1 Apr

Free fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

The Mistress, Part One

by Lexie Ray

Everyone thought being someone’s mistress would be easy, but not everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Cheater” that’s all she sees when she gazes into the mirror.

I should be wearing a fucking scarlet letter” she growls towards her reflection.

Full of guilt and disgust, Haley’s mind reels to the man that caused it all – that disgusting, cheating man. That cocky smirk and those egotistical remarks made her scowl with annoyance and frustration.

But it was those glorious full-bodied muscles gleaming beneath the beads of sweat that both of their bodies produced during that oh-so-sensuous act which entrapped her thoughts. The feeling of his body pressed against hers, the ripple of his abs rubbing against her flesh – it all was enough to cause her body to shiver, even now, when she was on the brink of a full-blown meltdown.

Haley pulled her muddled hair into a ponytail, and tried to remain calm. Afterall, people cheat all the time. She wasn’t the one cheating, right?


No matter how much of a lying and deceitful ass Preston was, she was still as guilty – if not more so. She was guilty not only of sleeping with another woman’s husband, but the father of the children she had been the nanny of since the oldest one’s birth twelve years ago.

Note to reader:

This is part one of two, and ends with a cliffhanger.

It is filled with A LOT of steamy love scenes – definitely not recommended for readers below 18!

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1 Apr

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Crochet Patterns for Your Dog: Beautiful and Easy to Follow Clothes and Accessories to Craft for Your Loyal Loved Ones

by Tina Roesler

If you are looking for a creative new crochet project, why not take advantage of the furry models running around your house?

Even if you don’t have your own dogs, you could consider making a pet bed for your local animal rescue, or a sweater for the smaller dogs that may feel the cold. But if you do have a dog, that’s even more exciting because you’ll get to watch them model your creations. You could make them bandannas or even extravagant costumes, the possibilities are truly endless–and truly adorable.

What You Will Discover Inside

  • Smash Proof Indoor Play Ball
  • Cozy Pet Bed
  • Easy Dog Sweater
  • Puppy Ear Warmers
  • Stitch Abbreviations
  • Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Would You Like To Know More?

This book contains everything you need to know to begin crocheting adorable accessories for dogs. The sooner you start, the more adorable it can get!

If you are ready to learn how to create cute accessories for the dogs in your life then scroll up and grab your copy of Crochet Patterns for Your Dog.

DIY: DIY Projects. Amazing and Simple DIY Household Hacks to Improve Your Home and Declutter Your Life!: (diy projects, DIY Household Hacks, Save Money, DIY Free)

by Catherine Roberts

This guide will show you how to make your home better organized, using useful DIY projects to help you keep it that way.

There comes a time when you might really wonder what is at the back of your own drawers, because they have got so filled with a vast collection of clutter, from over the years.

Now is the time to get it sorted, using some of the ideas in this book.

Here are a few household hacks that you will find indispensable, once you have read this guide:

De-clutter, room by room in bite-sized jobs.

DIY, easy projects to keep that home tidy.

Re-use old doors and everyday materials, so you are re-cycling and saving money.

Re-use old furniture that has no use any more, you will be amazed what you can do with it.

This book will show you how to:





AND – Save money.

You cannot afford not to read this guide, as it will take you through all the stages of de-cluttering your home, and then help you decide what to do with those items, that you forgot you owned.

Every one of us needs to learn how to leave a smaller footprint on the environment, this is why guides like this are so useful, showing you how to re-use so many items, on DIY projects that you may never have thought of.

Download your E book “DIY Projects. Amazing and Simple DIY Household Hacks to Improve Your Home and Declutter Your Life” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Candlemaking Aromatherapy: The Ultimate Guide to Combining Candle Making and Aromatherapy to Beat Stress, Promote Weight Loss, and Heal Common Problems

by Michelle Weber

Combine Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, and Candlemaking into the Perfect Scents

Aromatherapy is the new kind of alternative medicine preferred by many people across the world today. This is due to the therapeutic benefits it offers its users. There are various ways in which you can enjoy aromatherapy and this can be in the form of lotions, essential oils and candles made using the natural plant extracts. The different aromatherapy candles serve different needs. For example, there are some dedicated to soothing you and helping you relieve stress while others are good for your skin and so on.

This books talks about candle aromatherapy in detail. It explains the merits and demerits of making your own candles for aromatherapy as opposed to buying. It provides you with the information you need to know before you start making the aromatherapy candles. The book further provides you with the different recipes you can use to prepare aromatherapy candles. It gives you the instructions you need to follow when making these candles and even ideas on the fragrances to use and the general information you need to know about them. Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from aromatherapy candles especially when you can make you own.

