sakurai alone, if only for a short time, holds the key to the next advance. The method can only be the assassin’s bullet or blade.

But secrets are almost impossible to keep in a part of the world where fifth columnists and double agents are commonplace. For Captain Peter Lockhart the mission is doomed to failure almost before it has begun. Sakurai and Lockhart are drawn inexorably together on a tightening band of pride and circumstance, and the conclusion is one that neither man can

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20 Oct

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

Uncharted Secrets (Uncharted Secrets, Book 1): Endless Horizon Pirate Stories

by Cristi Taijeron

Some say she’s a witch. With hair so blonde it’s unearthly, and eyes so blue ye might sink into the sea if’n ye look in â??em for too long. Maybe it’s true. For I, the fearsome Mason Bentleyâ??a buccaneer revered by the most dreaded pirates, and a man who never thought he’d call one woman his ownâ??fell into the depths of her spell. Hannah Remington, the lost young girl who had no one who loved her and no one to protect her, somehow became my everything: her tears, her artwork, and her damned cat. But ye be warned, the mystery behind her ocean blue eyes does not make up the typical pirate tale. It isn’t so much about sword fights, great gun blasts, or the adventurous life at sea, but rather, a story about the harsh reality that ignites the fire of pirate spirit. And sometimes, such secrets are better left uncharted.

-Mason Bentley-

Sand and the River, a novel of Oklahoma

by Bob Lambert

Sand and the River is the story of the Gage family of Oklahoma, taking place largely in the 20′s and 30′s.
Oklahoma, not long a state, was booming. Oil wells were popping up in many areas of the state. Towns that had existed only as small farming communities or had not existed at all were suddenly bustling cities.
Many of the large–huge?–oil companies that were familiar names in America for most of the twentieth century got their starts in the Oklahoma oil fields. Lots of people got rich.
The Gages were not among them; they were, for the most part, laborers, overseeing the pumping oil wells, or, in the case of Frank Gage, helping the actually drilling for oil.
One brother, Walter, became an agent for the Oklahoma Bureaus of Investigation and Identification. His story was told–a part of it–in A Few Dead Indians, the novel that preceded this one.
Frank Gage, unlike his brother, was part of the rough-and-tumble world known as the oil patch. He didn’t mind a little fight now and then, a little drink, and the occasional woman. And even the occasional brush with the law.

A Druid’s Odyssey

by Francis Collins

O’ hEaghra, a native Hibernian and Druid, who is known in Rome as Harra, must watch the execution of the woman he loves, and even worse he is the direct cause of her impending death.

His travels have taken him from his native Hibernia – ancient Ireland – to as far north as Scandinavia, as far south as Africa, and as far east as Seres – ancient China – and along the way he has studied medicine, philosophy, and combat arms in a dozen cultures. Harra’s life as a slave in Rome includes serving as assistant to Galen, the arrogant but preeminent physician in second-century Rome, and he participates in Galen’s experiments on animals, all done by vivisection. He also serves the indigent population in and around Rome as physician and healer.

On one of Galen’s assignments, he meets Alba, the Virgo Vestalis Maxima, the eldest of Rome’s Vestal Virgins, and he’s immediately smitten by her beauty and her presence. Right or wrong, he falls in love with a woman who by all tradition is untouchable, who by law must avoid all intimate or physical relationships with men. Yet he pursues contact with her, sometimes daily contact, although short of physical consummation.

Their relationship is discovered, and Alba is scheduled for death, a death as brutal and cruel as any Roman could have devised. Alba, the deconscecrated Maxima, will endure a preliminary “cleansing” by scourging, a polite Roman term for being whipped until no skin is left on the body, and then be transported through the streets of Rome to her burial site, an inescapable underground chamber.

Harra must do everything his Druid teachings have taught him to save the woman he loves.

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20 Oct

Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

Brine Rights: Good Morning Justice

by Brine Books Publishing

Today we wish to begin the transition toward finally saying Good Morning to Justice within a world filled with much of the opposite. Standing alongside us are an assortment of authors and poets, speaking through their short stories and poems, on various human rights issues that are important to each of them. Each piece of art skillfully demonstrate their emotional connection to the problematic conditions throughout the world.

Within the contents of this book there are stories of mistaken injustice simply due to one’s status within their culture, or poetry that tells the stories of human trafficking within them. Or even poetry about the conditions of war, amongst so many other issues contained within these pages.

From the publishers of Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes, My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women’s True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations, and #EuroMaidan: Rising for Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine. We now bring to you the second volume in a series of Brine Rights publications, of which was started by Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes, and hope to bring you many more in the future. Help us change the world through the art of literature and poetry.

Our Efforts

Much like all of our other publications, some of our profits will go toward charities that help with human rights issues around the world. Purchasing any of our books will help further the cause of helping those less fortunate not only through the education on what they experience, but also through funding from the proceeds of your purchase.

Talking to the Moon.

