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Free fiction Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

Roll with the Punches

by Amy Gettinger

A rollicking, funny chick lit mystery/adventure, full of fun and light romance.

Falling is extra hard on tall people, like Rhonda Hamilton: the bone breakage, the bruises, the ignominy of it all. And Rhonda’s falling, hard. First, how in the heck can the latest novel published by a nationally bestselling author be a close twin to the manuscript Rhonda has just finished writing and has barely started marketing to agents? Plus, why is Dad suddenly acting so odd: storing milk in the garage and throwing away Rhonda’s clothes?

Some goofy roller derby girls add a bludgeon of crazy to Rhonda’s hunt for the book thief, and two drool-worthy guys offer to help with Dadâ??guys Rhonda would gladly fall for, if her life weren’t careening madly between Dad’s bizarre antics, some treacherous derby bouts, a wild burlesque fundraiser, and the odd mudslide and house demolition. Only one thing is sure: if she wants to nail the wily plagiarist and keep Dad safe, Rhonda had better stay up on her skates to avoid a very big fall.

Alone at Last… 15 Blush Worthy Stories — They Never Thought It Would Go So Far… Short Story Off Limits Romance Collection

by Gina Mint

Should we really be doing this…?

15 Stories of questionable, naughty encounters! This is an experience these untouched lovers will not soon forget…

Shifter Romance: Heroes of Shifter Creek Complete Series (Box Set Collection Paranormal Alpha Romance) (Bear Lion Wolf Tiger Romance)

by Clara Moore



d for more”

-Amazon Reviewers




-Candice Brooks


-Sheryl Crown


Wanted by the Bear Soldier (Heroes of Shifter Creek Book 1)

Wanted by the Alpha Lion (Heroes of Shifter Creek Book 2)

Wanted by the Cowboy Tiger (Heroes of Shifter Creek Book 3)

Wanted by the Billionaire Wolf (Heroes of Shifter Creek Book 4)

Wanted by the Highlander Bear (Heroes of Shifter Creek Book 5)

From Wanted by the Soldier Bear:

Alluring and fierce, Cecelia Conrad adores the bear cubs she watches over as an au pair. Shifter blood runs in her family, but it is a gene she did not inherit. Fully human, being an au pair to shifter cubs has its dangers, especially when little hands turn to little claws, but when the family she works for decides to vacation in the woods, danger takes on a new meaning. Waking early one morning, she finds the cabin eerily quiet. Too quiet. The family has been taken, kidnapped by an unknown threat.

Desperate to rescue the family, knowing she can’t go to the police, Cecelia calls her brother, a soldier in the military, but he’s in the middle of an operation, so he sends a friend in his place – Marcus Sanders, a sexy ex-soldier turned bad boy. Together, the try to track the family down, hunting those responsible.

What Cecelia doesn’t know is that Marcus has met her before. He knows she’s his gorgeous mate, but he’s kept his distance, protecting her from the burden he carries. But as they draw closer to the threat, and each other, seducing her may be the only way of keeping her safe.

But Wait….There is More!…

…When buying this Complete series you also get a Gift: An Entire Romance Books Collection Including Paranormal, Cowboy and Biker Romance stories as well as other genres…It’s all inside the book (no extra downloads).

*Please be aware that each story is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full-length novel. The page count includes the Heroes of Shifter Creek Series as well as the Gift Books Collection.

Steel Maiden (Divided Realms Book 1)

by Kim Richardson

Romantic and action-filled, the rich world of Steel Maiden is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like, Throne of Glass, Graceling andThe Girl of Fire and Thorns.

IN A LAND WHERE MAGIC IS BANNED and cruel high priests rule, Elena steals the most valuable jewel in the Empire in the hopes of selling it to start a new life. But she is caught, and the punishment for stealing is death. Yet in that moment she is given a choice â?? death or become one of the high priests’ champions in The Great Race. Elena is catapulted without warning into the bloodiest race in all the realms, forced to compete with a man she hates while she develops a growing passion for another. She struggles to understand her special skills and her mysterious healing powers that she must keep secret. Within a world built on religious sects and dangerous secrets, she becomes a woman torn between obligation and desire, between a man she supposedly hates and another. As Elena comes to terms with her own secret, she discovers the truth behind the race and must stop the ancient, wicked evil that threatens all living things before it’s too late.

“There’s romance, adventure, actionâ?¦I think fans of “Throne of Glass” might really enjoy this one…” – The Reader’s Hollow

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

Essential Oils Box Set: Useful Tips on How to Use Essential Oils and Staying Balanced and Young Forever (Essential Oil, essential oils guide, essential oils uses)

by Katherine Hicks

BOOK #1: Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide with 48 Useful Essential Oils Recipes! Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Healthy Lifestyle and for Home Cleaning

The essential oils phenomenon has changed the way many people live their lives and go about the regular tasks of the day. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, aromatherapy, or creating a new lifestyle, essential oils can be a catalyst for success across the board – and Essential Oils Guide will help you along the way. You will learn unique approaches to the essential oils craze, and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself and your plans for the future.

BOOK #2: Essential Oil Recipes: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide on How to Make Essential Oils with Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

No matter where you turn, the term “essential oils” is everywhere and with good cause. Whether it be pleasing aromas that work well for aromatherapy, or replacing other oils with essential oils for cooking, the health and wellness benefits are far more than one could imagine. You can use essential oils in cooking main dishes, salads, appetizers, and even desserts. And this eBook, Essential Oil Recipes is the ideal handbook for making a lifestyle change using essential oils.

BOOK #3: Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide. 15 Powerful Secrets You Never Knew About the Benefits of Essential Oils. Use Essential Oils and Learn How to Deal with Depression

Numerous essential oils are there which serve for the purpose of bringing peace to your mind and this book is a complete guide for you if you are looking for the essential oils and their use in bringing your depression down. This book will definitely help you out to fight against depression and its related problems with the help of essential oils.

BOOK #4: Essential Oils: 23 Tips for Using Essential Oils and Staying Balanced and Young Forever

In order for essential oils to work properly you must understand which ones are best for achieving the results you are seeking. It is also extremely important that you understand and follow any safety concerns regarding any type of oil. This book is designed to help the woman or man that is just starting to try essential oils for their well being. This book is going to help you gain the knowledge you’ll need to make the best decisions for you and your family when it comes to the use of essential oils.