What You Will Discover Inside

  • Merits and demerits of candlemaking
  • Things to know before you begin
  • Aromatheraphy recipes
  • Fragrances for candlemaking
  • Lavender Race
  • Tropical Woods
  • Zesty Citrus

Would You Like To Know More?

This book contains exactly what you need to get started with candlemaking and aromatherapy. The question is are you going to continue purchasing expensive candles from the store or are you going to start making better ones yourself?

If you are ready to start your aromatherapy and candlemaking journey then scroll up and grab your copy of Candlemaking Aromatherapy.

Homesteading: A Beginner’s Guide To Urban Homesteading For Ultimate Self Sufficiency And Survival Without Having To Rely On Anybody Else! (Homesteading … Sustainable Living, Urban Homesteading)

by Caroline Perry


A Beginner’s Guide To Urban Homesteading For Ultimate Self Sufficiency And Survival Without Having To Rely On Anybody Else!

An overview of the things you need to know and do to get started on your personal self-sufficiency homestead. The book covers topics such as skills you will need, options for energy, growing your own food and touches on developing your own food storage system.

This no-nonsense account doesn’t pull punches when it discusses pros and cons of various approaches. However it is an excellent book for beginning homesteaders, and those who are thinking about a self-sufficiency homestead. It talks about acquiring your homestead, maintaining an income, and methods for food growth and production.

It also discusses various methods for providing light and heat for your home without relying on fossil fuels. It touches on set-up costs, maintaining your own system and selling power to established power companies.

The author gives a list of useful books and references at the end of the book, for further reading. These or similar references could begin the core of the reference library recommended for beginning homesteaders. At all phases, the author recommends learning skills and being informed about current practices and regulations.

Download your copy of “Homesteading” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Nature’s Medicine: The Ultimate Homeopathic and Alternative Therapy Guide to Combating Common Problems and Stubborn Illnesses

by Derrick Rivera

Stop Feeding The Pharmaceutical Companies And Take Control Of Your Body

This Guide will give you the knowledge that you are seeking about the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of common health challenges. Consult your physician before beginning any herbal remedy or supplement. This is particularly important for women who are pregnant or anyone with an underlying health condition.

The book contains an in-depth explanation of the health benefits that you can gain from using nature’s medicine. Chapter 5 contains an explanation about the herbs that you can use to boost your immune system and make it stronger. This will increase its effectiveness in fighting a long-term illness.

Knowledge that you will find Inside this Guide

  • What are the Differences Between Conventional and Herbal Medicine
  • How Nature’s Medicine Works
  • Four ways to Relieve pain Using Nature’s Medicine
  • Learn how to Boost your Immune System with Nature’s Medicine
  • Nature’s Medicine vs. Conventional Techniques
  • Nature’s Medicine for Weight Loss

Would You Like to Know More?

The information outlined in this book address the common health problems that people are facing on a daily basis. Whether its obesity, arthritis, sore throat or heart disease, you will learn the right herbs to use to help you get better. Everyone who reads this book will understand what he/she must do to strengthen their immune system or lose weight without having to visit a physician.

The book has been written using the simplest terms possible to make it easier for people without medical knowledge to understand. Remember to consult an herbalist for more information regarding nature’s medicine. The herbs listed in this book are easy to find because they are available locally in supermarkets.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and purchase Nature’s Medicine NOW!

DIY Laundry Supplies: Homemade Laundry Soap & Supply Recipes to Save You Time, Money, and Reduce Chemicals (Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, & More)

by Stacy Fletcher

It seems like laundry detergent is one of those necessary things you’ll always have to pick up at the store, but really, you could be making your own for a fraction of the cost!

Homemade Laundry Detergent is used to get rid of dirt and stains in clothes and gives a better result than commercial brands of laundry detergent thanks to extra added ingredients. It is safe to make and use. For the most part homemade laundry detergent is much safer than most brands on the shelves in supermarket and retail shops.

What You Will Discover Inside

  • Everything You Need to Know About Laundry Detergent
  • How to make Laundry Detergent with Borax
  • How to make Concentrated Laundry Detergent
  • How to make Fragranced Laundry Detergent
  • Laundry Tips
  • What Are Enzymes?
  • Comparing Costs

Would You Like To Know More?

This book contains exactly what you need to start making your own laundry detergent without all the harsh chemicals in store-bought detergent.

If you are ready to start making your own laundry detergent then scroll up and grab your copy of DIY Laundry Supplies.

Ayurveda 101: Ayurveda Basics for The Absolute Beginner [Achieve Natural Health and Well Being through Ayurveda]

by Advait

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Ayurveda

Have you been searching for proven natural remedies for Achieving Everlasting Health Holistically???

Has your search lead you to Ayurveda???

But, you don’t know where to start and are waiting to be initiated into the Amazing world of Ayurvedic Healing….Then this book is for you.

