25 Oct

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Herb Gardening For Beginners – How To Effectively Start Gardening And Harvesting Herbs Easily (Easy Guide For Herb Gardening, Effective Herb Gardening, Herbal Gardening, Easy Herb Harvesting)

by Barbara Glidewell

Easy And Effective Strategies For Herb Gardening

Learn Everything You Need To Know Compacted In This E- Book

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Gardening, with any kind of plant life, should be viewed as a relaxing and fulfilling activity.

It not only brings you closer to Earth, but also allows you to have a somewhat intimate relationship with it. There’s a different kind of satisfaction there, being that close to nature, understanding the workings of this life form and forging a symbiotic relationship with the elements. For there is such a joy to gardening and, as you delve into the foundations of this ancient ritual of planting, caring, and, finally, harvesting, you will find happiness in the fruits of this bountiful Earth.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

= > 3. It Has A Great Concept

= > 4. The Best Guide Book

= > 5. Easy To Read Chapters

= > 6. Provides Reliable And Exact Information

= > 7. It Helps To Expand Your Knowledge About The Topic

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  1. The History And Uses Of Herbs
  2. The Basic Knowledge About Herb Gardening
  3. The Easy Steps To Start Herb Gardening
  4. The Factors To Consider In Herb Gardening
  5. The Materials Needed For Herb Gardening

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Tags: Herbs, Herbals, Herbs Gardening, Organic, Gardening, Harvesting

Stress Less: Targeting the Physiological Roots of Stress

by Joey Lott

Feeling stressed?

If you’re looking at Joey Lott’s â??Stress Less,’ then chances are you’ve encountered stress at some point in your life. Who hasn’t these days? The pace of modern life is frantic, and we all have plenty on our plates with work, relationships, children and more. The question is, what can we do about it? Is there a way we can work with our own bodies and our own imaginations to help de-stress ourselves, and can we do it without expensive therapy or damaging pharmaceuticals? The good news is that stress IS reversible, and Joey Lott can show you how.

How can I de-stress and be healthier and happier?

â??Stress Less‘ offers four simple pillars of wisdom for coping with stress, and covers effective strategies for removing its harmful effects from your life forever. Through careful consideration of facing all stress experiences without artificial defense, normalizing breathing to eliminate hyperventilation, supplying the body with enough dietary energy and nutrition, and improving sleep quality and quantity, Lott demonstrates how we can all strive to become â??stress-proof’ individuals. He demonstrates simple exercises, which anyone can practice, to develop natural freedom from damaging stressors. The more you put the simple advice into practice, the easier your life can become.

Haven’t I heard all this before?

There are, as I’m sure you know, hundreds of books and programs available for dealing with stress. In â??Stress Less‘, however, Joey Lott makes the following promise: “In this book I will offer you something genuinely insightful, simple, and effective.” He has synthesized a unique approach to releasing stress based on an understanding of the anatomy and the mechanics of stress. His suggestions for coping with and removing the effects of stress are so simple, that you won’t need to set aside any extra time for special activities, or any cash for special foods or equipment. All you need is to read his advice, and try out the exercises he suggests. There are simple lifestyle adjustments we can all make, which can easily be incorporated into our normal day.

So what are you waiting for? Free yourself from stress, and become stress-proof with Joey Lott today!

Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners: How to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss, Optimal Health & Unstoppable Energy with Ketogenic Diet Recipes: lose weight, ketogenic … diet recipes, diet for weight loss)

by Emma Rose

The Complete Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners: How to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss, Optimal Health & Unstoppable Energy with Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Includes a FREE BONUS

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You’re about to discover how to…

Use the ketogenic diet as an effective weight loss solution. This diet carefully balances the macronutrient intake, providing the required amounts of nutrients while at the same time, helping with losing weight. This diet is designed to go right at the problem of weight gain- the carbohydrates.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What ketogenic diet is all about
  • how ketogenic diet works for weight loss
  • how to set up a ketogenic diet
  • ketogenic food guide
  • recipes that induce ketosis and promote weight loss
  • And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Extending Your Growing Season: An Integrated Approach to Year-Round Gardening in Cold Climates

by Gina Cormier

What comes to mind when you think about gardening? A rush to get seeds planted in spring? Harvesting a big batch of crops for an autumn feast? Do you ever think of growing kiwis and citrus trees in a cold climate? How about pomegranates, guavas, papayas, bananas, figs?

All of this is possible and more with the right tools and strategies.

As you’ll notice, this is a short book. It is not designed to be a comprehensive book on all aspects of 4 season gardening, but rather an introduction to the vast strategies and possibilities of extended growing seasons. Inside you’ll find valuable tips and thought provoking ideas to inspire you to begin extending your garden beyond the traditional window of summer to grow fruit or vegetables in spring, fall and even into winter.

If you are interested in 4 season gardening, greenhouse gardening, or even just extending your growing season a few weeks further into the spring or fall this book will help you get started. You’ll find lots of simple ideas for attracting, storing and utilizing heat to keep your plants alive longer this season.