BOOK #5: Coconut Oil: 20 Useful Tips on How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight and Make Your Skin Look Natural

This is not just another book on coconut, this is the essential book, if you want to make the most of this amazing product. Everything you need to know is in the following chapters. We explain all the benefits of coconut oil, condensed down into 20 important and valid reasons why you should be using coconut oil.

What better way to treat your body than by using a natural product with healing property.

BOOK #6: Reflexology: 22 Amazing Techniques to Successfully Relax Your Hands & Feet

Reflexology is a method that treats the entire body, inside and out, this book will focus on the two organs that we all use very often, and which often get tired and achy – your hands and feet. If you enjoy the results of your first Reflexology session, feel free to practice the techniques on friends and relatives, to learn more about Reflexology, and maybe even become a professional practitioner.

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Sewing:The Seven Day Sewing Mastery Course For Absolute Beginners: Learn Easy With Step By Step Instructions – Images Included

by Ashley Dark

Master Your Sewing Skills In A Weeks Time

Learn the art of sewing with these easy step by step instructions.

The book is a precious blurb on the years of hard work, experiences, challenges and resolutions from scores of veteran tailors. The chapters are aimed at providing you with the capsule form of all untold secrets that only the sewing veterans are aware of. This beginner’s guide is designed to provide you a systematic understanding of sewing such that in just seven days, you can ace it!

  • Everything You Need To Know About Sewing
  • What is Sewing?
  • Types Of Sewing: Hand and Machine
  • What are your Goals of Sewing?
  • Choose a sewing machine
  • And much more..

Are you still reading?? Grab your copy now!!

Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide with 48 Useful Essential Oils Recipes! Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Healthy … make essential oils, essential oil guide)

by Katherine Hicks

Essential Oils Guide is the quintessence of guidebooks to learn about the great many uses for essential oils. Ranging from recipes to household cleaning, Essential Oils Guide is an eBook that you’ll refer to as an “owner’s manual” of essential oils reference material. It will be a download you’ll never regret and one that you’ll recommend to friends, family, and colleagues.

The essential oils phenomenon has changed the way many people live their lives and go about the regular tasks of the day. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, aromatherapy, or creating a new lifestyle, essential oils can be a catalyst for success across the board – and Essential Oils Guide will help you along the way. You will learn unique approaches to the essential oils craze, and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself and your plans for the future.

By investing in Essential Oils Guide, you’re investing in your future. Essential oils can aid in the process of developing healthier lifestyle choices, obtaining chemical-free healing sources, and some of the products that can be made with essential oils is nothing short of amazing and you will learn all about them right here in Essential Oils Guide.

Whether it be using essential oils to clean windows, soften fabrics, to create soaps and perfumes, this book will show you how you may very well be at the beginning of something truly amazing.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The origins of essential oils
  • Unique recipes for essential oils
  • How to use essential oils and determine which oils for aromatherapy
  • Essential oils as a guideline for healthy living
  • Dangers of natural essential oils

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Puppy Training: The Complete Guide To Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days

by Dan OBrian

Train Your Puppy With Effective, Proven Steps Everyday To Housebreak Your Puppy In Just 7 days!


Having a puppy can be a wonderful experience until they start pooping, misbehaving and making things difficult.

Imagine being about the housebreak your puppy in 7 days!

That would seem IMPOSSIBLE? Not at ALL!

If you have the techniques and steps it is achievable

The thought of housebreaking a dog often makes many new puppy owners feel highly nervous and worried because house breaking a puppy is not an easy job.

If you intend to housebreak your puppy but haven’t been able to achieve any success, this book is the perfect match.

This book is a definitive guide to house training your dog in just seven days. Yes, you read it right, 7 days. Follow this guide and you’ll successfully train your puppy in a week.

Here is a Preview of what you will learn:

Understanding Your Puppy’s Psychology

The Importance Of Crate Training In House Breaking

Day 1: Setting Your Puppy’s Routine

Day 2: House Breaking A Puppy – A Few Don’ts, And How To Avoid Them

Day 3: Poop Patrol- Identifying Your Dog’s Poop Signals

Day 4: Choosing The Right Training Method For Your Puppy

Day 5: Condition Your Puppy – The Magic Of Positive Reinforcement

Day 6: Using the Startle, But Never Scare Method

Day 7: Practice All That You Have Learned

Much, much more!

What are you waiting for?? Your Puppy needs you to buy this book, make your life easier and a happier experience with your puppy. SCROLL UP AND CLICK BUY NOW!

Calisthenics for Beginners: 25 Effective Exercises for Absolute Beginners (calisthenics, calisthenics for beginners, explosive calisthenics)

by Kathy Powell

You want to get fit and healthy, but don’t want to pay for expensive gym memberships or equipment. Now, you don’t have to, with calisthenics. All you need is a bit of space, and your own body to build your muscle mass, improve your stamina, and lose weight!

Calisthenics entails hundreds of different exercises where you use your own body weight instead of a machine. The exercises range from simple and low impact, right up to the more advanced and intensely high impact. As with any exercise regime, you start off low and work your way up.

You don’t need exercise machines, special clothing or any other type of equipment. You can practice calisthenics anywhere and at any time. No more having to face the hoards at the gym! Instead, find a nice playground or park somewhere and exercise out in the fresh air, by yourself.

Of course you can do calisthenics in groups; it is entirely up to you. Also up to you are what exercises you choose to do each day. You can mix them up and keep the routines changing, so you won’t get bored. After all, boredom and tedious formats are what usually make us stop exercising! Young, old, male, female and even children can do calisthenics. In fact, many schools now include it as part of their exercise program for children. Learn the 25 exercises in this book and look forward to a slimmer, healthier and fitter you!

Chapters include:

  • What Is Calisthenics?
  • Benefits of Calisthenics
  • Core Body Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises
  • Lower Body exercises
  • Plus more!

