5 Oct

Free fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

HIS: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (Part One)

by Glenna Sinclair

When I was hand-selected by billionaire director Nicolas Costa to be his surrogate, it all seemed so easy. But the next thing I knew, I fled LA, hoping he would never find me.

I didn’t know how wrong I was…

“Come in Mr. Costa.” I kept my voice cool and polite, hoping if I projected that image, I would actually begin to feel it.

It was time I stopped running away from the factsâ??no matter how much I disliked them. The truth was, I was pregnant with this man’s baby and I had signed some legal documents saying that I would give him the baby when it came. It had seemed the right thing to do at the time, and I even collected a partial payment. God, that really does sound bad, like I sold the baby in my womb.

But it was nothing like that. I was merely a carrier, a human incubator. But that didn’t stop me from feeling like I was this baby’s mother in every sense that mattered. And that was the crux of my problem. I loved it with a fierceness that amazed me. And I didn’t care what this huge ultra sexy hulk of a man will do.

He would have to go over my dead body to get to the baby…


This is the first book of a three part serial and it ends with a cliffhanger.

Parts 2 and 3 will be released soon.

ROMANCE: Paranormal Romance: Her Glamorous Alpha Bear (Alpha Werebear Shifter Short Stories)

by Madeleine Maclean


**A Fun, Standalone Billionaire Werebear Shifter Romance with No Cliffhanger**

Amanda Stewart is an investigative journalist and tries to save endangered species of in a remote and inaccessible national park from a corrupt and greedy mining magnate who wants to strip mine the area. Working for a small newspaper, the reporter takes on a billionaire tycoon in the civil courts. The over achieving Amanda takes some wonderful pictures of the many species of fauna in the park and writes up an impressive submission listing the dangers of disturbing endangered species and strip mining unstable mountain terrain, with people living in the lower reaches of its valleys. The courageous and intrepid reporter discovers a massive forest creature alien to this area and in a torrid sexual encounter submits to its will.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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5 Oct

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

Homemade Beauty Products: 22 Outstanding Easy to Make Beauty Products You Can Make at Home (Homemade Beauty Products, Beauty Products, Beauty Products books)

by Andrea Lambert

Do you want to learn how to make natural Homemade Beauty Products?

This book will teach you how to make simple and safe natural beauty products right from your home. Very easy and simple to make you wouldn’t mind making it anywhere from home; the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, the garage, the basement. It’s your home so you choose where to make it because home is a safe haven.

Busy moms and career women with super tight schedules and little time on hand, this is just right for you. Don’t go back to zero or struggle to maintain a sound and healthy financial life. Now you can save all those cents and few dollars to build a strong a healthy financial status.

You spend about 5 – 10 minutes searching through the cosmetic shops to get the right beauty product and an extra 5 – 10 minutes trying to put it on. A lot of time and so much stress, what’s worse is not finding what you want and having to comb the whole city.

You simply can count on this book for all your simple tips to avoid the stress of having to “make up” to feel good.

Aside the enormous amount of time and the huge sums of money spent, it is safe and healthy. Some of the beauty products contain ingredients which may not suit some skin types, some of these ingredients do pose medical concerns that we need to be much particular about.

Let’s quickly zoom in to some of the easy-to-make at home beauty products which require less time than the time spent at the cosmetic shop searching for beauty products or waiting in a queue to complete payment.

  • Body Scrub
  • Lip Balm
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Makeup Remover
  • Hair Protein Pack
  • Home-made Wrinkle Cream
  • Teeth Whitener
  • And much, much more!

Different beauty products can have different flavors just like the ones we buy from the shops. Body scrub for instance can come in honey flavor, strawberry flavor or any other flavor. Just be a little playful with preparing your beauty products and you’ll start creating your own different flavors and soon you’ll be a master at them.

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Gardening Box Set: 40 Amazing Exotic Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Easily in Your Organic Garden + 20 Proven Lessons on How to Build Your Own Rain … indoor gardening, Vegetable Gardening)

by Chong Dixon

BOOK #1: Grow Fruit Indoors: 20 Amazing Exotic Fruits That You Can Grow at Your Home

Do you wish for the piece of mind that comes with growing your own food but think that those positive attributes of the â??farm to table’ movement are not applicable to your housing situation? Well, if you fall into this category you need this book. You do not need to live on a farm or a generous sized plot of land filled with sun and water to reap the rewards of home grown foods!

In an easy to understand, illustrated format this book brings to you all of the essentials for starting you very own indoors garden including:

  • The essential supplies needed to get started
  • The basics of horticulture such as light, soil, containers, temperatures and humidity.
  • Tips and tricks to help you be cultivate bigger and better fruits!
  • Instructions and proven growing methods for 20 of the best fruits for growing indoors. Easy to understand directions are provided for all you favorite fruits including : Apples, lemons, bananas, papaya, avocado, mango, fig, blackberries/blueberries, guava, dragon fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, pineapple, kumquat, pomegranate, Mandarin oranges, coffee, cinnamon and chocolate.

