Free fiction Kindle books for 23 Jan 17


by Candace Ayers

Wounded Alpha + BBW doctor = Sizzling Passion!

**This story was previously published under the same title. It has been re-vamped, re-polished, and re-published.**

Dr. Lexi Green has seen strange things in the local ER, but this takes the cake. After eight gunshot wounds to the chest, this guy shouldn’t be alive much less giving her a wink and a nod on his way out the hospital doors. WTH?

Lexi has secrets that have caused her to rule out dating, but the hot guy with sculpted muscles and exceptional healing powers is too delicious to ignore.

As next in line for Alpha, making him the most powerful wolf on the East Coast, Shane has no time for women – especially a human. His reign is being violently contested by the anti-human shifters. So, why is it that he can’t resist the sexy ER doctor?

Shane knows that being with him makes Lexi an enemy target. He must decide to either abdicate or Turn her, but how will Lexi handle it when she finds out her new boyfriend is a werewolf?

This story is about 120 pages long. It is a stand-alone with a HEA ending and no cliff-hanger. This cover contains several FREE bonus books.


Players: A Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery (Book 7)

by Mike Markel

The death of Lake Williams, a former football player at Central Montana State, in his squalid tent in a homeless camp looks to Seagate and Miner like a routine heroin overdose. Soon, however, they discover that someone hired a courier to deliver the uncut heroin, knowing that Lake would shoot up and die instantly. When a second body turns up, and then a third, the evidence points to the head coach and the other leaders of the football program, who appear to be covering up a secret that would destroy the program. When a man comes forward, claiming to have committed numerous felonies on behalf of the program over many years, the detectives don’t know whether he is the killer or merely a decoy in an elaborate misdirection play. In a heart-pounding final confrontation, Seagate and Miner confront the killer–and realize they have walked right into the trap.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Herbal Tea: Herbal Teas That Will Make You Healthier

by Sofia Freiherr

Did you know that –

Ginger tea can make you lose weight?

Peppermint tea is often used for stress relief and relaxation?

or that, lemon balm tea helps to support blood sugar levels?

just a few things you will learn while reading Herbal Teas That Will Make You Healthier …

In this book we will discuss the numerous health benefits associated with consuming herbal teas. We will cover a brief history of tea, some of the general health benefits of tea as well as six commonly consumed herbal teas and their specific health benefits.

Hiking Appalachian Trail From Georgia to Maine: 49 day Challenge to Hike 12 Greatest Sections of A.T.

by Alan Greenfield

Hiking Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine

49 Day Challenge to Hike 12 Greatest Sections of A.T.

It was 1994, on my 23rd birthday my father gave me an envelope, which I figured would be a gift certificate for something outdoor or even a golf club coupon. But to my surprise, it was an airline ticket to Atlanta! I was utterly confused, looking at my face he knew I was, but that confusion soon turned into a huge excitement when he said: “we are going to hike the Appalachian Trail in less than 50 days, get ready son.”

I was excited, I asked him, why he hasn’t hiked this trail ever, he said he always had the dream of hiking it with me, in his word, “I saved the best for you.”

That was a trip I will never forget, I think to date that is one of most fun and the adventurous thing I have ever done. We were able to finish it in 49 days too, we both were very proud of each other. Soon after that trip, my dad was diagnosed with a severe case of arthritis, even though the doctors said it was not because of that trip but they think it was too many hiking trips through many rough and rugged terrain that contributed to his condition.

He still hikes, but we only take him to mini half-day trails.

When I originally had the idea to write a guide book on how to hike on the great Appalachian Trail, at first, I thought I should just write it like a journal of what we did, but then my father told me that might not help every reader. He suggested, I should write it like a guide book that can help anyone from a beginner to an advanced hiker, this way we cover a broad range of hikers. So this book is not about my hiking trips, but yours, my main focus in this book is to get you familiarized with the trail and get you prepared for it.

This book is truly a guidebook which is divided into 2 parts where I start off with some basic facts and information about the great Appalachian Trail, then give my readers a clear overview of the trail in every region and state it crosses. Next, I talked about how to get started on hiking the Appalachian Trail, along with all different options like a day hike, multi-day hike and through hike.

Next, I spoke about what to expect on the trail, what kind of help and supports are out there, what and how weather can affect your hiking, what wild animals you have to be aware of. Then I discuss how you can find sanitation, restroom, shower, etc. on the trail, how to deal with various illness while on the trail.

Next up is how you should pack, what gears you need, how to plan a through-hike and how to actually get started on this amazing trip.

In the second part of the book, I share how to hike each section day by day and what you can expect, what you need to be looking for, what you need to be aware of one each section of your hike.

After hiking through this great Appalachian Trail twice, I can assure you it can be done, and no it is not a monumental task, but yes it will take effort and a strong willingness to go through with it. I know if I could do it anyone can. I know you can do it too.

Good luck!

Alan Greenfield

Relationship Detox: 7 Steps to Prepare for Your Ideal Relationship

by Jodi Schuelke

Are you frustrated with dating and with not finding the man of your dreams?

What if you could experience a unique detoxification what would rid you of those unhealthy dating patterns and bad habits that continually leave you feeling disappointed and lonely? And what if the result was confidence, purpose, joy, and better relationships? This is what Relationship Detox is all about.

Relationship Detox is the smart woman’s guide to cleansing yourself of the dysfunctional relationships and dating habits that prevent you from finding the man of your dreams. Relationship expert and best-selling author of I Just Want Out, Jodi Schuelke lays out seven practical steps in her FORWARD Frameworkâ?¢ process so you can claim or reclaim self-confidence and happiness.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get out of your relationship rut.
  • Stop falling for bad boy types, narcissists, commitment phobe, or playboys.
  • Set yourself up to meet the right guy for you.
  • Rid yourself of toxic mindsets and behaviors that pull you away from having the relationship you deserve.
  • Identify healthy and stable men who are ready for a grown-up relationship.

Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet

by Joey Myers

“My son is 12 and I have used some of the teaching of the Hitting Performance Lab are posting on here and my son hit the ball over 280 feet several times already in the game, not just practices, and also hit the fence on the fly on 300 feet field, so what this guy is teaching works, a least for my son…He weighs about 110 now but ,what I have noticed is how consistent his power has become thank you so much for your help, I played 10 years of professional baseball, and I wish I could of used some of this advice.”
– Sandy Arecena

This book is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth. Joey Myers uses human movement principles that are validated by science, to hitting a ball. With this system, Joey and literally hundreds of coaches across the nation are helping baseball and fast pitch hitters, to consistently triple their body-weight in batted ball distance.
This Step-by-Step guide shows hitting coaches:
-Why hitting philosophy fails and principles that are validated by science succeed
-Why you shouldn’t make video analysis FIRST priority when modeling elite hitters
-What 30+ year coaching experience and pro players won’t tell you, and how the information source you focus on can dramatically cut down your learning curve
-How to become a hitting expert when you’ve never played higher than Little League
-There’s a BIG advantage to learning how the body actually loads (and it’s not what you’re thinking)
-A simple method that helped Babe Ruth to consistently crush the ball with some of the heaviest bats ever used
-SPECIFIC elite hitters revealing ways to hit high Ball Exit Speeds, swing after swing, using three elements even a 4yo can understand
-At last, the secret to transitioning grooved batting practice swings into game at-bats is revealed

Tony Robbins: The amazing story of Anthony Robbins, and his best motivation and success lessons you can learn from!

by Andrew Knight


Grab this great book now at a HUGE discount! Available for only $0.99 for a limited time – Normally priced at $4.99!!

Having affected over 100-million people worldwide through his work, Tony Robbins has had an enormous impact on the world. He’s credited with helping the world’s best athletes stay at the top of their game, billionaires to invest and manage their money safely, and everyday people to achieve all kinds of different goals!

This book will help you to learn Tony’s best philosophies and success principles, as well as to get to know the man himself better.

Included in this book are the best bits of advice Tony has developed and shared over his almost 40-year career! You will learn all about how Tony managed to overcome diversity and a rough childhood, to ultimately become an incredibly successful speaker and entrepreneur.

At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of the many powerful methods that Tony teaches, and be ready to implement them in your own life!

Here Is What You’ll Learn About…

  • Who Is Tony Robbins
  • Tony’s Early Life
  • Tony’s View On Failure
  • Tony’s Best Success Secrets
  • How To Create A Powerful Morning Routine
  • Tony’s Personal Life
  • Tony’s Best Motivational Quotes
  • Much, Much More!

Download Your Copy Today!

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$0.99, or read through Kindle Unlimited!

Learn WordPress: From beginner to advanced user

by Elias Ericson

WordPress is today’s standard for quickly making a website. An incredibly useful tool to know.

The book gives a good introduction to WordPress and takes you into its powerful usage. A great overview of how WordPress is functioning. From its simple interface to utilizing WordPress’ main strength of “Themes” and “Plugins” that are used for building and customizing websites.

With this book you will be able to make websites with WordPress. Making websites for companies, products, blogs with ease, presentations, online stores, portfolios, etc. This book goes through all parts of WordPress and takes you from a beginner to an advanced user of WordPress.

Chapters in the book,

1. Intro
2. Getting Started with WordPress
3. The Adminpanel
4. Begin Making your Website
5. All About Themes
6. All About Plugins
7. Intro to Graphic Design
8. Overview of WordPress’ Structure
9. Intro to Script Languages
10. Security
11. Make Money with WordPress
12. Concluding Words

BACKYARD GARDENING: No Space Left Behind – Turn a 1/4 Acre Backyard Into a Mega-Garden; Raised beds, hydroponic grow system, backyard vegetable garden

by Marcelina Noss

Now, you can do something about it even if you live on less than a ¼ acre of land. Turn every square foot of space into a super charged backyard vegetable garden to feed yourself and your family. This book will show you 16 different methods to use for growing fruits and vegetables with advanced gardening techniques like hydroponic gardens, raised vegetable garden beds, aquaponic systems, aeroponics and more. If you are looking to start a vegetable garden system that leaves NO space behind, you will love this eBook. Created by Marcelina Noss, a Filipina agriculture specialist with 30 years experience.

Air Fryer Cookbook: Delicious – Quick & Easy – Air Fryer Recipes (Healthy Air Fryer Recipes Book 1)

by Katie Robbins

Best Air Fryer Cookbook on Amazon!!

“The only Air Fryer Book you’ll need”

Read More and discover the easy way to lose weight and cook faster than ever

We all have been there, looking at ourselves in the mirror as we curse out taste buds into making us crave foods that add to our waistlines. We are left to eat bland foods with limp textures that leave us highly unsatisfied. We all need food to live, and what’s the fun in eating edibles that we have to choke down instead of enjoy?

Well, not to fret, thanks to ever-changing technology there are solutions to just about every problem, whether big or small. Luckily, you have found the book that will be able to change the way you think about the unhealthy but devilishly divine foods we all crave. With the purchase of this book, you are about to walk into a portal of every kitchen imagination’s dream, as we introduce you to the one, and only device that can prepare the comfort foods that your taste buds ever so much desire, the Air Fryer!

What IS that? Well it is a machine that is capable of frying, roasting, baking and grilling your all time favorite eats with less than half the calorie intake! This book holds the secrets you need to start creating meals with this amazing kitchen appliance TODAY!

What’s Inside!

  • What an Air Fryer is and why YOU NEED one!
  • The pros and cons of the Air Fryer
  • How to Use an Air Fryer
  • Air Fryer Cooking Tips
  • Lot of recipes that will challenge your Air Frying mastery skills!

Our bodies are our temples! Why continue down the path of self-destruction caused by what we consume, when you have a choice to make a difference in your long-term health? With the stealthy power the Air Fryer holds, it can trick you taste buds into thinking they are still eating thousands of luxurious calories, when in reality you are actually doing your entire body a BIG favor!

Another plus? Air fryers prepare meals TEN TIMES FASTER than your average stove tops, ovens and convection ovens. What is not to like?!

With the information packed inside this book, you will obtain the knowledge you need to know how to make the switch from the hum drum, loaded calorie ways of cooking into the twenty-first way of getting meals done! Plus, there are plenty of recipes to get you started in your Air Frying adventures! So, why NOT make a much needed change, today?! Honestly, it IS a win-win!

Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss For Women! 7 Day Success Plan to Unlock the Secret to Fat Loss for Women (Keto Guide and Beginners Cookbook with Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss 1)

by Danyale Lebon

Discover the Hidden Secret to Permanent Weight Loss, More Energy and Feeling Great! WITH BONUS BOOKS INCLUDED!

Do you struggle to lose weight? If so, then the Ketogenic Diet is perfect for you! The Ketogenic Diet may help you regulate blood pressure and sugar levels as well as show you how it can help you to lead and enjoy a healthier, fuller life!

Don’t know anything about the Ketogenic Diet you? No worries at all. This book will teach you everything there is to know about the ketogenic diet for beginners and how you can start enjoying its benefits.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The origin of the Ketogenic Diet
  • The numerous benefits of the keto diet, not just to your figure, but for your overall health
  • the types of food to eat and avoid
  • A one-week recipe plan to get your started on your Ketogenic Diet journey!
  • And so much more!

