Free fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Making Scenes

Making Scenes

by Adrienne Eisen

“Making Scenes” is the story of the post-millenium Everywoman making her way through a world where things don’t work out exactly as they’re supposed to. Portions of the novel have been featured in workshops across the United States, Europe and Australia.

From Emily Books: there are a lot of horrifying yet quotidian experiences that fiction rarely depicts. This book is full of them. But its narrator isn’t trying to shock or disgust you, or to provoke your sympathy. She is simply describing: incest, bulimia, pro beach volleyball. We sent this book to our literary hero Chris Kraus because we thought it might be up her alley. She sent this blurb: “What is shocking and most enlivening about Adrienne Eisen’s Making Scenes is not what she reveals, but her attitude towards what she reveals. The book is boundary-breaking not for any transgressive content – and I guess there’s a lot, especially if you consider the bulimia-fest – but because she is aloof from that content. Women are not supposed to do that. Eisen offers a refreshing personal nihilism in stark contrast to repentant Bad Girl sagas. Reading her I thought of Celine (the writer, not Celine Dion) and Camus.”

Excerpt from the book:

MY UNEMPLOYMENT RAN OUT the week before I left for L.A. My dad’s Visa card doesn’t work because it has his signature on the back. I had some money saved, but it’s gone because when I binge, no food is too expensive.

I wait until I’ve lived for two days on six bagels, and then I am hungry enough to get a job at Crate&Barrel-lining up glasses and dishes so that it looks like the Gap. This job is beneath me, but I tell myself it’s part of being a professional volleyball player-I can’t have a real job because I can only work at night…

Buy the book to continue reading!

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

American Spirit

American Spirit

by Gary E. Casteel

When a barn is raised in the Amish communities of Northern Indiana, we see it. When masses of people try to help a whale dying on a beach in California, it is present. When a child has fallen into an abandoned well in West Texas, the American Spirit becomes clear.
I saw a man with long, graying hair, wearing tattered army fatigues leaning against the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, crying. I watched a stranger in an expensive business suit walk over to hold and comfort the old soldier. At that very moment, I was witnessing the Spirit that is America.

Vote or Die

Vote or Die

by Kav Zrant

This is a short rant I had on July 28th and 29th, 2012. It’s about my perception of politics in America this summer. This is the way I see it and is meant to be taken only as my Opinion. Some of this uses profanity, some uses rational thought, you decide which is which. Enjoy.

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Free war Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Lost Girls (Black Ops)

Lost Girls (Black Ops)

by Bob Mayer

NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Bob Mayer

Over four million books sold. Translated into over a dozen languages.

*****Updated October 2011*****

Praise for Lost Girls: ” . . .delivers top-notch action and adventure, creating a full cast of lethal operatives armed with all the latest weaponry. Excellent writing and well-drawn, appealing characters help make this another taut, crackling read.” Publishers Weekly

Praise for Bodyguard of Lies: “Thelma and Louise go clandestine.” Kirkus Reviews
“Heart-racing non-stop action that is difficult to put down.” Mystery News

This terrific follow-up to Bodyguard of Lies continues to track the Cellar, a government organization whose task is to police rogue agents in the CIA, FBI and other U.S. bureaus. Maj. Jack Gant is called in from his South Carolina island home to oversee an investigation involving the abduction of Emily Cranston, daughter of Fort Bragg Special Warfare Center commander Col. Samuel Cranston. The motive for the abduction is revenge, and the perpetrators have been highly trained in how to carry it outâ??by the U.S. government. As related crimes pile up, Mayer delivers top-notch action and adventure, creating a full cast of lethal operatives armed with all the latest weaponry. Excellent writing and well-drawn, appealing characters help make this another taut, crackling read from Mayer. (Aug.)

Considered for option by Smokehouse, George Clooney’s production company.

Who polices the world of covert operations? Enter the Cellar, the most secret spy organization hiding deep within the United States.

Deep in the forests of Kentucky, a girl is held captive.

In Oklahoma, a young preschool teacher is murdered in front of her students.

In the Panhandle of Florida, a college undergrad is kidnapped from a nightclub.