This book includes:

- Understanding how heat moves and how to use Cold Traps, Microclimates, and Windbreaks to your advantage

- Using season extenders such as Greenhouses, Cloches, Cold Frames, Mini Hoop Tunnels, Row Covers, and Thermal Mass Walls

- Seed and Crop Selection, including the benefits of selecting heirloom vegetables

- Tips for Storing, Drying, Freezing, and Preserving fruits and vegetables

If you’re ready to take your gardening to the next level, or should I say into the next season, let’s get growing….

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25 Oct

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Saving England

by Gerald Anderson

Many Americans would be surprised to learn that England had an active fascist party in the years before World War II. Yet, by 1936, the British Union of Fascists of Sir Oswald Mosley had become a growing threat. Many British admired Mussolini for his accomplishment of making the trains run on time and some of them agreed with the direction of Germany under Hitler. Many also, unfortunately, were convinced that his Jewish policy was not unreasonable. On October 4th of that year, thousands of fascists and members of the Communist Party of Great Britain met in what was a virtual one day civil war in the East End of London in a confrontation called the Battle of Cable Street. In the middle were the forces of the Metropolitan Police, attempting to maintain order while still protecting traditional civil liberties.

Three young men – who called themselves the “Three Bs” – were born within two weeks and within shouting distance of each other had developed a deep friendship. By 1936, however, Benny had become a communist, Billy had become a fascist, and Bobby had become a police constable. Scotland Yard had become uneasy about the increasingly violent nature of political demonstrations, and established a Special Branch effort to gain more information on the situation. They found a perfect undercover agent in the person of a young woman, Jane Ford, who discovered that a plot existed to funnel Italian money into the British Union coffers. If this happened, they feared that Hitler would provide even more money. A way had to be found to save England.

Although the young characters of this story are fiction, the story is based on historical reality. The author has conducted meticulous research and has included material from the archives of the British Union of Fascists, the Communist Party of Great Britain, Parliamentary Papers of the National Government, and the files of the Metropolitan Police. Other than the young fictional characters, most of the other characters did exist, and in some cases their actual words propel the plot.

Spoiler alert: they did save England.

The Dark Continent Part One: A lusty saga set in colonial Africa

by Ron Dawes

This saga follows the story of Elizabeth, a young British woman born and raised in Shanghai in the 1890s. At eighteen, she marries a young missionary who is assigned to East Africa and struggles to discover and enjoy her sexuality amid the expectations of decorum for a young British woman in the puritanical age of the Victorian era. She knows there must be more to love and marriage than is provided by her devoted, yet hapless husband Aston, who seems unwilling or unable to fulfill her needs.

The historically accurate account of the colonization of Africa from 1900 through the end of the first World War serves as the backdrop for the story, which introduces a rich variety of characters, including the crusty old trader, John Brown, the dashing young Captain Waltham, and the young missionary couple, Thomas and Jane Faulk.

The descriptions of Elizabeth’s lusty adventures are detailed, and meant for a mature audience. You’ll come back to read the juicy bits over and over.


by Lynn Murphy

Beckett MacKenzie is the heir to a banking fortune and is expected to join the family firm, a prospect that conflicts with his dream to write a novel. He boards the Titanic with a blank book purchased in a market in Morocco that the seller promises has the power to change lives.

Carrington St. Clair is a wealthy young woman who has disappointed her parents by refusing to agree to marry the titled Englishman they have chosen for her. An avid student of Egyptology, she hopes that the rumor that a mummy is part of Titanic’s cargo is true.

Beckett makes a bet with his father that he will be able to have a first draft of his novel before the boat docks in New York, otherwise he will give up the notion of writing and take his place in the family business. Carrington sets out to discover if a mummy is indeed on board. Once childhood playmates, the two are reunited aboard the â??ship of dreams’ and fall in love, not knowing, of course, that the voyage is doomed. Will they be able to change the direction of their own lives and decide to follow their hearts and dreams before the ship collides with an iceberg?

1763: A Boy (Frontier Trilogy)

by Gene Jordan

Adults and Teens can follow the thrill, the adventure, and the dangers of the Pennsylvanian and Ohio frontier as you follow the boy, Jonathan Mercer, riding express between the forts in 1763 when he is captured by the Lenni Lenape tribe. Learn about his love Laura, his family, and be reminded of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the world in which they live. Parental Discretion is advised as this book contains sexual references/content. Not recommended for readers under age 13.

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25 Oct

Free poetry Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Penumbra: The Space Between

by Joseph Hesch

A debut poetry collection exploring the world from the mid-lands of youth and age, try and fail, discovery and disappointment, truth and fiction, light and dark. These are the words of man who finds himself in the penumbra of life where these states meet and mingle, a man always in the space between.

Summer’s End and Other Poems

by Rebecca Leidner

A lifetime ago, a fortune teller cast my horoscope and from it divined two things: I would make money writing, and my answers would come from the Earth. Dear old Miss Finney was partly right. Such “truths” as I have found in my life since then have often come from an awareness of the beauty, order, and consoling power of the natural world. I am making these poems available on Kindle not to fulfill the other half of the prophesy (though I am deeply grateful to any who purchase my slim volume) but to perhaps make a connection with others who have been moved by life’s great or small moments, and have turned to Nature for metaphor or meaning. I hope you enjoy my poems.