Make your first step toward a healthier you today! Download your copy of “Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss For Women! 7 Day Success Plan to Unlock the Secret to Fat Loss for Women” today and start your journey to a healthier you!

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NLP: Depression & Anxiety: 2 Manuscripts – NLP: Depression, NLP: Anxiety (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Social Anxiety, Self Help, NLP Book 1)

by Modern Psychology Publishing

â?? Bonus Free Workbook Included with Step-by-Step Guided Exercises â??

Are you one of the millions of people that suffer daily from depression or anxiety? Do you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns, but don’t know how to stop them? Are you tired of constantly worrying, or feeling depressed?

If feelings of self-doubt, fear of social judgement, or negativity are making it impossible to live the life you want, you are not alone. Millions of people are diagnosed with some form of depression and anxiety each year. But there is good news – You don’t need to feel powerless!

At its root, depression and anxiety come down to habitually engaging in negative thought patterns of limitation, fear, and worry. When you change your thought patterns, you change your state of mind.

The good news is, You have the power to rewrite your habits!

NLP is a powerful tool that can guide you through the process of self transformation.

Believe it or not, it is very simple to learn – you just need to know how.

In this book you will learn:

â?? The most powerful NLP techniques that will empower you to take control – step by step

â?? How to recognize and end maladaptive coping strategies such as avoidance, and rewrite them into positive associations

â?? How to eliminate negative self talk and why doing this is so important

â?? A simple strategy for increasing happiness with a daily habit hack

This book is highly actionable, with step-by-step exercises for each technique and a Free Workbook included, to guide you on your journey of self-mastery.

After reading this book you will be able to:

â?? Create and use a personal positivity Anchor

â?? Use Loop Breaks and the Pattern Interrupt technique to change negative thought habits

â?? Utilize the Resourceful state of mind to access solutions

â?? Have a much greater control over your emotional state

â?? And much, much more!

Stop being limited by your reactionary behaviors, negative habits, and old fears. Get in touch with your psychology and create more confidence than you ever thought possible!

So what are you waiting for??? Pick up a copy of NLP: Depression & Anxiety today and start to transform your life with these powerful NLP techniques!! Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page!

The Crusades: The True and Surprising History of the Crusades

by Patrick Auerbach

This book, The Crusades: The True and Surprising History of the Crusades, is written for the reader that wants to know a detailed history of the nine military campaigns conducted in defense of the Holy Lands.

Within this book we list the details of each Crusade, including:

  • The Pope that initiated the battles
  • The major countries and people involved
  • The results of the battles
  • The transfers of the properties
  • The success of the Crusade

In addition, we also discuss details of the divisions between the Kingdoms of the East and the Kingdoms of the West.
We discuss the Great Schism between the Eastern Christian Church and the Western Christian Church that is not healed to this very day.

We follow the campaigns of Richard the Lionhearted, and Conrad III, and Louis VII. These men come alive as we march into battle with them, fighting to defend their faith.

This book has surprising intrigues, political twists, infighting and backbiting.

Download this book now!

7-Day Smoothie Detox: Healthy Smoothies

by Kenneth Caraballo-Gonzalez

Stay fit & healthy with the 7-Day Smoothie Detox. Start losing weight on the first week. Drink 2-3 smoothies a day for best results. There are 33 delicious recipes to choose from. Get rid of all the junk today!

365 Days Of DIY: Make Your Life Easier With One Year Of Amazing DIY Projects! : (DIY Household Hacks, DIY Cleaning and Organizing, Homesteading)

by Greg Rock

365 Days Of DIY:

Make Your Life Easier With One Year Of Amazing DIY Projects!

365 Days Of DIY – is monumental collection of stunning ideas for everyday use! It was written by group of high-class writers, whose the only aim was – creation of BEST EVER DIY book, which will solve all your problems.

You will learn:

  • basics of homesteading and gardening
  • how to protect your health without highly-expensive-but-not-so-useful store-bought products
  • how to organize your wardrobe and decorate your home
  • how to create with your own hands beautiful gifts and clothes items
  • how to make your own aromatherapy blends
  • and something else 😉

These half a thousand pages is a great gift for you or anyone in your life, who enjoys DIY projects.

Download your E book “365 Days Of DIY: Make Your Life Easier With One Year Of Amazing DIY Projects!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

7 Positive Habits Change your life easy Just do it and see the result!

by David Wilson

Just a few positive habits can improve Your life. Check how it will affect You. Make the Order Right Now and find out how Simple!

Python : A Comprehensive Beginners Guide – From A To Z Simple Steps

by Darryl Barton

Python – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!

If you are new to programming with Python and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you. Developed by computer science instructors, books in the “for the absolute beginner” series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. You will acquire the skills that you need for practical Python programming applications and will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios. Throughout the chapters, you will find code samples that illustrate concepts presented. At the end of each chapter, you will find a complete game that demonstrates the key ideas in the chapter, a summary of the chapter, and a set of challenges that tests your newfound knowledge. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be well versed in Python and be able to apply the basic programming principles you’ve learned to the next programming language you tackle.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • What is Python and why learn it?
  • Installation
  • Variables and Datatypes
  • Basic Operators
  • Sequences
  • Working with lists
  • Working with strings
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Custom Functions
  • Classes
  • Modules and Packages
  • File Handling
  • Advanced Functionalities
  • Exercises and solutions

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Be like me! (Attitude matters & Critical thinking skills)

by Cally Finsbury

Be like me! A simple, short, concise story about a child who wants to learn to cook better.
Are you looking for a children’s book that is highly entertaining and will encourage your child to communicate confidently and logically?
Did you know that good things can happen out of the most unlikely of situations?
Meet the Blooms
Meet Timothy Bloom. He is seven years old, full of curiosity, constantly thinking and always asking questions.
Meet Timothy’s mother, Mrs Bloom, she does her best to answer Timothy’s questions and help him navigate through the mysteries and challenges in life.
Meet Timothy’s dad, Mr Bloom, he does his best to help and guide Timothy just as Timothy’s mother does, but in his own special way.
Timothy has a problem; he wants to be better at cooking. When he asks his mum for help to get better, his mum helps him to understand that you learn by watching, copying and doing. Timothy learns the meaning and the importance of copying and doing to help him achieve his goal and succeed.
Follow the adventures of Timothy. This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story contains an important moral and lesson. With cute and bright illustrations for younger readers, questions and fun ideas.
These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and to be read aloud with friends and family!
-Excellent for encouraging early and beginning readers
-Great for reading aloud with friends and family
-Fun short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story

This book is particularly great for traveling, waiting rooms, and being read aloud at home.

