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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

Mediterranean Diet: 42 Amazing Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (mediterranean diet recipes, mediterranean cookbook, mediterranean diet cookbook, … diet recipes, mediterranean diet Book 1)

by Sara Banks



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Are you looking to lose weight and burn fat while improving your overall health? Science has spoken and touted the amazing health and weight loss benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

Thousands of people including top celebrities have taken advantage of this popular diet and lifestyle for decades. So if you are like many people looking to take action and lose weight while burning fat then the Mediterranean Diet is perfect for you.

The Mediterranean Diet consists of eating lots fruits, vegetables, plants, fish and seafood. This diet is also known to be low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber which is very important for a healthy body.

All of this nutrition leads to lots of amazing benefits for your body such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure and heart disease, reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and it also fights some forms of cancer.

Inside this book “Mediterranean Diet Recipes-42 Amazing Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Weight Loss” you will learn more about why the Mediterranean Diet is one of the leading diets worldwide that gets you the weight loss results you desire.

You will also get 42 delicious top recipes for weight loss ranging from breakfast to snacks and everything in between.

You will even get a great 7 day meal plan to follow as a guide.

This book has everything you need to get you going on your way to amazing health and weight loss.

So download it now to get started. I hope you enjoy the recipes!

Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside This Recipe Book…

  • What Is Mediterranean Diet?
  • Mediterranean Diet And Weight Loss
  • Facts And Myths
  • Main Dishes
  • Snacks and Side Dishes
  • Salad Recipes
  • 7 Day Meal Plan
  • Much, Much, More!

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Take action today and get going with some amazing recipes that will help you achieve all of your weight loss and health goals.

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“I loved this recipes in this book. I have been following this diet for a while now with great results and I am always looking for new ideas and food to make. So far we have tried a few of the salad recipes and we just love them”. — (Sarah U – Springfield, IL)

“This recipe book was really good. We have been looking to add some recipes to our mix and so far they haven’t disappointed. My husband and I are on this diet and so far it is working out well for us.” — (Leslie S. -Aurora, IL)

Tags: Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Weight Loss

Baking Soda: Uncover the Amazing Clean, Health and Hygiene Hacks of Baking Soda Today

by Martina S. Jacobs

Discover all of the Amazing Uses Baking Soda Today!

Discover everything that you should know about baking soda in Baking Soda: Uncover the Amazing Clean, Health and Hygiene Hacks of Baking Soda Today. Baking soda has many uses around the house, and Baking Soda: Uncover the Amazing Clean, Health and Hygiene Hacks of Baking Soda Today will teach you all you need to know about the necessary advantageous home accessory. From kitchen and bathroom cleaning hacks to personal care recipes, you will learn that there isn’t a room in the house that baking soda can’t make fresher and more homey.

Traditionally used for baking and restoring and revitalizing laundry, baking soda has been a secret weapon around the home for many, many years. There are literally hundreds of uses for it, and this guide will give you insight on convenient and inventive ways to apply it every day in your home. After reading Baking Soda: Uncover the Amazing Clean, Health and Hygiene Hacks of Baking Soda Today, you will be inspired to trade out dozens of your old household products for baking soda; which is environmentally friendly and free of toxins.

Reading this book will influence you to completely change your lifestyle in a variety of ways. Not only does Baking Soda uncover the many purposes of baking soda, it also touches on a number of home cleansers that have toxic effects and how baking soda is an improved and more successful substitute. Using baking soda as a stand-in for many products will lead to a much healthier life.

5 Reasons to Buy Baking Soda: Uncover the Amazing Clean, Health and Hygiene Hacks of Baking Soda Today

1. This book will teach you the benefits of using baking soda as opposed to the harsh and harmful cleaning products that are most common in households today.

2. Inside here you will learn how to apply baking soda in over a dozen unique ways just in the kitchen.

3. After reading this book, you will understand how and why baking soda works on so many appliances and as a substitute for many personal care products.

4. You will learn from this book that baking soda leads to a healthier lifestyle.

5. This book shows you that baking soda is environmentally friendly and can be used as a replacement for many other products around the house.

What You’ll know from “Baking Soda”

- What baking soda is and how it’s made

- Uses for baking soda in the kitchen

- How to apply baking soda in the bathroom

- Laundry hacks with baking soda

- Health, beauty, and personal recipes with baking soda

- Creative and helpful hints to apply baking soda to everyday needs

So don’t delay scroll up and get your copy of Baking Soda Today!

Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals for Beginners: Herbal Remedies that are essential to boost your immunity, treat illness and improve your general well … Antobiotic, Herbal Homemade Remedies)

by Elizabeth Aron

Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals for Beginners

could well be your life saving book for yourself and your family!

The book is packed with information on organic , chemical free , easily available herbal antibiotics and antivirals you MUST include in your daily diet to realize the benefits for a lifetime . You could be on the right path to deliverance from sickness and weak health by increasing your immunity by bounds and leaps and keeping yourself strong and well protected against common bacteria and viruses .