BOOK #2: Vegetable Gardening 101: 20 Vegetables You Can Grow Easily in Your Organic Garden

The prospect of growing your own vegetable garden can be daunting for many novice gardeners. However, it is surprisingly easy to successfully grow organic produce from your own back garden. The key to success is a simple understanding of gardening basics such as soil types, complementary crops and crop rotation. By choosing the right seeds for your region and the space you have available, planting vegetables in season and harvesting under the best conditions, you can ensure that you have a vegetable garden which is producing fresh vegetables every season throughout the year and generation after generation.

The chapters cover:

  • Soil, Space and Seasons
  • Root Vegetables
  • Salad Vegetables
  • Beans and Peas
  • Miscellaneous

BOOK #3: Garden Guide: 20 Proven Lessons on How to Build Your Own Rain Garden

Rain gardens are often a very overlooked element in combating pollution. In order to help with dealing with storm water run off, a rain garden can be the perfect solution for every home owner. Whether you live in the city or in the middle of nowhere, you can be a contributing factor when it comes to reducing pollution all across the land. And don’t we all love to think we are doing something good! By adding a rain garden, you will be reducing erosion, as well as water pollution, and helping to beautify your property through the placement of a garden that just gets better with the years.

Rain gardens help to reduce:

  • Storm run off
  • Eroded stream banks
  • Sewer overflow
  • Loss of aquatic life
  • Loss of animal habitat

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Show Up Ready: Claim the Life You Want to Live

by Marilyn Rodriguez

Women and men have struggled enough when it comes to being true to themselves. They have given up their greatest dreams and passions because they were told they had to be, do and have something that made sense. As a result, people around the world struggle to “get back on track” and “find their purpose”.

In order to live the life you want to live, you have to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to receive the manifestations of your desires. Most often, your true calling does not fit in a box nor does it make much sense in the material world. However, to you, it will resonate deeply in your soul. That is what matters.

“Show Up Ready” is a template for claiming the life you want to live. In this book, you will find meditations, scripts and processes designed to help prepare you for what you want and accelerate your results. This book is powerful, simple and layered with opportunities for insights. “Show Up Ready” gives you permission to say yes to who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do.

Self Control: Discover How to Control Your Emotions, Desires, and Behavior Through Self Control and Self Regulation

by Francine Edwards

If you’re ready to have better self-control over your emotions, desires, and behaviors, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

What exactly is self-control? In psychology, it is defined as an individual’s ability to control his or her emotions, desires, and behavior to attain some form of ‘reward’ later. Another term for it is â??self- regulation.’ Learning self-control is important as it is closely related to one’s ability to achieve success in life. Each person has a different concept of success, but whatever it may be – whether it is financial stability or simply happiness – it’s guaranteed that self-control is a significant contributing factor. The good news is, self-control is a skill that can be learned, and it can actually be mastered. It can be developed into subconscious habit through constant practice. Psychological circles also believe that there are specific techniques that can be applied to improve one’s sense of self-regulation, and that’s exactly why this book was written. In this book, you are going to learn 13 techniques that you can apply in order to take full control over your emotions, desires, and behavior. So what are you waiting for? Download this book now and let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Importance of Self Control
  • Breathing Regulation
  • Body Language Adaptation
  • Enhancing Endorphins and Attitude
  • Giving Yourself a Break
  • Rewiring with Meditation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Practicing Self-Awareness
  • Preoccupation with Humor
  • Developing Gratitude
  • Therapeutic Talking
  • Focusing on The Future
  • Challenging the Urge to Catastrophize
  • Refraining from Personalizing
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Apple Essential Oil for You Happy, Healthy, Ageless

by Evelyn A. Lerner

You’re about to enter the world of apples, exploring all kinds of information about apple essential oil! How about being able to get rid of a headache just by placing this absolutely wonderful oil on your temples? So, if you would like to find out what apple essential oil is and its therapeutic benefits, this is the perfect place for you to be.

How To Make Sure The Sex Never Gets Boring

by Adam Boldweck

How To Make Sure The Sex Never Gets Boring

Slot Miser

by Robodaddio

Slot Miser is an informative guide to playing slot machines using techniques developed by a successful gambler.

MAGNESIUM: Transform Your Life With The Power Of The Magnesium Miracle

by Sky Pankhurst

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life With The Miracle Of Magnesium?

FREE GIFT INSIDE! Download today and receive your free High Magnesium Recipe Book full of delicious magnesium enriched meals

Harness the magnificent power of magnesium and have abundant energy, a calm mind and perfect health.

Day by day, through the non stop stresses of life, environmental pollutants, constant over working, and occasional bad eating habits; you are losing more and more of the single most important macro nutrient to your body. Magnesium. All though it is one of the most ignored components of optimal health and wellbeing, it is vital to every organ and function in your body. In fact, even a slight magnesium deficiency can drastically impact your life in countless negative ways. With this book you will be able to quickly recognise the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency and treat it quickly and effectively, so that you can start living your life to the fullest every single day. You deserve health. You deserve your dream body. You deserve happiness. You deserve to achieve all your goals. So let this magical mineral help you get what you deserve.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Exactly Why You Need Magnesium
  • The Benefits Of Magnesium For Your Body And Mind
  • The Signs And Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency
  • What Causes Magnesium Deficiency
  • Sources Of Magnesium
  • Everything You Need To Know About Transdermal Magnesium Therapy
  • Magnesium And Your Mental Health
  • How To Make Your Own Magnesium Body Butter

Download your copy today!

