Free history Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

Alexander the Great: Student of Aristotle, Descendant of Heroes (BiographyIn60)

by in60Learning

Smarter in sixty minutes.
Get smarter in just 60 minutes with in60Learning. Concise and elegantly written non-fiction books and audiobooks help you learn the core subject matter in 20% of the time that it takes to read a typical book. Life is short, so explore a multitude of fascinating historical, biographical, scientific, political, and financial topics in only an hour each.

Long before historians added “the Great” to his name, Alexander stated, “I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.” He certainly lived up to this ambition, conquering most of the known world in just 13 years before his death at age 33. Though undefeated in his lifetime, Alexander died unsatisfied–he always wanted more. His ambitious personality comes as no surprise considering his upbringing: born to powerful parents, he studied under Aristotle and grew up believing himself a descendant of the Greek heroes Achilles and Heracles. His parents and tutors raised him to believe he had something to prove, and this book serves as an account of what he accomplished.

Salem Witchcraft (Vol. 1&2): Including the History of the Conflicting Opinions on Witchcraft and Magic

by Charles Wentworth Upham

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. The trials resulted in the executions of twenty people, fourteen of them women, and all but one by hanging. This two-volume edition gives an account of Salem village and a history of opinions on witchcraft and kindred subjects. The first volume of this book contains what seems to be necessary to prepare the reader for the second, in which the incidents and circumstances connected with the witchcraft prosecutions in 1692, at the village and in the town of Salem, are reduced to chronological order, and exhibited in detail.
Map and Illustrations
Index to the Map
Town of Salem
Salem Village
Witchcraft at Salem Village
Prefatory Address
Deodat Lawson’s Narrative
Letter From R.P. To Jonathan Corwin
Extracts From Mr. Parris’s Church Records

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Free fantasy Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

Dawning Ascent (The Pearson Prophecy Book 1)

by Jen L. Grey

– Updated Version –

Power comes with a price.

Treated like an outcast in her own kingdom, Ariah learned to live in the shadows. But as she comes into her powers, she catches the eye of her life long crush and an unlikely ally. Trusting either of them could help her along a dangerous journey… or could bring her journey to a dangerous end.

When enemies come to light and distrust spreads, Ariah’s safety is put in jeopardy. If she places her trust in the wrong people, her hidden powers will be unveiled to those who wish to use them against her.

To survive, Ariah must learn who has her best interests at heart. If she chooses wrong, it could mean not only her own death, but the crumbling of the entire country.

Game of Thrones meets Practical Magic in DAWNING ASCENT, a coming of age fantasy read for adults and young adults alike!

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Huntress Born (Wolf Legacy Book 1)

by Aimee Easterling

A missing brother. A family-focused werewolf. An impossible choice.

Ember’s large werewolf family has always been both her anchor and her support. But when a missing half-brother draws the twenty-something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her family are tested at every turn.

The milk-chocolate eyes of an off-limits human are the first threat to her pack commitment. Meanwhile, the local alpha is less interested in dark dangers facing human women and more intent upon eliminating his guest’s ability to leave his territory ever again.

Can Ember protect innocents and track down her elusive sibling in time, or will the not-so-charming alpha cut off all ties to her home pack?

From the USA Today bestselling author that readers are comparing to Patricia Briggs comes a new urban fantasy novel full of adventure, romance, and danger that will leave readers craving more.

Lands of Dust (The Dying World Book 1)

by John Triptych

Millions of years from now, the planet is dying. The oceans have dried into plains of ash. Strange, lethal creatures ravage the land. The surviving pockets of humanity eke out a brutal existence.

But some humans have also evolvedâ??into Magi, men who can move objects with a mere thought, and Strigas, women who can control others’ minds. Once, Gorgons could do both, and were the rarest of all. But a devastating war eradicated the Gorgons, and their terrifying presence faded into legend.

Miri, a powerful Striga and the chosen protector of her village by the Great Silt Sea, is sworn to defend her people against attacks by raiders and monsters. But when a mysterious young boy is found near the wastes, her once familiar world shatters, and she and her allies must journey across an unforgiving planet in order to unravel a mystery surrounding the extinction of the Gorgonsâ??one that could change everything they thought they knew.