Discover :: Ayurveda 101 – Ayurveda Basics for The Absolute Beginner

This Book will teach you everything you need to know about Ayurveda as a Beginner.

Here’s a sneak peak at the contents of the book;

#Origin of Ayurveda

#Ashtaanga Veda

– The Eight branches of Ayurveda

#Panch Maha Bhuta’s

– The Five Fundamental Elements

#The Three Dosha’s and Your Prakriti

– Vata – Pitta – Kapha

#The Tri-Dosha test for determining your Prakriti


– The Seven Body Tissues


– The Digestive Fire

#Trayodasha Vega

- The 13 Natural Urge’s

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1 Apr

Free war Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Angel Visions

by John R. Monteith


Doctoral student Nick Slate can only stand by and watch as his dreams come crashing down. Seven times, he has interfaced his brain with the central nervous systems of cybernetically enhanced falcons. Seven times, the birds have not survived the experiment.

Then, comes Peregrine Falcon Eight, and Nick knows that he is only a heartbeat away from success. For a few precious minutes, he is there! The link is active, and his consciousness rushes into the mind of the bird. Nick can feel the wind swell under his pinioning wings, and he owns clouds, and the very sky. Then, the eighth falcon dies, just like all the rest, and yet another experiment ends in disappointment.

Now, it’s all over. Disillusioned by the continuing string of failures, the U.S. Air Force has pulled its backing. The grant money for Nick’s research project is cancelled.

But Nick refuses to let go of his beloved project. He may have to go begging for the money, but he knows that he can make the interface work. He knows that he can bridge the divide between animal and human being. No matter what it takes, he will flyâ?¦

A Thief in the War

by Fahad Mahmood

This is a short fictional story about a thief in the midst of a city caught in a brutal war. It attempts to describe his view of the human nature and his feelings for his city. Also, there is a chance encounter with an old lady with whom he develops a close relationship which brings about a welcome change in his life.

The story develops in this troubled phase of this once beautiful city and attempts to highlight the flaws of human nature and sufferings of common people.

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1 Apr

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Love Story: Sometimes Two Lives Have A Destiny. This Was The Case With Heinrich And Ophelia.

by Reba Alsup

A love story between two lost people coming together. The challenges they face together. He arrives in America at the age of 16. He is alone, starting a new life. Her family was killed on the frontier. She has been raised by Native American Indians. Now they are together depending on each other.

Faro: A tale of old San Francisco

by Steve Bartholomew

San Francisco in the mid nineteenth century suffered a total of six major fires, each of which nearly destroyed the city. Among those recruited as firemen were laborers, capitalists, teachers, gamblers and cardsharps. This is a story of one of them.

Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales (Trio Tales Book 4)

by Judith Cullen

Welcome to paradise: the South Pacific of the 19th Century, full of ancient island cultures and Euro-Western colonialism. In this latest installation of her “Trio Tales” series, author Judith Cullen joins with native Tongan storyteller Illaisaane Filikitonga Tome to share stories steeped in the history of a kingdom, and with an intimate connection to family, and the power of belief.

“An Island Miracle – Earth” re-imagines “tuku fonua” and the journey of King Tupou I to this historic act of dedicating all of Tonga to the Christian God, rather than bow to pressure from colonizing foreign powers.

“An Island Miracle – Water” recounts how a man of faith places himself, literally, in the path of ongoing sorrow for the residents of the small Tongan island of Falevai.

“An Island Miracle – Fire” faces the reality of life on a volcanic island, where life and creation vividly part of the same continuing cycle. When a community of believers is charged with a task that seems completely insane, will they have the faith and courage to believe, when even the island itself seems to challenge them?

The “Trio Tales” series are “fiction monographs” featuring three short stories on a single theme, and are intended to be portable, enjoyable. They also make great gifts.

You can follow my work; get news about upcoming releases, and downloadable audio files by visiting me at jdcstoryteller.blogspot.com. There you can also find links to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

“Judith knows writing and how to craft a tale so that no word is wasted or added without reason. She writes to tell a story, not to fill a page. And that . . . shows.” ~ Reader Review, A Trio of My Father’s Tales Tales

“Stories as well written as this have a way of opening windowsâ?¦” ~ Reader Review, A Trio of Irish Tales

A Trio of Irish Tales (Trio Tales Book 1)

by Judith Cullen

Meet Ireland’s legendary “Man of the Mists”, experience the life of one woman through a sacred oak tree, or delight in the old-world vs new-world clash between an annoyed pooka and a digitally savvy teenager. In this first volume of the “Trio Tales” series, author Judith Cullen celebrates her heritage inspired by family and friends, and she even invites the fairies out to dance.

Viking Moon

by Ian Haldon

From the icy waters of the Northern fjords, across wild and dangerous seas. A viking adventure of courage, daring and triumph against the odds.

