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Disney World: Florida's Disney Destination (Guide to Saving You Time and Money)

Disney World: Florida’s Disney Destination (Guide to Saving You Time and Money)

by Candace Byerly

Disney World

Disney parks offer millions of people so much fun and delight every single year. It seems these parks are quickly becoming the destination for reunions, weddings and just to feel like a kid again. In order to make the most of your trip, we are going to cover all facets of the available parks and a synopsis of what they offer, money-saving tips, top choices of parks to visit, where to stay and dine, travel tips while at Disney parks, ideas on what to do with pets and so much more!

After reading this, you will feel ready to create your perfect Disney planning trip or, if you have already completed travel destination plans at Disney, this will guide you on making this the trip of a lifetime. There is so much offered to you and your loved ones while at Disney. If you are bringing loved ones along, be prepared to see glowing and happy faces as you take them on this well-thought out and fantastic trip!

Everything Disney touches from its theme parks to dining, transportation to lodging is top of the line. You will walk away from your first trip or your hundredth trip to Disney with a little extra spring in your step and some of that contagious childlike amazement. The magic that flows throughout anything of Disney’s is not fantasy but reality. We hope you enjoy the magic that awaits youâ?¦

First Time to Italy Vacation Planner

First Time to Italy Vacation Planner

by Larry Aiello

Does planning a trip to Italy overwhelm you? This guide will give you everything you need to know before you go and answer your most urgent concerns and questions. It is laid out in three easy sections: before your trip, during your trip and after your trip. Included are ideas on saving time and money and how to protect yourself from certain scams.
It will answer questions such as these:
How much will it generally cost?Do we need to purchase travel insurance?Should I book a group tour?Do I need to know the language?What kind of weather should we expect?How to get around?What other options are available besides hotels?Is Italy safe?Will I see any mafia?
It is a compilation of frequently asked questions for those wanting to travel to Italy. There are even a couple of recommended itineraries including a romantic one, which would be perfect for honeymooners! 
The book is targeted to American and Canadian travelers along with those living in the UK and Australia. It is primarily for first time travelers to Italy. Even seasoned travelers can benefit from the book as well as a lot has changed in Italy during the last few years. There is even a section for tips on using your cell phone. My many travel experiences to Italy will give you the knowledge and advice to help you relax and prepare for the greatest travel destination in the world – Italy!

Inside the Giant Machine: An Story (Breaking Away Chains Cover)

Inside the Giant Machine: An Story (Breaking Away Chains Cover)

by Kalpanik S.

Author’s Response to the call for banning this Book: The book captures my true feelings about working at Amazon which were recorded as they happened, and cover both the good & the bad. Some Amazon managers & fans are uncomfortable about the bad and are calling for a ban on this book. However, I don’t believe Jeff Bezos believes in censorship. I am confident that Amazon will continue to resist the pressure from such misguided attempts.

I deny I am a member of Conspiracy For Good. There is no CFG or any other insignia embedded on the cover of the book, just a discoloration.

Behind Amazon’s quirky smile logo lurks a cold and calculating giant machine. Author Kalpanik S. reveals his own smile as he tells the somewhat quirky story of his complex, and often hilarious, relationship with Amazon. From the sophisticated wit in his portrayal of the courtship period in “How To Get Hired By Amazon In Ten Days”, to the dark humor of the disillusionment period in “The Cold, Calculating Machine”, Kalpanik’s story is more than just an insider’s view of the giant machine known as It’s a modern, universal story of the uneasy relationship between an individual and today’s gargantuan corporations. In the end, it is also a story of redemption for creative and free thinking individuals that define America.

About the Author

Kalpanik S. is the pen name of a foreign-born technologist. He came to the USA on a fellowship from the University of California to do research in Computer Science. After completing his Graduate studies, Kalpanik worked at several technology companies in various parts of the United States including Silicon Valley in California and Se. He has been writing a journal about his “journey'” through the US, and he finally decided to get it published.

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