Cracks In My Palms

by Thomas Ross

Poetry influenced by the urban experience, meshed together perfectly with spiritualism, political and social issues.

American Motherfucker: Verses That Hurt

by Stephen Earley Jordan II

With severe bluntness, author Stephen Earley Jordan II strolls through the harsh realities of daily existence in poetry collection American Motherfucker. This collection has sincere tributes to James Baldwin and J.D. Salinger and sprinkled with references of romance, while other selections still have his trademarked poems of suffering and shame brought on by societal privilege and disregard of humanity. Similar to Jordan’s previous works, his voice is fearless and unique.

American Motherfucker has verses that hurt the soul with hidden truths and unspoken agendas. Stephen Earley Jordan II is the author of Beyond Bougie, The Macabre Collector’s Series and other books. This is Stephen Earley Jordan II’s first full poetry collection.

Mini poetry books | Love

by Renato Capasso

Mini poetry books is a series of books regarding poetries of different themes.
In this book “LOVE” the main theme is the love.
Nine poetris regarding the love Platonic, physical, eternalâ?¦
everyone think it in a different way, which is yours?
Ideal if you wanna surpries your parthner with a romantic poetry!
Discover the book!

Alter Boy And Other Dissociative Poems

by Alan Michaels

This is a collection of poems and an essay written after being diagnosed with a Dissociative Disorder, the feelings and effects of the disorder. With some almost humorous and some with emotion, this is a personal journey into the mind of a sufferer.

Granny’s on the ceiling: Poems and Prose

by James H. Terrall

What’s this? Insect hotels, a girl that makes it rain, a man that only says â??yes’ or â??no’, a mole afraid of being eaten, a frog that dreams of loveâ?¦

“Granny’s on the ceiling” is a surreal collection of verse and prose for children from six to 106 years old. It twists conventional formats in the manner of Edward Lear. What seems to be nonsense makes a lot of sense. It is observational, emotional and full of humor and, above all, is a lesson in the power of imagination; another twist in the career of a well-established writer of verse and short stories.

More books by James H. Terrall:

“he nearly bought John Lennon’s Rolls Royce: Short Stories”

“she fell in love with the snowman: Poems”

The Habitual Zone: Life Beyond Our Own

by William Blacksmith

The journey into and out of the Solar System of our minds.

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25 Oct

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Evicting Erlene (The Elmo Jenkins Novelettes Book 1)

by McMillian Moody

Loveable and eccentric Erlene Markham stars as the feisty senior adult from the popular Elmo Jenkins novels. Readers will enjoy following Erlene’s point of view as she takes on the stuffy new administrator at the Ackerman ALF where she resides. Ms. Merryweather Succop may be highly qualified to get the ALF out of the red, but she’s sorely lacking in the TLC department. As the two head-strong ladies brace for the inevitable showdown, Erlene calls in Elmo and Father Ted for reinforcement.

Who will survive this epic throw down?

In this new novelette series, author McMillian Moody gives readers a sneak peek into the colorful lives of the supporting characters in his Elmo Jenkins novels. – OBT Bookz

Behind The Pulpit: Drama in the Church: An intriguing tale of lust, love, and power between a pastor, his wife, and his lover that shakes his modern-day church to its’ core.

by Cassandra Wright

Do you ever wonder what life is like for leaders in the Christian Ministry?

Welcome to the Bright Star Worship Center! Located in Virginia, it is a beautiful church with a great following. Pastor Anton and First Lady Tandra Clay have been ministering here for some time. They have it all; a beautiful family, beautiful home, money, just about everything you could want for yourself. It seems like their lives are perfect. But what you don’t see is what goes on behind closed doors: lies, betrayal and affairs! And all of this drama happens within the church.

“Behind The Pulpit” will spark your interests from page one. Getting to see firsthand that those who are guiding our spiritual lives and dealing with our everyday sins are dealing with the same issues as the church.

Click BUY NOW and find out all the drama that happens “Behind The Pulpit”


by Joshua Espindola

Fragmentorum is a collection of prose and free verse poetry. The poems tackle spiritual, theological and moral conflict.

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25 Oct

Free horror Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

The Vampire Hunters: Book I of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy

by Scott M. Baker

A vampire stalks modern day Union Station, but is unaware that someone is stalking him… Upon learning, the vampire flees, commandeering an 18 Wheeler to wreak havoc along the highways of Washington DC. It ends with the vampire roasting in a fiery crash, but for Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe, this is just one more night in the lives of THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS.

Former Boston PD, Matthews and Monroe find out the hard way that vampires are real and the two former cops are recruited by a mysterious leader to join in a private war against the undead. That war is going well until a centuries old master decides to end it by having Drake and Alison killed. What follows is a break-neck paced tale where both sides take losses and in the end, only the strongest survive.