The Wise Cousin: Elizabeth and Mary – a special bond

by Ceri Rhian

Rooted in Biblical Truths, this story invites musings over what impression Elizabeth’s wisdom may have had on Mary during their time together.

Young Mary had a difficult road ahead, she needed wisdom from.another Godly women who knew what suffering and shame meant.

This book also challenges the reader to consider what part God has for them in His story.

The Overseer (Pennetta House Short Stories Book 4)

by Toni Banks

An overseer questions the cruelty he inflicts on slaves.

Το Ψάρι Ï?Ï?ο ΧÏ?μα

by Î?Ï?ρÏ?ιά ΦραγκοÏ?ούλοÏ?

Î? ΧάρηÏ? Ï?ερνάει Ï?ιÏ? μέρεÏ? Ï?οÏ? Ï?Ï?ο νοÏ?οκομείο δίÏ?λα Ï?Ï?ο κρεβάÏ?ι Ï?οÏ? μικρού Ï?οÏ? αδερÏ?ού. Î?εμίζει Ï?ο μÏ?αλÏ? Ï?οÏ? με Ï?ιλοÏ?οÏ?ικέÏ? αναζηÏ?ήÏ?ειÏ? και μαθημαÏ?ικέÏ? εξιÏ?Ï?Ï?ειÏ?, Ï?οÏ? Ï?μÏ?Ï? δεν αρκούν να Ï?οÏ? αÏ?ανÏ?ήÏ?οÏ?ν Ï?α «γιαÏ?ί».

Î?εν Ï?ο ξέρει ο ίδιοÏ?, Ï?μÏ?Ï? η μικρή Ï?αÏ?Ï?οÏ?οιημένη ζÏ?ή Ï?οÏ? είναι έÏ?οιμη να αναÏ?ραÏ?εί μέÏ?α Ï?ε μία μάÏ?η ανάμεÏ?α Ï?Ï?ο θάναÏ?ο και Ï?η ζÏ?ή. Î?αι Ï?Ï?αν έρθει η Ï?Ï?ιγμή να ζÏ?γραÏ?ιÏ?Ï?εί Ï?ο Ï?άρι Ï?Ï?ο Ï?Ï?μα, Ï?Ï?Ï?ε Ï?λα θα γÏ?ρίÏ?οÏ?ν Ï?ίÏ?Ï? Ï?Ï?ο Ï?ρÏ?νο, Ï?ίÏ?Ï? Ï?Ï?ην αρÏ?ήâ?¦ Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? η αλήθεια, ζÏ?νÏ?ανή, Ï?ον κοιÏ?άζει καÏ?άμαÏ?α. Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? Ï?Ï?άρÏ?οÏ?ν οι Ï?ρÏ?Ï?οι, οι αληθινοί, οι γνήÏ?ιοι. Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? θα βρει κάÏ?ι Ï?οÏ? να αξίζει να Ï?εθάνει και να ζήÏ?ει για Ï?άρη Ï?οÏ?.

Î? ΧάρηÏ? Ï?ρειάζεÏ?αι ένα θαύμα εÏ?ειγÏ?νÏ?Ï?Ï?. Î?ήÏ?Ï?Ï? Ï?μÏ?Ï? είναι Ï?ολύ αργά;

Î?Ï?Ï?αÏ?ε η Ï?ρα για αÏ?ανÏ?ήÏ?ειÏ?.

ΠεριÏ?Ï?Ï?Ï?ερα Ï?Ï?ο


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1 Apr

Free world literature Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Brothers Beyond Blood

by Don Kafrissen

Can two young men who meet in a Nazi concentration camp become friends? It’s possible and even probable but suppose one of them is a prisoner and the other is a guard?
When Herschel and Hans Rothberg die, a lawyer hands the children a manuscript that completely turns their world upside down. Can they believe what is written?
From the closing months of WWII to the men’s departure for America from a Displaced Persons camp, the manuscript chronicles their troubled journey.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

by Agatha Christie

The debut of Agatha Christie and her remarkable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot 

Invalided home from the Western Front, Arthur Hastings arrives at Styles Court anticipating a relaxing sojourn in the English countryside. It turns out to be anything but. Late one night, Hastings is summoned to the locked bedroom door of Emily Inglethorp, mistress of the manor. A terrible commotion is happening inside, and by the time her family forces the door open it is too lateâ??Emily is in the final, violent throes of strychnine poisoning and nothing can save her.