These seemingly unrelated crimes catch the eye of the Cellar, the ultrasecret cell of operatives set up to police all other government agencies. Cellar operatives Gant and Neeley, along with profiler Susan Golden, must track down those responsible. But these are not ordinary criminals. They are a highly trained Special Forces sniper team. Crisscrossing the United States as new Cellar head Hannah Masterson calls the shots from up high, the Cellar operatives soon find themselves being targeted. Whoever is behind this knows the ultra top-secret Cellar’s tactics all to well.

Underneath this web of death, deceit, and revenge lies an even more shocking crime . . . a conspiracy that powerful men will sacrifice their lives — and the lives of their families — to protect.

Next book in series:
Lost Girls

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

The Gettysburg Kid (The Gettysburg Kid Trilogy)

The Gettysburg Kid (The Gettysburg Kid Trilogy)

by Stephen J. Goedert

She could speak to President Lincoln, General James Longstreet, and General Robert E. Lee. She brought them together on the battlefield of Gettysburg to find and stop the person who was vandalizing the monuments to their comrades and former enemies. It was not 1863 it was 2013, the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, and the people young Emma Smithton was helping were the very monuments that were being vandalized. With the help of Park Rangers, her friend Wyatt, and monuments from across the battlefield, Emma is in a race against time to stop a vandal before he destroys the biggest monument at Gettysburg Pennsylvania Military Park – The Pennsylvania State Monument.

An Eye of Death

An Eye of Death

by George Rees

A fast-paced murder mystery set in Shakespeare’s Elizabethan London

Elizabethan playwright Dekker lives a fast, furious, and exciting existence in London, skirting poverty, danger, and the love of a good woman. He finds work as an adapter at Philip Henslowe’s theatrical company and as a book-holder at Essex House – before being watched by Christopher Marlowe and others as politics intrude.

Theft of a hidden cipher and murder of a local constable keep him in trouble. Skilled plotting and namedropping means this book will especially will appeal to fans of Elizabethan theater and Simon Hawke’s Shakespearean mysteries.

An Icy Step to Oblivion

An Icy Step to Oblivion

by Robert Mann

The story is set in England 30 years into the future; but it is an England vastly changed due to global warming. The polar ice caps have melted, causing vast areas of the coast line to be flooded. To compound the problem, temperatures have plummeted creating incredible hardship for all.

The story plots the fear, struggle and bravery of three close families and the local Vicar in a small town in the New Forest; as their faith and beliefs are tested to the full by the release of the incarcerated demonic Gorgones from ancient Greek times. The friends must save their town and the multitudes; who inadvertently are ready to take an icy step to oblivion.

The conflict between good and evil ensues, with possible tragic and doomsday consequences; culminating in a nail biting ending.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Modern Princess 2

Modern Princess 2

by Monica Murray

Jennifer is a busy lawyer who doesn’t realize how important life really is until she gets into a car accident with her true love, Harvey. She survives, he doesn’t. After the accident, she finds herself in a magical kingdom, where, thanks to a deal made by a mermaid, she must find Gerald, the king’s son, the perfect princess to marry, or, be put to death immediately. However, as she interacts with the princesses, the mermaid and Gerald, she begins to learn some things about herself and she starts to unearth a royal conspiracy…

The Dragon under the Hill (Smok wawelski) English edition

The Dragon under the Hill (Smok wawelski) English edition

by Alex Fonteyn

Adapted from the classic Polish tale, The Dragon under the Hill tells the story of an ancient principality and its inhabitants’ struggle with an uninvited and extremely unwelcome guest!

An evil fire breathing dragon decides to settle in the principality of Prince Krakus, pillaging and plundering the country! Even the prince’s knights encounter much more than they bargained for when they try to defeat the dragon. But that is not all! Worse is to come when the dragon decides that the prince’s daughter, Princess Anna, would make a very tasty meal.

But help is at hand! A simple shoemaker named Jacob has a plan. He believes that the key to defeating the dragon lies not in force, but in being clever and brave. Prince Krakus is at his wit’s end and permits Jacob to implement a simple, yet daring and clever scheme.