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Sex Positions: Tantric Sex: Top 10 Sex Positions (Kama Sutra Marriage Intimacy) (Men’s Sexual Health Impotence Dirty Talk)

by Amanda Franklin


Want To Have More Fun In The Bedroom? Take Your Sex Life To A Whole New Level

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Stop the monotony that you’ve been experiencing in your marriage or relationship and put back that hot passion you first had when you first met your partner. If you’re looking for some ways to spice up your sex life, than this book is a must read for you!

Throughout these pages you’ll find the best sex positions you can add to your sex life. This book will bring that passion into your relationship. Now you can revitalize your relationship by adding these 10 sex positions into your sex life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship in a Couple
  • How to Keep the Sexual Relationship Healthy
  • Top Sexual Positions and How to Do Them
  • The G-Spot Stimulating Sex Position
  • The Lotus Sex Position
  • Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Missionary Sex Position
  • Dancing Sex Position
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

Lighten Your Load: 35 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Free Yourself From Stress, Toxins, and Clutter

by Karin Kiser

The Truth Behind Stress Management And Why Most â??Mainstream’ Advice Is Wrong…

Discover How to Create More Time, Energy, Vitality And Freedom In Your Life

Have you felt the symptoms of stress creeping into your life more and more?

Darkening your relationships, mindset and bodyâ?¦You’re not alone.

The American Psychological Association recently revealed that over 75% of Americans experience at least one symptom of stress per month. These numbers are likely growing. This is not acceptable. Change is not just required, it’s a necessity.

Stress isn’t something that just appears, it builds up slowly, and if left unchecked it can lead to some truly frightening consequences. Everything from obesity, unhappiness, insomnia, lack of job satisfaction, illness, and many other side effects.

The problem with traditional approaches to stress management is they avoid the root causes of stress, and focus on external factors that are often impossible to control.

Instead you must focus on the root causes — your environmental, psychological, emotional, and physical health. This is the “secret” to stress management and creating more time, energy, vitality, and freedom in your life.

Lighten Your Load reveals the simple, actionable strategies anyone can use to address the root causes of their stress and finally start living life lighter.

Inside this book you’ll discover the 35 surprisingly simple ways to a happier, more fulfilled life, such as:

  • Why your bathroom is a source of stress and how to solve this problem today.
  • 21 little-known ways to naturally boost your energy levels
  • How to detox your mind and body in just 3-minutes without drugs or supplements and wipe the slate clean every single day.
  • How to free up time and energy by regaining control over your inbox

  • Inside Lighten Your Load you’ll also discover how everything from the beauty products in your medicine cabinet, to the processed foods in your pantryâ?¦even the movies you watch all have a massive impact to your health, wellness, and happiness.

    If you’re ready to finally free yourself from the clutches of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, then this might just be the most important book you ever read. Because quite frankly, traditional approaches do not work in today’s fast paced, high-intensity world.

    Focusing on the external factors of your job, finances or other people can only help in the short term.

    Lighten Your Load focuses on the long term, and addresses negativity, toxins, clutter, and stress by going directly to the root causes. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover how to do:

  • Boost your energy levels with natural exercises anyone can do in just a few minutes per day.
  • Add more peace, calm, and tranquility to your dayâ?¦ even when everything seems to be going out of control.
  • De-stress your life with simple strategies that work almost instantly and deliver lasting results.
  • So if you’re ready to finally free yourself from stress, toxins, clutter, and lighten your load, you must get this book now.

    Get the simple, actionable, all-natural approach to detoxing your body and mind, creating more free time, energy, vitality, and freedom in your life. It’s all revealed inside Lighten Your Load, book one in the Dare To Be AwareTM series.

    Don’t be like 75% of Americans and let stress bring down the quality of your life. Take control and make simple changes to live life free. Help your body, help your mind, get the book today.

    Lighten Your Load: 35 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Free Yourself From Stress, Toxins, and Clutter

    For more about the author, free gifts, and bonus content visit KarinKiser.com

    detox diet, health living, stress management, detox, alternative medicine

    How to Crochet: The Ultimate Beginners Guide on How to Crochet with Enjoyment and Profit Fast (How to Crochet, how to crochet for beginners, crochet)

    by Patricia Taylor

    Crocheting has never been easier! This is one of the best guides about crochet that you can find. If you are a beginner you will learn the basic stuffs about crocheting in a few days. Don’t believe? Start reading this guide now!

    Another how-to e-book is here. This time the art of crocheting is the target, or as we say “creativity at your fertile fingertips.” Everything you want to know to start a wonderful hobby is within these digital pages: a brief history, the necessary tools, common stitches, and patterns from the simple to the more advanced.In no time, gorgeous handiwork will grace your home and those of friends and family. Even if you have never picked up a knitting needle or crochet hook in your life, if there is a will there is a way.

    Readers will enjoy knowing:

    • When and how it all began
    • What you need to buy and where: yards, threads, patterns, tools
    • Common uses of crochet tools: stitches and their purpose
    • Simple and complex patterns that include old-world grace to modern magic
    • How to sell your wares

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Self-Esteem Box Set: 50 Tricks to Live a Happier and Successful Life. 55+ Qualities That Can Make You Become An Amazing Leader. 22 NLP Lessons to Reduce … Stress Level (NLP Coaching, Focus, Mindset)

    by Lisa Hart

    BOOK #1: NLP Coaching: 22 Outstanding NLP Lessons to Reduce Your Stress Level and Start Feeling Better

    Statistics show that in Western countries, an amazing 77% of people regularly suffer from stress. Reducing our stress levels is the first, and possibly most important, step towards living happier lives. Instead, we have been conditioned to giving in to stress; most of us respond to challenges and unpleasant situation by stressing about them. NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows you to rewire your brain so that when you are faced with potentially stressful situations, you react with calm and lucidity. This will prevent further stress and bring down the overall level of stress in your life.

    BOOK #2: Critical Thinking: Learn How to Improve Your Intelligence and Make Clever Decisions

    The fact that you are contemplating this book tells me that you are an intelligent individual looking to better yourself, yet looking for some support along the way and an idea on where to start and how you should progress on this journey.

    BOOK #3: Leadership: 20 Qualities That Can Make You Become An Amazing Leader

    This e-book includes helpful techniques as well as smart methods to assist you to develop your current leadership and managing expertise. It addresses you have to be an innovator that folks carry out, maintain informed, render well-timed choices and also seize useful steps. Essentially you have to manage the routines of your online business as opposed to being managed by all of them.

