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Zane's I'll Be Home for Christmas

Zane’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas

by Zane

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Seasons Readings - A Collection of Holiday Themed Short Stories

Seasons Readings – A Collection of Holiday Themed Short Stories

by Mary Pat Hyland

A collection of holiday themed short stories cleverly written by talented authors from both sides of the pond who write in the genres of romance, mystery, thriller and fantasy.

-Home for Christmas by Lia Fairchild (Approx. 7,000 words)
-Christmas Without You by Mel Comley (Approx. 1,300 words)
-Legacy of Sandy Klausse by Valerie Maarten (Approx. 7,000 words)
-Jade Elephant Libby Fischer Hellmann (Approx. 3,500 words)
-Eleanor’s Christmas Surprise by Tania Tirraoro (Approx. 3,200 words)
-Christmas Rainbows by Melissa A. Smith (Approx. 1,300 words)
-A Basketball, A Storm Drain and a Choo-Choo Train by Sue Owen (Approx. 8,500 words)
-Silver Bells by Cactus Rose (Approx. 2,600 words)
-Kate and The Irishman by Mary Pat Hyland (Approx. 5,000 words)

Jared's Island

Jared’s Island

by John Thayer

Jared is an 11 year old boy who has bounced around between foster homes his whole life. After his current fosters abandon him, he decides to set out on the adventure of a lifetime and see where he ends up. He borrows a small boat and ends up on a mysterious island with a caretaker who has many secrets. Jared has to deal with much more than rough seas in getting to the island. Once he arrives he is confronted with puzzling questions that the man will not answer.

Blame It On The Mistletoe - A Novel of Bright's Pond

Blame It On The Mistletoe – A Novel of Bright’s Pond

by Joyce Magnin

Is There Really a Fountain of Youth in Paradise? 

Welcome back to Bright’s Pond, where strange happenings are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing Home.

The folks have suddenly grown younger, happier, and even a bit friskier thanks to Leon Fontaine, the newest Paradise Trailer Park resident. But Mildred Blessing is suspicious and sets out to investigate while the wedding to end all weddings is being planned.

Only, in Bright’s Pond, nothing ever really goes as planned . . .

“What’s better than Bright’s Pond? Bright’s Pond at Christmas time. Magnin hasn’t just created characters–she’s created friends you’ll love spending time with. You’ll love every page of this quirky delight, and when that last chapter is read, you’ll be ready for more of Griselda and the rest of the Bright’s Pond residents.” – Jenny B. Jones, Award-winning author of romantic comedies such as” Save the Date” and A Charmed Life series

“The queen of quirk does it again. With her signature wit and charm and penchant for surprise, Joyce Magnin takes us on a leisurely read through Bright’s Pond, where uncannily loveable chaeracters reside — God in the midst of them. I want to move there.” – Nancy Rue, author of The Reluctant Prophet

“Creative and fun, a visit to Bright ‘s Pond for the Holidays is just what the doctor ordered. Who can resist spry octogenarians in hot pursuit of the Fountain of Youth or romance in trouble But it is the endearing thread of love and sympathy that runs through the characters that makes readers return.” – Cathy Gohlke, Christy Award winning author of William Henry is a Fine Name and I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires

Satanic Hell #1 (of 7)

Satanic Hell #1 (of 7)

by Grigoris Douros

Broke and directionless, the three members of the industrial metal band Satanic Hell arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious promoter named Sam. Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus quickly find trouble in the bizarre world of Texas, now an authoritarian Christian state controlled by a council of religious fanatics.

Vada Faith

Vada Faith

by Barbara A. Whittington

Check out this fun new novel set in the fictional town of Shady Creek, West Virginia. Follow the antics of beauty shop owners Vada Faith Waddell and her feisty twin sister, Joy Ruth. When Vada Faith signs on to be a surrogate mother to earn a down payment for a big home in the fancy new subdivision of Crystal Springs, she learns too late that the childless couple, Dottie and Roy Kilgore, are small time criminals.
When she loses the support of her beloved husband, John Wasper, Vada Faith realizes that in pursuing her own selfish dreams, she’s about to lose everything she’s ever held dear. She knows she has to do something when her two little girls are bullied at school. Somehow, she has to put a stop to the avalanche of hurt she’s caused. The question is how? And what does she do about the little baby she carries? Would it help if she went on the Maddie Magill talk show and pleaded her case. Find out when you read this serious but humorous story of complicated relationships and solid family values.