MOTIVATION HAPPINESS: Formula of energy,inspiration and movement to be happy

by Esperanza Ramírez Velásquez

HAPPINESS is a goal that can be planned to learn to be happy, that is to say we are building happiness day by day.
In this book you will learn how to build it and make your plan of happiness, that is to say when you learn it, you will be focused on life correctly to find the longed for happiness.
This method prepares you, your self-esteem increases especially when you have low self-esteem. Your consciousness will awaken to transform.
Happiness requires inspiration. The welfare of your life will increase.
Happiness is started by the movements and especially by the motivation to reach it. So that you have a full life.
I give you the formula of happiness to implement it now! To be happy we must invest positive energy.
Happiness is possible, it is only a matter of plan and enjoy the way.
This method prepares you to build your happiness. Today is the day discover it buying this book. Today my great project of happiness begins.
Today I begin to be happy implemented the plan, with this book.
Plan to be happy and find happiness, you will find tips for happiness, the well-being of your life will have another awakening and your consciousness will flourish if you follow the method.

One More Day With the Frogs: Spiritual Food for Thought

by M. A. Lott

A heartfelt and spiritual work with an eye on the future through the knowledge and wisdom of the past as understood by the author through the Word of God.

I Ching Inspirations: Paintings and Prescriptions

I Ching Inspirations: Paintings and Prescriptions: Includes all the material from the book, I Ching Prescriptions: Choosing Change, published in 2011 and adds to it 72 full page color paintings that were inspired by the Chinese characters for the hexagrams along with words of inspiration for the meaning of each hexagram. Also included in the book are 30 other color images of charts, diagrams and illustrations inspired by the I Ching.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Historical Romance: Western Romance: A New Life (Inspirational Second Chance Pregnancy Frontier Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Sweet Pioneer Short Stories Book 1)

by Johanna Jenkins

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger and comes with various bonus stories at the end.

Rose O’Neil has a problem. Three problems, in fact. First, she has arrived in Denver, Colorado from Boston with very little money. Second, she has no relations in the city, no job and nowhere to stay. Third, she is pregnant.

Wandering the streets of Denver, she knows that she will have to find a job quickly. That is when she comes upon a general store run by Jonah Henderson. Jonah is young, good looking and exceptionally kind, and not only offers Rose a position in his shop, but also teaches her both to read and to write. As they work together, Rose finds herself becoming more than a bit fond of Jonah, against her better judgment. But she has not told Jonah about the baby, and she knows as soon as she begins to show, she will have to leave Denver, the shop and Jonah behind forever. But, when complications arise in her pregnancy, she has to reveal the truth. Will Jonah accept her even in her condition? Will Rose finally find a place she can call home?

++ 20 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++


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by Benjamin Wright

A cross between â??Lord of the Flies’ and â??Animal Farm’, â??Bullied’ tells the story of two groups of children, the Red shirts and the Green shirts, struggling over ownership of a school and its playground. Over the course of the story the initially tiny Green minority in the school try to take full control over it because they believe they have a greater historical claim to it. The Red majority do their best to stop them believing, by virtue of their far greater numbers, that the school belongs to them. The fighting between the two groups is fierce, and many other schools weigh in to both keep the peace and join the fighting. As the fighting escalates the burning question is who will seize control over the olive tree that represents the heart and soul of the school, and who will be left bullied and bleeding in the corner?

As you may have already guessed, â??Bullied’ is an allegory of the Israel-Palestine conflict. So if you’d like to gain a full understanding of the world’s most visible long-running conflict, without being bombarded by dates and figures, â??Bullied’ is your answer. And even if history books are your thing, â??Bullied’ brings that history to life like no other book on the conflict.

The Misadventures of Silk and Shakespeare (American Dreamers Book 2)

by Win Blevins

“I haven’t had so much fun reading a book in years.” â??George Roy Hill, director of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. High jinks, close calls, and adventures worthy of Don Quixote abound in this light-hearted romp through the West from Win Blevins, winner of the Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Contributions to Western Literature.

Shakespeare, a former actor of gargantuan proportions, and his sidekick, Silk, a rail-thin teenager with all the brains that Shakespeare lacks, are two of the most improbable mountain men ever to explore the Rocky Mountains. Together, they get into flabbergasting scrapes, from wrestling bears to falling in love with off-limits women in Santa Fe.

Silk and Shakespeare are fictional, but they ride alongside real historical figures such as Antelope Jim Beckwourth, the biracial son of a Virginia plantation owner who became a warrior chief of the Crow Indians, and his lover, Pine Leaf, a legendary woman warrior.

This unlikely foursome gets into jams with dreaded enemies of the Crow and the Blackfeetâ??but that’s to be expected of characters who, like the man of La Mancha, dream of “enchantments, quarrels, battles, challenges, wounds, wooings, loves, tempests, and other impossible follies.”

The Kaiser’s Navigator: A Peter Sparke Book

by Scott Chapman

Crushed in the Antarctic ice, the wreck of a ship lies seven thousand miles away from where it was reported lost over a century ago. Nearby, the bodies of her passengers and crew wait entombed, frozen in time.

The lost ship is now at the centre of an international race against time played out against the tense backdrop of the South Atlantic as Britain and Argentina jostle for ownership of the seas around the Falkland Islands.

Peter Sparke, an international crisis manager, is brought in to uncover the truth behind the fate of the ship and the enigma of how the life of one young officer of the Kaiser’s navy a century ago holds the key to the truth.

Join Peter Sparke on another exciting adventure in The Templar Vault.

* Scott Chapman, Templar Vault, Amazon Number One book, October 2013

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Free poetry Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Reflect: poems

by Jean-Michel Pelet

Some free writings and poems for eternity

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Second Chances (Western Clean and Christian Inspirational Collection Western Romance) (Sweet Western Wholesome New Young Adult Collection Short Stories Book 1)

by Jolene Clark

Young Samantha Dillion finds she had to go back home after ten years to witness the reading of her maternal grandmother’s will. After leaving home, she finds a new life back East as a romance novelist under a nom de plume. Once she arrives back home, she runs into Ben Johnson, a man she had been in love with in high school but who had stepped aside and married her cousin Julia. But coming back opened too any questions for Sam, and the feelings for the young pastor that she thought were gone once more filled her thoughts. The young reverend, now divorced from Julia, found he, too, was attracted to Sam and would do all in his power to make her stay this time. It was young Ben who found out it was Sam’s Uncle Charles who caused the breakup of her parents and concealed his whereabouts from Sam. It’s Ben’s love for Sam that wins her, and together they find the happiness they deserve with their baby girl Tally.