Explore Dying World, a new dystopian science fiction series in the tradition of Jack Vance’s The Dying Earth, Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun, Frank Herbert’s Dune and Star Warsâ??as only John Triptych could tell it!

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Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

Dropshipping: 10 Proven Steps to Make Money Online with Dropshipping (Ecommerce)

by Jerry Kershen

Are you interested in making money online?

Have you tried things like selling books or online marketing, but they haven’t been the success you had hoped for?

You need to give dropshipping a try! is a great way to get into business without having to set up shop. You provide a website and act as a middleman, then fulfil your customers orders from a central wholesaler.
If this sounds like a fantastic way to make money from the comfort of your own home, that’s because it is, and there are tens of thousands of others who are doing exactly that.

With this new book, “Dropshipping: 10 Proven Steps to make Money Online with Dropshipping”, you will learn all the tricks of the trade when it comes to starting up your dropshipping company such as:

  • Building the perfect website
  • Understanding the inventory
  • Finding your niche and suppliers.
  • And much more…

Selling online is one of the fastest growth sectors of any business and with 10 Proven Steps to make Money Online with Dropshipping, you will be part of that growing trend.
Don’t wait another day to begin the first step to creating long lasting wealth and income for you and your family.

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Lets Explore : Core Python: Draft Version: 0.2.x (Lets Explore Python Book 1)

by Mayank Johri

This book has been created as part of reference material for learning Python language. The entire Python Training material has been divided into three sections
– Core Python – Book 1
– Advance Python – Book 2
– Machine Learning – Book 3

This ebook will try to cover topics from Core Python only. This section is specifically designed for everyone who wish to learn basics of Python language and other books will over the remaining topics

Youtube Growth Hacking: How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Channel And Turn People Into Rabid Fans (Social Media Marketing Book 2)

by Jeff Abston

In today’s Internet era, the importance of having an online presence cannot be overstated and one of the Internet’s biggest platforms is YouTube. The website sees roughly 15 billion visitors a month, which offers a lot of opportunity for anyone who can find a success concept. Whether you are an individual looking to build a channel on YouTube to make a career for yourself out of it, or you are representing a business and want to grow a channel to support your company, finding a following on YouTube can be rewarding. It is difficult to achieve, and in this book, you will learn the many techniques available to grow your channel from the ground up on YouTube.
The techniques in this book will mostly be those that will create sustained and not just temporary or fabricated success. Techniques like collaborating with fellow content creators and engaging with the community so that your videos can be found are the types of things focused on. It will cover the stuff that can be done with little or no money, as success on YouTube is not really dependent upon having a great amount of cash on hand to spend on your channel. It is understood that most people starting out on YouTube do not have a large budget to work with.
You will learn what SEO means and how important it is to your channel and its growth. You will also learn how to use SEO correctly to help the people that want to watch your videos find them. You will see the importance of making thumbnails for your videos that really draw the attention of people browsing through different options on the website, so that you will get more clicks on your videos. You will understand the type of production quality necessary these days to gain a large following. People no longer accept low quality video production or bad audio clips from their YouTube videos. The topic of viral videos is covered and how to avoid being only a temporary success from one of your videos going viral.
Recent changes to YouTube’s policy about monetization on the website is covered in length, as well as what the new rules include and what you have to do before you can make money with your videos. In light of these new rules, the book explains the type of game plan that should be implemented for long-term success. Other things examined include the importance of consistency and how it matters to the growth of your channel. Also, you will find how each content creator on the platform has to decide if they want to make videos at the risk of losing quality, or spend a long time on each one to ensure a higher standard of content.
Overall, in this book every pitfall that beginners to YouTube struggle with is pointed out as well as ways to avoid them are laid out in plain English such that anyone can understand. Every tactic that can help grow a YouTube channel is listed and examined in detail, while also noting any possible downsides to each. This book helps anyone wanting to get started on the video sharing platform and grow their channel from nothing to something incredible. This book is meant for both individuals or businesses, as the rules easily apply to everyone. It will help those who want to grow on a platform that is extremely populated with content creators, the way YouTube is now. As the website has grown to such a widely used platform, it also means that there is a lot money to be made by putting videos on it. Because of this, there are more people than ever making videos on the YouTube site. This is why the book is so important, as it will give anyone who reads it a small advantage over everyone else with whom they will be competing for views; every little bit counts in a field of many.

TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again

by Naresh Vissa


The Election of 2016 was a wake-up call to intolerant digital liberals. They were delusional enough not to see Donald Trump’s victory coming. The results made nearly half the country laugh, smile and proud.

Donald Trump was not elected by his voters. It was his biggest detractors – mainstream liberal news media, loudmouth liberals, and digital liberals alike – who built up his support to keep his campaign running.

Through real Facebook posts and rigorous primary and secondary research, TRUMPBOOK explains how President Trump’s haters were actually his biggest supporters.

Chapter subjects include:
– How digital liberals elected President Donald Trump
– Why do Kanye West and other African-Americans support Donald Trump?
– Why so many Indian-Americans support Donald Trump
– Why Melania Trump will make American women hot again
– Why Colin Kaepernick and other athletes kneeling during the national anthem doesn’t do anything for anyone
– Why NBA coaches Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, and Stan Van Gundy should shut their mouths about politics
– Why Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Hollywood should shut their mouths about politics
– 5 ways to defeat Trump in 2020
– The craziest Trump-related Facebook posts you’ll ever see

If you have felt bullied by reading political posts on Facebook and other social media, or if you think your friends hate you just because of your political views or choices, then TRUMPBOOK is for you. Hopefully, this book will resonate with your situation and give you the vote of support that you’re not alone.

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Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 22 Feb 18

I Love to Tell the Truth Eu Amo Falar a Verdade: english portuguese kids books, portuguese baby books, portuguese for kids, portuguese for children (English … Bilingual Collection) (Portuguese Edition)

by Shelley Admont

English Portuguese (Brazil) Bilingual Children’s book. Perfect for kids learning English or Portuguese as their second language.
Fun bedtime story with important message. Jimmy the little bunny is in trouble. Accidently, he ruined his mother favourite flowers. Will it help if he lies? Or is it better to tell the truth and try to solve the problem in different way? Help your children to learn to be more honest with this fun children’s book.

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Free business and investing Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

How I Made $10,000 A Month As A Phone Sex Operator

by Amberly Rothfield

Amberly Rothfield breaks down how started in the phone sex industry and began making $10,000 a month consistently talking dirty on the phone.

Using such websites as Niteflirt, IWantPhone and the famous Clips4Sale, Amberly became one of the top fetish content producers as well as phone sex operators in a matter of just a year with her innovative take on marketing where others in the field were not.

While the book does not guarantee success, it is the first of it’s kind to offer a blueprint on how to leverage popular websites to create a lucrative work from home business that is not a scam.

Detailing not only how to make phone sex sound effects, Amberly talks about how to use adult friendly websites such as Twitter, Tumblr and even to create content that will attract new clients to a budding phone sex business.

Working independently sound too scary for you? Amberly also discusses how to join in already established phone sex companies. Tips ranging from newbie to experienced dirty talker, Amberly helps perfect those who take this industry seriously.

The biggest take away is learning that the phone sex industry has evolved far from it’s early 1990s days. Amberly shows how you can develop offline sales and not solely rely on the money from a phone that is ringing. Building sales funnels and applying business principals that few would think could ever apply. No you do not need a four year college degree as it is all laid out in an easy to digest format.

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Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

The Complete Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook: Everyday Vegetarian Recipes Youâ??ll Love to Cook with Your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker (Vegetarian Cookbook, Instant Pot Cookbook)

by Michelle Dorrance

From the bestselling author Michelle Dorrance comes this collection of healthy and delicious Vegetarian Instant Pot recipes that will change the way you pressure cook.

For years, food writer and recipe developer Michelle Dorrance dedicated her weekends to making stovetop meals for the weekâ??until the instant pot pressure cooker revolutionized her weeknight dinners. She began converting her favorite recipes to the electric pressure cooker and found herself being asked for those recipes again and again.

Offering hundreds of recipes that are proven to work â?? and proven delicious â?? plus Plain-English answers to all of your vegetarian diet and instant pot pressure-cooker questions, author Michelle has created the single most useful vegetarian diet-recipe- book ever published.