ONE: Season 1 #1

ONE: Season 1 #1

by Jay Carvajal

The second revolution is about to begin. Can ONE person change the world? Kane is cornered on top of a high rise by a platoon of shock troops, a meta-human, and a heavily armed battle cruiser. They should have waited for backup.

Distant Relatives

Distant Relatives

by John Agostino

Jack Treglia suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. An unfortunate result of two tours of duty in Vietnam. In an effort to forget, the ex-Marine keeps his Bronze Star tucked away in his underwear drawer—well, he did before the tornado. After one of his Vietnam War flashbacks—the one when he can’t save a small child from enemy fire—he wakes up in a hospital, blind and suffering from partial amnesia. He remembers his wife and children. He just can’t remember what happened to them.

Jack befriends a nurse who resembles his wife. Together they try to discover what happened to his family. She helps him remember things, bizarre things, including the massive Coronary Embolism that killed him. That’s right, dead. But that won’t stop him from finding his family. And yet the revelation of his death is nothing compared to what he learns about his nurse.

The Life of Me

The Life of Me

by Nigel Brown-ward

The life of me is and inspirational thriller that covers the story of a teen who grew up fighting for his survival through the foster homes crack houses. But everything changes after Anthony loses the closest thing to him Lisa. Now 16 Anthony meets Ashley, but her father is a mystery, who is he? What secrets will Anthony uncover, and will he make it through this last hell in his life alive.

Subway Noise

Subway Noise

by Neil Craig Strauss

Subway Noise (Graphic Novel) follows Oscar Witz, an ex-con, now multimillionaire “entrepreneur” who uses questionable surveillance techniques to beat the financial markets.  Life is good until one day, he receives an extortion letter and decides to implement a most unlikely survival plan.

A Grave Exchange (A Grave Passion)

A Grave Exchange (A Grave Passion)

by Jane Pillatzke

A Grave Exchange will leave you breathless, shaking from head to toe, glowing, turned on and giddy with excitement over such a rare find.
Ivy Steele is the character all women today find in themselves, someone strong, independent, but who has a horrid past to overcome.
Lucius Valentine is a leader amongst his men who swore to uphold his kingdom but tragedies set in and his fate is sealed, until he meets the beautiful Ivy.
Can they together dare to dream of true love, can they together survive what fate has thrown their way or will their relationship end in doom?

Finding Monsters (Guardians of Esurack)

Finding Monsters (Guardians of Esurack)

by Liss Thomas

Missy has been fighting to live her entire life, but when she finds herself in a realm of unique and sometimes deadly monsters, she discovers just how much of a survivor she really is. Accidentally transferred to this mysterious realm by her monster and only friend, Charlie, he finds himself weak and unable to protector her. The only way she can defend herself and him, is to become a monster herself. But an unknown dark stalker watches her progress and if he steals her power, he will unleash a scourge on both his world and the world she left behind.

HEADACHE: The Hair-Raising Sequel to BELLYACHE

HEADACHE: The Hair-Raising Sequel to BELLYACHE

by Crystal Marcos

The magical adventure continues in the spine-tingling fantasy-adventure, HEADACHE: The Hair-Raising Sequel to BELLYACHE! Crystal Marcos delivers another whimsically entertaining escapade for ages seven and up. Readers will delight in more sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, non-stop action adventures of Peter and his best friend, Lina.

When Peter Fisher sets out for school one morning, he has no idea that trouble is stirring in his hometown. With the unexpected arrival of his new Candonite friends from Maple Town, Peter and Lina have extra help saving their beloved town and loved ones from the clutches of the one villain they had hoped they would never see again. Humorous and thought provoking, this unforgettably entertaining story teaches a valuable lesson about standing up and facing one’s fears.



by Jessica Barksdale Inclan

What happens when you do the one thing you would never do? What happens when you forget the one thing you never, ever would forget, not in a million years? How do you keep on living when you are left but your child is not?