As fate would have it, Belgium’s most celebrated detective, a refugee from the war, resides in the neighboring village. Hercule Poirot may look, in the words of Hastings, like a “quaint dandyfied little man,” but he possesses one of the finest minds in Europe and an extraordinary flair for solving the most baffling of cases. Half a dozen peopleâ??including Alfred, Emily’s much younger second husband; her slacker stepsons, John and Lawrence; and Mary, her beautiful but bored daughter-in-lawâ??had the means and the motive to poison Emily. While Hastings and the rest of Styles Court rush to judgment, Poirot painstakingly sifts through the clues and considers each of the suspects in turn. The answer at which he arrives will shock them all.

Agatha Christie wrote The Mysterious Affair at Styles because her sister wagered that she could not plot a mystery. Not only did Christie win that bet, she created one of the greatest detectives in all of literature and established herself as the undisputed Queen of Crime.

This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Rice Cakes: An Anthology of Short Stories

by Eti Ben-Ziv

And so, from Mom-Hudes (a name I started getting used to only after

reading someone else’s diary about her life), who was officially called

Hadassah, I moved to the hands of Mom-Dina, and between both I

spent a year at Geula orphanage in Haifa, enough time to thank fate

for improving my lifeâ?¦

First, Dad, who left me last, picks up the phone. But I ask to speak

with Mom-Dina.

She says that one only dies once, that I shouldn’t be afraid, nor love

myself too much. “And by the way,” she says, “don’t hurry to get

here – it’s really not interesting here. You’ll be boredâ?¦”

I tell her that I’d forgotten what her voice sounded like, and she tells

me that she’d also forgotten mine, and that that’s as it should be, and

adds, “Actually, it’s quite strange you called, I expected you not to

look for me.”

She passes me on to Dad, and he asks if I’d like to speak to Mom-

Hudes now. I say I would, and he passes her the phone.

Mom doesn’t speak at all. I hear her breathing. “Do what you have to,

and bite your lips, that way it’ll hurt less.” She breathes voicelessly,

because her vocal cords were burnt.

In the end, I didn’t talk to Dad. He had to go to the Pensioners’ Club.

Eti Ben Ziv, a management consultant, was born in Rome and

grew up in Kiryat Chaim. She now lives in Netanya. She advises

consultants and senior directors in Israel and abroad, taught at

Haifa University and the College of Management in Rishon LeZion,

and currently lectures in Gestalt Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Rice Cakes, her first published book, includes a variety of powerful

and revealing stories that create a sense of empathy and longing

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1 Apr

Free poetry Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Bury Me in Her Eyes

by Non Nomen

A world record. A challenge like no other. The first multilingual work of literature ever created and a true celebration of language and science.

Twenty eight distinct languages join forces for the first time in a single publication, under the guidance of the anonymous author of The Unwords. Each language has its own unique voice; its own exclusive role in the progression of the story, with absolutely no repetition of content from one language to the other. Two lovers, separated by the longest possible distance. A story of sacrifice and unyielding persistence… waiting for someone to unlock its secrets.

The book’s groundbreaking multilingual structure expands into full-page, full color illustrations as the author attempts to erase the line that separates a work of literature from a work of art. Also included in this edition is the remarkable true story behind the book’s creation and an honest look into the life and struggles of the anonymous author.

Women Logic

by Denzel Williams

In a realistic mind; this book is both factual and opinionated. It is entertaining yet mind blowing. It will fuck with all your feelings.

Take a Deep Breath and Feel the Love

by Annmarie Steffes

A compilation of love, despair, and inspiration…..

Edgar Allan Poems: Martial Arts In Poetic Form (Kakutougi De Shi Kei)

by Edgar Allan

Edgar Allan is back with his second collection of ushin rengas sort of. Partially inspired by women he met online (such as craigslist.org and asianavenue.com), Allan’s new book, Martial Arts In Poetic Form (Kakutougi De Shi Kei), explores spirituality discovered through beautiful women and inspiration received through personal experiences ultimately creating this new uplifting work.

The Life and Times of Alice Maude: The Pioneer Poems

by Leslie Smith Dow

This collection of poems epitomizes the time of innocence before the Great War and after. The setting is bucolic, but underneath, tension bubbles as interlopers of various kinds threaten to change the old ways forever. Will strength bend change to its pleasure?

Loves of My Life: Poems and Poetic Expressions of Different Kinds of Love

by Amos Ettinger

Amos Ettinger – author, poet, lyricist, director of documentaries, T.V. moderator and senior producer.

Ettinger has written 15 books – seven books of poetry (which have gone through numerous printings), six biographies, two novels, and some 500 popular songs.

“Love of my (our) life” is a book of


of laughter and tears,

of emotions and excitement,

of dreams and war,

of love and joy.

Ettinger’s poems speak to each of us. They were conceived

on long voyages to far-away lands,

In accidental encounters in a bar of a foreign city,

In having drinks with good companions,

In rough hours on battlefields,

In hours of sad parting at the end of the road

And at moments when new loves bloom that open the door to a new tomorrow, to a new horizon.

