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Kill Or Be Killed: Episode 2 (The Thrilling Military Action Series)

Kill Or Be Killed: Episode 2 (The Thrilling Military Action Series)

by John Thomas

“They’re Molding You Into The Soldier They Want You To Be.”

John Alvarez has gone to war to find answers. Picking up exactly where Ground Zero: Episode 1 left off, Private Alvarez is taken prisoner in Afghanistan by a secret society known as the Guardians of Fate, who are responsible for the 9/11 attacks and possibly many more. Alvarez knows very little about them, but after a harrowing escape, he is badly injured and captured by the people he seeks to destroy. They torture and subject him to mysterious “treatments,” but why? Does Alvarez know things he should not? Will they convert him to become one of their own? The soldiers’ captives drive him to the limits of his own sanity as he struggles with being a POW.

Meanwhile, he recalls memories of his past, of love lost, and of the decision that lead to him losing his family, and even murder? Will Private Alvarez do whatever it takes to escape his captives? Will he reunite with his unit?

What Readers Are Sayingâ?¦

“It caught my attention from just a few pages in and I couldn’t put it down.”

“I’m hooked and looking forward to the next book. “


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