Romance: INSPIRATIONAL PIONEER ROMANCE: Long Awaited Love (Historical Western Frontier Romance) (Orphan Train Series Book 1)

by Grace Fisher

Based off of true historical events, get immersed in the story of Meg and Adam as they struggle to find love even in the most unique circumstancesâ?¦

Weary of her socialite life and overbearing father, Meg Sayers has one year to follow her heart before she must return to marry James and take her place as part of the Sayers family dynasty. Finding new meaning in life while working with orphaned children at the New York Juvenile Asylum, Meg travels west on an orphan train to place the children in their new homes. But one sick little boy has captured her heartâ?¦and the further west she travels, the less she wants to ever return to New York.

Adam Sattler is a country parson in the little town of Celeste, Texas. An orphan himself, he has worked tirelessly to match the orphan train children with loving families. He is settled into his role in his community and finds fulfilment in his calling as a pastor. But he is not prepared for a family of his own until the orphan train rolls into town, and he finds himself falling in love with Megâ?¦and little Maurice. What will he do when she must return to New York?

A must read novella that leads you in to discover a story that unfolds to display true love drawn together by unique and unforeseen circumstancesâ?¦


AMBITIONS: Sweet Regency Romance Clean Fantasy Short Stories

by Amanda Kelly


Elizabeth shivered, uncertain what to do next. She knew that the Wycherleys prided themselves upon eccentricity, and that Daniel would be another in their mould, but she had not expected quite so much. She wanted a Duke to be a Duke, not a labourer or a village Artisan. Daniel had certainly been brought up to be the Duke, unlike his grandfather, but clearly it had not had much impact upon him.
Wondering what on earth her future would be like with a strange man who preferred bees to the ton, she took a quick sip of the beer. It was dark and strong, and tasted of the countryside. She put the mug down with a grimace.

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Free horror Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Water Moon: Dark Tales of Life Americana

by Nathaniel Lake

Dark and disturbing, this collection of seven short stories calls back to the good old days of American nostalgia. However, life wasn’t all sweet tea and apple pie as anyone in these stories can tell you. Sometimes, things can go very wrong. This is the side of Americana you haven’t seen before, where the dust hides more than just the memories of the dead.

This book features stories such as:

â??Wildfire’ – A young girl named Arizona moves in with her grandmother following a wildfire that claimed their home and discovers a dangerous family secret that’s been buried for decades.

â??Catfish Run’ – A preacher man decides to confront sin at the crossroads after the latest wayward son returns to his congregation with stories of his deal with the devil.

â??The Wanting Jar’ – When Hattie Wilson hears from her neighbor about a string of burglaries plaguing their sleepy community, she discovers things aren’t all as they seem.

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Free sports Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

The Authentic Story of Hugh Glass: True Courage and Survival in the West (Mountain Man Classics Book 1)

by Win Blevins

“Win Blevins has long since won his place among the West’s very best.” – Tony Hillerman.Hugh Glass’s story is larger than life. He was a free-spirited man with a will to survive and explore the untamed West that is unrivaled … Imagine Hugh Glass: Adventurer, Explorer, Pirate with Jean Lafitte, Sailor, Adopted son of a Pawnee chief, and a Mountain Man. He cheated death at least four times. The true story of his life is nothing short of extraordinary.

For true courage, follow the adventures of the mountain men. And hold on to your seats.

Hugh’s famous encounter with a grizzly bear is a story of resurrection and forgiveness as much as it is a story of revenge.

Mauled beyond belief by a grizzly bear, he was abandoned by the two men who were left behind to take care of him until he got well, or bury him if he died. But Glass refused to die, and an itchy Fitzgerald pushed the young Jim Bridger into leaving him. Fitzgerald told Bridger that when asked, they were to say they had buried him.

With that they stole his knife, gun, sack of possibles, and left him with nothing to take care of himself should he live.

Glass crawled, rafted, walked, swam, and rode his way through the rivers and territory of the West to find the men who’d deserted him. After he settled that score, he lived another large life exploring the Southwest and her rivers.

If you’re ready for the true story of how Glass survived, how revenge kept him alive, and how forgiveness lightened his burden, read The Authentic Story of Hugh Glass.

“Blevins writes a tribute to the courageous, dauntless mountain men who ventured West. Their high adventures are the stuff of legends.” – The Los Angeles Times.

Spearfishing Manual: Insider Secrets of Spearfishing for Beginners to Die-Hard Spearos (Spearfishing and Freediving Book 1)

by Mike McGuire

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Spearfishing is one of the most rewarding underwater sport activities today.

Have you ever wanted to learn to spearfish but thought it might be too difficult?
Does it seem like an overly complicated task, and not worth the time?

With this Spearfishing Manual you can learn everything you need to know about this exciting sport, from how to get started, to what kind of gear to buy, to where to hunt, in less than a week.

It can be difficult to learn a new sport, especially one that seems as complicated as spearfishing; however, in just few days, you will be able to pick out the right spearfishing gear and begin your adventure with the right spearfishing techniques.

Why is this The Best Book on Spearfishing?
– While this book is designed primarily for beginners, there are also plenty of tips that can help even the most experienced spearfishing expert
– Great for if you just want a refresher on safety strategies or truly want to start with the basics
– Packaged in an easy read
– With only the most relevant and up-to-date information.

If you love fish, but find fishing from a boat to be extremely boring and tedious, this is an excellent replacement. By combining the fun of snorkeling or scuba diving with the sport of fishing, you will be able to both experience the beauty of the ocean and use your new skill to catch fish. As you swim along beneath the surface, you can observe the beautiful coral and watch the colorful fish swim by while you wait for your target.

In this book, you will learn:
– How to spearfish!
– The safest way to go about it.
– What kind of spearguns to buy, from the right brand to the right size for your hunting needs!
– What kinds of masks, snorkels, and fins you should buy?
– What are Good places to go spearfishing?
– and much more…

You will read about what is the proper preparation for spearfishing, and how deep your freediving will have to be in order to find your fish. In addition, this book contains all the information about how to actually spearfish, from the moment you get in the water, to spearing your first fish, to how to collect and preserve your kill.

Whether you are looking to learn this exciting sport or want the best information about what kinds of spearfishing equipment to buy, look no further than the Spearfishing Manual – Insider Secrets of Spearfishing for Beginners to Die-Hard Spearos.

Grab your copy now to get started on your spearfishing adventure!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“This authoritative book deserves more than the 5 star maximum that Amazon allows.
Mike McGuire has been spear fishing all his life and has shared his experience with us to create a manual of great use to people who are taking up this sport, but also to people like me who have never speared a fish, but are passionately interested in diving and in fish.
This book emphasizes safety, and I would urge any prospective spear fisher to read and carefully follow Mike’s advice on safety.
Mike covers fitness in great detail, including useful exercises to improve your fitness. He also gives his ideas about equipment.