It has a ready reckoner on Chapter 4 for your easy every day reference for common ailments that you can quickly look into any time you have a problem at hand with yourself or your kids!

It is said that ‘ We Become What We Eat’ .Hence it is extremely important, we pay attention to what goes into our meal and look for the right ingredients in our pantry while preparing our mundane meals so that the right spices( which might prevent common cold or flu) go into it and the right herbs (which might strengthen our memory) go into our evening or morning tea.

Grab your copy today to learn more to protect and heal your family with simple recipes only for 99 CENTS

A Preview of what is inside
  • How Our Immune System Works
  • List of Antibiotics – Our Defense Against Bacteria
  • List of Antivirals : Our Defense Against Viruses
  • Antibiotics and Antivirals -Ready Reckoner
  • Different Forms of Preparation
  • And Much Much More…

Download your copy today!

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Hair Loss: How it Happens and How to Fix It

by Dave Ranfield

* * *Bonus Video Inside!* * * Limited Time Offer 40% OFF (Regular Price 6.99)

Do You Really Want To Stop Your Hair Loss Permanently?

Are you tired feeling like your self- esteem is low because of your hair loss? Have you tried different solution like Rogaine and Propecia and it’s still not working? What If told you that there is a permanent solution to stop hair loss? In one simple answer ….there is. Inside not only will find out the natural causes of hair loss but also the best permanent solution to fix it. You are losing your hair rapidly everyday. Inside find out how to first stop the hair loss method and to grow back your hair thicker and better than ever!!

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry and Download your Copy Today!!

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26 Nov

Free war Kindle books for 26 Nov 14


by Thomas H. Ward



I’m the oldest of three brothers. We grew up fighting bullies and gang members in a tough neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. My Dad one of the most honest men I have known always stressed, tell the truth, and help each other. Never ever be a bully, never steal, and try to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I have always stood up for the people who could not defend themselves. I hate liars and bullies.

I’m Director of Security for Tocabaga Island. I live here along with 556 other Patriots. We are fighting to keep our freedom, keep our homes, and keep our families safe, from the evil forces gone wild. Tocabaga is a sanctuary. If you believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and are of good moral character you are welcome here.

Jack Gunn exposes the secret agents and needs to activate the Androktones to combat the Quislings who are trying to take over Tocabaga. He does a Recon patrol with Willis and Hammer (a new Ranger) to locate the Army Rangers who went MIA. Along the way Jack finds three kids living on the streets in need of help.

U.S. Marshals, working undercover, come to Tocabaga to arrest Jack for the murder of eight Federal Agents at Ellenton. Two of the Marshals manage to arrest Jack and escape while holding little Johnny Evans as a hostage.

My name is Jack Gunn and these are my Chronicles.

Hearts in Barbed Wire: Historical Romance (Love’s Great War Book 1)

by Linda Andrews

A solder trapped behind enemy lines

A nurse risks everything to save him

As the Kaiser’s Army steamrolls across their country, they’ll make a desperate bid for freedom. War will bring them together; duty will drive them apart. Can they escape the promises binding them to their past or will they leave their hearts tangled in barbed wire?

Love’s Great War: Belgium, 1914

Dividing Line: (A Short Story)

by Martin Reader

This short story brings into focus the nature of war and of ethnic cleansing. Set in the Former Yugoslavia, it echoes the horror wrought by any conflict around the world: the divisions that emerge and the families and friendships torn apart.

A Soldier’s Christmas Homecoming: A story of country, family and faith

by R.P. Arlington

A touching and powerful Christian novella, A SOLDIER’S CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING is an inspiring must-read this Christmas and every one after.

PFC Ryan Stillwell’s homecoming is not what he had hoped. After losing his foot to an exploding IED, he spends his first Christmas home in Walter Reed hospital. This doesn’t stop his Louisville, Kentucky family from arranging a special Christmas dinner in his hospital room.

Dedicated to all U.S. Military, both Active and Retired

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26 Nov

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

The Inspector’s Daughter (A Rose McQuinn Mystery No.1)

by Alanna Knight

Rose McQuinn returns to Edinburgh from the American wild west of 1895. Her baby has died while her husband Danny, working with Pinkerton’s Detective Agency in Arizona goes missing. She has little time to grieve before she unwittingly takes on a new career by agreeing to investigate the strange behaviour of the husband of her childhood friend Alice.. But what appears to be an adulterous affair suggests something much more sinister, the brutal and still unsolved murder of a servant girl. Whatever heartbreak lies in store, Rose must discover the truth. From her home in Solomon’s Tower on Arthur’s Seat, aided by a wild deerhound who befriends her, her fist investigation puts her own life in deadly danger.

Rachel’s Story

by Sherry Chamblee

Two women, one-hundred years apart.

Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

Katie Brown enjoys Eldercare, but knows it’s a mistake to get involved when she could be transferred at any time. Still, with such an interesting patient as Granny, along with a loving church family nearby, this particular assignment has made it tough to stay indifferent.