Benny Levi – whose drawings and illustrations adorn this book, is a painter and who has presented in some 120 exhibitions in museums around the world. Many of his works are part of important collections such as: The Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., The New Orleans Museum, the The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and The Tel-Aviv Museum.

Sleeping under the wishing tree

by Jonathan Torres

A collection of poetry, from past to the present. Love, loss, and heart break line the pages. Open if you’d like, but be careful what you wish for.

Staircase to Love

by Jonathan Torres

A small collection of poems dealing with the craziness of break-ups and the twists that come with it. Happy ending is promised.

When and Where: The Darkness Gives Birth to Light

by Zachary Zuccaro

A short collection of poetry written by Zachary Zuccaro.

Old Timer’s Everywhere: Urban Poetry (Generation Book 1)

by Kimberley Penamon

Urban poetry based on Old Timer’s of her day and today. An introduction to their habits, old sayings, tips, jokes and the attitude of some Old Timer’s. The Author writes about dominos, cards and other senior activities of this fantastic group of elders. She uniquely explains what it’s like being a Senior Citizen in society. There is information on obtaining her previous title and website location. Interesting read! Book preview: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1167149

The Orange Tree: A Collection of Poems

by Matthew Ebeling

The Orange Tree is a collection of 49 poems which I have written during the last few years. I really want people to be able to read them, so I’m sharing them with you.

I hope you enjoy reading them and that you find something you like, which resonates with you and your view of the world.

Love Letters To My Wife

by Khalid Shakur

Spouses are meant to be the foundation together. No matter how thick the storm, husband and wife are meant to take the 1000 weaknesses and turn them into 1000 strong.

Sometimes we ignore the 1000 points of strength and focus on 10 points of weakness.

It is not easy, it is a struggle; but Allah (s.w.t) promises that the couples who succeed in this matter will be happier than the couple who don’t struggle…

Noor Layli Salihah

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1 Apr

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Amish Knit & Crochet Circle ~ Episode 1 ~ His Eye is on the Sparrow (Smicksburg Tales Book 5)

by Karen Anna Vogel

Dear Readers,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every note of encouragement to keep Granny’s circle going and feedback concerning where the knitting circle should meet. By far, readers wanted the keep the circle at Granny’s snug little dawdyhaus ;) A (((hug))) to all my readers for such kind words. Your support keeps Granny’s circle going ;)

Amish Knit & Crochet Circle: Smicksburg Tales 5 ~ Episode 1 ~His Eye is on the Sparrow

It’s November and wedding season once again. Lottie and Ezekiel will tie the knot, or will Lottie’s nerves make her a runaway bride? A relative of Lottie comes to the wedding with her teenage son who’s ready to leave the Amish. Sarah is in her 50′s, an advanced crocheter, and Granny sees two things: a crocheting teacher and wife for Jonas! Granny has a dinner to help them “get acquainted” and Sarah decides to have an extended stay in Smicksburg. Fannie is pregnant and miserable, sinking back into feeling of inferiority. Maryann’s husband looks ill or is it all in her head? Janice, Suzy and Marge want to be more involved in the Smicksburg Baptist Church’s new homeless outreach, and don’t know if they have time to attend circle. Granny sings her favorite hymn, His Eye is on the Sparrow, to her “Little Women” and they mull over the words, finding direction.

Smicksburg Tales is a continuing short story serial which started in 2011 and is still in full swing. After 8 episodes are written they are combined into 300+ page novels. If you like the “old-fashioned serials” as many readers do, look for the books in episodes. To start at the very beginning, when Granny starts the knitting circle, please go to Amish Knitting Circle: Episode 1 ~Beginnings. Each episode is approximately 35+ pages and only 99 cents.

Here’s the order of books in the long novel format:

Amish Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 1

Amish Friends Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 2

Amish Knit Lit Circle: Smicksburg Tales 3

Amish Knit & Stitch: Smicksburg Tales 4

Join women worldwide as they read about Granny and her girls who knit for charity and solve their problems together, in community. Granny started knitting circles two years ago, believing women are stronger spun together just like the wool she spins. The women who attend her circles now agree and are reaching out to others themselves.

Battleground: Elijah and the War With Jezebel

by L. M. Roth

From the pages of history they emerge into life: Elijah, the bold and powerful prophet of Yahweh and Jezebel, the vicious and evil Queen of Israel.On Mount Carmel the battle is waged and only one can emerge as the victor.

It is a dark time in the land of Israel. The weak King Ahab, so fearless in battle but reduced to a slave by his sly and manipulative Queen Jezebel, has eradicated the very identity of the people. The word has gone out: worship Baal or die. A ruthless war is waged on God’s prophets, and only Elijah is left to fight on. But in a day when it is dangerous to cry out in protest, does he dare to raise his voice?