Marciela and Matthew Phillips are happily married, a hard working couple, the parents of a beautiful two-year-old girl, Rose. Marciela is determined to avoid the mistakes her own mother made, driving herself to be the best mother, wife, and worker she can be. But after the birth of her second child, Liam, she realizes that doing it all is doing too much.

And then she forgets. And nothing is ever the same.

Love Lifted Me

Love Lifted Me

by Erica Williams

She’s lost her son. She’s lost her husband. The students at her community center seem to be a lost cause. Vashti is lost in loss. A fight at her job and a mysterious pill launch her into the the labyrinth of her own mind to a place of peace, forgiveness, and love.

Talking Waters

Talking Waters

by Jane Zimmermann

Shy, sensitive Erin and her best friend Audrey, a sophisticated soon-to-be 15 year-old, are excited when Audrey’s parents rent a rambling old lake house for the summer. Dakota, Erin’s 16 year-old brother completes the teen trio at Lake Bonita. And of course, they wouldn’t go anywhere without their dogsâ?¦
It isn’t long before strange occurrences around the lake catch the attention of the teens and they find themselves unraveling a mystery that spans hundreds of years. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, boys on skateboards, snooty wealthy twins and an amazing archeological discovery all play a role in our heroes’ summer adventure. The peaceful waters and heavily wooded hills of central Virginia unfold secrets they have held for centuries as Erin, Audrey and Dakota find that curiosity, common sense and genuine concern for their friends (especially those with four legs) can lead to wondrous things.

Silence of Centerville

Silence of Centerville

by Buzz Malone

Little Frankie Schantz emerged into a near perfect life in Centerville, Iowa. He believed that his life would always be so. He was wrong. Everything would change in the summer of 1945 when meningitis would leave him permanently deaf. In Silence of Centerville, Frank Schantz looks back across the rocky landscape of his life and delivers his own story from the perspective of an aging deaf man. As a boy, Frankie would endure the ostracism and loneliness that plagued so many deaf Americans during their darkest era. Over the course of decades, Frank would discover that nothing in life, not even the harshest of times, can last forever.

Pike Place

Pike Place

by Marilyn Tschudi

Set in 1971 Seattle, Pike Place tells the story of a young family whose teenage daughter goes missing. Told through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl, Pike Place takes the reader back to a simpler place and time in America.

Award-Winning Finalist – 2007 National Best Books Awards

Finalist – 2008 Indie Excellence Book Awards

Best Novel of the Year – 2008 Premier Book Awards

Honorable Mention – 2009 Beach Book Festival

Honorable Mention – 2009 San Francisco Book Festival

Lasso Me a Mom (Bluebonnet)

Lasso Me a Mom (Bluebonnet)

by Stephanie Jackson

Nikki Turner has it all: she’s an honor student, has a popular boyfriend and is a star dancer. However; never is there a time that a smile crosses her face. With a constant frown and a sharp tongue, she doesn’t let anyone get a rise out of her, especially her teacher Cassie McGregor.

When it is revealed that Nikki is homeless and in the foster care system, Cassie, who is a certified foster mother, is chosen to be her temporary guardian, an agreement they both object from the start. As their animosity begins to deplete, Nikki and Cassie realize that what they’ve always wanted just might bring them closer.

This is the first book by Stephanie Jackson (one of the four co-authors of Two Pair: A Quadruple or Nothing Story).

Chasing Puberty

Chasing Puberty

by Kat Brookes

Growing up is never easy, but what’s a girl to do when she’s starting her freshman year of high school and puberty’s left her behind? She stuffs her bra, of course!

Fourteen-year-old Logan Stanley never thought she’d be entering high school with the body of a middle schooler. Not when all her friends have real curves. How is she ever going to catch the eye of eleventh grader Brad Johnson, Middleburg High School’s star quarterback, and her forever crush, looking the way she does?