    BOOK #4: Life Coaching: 33 Amazing Lessons That Will Teach You How to Become a Successful Life Coach

    A life coach instructions , inspires , guarantees , encourages and also promotes however by no means informs you the next steps . By means of active paying attention ,sound connection , asking , understanding and also assessment a trainer can help you and also recommend equipment and also methods to move you in the direction of the stated results. You nevertheless collection the pace and also eventually render the adjustments and also attain the motives.

    BOOK #5: Mindset: 28 Super Useful Tips to Develop a Successful Mindset. Learn How to Improve Your Self-esteem and Live Happier

    If so, then this ebook is for you. In this ebook, you will learn 28 tips on how you can change your life for the better. No one in this world is responsible for your happiness or your self-esteem except you. So, you need the right tools to live the life of your dreams.

    BOOK #6: Mindset: 22 Outstanding Mindset Tips and Tricks to Live a Happier and Successful Life

    We all crave happiness and success. However, happiness and success can only come into our lives if we have the right mindset for them. All the people you see who are happy and successful started by having the right mindset, and their experience and their tips should be shared, in order to cast aside the negative mindset that we have been conditioned into adopting by a perverted society. This book is full of practical tips and tricks that you can use to bring about the greatest change in your life.

    BOOK #7: Focus: 12 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Concentration

    Looking for a way to focus better? Looking for better results at work or in your personal life? If so, this is the ebook for you. In this ebook you will learn 12 great ways that you can learn to focus better and improve your concentration. This isn’t your average book. You’re not getting 12 overly hyped and overly discussed methods found in other places online.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Download your copy of “Self-Esteem Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Things That Were, Things That Are, and Things That May Become: Technology Books for Kids (Children’s How Things Work Books)

    by Baby Professor

    The concept of past, present and future is brilliantly detailed out in this wonderful picture book. Using pictures instead of complex sentences, it breaks down learning to bits that are more easily “digested” by young minds. This attack on education is so rich in memories that retention is a likely possibility. Order your copy of this picture book today!

    Let’s Explore the Construction Site: Construction Site Kids Book (Children’s Heavy Machinery Books)

    by Baby Professor

    The construction site is a dangerous place to visit but it’s rich in lessons too. With the use of a picture book, your child can be “in” a site but without any danger involved. A picture book is a wonderful tool that helps your child surpass all basic development stages with flying colors. It appeals to the senses, it fuels the mind and it cultivates a love for learning too!

    BODY BUTTER RECIPES: Homemade Body Butter: DIY Luxurious Body Butter Recipes For Beautiful Skin (Body butter recipes, homemade body butter, DIY body butter)

    by Lisa Aniston

    It’s Time To Make Luxurious Body Buttes Recipes Right Now!

    Get This #1 Selling Homemade DIY Body Butter Recipe Book Now And Get The Best Body Butter Recipes!

    Making your own body butter comes with a lot of benefits. Not only do you are certain of the products that you put into your body butter, you’ll can also choose exactly what you want in your body butter in order to give you different vitamins you want and different ways to help you.

    Most lotions and body butters on the market has little to no nutrients and vitamins because of the production process used and you’re left with some untested chemicals. I would like to offer you a choice to make body butters yourself and take care of your skin the way it should be. I have been making my own homemade soaps, shampoos and body butters for years and I would like to share my most favorite recipes with you.

    Here Is A Preview Of Some Of The Body Butter Recipes You Can Make With This Book:

    Coconut Rose Body Butter

    Cinnamon Body Butter for Cellulite

    Edible Chocolate Body Butter

    Lemon Cream Body Butter

    Soothing Body Butter

    Honey Citrus Body Butter

    Rose Body Butter

    Cranberry Body Butter

    Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: Body butter recipes, homemade body butter, DIY body butter, body butter, body butters for beginners, body butter recipes megan white, body butters free books

    True Bud: Understanding Toxic Marijuana Syndrome

    by Scott Gillet LCSW CRNC

    Marijuana: The Most Misunderstood Drug in America. . . As legalization of recreational marijuana spreads across America, more and more young people will be smoking weed, with the belief that it’s harmless fun, with no detrimental side effects and little or no risk of addiction. True Bud will open your eyes to the truth: in this country, where almost no attention is given to quality regulation, origin, or growing practices, weed can be highly unsafe. Even medical marijuana may be laced with pesticides and other chemicals dangerous for human consumption. Learn how gang-distributed bud is trying to compete with medical weed, leading to cutting the product with K2 and other deadly substances. Many adults still have the idea that marijuana is completely benign, remembering the comparatively safe weed they bought in the 1970s or earlier. But now THC percentages have skyrocketed, the product is corrupted with toxins, and teenagers are experimenting with dabs, wax, and synthetics. True Bud will explain to you the brain chemistry of chronic weed use and particularly how it impacts the developing brain. You’ll learn about the amazing potential of marijuana in the treatment of ADD, chronic pain, trauma, and PTSDâ??and how Israel has led the world in development of clean, healthy weed. Eye-opening, surprising, and potentially life-saving, True Bud is the book you need to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

    NLP: NLP Master’s Handbook: The 21 Neuro Linguistic Programming & Mind Control Techniques That Will Change Your Mind And Life Forever (NLP Training, Self-Esteem, Confidence Series)

    by Ramit Gupta

    Rewire Your Brain Completely. Think How You Want To Think.

    Stop falling into disempowering patterns of thinking that you don’t enjoy. Arm yourself today with this step-by-step guide for NLP and mind control!

    Have you ever had an memory that, when brought up again, brings out the worst emotions in you? Perhaps it’s an overwhelming sense of fear that you feel, despair, grief, or embarrassment. It takes control of your current self, and although the experience happened yesterday, a year ago, or even a decade ago, the vividness of that memory has a huge impact on how you perceive the world today. So what if you could rewrite that memory and associate new feelings with it? Would you choose to be happy, satisfied, or even entertained with that memory instead?