In The Complete Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook Michelle has handpicked her most-requested recipes that will surely become mainstays in your home, too. This vegetarian cookbook offers:

  • Hundreds of Vegetarian Diet Recipes using seven main ingredients or less for every meal
  • A Complete Overview explaining the fundamentals of the instant pot and vegetarianism
  • Practical Techniques for pressure cooking, including simple clear instructions for serving and nutritional information.
  • Handy Charts illustrating the instant pot cooking times and temperature.
  • Flexibility – Spend a little extra prep time to achieve the deepest flavor, or skip the prep to get cooking right away

“This is the best vegetarian book that I’ve found so far. It has recipes that are quick and easy for when I’m busy and also more complete recipes for when entertaining friends so I can show off cooking skills. It saves me the time when I’m shopping for food, I gave the same book to a friend as a gift and they love it. I don’t buy many cookbooks, but this one I couldn’t live without.” â?? Jennifer Hingle, President, Foodie Lyon, @keto_lyon on Instagram

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550 Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook: Easy, Delicious and Budget Friendly Instant Pot Recipes for Healthy Leaving (Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook) (Vegan, Keto, Paleo & Gluten-free Recipes Included)

by Bobby Chef

It Begins & End With Your Instant Pot

Do you want to make great recipes for yourself and family using the Instant Pot?

Do you own an instant pot, plan to buy one but don’t have a clue of how to use it?

This book “550 INSTANT POT Recipes Cookbook” contains over 550 recipes that can be made using the instant pot and other electric pressure cookers.

The recipes are quick and easy to make. Healthy, delicious and mostly ONE POT. Meaning you do not need a sauce pan, the grill, or any other conventional cooker/equipment to complete most of them. This saves you the time used for washing. As you’ll have just your instant pot electric pressure cooker and at most one bowl to wash after cooking. Isn’t that amazing? Your kitchen is kept clean from spills, smells and all the mess from conventional cookers. Adding more numbers to the minutes saved in the end.

This is the ONE Cookbook you need for your Instant pot pressure cooker with lots of interesting easy to cook meals for healthy living. It’s a must have for every mum and every kitchen as there is definitely something in it for everyone.

Below is a preview of what you stand to gain from this book

  • Basic Tips About The Instant Pot
  • Tips On How To Get The Best Out Of Your IP
  • Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes
  • Soups, Stews & Chowders
  • Beef & Pork Recipes
  • Beans & Grains Main Dishes
  • Poultry & Chicken Recipes
  • Fish & Seafood Recipes
  • Vegetable/Vegetarian Recipes
  • Gluten-Free
  • Ketogenic Diet Recipes
  • Paleo Recipes
  • Snacks & Side Dishes
  • Yogurts
  • Desserts
  • Indian Instant Pot Recipes
  • And A Whole Lot Moreâ?¦

You will get to discover lots of recipes for your IP than you can ever imagine. The book is perfect for beginners. With a complete how to guide to make cooking with the instant pot quick, easy and fun. Step up from being a novice to an expert and get the most out of your instant pot with the tones of recipes packed in this book.

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Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: Low Carb Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker, Easy Recipes for Healthy Eating to Lose Weight Fast (Ketogenic diet plan, Ketogenic bible)

by Olivia Stratton

Limited-time offer! Buy Paperback at the discounted price and get Kindle version FOR FREE!

Love cooking with Your Instant Pot pressure cooker or just thinking about getting one? Interested or already doing a low carb diet that is also high in fat? Then this Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is perfect for You!

So what is a Ketogenic Diet? We know that carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of fuel. Once You decide to stop eating carbohydrates, Your body will need more energy, thus will try to find and stimulate new sources of energy. As a result, we get a ketone body, which is an alternative source of fuel produced in the process of ketogenesis. Ketone body is a universal source of energy that can be used by almost every group of cells in your body.

If You are still considering whether this diet is right for You, check these benefits of the Keto Diet:

  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Appetite Control
  • Reduced Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Insulin Level
  • Improved Brain Function
  • Improved Memory
  • Fewer Migraines
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep

On top of that scientific data proves that Keto dieting helps people with such conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Obesity
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Cancer

In this low carb Instant Pot cookbook, You will find simple recipes that are easy to cook and are proven to work. All recipes can be cooked with commonly used ingredients. Every recipe comes with detailed instructions on how to slice/mix, exact measurements and cooking time/temperature, nutritional information, as well as pictures of what Your dishes will look like! On top of that, You will also get tips for Instant Pot pressure cooker along with tips for Ketogenic Diet itself. By using this Keto Diet Cookbook, You will be able to eat healthy and get Yourself into ketosis and healthy weight loss in practically no time.