If she has any hope of at all of getting Brad’s attention, Logan knows she’ll have to become an â??It’ girl. The kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with and all the guys drool over. Like her older sister, Nicole.

Unfortunately for Logan, the climb up the social status ladder is a lot further up than she’d imagined. Everything seems to be going wrong, including her older sister, Nicole, stealing her boyfriend. At least, the guy she’d hoped would be her first real boyfriend. But Logan isn’t giving Brad up to her sister without a fight.
She proves to Nicole that she can fight every bit as dirty as her sister when it comes to getting what she wants. But is having Brad as a boyfriend really what she wants? Or is there someone better?

Join Logan on her journey as she discovers that life doesn’t always go as planned. And that being a true â??It’ girl is only a state of mind. You just have to believe!

The Church Tower Mystery (Baby Boomer Mysteries)

The Church Tower Mystery (Baby Boomer Mysteries)

by Michael Zimmerle

Tait and Marcus, two twelve-year old boys investigate a bank robbery that takes place across the street from St. Mary’s church. They spot the stolen money in the church but fail to capture it. They spend all of Christmas Eve Day trying to figure out who the thief is and in the process accuse the wrong people. They finally do catch the thief with some help from adults and realize that the outward appearances can fool you.

Willful Women II

Willful Women II

by Randall S. Smith

New cover, same story. You may have already bought this one.

Strong women are specific to no era of history. “Willful Women II” is a collection of short stories from Randall S. Smith as he writes of women in many stages of history from the distant past to a possible future, offering women looking at the odds and doing what they can to break through it all and make quite the difference. “Willful Women II” is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on short stories.
— The Midwest Book Review

While these stories may not all be politically correct, they are a fun and adult entertainment. With the theme of willing-and-able women, including a pirate queen, nurses, assassins, secret agents, and starcraft pilots, most readers will find themselves either wishing they could be one of these women or else wanting one of them.

If you purchased the original “Willful Women” collection, you have already read five of these ten stories; the other five I have written subsequently.

The original anthology enjoys a half-dozen 5-star reviews (excerpts below):


Renée’s Revenge – A young woman seeks vengeance for the torture and murder of her lover. Along the way, she finds romance.

About SAM – A seemingly ordinary housewife is also a secret agent for Homeland Security.

Lethal Liaisons – Look-alike sisters become assassins.

The Sinclair Affair – Is there a long-lost twin? There is a missing diamond.

Back to World War II – Based on my late father’s war memoirs, with a dose of science-fiction added.

Polar Opposites – Two women, each masquerading as someone else, meet in a biker gang. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies?

Chloe’s Choice – A Vietnam era romance told from the woman’s perspective.

That Old House on Delaney Street – A demented old couple keep a pair of teens prisoner in their basement for special games.

Guardians – Area 51 scientists successfully reverse-engineer a space-folding device, allowing Earth starcraft to instantly go from a subterranean hanger into nearby space. This gets the attention of the extraterrestrials.

Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – A young spa-girl is kidnapped by drug-runners. She evolves into the notorious, bi-sexual Pirate Queen.

Here’s what readers said about the original “Willful Women” collection:

“Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.

I relished reading each and every one just to see what in
the world would happen.

I heartily recommend his writings.

Easy reading with twists and turns that will surprise you!

Readers will not be disappointed!!

It is fun to read and very entertaining.

Your favorable review would be appreciated. Follow @willfulwomen on Twitter.

For more information on my stories, please see

Beat On The Brat (and other stories) (Killer Kindle)

Beat On The Brat (and other stories) (Killer Kindle)

by nigel bird

‘A fantastic writer.’ Donald Ray Pollock

Beat On The Brat (And Other Stories) is the second collection to be released by prize winning author Nigel Bird, following the success of his debut, the critically acclaimed Dirty Old Town (And Other Stories).

Here are 9 more pieces from the shadows.