Strike Three! – A Player’s Journey through the Infamous Baseball Strike of 1994

by Nikco Riesgo

“Strike Three!” deals with the cancellation of the 1994 World Series and the replacement players who followed. Both of these events were historic and Riesgo was one of the first players to cross the proverbial picket line and put his career on the line for the good of the game.

The Boy Who Dreamed Mount Everest

by Lawrence Martin

Eli is ten and lives in Chicago. He loves to rock climb in Bubba’s indoor gym. He’s never climbed any mountain, but is fascinated with Mount Everest, the tallest in the world. From reading he has learned the route to the top, and the dangers that can befall climbers. Eli begins dreaming he’s on a special Bubba’s Kids Expedition to climb Everest. Night after night, his dreams take him higher up the mountain. Bad things happen, and sometimes his dreams turn into nightmares. During the day he argues with his little sister, worries his parents, daydreams in school, thinks about a cute girl in his class, and tries to figure out math problems. But at night, asleep, he continues to climb. Will Eli and his buddies reach the summit?

Come join the expedition! Along the way you will learn a lot about what it takes to climb Mount Everest.

World T20 2016 in India prediction: Prediction guide

by ICC

This is the guide of the world cup for next year and this will be the guide for the future cup hosted in India next year and the winners guide for the cup. Only thing that may change it is Pakistan competing in this.

The guide will be laid into predicting the winner and who goes through the cup.

Prayer | The 100 Most Powerful Prayers for Martial Arts | 2 Amazing Books Included to Pray for Six Pack Abs & Habits: Start With Your Mind To Become a Champion

by Toby Peterson

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Exclusive Offer â?? Today Includes 2 Amazing Bonus Books:
The 100 Most Powerful Prayers for Six Pack Abs â?? and for Habits â??

You will not achieve fulfillment and happiness until you allow God to be the architect of your reality. Imagine that with a few moments each day, you could begin the powerful transformation toward complete control of your own life and well being through prayer.

You will be able to release all fear and doubt simply because you know that God gives you the strength. You can utilize this simple, proven technique to regain the lost comforts of joy, love, and fulfillment in your life.

God’s gift of life is too short to be exhausted on thousands of everyday anxieties and fears. Sadly, the average person will get to the end of their life and realize that more than half of it was spent struggling with these kinds of problems. Because they didn’t know what to do, many of these people never found any satisfaction in life. You can and will become bigger than those struggles by enhancing the positive energy that God already has flowing within you.

You are exactly who you think you are, and it’s up to you to create those thoughts and manifest them as God’s creation. No more lack of faith, motivation, and feelings of doubt in your life. No person can find happiness in an environment beyond his or her control. But you can get up, get out, and take control with God.

Prayer starts by creating a cycle of continuous prayers. You must believe and repeat these declarations and prayers each day. If the thoughts and ideas that we affirm are not true in reality, a dynamic tension is created between your perceived reality and your psyche. This presence of dynamic tension causes imbalance between your psyche and perceived reality. Your consciousness will work to get back in tune with the God’s vision of the universe to resolve the tension. There are two simple ways to ease this tension. You must work with God’s creation in order to make your declarations become true, or you must stop the prayer. As you choose to continue praying, your mind and body will seek to balance this inequality with the universe by transforming your environment to match your declarations of truth. Sooner than later, you will find yourself taking positive and decisive action that you never imagined possible as your perceptions naturally align with your true reality.

By utilizing prayer you are training your consciousness to work in tandem with the God’s natural flow of creative energy. This is how we are naturally designed to function as happy, healthy beings. Unfortunately, the complexity man’s modern world has made it more difficult to find the natural creative harmony that God placed inside of each of us. Negative thinking goes against God’s intended order of the universe and will unravel along with those who produce it. We are all meant to be bottomless vessels full of God’s refreshing life and energy. Through prayer you will learn to be constantly over-filled with energy from God that soaks into the world and the people around you.

If you want to see positive change now, you’ll find the quickest path to fulfillment with prayer through God’s love. There is no time to spend on loss, negativity, and defeat when you can be achieving tangible, historically proven results with minimum time and effort invested.

There is no limit to changes that God can make in your life through the power of creating truth with prayerâ?¦

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The Ultimate No Equipment WOD Book: Over 100 WOD’s That Can Be Performed Anywhere, No Equipment Necessary

by M R Williams

Over 100 of the best no equipment Crossfit WOD’s that can be performed at home or whilst traveling. Sections includes metcon’s, benchmarks and runnings WOD’s.

The Ultimate Andrew McCutchen Fun Fact And Trivia Book

by Mark Peters

Looking for Andrew McCutchen trivia or Pittsburgh Pirates fun facts? You have come to the right place!

The Ultimate Andrew McCutchen Fun Fact And Trivia Book could be just what you need!

In it, you will find out interesting facts like:

-What was Andrew McCutchen’s batting average as a senior in high school?

-Before taking Andrew McCutchen in the first round of the 2005 MLB Draft, when was the last time the Pirates had selected an outfielder in the first round? Who was he?

-How many different minor league teams did Andrew McCutchen play on?

-What was the most stolen bases Andrew McCutchen ever had in one season in the minor leagues?

-Who did Andrew McCutchen get the first hit of his Major League Baseball career off of? Who did he hit his first home run off of?

-As a rookie, how many errors did Andrew McCutchen commit in his first season of big league baseball?

-What was the most hits Andrew McCutchen had in one game during his rookie season?

-In what year did Andrew McCutchen go to his first Major League Baseball All-Star Game?

-What opposing team was the first to give up a double digit amount of home runs to Andrew McCutchen during his career?

…and much more!

The Ultimate Andrew McCutchen Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains over 150 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this great Major League Baseball star. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, time in the minor leagues, and even his life away from baseball. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Andrew McCutchen Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

A great source of Pittsburgh Pirates trivia!

Help! I’m Coaching Soccer – More Rules, Drills, and Discipline (Volume 2)

by Cory Moore

Follow up to Help! I’m Coaching Soccer – What Rules, Drill, and Discipline do I need to know? This book picks up where the first left off. It will help you further understand how to lead your little league soccer team.

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Free science Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Ancient Egypt, Extraterrestrial Origins

by M.G. Hawking

Explore the True Origins of a Majestic Civilization.