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Creating The Perfect Rose Garden – Gardening Guide

by Ava Miller

What better way to enjoy the romance of the garden than by growing roses? Rose gardening has gotten a bad wrap in recent years. Growing roses doesn’t have to be a challenge. Chose the right roses for your growing conditions and you’re half way to having a spectacular rose garden. Learn the basics of caring for roses and your rose bushes will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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5 Oct

Free war Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

Her Soldier (That Girl Series Book 3)

by H.J. Bellus

Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner died in the line of duty serving his country. Or at least that’s what the newspapers saidâ?¦

The US Government handed him a new identity, and strict orders not to make contact with anyone from his past. As far as society was concerned Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner was dead, and buried six feet under.

Not having contact with his ex-wife would be easy. She was a manipulator and a cheater.

Not seeing his daughter on the other hand would devastate himâ?¦

Beau Morgan, aka Jeremiah, settles down in a town far away from everything he’s ever known. Coping with the trauma he’s experienced and discovering a new life Beau finds himself the most aggressive he’s ever been. His blood simmers with rage while his fists are thirsty to let it all out .

In the middle of his own living hell he never expected to run into an old familiar face. And to top it off, one who recognized him as Jeremiah.

He’s vowed never to love again, but as circumstances land him in the arms of a woman, Jenni Lee, this time he may not have a choice, as she rarely takes no for an answer.

Can Beau Morgan control his temper long enough to settle into his new life? Or will resentment taint him forever?

A Wolf On The Loose (Part 16) (A Wolf On The Loose (Season 1))

by Dan Straka

A WOLF ON THE LOOSE is a weekly adventure/thriller about two former Marines trying to find their place in the civilian world by starting a private security company in Miami, Florida. They end up getting more than they bargained for. New episodes available every Monday.

PART 16: As the close protection job drags on, Emilio and Andrew struggle to stay focused. When protesters surround Ross’s office, Aelisa Coldorone decides it’s time for a little undercover work. Arlene decides to step up her game.

Military Romance: Heated By The Bad Boy: Knocked Up BBW Pregnancy Soldier SEAL Contemporary Marine Anthologies (Suspense Pregnancy Bride Short Story)

by Chloe Sexton



Will she give into his sexy body, with tattoos and piercings, bulging muscles and dangerous blue eyes to experience what she has been longing to have for so long, or is she going to be smart and keep what’s working for her, even if it means resisting the best thing she’s ever had.

Brittany has to go home to face the one guy the one guy that took her innocence that she can’t stand, but she can’t stop thinking about him either. Her stepbrother Scott is everything a girl wants but knows she should stay away from, and his return home from deployment has her fantasizing about the night he took away her virginity.

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5 Oct

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

Sisters Of The Wyoming Mountains: Book I (Sisters of Wyoming 1)

by Gary McCarthy

Two strong-willed sistersâ?¦barely holding on to their dreams despite suffering unimaginable hardships and the loss of their mother in the California Gold Fields and now pulling their sick father in a Mormon handcart ever higher into Utah’s the wild and dangerous Wasatch Mountains.

Rebeccaâ?¦beauty is her curse but also her promise. A gifted healer, she will soon learn that in the American West a medicine woman is scorned by the all-male medical profession.

Katieâ?¦every bit as strong and defiant as her older sister and determined never to put her fate in the hands of any man, but instead to build a Wyoming sheep ranching empire in Wyoming’s magnificent Wind River Country.

Amosâ?¦a powerful polygamist whose hunger for power is eclipsed only by his lust for Rebecca. He vows to make her his fifth and most prized wife.

Bryceâ?¦handsome, dangerous and a man who has lost his first love to a powerful and ruthless polygamist and vows deadly revenge…until he meets Rebecca.

Captain Devlin Woodson IIâ?¦a brilliant, dashing but tortured Army doctor whose battlefield decision cost sixty-three lives in the Civil Warâ?¦and whose only purpose for living is to save that many soldiers at the lonely frontier outpost called Fort Bridger.

Washaki…greatest of the Shoshone chiefs, a man too wise to let his people die needlesslyâ?¦he will win them the great Wind River Reservationâ?¦and keep it forever for his people.

Intertwined with the epic building of the Transcontinental Railroad the true story of the courageous Wyoming women who fought for woman’s suffrage and first won the right to vote, SISTERS of the WYOMING MOUNTAINS: Book I and its exciting sequel, SISTERS of the WYOMING PLAINS: Book II are never to be forgotten sagas written by multiple and national award-winning author, Gary McCarthy.

Sense & Sensuality: Caroline’s After Dark Georgian Romance (The Gravesmeres Book 3)

by Alicia Quigley

At long last, readers’ wishes are granted! Sense & Sensuality: Caroline’s After Dark Georgian Romance is here!

Everyone’s favorite, ever-practical Caroline, Countess of Eskmaine returns in full force in this After Dark novel. A challenge from her sister-in-law Allegra, Duchess of Gravesmere, puts Caroline on the dance floor with the next man who asks her to dance. The irrepressible rake, Tristan, Baron Gresham is recently returned from Venice, bored with the life of a libertine. Attending a ball, he decides to ask Lady Eskmaine for a dance. Determined to teach Allegra that she is capable of handling her own affairs, Caroline accepts Lord Gresham’s invitation.