Then one day she hears of a missing manuscript, written by Granny’s own mother decades ago. As an aspiring writer, Katie is fascinated, and sets out to find it.

In her search she may find more than just an old story. She may find some answers for herself, too.


The story behind the Story:

The author, Sherry Chamblee, is also the full-time caregiver for her husband’s grandmother. His great-grandmother (Granny’s mom – Rachel Clark Kennedy) was an aspiring author when she wasn’t being a nurse. Back in the early 1900s she wrote books – lots of them. She had at least one full-length novel, wrapped and sealed and sent to herself in the mail. Since the family saw it last, they’d lost track of it. The author got it into her head to look for this manuscript.

Back in February of this year (2014), we were looking for it (read ‘searching frantically through an old shed’) when we found a bin full of Granny’s mother’s things. In that bin was an old nurse’s registration certificate belonging to Rachel Clark – Granny’s mom. Paper-clipped to that certificate were several pages of typewriting paper – she’d written a short story, titled The Signal. Turns out it’s about 3000 words long, but complete. The only complete story of hers that has been found, so far.

The certificate is dated December 2, 1914. One hundred years ago. It’s safe to assume the story paper-clipped to it was written in the same year, or very close to it.

Her complete manuscript is included in ‘Rachel’s Story’, just as she had it 100 years ago, in chapter 5, as it’s being read to her own daughter.

This is a very short story at only a little over 8,000 words.

I have only edited the spelling in her part of this story, so as to keep her unique voice throughout. This is why readers may find a few grammatical errors in that chapter, and/or outdated words. This part was indeed written one hundred years ago, and is still an unpolished work, though still very enjoyable to read.

All proceeds from this book will go to help in the care of Rachel’s daughter, my husband’s grandmother.

Strangers Collide (Heart of the Jaguar Book 2)

by JAX Cortez

The trilogy to the first novel, Heart of the Jaguar, continues with its prequel, titled “Soul Tracker.”

In Heart of the Jaguar, seventeen-year-old, Nina, discovers her link to the infamous and legendary Weeping Woman (better known in the Latino culture as La Llorona) through the assistance of the Soul Tracker, the cryptic stranger who leads her into the perilous Paradise of Lost Souls where they come face-to-face with the legendary Chupacabra creatures, as they discover the origin of the Llorona and square off with a vindictive and vicious Aztec High Priest.

In Heart of the Jaguar, though upon meeting, they are complete strangers, Nina cannot make sense of the strange connection that she has with this lonely wanderer. The Soul Tracker confesses that he spent centuries trying to search for her, only to have found her once before, yet losing her again without further explaining how that happened.

Soul Tracker answers that question and further explores the relationship between these two kindred spirits, perhaps complicating Nina’s current relationship in Heart of the Jaguar when we come full circle with its sequel.

Chap 1 with New Mexico 1821, Daniela is introduced as the headstrong and spirited youngest of three daughters to Don Ramon, whose descendants traveled with Juan de Onate to New Mexico in 1598 to establish her father’s now dwindling cattle ranch. In present time, 1821, in addition to quelching the daily threats of Apache raids, rumors of a Mexican revolt against Spanish rule have surfaced and Daniela is faced with the difficult task of not only discovering why the cows are being found drained of their blood, but proving that she is the right person for the job to run her father’s ranch.

In Chap 2, Strangers collide, Daniela comes face-to-face with what could be the one thing that will seal her fate forever.

Soul Tracker Chapter 3- Sibling Rivalry coming soon. Visit Amazon’s Author Pages: amazon.com/author/jax and sign up to receive updates of the latest releases.

If you would like to participate in discussions about this novel, or would like to give your feedback about how it will unfold, join the FB community page: Writngjax

Thanks for reading!


Small Town

by Gloria Sarasin

“A lump of coal-taking up space,” is how a fourth-grade nun describes ten-year-old William Chamberlain. Despite his struggle with dyslexia, a precocious and rebellious spirit and labeled dumb, William vows to have money one day; he won’t be poor like his parents.
As he grows into adulthood, nothing, not his lack of education, The Great Depression, World War II, or a bad marriage can deter him from seeking his dream.
William possesses the innocence, naivety, and warmness of heart of a Forest Gump.
This story of William and his family spans nearly three decades.

Destiny of a Stranger

by Ruth Benjamin

â??He had not been in this part of the attic before. Probably no one had for many years.

Next to him was a battered cabin trunk, the kind which was used on the old Union Castle Shipping Lines. The box had a lock of it but in manoeuvring it a little he found it suddenly releasing itself in his hand.

He gasped as he saw some of the contents of the trunk. What were these things? Where did they come from?

He picked up a tiny book which was encased in a silver cover and opened it curiously. This was not German or French; in fact the letters were not the same, not like any letters he had seen. He picked up a small silver cup with a silver saucer to match. It, too, had there strange letters around it.’

Hans Frederich learns about his ancestry and has to make a decision. Jenny Reynolds, a convert, while on the March of the Living, learns dark secrets about hers.