    This is one of the ideas that brought me into the field of neurolinguistic programming. With NLP, you really can reprogram your mind, replacing disempowering thoughts with empowering ones that allow your life to move on and allow you to become a stronger and more successful person. In this book, I broke down my studies of NLP into the 21 most important techniques that any beginner can use to get started. With each of these nuggets of knowledge, I hope I can get you on the right track to making a few tweaks in your mental programming that will boost your level of success and skyrocket your confidence. I also hope you will be inspired to study each of these techniques further to really take advantage of the power of NLP. So what are you waiting for? A new life is waiting for you just around the corner!

    Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What I’ll Teach You…

    • The Basics Of NLP
    • Anchoring – Your “Bookmark” For A Particular Emotion
    • The Basics Of Pattern Interruption
    • The Swish Pattern For Rewiring Behavior
    • The Loop Break Technique For Subconscious Thinking
    • The Framing Technique For De-amplifying Bad Memories
    • Using Presupposition For Hypnosis
    • NLP For Getting Others To Listen
    • The Milton Model For Hypnosis
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Stop settling for less than you deserve and grab your copy today!

    Natural home remedies for common winter ailments: Natural cures to provide relief from cold, flu, sore throat, and more

    by Feed Me Nature Press

    Take advantage of natural hearing power of herbs, foods, essential oils to cure various common winter ailments.

    Cold? Flu? Sore throat? This book gives you recipes to treat common winter bugs naturally, without antibiotics and side effects.

    Recipes are easy to follow, with ingredients you can easily find in your pantry or a local store.

    Examples are: teas, aromatherapy, essential oils, foods, and spices.

    Additionally, you will get specific strategies on how to boost your immune system so you do not catch viruses that are so common in winter!

    Book is arranged by ailment rather than a treatment. This way it is easy to look up what you need fast.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

    9 Feb

    Free philosophy Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    Stains 2: A colourful garden

    by Sudharsan Vasudevan

    This is a collection of poems with colourful backgrounds created using an app called textgram, each of those poems will leave their mark on you.

    Every poem

    is a mirror,

    More appropriately

    A carnival mirror,

    The effect is the poet,

    The reflection is you.

    A Brief History of Time in World of Philosophy: From Beginning Till Today

    by Pranab Dutta

    This book contain the Philosophy and Mythology of different period of time in the world history.

    The world Philosophy is described in brief with the view of world famous philosopher.

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    9 Feb

    Free war Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    SOLDIERS AND MARINES: Military Fiction: Action packed first novel of a five-book saga about warfare and combat in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, … and wars yet to come (The Soldier’s Wars 1)

    by Martin Archer

    This is the first of five novels about the life and times of a combat soldier from his youth in the Korean War to his middle age in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in wars yet to come. It is fast paced and action-oriented as casualties and a willingness to sign up for additional front line tours and new wars result in Roberts shouldering responsibilities far beyond his years. Fans of WEB Griffin, Larry Bond, and Harold Coyle will enjoy this great addition to military fiction.

    The second book in “The Soldiers and Marines” series, “Peace and Conflict,” follows Chris Roberts’ as he serves a long peace time hitch in Europe broken by several assignments to Viet Nam – first with the fabled Second Parachute Regiment of the Foreign Legion as it goes down at Dien Bien Phu and then as an observer of the military effort to defeat the Viet Cong.

    The third novel “War Breaks Out” describes the role and decisions of Roberts and his men when the Marines, reserves, and National Guard troops rush to Europe to reinforce NATO and participate in the intense war of air and armor that might have occurred if Russia’s paranoid leaders had decided to invade Germany and fight NATO instead of giving up power and freeing their satellite nations.

    The fourth and fifth novels describe the decisions and intense combat that may be about to happen in the near future: The fourth describes what happens when the US sides with Russia when China invades to retake its traditional lands in the Russian east. The fifth, “The Islamic – Israeli War,” describes the intense combat and agonizing decisions that occur when the rise of militant Islam and the threat of nuclear war results in a coalition of Islamic Countries launching a surprise attack on Israel that permanently changes the boundaries of the Middle East.

    Readers will also enjoy Martin’s new “The Archer” series which is the saga of an English archer during the crusades who uses newfangled ideas and weapons such as the longbow and the Swiss pike to win battles and in the process establish what will become one of the world’s great fighting forces – the Marines who are trained to fight both on land and on sea.

    You can find these digital books on Amazon by entering “Martin Archer” in the search box.

    Power: Special Tactical Units Division Book 1

    by Sandra Marton

    Tanner Akecheta, whose last name means “warrior” in Sioux, is part of a highly skilled military group, the Special Tactical Units Division, otherwise known as S.T.U.D. Tanner’s mission: he’s going to be dropped into the jungle in a small, war-torn Central American country, find kidnapped Alessandra Bellini Wilde and return her to the States and her father, four-star General John Hamilton Wilde. Tanner expects to deal with a scared, spoiled rich girl. What he finds instead is a smart, independent-minded womanâ??and a passion so hot it threatens to consume them both. This sexy, exciting book is the first in Sandra Marton’s brand new S.T.U.D. series.

    Warning! You’re about to meet the heroes of your dreams!

    Wounded Warriors

    by jt kalnay

    Wounded warriors Lieutenant Jesse and Sergeant James return to Ohio from a deadly ambush in Afghanistan that has killed four of their closest friends. Friends that they decide to bring back to Ohio with them directly from the battlefield. Jesse will lose her arm, and James will lose his leg, but they will fulfill their self-proclaimed duty to return the bodies of their fallen comrades to their Ohio homes. Jesse and James have no way of knowing the chain of events their heroism will set in motion. From denials and persecution from Washington, to assassination attempts from the military/industrial complex. While James is ready to descend into vigilantiism, Jesse will not allow them to take matters into their own hands, at least not right away. But as events and people conspire against them, and as the Adminstration and the military/industrial complex push them too far, Jesse finally agrees to act, and neither Ohio nor America will ever be the same.

    HEAD HUNTERS: An Indian Short Story

    by Thomas Jacob

    Note: This is a short story.

    Inspired by a secret UN report, ‘Head Hunters’ is the story of a veteran Commander of an elite Indian Special Forces unit stationed at the Line of Control in Kashmir who has increasing trouble with a new team member during his secret ‘head hunting’ cross-border raids into Pakistan.