Winner of the Watery Grave Invitational Contest 2011
Published in Needle Magazine Summer 2010
Nominated for â??Best Story Online’, Spinetingler Awards 2011


First published at â??All Due Respect’ 2011
Nominated for â??Best Story Online’, Spinetingler Awards 2011


Published in Microw,Winter 2010


5th place, Watery Grave Invitational Contest 2011


First published at â??Not From Here Are You?’ 2011


First published at â??A Twist Of Noir’ 2010

and making their first apprearance in this collection:




Praise for the work of Nigel Bird:

“A rare talent.” Allan Guthrie

“Grim, but really good.” Ian Rankin

“I’ve not seen Bird take a misstep yet.’ Heath Lowrance

“I sought out everything I could from him. I dare you to read and not do the same.” – Chris F Holm

Orphan Flu

Orphan Flu

by A.D. Bolivar

When all of the adults start dying around the world from a unique strain of influenza, Sara’s family is prepared. Her Dad is a survivalist computer geek who built a bunker of a house in the Philadelphia suburbs completely off grid. He taught his kids to hunt and gave them lessons on how to survive in the wilderness. With society collapsing under the strain of so much death, violence starts erupting around the country. All of their training isn’t enough to keep them safe as strangers swarm the property and they find themselves under attack.

Dad’s instructions swirl in Sara’s head as she leaves her family home with her younger sister Eve. They always promised him they would go right to his friend Mr. John’s house in Denver if they ever had to evacuate. Sara just wants to make one small stop in Washington, DC to see if it’s true that the government and all the authority that goes along with it is dead too. When she arrives she finds herself in the middle of a battle she doesn’t want to fight, kidnapped by soldiers and living in the White House.

Forced to work in the new army, Sara ends up making friends and right when she thinks she may have found a home, they give her a mission she’s not sure she can complete. At this point, Sara isn’t worried about getting lost. She’s just wondering if she’s going to survive.

Izzy and the Crystal of Power: Galactic Guerillas Saga, Book 1

Izzy and the Crystal of Power: Galactic Guerillas Saga, Book 1

by Kim McLendon

What happens when a spirited South Carolina woman unwittingly plays host to a powerful being from another dimension?

That’s the question that Kim McLendon explores in her debut novel, Izzy and the Crystal of Power. In her forties, single-again Charleston accountant Izzy Schotzky has found contentment at last. Her leadership of the Galactic Guerillasâ??a group of energy workers devoted to creating harmony in the Carolina Lowcountryâ??gives her a sense of community and purpose. Copious amounts of sweet tea carry her through the workday, and the breathtaking goodnight hugs from her tattooed, gourmet-cooking, stubbornly celibate artist friend, Kye, fill her withâ?¦hope.

But Izzy’s world is rocked after she uses her mysteriously surging paranormal abilities to bombard a local “scumbag” to within an inch of his life. Removed from command and banned from energy-working, Izzy must use her wits and intuition to regain what she’s lostâ??and discover the true origin and purpose of her extraordinary new powers.

On Rathbone Road

On Rathbone Road

by M.T. Mathieson

When disappointing ‘A’ Level results put an end to Stacey’s dream of studying at Cambridge University, she has to face the prospect of a life very different from the one she had envisioned. To Stacey it is the end of the world. Depressed by the sense of failure and the thought of the life she sees ahead of her, she abandons a night out with friends to spend some time alone. However, as she walks home, she discovers that things could be far worse. On Rathbone Road Stacey is forced to confront her own outlook on life.

Shadow Selves (Double Happiness - Vol. #1)

Shadow Selves (Double Happiness – Vol. #1)

by H. Raven Rose


Summary: A blocked writer, can finally write… after she visits her mentally ill identical twin sister, is drugged and left on a locked ward in a mental institution, and her sister impersonates her and resumes her life. But when her sister has a psychotic break, she must escape the institution and reconnect to her psychically to save her from a sexual deviant stalking her in the present.

