Free fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Dog Collar Crime (A Lucie Rizzo Mystery Book 1)

by Adrienne Giordano

Dog Collar Crime: A Lucie Rizzo Mystery (book 1)

Out of work and down on her luck, Lucie Rizzo is forced to do the one thing she’s long avoidedâ??move back home with her nutty, mob-infested family. A move that brings her back into the tempting arms of Frankie Falcone, the ex that never fails to make her heart sit up and beg. When Lucie turns a dog-walking gig into a fancy dog accessory business, life starts to look like a walk in the park… until three of her bling-wearing clients are dogjacked. Despite Frankie’s help, Lucie is thrown into an investigation that’s more Goodfellas than good doggie. If she can survive her family and a plot involving stolen diamonds, she might just have a second chance at love.

Keywords: romantic mystery, romantic suspense, thieves, detective, Chicago, dogs and animal lovers, action and adventure

Dog Collar Knockoff: A Lucie Rizzo Mystery (book 2)

Catering to the pampered paws set took Lucie Rizzo from unemployed to entrepreneur. With her dog walking/chic pet accessory business on the verge of success, Lucie’s ready to make a name for herself. One not tarnished by her dad’s mobster rep.

When an art deal she brokered between clients turns suspicious, it’s up to Lucie to sniff out the truth. She might not know the difference between Monet and Manet, but Rizzos are no strangers to jail timeâ??and Lucie refuses to be someone’s prison bitch.

Unless that someone is a tall, blond and Irish cop. Detective Tim O’Brien certainly knows how to get Lucie hot under the rhinestone collar. And with her on-again-off-again relationship with Frankie Falcone currently off, O’Brien isn’t shy about making her feel wanted, mafia ties and all. Even joining her crackâ??or crackpotâ??team on the trail of two paintings with equally shady origins.

Dog Collar Couture: A Lucie Rizzo Mystery (book 3)

Mafia princess turned canine couturier Lucie Rizzo knows dogs are woman’s best friend. Thanks to her fashion-forward four-legged clients, Lucie’s dog walking/designer pet accessory business is booming. And for once her love life isn’t far behind.

Lucie devotes her days to building the Coco Barknell brand, but her nights are all about roguishly sexy Tim O’Brien. At least they will be if she and Detective O’Hottie finally take their relationship to the next level. But bring an Irish cop home to her mobster father? Fuggetaboutit.

Lucie’s knack for finding trouble lands her in the doghouseâ??and on the six o’clock news. Someone’s absconded with a million-dollar piece of cinematic costume history, with Lucie the only witness to the crime. Not to mention the prime suspect. To clear her name, she’ll need an assist from her entire wacky crew: friends, familyâ?¦and future (hopefully) lover.



, USA Today bestselling author, writes romantic suspense and mystery. She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a co-founder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Very Simple Shawl: Easy Vintage Knitting Pattern

by Starshop Vintage

Very Simple Shawl is a pattern for a triangle-shaped crocheted shawl.

The Greatness Inside You Awaits

by Financial Education

The truth is we all have Greatness inside us. In this motivational book I go into detail about some very personal stories in my life and tell you the life lessons I leaned from those. See this book is not just a motivational book but also a self help and life skills book. There is a fundamental flaw in the current state of motivational books out there and it is the one line off quotes. Those motivational quotes stick with you for about a second and then leave you. I hope these stores I tell about my life in this book “The Greatness Inside You Awaits” will help motivate you for years to come!

Alexa: The Ultimate guide to using your personal assistant to the fullest (Amazon Echo Look, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo)

by Matt Morris


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The Ultimate guide to using your personal assistant to the fullest (Amazon Echo Look, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo)

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon. It learns from the instructions you give and it can be used in various spheres of life by providing different information when asked, making to-do lists, setting alarms and so on. Alexa comes with a host of onboard features. The Skills API that allows anyone to develop new features for the software means it is also compatible with an ever-growing array of devices and services, making it even more helpful in organizing and streamlining your daily life.For many users, Alexa has been the perfect personal assistant, always ready to answer your questions and carry out your commands.
The information included in this book will give you an introduction to Alexa and all of its associated devices, including the new Amazon Look and Amazon Show.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up your device and customizing the settings to best suit your lifestyle
  • Amazon Echo Look and Show
  • Style Check
  • The most helpful on-board features of Alexa
  • Helpful Tips

Bringing Alexa into your home can simplify many of the things you do throughout the day. The Echo and all its variants are affordable ways to get started on setting up a smart home. The knowledge in this book will make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything these incredible devices have to offer.