“Talking to the Moon” is a lovely collection of poetry about love, loss, life, and simply moving on by the author Alessa Wolfe in her debut publication with Amazon Kindle’s Direct Publishing program. To all of you who ever believed in me, thank you. This one is for Maria DiMauro, my Angel, ti amo. You never stopped believing in me.

Haiku: Random Thoughts (A Haiku Collection Book 1)

by Adriana Dascalu

Haiku is like the very essence of a complex painting: a powerful message rendered in only seventeen syllables. On the principle “less is more”, the beauty of this poetry comes from its simplicity, from its stillness as a snapshot of a perfect (or imperfect, but empowering) moment that moves and stirs the soul.

Dramatis Personae: Poems of Comedy and Tragedy

by H.D. Greaves

Should you be sufficiently adventurous as to purchase this volume of poetry, I thank you. I do not now nor ever have written poetry with the intent of publication, but only for my personal enjoyment, be it cathartic to cleanse tragedy of its bile or whimsical to celebrate a comic vein.

Don Marquis, the poet whose wonderful creations, Archy the Cockroach and Mehitabel the Alley Cat, have given so much pleasure to so many people, wrote, “Publishing a volume of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.”

He was right, of course, and still is right, at least when it comes to publishing a volume of poetry the traditional way, that being with the help of a literary agent, an editor, and a publishing company.

However, with the invention of Ebooks and Print-on-Demand, all writers calling themselves poets can now inflict upon the public their work, be it good, grand, insufferably execrable, just plain bad, or (worst cut of all) indifferently mediocre.

The poems you will find in this volume may be in all of those States of Siege, according to your taste and my talents. Written over several decades, and being now an old man, I have long since lost all objectivity about them.

As for why I decided to publish what I never intended to publish: over many years, my friends urged me to do this rash deed and, to please them, as well as curiosity about how my work will be received by strangers (well, badly, or ignored), here it is, to use a fine old cliché, warts and all.

Looking Down, Looking Up: Haiku on suffering, evil, and hope

by Kelsey Lambright

Poetry allows us to find multiple interpretations for, and to discover beauty in, immensely complex aspects of life. Haiku, in particular, leave no room for ill-chosen words or excess; evil is not a time for fluffy feel-good language. This anthology addresses a theology of evil, which leaves room for emotion and for growth. Hopefully, in reading this anthology, you will learn something about yourself and about God. You will witness many different responses that we can and should have toward the evils of this world, whether of anger, sadness, hope, or joy.

Sinister Witnesses

by Robert Ahanes

Inner darkness is forgotten with every lightness in life and there may be no escape from it. Fear and regret are a part of fate from the time a child steps into this world. Ecstasies of everyday life makes him forget there are black holes deep into his soul he should see and comprehend. Death, fear, darkness, and horror revive them and different people symbolize them in different forms. Sinister Witnesses symbolizes them with the most emotional language, poetry, in an entirely new way.

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20 Oct

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 14


by Shameka Bonner

Life can be Bitter, life can be Sweet, and no one knows what fate they’ll meet! Bitter-Sweet, is a story of tragedy, and triumph. It deals with the ugly truth of incest, the effects of abuse, mental illness, and stalking. It also reveals consequences, love, forgiveness, faith, and transformation! This is a fascinating novel, where the characters are fictional, but the occurrences are real! This is a novel of purpose, intended to bring healing, and change to individuals who have experienced the pain of abuse. There is healing for your pain, and life after abuse. The words written in the pages of this book, will not only entertain, but change you!

Poison Town: A Novel (The Crittendon Files)

by Creston Mapes

Creston Mapes is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Christian fiction mystery, Nobody, along with the bestselling Christian fiction thrillers Fear Has a Name, Dark Star and Full Tilt. Ideal for fans of Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Jerry Jenkins and Joel Rosenberg. There’s More Than One Kind of Poison in This TownPeople are sick and dying. Rumors are swirling. Some claim chemicals leaking from a manufacturing plant are causing the cancer that’s crippling people on the poor side of Trenton City, Ohio. Yet nothing at the plant appears amiss. The problem remains a mystery until reporter Jack Crittendon’s long-time mechanic falls ill and he investigates. Soon Jack becomes engulfed in a smokescreen of lies, setups, greed, and scandal. The deeper he digs, the more toxic the corruption he uncovers. As he faces off with the big-time players behind the scenes and tries to beat the clock before more people die, he realizes the chillingly unthinkable–he knows too much.

Kemi’s Journal

by Abidemi Sanusi

Kemi, a marketing executive, seems to have it all: a wonderful flat, great job and fab boyfriend. Then she ruins it all by becoming a Jesus freak.

With its big themes, sassy style and strong, likeable characters, Kemi’s Journal will strike a chord with every woman juggling the demands of a faith-filled life with that of contemporary society.

Tales of a Church Mouse

by John Edgell

Tales of a Church Mouse is a delightful 12,700 word anthology of stories for the church familyâ??young and old alike. Jason Anthony Mouse, the main character, also narrates these twelve fascinating tales of church life.