Check what You can get in this book:

  • Useful Tips For Ketogenic Diet
  • Useful Tips For Instant Pot
  • Chicken, Beef Recipes
  • Vegetable Recipes
  • Seafood Recipes
  • Easy Keto Snacks
  • Easy To Cook Ketogenic Recipes
  • Detailed Instructions And Nutritional Information For Every Recipe
  • And More!

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Free fiction Kindle books for 21 Feb 18

Anything But Extraordinary (Extraordinary Series Book 1)

by Mary Frame

When the local authorities ask Ruby Simpson to help them find a thief in the small town of Castle Cove, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She predicted the most recent theft, and the cops have no other leads.
There are just two small problems.
One, she’s not psychic.
Two, she’s not Ruby Simpson.

Okay, maybe they’re not small problems. But Charlotte needs a place to lay low with her younger sister, somewhere her parents won’t find her and the locals won’t ask too many questions. Getting involved with the cops, especially Deputy “Cute Butt” Jared, isn’t a smart thing for a reformed con artist to do. But Charlotte has to make a choice: raise her little sister on the right side of the law or put food on the table.
What the real Ruby doesn’t see in her crystal ball won’t hurt her, right?


Making Love to the Throne

by Myiesha

In this spin-off series, we take a ride through the streets of the dirty Jersey, with the heirs to the Jones and Knight throne, as they experience love and everyday life. Thanks to their parents’ hard work and sacrifices, these siblings have always lived the privileged life of luxury houses, cars, and jewels.

Meet Malachi Jonesâ?¦ the twenty-four-year-old laid back, ambitious playboy. During the day, he’s an elementary school gym teacher, but at night, he’s a whole different person. Money and women fall on his lap wherever he goes. Although he enjoys the attention he receives from women, running through them is only a hobby. He’s on a mission to find that epic love that his parents possess. This mission leaves him torn between two special girls, and he must choose one to be his main girl. But, there’s an ex who’s not ready to give up her spot yet.

At eighteen years old, Ruby Jones is a rebellious, cold-hearted genius and the menace of the family. She’s the valedictorian of her high school and every teacher’s nightmare. Dripped in diamonds and rocking the hottest brands, Ruby spends her nights and weekends chilling in one of the most crime ridden hoods in Paterson with her cousin, Trey. Although her cousin, Trey, has a mean reputation in the streets, Ruby has created a reputation of her own. One day, after attempting to murder her cheating boyfriend, Ruby meets a bad boy named Chop who might just be the one wild enough to tame her.

Kaylee Knight is twenty-six years old, and is the oldest daughter of Knight and Blaize. Kaylee is an aspiring fashion designer who moved to Paris to pursue her career and make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She meets the handsome, charming Jean Claude Dubious. Jean Claude is a part of one of the most dangerous and wealthiest families in Paris. Jean Claude is used to women falling to his feet and obeying his every command, but when Kaylee’s Jersey attitude rears its ugly face, so does Jean Claude’s. Being engaged to Jean Claude could be dangerous for both Kaylee and her family.

You know the saying, it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for? Well, that saying fits perfectly when it comes to sixteen-year-old Pryce Knight; A+ student, quiet, and known for being the better child of her three siblings. She has chosen to express her rights to religion, even when her family has chosen to make better use of their Sunday mornings. Unlike the other church goers, Pryce isn’t only there to give praise. Her interest is what’s standing behind the podium, and he goes by the name of Pastor Kevin Jonas. Married and the father of her best friend, Pryce holds a secret from her family and friends that could put her life at risk.

Can these heirs to the Jones and Knight throne handle all that life is about to throw at them? There’s only one way to find out.

A Little Princess

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Generations of children have treasured the story of Sara Crewe, the little girl who imagines she’s a princess in order to survive hard times at Miss Minchins London boarding school.

The Monster In the Closet and Other Stories: Contemporary Short Stories

by K. Kris Loomis

Growing up is tough. So is growing old. And everything in between? Well, it’s all tough.