Download your copy of ” Alexa “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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Mountain Man Chili and Other Dutch Oven Camping Recipes for Your Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

by Barry Hinton

Are you unable to think up camping meal ideas that your family will love? Are you cringing at the thought of all the mess you’ll have to deal with in preparing a meal outdoors? You’ll find no better way to overcome such obstacles than to prepare an all-in-one meal in a Dutch oven.

From nourishing breakfasts to delicious desserts, you’ll find some good inspiration in this recipe collection. Don’t be afraid to add or subtract ingredients according to your own tastes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Dutch oven cooking!

Les Misérables (Titan Illustrated Classics): With Audiobook Link

by Victor Hugo

An epic novel of nineteenth-century France, Les Miserables tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who works to redeem his past. Popularized by the film and musical, the novel is a sweeping masterpiece of character, adventure and emotion.

Aquaponics: Beginnerâ??s Guide for Water Farming(aquaponic gardening,aquaponics system,aquaponic farming,aquaponic systems,aquaculture,aquaponics made easy,aquaponics kit,aquaponic food production)

by Sam Anderson

What Is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is essentially the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Both aquaculture and hydroponics have some down sides, hydroponics requires expensive nutrients to feed the plants, and also requires periodic flushing of the systems which can lead to waste disposal issues. Re-circulating aquaculture needs to have excess nutrients removed from the system, normally this means that a percentage of the water is removed, generally on a daily basis.

This nutrient rich water then needs to be disposed of and replaced with clean fresh water. While re-circulating aquaculture and hydroponics are both very efficient methods of producing fish and vegetables, when we look at combining the two, these negative aspects are turned into positives. The positive aspects of both aquaculture and hydroponics are retained and the negative aspects no longer exist. Aquaponics can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it, the simple system pictured above is made from one IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). The top was cut off and turned upside down to become a growbed for the plants. Water is pumped up from the fish tank into the growbed. The water trickles down through the media, past the roots of the plants before draining back into the fish tank.

The plants extract the water and nutrients they need to grow, cleaning the water for the fish. There are bacteria that live on the surface of the growbed media. These bacteria convert ammonia wastes from the fish into nitrates that can be used by the plants. The conversion of ammonia into nitrates is often termed “the nitrogen cycle“.

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Money Management System For The Young Adult: How To Get Out Of Debt, Save Money And Live Stress Free

by David Wolfle

If you want to learn how to get out of debt and maintain a debt free lifestyle, then this book is for you !!
If you’re like most college graduates these days, you are probably saddled with a lot of debt. So much so that debt has
probably become such a normal way of lif that you barley notice it’s there and you can’t imagine that it will ever go away.
The good news is it can !
This book will show you exactly how to get out of debt and continue to live a DEBT FREE lifestyle no matter your current
level of income or how much debt you have today. This book presents some of the basic financial concepts that are essential
to people in their 20s and 30s

The Money Phenomenon: A Concise Introduction To What Money Is

by Louis Russell

Between October 5th, 2007 and March 2nd, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had plummeted from 14,066.01 to 6,626.94â??a free-fall of nearly fifty-three percent. In a span of less than two years, tens of trillions of dollars in American assets were suddenly â??incinerated’. How did all that money simply disappear? The answer does not lie in understanding the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, but involves coming to a basic understanding of the web of assumptions that underlies our monetary technology.

Although the invention of fiat currency has dissolved numerous difficulties that arose from the use of precious metals in exchange, the way in which capitalist culture has incorporated paper money into its mode of life has led to a perpetual dependency on over-extensions of credit and a maximal emphasis on the value of commodities in immediate exchange. The Money Phenomenon both urges thinkers to devise canons of economic analysis that will account for a holistic perspective of value and time and provides possibilities for philosophers, economists, and technologists to develop decentralized, individualized solutions to fundamental problems.

Master Your Why: Every business has a story. Turn your story into customers.

by Colby Walker

Every business owner has a story. You started your business for a purpose. Once you understand that purpose you’ll be able to easily attract the type of customer that wants to spend money on your business.

Master Your Why to start turning your story into customers.

KNOWING YOUR WHY is an evolution. It is also the single most important aspect of your business. Knowing it will allow you to pivot your life and your business to align them with your ideal buyer.

We help business owners KNOW THEIR WHY to increase results through:
– Public Relations / Press
– Marketing / Advertising
– Digital Marketing / Website / Social Media
– Content Marketing / Blogging

Showcasing and sharing your business becomes second nature.