Synopsis: Lily Rose was a blocked writer finally desperate enough to go to the one place where her creativity could be hiding. The past. So she visits her mentally ill identical twin sister, in an attempt to find some answers, heal the past and create a better future. But when she does so, her sister drugs her and switches places. To her shock she realizes her sister has been planning this for years. When Lily Rose loses it, she ends up heavily drugged in isolation. But, after her initial shock and drugs wear off, and she’s free of restraints, she manages to adjust to life in the clinic. To her surprise, she re-discovers her creativity and is happy for the first time in a long while. Meanwhile her twin, Lily Beth, is enjoying her freedom for the first time in years. Off her meds, impersonating her sister, she pens a salacious screenplay based on her sister’s journals and life is a series of high-class adventures… until the shadows of the past overtake her. When Lily Beth has a mental break down, Lily Rose must reconnect to her psychically, and face the truth of their abusive past, in order to escape the institution and find and save her sister from a sexual predator in the present.


Q: What made you write this book?

A: It’s an adaptation of a feature film script.

Q: Your books explore dark themes: incest, attempted rape, murder, sociopaths/psychopaths, and so on. Why?

A: Life is made up of all kinds of experiences, light and dark, and many people will face evil, to some degree in their life. We are each the main character in our own life fairy/horror tale. I also explore these themes because of a personal interest.

Q: Is your work meant to inspire?

A: My stories are meant to be entertaining; it’s wonderful if readers find it uplifting. Humans undergo painful and terrible things. What does not kill us, has the potential to make us stronger.

Warning: This book includes passages and imagery which may be triggering for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse/incest or victims of violent crime or rape.

What the readers say:

“Brilliant!” ~C. Hoskins (on the following chapter 1 quote)

“Humans really are almost intolerable, she thought to herself, myself included. It’s not that I meant to be rude. It’s that I’m at the end of it. Hence this trip, into the unknown, to try and find the known.”

~Lily Rose, Shadow Selves (Double Happiness – Vol. #1) [Kindle Edition]

Talking Leaves

Talking Leaves

by Jane Zimmermann

Something is happening in Dunnellon and these teens are about to discover what it is. Erin and Dakota Harris are coping with the recent loss of their mother when they meet Audrey Conroy, a sophisticated 14 year-old reluctantly uprooted from her urban world to this quaint country town.
Their tentative friendship intensifies when they realize they share the same puzzling dream that includes the apparition of a young Indian girl. Rather than dismiss this other-worldly being as ridiculous, the three teens find themselves drawn to her.
Their mutual vision leads to experiences they never anticipated, including the discovery of a tragic piece of their hometown history. Although far from perfect, our protagonists meet unexpected challenges with integrity and creativity, while managing to survive the daily drama of teenage life.
Talking Leaves is a story about friendship, history, mystery and moreâ?¦

Killer I Am

Killer I Am

by R. Howard Trembly

The man called Justice and his mule Quietus team up with a minister-turned lawman to track and stop a mass murderer of young girls and, at the killer’s insane impulse, men and women also.

Along the way they battle outlaws and Indians set on stopping them at all cost. And, much to Justin Page’s surprise, he finds his heart taken by a young woman who could be the twin to his fiancee who was lost at sea several years before.

Ride along with the lawmen on a fantastic journey that takes you from the Barbary Coast to the salt flats of Utah’s Great Salt Lake and beyond, while Justin Page fights his way ever eastward to meet his destiny and possible death at the hands of the deranged murderer.

This mystery is filled with excitement that will keep one guessing to the very end.

Key West Short Stories - Part 1 (The Key West Blues)

Key West Short Stories – Part 1 (The Key West Blues)

by Joe D. Wells

Written by local Key West writer Island Joe. When ask what I write about. I try to include many feelings for my readers, but for me life is about family values and loyality.

These three short stories are based upon true stories. This book contains the short stories – Plane Crash in Key West, Her Last Seven Days in Key West and My Key West Hurricanes. Books set in Key West. Bonus – Short Poem – A Bump in the Crowd

Concerning Book Reviews. All are welcome. Here is how I look at things. I have three children, I have raised by myself. One likes carrots, but only steamed, the other likes them raw and the third, does not care for them at all – My point, you can not please everyone, so just do the best you can in life. I am a story teller and not looking for an English grade —

Plane Crash in Key West – Writing and reading this short story still gives me goose bumps. Based upon a true story in Key West, I cannot say enough times, how lucky my family was on the tragic day this happened.
I’ve never been one to wish anyone bad luck, just so I could benefit.
To this day and the plane crash happened years ago, when I drive by where the plane went down, I am overwhelmed with grief for the family and especially the lone survivor. It truly breaks my heart.
For me the lesson learned from this story is life is very fragile. It teaches you lessons whether you live or die. Some lessons are just harder to learn than others.