Wondering about some meeting or event you may have said, or heard someone say, “I sure wish I could have been a bug on the wall to hear and watch what was going on in there.” Well, Jason Anthony is like that proverbial bug. In Tales of a Church mouse, Mrs. Fernfeather, Mrs. Peacock, Deacon Brown, Hilda Shoeloose, Willie Hardsnout, and many other unforgettable characters are seen through the eyes of a mouse scurrying about a church-house. He hides behind a book, under flowers, in a pocket, behind a cow in a manger scene stable, while observing interesting and telling events and conversations. He “spies on” these unique characters as they struggle with misunderstandings, misguided attitudes, and are brought to a change of heart. Jason’s stories challenge, inspire, and are wildly entertainingâ??possibly because they strike so close to home!

Love – a fantasy story (Acceptable Fruit Book 1)

by John Edgell

Galatians five tells us that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But what does love look like? What does goodness look like? What does gentleness look like?

Acceptable Fruit is a series of fantasy stories for teens and young adults (adults will enjoy and benefit from them too) that illustrate the various aspects of the fruit of the Spirit. They are fun stories, and yet poignant.

In the first story, Love, Tragen, falsely accused of impropriety, is taken out to sea and cast adrift on a rickety raft. Angry at his best friend, his village, and Elone (God), he spirals into resentment. “Life is unfair!” To add to his misery, a storm descends on the sea and drives him far from home where he is cast on the shores of a strange land. Discouraged and steeped in bitterness, he encounters Hallye, a anomalous creature who brings him face to face with the growing darkness of his own soul and the true nature of love.

Join Tragen and Hallye in this bittersweet, life-changing adventure

Joy – a fantasy story (Acceptable Fruit Book 2)

by John Edgell

Joy, a delightful short e-book of 4,000 words, is the second story in the Acceptable Fruit series. Each of the eleven short books illustrates an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit.

Joy is a fun story about goatrens, a people enslaved by the voiceless, kibsnip-smoking dowers. On the other hand, the Whisprn Mountains do have voice, voice that echoes from dark lava tubes above the gardens, where the goatrens labor at growing and harvesting the glazed-eyed dowers kibsnip crops. The goatrens, enslaved by fear of the dowers, are daily demoralized by the whispers of the “spirit-force” of the mountain. Oppressed, the gentle goatrens live joyless lives. However, one of the goatrens, Fiinara, can take no more! She decides to escape the dowers and the voices from the lava tubes. She and her dower-chosen husband, Fiidler, make an extraordinary discovery and take a costly stand. Driven from Musty Vale by their own people, they are astonished at what they encounter in the “terrible, dark world” beyond. Join Fiinara and Fiidler in their chilling yet wonderful adventure.

In the Age of Anhedonia: Short Stories

by Gabriella Kershner

What happens when a person’s pleasure center in the brain ceases to function due to mental, emotional, physical, situational, or social strains and challenges? These highly emotionally charged short stories signify the current age of the numbing of society. The author delves deep into each character’s psyche, spiritual prowess, and desire to feel pleasure and contentment again. Through a message of encouragement and faith, in each story, the reader will be inspired to reach out to God for fulfillment and hope.

New Beginnings: New Dawns, Season One, Episode Two

by C. T. Brown

The Earth is dying. Humanity’s only hope lies in moving to a new home, the worlds orbiting a gas giant that is a two hundred year journey away. New lives await the first colonists, if they can overcome the weight of their pasts on Earth.

Together the new colonists experience good and bad times, romance and friendships, hardships and troubles, as they travel toward a new dawn for mankind. Some will find their journey causes their faith to strengthen, some will find their faith shaken, some will discover faith anew in their new lives.

New Beginnings is the second episode of Season One of New Dawns, a series of short stories and novellettes (4,500 – 8,500 words) that tell the story of humanity’s new life on new worlds.

Their journey began in New Chances but in New Beginnings they reach their destination, their new home. It is the end of one journey but the beginning of many new ones.

Allison’s Adventures at Aerohaven

Allison grew up in West Highlands, California, but moved east when her parents divorced. Now a newly minted teacher, she’s back at Aerohaven Elementary where she started twenty years ago. Some things have not changed, but a few have, such as the new assistant principal, who is not only extremely handsome and charming; he also likes to hire LDS teachers as well. Everything is looking up, so what could go wrong? As the young, well-read custodian, says, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .” Between church, school, and romance, she’s about to find out “what fools these mortals be.”


by Suzanne D. Williams

“Cerise.” The pull of her breath flared her nostrils the tiniest bit and lifted her chest. She was beautiful, and priceless, like this house. She didn’t deserve to be trapped by all its legends. Because that is all this was, the stories of the past holding her in some vice-like grip, the grip of an old woman who wouldn’t let them go.


Andre Garner, up-and-coming glassmaker, thought the trip to the island was worth the risk. He’s been warned the place is full of mystery, that the old woman living there is peculiar and anything can happen.

Yet the Delacroix glass collection is the stuff of fables. To contribute to it could make his career and set him up for a very long time.

But soon the stories and legends of the past pull him in, he and the beautiful girl he didn’t expect to find there. Trapped together, unable to escape, he finds the most valuable thing inside isn’t the glass at all.