Use our PROVEN method to rediscover why you started your business. We all became entrepreneurs for a purpose.

When you MASTER your purpose – YOUR WHY – solving problems and answering questions will become easier. Your reason for starting your business matters and affects all aspects of your business. Without UNDERSTANDING your why – you will never find the success or freedom you sought at the beginning.

Each section is delivered in three parts: Example, Explanation, and Execution.

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Find Your Passion: 8 Ways To Find The True Passion In Life (Meditation, Visualisation, Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Purpose, Joy, Visualization Techniques, Self Hypnosis)

by Kristina Geiman

Discover Eight Different Ways In Which You Can Work Towards Finding Your True Passion In Life!

Nobody is instantly born into this world knowing what it is that they are meant to do. Nobody grows up and has an epiphany at the age of 14, knowing exactly what their life’s purpose is, and the road they have to take. Finding your passion in life takes time, and it takes a lot of self-discovery too.

If you’ve picked up this book, the chances are that you’re feeling stuck in that metaphorical rut that we all fall into from time to time. This is normal, and nothing to be alarmed about, provided you can pull yourself out of it. Life is too short to spend in a rut! One of the best ways to drag yourself out of that funk is by finding your true passion, your true life’s meaning, and heading down the path you were always supposed to travel!

You’re happier when you’re doing things you enjoy, this is a simple fact, so why not identify what those things are and spend more time doing them?

If you’re drawing a blank on what it is that makes your passion barometer tick, this book is for you! We’re going to talk about eight different ways in which you can work towards finding your true passion in life. When you find your passion and your meaning, you find your power, and that is when life will truly begin.

You need this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Visualisation And Meditation
  • Question Yourself
  • The Importance Of Enjoyment Over Money
  • Identify What You Hate Doing, and Stop Doing it
  • It’s Good to Talk
  • Think Like a Child
  • Stop Looking For an Epiphany
  • From Small Acorns, Trees Grow

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Free war Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Saving Babe Ruth (Prequel to the Lawyer David Thompson Series)

by Tom Swyers

After you’ve downloaded a copy of Saving Babe Ruth, get a copy of the award-winning HOT NEW RELEASE and the next book in the series, The Killdeer Connection, on SALE TODAY for only $2.99! Scroll down to the series section. Click the Killdeer cover to check out all the â?? â?? â?? â?? â?? reviews and order!

Going down swinging is not an option . . .

Survival is the name of the game when two obsessed men teeter on the cusp of madness in a war over a kids’ baseball field in this thriller based on a true story.

Travel baseball promoter Rob Barkus has a full bench. He’s backed by a corrupt board of directors, a sports-fixated high school administration, and a mob of crazy travel baseball parents. He’ll stop at nothing to kill the town’s sandlot baseball league so that his elite travel teams can take over its beautiful Babe Ruth baseball field.

The only obstacle between Barkus and his field of dreams is David Thompson, a Civil War buff and burned-out lawyer. When Thompson steps up to save the crumbling league for his son and the rest of the sandlot players in town, Barkus unleashes a cunning and ruthless attack against David, his family, and his teenaged league of misfit players.

Thompson is outnumbered and surrounded. He’s like a man who walked into quicksand. The harder he struggles to save the league, the deeper he sinks. On top of it all, Thompson is stuck in a family Catch-22. If he surrenders, he might lose his son’s love along with his own self-respect, not to mention losing the game of summer for the sandlot kids in town. Yet if he doesn’t back down, it threatens his marriage and deprives his son of any chance to play on the high school team.

Thompson is on an emotional roller coaster and he can’t get off. He is fighting his own civil war as he struggles to make a difference in the town he cherishes without harming the family he loves.

Standing alone and pushed to his breaking point, he needs to figure out when to fold and when to fight. One thing is for sure: if he finally snaps, he won’t take any prisoners.

Captivating characters lead double lives and keep secrets in this award-winning page-turner, laced with humor, about a man who takes a stand and risks it all to make a difference in a world gone mad.

New York Times bestselling author Margot Livesey says Swyers “has created a man for all seasons” in David Thompson and calls Saving Babe Ruth “an absorbing and compulsively readable novel.”

In a foreword, Babe Ruth’s grandson, Tom Stevens, calls Saving Babe Ruth a “great story.”