The moment their hands touch, the attraction is undeniable. Neither knows, however, what the other is seeking. Caroline, tired of being the paragon of common sense in the family, wants to let go and live a little. The return of her old adversary, now obviously interested in her, may be just what she needs. Tristan, on the other hand, wishes to leave behind his rakish lifestyle and become a proper English gentleman. Beautiful, intelligent and dependable Caroline fills his thoughts as the one woman with whom he’d like to build that life.

What happens when the immovable, sensible Caroline meets the irresistible, sensual Tristan? Will he ignite passion’s fires within her, giving her the release she needs? Will she bring him the contentment and love he so deeply desires? And just what is Lady Manning up to this time?

Find out in Alicia Quigley’s latest, Sense & Sensuality: Caroline’s After Dark Georgian Romance!

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5 Oct

Free poetry Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

Hiding from the Reaper and Other Horror Poems

by Michael Potts

Horror poems should invade the ordinariness of the day and allow the reader to sense the chill of the uncanny. They should form dream images that haunt during sleep. This broad collection of horror poetry ranges in subject matter from death to ghosts, from dark corners of the human psyche and human behavior to Lovecraftian monsters. They will haunt and they will cling to the mind like an ancient beast’s tentacles. Be careful looking over your shoulder if you feel fingers touch it–you may find that the fingers are fleshless but the claws sharp.

After You, In Love Arrest

by Mario Gabriel Adame

Love poetics has existed for thousands of years. The search, the purity, the aggressiveness, and the beauty of words remain undying. Love brings sweet patience, yet it is wrapped in possessive moments. At the split second of birth, there is a will for love that is permanently in each of us. We cannot control its inception. We never lose it, and we are determine to connect it through family by a need to match love with one true romantic partner. Love is pain and it is pleasure. It floats magically like the air we breathe but cannot see, and it detains soul like criminal humiliation; which may occur without the realization of what you let kidnap your own spirit. After You, In Love Arrest is a contemporary lyrical broadcast of a thousand miles traveled to find the beginning and end state of Being in love.

Romantic Haiku: Volume 1

by Yuki Mori

Haiku are used here to explore the human condition and human romanticusm. As with her previous works, Yuki Mori has chosen haiku as her form of expression here in this work because the very structure lends itself perfectly to romantic works. There is something about haiku that feels both familiar and at the same time altogether unexpected and thrilling.

Balads of Beauty(annotated)

by Amoo sam

Beauty gives

The features perfectness, and to the form

Its delicate proportions: she may stain

The eye with a celestial blue, the cheek

With carmine of the sunset; she may breathe

Grace into every motion, like the play

Of the least visible tissue of a cloud;

She may give all that’s richâ??her own

Bright cestusâ??and one glance of Intellect,

Like stronger magic, will outshine it all.

you have alot to miss if you have not purchased this awesome book. Seeing is believing

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Dealer’s Choice: Selected Poems 1993-2012

by James Sinclair

Dealer’s Choice: Selected Poems 1993-2012. ‘Dealer’s Choice’, is the author’s favorite playlist of poetry written over a twenty year career. Several of these poems were featured during the Columbus Arts Festival, at the Word is Art stage in 2013, where his reading earned third place.

My Human Condition

by Edwin Page

My Human Condition is a collection of seventy-eight poems selected by the author. They include work inspired by his experiences of love, heartbreak, creativity, youthful vigour and the disillusionment of middle age. They also show his search for understanding, both in relation to himself and to the nature of life.

Charting both the light and dark times, this is a collection with which readers are sure to identify, at least in part. It encompasses feelings, thoughts and experiences that many of us have had and in so doing doesn’t only reflect Mr Page’s human condition, but the condition of what it is to be human.

Edwin Page has written a number of other poetry collections. He has also had numerous fiction and non-fiction books published, including the acclaimed historical novels Where Seagulls Fly and Song of the Sea.

Warriors: A poem and short stories (Warriors trilogy Book 1)

by Nick Green

Warriors was written (and recorded in a single take) in Oxford in 1997. Copies were first sold by hand to slightly bewildered nightclubbers in Birmingham, after the author had already serenaded them with his guitar; his face badly scarred at the time from a bicycle accident. The stories in this collection are an eclectic mix, some personal, some not. All intriguing. Nick Green is the author of Boathouse to Botswana, Three Journeys to Patagonia, and Yellow Dress.

Halloween, Haunts and Happenings: Over 50 Original Poems that Fright and Delight

by Donna Dudley

Need a perfect way to get in the mood, for the spooky happenings of the Halloween season? Readings, from a book of over fifty scary, creepy, funny, or mysterious poems, is just the ticket! Set the proper mood, for Halloween parties and get-togethers, with chills and thrills!

This is a very special time of year! The veil between our world and the world of the spirits, wears desperately thin! Who knows what surprises await, of things that go “bump in the night”?! Come with me on an adventure, of things seen, and things unseen! Get to know my world, but always stay aware, for strange things happen, there!