From the best-selling author of FLIGHT RISK (The Italian Series #1), SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS, delivers another page-turning romantic suspense.

Sometimes God Speaks In a Whisper

by Donna Schmier

Exploring and understanding one woman’s walk with the Master and the various crisis’ which developed her strength both physically and more importantly spiritually. A close look into the workings of the Holy Spirit in today’s world. Intertwined is poetry which is included to draw the reader closer to the Master or have a one on one encounter with HIM or renew the relation. Always relating in every page you are NEVER alone and the wonderful ways HE provides, guides and directs you as the journey before you unfolds. First person account. All references KJV (King James Version Bible).

Fire of Love

by Adeerus Ghayan

Fire of Love is a love story set in the backdrop of inter-religious tensions in an East Asian country. The protagonists are in their late teens whose chance meeting turns into love at first sight. Amidst the inter-religious riots and clashes their love blossoms, but is threatened when it becomes the focal point of these tensions.

Fire of Love is available for free download from 18 to 20 Oct 2014 on Amazon Kindle.

The Blackberry Effect: Zena’s Beginning

by Katie Maloney

The story of a child who rises above poverty. She doesn’t have any money, but she has a dream – the dream of a beautiful pair of shoes. Little by little, her young mind catches a vision, and the simplest of things come together to open doors. A brilliant idea blossoms into a resourceful business, and a new mindset will transform her outlook on life and pave the way to a bright future for the young entrepreneur.

Her journey from poverty and despair to hope and ambition will inspire you to seize the day and go for your dreams.

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20 Oct

Free horror Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

The Neighborhood

by Kelli Owen

A missing girl. A found fingertip. A puddle of blood without a body.

A small town neighborhood full of rumors and imagination through the eyes of its youth. Their world is a combination of grass stains and dried mudâ??the badges of childhood, that often look like blood in the right light.

Dracula (Illustrated)

by Bram Stoker

Famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula, the novel tells the story of Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England, and the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing.
Dracula has been assigned to many literary genres including vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel and invasion literature. The novel touches on themes such as the role of women in Victorian culture, sexual conventions, immigration, colonialism, and post-colonialism. Although Stoker did not invent the vampire, he defined its modern form, and the novel has spawned numerous theatrical, film and television interpretations.

The Nightmare Hunters: Ep. 1.01: The Witch’s Book, pt 1

by A.P. Matt

The Nightmare Hunters

Season 01, Episode 01: The Witch’s Book, pt 1

[[Case File from the Archive of Dr. Samuel Anders: #0098-2713]]

“Rarely do our expeditions end up occurring back-to-back as they did that summer. We had just completed a long and fretful departure from Kathmandu via bus and the subsequent flight from New Delhi, Axle and I stopped in Paris for the night. It was there that my secretary Debbie managed to reach me on the phone. It seemed that my old friend, Frank Carter – a gifted surgeon and my former roommate in college – had been trying to get a hold of me for quite some time. After speaking with him briefly, listening to his hushed worries and whispered fears, I decided to make a detour on the way home. We flew to Portland, Maine instead of Phoenix, Arizona and took the bus south into the wilderness near Vermont. Frank had a special request for me, one that changed my life and the lives of those around me forever. It was the day we met Victoria Carter, his granddaughter. It was also the day that we managed to procure – at great cost – one of the last remaining copies of a book that can literally summon and control the powers of Hell itselfâ?¦”

Joel Hunter Gun’s Scarred for Life

by Joel Gun

Jacob Linden was only a child when the gruesome tragedy had transpired, and now the lingering memory of his past may not only come back to rip into him, it may be coming for you! Learn the events that Jacob cannot bare to speak of, and discover one of the world’s best kept secrets that may terrorize your soul and chill your bones. This is one of Joel Hunter Gun’s short fiction stories that you must read! (Approximate, average reading time is 20 minutes.)

Through the Ashes (Phoenix Virus Book 2)

by J.P. Ayers

After narrowly escaping Phoenix with his wife and two young daughters, Jim Anders finds himself in a hopeless situation. His wife is seriously wounded, their only transportation is stolen, and the walking dead are closing in on them. On a lonely desert mesa Jim fights for the lives of his family, while making a shocking discovery about himself. He was bitten, and now it seems as though the bite is continuing to change himâ?¦but change him into what?
If only he had just the dead to worry about. A violent gang is roaming the country, and soon their plan begins to take shape as Jim and a small group of survivors fight to save what’s left of the world.

FATAL (Remote Psychic Thriller Book 2)

by Eric Drouant

Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore, two young psychics once again find themselves at the mercy of the U.S. Government. After a period of contentment, Ronnie and Cassie must face new threat to their life and their love. In an action packed spree ranging from New Orleans to Virginia, the psychic couple take on two factions intent on capturing them for their paranormal ability. Giving up is not an option. This war is going to be fought to a fatal conclusion.