Read Saving Babe Ruth as the prequel to the Lawyer David Thompson Series which starts with the The Killdeer Connection as the first book. The Killdeer Connection was selected as a 2017 winner in Amazon’s international Kindle Scout writing competition.

Saving Babe Ruth is an Amazon multiple category bestseller.

Gold Winner,  Benjamin Franklin Award, 2015 “Best First Book: Fiction.”
Silver Winner, Benjamin Franklin Award, 2015 “Best Popular Fiction.”
Readers Views, “Best Regional Fiction 2014/2015: Northeast.”
Finalist, “Best New Fiction,” 2014 USA Best Book Awards.

War/Peace 2036

by Wilbur Seymore

Eoin â??Badger’ Skeates, Abernethea â?? Abby’ Cadwallader and Steven â??Steve’ Smith are three friends who serve together in the military. They are part of a new unit, one that will become the first ever female only unit in the British Armed Forces. When the call to arms comes, they are sent to the front lines in Eastern Europe. They all do their part and show bravery beyond measure, but when an air strike kills the wrong targets, it sets Badger on a new path in search of answers. What he finds is more than he had bargained for.

Three Heads of the Dragon: A story of Terrorism, Love and Revenge in 1960’s Singapore

by Chris Elsden

It’s 1964. Indonesia’s President is furious as he reads a report confirming his
Military confrontation with Britain along the Borneo border is failing and the Federation of Malaysia is still intact. To make matters worse, the President’s security service have just warned him that they believe Budiman, his Army Chief and possibly some of his senior officers could be plotting against him, and that his highly contentious plan to land Indonesian saboteurs covertly into Singapore without his Military Chiefs’ knowledge, has been uncovered. Budiman, horrified at the implications of this foolhardy action, orders a halt to the operation. But Colonel Ibrahim, the officer charged with planning and implementing the incursion has disappeared without trace.

In Singapore, ethnic rioting has erupted across the Island. Police stations and kampongs have been set ablaze and countless numbers of residents have been injured or killed. A curfew is imposed to try to regain some order.

At the same time, six men, who have been secretly selected by Colonel Ibrahim for their demolition skills, have just been despatched by fishing junk from a remote village in north eastern Sumatra. Their objective; to make a clandestine landing in Malaysia and with the help of local sympathisers, cross the causeway into Singapore to incite more racial unrest and sabotage British military installations and transportation links with the mainland.

But on route, the six terrorists rescue an unconscious airman from a Royal Navy helicopter that had ditched in the sea. Should they drop him back overboard and do everything they can to avoid the British search and rescue operation or should they risk everything and try to help him?

Osman, the team’s leader is a clever and ruthless man. He seizes the opportunity; abandons Ibrahim’s orders and risking all, heads directly to Singapore with the casualty, where they are welcomed with open arms by the local authorities and the British military. Pleased with their deception, the men secure their junk alongside a jetty in the harbour and make ready to slip ashore. As they prepare to leave the junk they receive a warning that their identity cards have been discovered to be false, and that the police are on their way back to their junk to arrest them. With no time to spare, the men fake their deaths by blowing up the junk, and make their escape into Chinatown to start their part in Indonesia’s subterfuge operations against Singapore’s authorities, its people and the British military defending them.

But Osman had no idea there was a traitor in their midst who will stop at nothing to try to end the madness.

And there was Jimmy Jones, a drunk and ‘has been’ investigative journalist, who scrapes a living as a freelance reporter for the local newspaper. This morning he is euphoric; his latest piece on Indonesia’s escalation of the military confrontation with Britain is global news. But his elation is short lived as the journalist heads to Raffles Hotel to meet an informer who says he has a horrifying secret to tell. The whispered words in the hotel bar, a massive bomb explosion in the street outside, the pointless death of an Admiral’s daughter and the kidnapping of a British naval officer were about to expose Jimmy and his young Chinese assistant to the full savagery of Osman and his team, as they piece together the facts and discover the terrorists cleverly disguised trail from Singapore harbour, across the Straits of Johore and into the deadly Malaysian jungle.

The British Prime Minister, furious at the escalation of the conflict to the shores of Singapore, orders his Secretary for Defence to the Island. Terrorism, directed at the heart of Britain’s interests in Asia would not be tolerated.