Her Last Seven Days in Key West – I mainly wrote this short story for my children. They were young when we lost their mom and my wife of twenty-six years. I just want them to know a little more about her. I especially want them to know just how strong and unselfish she was in life and how strong she remained even as death knocked at our door. Then, I let some friends read this story and they really pushed me to share it.
So if you ask me what this story about, I will tell you –
This short story is based upon a true story. Everyone dies in life, but sometimes it matters how you die. Some die in fear, others face the inevitable and accept their sealed fate. Ruth knew her time had come for her to leave this world. But even as death was knocking at her door, she remained strong, and always put her family first. This is a story based upon her last days on earth, how she chose to die and how she lived.

My Key West Hurricanes – Here Island Joe makes fun of himself for some of the dumb things he has done during Key West hurricanes. A funny fast read.

At last, I have added my short poem – A Bump in the Crowd

I Heart Ed Small

I Heart Ed Small

by Shirley Johnson

In the summer of 1968 Baby Hunnicutt’s mama dies and her daddy gives her to her aunt to raise. The only trouble is Aunt Clem works all day and leaves Baby in the hands of her teenage twins. Stoic protector Allen and kind and gentle Jeffrey, along with the help of their best friend, the unwashed and untamed Ed, raise up Baby the best they know how.

I Heart Ed Small takes the reader back in time to the late sixties, when adventure and friendship were to be found outside in the hot sun of public pools and the smoky haze of pool halls. It’s the story of how one little girl gets three lazy hippie boys to get off the couch, clean up their language, and grow up. I Heart Ed Small is the coming of age story of how Baby Hunnicutt captures the wildest heart from the very beginning and never relinquishes it from her sweet little hand.

As the twins and Ed raise Baby they teach her about everything they deem important from playing pool and cussing to smoking and belching and yet she still remains pure and innocent and follows her own path as she grows up. These three smart-mouthed ruffians are the ones who are left with the responsibility to guide Baby as she begins her journey through puberty. They are the ones left to help her deal with something Ed knows a lot about; the tricky persistence that is boys. But just as Baby needs the three of them the most, they leave her life. The Vietnam War, marriage and the call of adventure pull the boys away until the tragic threads of life reunite them all once again.

Land Without Christmas

Land Without Christmas

by Stan Holland

The news of simultaneous terrorist bombings of the U.S. embassies in Jordan, Kuwait, and Belgium reminded Kathy Mitchell that the world was tumultuous. Little did she know that she and her family would soon be embroiled in the aftermath of the attacks as her father accepted an assignment to be the new ambassador to Jordan.

The move to Jordan became an adventure that opened her eyes to different cultures and helped her learn the true meaning of Christmas in a land that didn’t celebrate the birth of the Savior. When the king’s grandson offered to be her tutor, mutual admiration sparked a careful romance that made her friend compare her to Cinderella.

Amid more terrorist threats, Kathy came to realize that one threat was real. With time running out and her friend in danger, Kathy was the last hope.



by J. R. Knoll

On the run for more than three years, Rose O’scarlett has learned to live by her wits as she eludes the guns of the Royal Navy. Relentlessly pursued by Governor Berkley, she flees in her battered ship, the Scarlett Dragon, aided by her friend and fellow pirate captain Bugs Nailhall. Desperate to elude capture and the gallows, and with her crew on the brink of mutiny, she has a chance run-in with the biggest and most feared maurader of the new world: Captain Cannonflash Jones! While she knows nothing of this massive man, womanly need is overwhelming and the danger that surrounds him draws her like a bee to honey.

However, not all is as it appears. Captain Jones is a pirate, after all, and the reward that hovers over Rose is huge and tempting. But other forces aret at work, forces she has no control over, and her daily struggle to survive and elude capture plunges her neck deep into affairs she had never thought she would become a part of.