Book 2 in the Remote Series takes Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore deeper into their romance and deeper into the world of psychic espionage. Combining the elements of a psychic thriller with action, adventure, and romance, Fatal is a twisting trip with a stunning conclusion.

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20 Oct

Free travel Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

50 Things to See and Do in London – The Ultimate London Travel Guide

by Atsons

“50 Things to See and Do in London” is an easy to use, no-nonsense travel e-guide showing you the 50 best tourist attractions London has to offer. Packed full of interesting and useful information for each attraction, this London visitor’s guide is the ultimate travel accessory for discovering this iconic city!

Inside Atsons “50 Things to See and Do in London”:

  • London’s top 50 tourist attractions divided into 5 categories: Tourist attractions, museums, entertainment, parks and shopping.
  • High quality photos of all the London attractions.
  • Essential information – including phone numbers, websites, prices, opening hours and address.
  • Easy to digest descriptions of every attraction.
  • Recommendations of what to see and do to give you a better visiting experience.
  • Top tips to save you time and money and to give you a more enjoyable experience.
  • Info on how to get to each destination by car, bus, tube and any other available transport.
  • Maps showing the location of every destination.
  • Attraction highlights include the Tower of London, London Eye, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

“50 Things to See and Do in London” E-Guide features:

  • Easy Navigation: Effortlessly jump from one attraction to another using the interactive contents.
  • Visit the websites of our top 50 attractions by touching the embedded links.
  • Interactive maps: If reading on an Internet enabled device, clicking on the maps will take you to the attraction location on Google maps.
  • Add notes to the guide for a more personal guidebook.
  • Use bookmarks to save your favourite pages.

There are lots of travel guides for London, why should I buy this one?

If you are looking for an easy-to-read and straight-to-the-point London travel guide, then this is for you. Visiting London’s most famous and fascinating attractions is one of the main draws of a trip to London, but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to pick the attractions you want to visit. Unlike most travel guides, this guide focuses on London’s 50 best attractions, making your decision on what to see in London that much easier.

Will I be able to plan my visit to London just using this Guide?

Yes, as the guide is set out as a list of the 50 best places to visit in London, you can easily plan which attractions you want to see. As a helpful reference, full maps of central and outer London showing the locations of all the attractions are available, which means you can easily see exactly where in London each attraction is. Individual maps of each of the attractions are also available, if you are reading on an Internet enabled device, clicking on the maps will take you to the attraction location on Google maps, where you can use the full interactive capabilities of Google maps to plan your journey.

I’ve never been to London, will this guide help me?

Most definitely! In fact this is the perfect guide for someone who has never visited London. Not only has it got a choice of 50 of London’s best attractions, it will give you useful info, photos, maps, directions, essential details, tips, and ideas of what to see for all the attractions.

Bermuda travel guide : Everything You Need To Know When Traveling to Bermuda.

by Elisabeth Sanz

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  • Bermuda Triangle Myths and Facts
  • Bermuda Attractionse
  • Tips and Warnings When Traveling to Bermuda
  • Much, much more!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

Top Ten Sights: Austin

â??Top Ten Sights: Austin’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Austin has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Austin’ is the only guide you need!

Take Off!: The Key to Stress Free Travelling

by Tony Christer

Travelling can sometimes be a pain and a cause for stress and anxiety. With the proper preparation you will have a more pleasant and stress free trip.

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20 Oct

Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

The Invisible Man (Illustrated)

by H. G. Wells

The Invisible Man is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells published in 1897. Originally serialised in Pearson’s Weekly in 1897, it was published as a novel the same year. The Invisible Man of the title is Griffin, a scientist who has devoted himself to research into optics and invents a way to change a body’s refractive index to that of air so that it absorbs and reflects no light and thus becomes invisible. He successfully carries out this procedure on himself, but fails in his attempt to reverse the procedure.
While its predecessors, The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau, were written using first-person narrators, Wells adopts a third-person objective point of view in The Invisible Man.

Conan – The Complete Robert E Howard Conan Series (Illustrated)

by Robert E. Howard

18 original Conan Stories by Robert E. Howard
Cimmeria – A Poem
The Phoenix on the Sword
The Scarlet Citadel
The Tower of the Elephant
Black Colossus
The Slithering Shadow or Xuthal of the Dusk
The Pool of the Black One
Rogues in the House
Gods of the North
Iron Shadows in the Moon or Shadows in the Moonlight
Queen of the Black Coast
The Devil in Iron
The People of the Black Circle
A Witch Shall be Born
Jewels of Gwahlur
Beyond the Black River
Shadows in Zamboula or Man-Eaters of Zamboula
Conan the Conqueror or The Hour of the Dragon
Red Nails
The Hyborian Age
Robert Ervin Howard (January 22, 1906 – June 11, 1936) was an American author who wrote pulp fiction in a diverse range of genres. He is well known for his character Conan the Barbarian and is regarded as the father of the sword and sorcery subgenre.