But the Prime Minister had no idea then that the Defence Secretary’s life too, would soon be in grave and imminent danger…

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Montana Cowboy

by Riley Moreno

When blue eyed, former movie star, Jason Walker returns to Montana, it is to take over his father’s ranch which he has inherited. That the ranch is in dire financial trouble is a problem compounded by the fact that the only solution is to partner up with Tamasin Fleming, the big, beautiful, dusky daughter of his father’s close friend. However, sparks fly when Jason meets Tamasin, and the partnership is no longer an optionâ?¦until Jason and Tamasin realize that the dislike they show for each other actually veils a passion that they discover as their paths draw closer and finally merge into one.

Spanish Crossings: An epic tale of love and conflict

by John Simmons

‘From the very first words this is a beautifully written novel.’ –Vesna Goldsworthy, author Gorsky, professor of creative writing, UEA

Spanish Crossings is an epic tale of love, politics and conflict, with the yearning but elusive possibility of redemption. A woman’s life has been cast in shadow by her connection to the Spanish Civil War. We meet Lorna in Spain, 1937 as she falls in love with Harry, a member of the International Brigade who had been at Guernica when it was bombed. Harry is then killed in the fighting and Lorna fears she might have lost her best chance of happiness. Can she fill the void created by Harry’s death by helping the child refugees of the conflict? She finds a particular connection to one boy, Pepe, and as he grows up below the radar of the authorities in England their lives become increasingly intertwined. But can Lorna rely on Pepe as he remains deeply pulled towards the homeland and family that have been placed beyond his reach? Coming through the war, then the post-war rebuilding, Lorna and Pepe’s relationship will be tested by their tragic and emotive history.

LEGEND of the DAWN: The Complete Trilogy: LEGEND of the DAWN; AFTER the DAWN; BEFORE SUNDOWN.


Having been drawn to the wild for a number of years, young Luke McKinney is forced to leave 1839 St. Louis for the North Country even sooner than he expected to go. At seventeen, along with a female companion and an elderly father figure, he is literally running for his life.

With the Law pursuing him and the wilderness unforgiving, he finds himself caught up in a survival system that has nothing to do with civilization or laws.

Then the unthinkable happens, the love of his life is taken from him. It is during the pursuit of her captors that Luke finds a strength and determination that will shape his moral existence for the remainder of his life.

This is a trilogy of books that spans the lives of Luke McKinney and Breanne Bruyere, their undying love, through hell and high water, for over fifty years.

Daring, thrilling, romantic, historic… What else is there? UNFORGETABLE!

Nefarious: Volume Two: Honor the Suffering

by Lucille Moncrief

Is eternal guilt the price of human empathy?

While the bombs rain overhead, Talcott Henderson and a group of fellow soldiers huddle in the cratered ground beneath the German front lines. Through the never-ending din of enemy fire, the voracious, blood-soaked machine of war haunts Talcott. Memories claw at him; kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. In the bowels of the earth a specter appears, and offers him an eternal life free of guilt.

But what is the cost of an unmarred soul?

*Includes custom illustrations
*Cover art by Jessica Dueck


by Gary Gautier

By 1970, the hippie scene was faltering, a victim of both inner contradictions and external forces. The Vietnam war resistance, psychedelic drugs, sexual openness, the freedom of the commune – it seemed that everything about the 1960s could be incredibly liberating or wildly destructive. Against this backdrop, Jazmine, Ziggy, Ragman and a coterie of hippies discover an LSD-spinoff drug that triggers past life regressions and sweeps them toward a dramatic climax. This is the epic tale of hippiedom we’ve been waiting for, intimate in the lives of its characters but panoramic in its coverage of the sights, sounds, and ideals of the Age of Aquarius.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

The Iliad & The Odyssey (Dream Classics)

by Homer

While Homer’s existence as a historical person is still a topic of debate, the writings attributed to the name have made their mark not only on Greek history and literature, but upon western civilization itself. Homer’s epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, laid the foundation upon which Ancient Greece developed not only its culture, but its societal values, religious beliefs, and practice of warfare as well.

The Raven (Dream Classics)

by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven is a narrative poem by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. First published in January 1845, the poem is often noted for its musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven’s mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man’s slow fall into madness.

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Ð?осÑ?скÑ?ипÑ?Ñ?м: СбоÑ?ник сÑ?иÑ?ов (Russian Edition)

by Ð?аÑ?эÑ? ЮÑ?ий

СÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ения последниÑ? пяÑ?и леÑ?. СÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ения о лÑ?бви, бÑ?Ñ?ии, дÑ?Ñ?е, Ñ?еловеÑ?ескиÑ? сÑ?Ñ?асÑ?яÑ?.
Ð?се сÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ения посвяÑ?енÑ? моей жене.