Between the pages of this short fiction collection, you will find internet daters, shy bus drivers, talking corpses, playground bullies, and monsters in the closet. Spies, old friends, unhappy teens, grieving sisters, overworked businessmen, and novice chess players bare their struggles and triumphs in local parks, cafes, funeral homes, bus stops, even their bedrooms.

These poignant, often humorous, contemporary short stories remind us how important human connections are in this crazy, yet beautiful world.

Fifteen stories in all!

Read what others are saying about these contemporary short stories:

“These short stories are great when you need a five to ten-minute break from your own life. The plots suck you in quickly and the characters are immediately recognizable and relatable. You read wanting to finish the story in one sitting and the perfect length means you can.” ~ Meggan

“A short read (and it’s difficult to get all of the elements of a good story into a few words), a challenging read â?? I thought about these stories, especially Say Something (Would I have said something?) â?? long after I finished reading. A delightful read â?? especially The Orange Scarf. The imagery in this middle story, the imagination, the language â?? the writing style â?? show talent. Thank you, K. Kris Loomis, for a good read!” ~ Christine

“I have to admit that because I’m a fan of longer works myself – 3-volume nineteenth-century novels, doorstop-size biographies and scholarly editions – the trend toward shorter and shorter short stories has somewhat dismayed me, both as a writer and a reader. As a writer, I can’t seem to stay succinct, and as a reader, I often feel like a short story isn’t really developed enough to draw me into the world and make me care about it. Kris Loomis’s stories have entirely changed my mind.” ~ Misty

“One park, one bench, and 6 characters make for three very unassuming interludes that provide a satisfying glimpse into the lives of uniquely ordinary people. The characters are brought to life with a verbal-visual acuity that leaves the impression of having eavesdropped on the events from an adjacent bench, as opposed to having read them. The stories are brief, but not their impact.” ~ John

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve good fiction in your life! Click the Buy Now button at the top of the page and find out how easy it is to incorporate more fiction in your life!

Kris is also the author of the humorous travel memoir, Thirty Days In Quito: Two Gringos and a Three-Legged Cat Move to Ecuador, as well as the nonfiction books How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People, How to Sneak More Meditation Into Your Life: A Doable Meditation Plan for Busy People, After Namaste: Off-the-Mat Musings of a Modern Yogini!

Get a FREE short story at! You can find Kris on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @kkrisloomis.

WILD: A Contemporary Gay Romance Bundle

by Aaron Riley

Five books. Five Gay Bad Boys

Get ready for some filthy-mouthed alpha males between the sheets…

This one guarantees to satisfy with the steamiest scenes with hot lovers.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 21 Feb 18

Half of Never: A Memoir

by L.J. Murphy

This is a coming-of-age memoir, written from the perspective of Laura Murphy, the older of the two children of Marie and Kevin Murphy. Laura takes the reader along on an awkward journey of her pre and adolescent years as first, her parents separate and then, her mother is courted by and marries the parish priest.  Her father, meanwhile, runs off with the family furniture, abandons their dogs and bails on his financial responsibilities to the family.
As the years go by, the kid’s constant babysitter, Grandma Mo, starts acting out in early stages of dementia and Laura, herself, is falsely diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Laura struggles to find her own path as the people around her spin out of control, weaving a web of mixed conceptions of what is normal and pure chaos. This memoir about betrayal, survival and family, written in a first person and quirky child narrator’s voice, toggles humor and pathos without sentimentalism.

Bitcoin: The Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

by L.E. Sinclair

Greetings readers! I would like to personally thank you for purchasing my book, I know there is a lot of content out there on bitcoin and I am truly grateful that you chose mine.

If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, you have come to the right place. Although a basic introduction, this book will set your feet on the right path towards becoming a successful cryptocurrency investor.

Blcokchain technology is going to transform the monetary system worldwide. Cryptocurrency is an incredible investment opportunity. Between 2010 and 2017, bitcoin rose from $0.7 to as high as $7,400. The price of ethereum skyrocketed to almost 3000% in a short 9 months, and lightcoin hit nearly $95. This is an exciting time to be a part of the cryptocurrency world, and it’s only going to get better.