And even as she struggles just to survive it all, she finds her heart in danger of belonging to someone else, someone who could sell her to the Crown and end her life as a pirate forever…

Mr. Bradley & The Amazing Smoke Giant (Skull & Angel)

Mr. Bradley & The Amazing Smoke Giant (Skull & Angel)

by Andrew Augustine

A cursed army crosses the horizon.

A Prince looks for life after banishment.

A Princess watches as her city is swallowed in fire and destruction.

In the midst of them all lies a Dark God, dormant for hundreds of years, waiting for the three of them to unite in order to bring him back to life. Can the Prince stop him when everyone believes the God is a savior, including the Princess?

This is the first in a five book steampunk fantasy story about a world changing from the ways of the old through war and chaos, religious confusion and political unrest. Set amongst rich landscapes of ruined worlds, nightmarish clockwork cities and complex plantations, this is a steampunk book that is willing to push the boundaries of the fantasy genre with humor and pulp horror, making for a truly unique read



by Tamara Johnson

What if you met the right girl only to find out she’s already married? Do you walk away or stand by on the sidelines, taking a night here, a day there? When Rory meets Kizzie only time will tell.

Mrs. Ghopal & Madam Zharinsky

Mrs. Ghopal & Madam Zharinsky

by J.K. Forster-Walmsley

Yash is offered the chance to be in a film, but his grandmother, who has more academic ambitions for him, is reluctant to let him take part. However, eventually, she gives in and the chance meetings that result from being in a Bolllywood film studio resurrect a secret past for Mrs. Ghopal, and uncover, for both of them, some exotic and mysterious connections.

Ladybug Kingdom

Ladybug Kingdom

by Leila Gaskin

A short story, ‘Ladybug Kingdom’ explores how the passing of a loved one strains the bonds of family.

Black Boogiemen

Black Boogiemen

by Tallis Piaget

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Book’s Description: This book follows Dr. Trenton Branch, a scientist whose extremely meager upbringing came from his grandmother and the cruel inner city streets. He grows to become a world renowned biochemist, living in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. One miserable day while visiting his old neighborhood a calamity occurs; this incites the rage of a rabid pit bull within Dr. Branch. He then unites a group of men, waging war against the inner city in an attempt to excise all of its demons. Sparking what some called the “Civil War of 2020” this controversial story touches on all of the untold secrets of black America, while providing a fast paced, page turning tale of violence and knowledge. With graphic imagery and heart pounding action this book is sure to leave the reader wanting more.

Chalked with witty banter and an introspective look into the soul, Black Boogiemen is a tale of humanity’s ongoing struggle between love and hate, right and wrong. How far are you willing to go to bring peace to your city, to your country, to your world? This book will have you crossing the lines.

I Died Once

I Died Once

by James Mahoney

Mady is a fifteen year old girl who is desperately unhappy with her life. Living with her mother, and the mythical shadows of her father. After an abrupt tragedy, this young girl is thronged head first into a great life change, or second life, as her reality shifts from a grey dream state existence, into one of great color.

Mr Suit (Killer Kindle)

Mr Suit (Killer Kindle)

by Nigel Bird

ARCHIE works for MR SUIT, or at least he did until he was shot in the head after a botched kidnapping.

Now, he’s a victim of Locked-In Syndrome who relies on his wife LIZA for everything and who can only communicate with her by blinking.

The time has come when Archie craves a dignified exit from this world. In a bid to help him, Liza visits with Mr Suit and arranges for a surprise euthanasia party.

If this were an ordinary story, things might end there.

Instead, the tale continues as a noir farce of sorts, a novella that delights in the dark humour of the situation as much as it explores the deeper issues relating to painless release.

Imagine Quentin Taratino writing and directing the script for The Diving Bell And The Butterfly and you might be some of the way there.

The latest in the series of tremendous work from the author of DIRTY OLD TOWN (AND OTHER STORIES); IN LOCO PARENTIS; and SMOKE who is also the co-editor of volumes 1 and 2 of PULP INK.

‘A tremendous writer.’ Donald Ray Pollock

‘A rare talent.’ Allan Guthrie

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