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Free horror Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Gol: A Legends of Ansu fantasy (The Legends of Ansu Book 1)

by J.W. Webb

A Doomed Continent Where Two Lovers Struggle To Survive

When a vengeful sorcerer unleashes a Fire Demon to destroy his rivals, he sets off a chain of events that will eventually destroy Gol, a war-torn continent at the other side of the world. Unaware that time is running out Gol’s scheming barons overthrow their king and strive to seize control, unleashing a bloody civil war. Two young lovers find themselves caught in the web of murder, treachery, and sword and sorcery threatening to destroy their existence.

Lissane, a baron’s daughter and Erun Cade, a commoner, plan to flee Gol before its foretold ruin. However, the Baron already has plans for his daughter and sends his brutal sons to deal with her lover. Gol mingles, mystery, myths, and legends with gritty action and snappy dialogue, woven to an epic tapestry of dark fantasy.

Absolution: A Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller (Blood Runners Book 1)

by George S. Mahaffey Jr.

At nineteen, Marisol never thought she would be a tracker of humans.

In this post-apocalyptic world where justice is determined by a system of Absolution, Marisol steps up to do her duty. She hates everything that Absolution stands for, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Nothing, that is, until one of her Runners turns out to be the key to uncovering a vast conspiracy that threatens to topple the dictator of New Chicago and change their lives forever.

Absolution: A system of law in which young men and women, “Runners,” are paid bounties, or blood money, to become suspects in crimes committed by the wealthy. The way they are proven innocent? Evade, escape, and survive their hunters.

“BLOOD RUNNERS: ABSOLUTION is the grittier, bastard spawn of THE HUNGER GAMES and WOOL, a noir-tinged, post-apocalyptic thriller that focuses on Marisol and Elias, members of a brutal new system of law enforcement who struggle to survive after uncovering a secret that threatens the power structure in New Chicago. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.”

— Mark KRATTER, Producer Emergence Entertainment

A Seppukarian Universe Spin-off Series.

The Roses of Mobile (Return to Seven Sisters Book 1)

by M.L. Bullock

Carrie Jo receives a gift she never expectedâ??Seven Sisters. The dream catcher and her handsome husband, Ashland, quickly discover that the past is alive and well and that ghosts roam the halls of the restored plantation home. Unfamiliar ghosts. As Carrie Jo begins to dream about the past, she “meets” Lafonda Delarosa, a young woman with a curious mind but an uncertain future, and her beautiful brother, Jonatan. When CJ learns that tragedy awaits the Delarosa family, she tries to come to Lafonda’s aid but makes a mistake that will cost herâ??or someoneâ??dearly.

The Roses of Mobile is Book 1 of the Return to Seven Sisters series.

Seven Sisters series
Seven Sisters
Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters
Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters
The Stars that Fell
The Stars We Walked Upon
The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters

Idlewood Series
The Ghosts of Idlewood
Dreams of Idlewood
The Whispering Saint
The Haunted Child

The Feel of a Whisper: a Horror Novelette

by D.L. Drake

Tragedy strikes the neighborhood when a child is killed in an accident. The shock waves are strong enough to ruin relationships among the neighbors. Years later, something is coming that could threaten so much more than just relationships. It threatens to rip children from parents, the sane from their sanity, the living from their lives. How can the neighbors survive when the only hope to stop it died years ago.

It Came in With the Cold

by D. L. Drake

Short Horror Fiction

Chris always had a plan. What can he do when thrust into a situation where there is no planning? Now, Chris must find his way out of his own home while freezing, hungry, and possibly being hunted.

The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight

by Harold Bloemer

Cassandra Exodus and James McAllister were once madly in love. As two of the most powerful sorcerers of the modern era, they founded a secret school where young witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures could hone and control their unpredictable, deadly powers. But a slowly evolving difference in philosophy has turned these two former lovers into bitter adversaries. Cassandra and James will have to learn to coexist, however, if they are to overcome an existential threat that threatens to swallow their world in shadow: paranormal genocide.

After a slew of deadly witch-on-human attacks, the United States has started a policy of incarcerating all unregistered magical creatures. And those who refuse to cooperate are promptly hunted down and executed by an army of highly-advanced robots called Paranormal X-Terminators. Can Cassandra and James cast aside their virulent animosity and work as a team to save their fellow witches and wizards from extinction? Or will their destructive relationship lead to the annihilation of all magical creaturesâ?¦ and perhaps the entire world?