From L. M. Roth, author of the Quest For the Kingdom series, Abelard and the Dragon’s Vapor, and Disenchanted In the Land of Dreams Come True comes an exciting tale of danger and drama in this vivid retelling of the ancient story of enemies locked in combat…to the death.

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1 Apr

Free travel Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Travel Delhi: Places to Visit in Delhi

by Shalu Sharma

Are you travelling to Delhi but don’t know what to do or places to visit? Are you afraid that you will not get the most of your travels to Delhi? This book will guide you to the top places to visit in Delhi. Delhi is a big place and the last thing you want to do is waste your time going from one place to another aimlessly. So why not get this book and check out the top places to explore. The book contains a description of each of the places and other tourist information.

*Remember this is not a Delhi travel guide but simply a list of places for the traveller to visit. If you are short on time and want to make the most of the travels to Delhi then this book will be useful.

**For a limited time, this ebook is priced at $0.99, so grab yourself a bargain.

How to Live the RV Lifestyle

by Ashton Lawrence

This is a guide that will instruct you about the reasons why one could make a change in one’s life and live in a RV. It highlights the benefits and challenges of such a lifestyle and it offers an objective learning opportunity to anyone who has considered living in a RV or is thinking about such a home in order to save some money or to get out of debt. From the very beginning it should be clear that a RV is not exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of luxury or uttermost comfort. However there are also some preconceived notions about the RV, namely that it is only a matter of compromise that you can hardly opt for under normal circumstances or as a long-term variant and it should be considered mainly as a last resort. This guide will show how you can turn your life in a RV into a pleasant experience that you could get used to well enough to consider as an alternative lifestyle, one that could assure you as much stability and comfort as living in a house or a flat.

A Visit to the Tower of Americas: San Antonio: Black and White Edition (Texas in Purple Book 1)

by Anna Leon

This book consists of an illustrated visited to the Tower of Americas (day and evening view) and the San Antonio Missions.

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1 Apr

Free sports Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Dead Heat

by Amy Elizabeth

What does it mean to be truly loyal? How do you know when to hold onto someone you love…and when it’s time to let go?

A contented bachelor like Colin Carlyle has no reason to consider questions like those. After leaving his one-horse hometown in the dust, he’s spent the past decade enjoying the beautiful beaches and exotic culture of southern Thailand. Everything changes, though, when he steps onto his boat one morning and discovers a comatose woman lying on the deck. With her memory wiped blank, the girl he knows only as Kate reluctantly accepts his help while she recuperates. As they slowly piece together her identity, Colin realizes that he may never return to his “no worries” lifestyle…

Meanwhile, in the sultry metropolis of Miami, Florida, Thoroughbred trainer Evan Williams is taking the world of horse racing by storm. To the public eye, he has it all – charisma, wealth, and a skyrocketing career. Only his longtime friend, news journalist Melanie Bishop, understands the man behind the fanfare. Like Evan, she too is well-acquainted with the sting of heartbreak. She’s tasted the bitterness of betrayal and has no intention of ever trusting a man again. So she knows her plan has gone terribly wrong the morning she wakes up beside Evan…

Separated by a distance of ten-thousand miles, these stories appear to have nothing in common. But when their paths cross in a most unusual way, it sets in motion a chain of events that will challenge everything they thought they knew about themselves. And when all is said and done, each of them will have learned the ultimate meaning of loyalty, love, and sacrifice.

Competition Nutrition Now: Fuel Your Success for Peak Sport Performance

by Dave Barnas

The Newest and Hottest Selling Sport Performance Book on the Market!

Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, and Fitness Lovers Should Not Let This Book Pass By!

Competition Nutrition reveals the nutrition secrets that athletes, trainers, coaches and weekend warriors need to succeed. Even better, this book shows you how to easily apply that knowledge for an instant impact in your training and performance.

>>> Maximize Your Athletic Potential by applying Proven Nutrition Strategies used by the world’s top athletes.

Fuel Your Success by discovering the dietary supplements that will enhance your speed, endurance, strength, and power for you to perform at the highest level.

>>> Empowering! Backed by over 200 references, this Easy-to-Read book is a must-have for athletes, trainers, coaches, Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashers, Spartan racers, runners, bikers, swimmers, gym rats, and anyone who flat out loves fitness, exercise, and sports

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The Powerful Runner: A Long-Distance Runner’s Guide to Weight-Lifting and Cross-Training

by Tyler Jermann

An in-depth training plan for runners of all levels to incorporate weight-lifting and cross-training into their long-distance training for performance, strength, and injury prevention.

