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Four in the Morning

Four in the Morning

by Tim Marquitz

A young girl coming of age in an alternate, steampunk Chicago learns the truth about herself while avenging her lost friends. A bitter, teenage murderer finds acceptance and power in the arms of a dark African god’s gangster disciples. A middle-aged woman in a frigid marriage discovers her experimental age-defying treatment may be something more than skin deep. A worn, aged, small-town patriarch uncovers a web of sinister transactions revolving around his local funeral home.

Four in the Morning offers adventurous steampunk, sinister urban fantasy, dark science fiction, and bone-chilling horror in three novelettes and one novella from four exciting genre voices:

Malon Edwards, Edward M. Erdelac, Lincoln Crisler, and Tim Marquitz.

Stiletto Dolls

Stiletto Dolls

by C L Black

Cannes, FR, Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 11:22 local
Blackballed operative Sterling must get on that private jet. The real life German Barbie doll in the white stretch is doing her she knows to change Sterling’s plansâ??again. Despite the doll’s best efforts, the image filling Sterling’s iPhone can’t be ignored. The girl is wearing Sterling’s dead lover’s stiletto boots; boots confirmed buried in the rubble of the North Tower on 9/11. Worse, the girl may already know the boot’s deadly secretâ??a secret the CIA must keep buried as Sterling works to get another lost loveâ??the beautiful ex-KGB assassin gone rogueâ??off the MI6 hit list before her time runs out. And what if Sterling opens the little gift-wrapped package the doll’s papa ordered be placed onboard the jet? Dame Jane Sterling and the whole bloody assignment could be blownâ??sky high!

Stiletto Dolls: a novel of steamy psychological suspense delivers all, except a leading man. The ladies rule in this contemporary twisted fantasy of Cold War cloak and dagger intrigue dripping with desire, deceit, diamonds, and above all else, denial.

The Cast. Presented in order of appearance

Our Protagonist, Dame Jane Sterling: A former CIA spy code-named Cougar73. Jane, age 36, believes she is a pediatric psychologist. Jane moonlights as a freelance operative under the cover of a professional dominatrix.

Katrina GoodKnight Blachmann: aka Tiger69, age 40. A KGB trained child assassin, she became a “Hushgirl” at age 6.

The Countess Kristin von Krump: aka KK, age 25. KK is the “special” pain in Jane’s side.

Miss Christi: aka Mum, age 68, is Cougar73’s Stiletto Control. She plays a grandmotherly role, but is nobody’s Granny!

Miss Catherine Katrina Black: aka MK, age 15. Catherine may be the daughter of Katrina GoodKnight. One fact is certainâ??she’s trouble!

Heinrich von Krump the sixth: aka Papa, age uncertain. Papa is the billionaire mystery man that Jane is in pursuit of throughout the story.

The K-A-T, Katerina: aka Boris, aka Tiger66, age 43. This ex-KGB assassin is Katrina’s half-sister and Jane’s mentor. Given a new identity, she is now Ms. Kate Smith.

Elsa Weiss: Miss Weiss, age 33, is KK’s girl of many hats.

The DC Client: Work name Peter, (Pete) Long, age 47. Pete was Jane’s CIA case officer.

The DC bargirl: Nina, age 23, provides Miss Jane with unhealthy drink and distraction.

Natasha White: aka Snow White, age 28. Miss White is the beautiful blonde damsel-in-distress honey-pot whose mission is to garner Jane’s affections.

The Lady Jacqueline Churchill: age uncertain. A member of MI6, Lady Jacqueline is a prickly thorn from Jane’s past life.

The kittens, Danielle, and Giselle Wright: Twin sisters, age 20. They live at the Blachmann Castle with Miss Christi and make life interesting for Catherine and MK.

Dr. Samantha (Sam) Resnik: aka the Temptress, age 30. Sam also lives at the Castle and helps Miss Christi with the kittens.

Senator Winter: age 37, is the subject prompting Jane’s return to DC.

Secret Service Agent Carol Daniels: age 29, and Jane have a past.

Remnants of Life: Legends of Darkness

Remnants of Life: Legends of Darkness

by Georgia L. Jones

Dangerous Saviorsâ?¦ What would you do if your life rested in the hands of something that really wanted to eat you? Come journey through the realms of the next world where everything you know about Good and Evil are put to the test.

Samantha Garrett lives and dies a good life in the human world. She awakens a new creature, Samoda, a vampire-like warrior in the army of Nuem. She is forced to realize that she has become a part of a world that humans believe to be only “Legends of Darkness.” Samoda finds her new life is entwined with the age old story of greed, love, betrayal, and vengeance.

Join our heroine as she battles not just for her own existence, but for the entire human race’s future.

Badger's End (Orosyss)

Badger’s End (Orosyss)

by Kari Lea Valentine

In the land of Orosyss, the Piaens and the Aterens had long been at war. This war raged on for thousands of years until a great magickal storm came, destroying most of the peoples, and brought with it the dawning of a new era. With the new era came a new enemy force: the Dark Empress, Malum, Corruption, and the Empress’s many legions of evil guards. Some say the storm was caused by the Dark Goddess, some say it was fate, either way, the land of Orosyss lies in peril. The Dark Empress and her guards have spread a curse, a poison of sorts, upon most of the water in all of the lands of Orosyss. This corruption, once imbibed, gave the Dark Empress power over the minds of the cursed; forcing them to serve in her corrupted guard. In Orosyss’ history, the war of the corruption has been foretold. It was said that the war will continue until a pure one comes, bringing with her a life giving force that will hold the cure to the corruption, and the long-awaited end to the warâ?¦

Chamber Of Greed

Chamber Of Greed

by Michael Smart

A short tale of greed and revenge, with Thomas, a young man searching for the beast who destroyed his family and ignited the spark that would change his future.