Clocking in at well over 1,000 pages, The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight is a sprawling, global epic that spans decades. Prepare to enter a world of magic, menace, and chaos. This is the electrifying tale of a world, and a timeless, magical romance, on the verge of catastrophic collapse.

Nature’s Master (The Nature Mage Series Book 4)

by Duncan Pile

In this, the fourth and final instalment of the Nature Mage Series:

The Quest to Pell has left Gaspi and his friends in terrible shape – Sabu has been fatally poisoned and Emmy mentally devastated by the final confrontation with the Darkman. Jonn is living undercover in Helioport’s criminal underworld, waiting for his chance to rescue Adela from a life of slavery and fear, but little does he know how close he is to being discovered. All of humanity is in grave peril, and our heroes must gather themselves swiftly if they are to survive the inevitable confrontation with the renegade, Shirukai Sestin and their ultimate foe; the Dark God, Ak-Thakis. Sestin’s lieutenant, Ferast, is raising an army of mercenaries to bring to his Master’s service, while Baard leads thousands of ogres across half the continent to fight in Helioport’s defence. Great forces are moving, preparing to collide in a final epic battle. Will Gaspi and his friends win out, or will the Dark God emerge triumphant onto the living plane, plunging the world into an era of desolation and darkness?

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Humanity is left to the horizon

by Ryan Enderson

I lift my head to see my brother walk into the lab and snatch some random graphing sheets to make it seem like I was doing something productive instead of moping about a girl. A human girl.

Darkness prevailed

by Xavier Freeman

I do not know how we were able to break though the lines of the enemy.

Search died alive buried

by Ryan Enderson

My brother had dragged me to this place a few weeks ago and announced that we would be crashing here until further notice before taking off and only coming to check up on me
every couple of daysâ?¦that was until recently.

My freedom

by Millicent Austin

The saying of ‘live life to the fullest’ was a hypocritical one. Yes, it means to not hold back and have no regrets, but it also holds you down. Say for example, one wanted to be the Hokage, he didn’t want regrets, so he became it. And suddenly, instead of living, the entire world was weighing him down, having to constantly fix a broken world.

Cunning fox

by Gloria Green

“Two from two very different livesâ?¦they will come together because of similar needs. Their homes need heroesâ?¦these two will have to answer the call,” said a soft, feminine

voice as two screens that ignored the boundaries of time and space flickered in the dark room.
The screen on the right showed a young child, about three years of age, with unusual spiky orange hair, and warm brown eyes. The boy was clutching what appeared to be his mother’s hand firmly as they dodged fellow pedestrians on a crowded city street.

The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D

by Ronald D. Ferguson

The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D–Going home is not an option.

When planetary revolt and the collapsing interstellar Empire threaten to isolate three million colonists on Chrysaor of the 51Pegasi system, thin resources can provide only a few vessels for loyalist to return to the safety of the Emperor’s Law on Earth. As a result, not all who want to escape will be able to go home. The SS Atvadis will be the last starship to leave Chrysaor.

Against this backdrop, the soon-to-be-ex governor fights to quell the ambition of a rebellious local general, who happens to be his ex-wife. The twenty-five year old exiled cousin of the Emperor unwillingly inherits the command of the local navy base when higher ranking personnel evacuate. And someone seeks to influence the outcome by activating a seventy-eight year-old sleeper assassin.    The paths of these competitors intersect while awaiting the imminent departure of The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D.

BONUS: Three previously published short stories:    
Philosophy–You need more than luck to survive an interplanetary war. You need philosophy.

His Brother was an Only Child–Nothing like the comfort of close family in difficult times.

Hire Education–Behind on your student loan? Don’t let them repossess your education.

Genre: Science Fiction.
Electronic-Length: about 32 thousand words.
  Cover Design and Layout by Patty Jansen

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Free science Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Transitioning from Emotional Overeating to Clean Eating for Weight Loss

by Enya Robinson

A dynamic 27-page article where you will learn about the known causes, and rarely discussed reasons for emotional overeating. You will read about the common treatments, what you should do and what you should not do. Reading this expert piece will teach how to replace old behaviors with better choices and get back in control of your life with clean eating and weight loss management. The author has over 30 years’ experience in the clinical environment of self-improvement and personal success and is grateful to have the opportunity to share her expertise.

Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

by Leslie Copley

Introduction to and use of complex analysis and algebraic techniques to understand the solution of boundary value problems. Physics examples serve to introduce the fundamental partial differential equations and “special functions” of mathematical physics. A thorough analysis of Green’s functions leads to a discussion of integral equations. Supplementary topics include dispersion relations and rational function approximation.