This book is both deeply moving and exciting as these young people, both lecturers in history, grapple with sinister things which keep arising from the past.

The Storm Gathers: Europe Between the Wars – Four Historical Novels

by Paul Myers

Four historical novels set between 1928 and 1936 featuring enchanting romances, characters at the center of exciting historical events, and personal dramas behind the larger march of events leading to the Second World War.

A Farewell in Paris. Two American veterans in 1928 Paris collaborate on the great American novel portraying the grinding end of the Great War, a doomed romance in post-war Germany between an American officer and a German nurse, and the tragedy of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference which resulted in “the peace to end all peace.” Americans in Jazz Age Paris live the expatriate life to its fullest against the bittersweet fears of an unseen but coming war.

Paris 1934: Victory in Retreat. Newspapermen and women pursue stories and each other starting with riots in Paris that almost topple the Third Republic. Sorbonne student Sandrine joins hard-partying Americans as they drink and dance their away across the summer of 1934 while in autumn dark secrets from the 1920s French occupation of the Rhineland return to cloud the present as the Nazi menace rears its deadly head.

Vienna 1934: Betrayal at the Ballplatz. The Austrian government slides towards an Italian-style fascist state when suddenly German Nazis move to overthrow the government in a summer putsch. A British foreign correspondent and his beautiful Austrian fiancée are caught in a deadly web of intrigue in this dramatic tale of accurate historical event and dashing fictional romance.

Paris 1935: Destiny’s Crossroads. An American diplomat strikes up a romance with a beautiful foreign policy aide close to the top of the French government as the French government struggles to maintain the alliance between Italy, France, and Great Britain in the face of the 1935 Ethiopian crisis. In 1936, with the allied Ethiopian policy in tatters, Germany opportunistically re-militarizes the Rhineland as France and Great Britain wobble and German boots march. The path to the Second World War begins.

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26 Nov

Free world literature Kindle books for 26 Nov 14


by Robert Pimm


When the 800 general managers of a luxury hotel chain assemble at a Florida resort for their annual company conference, the top management has a habit of addressing everyone as “Gents” – even though there are 27 female general managers present. One of them is Ms N, the charming yet deadly hotelier introduced in “The Two Rooms” and “The White Blouse”. When Mr Buddy Knox, the brashest, toughest, most macho manager in the chain challenges Ms N for the post of General Manager of a fabulous new boutique hotel in Paris, Ms N hatches a plan to teach him – and other senior managers – a lesson.

“Ms N keeps on getting darker and even more likeable! Another deliciously dark and thoroughly entertaining and fast paced tale. It really is a page turner and I can’t wait to see what Ms N gets up to on her next posting…! Keep them coming Mr Pimm!” – Danny Lopez

“A slick read, lots going on here, finely paced and loved the subtle unsheathing of a hidden cutting edge in 5-star hotel-keeping. Look forward to hearing more about Ms N, hotel manager extraordinaire” – author Hugh Pope on “The Two Rooms”

“A masterwork of observation in which the tension builds as problem piles upon problem for those responsible for running one of the world’s leading hotels and is finally resolved in a way that is very funny, ironic and . . . well it is called Hotel Horror” – Author Richard Milton on “The Two Rooms”

“15 minutes of delightful, dark, twisted and ingenious humour. Enjoy! You’ll never make a fuss at a hotel again” – Nick Kaufmann on “The Two Rooms”

“Funny, pacy, sexy… Pimm has the sharpness of observation and amused cynicism of a political insider… raunchy, clever and melancholy” – Matthew Parris on Robert Pimm’s novel “Sex and the Summit”.

Robert Pimm is a free-lance writer and journalist who lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Volumes 1, 2 and 4 in the series, “The Two Rooms”, “The White Blouse” and “Britches” are also available on Amazon.

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26 Nov

Free poetry Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

Three Legged Dog

by Thom Young

This is my second poetry collaboration book. I was lucky to get the talented David Nall to join me in this collection. Three Legged Dog features all new poems and two stories from the seedy neighborhoods in West Texas. This book is raw and should make you laugh if your heart is beating. So open up a bottle of whiskey and proceed with caution. Thom Young returns with another smash from the underground.

Growing up in a Small Town

by Leslie Anne Perry

GROWING UP IN A SMALL TOWN — This book contains fifty-six free verse poems, set in the mid-1950′s through the early 1960′s, that focus on a variety of teen activities. All content is school appropriate. Interest level: grades seven through twelve


The First White of Winter Poems

by Leif Gregersen

This is my second poetry chapbook, which contains poems that were mostly written in a section of Edmonton known as Little Italy. I like it here a lot, though the neighborhood has problems, there are many great people here from the guy who volunteers all winter to run a skating rink for disadvantaged kids to the most kind and caring Priest I have ever met. I feel I owe a debt to all of the members of my community because in their own way each of them has taught me how to care, to love, to give and how to live better, which has made it possible for me to write and make a reasonable success of my efforts. When I write my poems, I try to dig deep down and bring out things that we all share-love, caring, admiration, generosity. All the things that are good about people. As of late, when I was in the middle of writing this chapbook, I have joined forces with two different poetry organizations which has really helped me to grow and perhaps even more important, to feel a sense of belonging as a writer. I don’t care much if I never get rich from my poetry or fiction, but I do care that it gets out and that as many people as possible get something out of what I have put down on the page.