There is A LOT of hype in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. If you analyze the Google trends information you will find that there is a giant increase in the popularity of searches related to cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency subscribers rose from 25,000 at the beginning of 2017, to more than 134,000 presently.

Unfortunately, because cryptocurrency has become so popular, the internet has been flooded with incorrect information from people trying to make a quick dollar. It appears that there is a new bitcoin project or overhyped ICO every day. ICO’s have started to advertise about bitcoin investing on social media and use celebrities to draw in the public. I have purposefully left those types of investments out of the book because I don’t want anyone to make bitcoin investments based on an alluring facebook advertisement featuring their favorite star. In this book you will learn about the following:

– Changing your mindset about wealth
– Understanding blockchain technology
– Using and storing bitcoin
– The pros and cons of bitcoin
– And much more

For the sceptics who think that this isn’t going to last, think about this for a second. Writing was first introduced into human history through pictures on walls, then came writing on stones. As soon as the creative mind figured out how to make paper and better ink, scrolls were ushered in. Next we had typewriters, less than a century later computer based writing and digital images and we haven’t looked back since. I can guarantee that every step along the way there were sceptics who said that the current trend wasn’t going to last. They were right in that regard, they didn’t last they evolved and got better!

I’m sure our ancestors are turning in their graves at what is taking place today. Things such as delivering a letter to another country took an entire year or more, but we are now doing it in minutes. What I am trying to say is don’t be so dismissive of the things that sound impossible. The way the world is going today, there is a very real possibility that cryptocurrency is not only here to stay, but that it will transform the entire monetary system.

I am clearly an advocate of bitcoin or I wouldn’t have dedicated my time to write a book about it. My thing is that there is more than enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie, so why not share what I’ve learnt.

I wish you all the best in bitcoin investing!

The Awesome Power of Social Media : How Social Media has Changed Everything

by Tony Giggs

Social media has overtaken word of mouth marketing. This age-old practice still works. Yet, information gets more viral or spreads rapidly worldwide though the Internet and social networking mainly through Facebook leads. Social media sites have become essential to modern businesses and marketing strategies.
I know the information presented in this book may not absolutely be sufficient considering the number of social media networks. However, it may be an opportunity for me to write a follow-up probably talking about the other leading platforms worldwide. Moreover, I believe to have presented a lot of valuable insights about social media sites and how they become useful to entrepreneurs.

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Prisoner for Freedom: A Monumental Speech


For 30 Minutes, hear Tennyson speak of hardships and give his insight on life while being incarcerated. What you will hear will be overwhelming and astonishing!

“Based on individual opinion there are numerous levels, and categories, that someone can fail at. It is human nature to judge those who have failed, or those who are less fortunate, even though we all have failed ourselves.”

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Belinda’s Sweet Escape: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Belinda is an orphaned young woman living in New York. She has run away from her parents after they gave up her baby for adoption against her wishes.

Betrothed to a rich young tyrant, her baby would have proven to be a scandal in the city, and they were doing their best to cover it up.

As a result, Belinda ran away to make her own life, and soon reached news that her parents had tragically passed. Determined to remain on her feet, Belinda refuses to go back to her rich estate.

Instead, when things get hard, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads out west. The man she marries has a small child, about the same age as her own child would have been.

She can’t help but fall in love with the family, but there seems to be a dark secret he’s not telling her.

Why doesn’t he ever mention his first wife? What happened to her? Is Belinda going to face the same fate his previous wife did, or is she simply going crazy?

Daisy’s New Beginning: Orphan Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Daisy Childs grew up as an orphan, in Vermont. Now a young woman, she is struggling to make ends meet, but the lady she works for doesn’t think Daisy can do anything right, and on top of it all, her landlord is raising the rent.

When she loses her job and faces eviction, Daisy becomes desperate, until she spots an ad for a mail order bride. Agreeing to marry a traveling doctor, Daisy becomes an assistant in a job she isn’t sure she can handle.

Her new husband is a handsome man, but Daisy can sense there is something he isn’t telling her. Then, when the couple becomes stranded in a cabin during a blizzard, tragedy strikes and the truth comes out.

Will Daisy be able to rise to the occasion? Will this tragedy rob her of her husband? Will she have the strength to pull through?

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