Scott M. Baker is the author of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy and the Rotter World Trilogy.

Chad Stinson Goes for a Walk: A short tale of obsession and possession

by Shawn Inmon

Chad Stinson is fat. When a series of unflattering pictures at his 49th birthday party burn that fact into his brain, he decides to do something about it. Turning to Amazon, he orders an Azuul ExerTracker, hoping to find the discipline he lacks. He finds it. His life will never be the same.

Chad Stinson Goes for a Walk is a short, macabre tale of obsession and possession, perfect for a quick lunchtime read.

Impending Shadows

by Kayla Hutson

“Impending Shadows” follows Gary’s struggle to pay his bills after a dreadful tragedy in his life. After weeks of restless nights, he is suddenly faced with a frightening condition that makes him unable to move for a few minutes after waking up. Between his terrifying nightmares and periods of sleep paralysis, Gary is on the brink of insanity. When he finally faces his demons, it is not what he expected.

Balance (Short Story)

by Courtney Herz

Dave is devastated when his wife is diagnosed with cancer. They’re too young, and have too much left to live for. During a trip to sell their antique collection in exchange for money to pay their newly acquired medical bills Dave meets an old woman who tells him that he possesses a most unusual trinket – a pocket watch. Posed with the choice to force the hands of fate and time, he opts to save his wife’s life.

But the price he pays for meddling will change everything…

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Classic Collection I

by Bradley Poage

Do you enjoy horror in short doses? This collection has every classic story that has been released in the Bedtime Tales of Horror collection. 40 tales of horror that will send chills and give you thrills.

The Protected: A short story of horror

by Jason McKenney

“Why, it’s me, dearâ?¦Your motherâ?¦and your fatherâ?¦or at least what’s left of him…”

They had heard the ghost stories. They had seen the movies. But nothing could prepare the four boys for the real horrors that roamed through the woods that night. In this short novella of gruesome terror, a group of escaped convicts claw their way through the Appalachian back country, stumbling across a group of campers before having to deal with an ancient and terrible judgement.

Dying Time: When the dead walk, humans fall.

by Dan Clarke

The dead have risen, attacking humans and tearing down civilization. These are the stories of people trying to survive in a world of madness and death.

From small town bus stations being overrun by newly infected, a desolate highway that could lead to safety or death, to a daycare center full of desperate children running out of food. Some rise to the challenge, while others fall to madness, and some give in to despair.

There is also a sneak peek at the YA horror novel Slave of the Fae, Book 1; Fire Bird.

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25 Oct

Free travel Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Daddy Pa’s Diary 1894 to 1895

THIS DIARY COVERS Dr. Robert Peacock Jackson’s trip, leaving by boat from Rio de Janiero and traveling across Europe in the late 1800′s. It includes visits to time on the ship the Montevideo, and his trek through Genoa, Italy, Pisa, Italy, Rome, Italy, Naples, Italy, Rome, Italy, Venice Italy, Milan Italy, Lucern, Switzerland, Stuttgart, Germany, Carlsbad, Austria, Paris, France, London, England, The Steamer “Paris”, After the Excursion.

A fascinating read for anyone interested in what traveling was like by boat and across Atlantic and by train across Europe in the late 1800.

This diary covers Dr. Robert Peacock Jackson’s trip, leaving by boat from Rio de Janiero and traveling across Europe in the late 1800′s. It includes visits to time on the ship the Montevideo, and his trek throughGenoa, Italy, Pisa, Italy, Rome, Italy, Naples, Italy, Rome, Italy, Venice Italy, Milan Italy, Lucern, Switzerland, Stuttgart, Germany, Carlsbad, Austria, Paris, France, London, England, The Steamer “Paris”, After the Excursion.


All sit up to witness the burial at sea. A few minutes before twelve while the moon shown forth in all of her tropical splendor, the physician came down and notified us to walk up on the prow deck, which we did. In a few minutes, three men came up bearing the corpse, which was wrapped closely in thick heavy white cloth, around which were wound ropings and securely tied at vantage points. A panel of the railing was removed and then another man appeared bringing iron bars which were made fast to the legs of the corpse. The priest then read a short passage in Latin, sprinkled some water on the corpse, and the gong struck twelve. The word was given, and two strong men threw the corpse overboard, feet foremost. He dug his own grave and the iron took him to his last resting place, while the steamer moved on, not even slackening her pace, leaving him to made his home beneath the never-ceasing billows.

At 12:00, we were at 27degrees North and 15 degrees, 58′ West, having traveled 330 miles. Anticipate passing Gibraltar Monday in the early P.M. Before retiring while Eble and I were promenading on deck, we discovered that we had a couple in love or a case of lovemaking on board.

The divers first attracted our attention after we cast anchor. Coin after coin were thrown overboard and from two to six boys would jump from their various boats, all going down head foremost like so many frogs jumping for their lives.