Included in this book, are poems, for all tastes! You will find the chilling, the mysterious, and some funny poems, too! There are poems for children, to give them a laugh, and poems for those, (a bit older), who appreciate a case of creeping goosebumps! Everyone should be able to find poems, that satisfy! I wish you “Happy Hauntings”!

Poems to elate the Heart

by Debra Benson

This is a collection of poetry with simply beautiful thoughts…

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5 Oct

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

ROMANCE: Paradise Love (Contemporary Christian Sweet Romance) (Multicultural New Adult Clean Short Stories)

by Claudia Hope


Special Bonus Book Inside!


Done with a cheating lover and ready to escape!

A broken engagement leaves Siara wondering if she will ever get over the past. In an attempt to get away from her past she decides that she is going to move to Greece. A small volcanic island is where she chooses to start her new life. She quickly begins making new friends and one in particular stands out to her. A native to the island named Adon. He is a gentleman, attractive and single. More than that it turns out that he is Siara’s new boss at the job she lined up while she was still in the States.

Siara will have to decide if she can really put her past behind her and move on or if she will let a wonderful man slip through her fingers. No matter what she decides she knows that she cannot continue to run from her past but she must face the failed relationship she had.


The Last Christmas Ornament

by Jacie Middlemann

Jenna Camden knew nothing would be the same again. She didn’t have to look around her home with its colorful and shining Christmas decorations, the tall Christmas tree in her front room with the many Christmas ornaments that told in a special way the story of her family, to know that no matter what she did it would never again be the same as it had once been. How could it?

Her children no longer ran rampant through their home, their laughter could no longer be heard throughout the day and so often into the late hours of the night. Their toys could no more be found scattered in every possible corner, there was no longer the rush to get their special Christmas ornaments on to the Christmas tree, and her solitary late night forays for hot chocolate and cookies stayed that way. There were no more unexpected companions during those late night excursions as there had once beenâ?¦would never be again.

She had done what needed to be done over the last few years. She’d coped. And more importantly, she’d survived. Now she needed to do more if for no other reason it was what Evan had wanted for both of them together. What he would have wanted for her even nowâ?¦on her own. And would wish for her to want the same for herself.

Yet on this day more special than any other she finds that the Christmas holiday brings an unexpected gift. And that the journey she was about to embark on only days after Christmas would no longer be one she would take alone.

The Last Christmas Ornament is a story of hope, courage, and the enduring strength of love. It is about the bond of family over the course of a life timeâ?¦the good and the badâ?¦the right and the wrong. And how on a Christmas Day unlike all the others in her life one woman comes to terms with the choices she must make for those she loves and still stay true to herself.

The Last Christmas Ornament is classified by Amazon as a Short Read. If you love sitting down with a novella style book this falls in the forty-five minute reading time category of Amazon “Short Reads.”

Elderberry Days: Season of Joy: A Sequel Novella (Elderberry Croft Book 5)

by Becky Doughty

The Holiday Sequel to Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection!

It’s been a year since Willow Goodhope moved to Elderberry Croft at The Coach House Trailer Park, charming her way into the lives of each of her new neighbors with her outrageous laughter and her elderberry gifts. But the time has come for Willow to return home to where her heart has been all along. Will she find the courage to leave the sanctuary of her little cottage and face the life she left behind? Is love enough to carry her through the darkest night and into a brand new day? Join Willow Goodhope and the people in her life as she discovers beauty in the broken places, grace in the shadows, and joy in each new season.

EXTRA: Elderberry Days includes TWELVE TRIED AND TRUE (plus one for a Baker’s Dozen) delicious elderberry recipes from the kitchen of Willow Goodhope (and Becky Doughty).

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5 Oct

Free horror Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

The Intruder (Terrible Tales Book 1)

by Paul Aloisio


It’s a dog’s life.

Harry Corgan, a little dog, is tasked with protecting his home while his master is out at work. Join Mr. Corgan as he defends his quaint country home from all things that go bump in the night. A dark story with very personable characters and a chilling plot; The Intruder best read with the lights off and no one home.

Story #1 in Paul Aloisio’s Terrible Tales. Look out for Burials and Comes Ripping soon!

Ascension (Michael Chronicles Book 2)

by S.M. Yordy

After escaping Hell, Michael Seraphim must traverse Heaven to finish his journey. But, this world is nothing like he thought. Raised in a strict Catholic orphanage he expected to be greeted by choirs of Angels. Instead he forced to fight for survival as he is bombarded with monsters worse than he saw in the Pit. Michael questions his very sanity as he tries to discover just what Paradise has in store for him, and why it has turned into a battleground.

Amplified (Reign of Blood #3)

by Alexia Purdy

Who wants to be the prey in a world full of hunters?

In the aftermath of the end of her world, April Tate decides that it’s high time to leave the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. After learning the origins of a Zompire Plague remedy, she risks her life to steal the antidote, makes the decision to separate from Jeremy for a while, and joins a small band of new and old comrades on a trip to the Pacific Coast. There they search out a legendary hive of vampires who are more than just wild, blood drinking creatures, they could be the very people she needs to help her.

On a mission to save the last of humanity, April will use the antidote to save some from eternal damnation, but will her decision bring hope for the future or create an ever bigger, unforeseen devastation?