This classic story is at once exciting and educational, demonstrating that there is more than just one way to defeat an enemy. Intelligence and brains can be just as effective as fighting and brawn.

The Lair of Blood

The Lair of Blood

by Anne Davidson

The night was filled with darkness, bitter and cold. Sasha Moretii continued to walk through the narrow pass in the woods alone. Within moments she began to have a sensation that something or someone was, watching her which made her more nervous. She began to think that the stories, she had been told as a child could be true. Stories of a dark hideous Night beast, that would carry off with the Innocent. You see these stories were warnings of danger in the area. Sasha had no choice, somewhere up ahead was the only man, that could help her save her father. She had sacrificed all she had to reach him. Little did she know that her destiny was calling, and this man she would soon begin to love.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

These are Fighting Words, Step Up Society

These are Fighting Words, Step Up Society

by AJ Romano

These are Fighting Words is a poetic outcry to society regarding the injustices the average individual faces every day. This collection of poems leaves out no one, and speaks to everyone in a diverse but heartfelt way. Anyone who watches, reads, or hears the daily news report can relate to the active and frustrated, but somewhat disheartened, tone this collection exhumes.

This collection is from the energy of the people to the minds and enegry of the masses. This collection was written to excite those who believe they think in the minority.

It's Called a circUS! (So, Why Would You Go Without Me?)

It’s Called a circUS! (So, Why Would You Go Without Me?)

by gary mcgrew

this is a collection of
meaningful-less, early poetry by
gary mcgrew.

(author of The Town,
The Ghost Town and
The Town Circus)

a bizarre, fantastic
assemblage of poetic hits including –

“Ben Franklin’s Dream”, “Laugh at Someone”
“A Time Before Answering Machines”.

Empirical in Majesty (The Poetry of Tanner Brockwell)

Empirical in Majesty (The Poetry of Tanner Brockwell)

by Tanner Brockwell

If you come to learn to read into poetry and really understand the depth that it reaches, then you will feel the beauty that transcends all, and while you let that soak in, what that touches upon here and now, your unconscious is already becoming more creative and can tell me how you best express your creativity.

A Journey Through Life

A Journey Through Life

by Joseph Ogbonna

A lover’s journey is a combination of both nature and love. In this particular poem, a fellow travels desperately through a tropical Paradise of some sort,
in search of a beautiful Damsel who happens to be elusive. A couple of other exciting poems that will excite a global audience are contained therein.

Words of William Saint George

Words of William Saint George

by Jesse Johnson

A collection of poems with commentary from William Saint George

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Justin Time

Justin Time

by Cory Parella

From the author of ‘Jedi To Jesus: The making of a Christian Filmmaker’ comes the Christian genre answer to Ian Fleming’s James Bond and George Lucas’ Indiana Jones.

Justin Naby, whose name means prophets in Hebrew, is an Agent for the NSA’s Special Archives Department, a team that by the power of the Holy Spirit, can travel through time. Using video, they record history for those living in the Last Days, when truth becomes scarce. Terrorists and human traffickers fear him, for his team is able to intervene, often inviting those who do evil to follow Christ, erasing many tragedies. To friends and family, he is a husband, father and government employee.

To the world after 2051, he is known as Justin Time.

As if They Always Knew

As if They Always Knew

by Regina Russell

When Shelly, a young widow, shell-shocked by the untimely death of her husband, is finally beginning to heal emotionally, a dark secret is uncovered that threatens to polarize her again. But with fire in her heart, she determines to realize one of her dreams despite her setbacks. But her motorcycling teacher’s insistence that she learn much more than how to ride challenges her ability to trust.
Regina Russell, “an author you can trust with your heart,” is the featured author for Abner Publishing for the summer of 2012. For a great summer read at a great price, come ride with Shelly as she takes off on the adventure of her life.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Schoolgirl Apocalypse