Mother Netherlands Poems of a Beautiful Country

by Joseph McTaggart

Poems about the European Country, the Netherlands, in English

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25 Oct

Free sports Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

Top 10 Best Soccer Strikers of All Time. Easy to read children soccer books with great graphics. All you need to know about the best soccer strikers in history. (Sport Soccer IQ book for Kids)

by Larry Edwards

So, you’re interested in learning about the best strikers of all-time! Who wouldn’t? Soccer strikers are the most recognized names in the game itself. They are the ones that we always remember the number 9 who scored all the goals. The guy who turns up in the big game, and the guy who you love to watch on the TV and at the stadium!

It’s true, and nobody can say otherwise, that strikers are the most valuable part of a soccer team. They are the ones who are relied upon to be the best, to get the goals, to win the trophies. Goals win games and while other soccer players like a midfield player or a defending player can get away with not scoring so many goals, with strikers they need to be involved in the scoring all the time!

After reading this fun, interesting, and easy to read book, you will know exactly who are the best strikers of the history to look into that can be the right role model for you to learn from.

You will know exactly why there are quotes such as below:

“There are some things Ronaldo can do with a football that make me touch my head and wonder how on earth he did it.”

â??Portuguese star Luis Figo

Malcolm Allison: “How do you spell Pele?”

Pat Crerand: “Easy: G-O-D.”

â??British television commentators during Mexico 1970

“Leo simply goes one way with his body and another with the ball. You have to either guess right or foul him.”

â??Teammate Gerard Piqué

..and so much more..

Get this book and enjoy!

The Hidden Signs And Wonders In Sports!

by Alagba Chisom

Would you like to know what the faces of your favorite players can do for you? Would you like to know the signs and wonders behind their faces? Would you like to know the monetary values behind it? Would you like to know or use the healthy benefits of it? Would you like to know the mass business opportunities behind every sitting you make to watch them? Or would you like to be a start in your filed or already one but still wants to do more? What if in I tell you what the practices they do or trainings they do before entering the pitch are doing in them and what it can do in you as well if you use them, what if I tell you the secrete behind their different wings and why you should play your wings in your life and change it when it necessary in other to get what you want, just like their coaches do. What if I advice you on how to make money on sports betting if you are one, what if tell you all these things and more and it helps you, how will you fill? Won’t it be amazing or great for you? of course yes. If so, then join me let’s see it together!

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25 Oct

Free science fiction Kindle books for 25 Oct 14


by Manny Alva

Imagine you had the power of the universe in the

palm of your hands, at your full disposal and command.

An ancient source of magic that can bring you wealth, strength, endless life, power, bliss, pleasure; everything and anything you could wish for and desire, for all eternity.

Would you give all of that away if you could find your

soulmate and have the chance to spend only a glimpse of time with her?

The Ark of Asylum (The Ark Series Book 1)

by Scott Kotrous

In the wake of endless terrorist attacks that have taken the U.S. to the brink of societal collapse, a kind of rabid zombie is born that catapults the world beyond the brink and into unprecedented levels of terror. And on the eve of the next world war, only three types may survive: the wealthy, the fortunate, and the well prepared.

A long string of terrorist attacks has humanity on edge, which prompts John, a very rich man, and his family to buy a mountain in the Rockies and build a massive bomb shelter there. It’s their own version of NORADâ?? and their salvation. Unwilling to leave any family members behind, John also builds a house with a bomb shelter for his niece, Maggie, who is going to college in Boulder. Meanwhile, an ex-military biologist, Simon, and his son, Peter, have been living above a bomb shelter in a Denver suburb for years, and they are more than prepared, or so they think.

After the attacks subside for a few years, protests against the government roar up across the country. Rampant and uncontained, the situation forces the police to use an experimental tear gas. However, the tear gas has been tampered with, which causes a kind of human rabies, creating a kind of zombie effect in anyone infected. Suddenly, “uncontrollable” means something all together different. Not even John, Maggie, Simon, and Peter, despite their preparations, can anticipate what is to come.

When the infected spread outside the major protest cities, it cripples the country and makes it vulnerable to further attack. An eventual nuclear attack will force the president to respond by attacking the suspected countries, thus creating a domino effect that will become full-out nuclear war, World War 3, and, eventually, the Apocalypse.

Lost Legion – Book One

by George Wildramp

This is the first episode of the three Lost Legion books. A rescue mission is taking place in Alaska to save the crew of a suborbital shuttle. An ancient skeleton is found within a geological stratum where humans couldn’t exist. Two London models and their friends in search of crop circles have a strange misadventure. A Spanish estate agent starts speaking an unknown language while sleepwalking. A military team is sent on a mission to a Chechen village where everybody mysteriously vanished into thin air.

A series of apparently unrelated events will weave together into one design revealing a horrific threat to humanity.

GEN-S: Superhuman Society of Earth

by Joseph C. Anthony

In a world where superheroes are treated like rock starsâ??selling the movie rights to their lives, appearing on late night talk shows, and dodging the press and paparazzi at every turnâ??a new generation of super humans must find the hero within and remind the older generation of what it truly means to be a superhero.