Reign of Blood Omnibus

by Alexia Purdy

Included in this omnibus package are books 1-3 with 2 extra bonus short novellas. A highly imaginative post-apocalyptic series that is not your usual dystopian read. All packaged together to keep the action and adventure nonstop!

Together, these 3 books and 2 short stories have 373+ Amazon reviews! A highly anticipated and loved series which packs a punch and is made to devour, literally!

Reign of Blood #1:

“Never tease anything that wants to eat you. My name is April Tate and my blood is the new gold. Vampires and hybrids have overrun my world, once vibrant with life, but now a graveyard of death shrouded in shadows. I fight to survive; I fight for my mother and brother. The journey is full of turns that I am quite unprepared for. And I’m just hoping to make it to the next Vegas sunrise…”

In a post-apocalyptic world, a viral epidemic has wiped out most of the earth’s population, leaving behind few humans but untold numbers of mutated vampires. April is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in the remains of Las Vegas one year after the outbreak. She has become a ferocious vampire killer and after her family is abducted, she goes searching for them. What she finds is a new breed of vampire, unlike any she has seen before. Unsure of whom she can trust, she discovers that her view of the world is not as black and white as she once thought, and she’s willing to bend the rules to rescue her family. But in trying to save them, she may only succeed in bringing her fragile world crashing down around her.

Disarming (Reign of Blood #2)

The world has changed. One must adapt to survive or hold on to the crumbling shards of humanity.

April continues to hold her fragile world together, but the ties that hold her family together are quickly unraveling. Rumors of a massive human underground settlement draw her to the shadows of the city once more in search of other survivors more like her, even with the hybrid vampires opposing her every move.

The darkness hides secrets along with the continued threat the Feral Vampires create, but a greater evil hides within the city. Something tells April that the humans will be less than welcoming of her, and that’s if she can find them before the Vampires do. Joining sides with the enemy might be the only choice she has left.

Amplified (Reign of Blood #3)

Who wants to be the prey in a world full of hunters?

In the aftermath of the end of her world, April Tate decides that it’s high time to leave the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. After learning the origins of a Zompire Plague remedy, she risks her life to steal the antidote, makes the decision to separate from Jeremy for a while, and joins a small band of new and old comrades on a trip to the Pacific Coast. There they search out a legendary hive of vampires who are more than just wild, blood drinking creatures, they could be the very people she needs to help her.

On a mission to save the last of humanity, April will use the antidote to save some from eternal damnation, but will her decision bring hope for the future or create an ever bigger, unforeseen devastation?

Resonant (Reign of Blood Prequel)

Surviving is worse than deathâ?¦

As the first days of the end of humanity tumble across the city of Las Vegas in the form of an overwhelming viral infection, turning almost everyone into vampire-like creatures, April Tate will find out what it really means to survive. What does it take to make it out alive in a place where everything is but a withered echo of its former self, and death does not come willingly?

Elijah: The Miel Chronicles

(A Reign of Blood Companion Story)

These are the journeys of Miel, the Keeper of the journal.

The workings of heaven are shrouded in mystery and myth, leaving us to only theorize as to what awaits us when we pass.

There are those among us however, that are special cases.

These are good people that have committed a horrendous crime, such as murder.

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5 Oct

Free travel Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

RV Solar Power Made Simple!: The Beginner’s Guide to RV Solar Power: Have All the Power You Need, Camp Anywhere You Like, and Be Kind to the Environment

Discover how to free yourself from noisy campgrounds, hookups, and the annoying hum of generators all around you.

Best of all, you will have all the power you need, be able to camp anywhere you like, and be kind to the environment.

It’s all possible with your own RV solar power system.

This short, no-fluff guide reveals exactly how to get started finding the ideal solar power system for your RV lifestyle.


* How to buy the right size of solar power system.

* How many solar panels do you need?

* How to quickly and easily estimate your power needs.

* What is the most important thing you want to look at when buying a solar system?

* How to get more capacity from your batteries.

* How using solar panels can give you more independence and freedom.

* The parts of a solar power installation and how they work together.

* What are the different sizes of solar systems and which one is right for you?

* What are photovoltaic cells and how many will you need for your system?

* How to keep your batteries from overcharging with charge controllers.

* Which type of charge controller keeps the battery at its most charged while using the least amount of water?

* The right — and wrong — way to add new batteries to your system.

* How to connect your batteries to double the amount of time before they discharge.

* When do you need to use a generator (even if you normally get all your power from solar panels)?

* The proper way to maintain your batteries so they don’t die and leave you out in the cold.

…and Much, Much More!

So start reading and discover the truth about RV solar power systems and how to find the right one for your RV lifestyle…

Las Vegas Insiderâ??s Guide: Save Money, Keep Safe, Operate and Survive in Sin City

by Titus Nelson

The ultimate Las Vegas guide! Includes not only Hotel, Restaurant, Sight Seeing and Entertainment informationâ??but also in-depth details about Gambling, Liquor Laws, Brothels, Massage Parlors, Gyms and Spas, Strip Clubs, Male and Female Escorts, and Gay/Lesbian Interests. There is information you need to know about Speed Traps and Traffic Tickets, Gun Restrictions, Surveillance Cameras, Important Laws and Attorneysâ??where and how to get Married and Divorced, how to tip, good and free buffets, even interesting photography locations. Far beyond other publications, the extensive information includes over 600 web-links, phone apps to check taxi fares, detailed maps and where to find like-minded people. Everything you need to hang on to your money, be safe, get around and survive in fun-city, sin-city.