The Time Machine (Illustrated)

by H. G. Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. It is generally credited with the popularisation of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively. The term “time machine”, coined by Wells, is now universally used to refer to such a vehicle. This work is an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre.
The Time Machine has since been adapted into two feature films of the same name, as well as two television versions, and a large number of comic book adaptations. It has also indirectly inspired many more works of fiction in many media.

District 3

by Sarah Drinkwater

Tenra. A beautiful city situated in the middle of deserted wasteland which was responsible for developing scientific resources for over 50 years. It’s a city which most aspiring scientists, like Sera, would dream of living in. Sera is a genetic scientist, and she was offered her dream job at the University of DNA and Genetics which resides in Tenra. Jumping at the offer, Sera immigrated to America and sets up home, making new friends and finally getting on with the life she’s always wanted. Until Sera ignores a warning from her best friend to stay away. Ignoring her friends warning, Sera ends up surrounded in the dark secret that Tenra hides so well. With a new ability, and new people surrounding her, Sera learns fast that not everything is as it’s seems. Caring for the fate of one person leads Sera to beholding the fate of the many. Without realising, Sera fast becomes the city’s only hope.

Enjoy a book which has science, love, betrayal and hope wrapped all in one package!

Fancy Free

by Pam Uphoff

In the last parts of the Twenty-first century, AI, Artificial Intelligence is commonplace. Highly able computers, and nothing more . . . until some rare and as yet unidentified trigger creates an actual personality.

Artificial Personalities, APs or hals, are illegal. Destroyed upon discovery. Even Beowulf, the AP the government controls, and uses to hunt down emerging hals, isn’t legally recognized, has no right to existence.

So you’d think that when the Special Grid Security Unit started paying extra attention to the area where a certain cooking show operates, Fancy Farmerâ??the AP who runs the showâ??would be concerned.

But Fancy has a bigger problem.

She’s been stolen.

Elohim III: The Return

by Kerry Barger

World War III has begun! According to a current list of reported UFO sightings, few documented reports exist from the time of Classical antiquity until the 1940′s. However, one of the first and most reliable descriptions of a mass UFO sighting was written by the historian, Josephus, following the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., when he wrote the following: “…Thus there was a star resembling a sword, which stood over the city… at the ninth hour of the night, so great a light shone round the altar and the holy house, that it appeared to be bright day time; which lasted for half an hour… before sunsetting, chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds, and surrounding of cities.”

“Elohim III: The Return” is the third and final book in this author’s controversial “Elohim” series, which began with “Elohim: Ancient Science Fiction or Biblical God?” and was recently followed by “Elohim II: Ascension of the King”. It examines critical events in world history related to UFO activity and reveals the next stage in mankind’s rapidly approaching evolution or ultimate extinction. “The future is here!”

Eagle People

by W.R. Benton

2414 and it’s all gone. No more electric grid, nor government, or Presidents… just tribes, regional packs of survivors who make their way in a devastated America ripped apart by a second bitter Civil War.

In a time of struggle and strife, only the vigilant survive, and The Eagle People must compete with their neighbors, The Mountain People and The Wolf Clan for every life-preserving resource. Horses, bows and hatchets have replaced the ammo-less assault rifles and worthless cars. Defending their hunting grounds with their rudimentary weapons means The Eagle People stand a chance, losing them means tribal extinction.

Until now the Eagle People had some advantages – access to the sacred Books of Knowledge, culled from the blacked ruins of once great book houses. With these books, their ‘Learned Ones’ are slowly discovering long-forgotten skills and tools. When the Wolf Clan suddenly discovers a new terrifying weapon, the pistol, things change. Though few in number, The Wolf Clan uses their advantage to attack and enslave The Eagle People, igniting a new war and disturbing the fragile balance of power in the neighboring tribes.

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20 Oct

Free science Kindle books for 20 Oct 14

Holistic Medicine For Common Ailments – The BEST No Prescription Needed Guide To Using Holistic Medicine For Common Ailments (Guide For Common Ailments,Uses … Medicine, Common Ailments, herbal remedies)

by Virginia French

The Effective Uses Of Holistic Medicine For Common Ailments

Holistic Medicine For Common Ailments Explained And Cracked

*** BONUS! : FREE Natural Remedies Report Included !! ***

* * * LIMITED TIME OFFER! Only $2.99 ( Regularly Priced At $5.99 )

Medicine is one of the oldest branches of science. People have always been seeking means to alleviate sicknesses and prolong life. In olden times, people achieved this by taking resources, like plant and animal parts, from nature. Other times, they observe the healing techniques of sick animals. Most striking of all is shifting to a certain type of lifestyle in the hopes of alleviating disease. A few decades ago, advances in the study of chemicals and a greater understanding of how the human body works has prompted the wide use of drug-based medications. Because of their efficacy, many previously life-threatening diseases (like fevers) can be easily resolved. However, researchers, physicians, and lay people alike have noticed that negative side-effects sometimes come with these medications.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

= > 3. Easy To Read Chapters

= > 4.The Best Guide For Everyone

= > 5. It Has A Great Concept

= > 6. It Provides Exact And Reliable Information

= > 7.To Expand You Knowledge About the Topic

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • The Power Of Holistic Medicine
  • Different Uses Of Holistic Medicine
  • Different Treatment Techniques
  • Factors Of Common Ailments
  • Holistic Methods to Cure Ailments

Get The Book Before The Promotion Runs Out! Only For A Limited Time!