Schoolgirl Apocalypse

by John Cairns

It begins in a small Japanese village. A mysterious affliction transforms men into zombies who kill women on sight.
For the few women who live to see the second day, a harsh new world awaits where the only rule is survival of the fittest.
Sakura is a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, naïve and unprepared for the violent murder of her family and friends. Will she give in to starvation and madness? Will she crawl into a hole to die?
Aoi, a sociopathic beauty, finds this new hell to be her personal utopia. In this lawless land she can amass a fortune and indulge in her darkest fantasies. Beware any who would stand in her way!
Okamoto is an alcoholic lab technician in a remote mountain research facility. Her life of hazardous waste disposal ends abruptly with the bloody chaos of the crazed men and the arrival of an angelic boy, mysteriously immune to the affliction. Will this broken woman rise to the challenge to protect the boy and young Sakura? Will these desperate few survive long enough to discover the force behind the apocalypse?
Follow the schoolgirl Sakura and the others as they struggle through a macabre landscape of horror and madness to find the source of this blight on the soul of man.

Grave Concerns (Cemetery Trilogy)

Grave Concerns (Cemetery Trilogy)

by S.L. Davidson

Paranormal investigation meets H.P. Lovecraft.The Cemetery Trilogy concludes in this explosive mix of the occult, forgotten crawling gods, and nameless horrors. Mysteries are revealed as the slumbering evil beneath a dying city is confronted.

A Pack of Wolves II: Skyfall

A Pack of Wolves II: Skyfall

by Eric S. Brown

A century later, the Farr family continues to thrive. A new generation of wolves walks the Earth with Zed as their leader. From the depths of space arrives an army of aliens with superior technology and a massive power-armored force of troops. Their goal: To take the Earth and make it their own. Now only the Farr family and their allies in the world of the supernatural can save the human race from being utterly destroyed. It’s werewolves vs. aliens in this action-filled tale of war and interplanetary conquest.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

by Fred Anderson

Kyle Maddox woke up this morning with an amazing new ability. There’s just one problem: his stepfather wants to use Kyle’s gift for his own benefit.

Now Kyle has to make a decision that will change both their lives forever.

Approximately 6000 words.

This short story also contains an extended sample of the thriller “No Limit”, by the same author.

The Border Crossing

The Border Crossing

by Rusty Wilson

In this bone-chilling short story by the infamous Rusty Wilson, we find that helping a hippie backpacker sneak through the thick backwoods at the Canadian border may not be such a good ideaâ??and beware, as he’s still there, looking for help!

Also included is the creepy story, “Tired of Tourists,” where a strange creature in Canada’s Waterton Peace Park decides he’s had it with people. From Rusty’s hit book, “Ten Intense Bigfoot Campfire Stories.”

Enjoy, but don’t read before bedtime!

Phantom Rage (The Rage Trilogy)

Phantom Rage (The Rage Trilogy)

by William Blackwell

Kathleen Freeborne lives a perfectly normal life until the day her team of paranormal investigators is granted permission to investigate the reportedly haunted King’s Playhouse Theatre in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

On the morning of the investigation, she suffers a terrifying panic attack, leading her to believe her life is coming to a grinding halt and people are out to get her.

Events escalate from bad to worse when the team arrives at the theater only to discover caretaker Bill Blythe is behaving oddly and ranting incomprehensible religious gibberish. Shortly after his departure, they see a bloodied and battered apparition of a woman who tells them to beware the chosen one.

The frightened team flees only to discover a few days later that strange things are happening around the little town of Montague. The townsfolk are behaving oddly and frightening events are happening all around them-many in their own homes.

After a series of gruesome murders, they embark down a dark path, trying to stop the demented killer. Or killers.

A chilling, mind-bending journey that explores haunted happenings-that would shove most people over the edge-that paranormal investigators handle regularly.

Phantom Rage will terrify you so much you’ll want to sleep with the light on!

Fair Game

Fair Game

by Symantha McClellan

Madison Hayes has a secret.
She may seem like an ordinary high school student, but by night she’s a hunterâ??a killer of all things paranormal. And between homework and ghost-chasing, life is complicated enough.
But things get even messier when a monster she’s never seen before begins terrorizing the children in the neighborhood, including her best friend’s little brother. And to make matters worse, there’s Liamâ??a new hunter in town who’s set his sights on Madisonâ?¦and the past she’s determined to keep hidden. As the hunt grows more mysterious, Madison is forced to team up with Liam, all the while keeping her best friend, Cassie, out of the loop. But just how long can she keep her double-life a secret and her dark past buried?