In the premiere story of the GEN-S universe, the world-famous International Assembly of Superheroes responds to the planet’s increasing population of super humans by creating the first Superhuman Society of Earthâ??recruiting young super humans from around the globe to join their advanced civilization on the private island of Insula Lacertus.

The SSE proves to be a global success, until an old acquaintance returns from the dead and obliterates the newly founded society, dwindling the once significant super human population down to a handful. When the remaining members of the Assembly are captured by their familiar foe, a group of young recruits must band together and find a way to rescue the heroes they’d grown up idolizing and establish themselves as the next generation of superheroes.

All We Are Given

by Will Crowther

Two similar yet disturbingly different worlds’ stories are interwoven. Students oppose the oppressive leadership of the “most powerful nation.” Two of them are Chosen for Forced Sacrifice in a war against nations controlling an essential resource.

Two engineers in the “only superpower” prepare for the final test of its Intercontinental Missile Defense System. A war rages on their world too.

Three brothers face war and religion in an occupied land. After a space probe reveals the other world’s civilization, art and possibility have a say.

Song of Ariel (A Blue Light Series Short)

by Mark Edward Hall


Under normal circumstances I would never serialize a novel and put it out a chapter at a time. I have nothing against doing this, I’ve read some novels this way and enjoyed them. Remember The Green Mile? And I used to like those old serialized cliffhangers from the thirties and forties they reran on television when I was a kid.

It’s just that I never considered doing it myself until now.

Let me explain. When I set out to write Apocalypse Island I did not have even the slightest notion that there would be a sequel. I thought it would be a tidy little stand-alone novel that would begin and end with the stories of Danny Wolf, Laura Higgins and Rick Jennings, and that would be that.

That’s not the way it turned out. Somewhere along the way this strange entity known as the Blue Light intruded into my consciousness and made its way onto the pages of Apocalypse Island. By the end of that novel I knew that the Blue Light would have to continue in one form or another, one way or another. I wasn’t sure how then, but I knew that it was so.

You see, I liked the blue light. But even more, I felt a strange attachment to it, as if it had a life of its own that had somehow escaped the imagination of its creator and found its way into his heart. Sometimes that happens, and I don’t have an explanation for why.

By the time Apocalypse Island was published I was more than halfway through another novel entitled Soul Thief, which up until then was also destined to be a stand-alone novel. But something happened with Apocalypse Island that I didn’t expect. It became a best seller. A minor bestseller when you compare it to the likes of King or Patterson, but a bestseller nevertheless. And the one thing fans of Apocalypse Island kept coming back to was the Blue Light. I got a lot of mail from fans, as well as a ton of reviews, and the thing they talked about most was the Blue Light, What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it going? Please don’t hurt it. Please don’t kill it. I’m addicted to the Blue Light. I think I’ve fallen in love with it.



Even one bestselling author made that claim.

Somehow, I had unwittingly created an entity, not a human being, but an entity, without form or substance that readers have become attached to.

Go figure.

Well, that next novel, Soul Thief, pretty much wrote itself from then on. The two books became the Blue light Series with ideas for at least two more novels.

Once Soul Thief was published I began to see the same sorts of comments from readers I’d seen with Apocalypse Island. “Loved the Blue Light.” “Can’t wait to see the next one in the series.” “Want to know what happens to the Blue Light.” Will Doug and Annie and Ariel be all right. Will they survive? I want to know what happens to them and the Blue Light. Will the characters from the two previous novels come together in the third?”

You get the picture.

And that brings me back to the original reason for this note. The third novel in the series will not be complete for another few months, so, in an attempt to appease those who want more now, I’ve decided to release it as a series of .99 shorts, a chapter or perhaps two chapters (as in the following opening to the novel) or a section at a time, depending on how it all fits together. Some releases will be shorter and some will be longer.

For those who don’t like to read a book this way, well, sorry but you’ll have to wait for the full release.

In the opening two chapters of the new novel you will find Doug and Annie McArthur and their now three-year-old daughter Ariel running for their lives from unknown assailants in the Maine Wilderness, while in St. Petersburg, Florida a grieving Danielle Peterson has found a strange and magical artifact hidden in the home of her murdered grandfather.

Thanks for your patients, dear reader. I’ll see you on the other side of the Blue Light.


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25 Oct

Free science Kindle books for 25 Oct 14

EBOLA SURVIVAL GUIDE: Your Guide To Understanding And Preparing For A Global Ebola Pandemic: Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide (Ebola Virus, Ebola Survival, … Pandemic – Ebola Outbreak – Ebola) Book 1)

by Scott Wilcox


Read On Your Kindle,PC, Mac Or Smartphone

EBOLA VIRUS: Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014- History Of The Ebola, Ebola Symptoms, Ebola Vaccine And More

The worst Ebola outbreak in West Africa has left people terrified, alarmed, stressed and worried. But, according to experts, we’ve yet to experience even worse situation, and with the sudden emergence of Ebola cases in Europe and the US, other continents are equally at risk of being affected by this dreadful outbreak.

Quite recently, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has predicted that the number of affected individuals could rise above half million by the beginning of 2015, if concerned authorities fail to take appropriate steps. In fact, it has been suggested that the number of cases is actually doubling about every 20 to 40 days.