In North America

by R.Ariel

R.ariel starts her story in the middle, though she has her reasons. As a child, she lived carefree with her siblings, until they were shrouded in the black shadow of depression and poverty. She encompassed herself in silence until she realized she could be heard through music. While traversing the North American freeways, she weaves her tale of horror, beauty, love, music, poverty, drug addiction, suicide, and broken down cars. Rachel documents her time spent touring in North America with serenading prose and thought provoking original photography along the way.

In In North America, R. Ariel holds her most accomplished work to date- a true tale of people whose well-intentioned selfishness created heartbreaking consequences through her truly profound perspective.

Listen to her music at rariel.bandcamp.com

Disneyworld: A Family Vacation to Remember

by Jeffrey Rindskopf

On their deathbed, people say it’s not the things they had in their lives, it’s the experiences they had that they value the most. This book shows you how to make the most of your trip to the fabled theme park. Sure, it discusses costs and budget because those things matter, but the main focus is on creating a memory that you and your family will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Travel & Vacation Apps: Top 50 Must Have

by Aruna

This ebook has all the tools and apps that is required for your travel and vacation. These apps are the best in each category. All these apps were handpicked so that you don’t have to face the trouble when it comes to traveling.

What is included in this?

The Top Apps To Plan Your Trip

The Top Apps For Booking Your Tickets

The Best Accommodation Apps

Hidden Language Apps

Guides Like No Other

Activity Apps For Various Locations

Various Other Travel Related Apps

Three Journeys to Patagonia: A backpacker’s Bible

by Nick Green

Three Journeys to Patagonia asks why so many travelers have experienced the same overwhelming emotions and been mesmerized by Patagonia’s enduring sense of isolation, the notion of space and the rugged beauty of a landscape uncorrupted by man.

Stories and historical accounts are pulled from different sources and presented to the reader as evidence that serves to prove the self-perpetuating nature of the enduring Patagonian mystique; from Bruce Chatwin’s Mylodon skin to Butch Cassidy’s log cabin.

The author’s candid and sometimes hilarious diaries from 1991, 1998 and 2009 reveal a changing Patagonian and South American scene through the eyes of a boy becoming a man.

Toronto Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in Toronto (Globetrotter Guide Books)

by Marc Cook

Toronto: Lose Yourself in Canada’s Largest City!

For your next vacation, how about some quiet time browsing intriguing dinosaur fossil collections? Or would you prefer a more adrenaline-filled trip exploring one of the widest waterfalls in the world? Or perhaps you just want to discover and experience a brand new city and culture. Well then, look no further than Toronto where travelers of all types will find plenty of things to see and do.

The largest city in Canada offers its visitors one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, beautiful Victorian neighborhoods and amazing museums just waiting to be explored.

Toronto is a city with a lot of activities happening and things going on all the time. Therefore, figuring out what to do while here can be pretty daunting. With so much to see in Toronto, where do you start? Easy, with this compact book that will give you the most important information about the places you can’t miss while visiting Toronto.

Inside the Toronto Travel Guide:

  • Bata Shoe Museum
  • CN Tower
  • Niagara Falls
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Casa Loma
  • Kensington Market
  • Cabbagetown
  • Queen West

Look into the soles of famous movie stars, musicians and other personalities at the Bata Shoe Museum. The amazing collection of over 10,000 shoes and footwear-related items from all around the world spans more than 4,500 years and will be more than enough to keep you entertained.

Toronto also has several neighborhoods with great architecture and old-world charm. Starting with Cabbagetown, tourists who want to experience the Toronto lifestyle should simply take a stroll past the colorful Victorian houses.

One of the many things Toronto is famous for is its CN Tower. But, did you know you can take the highest full circle hands-free walk in the world on a ledge that encircles the main pod at the top of the tower, and feel the open air at 356 meters above ground?

Well, in this easy to read travel guide you’ll find out which are the most popular adrenaline-filled activities, but also the most interesting museums and fascinating markets and what other amazing things you can do while vacationing in Toronto.

Go on! Get the Toronto Travel Guide right now and start planning your unforgettable vacation!

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5 Oct

Free sports Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

15 Search and Rescue Stories: an insider’s view on survival, death, and volunteer heroes who tip the balance when things fall apart. Excerpted from 75 SAR Stories.

by Shaun Roundy

This abbreviated version of 75 Search and Rescue Stories contains 22 of the 88 chapters and 55 of 150 photos in the full version.
Entropy is a law of nature, the one predicting that “things fall apart.” Spend enough time outdoors and it will eventually happen to you. When it does, who will pick up the pieces? Who will glue them back together?
Professional search and rescue volunteers leave work, home, and their cozy beds to rescue people on the worst day of their lives. They buy their own gear, pay their own gas, and ask nothing more than to make a contribution to the lives of strangers who they’ll probably never meet again.
These detailed first-hand stories, intimately told by 12-year SAR veteran and university writing instructor Shaun Roundy, capture the essence of how it feels to be in the middle of a rescue with one of the world’s best and busiest volunteer teams – from both the victims’ and rescuers’ perspectives.