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Tags: Holistic Medicine, Common Ailments, Organic Treatment

How to Bass Fish Like a Pro

by John E. Phillips

If you could sit-down and interview some of the best pro bass fishermen in the world, what would you want them to tell you to help you improve your bass fishing skills? In this book, “How to Bass Fish Like a Pro,”

*    Kevin VanDam will explain how he catches bass consistently, how he fishes all 12 months of the year, and in the bonus chapters, which are videos of VanDam talking directly to you, he will tell you how to fish for hot-weather bass.

*    Denny Brauer will tell you the ways he hates to fish, how he picks the best fishing lures for different water and weather conditions, and will give you his best fishing tips for hot weather. In Brauer’s bonus chapters (videos) he’ll teach you when to flip a jig, a tube or a creature bait and tell you his three tips for how to be a better fisherman.

*    Mark Davis, in chapter 3 of the book explains his five secrets to becoming a better bass fisherman, how to turn your bass fishing around to the positive side and how to catch hot-weather bass. In the bonus chapter videos, you’ll get six-different interviews with Davis, where he looks you in the eye and tells you: three tips for becoming a better bass fisherman; his three favorite bass lures; and how to keep a big bass on the line and get it to the boat.

*    James Niggemeyer tells you how to become a bass pro. He also tells you how to catch bass when the weather sizzles. In Niggemeyer’s bonus video chapter, he explains how to move from being a bass-club fisherman up to being a pro.

*    Mark Rose will explain his five favorite go-to bass lures and how to catch bass in the middle of the summer.

In this book, you’ll hear from the pro fishermen about how they catch big bass consistently, and what they do to win millions of dollars as professional bass fishermen. This book has a very-simple premise: When you learn how to bass fish from the pros, then the next time you go on the water, you can fish like a professional bass-fisherman.

As well as these lessons on how to fish, this book also contains numerous color fishing pictures and links to 14 video interviews with the pros.

Now featuring a bonus chapter of delicious bass recipes!

“Award-winning Alabama author John Phillips probably knows more pro bass anglers personally than any other writer in the business.” –Frank Sargeant, premier outdoor writer and editor of  The Fishing Wire (thefishingwire.com)

Antimatter Propulsion

by Metin Bektas

Many popular science fiction movies and novels feature antimatter propulsion systems, from the classic Star Trek series all the way to Cameron’s hit movie Avatar. But what exactly is antimatter? And how can it be used accelerate rockets? This book is a gentle introduction to the science behind antimatter propulsion. The first section deals with antimatter in general, detailing its discovery, behavior, production and storage. This is followed by an introduction to propulsion, including a look at the most important quantities involved and the propulsion systems in use or in development today. Finally, the most promising antimatter propulsion and rocket concepts are presented and their feasibility discussed, from the solid core concept to antimatter initiated microfusion engines, from the Valkyrie project to Penn State’s AIMStar spacecraft. No prior knowledge is required.

From the author of “Physics! In Quantities and Examples” and the popular “Great Formulas Explained” series.

Learning Essential Oils for Beginners: Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils (essential oils, essential oils guide) (essential oils kit, essential oils headaches, … oils reference guide, essential oils q&a,)

by Lauren Rae

Learn the amazing Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils!

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at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to…

You might have heard a lot about essential oils. These products have been offered in the market for quite a while now. If you are one of the countless people who wish to use it, understanding its basics will help you come up with an informed decision and further aid you in selecting excellent quality ones for optimal results.

There are several things that you have to know when talking about essential oils. These include the process used for its extraction, distinguish high quality ones from poor ones, the various kinds of essential oils and of course, essential oils benefits and uses.

Essential oils have been used for centuries in various cultures for different purposes. It’s been used in the health care industry, cosmetics and even for home treatments. It can help in eliciting wonderful emotional responses when used. It can also improve your mood and even help you de-stress. Essential oils come in various types and a lot of them possess cleansing and antimicrobial properties. These are known to be effective when it comes to vitality and overall wellness.

This book: Learning Essential Oils for Beginners will serve as your essential oils guide and kit that will surely bring you to the best privilege of learning about essential oils. This is your essential oils reference guide and ultimate handbook!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Uses of Essential Oils
  • Application of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for Beauty care
  • Home made Essential Oils
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Tags:essential oils kit, essential oils headaches, essential oils handbook, essential oils reference guide, essential oils q&a, essential oils starter kit, essential oils pack

The Ebola Breakout: How to Prepare, Protect, Diagnose, Treat, And Survive A Ebola Pandemic

by James Fisher

Today only, get this Kindle book for 2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

The Ebola Breakout: How to Prepare, Protect, Diagnose, Treat, And Survive A Ebola Pandemic

Be prepeared!!