Considering such predictions and concerns, it is important that each and every one of us is well-informed about the Ebola outbreak while understanding what the virus is all about, how it is transmitted, detected, treated and most importantly, prevented.

This is your ultimate guide to understanding the Ebola virus, it’s signs, treatment and prevention. If you have any doubts or concerns about the current ebola outbreak, use this guide to address your concerns and clear those rumored misconceptions about the Ebola virus.


What Exactly Is Ebola

The History Of The Ebola Virus And How It Is Transmitted

Signs And Symptoms Of Ebola

Discover If You Are At Risk Of Catching Ebola

The Treatment For Ebola Virus

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From Ebola

And Most Importantly…


Get Prepared For The Ebola Virus Outbreak! Download This Book Now Before The Price Goes Up!



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Transition Guide to a Vegan Diet: For your Health, for the Animals and for Our Planet (Vegan, Vegan Diet, Animal Cruelty, Animals, Planet, Planet Destruction, Health)

by Marc Future

You’re about to learn how you can easily transit to a Vegan Diet!

Do you want a better Health? You want more clarity in your mind? Care to leave a nice planet to future generation?

Are you tired of the animal abuses you see on the medias?

Here’s the guide you need to have a great positive and huge impact on these things.

You yourself can stop participating in the holocaust of all the animals.

Stop participating in the annihilation of our planet.

And the great news about it is that in the process of doing that, you’ll stop the self-destruction on your own Health.

This book has strategies to help you succeed in the way of the veganism.

Being Vegan is declaring by your own life that you won’t participate in the violent acts most humans are doing on everything they touch.

It’s a vow of non-violence in every aspect of it.

You’re about to learn the consequences of modern diet and the actions you can start right now to implant in your life and have a very real and direct impact on stopping the destruction of the planet.

Here Is A Preview of what you’ll Learn in this Book…

  • Ethical problems
  • Environment impacts
  • Clean your Health
  • Strategies to adapt to Veganism
  • How to Kickstart the process
  • And much, much more!

You don’t have to wait any longer to be the cure.

Change your diet and be the guardian of this planet and it’s creatures.

Get the Knowledge Now,

Buy your own copy right away!

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Adventures of Dot: An Early Geometry Book

by Kara Carrero

Explore numbers, shapes, and basic geometry with young learners. For children young and old, this is a simple story that introduces the basic elements of geometry. Follow the adventures of dot by counting to ten and learning the basic shapes associated with each number.

Trichotillomania Treatment: How to Stop Pulling Hair Out and Defeat Trichotillomania for Good (Hair Pulling Disorder)

by Anne C. Mapehrson

If you want to learn how to defeat trichotillomania to stop pulling your hair out, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Trichotillomania literally means an uncontrolled urge to pull one’s own hair from any part of the body – head, eyebrows, eye lashes, etc. This psychological condition belongs to a broader class of mental ailments known as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. This broad class comprises ailments such as hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking, and cheek biting. Some people may find such conditions bizarre and may think that only very few abnormal minds suffer from it, but this is not so. Between 2%-5% of the total population suffer from one of these Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. That’s actually quite a lot of people! The implications and complications of this condition can only truly be completely felt and understood by those who suffer from it, or those who watch their loved ones suffer. If you are prone to trichotillomania, you know the fear of being alone, the shame of feeling like you must be “crazy,” and the guilt of hiding something from your loved ones. This short ebook will help you learn about Trichotillomania and how to recover from this distressing condition.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Educating Yourself
  • The Role of Psychotherapy
  • Relaxing and Finding Relief
  • Support as Part of the Solution
  • Medications that Matter
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Ebola Update Now In America Preparedness Guide

by Quick Prep Guides

Ebola is now in America! What should you do now! Latest Information! This guide gives you the practical information you need on how to prepare now for Ebola. Step by step information that is easy to read and understand. Know what supplies to have and what to do to protect you and your family! Also what vitamins and herbs to have on hand that may be helpful.

Statistics Equations & Answers: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

A Statistics Equations & Answers Study Guide helps by allowing you to see various different answers and solutions to common and everyday questions that may arrive in a math focused setting. There are a couple of specific theories and formulas that allow you to find out various different statistics of anything that you may want to know, and knowing how to take the problems to task and finding the solutions easier is one of the perks of using a Statistics Equations & Answers Study Guide. For many different areas of study, statistics are very useful in practice and finding out certain statistics may even prove to be beneficial to you.

Essential EKG: EKG Interpretation, Rhythms, Arrhythmia

by Jon Haws RN BSN

EKG Interpretation: Easy, Rapid, Fast!

Finally, an EKG interpretation book that actually makes it easy to learn EKG interpretation. This book contains a 5 step method to interpreting cardiac arrhythmia’s as well as a brief introduction to 12 lead interpretation. With a comprehensive chart to help you quickly identify rhythms and abnormalities, this is the perfect book to both learn EKGs and to reference in the future.