Hungry Things: A Horror Triple Feature

Hungry Things: A Horror Triple Feature

by H.C. Mitchen

Three horror stories:

Indelicacy – A swamp nuisance turns into a threat. The sheriff might have found a way to solve the issue for good.

Roots – A father tries to add some adventure to his kids’ Christmas with disastrous results.

Unwanted – Sean has a way with dogs and maybe some other, more dangerous creatures.

Stories are available individually.

The Kings Croft

The Kings Croft

by N. J. Smith

Dear God, deliver us from evil…

‘The Kings Croft,’ is the first book released by author N.J.Smith.

The journey begins with the tale of Lord Oliver Beresford and the terrible legacy that he has brought back with him from the Battle of Waterloo.

Find out what terrible secret has been concealed from mankind since the advent of Christianity.

Local people in the village of Church Hampton say that the Kings Croft is a place of evil. A place people fear to visit, and where people have died!

On a hot summers afternoon in 1950, Professor Joseph Brett and his close friend James Renton are making an archaeological study of the Kings Croft and its mysterious ancient monument known as ‘The Stack.’

Little do they realise, they are about to make a chance discovery, uncovering something that has been waiting to be found for centuries, something terrible and of unimaginable evil.

And now it is only a matter of time before the prophecy will come true, we must pray that Gods divine protection shall prevail keeping evil at bay for the sake of all mankind.

The Kings Croft, only fools fear to venture where angels fear to tread.

Be prepared to pray for your immortal souls, for you are only one step away from Hell!

Strange Things At Senecca Farms

Strange Things At Senecca Farms

by Albert Long

The “War Between the States’ concludes. People’s fates change. New motives develop. Old feelings remain. Change is hard to resist. Mystic circumstances guide the fates of the souls at a southern plantation, after the Civil War. Can those who cling to the South’s past resist a SPIRIT intent on a new direction?

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

101 Free Things To Do In New York City (2012 Edition) (101 Money Saving Travel Books)

101 Free Things To Do In New York City (2012 Edition) (101 Money Saving Travel Books)

by Daniel Davidson

Sure everyone knows about Shakespeare In The Park, but have you ever heard about the hilarious (and free) Upright Citizens Brigade Theater? It’s a free comedy show with many Saturday Night Live alum. You would know about this and 100 other free, cool things to do in NYC if you buy this book!

Visit New York. Open wallet. Hear giant sucking sound.

No more!

Learn how to enjoy the Big Apple without breaking the bank.

When I first moved to the city I was so broke I couldn’t pay attention. I had no choice but to seek out all that’s great and free in the big city. I mean, it was all right there in front of me. I wasn’t going to let it pass me by just because I couldn’t pay for it.

Believe it or not, there are tons and tons and tons of great things to do in New York that won’t cost you a dime.

And here they are: 101 free things to do in The City That Never Sleeps, organized in the following categories:

o Outdoor
o Music, Theater,and Dance
o Art, Literature and Architecture
o Food and Drink
o Transportation and Parking
o Flea Markets
o Stores & Window Shopping

This isn’t some quick list thrown together in a few pages. This book includes well researched activities, accurate descriptions, contact information (including phone, email, websites, and Facebook pages) of the best of what’s free in New York.

You’ll even learn about experiences that usually cost money. Buy this book and you’ll have at your fingertips all the days and times that you can get for free the same experiences tourists are paying top dollar for.

Be in the know! Learn how to get free things like:

o Free Kayak Rentals on the Hudson River
o Free performances including jazz, rock shows, plays, spoken word, beat boxing, dance comedy, word beat, blues, experimental artists, the list goes on!
o List of the best free museums and art galleries from the Village to Harlem
o Free T.V. show tapings
o Free movies, festivals, and more entertainment
o Free food and drinks!
o Free kids activities

Go aheadâ?¦ Do it! Buy my book today.

Enjoy New York without the sucking sound in your wallet. It’s just $5 but it could save you hundreds!!