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    9 Feb

    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    ROMANCE: STEPBROTHER: Estranged (Billionaire Stepbrother Taboo Romance) (New Adult Contemporary College Short Stories)

    by Elisa Elliot

    * * * 50+ Bonus Books Included! * * *


    Billionaire + stepbrother + estranged since childhood = a sweet and sexy romance!

    * * * * Standalone romance, no cliffhangers! * * * *

    Something was flickering in my stomach, a small rush of butterflies,

    that I was sure didn’t resemble the feeling that my nerves normally gave me.

    As I stared at the floppy brown hair of the man I used to know as

    he scribbled something down on the paper, I almost felt attracted to him, almost.

    The moment of silence, having only previously been interrupted by the

    sound of his pen on the paper, was finally broken after what felt like an age.

    “Lucy,” Aaron spoke softly, if not a little formally.

    The sound of my name on his lips sparked something inside of me that

    I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but again it was as far from what I was

    expecting as humanly possible.

    Aaron’s eyes found my own and I was instantly startled to see how

    bright the once, I was sure, dull green had become.

    I had never paid much attention to Aaron’s eyes but now as his shimmering green connected with my own mild brown I felt my heart beat a little quicker.

    Had I really been so un-noticing as to have overlooked the brightness

    in his eyes before? I shook my head as I diverted my eyes from his,

    it would do no good to dwell on that I thought.

    Yet still as I refused to look at him the soft flicker in my stomach grew

    stronger and not for the first time I wished I had stayed home.

    It took a second but I finally regained myself, resigning my moment

    of shock to just being nervous.

    “Aaron, it’s wonderful to see you again,” I said with as much enthusiasm

    as I could muster.

    With him staring so intently at me, enthusiasm was not something that came easily


    Aaron was searching my face, what for I wasn’t sure but as a smile

    gradually crept onto his face I stopped caring.

    “And it wonderful to see you too Lucy,” Aaron said and his smile grew a little.

    It sounded like he wanted to add something but whatever it was that he was going to say he held it back.

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    by Jerry L. Cameron

    It took Helen forty years to find out Cabby’s body wasn’t in its grave! If Cabby’s body wasn’t there… where was it? If Colonel Caswell had the answer… did that mean he was a serial l killer?

    East Wind 41

    by Alex Quitcher

    An old man, walks along deserted railway tracks, long since unused and overgrown. Beside him, a young, feral boy helps him along. It has been 60 years since the great Red Death wiped out mankind, and the handful of survivors from all walks of life have established their own civilization and their own hierarchy in a savage world. All art and science have been lost, and the young descendants of the few healthy know nothing of the world that wasâ??nothing but myths and make-believe. The old man is the only one who can convey the wonders of that bygone age, and the horrors of the plague that brought about its end. What future lies in store for the remnants of mankind?

    The Grey Cloak

    by Harold MacGrath

    Harold MacGrath was one of America’s most popular authors at the turn of the 20th century. Books like Arms and the Woman and The Crown Puppet were best sellers in the first decade of the 1900s, and his books are still widely read today.

    Hidden Prospects

    by Karen Baney

    Millie Pritchett harbors a decades old secret that has kept her a spinster well into her late thirties. Because of the pain of her past mistakes, she has taken on a shy personality to protect her heart. When her father remarries and sends her away, she goes to Prescott, the town where her only friend lives. She never expected she would end up working for such an attractive business man. As her heart begins to hope for the future, she must keep her past from destroying it.

    After years of supporting his mother and siblings, Paul Lancaster now has his independence. He splits his time between his placer mine and the boardinghouse he built for his mother. When a spinster comes to town to visit a friend, he wonders if she could be the love he has waited so long to find. In the midst of it all, his life turns upside down and he stands to lose both of his businesses.

    Will the secrets of their pasts keep them from finding the hidden prospect of new love?

    The Gentleman Adventurer (The Key Trilogy)

    by Sean MacCotter

    In 1661, George Yate leaves Berkshire behind and joins other Gentlemen Adventurers seeking their fortune in the wilderness of the Province of Maryland. His Catholic family has struggled to endure the swirling tides of English politics, losing much of their Lyford Grange estate since they harbored the Jesuit martyr, Edmund Campion.

    Those who survive life in the New World become the new aristocracy of the English Colonies in America . . . most don’t. With him, George carries The Key, handed down from generation to generation since Crusader times. And behind him, follow those who would have his relic for their masters. The early years in Maryland are filled with the religious turbulence imported from England mixed with a large dose of family strife and struggles for control of the new Province. Rebellions and treachery precede George and constantly lurk just beneath the surface of a challenging life.

    George is a planter, a surveyor and a spy for the Governor. People near him frequently meet their ends under suspicious circumstances, or simply disappear. When his world begins to close around him, his very survival is at stake.

    Mary Wells is the daughter of a successful planter and doctor. Growing up on an isolated plantation, with her brothers for playmates, she has developed a strong will and a fascination for solving the puzzles of the many unexplained fatalities along the shores of the Chesapeake. Her father frequently chastises her for forming a conspiracy from what he considers the random outcomes of life in a wild land.

    Together they form a partnership to solve the crimes around them while protecting the secret of The Key and staying alive in the process.

    Peopled with characters who rise from history, The Gentleman Adventurer is a thriller of the first order. It brings the 17th century to a tempestuous life.

    Mail-Order Bride: Saving Hyacinth: A Sweet Western Mail-Order Bride Romance (Overcoming Brides Book 1)

    by April Jensen

    After years of hardship, Hyacinth yearned to return to the place that always felt like homeâ??the majestic Montana Rockies. She accepts a proposal as a mail-order bride and moves west, hopeful about the future. But on her wedding day bullets fly, and her marriage might be more short-lived than she could have imagined.

    Ben started out on the wrong path, and he’s determined to keep to the straight and narrow from now on. But a good deed produces perilous returns, and an outlaw with a personal vendetta is out for his blood. And while he battles his foe, he faces losing the woman he loves.