Priceless: An Anthology of Poems

by Amit Chatterjee

A blend or fusion of Nature & Love poetry in roughly alternating sequences displaying vivid imagery and captivating thoughts and ideas.

The Three Seasons

by Branson Wild

Contains three previously published books of minimalist poems:


too few words


The Soul Cries Out

by Gloria Sarasin

The Poetry of Gloria L Sarasin

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26 Nov

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

The Love Bug (A Code of Love)

by Shakira R. Thompson

Christian. Fiction. Romance

What Do You Do When Love Bytes?l

San Antonio’s most eligible bachelor, Dr. Lionel Webber and lead detective, Erica Allen discovers what it means to bitten by The Love Bug, only this bug could lead to a harmful virus impacting millions.

Each with a bleeding heart, mere chance pits Lionel and Erica face to face with both reality and destiny. Caught in a chase where the hunter becomes the hunted, it will be hard to determine if true love does indeed exist.

Erica Allen’s Lieutenant, presents her with an ultimatum, close more cases or get fired.

Being assigned to a high profile case, in an effort to prove herself, Erica is determined to catch the perpetrator but along the way she catches something else, the heart of Dr. Lionel Webber.

In a world of cybercrimes and fraudulent activity, the stakes are high but when love takes control and hacks into your life, the rewards for falling in love far outweigh the risks.

Throughout their romance, both Lionel and Erica will realize there is an unwritten code to being in love as they relentlessly go hard in the paint to preserve it.

Get ready to be smitten as you fall in love with The Love Bug.

Beyond the Game

by Jenn Faulk

Sadie Morales never loses. She’s built her life on working hard, making great choices, and shooting for perfection in all that she does. When her friendship with goofy, ugly basketball star Trent Patterson threatens all of her plans, she finds herself questioning all that she thought to be true about life, love, and loss. Will she find that there’s grace beyond the game, or will she simply run away from what God has for her?

Shattered Glass Walls

by Gloria Sarasin

“Shattered Glass Walls” – the tragic story of Sarah and Theresa, two friends of different Christian faiths caught up in a web spun by Satan; a world in which sin hides under the cloak of darkness – and behind the disguise of religion.

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26 Nov

Free horror Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

Kourageous Karl: Drawn Into Hell

A dark loner wakes to find himself in his worst kind of hell – the colorful, cheerful pages of a fairy tale land. Is it simply the booze-fueled hallucinations of another cheap bottle of tainted vodka or is there something more sinister at work?

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26 Nov

Free travel Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

The Lady of the Lake: The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries

by Karen Musser Nortman

A trip down memory lane is fine if you don’t stumble on a body. Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at Old Dam Trail State Park near one of Donna Nowak’s childhood homes. They take in the county fair, reminisce at a Fifties-Sixties dance, and check out old hangouts. But the present intrudes when a body surfaces. Donna becomes the focus of the investigation and Frannie wonders if the police shouldn’t be looking closer at the victim’s many enemies. A traveling goddess worshipper, a mystery writer and the Sisters on the Fly add color to the campground.

Tokyo with Children: A parent’s insight on where to eat, learn and play in Japan’s amazing capital (An Epic Education: Traveling with Kids / Asia travel with Kids)

by Jason Andrew Jenkins

Tokyo is one of the most incredible and dynamic cities in the world. It also happens to be an incredible place for family fun!


For a limited time, get this handy, time-saving Tokyo travel resource for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover some of the best family-friendly experiences in Tokyo. This book is designed to save you hours of research time looking for places to go and things to do with your kids. The TOKYO WITH KIDS eBook for Kindle is made for both traveling families and expat parents who seek new and meaningful experiences to share with their children. There are many travel guides out there, but this is something different â?? something that I, as a father of two living in Tokyo, wanted for myself: a quick resource of places and experiences that both kids and parents can enjoy. This book doesn’t cover everything Tokyo has to offer. There’s just too much! But it does provide addresses, links and other important information related to family fun in one of the most amazing cities in the world. TOKYO WITH KIDS can help kick-start your exploration. The rest is up to youâ?¦

You’ll Learn About


  • The best museums for kids of all ages
  • Kid-friendly galleries and creative spaces
  • Cool buildings and historical sites kids will love to explore
  • Parks and other open spaces for running and outdoor play
  • Fun indoor spaces to explore during bad weather days
  • Access information, including closest subway stations
  • Designed for curious and creative families
  • Hundreds of links to other resources!!
  • Much, much more!

â?¨Download your copy today!