My New Life in Brazil - Part 2. Daily Life

My New Life in Brazil – Part 2. Daily Life

by J.N. Paquet

The Author and Columnist J.N. Paquet moved to Brazil in January 2011 with his little family, after living in London, UK, for ten years. He has decided to write a blog “My New Life in Brazil”, where he could tell us about his new life in the biggest country of South America.

Stories, culture, food, traditions, habitsâ?¦ everything there is so different. Well, everything?

Every day a new episode was published on his blog.

This book represents the integrality of the episodes published online up to February 2011.

China: Don't go there until...

China: Don’t go there until…

by Rob Walters

If you are thinking of going to China to teach or travel then don’t – not until you have read this book. The book may entice you to go or it may persuade you to stay. Either way if you are interested in China and wish to far beyond the tourist guide view, then read this book.
The author lived in one of the most famous cities in China, yet few in the West have heard of it. He also lived near the epicentre of the most damaging earthquake in recorded history, yet it is long forgotten. China is so big that it hides behind itself so you need a book that takes you beyond the veil: this is that book. It is not a detailed study of the country, yet reveals the heart of the place through insightful revelations.
You will enjoy the accounts of teaching and travelling which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad. You will be surprised and shocked at the descriptions of school life and the life of the poor. You will begin to understand the very real cultural differences between the West and China and learn how to cope with them. You will also learn how to buy beer in Chinese restaurants.
Rob Walters’ book spotlights the fundamental problem facing the foreign teacher in China and provides a solution. It is entertaining and informative and, since it is based on two separate visits, gives a sense of China’s unending paradox: its stability and its ability to cope with rapid change.

Approximately 80,000 words and 10 photos

Discover Ancient Thai Kingdoms: AYUTTHAYA, SUKHOTHAI AND LAMPANG

Discover Ancient Thai Kingdoms: AYUTTHAYA, SUKHOTHAI AND LAMPANG

by Sheila Simkin

It seems like some people work their entire life so they can take an Exotic Vacation, when in reality, such a trip can be had for less than taking the family to DisneyWorld.

Let Travels With Sheila teach you how to Travel the World on a Budget, share exotic locations with you known only to locals, and most importantly, ease your fears about languages, currencies, personal safety and staying healthy.

If this is not your first visit to Thailand. If you’ve been there, and done it all – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Golden Triangle, sampled a few of its renowned golden Beaches and Islands – swing by comparatively less-visited Ayutthaya, Sukhothai and Lampang. Mention this to some people and you’ll get a blank stare, “Why would you want to see Historical Cities? What do they have to offer?”

Spending time in Thailand’s Three Ancient, and Historical Cities, is nothing like touring “historical sights” in Europe, i.e. Dry facts, guides spouting…and then so-and-so fought so-and so…and then so-and-so took over so-and so…followed by the great-grand-nephew of so-and so-who then warred on… No, no, and no. Prepare for an easier, gentler immersion into Thai History.

Walk, bicycle or tuk-tuk over acres of peaceful Historical Parks with no motorized traffic….small, gigantic, standing, and reclining Buddhas, serenely gaze down on you…Burmese, Khymer, Lana, and Singhalese-style Temples, Chedis/Stupas and pillars are scattered throughout, remnants of the 800-year old Siamese Kingdom…and quietly hum a few bars from “The King and I, even though the Thai people considered the movie disrespectful. Add the fabulous Bang Pa-in Palace, Wat Phanan Choeng’s Golden Buddha, and House of Many Pillars into your itinerary while making your way north towards Chiang Mai.


– Easy Basics For Visiting Thailand.

– The Dos and Don’ts of Independent Travel.

– How to Save Big Money Without Sleeping With Fleas.

– What to See and Do.

Now, Travels With Sheila tells it like it is with the personalized, up-to-date information and photographs you need to make the most of your trip to Thailand. See the best of Thailand’s Historical Cities by following her travel tips.

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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Jul 12

Golf's Greatest Players: Arnold Palmer

Golf’s Greatest Players: Arnold Palmer

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes a detailed biography on one of the greatest golfers to play the game
* Includes several pictures
* Includes a table of contents

There are few professional athletes that have made an impact on their sport like Arnold Palmer. Palmer single handedly elevated golf into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. He was the quintessential player who transformed the game from a hobby into an art, and was the complete package of good looks, charisma and charm. The fact that he was the best golfer of his day didn’t hurt either.