Twenty-Four Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Running For Beginners: 23 Outstanding Lessons on How to Start Running and Become Your Weight (Running For Beginners, Running, Running books)

by Wanda Cruz

Running For Beginners (FREE Bonus Included)

23 Outstanding Lessons on How to Start Running and Become Your Weight

Do you ever see your friends who enjoy 5Ks, 10Ks and other road races and wish you could join you? Have you wanted to learn how to run but never took it up because every time you tried you ended up feeling discomfort, aches and pains that made you stop? You don’t have to stand on the sidelines anymore.

No matter your current health and fitness level or your past experiences with running, whether short, middle, long or ultra distance running, the lessons shared in this brief, easy to read and enjoyable guidebook will get you over the hump and out on the road. The joy of running is found in the pleasure of those solitary moments on the course. You are competing against everyone and just yourself. Will you set a personal best? Will you achieve more than you have before? The pursuit of improvement for runners is only part of the motivation.

The other part is the sheer joy of running. You know that runner’s high? It’s true. As you go further, your body kicks out endorphins and other pleasure hormones that invigorate a person. Nothing feels better than that moment when you hit your stride and the distance flies by.

In this book are 23 lessons that will get you off the couch and out there running. Here are some of the things that you’ll learn:

  • How to get started – pre-training and initial training regimens and what makes them so important
  • Nutrition and diet – how the food you eat makes your run easier or harder
  • Working with weights – why lifting will improve your times and which lifts can cripple you on the course
  • Gearing up – picking the best clothes, shoes, socks and gadgets to help you become a better runner

Time’s a-wasting. Get reading and then get running with this superior guidebook today.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Download your copy of “23 Outstanding Lessons on How to Start Running and Become Your Weight” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Scrub: How to play the world’s best game (Baby Boomer Series Book 1)

by Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn wants to call attention to an underrated major sport: scrub. Many Americans played it during childhood, and some of those people still play it today.

“You can play it on a field, or in a yard, or at a school, or in the park,” Quinn says. “The only basic equipment is a ball and a bat.”

In this humorous look at a sports cousin to American baseball, Quinn reminds us that a little game played practically anywhere with almost no equipment and few rules can teach us about sports, and exercise…and a lot about life.

A Basketball Concert

by Shlomo Az-Ari

Basketball is unquestionably a sport, but when it is played at the highest levels, it becomes something more: a beautiful symphony. Teams strive against each other, but like sections in an orchestra, their interaction creates beautiful music. The performance of all the players can mesh together harmoniously â?? and there is no finer example of this than the NBA, where the sky truly is the limit. The league constantly renews itself, as old legends make way for new stars; each season, the beat goes on.

This book marries my twin passions: basketball and music. I love the NBA as much and as dearly as I love music,

and this book is the result. It is precious to me, an expression of my ardor in artistic form.

The logo of each team turns into a celebration of instruments and notes, portrayed in evocative paintings, in

tones and colors which reflect a unique viewpoint of the symphony of basketball.

This book is dedicated to all fans of the NBA, wherever they may be.

Shlomo Az-Ari was born in Tiberias, Israel. He is a multidisciplinary artist who works in music, film, painting and


He has published fourteen books and six musical albums. His paintings have been shown in dozens of exhibitions throughout Israel, and his work in film has been greeted with critical acclaim.

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1 Apr

Free science fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Fort Liberty, Volume Two

by M Orenda

Lt. Colonel Voss has been ordered to escort the Earth girl, Niri, to the secure BIOSTAT facility for the final stage of her scientific indoctrination. Engineered to be the first fully compatible human, she will now be introduced to the microbial Martian colony she was born to host.

Voss knows his team may fall under attack from the group of unidentified subversives who want to stop the experiment by killing Niri. He knows they could strike him where he least expects it. He doesn’t know that they already have, and Petra—his unofficial ally and the one woman he can’t seem to forget—is already in harm’s way.


by Tony Baker

Harold Lancaster, a retired cop, woke one morning to find himself in the middle of hell.  He had seen many things over twenty-five years in law enforcement, but that experience had not prepared him for this insanity. In a coordinated worldwide attack, terrorists had unleashed a mutated virus. This virus that did not kill outright, it did something far worse.  It changed the vast majority of the human population into things only experienced in the darkest of nightmares. 
Harry would have rather curled up under the covers in the hope this was, in fact, only a nightmare, but a sense of duty is a hard thing to ignore. After spending most of his adult life sworn to protect others from the things that go bump in the night, he soon came to terms with the fact that something needed to be done. Although Harry had no idea what he could do, or how to go about doing it, he knew he had to do something. This begins the saga of one man, and a small group, who refuse to go quietly into the night.  They will face the infected and unspeakable horrors, but they will also discover incredible acts of courage by others who also remain among the Survivors of the Dead.

FROM THE ASHES is book one in the series, with the second book, THE ROAD UNKNOWN, on track to publish Spring 2015.

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