Comprehensive Chart and Detailed Guide to the Following Rhythms:

-Normal Sinus

-Sinus Brady

-Sinus Tach

-Atrial Fibrillation

-Atrial Flutter


-Atrial Pause

-Junctional Rhythms

-Heart Blocks (1st, 2nd (type I & II), 3rd degree)







Stop wasting time with useless learning methods for EKGs. This 5 step method will help you learn quickly to identify the most important characteristics of any rhythm. This is not a discussion of cardiac anatomy. This book is intended to make you more confident, comfortable, and faster at interpreting EKGs.

Perfect for practicing ICU or Med-Surg nurses who need a refresher or for nursing students who want to ACE the NCLEX! This method, book, and chart will provide the knowledge and skills you need.

Anti-Cancer Diet: Fight Cancer Naturally. Discover the best foods that help prevent and fight Cancer. Fight Cancer and start a new way of life. (Anti Cancer Food Books)

by Richard Nelson

Cancer is a truly horrendous disease that will have affected pretty much all of us in one way or another.

Lifestyle choices also contribute towards cancer, smoking and excessive drinking for example, but what about actually helping to prevent cancer.

A person’s diet is one of the easiest things they can address when it comes to treating or protecting against cancer, and it can also be one of the most effective changes they can address too. There are numerous healthy foods out there that have been proven to strengthen our bodies and to help make us fitter and healthier and to help protect us against cancer, and for that reason

This book introduce the most powerful and most effective anti-cancer foods out there.

Get this book and enjoy the healthy food that can help prevent and fight against Cancer!

Cancer, A Catalyst for Consciousness?: Over 100 Way to Love You into Blissful Health

by Sara Raso

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

In this groundbreaking book, Sara Raso offers her insights into why so many of us are experiencing cancer, and how it can act as a stepping stone to our individual and collective common goal; a rise in consciousness. She shares transformative, practical advice on removing causes and maintaining factors (physical, emotional, mental and energetic) to allow healing and prevent relapses.

Topics include how to:

- Oxygenate your cells and bathe them in the perfect pH, which is too alkaline for cancer cells to survive in.

- Detoxify your system, balance your gut ecology, and address any deficiencies you have.

- Let go of any energy blockages, toxic emotions, limiting beliefs and boost your immunity.

- Reconnect to nature and harness her restorative power to raise your vibration. Practice grounding, get enough sun, eat, sleep and breathe consciously… Treat you like you are the love of your life, starting this present moment.

This is an empowering book guiding you to listen to your enlightening body. It will encourage you to recognize the true value of your life, and support you to allow your consciousness to lift you into greater and greater health, happiness and alignment.

What is this world made of ?

by Vedang Sati

“Short Introduction to the Atomic World!!!”

This book is a good beginning to study about Democritus discovering the idea of atomic world, Thomson discovering the electron and Rutherford discovering the existence of nucleus! This is an amazing journey from Rutherford to Bohr’s Quantum Jumps. A good to start with.

The Urban Prepper – A Quick Start Handbook for Modern Day Preppers to Prepare For Any Disasters (Quick Guide Handbook For Preppers, Preparation For Disaster, … Day Preppers, Guide Book For Disaster)

by Evelyn Scott

Quick And Easy Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster

The Urban Prepper

*** BONUS! : FREE Natural Remedies Report Included !! ***


Disasters occur unexpectedly. Everyone, both rich and poor, suffer from the same effects and even lose lives in extreme cases. What makes the difference is the level of preparation done in facing these significant events. Some people tend to be complacent because they live in disaster-safe locations. Living in a large, professionally-constructed home in luxurious communities make some people feel as if they are invincible from disasters. Of course, a quality property in a safe location makes its occupants feel a lot safer and more confident that their assets are protected.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

= > 3. This Book Has Exact And Reliable Information

= > 4. It Helps To Expand Your Knowledge About The Topic

= > 5. Easy To Read And Understand

= > 6. It Has A Great Concept

= > 7. The Best Guide Book For Everyone

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • All About Prepping
  • Urban Prepping Purposes
  • How To Be Safe And Alert
  • How To Prepare For Any Disaster
  • The Materials And Survival Kit Needed

Get The Book Before The Promotion Runs Out! Only For A Limited Time!

You Do NOT Need A Kindle Device To Read This E-Book, You Can Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, And Or Your Kindle Device


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Truthers and the Singularity: Role of the Truther in the Final Approach Towards Technological Singularity

by David Zweig

What do today’s truthers have in common with those from early civilization? There has always been the struggle to preserve privately known truth, in the face of a divergent public agenda.

Recent trends, however, have heightened this struggle, making the time ripe for outing certain truths:

(1) What is behind the recent rise in the number of highly unusual reported news tragedies being called out by truthers? Could this have something to do with the steepening of technology’s parabolic curve, and the accompanying compounding of risks to the world’s continued existence?

(2) The secret of eternal life: Explicit information reconciling religion with science, which has been known to many privately. With the modern unregulated internet it was only a matter of time before this essential information was accessible publicly… to the potential benefit of millions of people worldwide.

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