Download it today and prepare for fun and family-friendly adventure in Tokyo For a limited time discount of only $0.99! For the deluxe version of the Tokyo With Children City Guide, go to www.AnEpicEducation.com.

TAGS: family travel, travel, travel with kids, travel with children, Japan, Tokyo, Japan Travel, Asia

The Top 10 Things to Do in Rome: Your Ultimate Guide to Make Sure Your Trip to the Eternal City Includes the Best in Culture, Site Seeing, Shopping, Eating, Souvenirs and More!

by Xavier Zimms

“Rome is one of the most culture and history rich cities in the world! This book provides readers with great suggestions on how to make your trip unforgettable. Not traveling? That’s ok too. I’m not an international traveler but I still love to read about these other cities and find out more about the history, cultures and attractions. This book has all of that. If you’re a seasoned traveler, taking your first trip, or flying away on your imagination, this book has great information for you. You can always add to the itinerary given here but even if you follow it, you’re sure to have a great time.” (Terry, L.)

“This book gives you the best of things to do in Rome. it includes both the normal things people see and also interesting little tidbits as well. I think if you’re ready to see a beautiful and ancient city, then let this book whisk you away and help you with your journey.” (Ashley, P.)

“This book is a very easy and enjoyable to read. It really motivates someone who has not ever been to Rome to add this city to a list of must-see places to visit on vacation. Reading through the book I really felt like I was on a guided tour of Rome, so much so that now I want to see and do it all in person!” (Molly, K.)

~The Top 10 Things to Do in Rome~

When in Rome, do as the Romans, due. That’s the saying and it’s not bad advice So, what should you do in Rome? The Top 10 Things to Do in Rome is your insider’s guide to getting the most out of your visit to this ancient city.

A trip to Rome would not be complete without a visit to Vatican City. It is a little country inside a country with its own flag, stamps and currency. There is a dress code, so be sure to read up on that before you stand in a long line to get in only to be turned away because of your attire.

When you head to the Vatican museums wear your most comfortable walking shoes. Stretched out over five acres, to get the most out of your time there, you need a plan and a guide. Whether you go with a paper one or an actual person is up to you.

Many of the most famous sites will have long, long lines. Do yourself a favor and find out how to avoid them by buying your tickets in advance on-line. This book will give you an insider’s best advice on what to see, what to do and how to do it so you get maximum enjoyment out of your visit.

One of the most helpful sections of The Top 10 Things to Do in Rome is what NOT to do when you are there. You don’t want to have the fun spoiled by committing a cultural faux pas or have your wallet stolen.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Rome should definitely be on your ebook tablet for reading on the plane and to keep handy as your explore one of the most incredible cities in the world.

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18 Days In A Neon Awfulness: (Sketches from a Paris Cafe)

by James Bowen

’18 Days In A Neon Awfulness’ is a series of short sketches of events that took place in the Spring of 2014 in a small cafe in Paris while the author was looking for work and housing. Each of the sketches outlines a certain period in each of the characters lives and their alcohol fuelled journeys through this non-descript café. The names of all the individuals have been changed, but all the stories and events that take place within the book were either told to, or experienced by, the author.

Before the storyteller’s tale was interrupted: Syria (Traveler’s Diary Book 1)


… a report from the trip to Syria, written a colorful and poetic language that will take you into the world of desert stories carried by the wind.


… the photos from this trip, their colors and variety. See the described people with your own eyes. Thanks to the photographs you will feel as if you were there.


… in your mouth sweet taste of dactyls, the wind on your face, the smell of a real, Arabic coffee.


… this trip, as if you took it yourself!

To see the trailer Look Inside the book.

Unusual Weather Book-24 Strange Views!

by Gary Moore

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet the appetite for more lovely

pictures to give the eyes treasures to feast on. Each picture draws you

on to more exciting vistas!

Your family will delight in wanting just one more look with the

hint of more to come.. Enjoy the fun together of sharing

each new picture to give fun and delight. Enjoy the sights together!

Unusual Weather Book-24 Strange Views!, will delight all who view it

Traveling with COPD

by Tonya Hidalgo

Traveling should not stop just because you have been diagnosed with COPD. In fact, now is the time to live. This book will provide you with first-hand knowledge of how to travel with the limitations of COPD. You will learn how to choose your location and method of transportation, how to set up your equipment and what kind of documentation you will need. Above all you will be encouraged because we have been through it.

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26 Nov

Free sports Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

Light Tackle Surf Perch

by JD Richey

Jam-packed with tips from one of the most respected and prolific fishing writers on the West Coast, JD Richey, Light Tackle Surf Perch shows you exactly where to find – and how to catch these popular saltwater fish.

Thanks to detailed diagrams, photos and descriptive text, you’ll learn how to identify likely looking perch hang outs like troughs, holes, rips and more. Richey also shares secrets he’s learned from commercial perch anglers and other top beach fishermen.

Richey goes over all the favorite foods of the various popular surfperch species and the top lures to use. Tides, seasons and beach safety are also all covered and he’ll show you how to get way from the heavy tackle often associated with perch fishing and instead use the light stuff that makes catching these pint-sized fish an absolute ball.