    A sweet/inspirational mail-order bride western romance


    Saving Hyacinth (Book 1)

    Restoring Beth (Book 2)

    Rescuing Cassie (Book 3)

    Treasuring Polly (Book 4) A Christmas Novelette

    Romance: Mail Order Bride: A Mail Order Bride Christmas (Historical Fiction Romance) (Mail Order Brides) (Western Historical Romance) (Victorian Romance) … Victorian Mail Order Bride Romance)

    by Jessica Wolf

    **6 Free BONUS Clean Romance Books Included!**

    **A Standalone Novel with No Cliffhangers!**

    A Historical Western Victorian Mail Order Bride Romance

    Jessie lived with her family on their homestead and had helped the family build a successful farm raising crops and animals. Her greatest joy and passion was for training her young mare and galloping across the plains. To her shock and dismay her family agrees to an arranged marriage with a wealthy family who traveled from back east to do business in their town.

    Neither Jessie, nor her intended husband, want this union but as she considers the situation they are both in, she realizes that their circumstances could be worse. James is being forced to marry or be disowned from the family business and all the wealth that comes from his name. He also knows that if he intends to be happy as a married man he has to win her over and does his best to make her more comfortable with her new path in life.

    They go through with the lavish celebration that is more for their families than for the couple and soon they are bound in matrimony to try and make a life together while leading the family business in the remote prairie town.

    Limited Time Only! Get This Book Before The Promotion Runs Out!

    You Do NOT Need a Kindle Device to Read This E-Book, You Can Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, And Or Your Kindle Device

    WARNING: Adults 18+ Only. Contains Sexually Explicit Content! Please Make Sure This E-book Is Stored Somewhere That It Cannot Be Accessed By Under Age 18 Readers. THIS E-BOOK IS FOR SALE TO ADULTS 18+ ONLY!

    Seven Generations (Part 3)

    by Sharmmen Raj Sanjeevraj

    Follow the adventures and life stories of Seven Generations of the Dudley family from the 18th century through The British Empire, The American Revolution and The Cold War to present day.

    See their passion, intrigue and suffering while trying to endure time and its wrath….

    For a more in-depth version of this story, go check out part 1 and 2 of this story.

    Frail Blood

    by Jo Robertson

    4 1/2 star Romantic Times Review Rating

    “Robertson delivers a suspenseful tale of murder, sex, and deception.”

    See the entire review at http://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-review/frail-blood

    Book Description:

    “Frail Blood” is an historical romantic thriller, completely fictionalized from a true court case.

    California, 1909. A woman straps a pistol to her ankle, walks to her lover’s home, and shoots him. Her motive? After an affair of four months, he jilted her for another woman.

    How would an attorney defend the woman in light of her outright confession? Would an all-male jury view her actions with repulsion or pity?

    The climate of California in the early twentieth century when women couldn’t vote and men held the real power, where immense wealth rested alongside poverty, held a paradox of contradictions.

    The bare bones of this event sparked the idea for the fictional story of Alma Bentley, attorney Malachi Rivers, and Emma Knight, the woman who helps him investigate the case.

    When jaded lawyer Malachi Rivers engages newspaper editor Emma Knight to aid him in the case of Alma Bentley, he has no idea they’ll eventually unmask a vile web of family deceit, wickedness, and treachery. Constantly putting herself in harm’s way, the feckless Emma uncovers dark secrets that lie behind the wealthy facade of the Joseph Machado clan.

    With her strong opinions, Emma tests Malachi’s patience even while he’s strongly attracted to her. She disagrees with every aspect of his trial strategy, but he defends his client the only way he can – by insisting that a woman, a naturally frail creature, is incapable of committing such a heinous crime.

    Emma wants to experience true passion and detests the false notion that women are inferior to men in any way. Even while she confronts Malachi at every turn, she falls ridiculously in love with him.

    Readers of historical fiction and mystery/suspense, as well as historical romance, will enjoy the elements at play in this slice of life, fictionalized story of California.

    ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer

    This outstanding manuscript begins in 1909 northern California, where Alma Bentley has murdered her boss and lover, Joe Machado. Enter the famed attorney, Malachi Rivers, who must defend this uneducated, naïve and clearly guilty woman. The trial is watched carefully by Emma Knight, an heiress who is determined to make her own way as a newspaperwoman and to whom Alma has confided the truth behind the murder. As love grows between Emma and Malachi, the two become partners in their efforts to save Alma from herself and from the biased hand of the law. The trial unfolds while the truth behind Malachi’s family is unveiled, offering up two parallel and engaging mysteries. The characters and setting come to life through effective and creative dialogue, while the trial provides a unrelenting narrative tension. Don’t be surprised if you finish it in one sitting.

    INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: Christian Romance: Spirit Child (Paranormal Contemporary Pregnant Romance) (New Adult & College Suspense Fantasy Romance Short Stories)

    by Samantha Forest


    On sale for 99 cents for a limited time!

    Evelyn Springs has never been able to maintain a relationship…

    Having an awful family that does not want anything to do with her also does not help the situation. Forced to leave her friends and family to go off to Montclair University, Evelyn does not realize that it is a school…

    known for its haunting spirits…

    Feeling the burn of loneliness and solitude, she reaches out to a ghost named Colton Abbot. Handsome and caring, it is not long before the two become close – very close. At the same time, Eve is also pulled by her attraction to Ash Pierce,

    A gorgeous man who was the first who has ever made her feel loved and safe…

    But when tragedy strikes after a sensual night with each one of them, Evelyn is forced into a difficult situation.

    It also doesn’t help that the baby she is carrying is wanted by a large cult of violent men who heard about the spirit child…

    Novella, with a HEA (happy ever after) ending. Does not end with a “cliffhanger”.

    Blink Once to Spread Snow

    by James Christie

    Eighty-two-year-old Cal Brenneman is dying. As he lies in his hospital bed, his mind wanders in and out of the past, reliving the events that changed his life — a death in an icy creek, his first love in WWII England, and a violent 1980 morning in Colorado where Cal does something that twenty years later his children find difficult to discuss.

    Shadowing Cal’s life is the story of Emily Campbell, a Scottish girl whose lover dies in Cal’s WWII ambulance. Just before dying RAF Captain Connor McLaughlin hands a photo of Emily to Cal and pleads with him to deliver to her a tobacco pipe that had once belonged to her father. The return of the pipe sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in a deathbed visit by a millioniare claiming to be Cal’s son.

    BLINK ONCE TO SPREAD SNOW is a moving story that resonates with the spirit of family and the consequences of love, loss, guilt and betrayal. A story of how Cal Brenneman during the last minutes of his life blinks once and spreads snow one last time.