Lewis and The Turmoil Of Time

Lewis and The Turmoil Of Time

by Hilary-Anne Attwater

Welcome to a place where magic dust and potions are commonplace, where time-travellers can move between time levels and Owls and Dragons can talk!
The first book about the adventures of Lewis Edwards, a time-traveller, is set in 1958. Thirteen-year-old Lewis lives with his Mother, Father, fifteen year old sister Amber, and seventeen year old brother Ellis at number 22 Covell Court. Their lives are irrevocably changed when the family move to Broom Cottage to learn all about Witchcraft and Wizardry – having travelled back in time 10 years to 1948.

Soon Lewis is befriended by Keya, the house ghost, and an impish character called Re who teaches Lewis and his siblings how to cast spells, mix potions, and fly on a broomstick!

It very soon becomes obvious that Keya and Re have an alternative motive – to find Lewis’s Uncle Norton, who vanished in 1940, and bring him home.
With much help from his new friends Lewis gets into many scrapes and near-misses before he feels he has done all that he can – only to find that he has placed everyone in very grave danger!

Nothing is what it seems, as Lewis takes a topsy-turvy ride in his attempt to save the world; matter can change its form as evil fights to gain control.
Is there a fifth-columnist who is aiding the forces of evil? It seems to be the only logical explanation – but who would sell their soul? Lewis has a gargantuan task to complete but has a rich array of powerful allies who can both protect him and enable him to go forward and uncover the truth.

This is a real roller-coaster of a story which passes through different time zones, and it’s all set against the back-cloth of an attempt at keeping Lewis’s exploits secret from his parents – and miscellaneous other â??oldies’!

Snow White & The Eighth Dwarf

Snow White & The Eighth Dwarf

by E. L. Cline

Dhel was a loner by heart. The fact that only seven dwarven lords might live in a village was never a problem for him; in truth he preferred his modest cave. But when hunstmen sent by the Mage Queen strike deep into the heart of the Dark Forest to steal away with his beloved Snow White, he will set out into the world of men and magic to get her back.

And yet even his mighty ax might not be enough – the forest has secrets of its own.

Trinity: The Divine Wheel (part1)

Trinity: The Divine Wheel (part1)

by J.C.R.A Alpay

“Would you fight for free will if you know destiny is absolute?”


Hell is a truce amongst the eternals, made between the symphony of heavens and the angel of light. It is since then. But as time matured for humans, another truce was made -now between heaven and hell- called The Divine Wheel. The wheel is a collection of four elements, two created in heaven, two created in hell. The Heavenly flames, Silver ground, Hell water and Deathly winds. It is said that the true power of each of the elements shall be given to a mortal pure of will. And one of them was named John.

At 16, John probably proclaimed himself as a misfit. A misfit to his evil single mom, a bullied teenager and a hopeless romantic for a girl he cannot have. This is his life. But on an unlikely day, everything changed. Inside a vast library, he suddenly heard whispers from 11 books, hauntings and threats of angels, leading him into a well hidden world of secret organizations, unseen wars, guardian angels–and the discovery of guardian demons.


There are many universes.
There are many youâ?¦
Thousands of your alternate entities that took a different path in lifeâ?¦
And all composed of an identical soul, body and spirit.

But there are four beingsâ?¦
Beings that were born with pure souls, original bodies, and spirits unique among others.
No alternates among the endless universes.
They are the Puresâ?¦ and they are the Disceptarix.

But their gift had a consequence…

From the time good and evil were born, heaven forged two elements
One made of fire and one made of silver.
Hell forged another two, now, made of water and air.
And the Divine Wheel was born.
A Wheel that bound the elements far from what we know.
The fire gave life – The Golden flames,
The water dehydrates – Water of Helle,
The air suffocates – Winds of Deao
And the last element’s power was still unknownâ?¦

Each Disceptarix shall bear the true power of an element given to them, and lead legions of mortals influenced by the Divine wheel to continue the battle since the birth of good and evil.

Before the endâ?¦

When the four Pures are completed in one universeâ?¦ they would bring the beginning of a war that could deliver the end of all, even ideas, even thoughts, even justice, light, darkness and love; a death of death and everything before it.
And only one Disceptarix has not appearedâ?¦ the Disceptarix of fire.

Zachania The Complete Guide book

Zachania The Complete Guide book

by Joseph Henry Gaines

Zachania the complete guide book is a readers companion for the epic Zachania tome 1.
A detailed and fascinating tour through all characters traits and characteristics as well as their history and appearance. we have also included chapters on the origins of the wizards and witches as well as information of the secret wizards dialect.
This guide book is the perfect companion for anyone wishing to bring to life the characters in Zachania Tome 1.

About the Author
Writing Zachania began over twelve years ago, what started as a hobby turned into an epic tale of heroism and revenge surpassing over 1400 pages, inspired by films such as Dune, joseph Gaines found himself growing into his characters. As you turn the chapters you can feel the emotions of the leading characters as Gaines brings them to life. â?? I wanted to create characters that have feelings, fears, it was important to me to give them a side which we can all associate with, the story is set in a mythical time but I saw no reason why I could not show them having the common traits we all possess. When I started writing I had never even read a book before but I loved watching epic movies, Dune especially impressed me, I loved the way it showed its leading characters thoughts, this was how I wished to write, I wanted the reader to feel the characters thoughts as they turned the pages’ Joseph Henry Gaines

Zachania Tome 1
Zachania Tome 2
Copyright © 2012 Joseph Henry Gaines
All rights reserved.

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