You will also learn Richey’s all-time favorite way to prepare surfperch for the table, which he learned from the country’s leading authority of fish and game cooking.

Everything you need to get you catching West Coast surfperch is here!

Choreography of Awakening

by Faye Kitariev

Faye Kitariev coached competitive figure skaters for over twenty years. During this time, she came to a difficult realization: physical talent alone was not sufficient for success. Skaters with a clear vision, firm beliefs, and strong purpose were more likely to meet their goals, even when competing against arguably more talented competition.

Looking for a way to help people realize their dreams, Faye compared the steps for success to the twelve elements of the long skating program. Each element of the program is vital to the final performance, with each step in the process intimately connected to the next.

As with skating success in life depends on careful attention to, and focus on, all steps in the road to personal transformation. Using the long program as an easily-understood metaphor, Faye guides readers as they open themselves to life’s possibilities and move from inspiration and purpose to personal transformation and achieving their goals.

Faye supports each step in the transformative process with insightful and inspiring autobiographical stories and tales of her clients, all of whom are on their way to mastering the Choreography of Awakening.

Doggin’ The Mid-Atlantic: 400 Tail-Friendly Parks To Hike With Your Dog

by Doug Gelbert

If you walk just 20 minutes a day, you will have walked far enough in your dog’s lifetime to cross the United States! With all that walking ahead for you and your dog, aren’t you ready for a new place to hike? The Middle Atlantic states are a great place to hike with your dog. Within a short drive in the region you can hike on sand trails, climb mountains that leave your dog panting, walk on some of the most historic grounds in America, explore the estates of America’s wealthiest families or circle lakes for miles and never lose sight of the water. This new book describes and rates 400 Middle Atlantic parks that welcome dogs. Each park has been asssigned a trail-tested rating of between 1 and 4 paws. Also included are listings of over 300 dog-friendly campgrounds, those parks that don’t welcome dogs, beach rules for dogs in the Mid-Atlantic… …and much more. So grab that leash and hit the trail!

Dominate Basketball – 11 Ways to Become a Basketball Star

by Nate Roberts

Dominate Basketball – Wether you are a pro or an amateur, one of the best ways to improve your skills are to learn. Read this book to learn the things you need to know to dominate every basketball game you play in!

Soccer: Why Does It Matter? Easy and fun to read for kids with great illustrations. All you need to know about soccer. Master the game in a super short time. (Sports Soccer IQ book for Kids)

by Larry Edwards

What is Soccer? Why should you care? And why does it matter?

The Beautiful Game, also known as soccer or football, is the world’s most popular sport With approximately a quarter of a billion players, soccer’s reach is truly world-wide.
The reason for this is that soccer is, without a doubt, beautiful.
The simplicity of kicking a ball into the goal combined with the athletic grace of players who run seven miles per game, along with the mental challenge of complex tactics make soccer a game to behold and appreciate.
Simple, easy and super fun to read and understand, this book has everything you need to know about soccer.

In this book you will learn:

-The Playing Field
-Coin Toss
-Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks
-The Goalie (Goal Keeper)
-The Referees
-Free kicks
-Yellow and Red Cards
-Penalty Kicks
-Player Positions
-Forwards (Strikers)
-Player Formations
-Professional and Tournament Play
-And much, much more…

Throughout this book, you will discover the game, the field, the players, and the rules. You will be able to learn enough about soccer to understand why it is the most popular sport on the planet.

Get this book now, and understand why soccer is the most popular sport on the planet.

Once you understand soccer, you will proudly make this wonderful game of soccer part of your life!

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26 Nov

Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 Nov 14

Glimmer of Hope (Land of Tomorrow Book 1)

by Ryan King

Following a nuclear holocaust, Nathan Taylor and his family face grim choices in order to stay alive. Fleeing deadly radiation, plague and desperate men, Nathan, an army officer, leads his wife and their two teenage sons away from chaos and madness toward his ancestral home in Kentucky.

Horrors lie in their path. From the prison struggling to maintain control of its inmates, to the desperadoes who enslave anyone who comes their way, even survival may cost Nathan his humanity…or that of his sons, Joshua and David. Nathan struggles to keep his family intact, but it requires making brutal choices. He wants to protect his sons, but knows they now must be deadly and cold at times.

Nathan’s home has been spared from the worst of the destruction, but a larger conflict over scarce resources erupts. For the survivors to have any chance they will have to fight and the desperate journey has transformed young Joshua and David into men called upon to lead and sacrifice. Torn between harsh realities, and wanting to hold onto fleeting childhoods, they are often conflicted and angry about the roles thrust upon them. Much will depend on how Nathan and his sons respond to a madman and his military regime seeking to conquer the fledgling community they are helping to build.

GLIMMER OF HOPE is an epic tale of one family’s endurance and triumph after tomorrow’s apocalypse.