For centuries, devoted scholars have endeavored to penetrate the mystery of Ancient Egypt, the stone-age culture that abruptly rose to create the greatest civilization of known history. Champollion, founder of Egyptology, was the first of a thousand such men, living simply in the heat and dust, trying to read for us the riddle of the achievements of a mysterious civilization, to snatch from the secretive soil the science and technology, the art and literature, the history and wisdom of Ancient Egypt. By its side Sumeria’s culture was but a crude beginning; not even Greece or Rome would surpass it, far less our own.

How did a small community just emerging from a Neolithic stage suddenly generate the most majestic and enduring civilization of the ages? The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrated advancements that have long eluded explanation. Where did their unprecedented knowledge and sophistication come from?

The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian tradition relates that in the antediluvian time of zp tpj (generally transcribed as Zep Tepi), the “first occasion” or “first time,” mysterious, highly enlightened “gods” appeared in Egypt, bearing previously unknown technology and knowledge. The texts inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Edfu in Upper Egypt contain explicit descriptions of the time of Zep Tepi and the coming of the “bringers of knowledge,” recounting their arrival in a “cosmic egg” radiating colored light, bearing the “gods” who brought the gift of civilization to Egypt, the primary of which was Ptah, whose rule, the texts tell us, began circa 18,000 BC.

In the Sahara Desert of southern Egypt is an area known as Nabta Playa. Here an ancient stone calendar circle, along with 25 other megalithic structures, was identified by archaeologist Fred Wendorf and his team in 1998. According to an extensive analysis by NASA astrophysicist Thomas Brophy and his team, three stones inside the Nabta calendar circle represent the belt of Orion, just as the three pyramids of Giza align to represent that same constellation. The stones of the Nabta Playa’s stone calendar circle and the corresponding stars in the sky aligned on summer solstice nights as they appeared circa 16,500 BC. Based on these and other analyses of monoliths in the area, Brophy’s team concluded that the ancient builders of Nabta Playa possessed highly sophisticated astronomical knowledge, the type of knowledge we associate with advanced technology and civilization.

Plato (c. 428-348 BC) writes that Egyptian priests kept records of their history going back over 19,000 years: “Egypt has recorded and kept eternally the wisdom of the ancient ages, all coming from time immemorial when gods governed the earth in the dawn of civilization.” Herodotus tells us that when Hecataeus of Miletus (550-476 BC) boasted to the Egyptian priests that he could trace his ancestry through fifteen centuries, they quietly showed him, in a hidden sanctuary deep under the sands, the statutes of 345 high priests, each the son of the preceding, making 345 generations since their “gods” had appeared in the Nile valley and marking a timeline extending back some 190 centuries. Who were these mysterious “gods”? Why did they come, and from where?

This book explores answers to these mysteries through three extraordinary encounters explorer M.G. Hawking and his companions experienced with what they believe were the true “celestials” of the enduring legends so prevalent in the ancient wisdom traditions of cultures throughout the world. An unprecedented account, this book reveals knowledge long concealed in myth, legend, and secrecy.

New Release, Kindle eBook page count 268 (estimated, actual page count varies with the reading device used).

Cannabis anbauen: Cannabis Anbau für Anfänger. Alles über Anbau, Arten, Botanik und Ernte (German Edition)

by Nico Könner

Cannabis, deutschsprachig Hanf, ist eine der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Welt. Heute wird die Pflanze nicht mehr nur im ursprünglichen Anbaugebiet Zentralasiens bewirtschaftet, sondern hat auch ihren Weg in die Gärten, Häuser und Wohnungen weltweit gefunden. Das Buch Cannabis Anbau für Anfänger beschreibt, welche Arten von Cannabis es gibt und wofür sich diese am besten eignen, die Botanik der Hanfpflanzen sowie alles zum erfolgreichen Anbau und Ernte.

Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Pflanzen ist das Geschlecht der Cannabispflanze entscheidend für die spätere Verwendung. Nur die weiblichen Pflanzen dienen der Verwendung als Rauschmittel. Neben der Auswahl der richtigen Pflanzenart und deren Geschlecht gibt es eine Reihe von Bedingungen, die für den optimalen Wuchs der Pflanze notwendig sind. Das Buch geht hier auf die Beschaffenheit der Erde für den Anbau von Cannabis, das richtige Licht sowie Belüftung, Wasser- und Düngerversorgung ein. Grundsätzlich ist der Anbau sowohl im Au�en- als auch im Innenbereich möglich, wobei das Buch die Besonderheiten beim Indoor-Hanfanbau detailliert erklärt.

Damit sich aus dem Hanfsamen eine gesunde Pflanze entwickelt, zeigt das Buch die einzelnen Elemente der vegetativen Wachstumsphasen und erklärt, welche besonderen Ansprüche die Pflanze in diesen hat. Bereits im Wachstum lässt sich das Geschlecht der Cannabispflanze bestimmen. Wie dies auch Laien gelingt, wird im Buch anhand praktischer Beispiele gezeigt.

Für die perfekte Blüte von Cannabis spielen der Dünger, die Beleuchtung und die Pflege in der Blühphase entscheidende Rollen. Nur wenn diese Parameter stimmen, winkt die Belohnung in Form einer reichhaltige Ernte. Den richtigen Erntezeitpunkt zu erkennen wird im Buch genauso beschrieben wie die Ursachen von Mangelerscheinungen und was gegen diese zu tun ist.

Das Buch richtet sich an alle Pflanzenfreunde und Botaniker, die selbst Hanf Indoor oder Outdoor anbauen möchten. Dabei zeigt es anhand praktischer Beispiele, wie die perfekte Cannabiszucht auch dann möglich ist, wenn der sogenannte grüne Daumen fehlt.

– Alles über die Auswahl, Anbau und Pflege von Cannabispflanze
– Das Leben der Hanfpflanze vom Samen über die Geschlechtsbestimmung der jungen Pflanze bis zur erfolgreichen Ernte
– Wie der Indoor- und Outdoor-Anbau von Cannabis am besten gelingt
– Mangelerscheinungen frühzeitig erkennen und richtig behandeln
– Der richtige Umgang mit der Ernte, vom Trocknen der Blüten bis hin zur Herstellung besonderer Ã?le.

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 23 Jan 17

Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse

by Bob Thiel

“Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse” explains about how, by virtue of his background and and stated policies, Donald Trump is fulfilling, and will continue to help fulfill, various prophecies that will lead to the Apocalypse and the future destruction of the United States. Not intended as an anti-Democratic nor pro-Republican book, it cites biblical and other prophecies and shows how events are aligning with, and will align with various of them. It answers questions many question, like: Is Donald Trump apocalyptic? Is he the ‘Trump of God’? Could Donald Trump be the Antichrist? Who will destroy the USA? Citing Islamic, Buddhist, Catholic, Byzantine, Native American, and Bible prophecy, as well as the writings of Nostradamus and others, “Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse” explains from many sources where, why, when, and even some of how, the various aspects of destruction will come. Since Dr. Thiel first wrote about the Obama Administration in his 2009 book, it has taken steps to fulfill, at least partially, at least a dozen predictions that Dr. Thiel recorded. Plus, four he has written would happen if Donald Trump was elected have already been at least partially confirmed. More will be fulfilled as well. Would you like to learn more about what Donald Trump has done and the real direction that the United States and its British-descended allies such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are really going? This highly referenced book documents the truth about this.