Beekeeping: Building Your Backyard Beekeeping Business

by Alex Warner

An additional guide to several important aspects of the bee business

Join the author on a journey to keeping bees successfully and preventing disaster by getting the correct information about keeping bees. This guide will help you to understand the following:

Common bee diseases and what to do about them.

Colony illnesses and where they can come from.

Tips for harvesting honey.

Effective ways to manage manpower and machinery in the beekeeper business.

Alternatives for nectar and pollen.

Sting treatments.

And much more!

Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start reading to make your bee business a success and a reality.

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School of the Supernatural: Walking in Our Inheritance as Sons of God

by Michael Van Vlymen

Learn to Walk in the Supernatural of GodThis book, School of the Supernatural, takes believers on a Biblical journey from our right and obligation to walk in the supernatural things of God, to the manifestation of it. By biblical instruction, steps of faith, and Spirit-led activations, we can literally step into the reality of living in the miraculous of the Kingdom, and seeing it manifested in our lives.For those using this resource to conduct their own Schools of the Supernatural, you will be comforted to know that the emphasis in this book, and in this journey, is firmly placed upon our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the foundation of the Word and being anchored in it. Here are Some of the Topics Covered*Choosing a Supernatural Life
*The Offense of Signs and Wonders
*The Word, Worship and Prayer as Gateways
*How to Get Breakthrough
*Seeing in the Spirit
*Your Position in Christ
*Holiness and Sanctification
*Overcoming Fear of the Supernatural
*How and Why to Pray in Stillness
*Being Supernatural and Normal
*Living 24/7 in Both Realms

This book was written in preparation for, and taught in the School of the Supernatural intensive conference, that was held in Rinteln, Germany 2017.

When The Fog Cleared

by Bekah Ferguson

When Kylie Cadore arrived at her father’s Georgian home in Bermuda for a summer vacation, she wasn’t expecting to find his common-law wife, Pearl, hiding a mysterious illness from him. And a handsome cousin.

Having journeyed to the island after several months of separation from her husband, Drew, Kylie hoped to gain clarity amidst the palm trees and sandy shores. Instead she found herself drawn like a magnet to the charms of Pearl’s cousin, a cruise ship pianist.

When Drew unexpectedly shows up on the island a couple of weeks later, Kylie’s heart is torn between the prospect of a new romance, and still loving the man who broke her heart.

The Strongest Bond

by DeeJay Smith

The Strongest Bond is an action packed, romantic novel that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, faith, and a hope that love can last forever.

When Jim Anderson, the nation’s most prolific high school soccer player, decides to turn down multiple full-ride scholarships to play for a smaller university close to home, the soccer world is stunned. On the field, Jim is a warrior. He is attractive, strong, and athletic but particularly awkward in social situations. In truth, he makes it all the way through high school never finding a steady girlfriend.

Jim’s presence at the university quickly brings hope to the struggling soccer program and puts them on the path of a championship season. What he does not anticipate is meeting Sydney, a beautiful and slightly rebellious freshman. Their relationship is awkward at first, but quickly blossoms until the couple is inseparable. With the hope of an NCAA tournament appearance in sight, tragedy disastrously strikes. The pain becomes more than Jim can bear and his life begins to spiral out of control. He is forced to reexamine everything he once believed to be true. Will an unlikely miracle save Jim from self-destruction and restore the trust of his first love?

Antichrist, Tribulation, Armageddon, & Biblical End Time Prophecy

by James Wood

An in depth look at End Time Prophecy with over 350 prophecies directly used and thousands listed in the Appendix. It is set up to understand the basic sequence of End Time Prophecies coming up, with insights into many prophecies that were thought to have already happened, but are yet to be fulfilled. This give a rich and fuller look at what is coming up to the point that when these events happen, no one will be able to say that God’s written Word, hasn’t correctly revealed the End Times.

Non-Neutrality: A Personal Testimony

by Hiram R. Diaz III

Philosophy is a means to an end – so if your intention is to be an enemy of God, your philosophy will follow. Yet, as Hiram’s testimony demonstrates, there is a price to pay for suppressing the truth about God in unrighteousness.

In Non-Neutrality: A Personal Testimony, join Hiram R. Diaz III as he details his conversion from atheism, apostasy, and intellectual insanity to faith in the Logic of God, Jesus Christ the crucified, resurrected, and exalted Savior of sinners.

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