Like many other great athletes, Arnold Palmer transcended sports. Today Arnold is a variety of things to many different people: golf immortal, successful golf course designer, prominent businessman and devoted family man. In a world where famous athletes are known for their demonstrative personalities and prima donna attitudes Arnold Palmer was and still is a breath of fresh air.

Despite all of the success, fame and money he is known for his unwavering kindness and affability. It was that approachability and genuineness that propelled him to stardom in the 1950’s and has endeared him to millions of fans all over the world.

We’ll take you through Palmer’s life from the son of a groundskeeper in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of golf success on the PGA tour as he captures 62 PGA Tour victories including seven major championships. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of his golf business including his golf course design firm and his founding of the Golf Channel.

Palmer’s life on and off the golf course is inspiring. Unlike so many elite athletes, he was able to transition from the game as his body failed him and did it with dignity and honor. He has too many accolades to list – including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2004. Ask him and he’ll tell you he’s just Arnold Palmer, a kid from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, but to us, he’s “The King.”

How Deer Communicate And Finding Early Season Bucks - Deer Hunting Books

How Deer Communicate And Finding Early Season Bucks – Deer Hunting Books

by Donnie Hoover

***** Kindle Best Seller *****

A layman’s knowledge of deer senses and communication is plenty for the average deer hunter, but if you’re looking to hone your superior skills, an in-depth look is in order.

On the other side of this book, you’ll know so much about deer communication that you’ll begin to feel like one of the herd!

If you want to start your season off with a bang, then it’s time to bone up on where to find those early season bucks.

The biggest benefit, other than having your pick before the herds are thinned by other hunters, is that deer aren’t wary of hunters during the early season – particularly if you’re bow hunting.

Before the sound of gunfire fills the woods, you’ve got the element of surprise on your side. That, along with what you’re about to learn, gives you a great advantage.

Here is a list of things covered in this deer hunting book

-Visual Communication
-Vocal Communications
-Communications via Smell
-Harvesting Glandular Scent
-Warning Signs
-How the Change of Season Affects Deer Behavior
-Hot Spots: Where to Look
-Do your Homework
-Soft Mast
-Spider Webs
-Take Your Pick!

Golf's Greatest Players: Jack Nicklaus

Golf’s Greatest Players: Jack Nicklaus

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the life of Jack Nicklaus
* Includes several picturse
* Includes a table of contents

Jack Nicklaus is more than just a famous name in golf history. While he is most known for his prowess on the golf course, he has also done a lot to promote and further the entire sport. From his award winning golf course designs to his philanthropic work, Jack Nicklaus is truly one of a kind when it comes to generosity and humbleness.

Jack Nicklaus started out golfing as a child for fun and then his hobby led him in to doing it as a full time career. He dominated the course from the time he entered high school until he declared himself a pro and left Ohio State University after three years of studying to become a pharmacist. Jack said he never imagined golf would be a career for him because he loved to play the game so much. However, it worked out well for him as he left school to try and earn money on the golf circuit and earned way more than he ever could have imagined.

Besides setting records on the courses for just about every record ever kept, Nicklaus became a legend off the course as well. He went into business designing golf courses and remains in business with his sons to this day. Many of the PGA major golf tournaments are held at his courses. There are Nicklaus designed courses in many countries around the world, not just the United States.

Besides designing courses, Nicklaus also has a line of golf apparel, three lines of golf clubs, a brand of wine, a golf academy, a real estate division for his golf courses and even a travel agency. They all relate to golf and how a person can enjoy their game better. Nicklaus oversees hospitable charities with his wife and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to many worthwhile causes in their home state of Ohio and their adopted state of Florida.

Jack retired from golf in 2005 but still works on designing courses and organizing his own charity tournament on the PGA circuit. He and his wife Barbara had five children and twenty one grandchildren. They permanently reside in Florida near many of the courses he has built over the last couple decades.

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