They say ignorance is bliss; but not always! There are things that need your

absolute attention. A pandemic is one such thing that calls for your 100%

attention. At the current moment, the world is griped with terror with the

ever increasing death toll of the Ebola Virus outbreak.

What started off about 6 to 8 months ago in Western Africa has now slowly

started making its presence felt in the Western world. There is a sudden

panic and also a lot of uncertainty about this virus. This uncertainty is,

of course, a result of general lack of information on the subject.

This is exactly where this eBook comes in handy. Through the course of

this eBook, we will discuss everything you need to know about the

Ebola Virus, how it started, its history and the current situation that

has terrorised the world. We will also give some advice on how to deal

with a pandemic and keep your family safe in such times.

So, rather than being one of those people who turn a blind eye to a

condition as grave as the Ebola virus pandemic, be the one to take the

time to learn and understand more about it.

  • Prepare
  • Protect
  • Diagnose
  • Treat
  • Survive

Download your copy today!

Tags: Ebola, Ebola Outbreak, Ebola Virus, Ebola Treatment, Ebola Pandemic, Ebola Survival Guide, Ebola Disease, Ebola Prepping

55 witty and inspiring Albert Einstein quotes: Discover the wit of the smartest man of the 20th century

by Patrik B

Browse through this book to discover amazing wit, inspiring insights and joyful social commentaries by the great Albert Einstein!

For the price it’s definitely a BUY

What Is Responsive Web Design, Anyhow?

by Alex Dole

With the arrival of mobile browsing expensive web design has quickly become the hottest trend in website creation. Yet many people don’t what it is or why it is needed in the growing mobile marketplace. This book discusses why responsive design has become so popular, where it is headed in the future, why every web designer should implement a responsive framework, as well as covering the most popular techniques used.

Topics covered include:
Dynamic Imaging
Fluid Grids
CSS3 Media Queries
Web Aesthetics/Design
…..And much more!

Cat Trivia

by Elliot Carruthers

What can be funnier than cats?

Cat trivia! That’s what.

Funny cartoons and fun trivia explore the cool world of cats.

Honey: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know About Honey In 30 Minutes (Honey Benefits – Allergy Relief – Herbal Remedies – Over the Counter – Healing)

by 30 Minute Reads

Discover All the Top Secrets About Honey in Just 30 Minutes

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All you ever wanted to know about NATURAL Honey

Honey is a wonderful substance that has medicinal properties, such as its antibacterial property. Though, what most people don’t know is that there are multiple varieties of honey and each of them have their own benefits and uses. Though, honey is used in the kitchen as well it can also be found in your medicine cabinet.

There are some precautions that need to be taken when dealing with honey, especially for its health benefits, but this book will walk you through it all, as it shows you what you need to consider. You’ll even learn how to buy honey and tell what quality of honey you are getting for your money. There are minor differences in flavor, but it all depends upon the region, and each common variety of honey has its own benefits that can be used in your home.

7 Reasons to Buy This Book

1. This book will teach you what honey is and where it can be found.

2. Inside this book you will learn all about the different varieties of honey and how to tell if you are buying a good one.

3. This book shows you the different and most common varieties of honey and the medicinal benefits thereof.

4. Honey can promote general wellness and act as an herbal remedy, and this book explains how.

5. Inside this book you’ll find out some of the precautions you need to take when handling honey.

6. This book shows you the safety of honey and explains how it has been used since ancient times.

7. Many cultures have used honey, and you will find some interesting facts about it inside this book.

The 30 Minute Reads Philosophy

At 30 Minute Reads our philosophy is simple. To give you high quality and easy to follow informational guides that help you learn about an interesting subject or help you solve a problem.

We live in a busy world with endless amounts of content that we can access. Our mission at “30 Minute Reads” is to help bridge that gap and provide you amazing books that can take you from zero knowledge on a subject to the smartest person in the room in just 30 minutes!

What You’ll Learn from “Honey”

- Essential Information about Honey

- 12 Quick Hit Facts about Honey

- The 10 Important Things You Need to Know about Honey

- The 7 Most Crucial Benefits of Honey

- Frequently Asked Questions about Honey

- Buying Guide, Safety & Best Practices for Honey

- Final Thoughts on Honey

Want to Know More?

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Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide: Preparing Yourself for the Ebola Outbreak

by Philip W. Pearson

. This guide will help you get you in gear and let you know of the things that you need to do to protect yourself from Ebola and keep it from spreading, as well as giving you the basic knowledge of the disease and even give you the knowledge on how to detect the Ebola disease through the signs and symptoms it presents. Are you ready?

A Visit to Alps’ Scenery (Photo Gallery): (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Story,Photo Traveler,Travel Books,Travel Photos,Travel Photography)

by John Parker

Get ready to be amazed by the power of nature!

Here comes the photo gallery of impressing ones selected from that tour.

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Beautiful Bora Bora Beach in French Polynesia (Photo Gallery: (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Traveler,Travel Books,Travel Photos)

by John Parker

A haven of beautiful sunny. Sand, fine And sea Turquoise like the novel Robinson.

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