Crappie Fishing for Beginners

by Bill Coleman

My target for this book is the beginner who isn’t likely to have an expensive boat with all the latest electronic gizmo. Maybe you’ve never even been fishing. Or maybe you are going fishing with a more experienced fisherman and want a primer before your fishing trip.

I’m just going to tell you how to start catching crappie. I’ve been catching crappie for decades.

Manchester United Is Better Than Liverpool

by Mark Fitzpatrick

Manchester United is a superior club to Liverpool.

This book outlines 19 reasons why this is true.

From number of trophies, to number of fans to United’s trailblazing spirit, it’s all here.

Self Sufficient Farmer: Self Sufficient Farming Secrets That Will Save Your Life When SHTF

Can you start a small, self sufficient homestead?

Yes, and you can do it your own way.

This informative, easy to read guide will show you exactly how to get started.

Inside you will discover…

* The pros and cons of raising cows.

* How to grow all the grass you need for a cow and still have plenty of room for crops…even on a tiny farm.

* When to graze your cow and when to stop.

* A simple way to have intensely fertile soil – without spending any extra money.

* How to raise and grow poultry.

* Should you keep a goat instead of a cow?

* What you should know about local regulations before starting your farm.

…and much more!

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5 Oct

Free science fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 15

Escaping America

by Warren Fahy

Three teenagers in an increasingly oppressed future America struggle to keep their dreams alive as two industrialists battle each other over humanity’s destiny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3DtDXL8arA


by Jonathan Brookes

Relic is a fast paced science fiction thriller that explores the possibility of resurrecting and weaponizing an extinct species (Neanderthals). Imagine a scenario in which some rogue, black-ops faction of the military attempts to clone Neanderthals in order to create a superior soldier. This rogue military group, working with a military contractor, inadvertently unleash a past that should have remained extinct. The intriguing storyline shares some fascinating anthropological and biological insights and explores the social and moral issues of such a project, as well as worst case scenarios of a covert military project gone awry.

Warfare has entered a new era. The cold war is long over. Battleships, bombers, and tanks, the big iron of twentieth century military might, have taken a back seat to unmanned drones, IEDs, and suicide bombers. Fueled by cutting edge biotechnology, in a world where Dr. Strangelove politics and Jurassic Park science collide, the military embarks on a desperate project to seek out and destroy enemy combatants on their home turf.

Disturbingly close to the truth, Relic describes a world in which human soldiers are replaced with something much deadlier, and much more uncontrollable, with consequences that could spell the end of humanity as we know it.

Machines of War

by Stephen Huff

On the verge of a bloody and catastrophic defeat, a lone surviving robot tech risks life and limb to maneuver to the frontlines and activate an army of machines. Though these metallic monsters had failed in the past, this time their success would be utter and complete. Too complete, perhaps.

Be careful what you wish for not all is fair in love and war. An insightful short story.

The Nancy Experiment

An experiment that never should have happened.

A creation of the ultimate nuclear weapon: a human nuclear weapon

Now, after twenty-two months on the run, the human nuclear weapon returns to place that created her with the intent to destroy it. Set in Cleveland in the year 2065, see through the eyes of the weapon herself as she makes her last stand against the people who created and betrayed her. Unlikely allies, heart-throbbing villains, dark-sided heroes… This story will make you question what it means to be human and what it means to be a monster.

Genesis (Extinction Book 1)

by Miranda Nading

Genesis, a novella, is an introduction to the world and characters of the Extinction Series.

Two pivotal nights, sixteen years apart, will intertwine the fates of predator and prey, friend and foe, as they discover the clock is ticking for the human race.

Max Dumerick has spent his young life doing the dirty work of the highest bidder. When his last job awakens his reluctant conscience, he finds himself teaming up with an unlikely duo to try to stop a would-be god.

When Melanie Edwards realizes she’s being hunted, her desire to protect her family forces her to make some hard choices. Choices that will lead her into the belly of the beast.

Abandoned by the woman he loves and the mother of his child, left with nothing but infrequent, cryptic messages, Ryan Edwards stumbles across evidence of the coming apocalypse. When he starts digging for the truth, he must choose between warning the world, and his daughter’s life.

The Boy, The Girl

by Stephen Huff

In the ravaged aftermath of an apocalyptic future war, a pair of twins struggle to survive, feeding themselves with tossed-away scraps and rumors of a better place. When his sister dies a hungry, lonely death, the boy vows to learn the truth. He will brave monsters of the wasteland to find sanctuary. If it exists, at all.

It’s a long way to go, but hope is the fuel to fire his heart. An insightful short story.

Souls of the Never: Book One in the Tales of the Neverwar (Tales of the Neverwar Series 1)

by CJ Rutherford

Katheryne thinks she’s just a normal 20-year-old, until her dreams descend into terror and pain.

At the edge of the universe, an ancient evil awakens. It wants into our world; and it’s coming through her.

As the dreams become reality, Katheryne is pitched into a battle that has raged for thousands of years. The fate of all reality rests in her hands.

This is Book One in Tales of the Neverwar. An epic adventure through time, space and alternate realities. Suitable for the Young Adult audience.

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