Entropy (The Countenance Trilogy Book 3)

by Addison Moore

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore :

The FINAL book in the Countenance Trilogy!

Laken Stewart is sure of one thingâ??she must free her loved ones from the notorious Celestra tunnels.

Laken along with Cooper Flanders set out to free their families from the hands of the Countenance before it’s too late. Laken will do anything to assure their safety, even if it means losing the one she truly loves.

When Laken finds herself in a position that might embed her into the Countenance organization for all eternity, her faith in her ability to pull off the ultimate sacrifice wavers.

Once her old boyfriend, Wesley, realizes who he really is, and what the Counts have cost him, he’s more determined than ever to win Laken back.

Laken’s heart becomes divided, and yet she knows she must make a decision that has the power to shape all of their destinies forever.

Laken has fallen hard for Cooper, but Wesley is back, and now her heart is torn.

Cooper would give up his life to protect Laken, and he might just have to.

Wesley remembers everything from his true past, and he wants Laken more than everâ??nothing or no one will stand in his way.

Books by Addison Moore

New Adult Romance

Someone to Love (Someone to Love 1)

Someone Like You (Someone to Love 2)

Someone For Me (Someone to Love 3)

3:AM Kisses (3:AM Kisses 1)

Winter Kisses (3:AM Kisses 2)

Sugar Kisses (3:AM Kisses 3)

Whiskey Kisses (3:AM Kisses 4)

The Solitude of Passion

Beautiful Oblivion (Beautiful Oblivion 1)

Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion 2)

Burning Through Gravity

Perfect Love (A Celestra Novella)

Celestra Forever After (Celestra Forever After 1)

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After 2)

Young Adult Romance

Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)

Tremble (Celestra Series Book 2)

Burn (Celestra Series Book 3)

Wicked (Celestra Series Book 4)

Vex (Celestra Series Book 5)

Expel (Celestra Series Book 6)

Toxic Part One (Celestra Series Book 7)

Toxic Part Two (Celestra Series Book 7.5)

Elysian (Celestra Series Book 8)

Ephemeral (The Countenance Trilogy 1)

Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy 2)

Entropy (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

Ethereal Knights (Celestra Knights)

The Dawn: Call of Omega (A Dystopian Science Fiction Series): Book two in The Dawn series

by Michelle Muckley

With the roads destroyed and the bridges near collapse, Zack cannot believe what he has learned about The Barrens. But he has a job to do, and so he must try to put things right.

But there are those in the shadows who want him to fail, and when Zack learns of a mysterious group who The Conservators refer to as Drifters, he must decide if he is courageous enough to withstand their test. Will he be brave enough to follow his heart, or will he fall under the spell of The Republic of New Omega?

I Remember You: a novel (Book One)

by Akemi G

Three souls reincarnating to meet over and over again â??in love and misunderstanding. Derek finds it easy to talk to Alex from the very beginning, and shares his recurring dreams about ancient Egypt. In his dreams, he is always supervising the construction workers at the very first pyramid. Soon Alex starts to have strange dreams, too. She was a priestess who knew the designer of the pyramid, which had a secret purpose. Derek’s sister Nancy is also involved; however, she firmly rejects the idea of reincarnation.

From the author of Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records, comes an intriguing story of love and forgiveness that also invites you to re-experience history from an alternative perspective. Join Alex, Derek, and Nancy as they explore the possibility of reincarnation and soul friends (beyond soulmate).

This is Book 1 of the multi-book series. The main chapters were originally published on Akemi’s website, Akashic Records of Souls. The Kindle book contains a bonus story, freshly written for this publication, in which the main characters discuss the soul’s origin, or starseeds.

Storm Runners: Dimensional Divide

by Sabrina Asper

Emalie has always felt there is something missing in her life, so she wanders through her existence, feeling different and alone, until her eighteenth birthday. On that occasion she is given a silver medallion heirloom that changes her lifeâ??and the worldâ??forever. The medallion electrifies her body, making her feel there is something more she is meant to do, a purpose waiting for her. She doesn’t realize how true that is until her adventure begins.

On her journey, Emalie finds two others like her; together they face unspeakable dangers as they travel to far off worlds. Are they strong enough to complete their mission? Can they save the human soul? Will humanity remain on the verge of extinction or begin anew?

Absolute Power: Book 1: Origins

by Grayson Queen

Everything changed the moment Super-humans became a reality; laws, politics, and society. They built the Office of New Entities to govern the Super-human population. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Norms afraid of Super-humans. Super-humans afraid of government. Government afraid that they’re losing control. One side versus all sides.

In any group, the further you look, the clearer the individuals become. They are children, men, woman, lovers, families, hopes, dreams, futures and pain. They are people torn apart by something they have no control over. And despite all that, there are some that choose to bear the burden of responsibility. They fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

The legendary and invulnerable John Porter. Alien/human poster boy Robert Day. Abandoned telepath Shruti Pandey. First functional teleporter Eve Levitas. People with a past and future, all caught up in something bigger.

They are heroes.

And this is just the beginning.

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