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    9 Feb

    Free world literature Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    The Shakespeare Quiz: 425 Questions with Answers Plus Commentary and Essays

    The Shakespeare Quiz contains 425 questions with answers on the Shakespeare plays. The quiz is supported with commentary and short essays.

    Can you answer all ten of these questions found in The Shakespeare Quiz?

    1. The plot of what 1956 science fiction movie parallels the plot of The Tempest?

    2. “Measure for Measure” comes from what famous sermon?

    3. In what motion picture geared for children is the line “So shines a good deed in a naughty world” from The Merchant of Venice paraphrased as “So shines a good deed in a weary world?”

    4. In the middle of which Shakespearean play is Christ born?

    5. How many witches are in Macbeth?

    6. What is the play-within-a-play in Shakespeare in Love (1998)?

    7. Which 17th Century feminist poet is considered by some scholars to have used the pen name “William Shakespeare?”

    8. In the film version of what major Shakespearean comedy is the role of Dogberry played by Batman?

    9. A son like Hamlet who revenges the death of his father is the main character in what Bruce Willis motion picture?

    10. A production of Hamlet plays a key role in an episode of what 60′s science fiction TV show?

    The answers to all ten of these questions–and many, many more–can be found in The Shakespeare Quiz.

    Open Access Policy

    You are free to share, copy, or redistribute the materials in this text in any medium or format. You are free to adapt, reuse, modify, transform, or build upon the materials in this text for any purpose whatsoever, even commercially.

    Explicit and Humorous Novels

    by Michael Jones

    This book is filled with Mike’s favorite chapters from six of his twelve novels. He believes you will be intrigued and enticed as you laugh at the funny chapters that are one of many segments from his fact filled novels.

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    9 Feb

    Free horror Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    Fearsome Things: Five Short Tales of Horror and Suspense

    by Anthony M. Strong

    Five short tales of horror and suspense to keep you up at night.

    Are you afraid of ghosts? Draw the covers over your head and step out of the light into a place where monsters lurk, the banshee howls, and the spirits of the dead walk in restless eternity.

    Evil Eye – Jack Fletcher learns the hard way that revenge comes with a price.

    Cry of the Banshee – John O’Bannon returns home to his native Ireland and encounters a creature of myth and legend, with terrifying results.

    Luck of the Irish – An age old talisman bestows luck on whomever owns it, but there’s always a price to pay.

    The Frequent Visitor – During a long train ride, a man recounts his terrifying encounter with a ghostly apparition.

    Whiter than White – Barbara Porter’s obsession with cleanliness means she’ll stop at nothing to scrub away those pesky germs, especially now she has a tub of Whiter than White – the miracle cleaner of the hour.

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    9 Feb

    Free travel Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    Pocket Beijing – An insider’s guide to China’s ancient capital

    by Tim Benson

    A quick easy reference guide for first time visitors to spectacular Beijing

    In this quick, easy to read guide, regular Beijing visitor Tim Benson covers all the important information you will need for your visit to this grand capital of China, to ensure you get the most out of your time. This is designed to be a quick reference guide that can be carried around with you on your mobile device while you experience all that Beijing has to offer.

    Benson gives you all the information you need to know, plus his own honest opinion of the city, including the bits you are unlikely to see in any “official” tourist guide.

    This guide includes -

    • How to get into Beijing
    • Getting around the City
    • Things to Do in Beijing (including the nearby Great Wall of China)
    • Where to stay and where to eat
    • Things to be careful of or avoid

    Beijing has more than her fair share of pitfalls for the unwary first time visitor.

    However if you know what to do and what NOT to do, Beijing can offer visitors a culturally-rich experience of unrivaled grandeur.

    Grab a copy today for less than the price of a ride in one of Beijing’s famously friendly taxis!

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    9 Feb

    Free sports Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    The Fishing Gods

    by George Douglas

    500 years of experience compiled in one book! The stories, techniques, and fly tying instructions of the top American & Canadian Fly Fishing Guides in the salmon, trout and steelhead arena.

    Every once in a while, a book is published and becomes an instant classic in the fishing industry. Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, George Douglas joined forces with Dec Hogan and fifteen of the top fishing guides on the North American continent, together, made this book one that will be read and cherished by anglers for many years to come.

    “You captured the true essence of “The Life” and how that life has made major contributions and influences on how and why we fish the way we do today.”

    —Dec Hogan

    True stories of each fishing guide unfolds the details of their humble beginnings and the paths they took that led them to the top of the fly fishing world. The Fishing Gods highlights each angler’s fishing philosophies, their most reliable techniques, and their favorite “go-to” flies-all of which have been reproduced, photographed, with step-by-step instructions.

    “I am deeply appreciative having had the opportunity to connect with and work with all of these extraordinary guides-those who have been blessed by that energy we often refer to as The Fishing Gods.”

    —Author, George Douglas

    Foreword written by Dec Hogan

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    9 Feb

    Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Feb 16

    RazorsEdge (RazorWire: After Civilization)

    by Troy Hallewell

    When Rock and Caroline are forced to leave The Waste and seek safety across the mysterious Wall-without-Walls they could never have expected their discoveryâ?¦ or the consequences which would follow.

    The old world with its knowledge is not as lost as many have believed. But is technological advancement alone enough to bring peace?

    As long-hidden secrets about Rock’s past are revealed, both he and Caroline are more determined than ever to help save the tribes of The Waste. However, with an unknown people to convince, new technology to comprehend, and new enemies to outwit, the quest to find an ally in the war against the Vorin may be as unlikely as ever.

    But it must go on.

    Pavement Ends: The Exodus

    by Kurt Gepner

    When a cataclysm of staggering dimension leaves civilization in ruins, Hank Shumway – a family man of no particular distinction – is propelled into the role of savior. Fueled by a fear of mounting anarchy, Hank convinces friends and neighbors to join his household in their escape from the starving city. As he struggles to lead a motley mix of refugees from the devastated suburbs of Vancouver, Washington to the abundant tranquility of an isolated mountain meadow, his personal trek becomes littered with appalling choices and shocking discoveries that threaten to utterly destroy his soul.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.