Amish Romance: On the Outside Looking In (A Clean Amish Contemporary Romance) (Sweet Clean First Time New Adult and College Western Culture Romance Short Stories Book 0)

by Etenia Hoffman

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Kenneth Garrity works as a stocker in a department store. On a regular basis, he sees the nearby Amish community coming through to get their supplies. He’s spent the early part of his twenties making bad choices and, for several of those years, he’s made it a point to talk to the Amish people whenever they came into the store. Especially one bright, attractive young woman named Eve. Every week, she comes in with her father, mother and some of her siblings.

Kenny is always there to help them find what they need. He forms a bond with them, beginning to trust them for the good, wise people they are.

Kenny’s made the decision to turn over a new leaf and he wants to do it by joining the Amish community. Unfortunately, his bad reputation reaches even the quiet solitude of the Amish. Can Eve trust that Kenny’s motives for joining the community are genuine?

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A standalone short story with 12 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

The Blizzard (The King Family of Lancaster County Book 1)

by June Belfie

When a dangerous blizzard forced Kayla Evans and her family to find refuge, no one knew what the consequences would be. The rich suburbanites found themselves in Amish country dealing with the absence of electricity and modern conveniences.

Kayla found herself attracted to David, the handsome blond teenager and member of the Amish family they took refuge with. The feeling appeared mutual. After letters and visits back to the Amish family homestead, the young couple realized conflict was ahead for them. Could there ever be a meaningful relationship between them, beyond friendship?

David also felt a calling to attend college. Still in his rumschpringe years, he could decide to leave the familiar community and become part of the English world. But could he leave everything familiar behind him for the unknown?

Brother James: Growing Up With the Messiah

by Chris Lambert

When your parents know, but you don’t…

James doesn’t know he’s growing up in the first century AD. The brutal Romans occupy the Promised Land, the Pharisees think just about everything is a sin, and the bandits are trying to start a rebellion. And everyone thinks the Saviour will show up any time now to overthrow the Romans. There’s something else James doesn’t know – his very own brother is growing up to be the Promised Messiah. 

A gritty, compelling novel…” MJ Chivers, Amazon reviewer

Christian historical fiction as you’ve never read it before. James just wants to build things, but has to navigate political and religious forces sweeping the nation. There are subtle and not-so-subtle hints that there’s something special about his brother, and that his parents know. But James doesn’t notice. Not really. 

Family Always (The Delahass Legacy Book 4)

by Jacie Middlemann

The responsibility of the Delahass Legacy has always weighed heavy on the shoulders of Jase Delahass but never more so than they have in recent months. His cousin, Maria Delahass, has just uncovered a long buried secret that explains much of the motivations that drove their ancestor, Jeremy Delahass. While he’d spent much of his life questioning the other man’s actions, with all he has learned, Jeremy now has his unwavering respect.

More importantly, Jase also now understands what impelled Jeremy to take up what few would then walk away without a backwards glance. Jase Delahass knew history. He’d spent years studying what made men and women make the choices they did. From where he stood in the middle of the twenty-third century looking back at Jeremy’s legacy, it had been difficult for him to comprehend all that his ancestor had done. And why.

They still didn’t have the all the answers . But with all they were learningâ?¦with each clue they found that Jeremy had left behind pressing them forward to whatever it was he felt imperative that someday be revealedâ?¦one thing became more and more clear to all of the Delahass cousins of this generation. It had never been power that propelled Jeremy Delahass to the position he strove for. It had been something he understood to be far more valuable. Family.

Family Always is the fourth in The Delahass Legacy series that also includes Family, Family Unbroken, and Family Shadows. The Delahass Legacy series tells the story of how one family learns the lessons of what’s important in life and how despite the centuries and generations that pass it remains the same. Family.

The Delahass Legacy is a series of books classified by Amazon as shorts read and some are a bit longer. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you enjoy sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy The Delahass Legacy series.

Billionaire Romance: Billionaires Bundle – Adult Bedtime Romance Anthology, Romance Novels, Adult Romance, Love Story Anthology, Historical Romance, Billionaires Obsession, XXX Romantic Short Stories

by Lady Aingealicia

‘The house was quiet as Brad started to undress Elizabeth as he kissed her neck and made her sigh. His hands traced down her back. His hands moved back up to her hair and pulled out the pins that held her long hair, letting it down her back. Her hands ran across his body as she removed his shirt and undid his pants. He pushed her down on the bed, his hands moving between her thighs as he..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Millionaire, New Adult, short stories, history, fiction, women, relationship

Addiction: Breaking Free From Pain Pill & Opiate Addiction (Home Detox W/ Natural & Herbal Remedies for Pain Management of Withdrawals) Drug Abuse Recovery for The Addicted & Motivational Memoir

by Self Help Author Amanda Jenkins

Download this book free with Kindle Unlimited

Are you ready to detox off of prescription drugs?

Are you looking for a way to ease your withdrawal symptoms?

We have all heard that going to rehab is the best way to
go for recovery. Unfortunately life doesn’t always permit
us to take the best routes. For those of you who are not
in a position for rehab, Amanda Jenkins wants to show
you, not only how to get through it at home, but also how
to do it in the most comfortable manner possible.

As most people underestimate the pain of withdrawal
symptoms from opiate addiction, Amanda Jenkins gets
it. She’s been there..many times. Yet, after an 18 year
addiction to drugs, Amanda has finally broken free from
her binding chains. She now wants to show you exactly
how you can do it to.

In this book, Amanda doesn’t sugar coat the process.
She is real, raw and uncut, while at the same time,
inspiring and extremely motivational. You will learn how
to emotionally prepare for your detox, you will find the
strength to get through it without quitting, and you’ll
learn how to continue your sobriety afterwards.

With a list of Rx and herbal medications to help your
pain and a step-by-step program, this book is a must
read for all addicts and family members. It will give
your loved ones an inside look for more
understanding, and it will give the addict the hope
and drive to make a change.

Haven’t you been doing this merry-go-round long enough? Don’t wait. Download this book and find the strength within yourself to finally be free!

You can download this book free with Kindle Unlimited and Prime

This book has been previously published. Please check your kindle library before downloading.

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