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Green Smoothies (50 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes For Instant Energy And Natural Weight Loss)

Green Smoothies (50 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes For Instant Energy And Natural Weight Loss)

by Jago Holmes

Green smoothies are a wonderfully healthy and tasty way to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat each day.

Have YOU ever sat down and tried to figure out how many portions of greens or fresh fruit and vegetables you eat each day?

Do you get anywhere near the daily recommended amount?

If you don’t, you are not alone. In fact it’s fair to say that the majority of people don’t get this bit right even though it’s probably one of THE most important dietary requirements there is!

You see if you’re deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, you could very well experience some if not all of the following problems

  • Flat, greasy or dull looking hair
  • A lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Tiredness
  • Dry or oily skin
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Difficulty in concentrating

But there is such a simple solution to help you solve this problem – green smoothies!

Green smoothies contain salad greens and green vegetables along with other fruits and colored vegetables to make THE perfect meal replacement or snack, guaranteed to give you an instant ‘feel good’ boost.

The green smoothie recipes inside this book are chock full of vitamins and minerals plus you’ll find loads of recipes that you’ll want to make time and time again.

You won’t simply look at this book once, you’ll keep referring back to it for years and with 50 of the healthiest green smoothie recipes (all ‘personal trainer approved’), you’ll have so many to choose from that you’ll never get bored.

Whether you simply want to eat more greens, fruit and veg, cleanse your body of toxins, or prevent disease and live a longer, healthier life… drinking green smoothies could be the simple answer for you!

In this book, you’ll learn what makes green smoothies so great. You’ll find out the basics as well as some super tips and techniques for buying, storing and making some of the healthiest green smoothies known to man.

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Testing Survival Guide for CogAT® - Practice for Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT Test) (Testing Survival Guide by

Testing Survival Guide for CogAT® – Practice for Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT Test) (Testing Survival Guide by

by Testing Mom

The CogAT® Test Prep Survival Guide. Get your child ready for the CogAT test. Is your child taking the CogAT test for second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade. If so, now’s the time to start making sure you practice CogAT sample questions for the upcoming Cognitive Abilities Test. This guide includes over 50 CogAT test practice questions brought to you by

The CogAT is a cognitive test used by many school districts to qualify children for their gifted and talented programs. It is not an achievement test or an intelligence test.

The test assesses reasoning and problem solving abilities in areas of 1) verbal, 2) math, and 3) non-verbal arenas. Verbal items on the CogAT test are questions involving language, words, and life-like images. Math questions assess quantitative mathematical reasoning skills. CogAT test non-verbal questions are shape-based problems. Using geometric figures, children must identify relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns, recognize visual sequences and analogies, and predict what a piece of paper might look like when folded, hole-punched, and unfolded.

Cognitive Abilities Testâ?¢ (CogAT®) is a registered trademark owned by Houghton Mifflin Company and published by Riverside Publishing, a Houghton Mifflin Company. Houghton Mifflin Company and Riverside Publishing are not affiliated with, nor were they involved in the creation, production of this guide. They do not endorse or sponsor these practice questions. Trademarks referring to specific test providers are used by for nominative purposes only: such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners.

Shark (A Level 2 I Love Reading Reader)

Shark (A Level 2 I Love Reading Reader)

by Cindy Bracken

Sharks are amazing animals! Young readers will learn how they move, what they eat, how long they have been around, and more!

Bright, colorful photography and bold text will keep early readers engaged.

Level 2 books feature more text on the page and more complex sentences compared to level 1 books.

By bestselling children’s author Cindy Bracken (a former Kindergarten teacher and elementary librarian).

Setting Sales Appointments: How To Gain Access To Top Level Decision-Makers

Setting Sales Appointments: How To Gain Access To Top Level Decision-Makers

by Scott Channell

How much business could you close if you could get access to the top level decision makers at future accounts you desire the most? This book summarizes and relates a complete system of actual step-by-step methods and winning scripts that get the meeting with those who can authorize checks. Scripting and more scripting. Responses to resistance. Gatekeeper and voicemail strategies. Methods to have more conversations. How to gain value from unreachables and “no’s.” How to follow-up efficiently and easily. How to generate more conversations with real decision-makers. What to say after “Hello” to generate the conclusion you are worth 60 minutes of someone’s time. Much more.

The Brave Little Wiener Dog -- 15 Full-Color Puppy Pictures!! Great for Kids Ages 5-8! (Little Readers #1)

The Brave Little Wiener Dog — 15 Full-Color Puppy Pictures!! Great for Kids Ages 5-8! (Little Readers #1)

by C.J. Smiles

* The Children’s Book Everyone’s Talking About! *Meet Lucy, a funny little dachshund with a big heart!
Lucy and her friends stick together through everything. But when little Maggie gets lost, it’s Lucy who has to rescue her! Can Lucy figure out where Maggie’s gone — and can her bravery save the day?

A wonderful children’s tale featuring 15 full-color pictures of dachshund puppies!

Kids will love the story of Lucy and her puppy friends, and learn the true meaning of loyalty. And they will go NUTS over the cute dachshund pictures. There is nothing quite as adorable as a dachshund puppy.
A perfect bedtime story. Read it together with your children, or help them to read it themselves! Comes with 13 Vocabulary Words, defined at the beginning of the book!This story also appears in the “Bedtime: Stories for Kids” collection.

* Strengthen vocabulary
* Improve reading skills
* A heart-warming story with a great message
* Beautiful puppy pictures
* Independent publisher
* Available on your Kindle!

Scroll up and hit ‘download’ to purchase. Thank you for looking!

Things a Man Should Know (Alpha Male Series)

Things a Man Should Know (Alpha Male Series)

by Thomas DiPaolo

Things a man should know is the second book in the “Alpha Male” series. Building off the success of Alpha Male volume 1, “How to Win Any Fight Without Training”, Things a man should know delves into the very core of what it means to be the Alpha Male, and helps isolate the key traits, skills, and knowledge that any man should not only know, but be able to do. The Alpha Male series is designed and intended specifically for men, and are short, direct, and easy to read with a strong emphasis on the signature skills, and knowledge that contribute to the development of an Alpha Male leader. Things a man should know not only establishes a base line of knowledge that all men should know, but offers direction and insight into becoming the real most interesting man in the world.

Impossible Compassion: Utilizing Directed Compassion to Cure Disease, Save the Environment, Transform Relationships... and Do All Sorts of Other Good Things for Ourselves and Everyone Else

Impossible Compassion: Utilizing Directed Compassion to Cure Disease, Save the Environment, Transform Relationships… and Do All Sorts of Other Good Things for Ourselves and Everyone Else

by Edward Mannix

How do we end suffering in our own life and on the planet? How do we bring about seemingly impossible outcomes such as miraculously healing our self from a fatal disease, saving the environment or ending violence and war?

In his second book, Edward Mannix takes on our assumptions about what is possible and impossible for us as individuals and as a species, and he provides us with a new paradigm and new tools that enable us to achieve that which was previously unachievable.

The new paradigm he presents includes two key concepts the author calls metaphysical causation and interlocking karma.

Metaphysical causation at first sounds a lot like the Law of Attraction but ends up being quite a bit different. According to the author it is not our thoughts that create our reality, but rather it is our karma or karmic imprints that are projected onto the movie screen of our life by the powerful projector of our soul. By moving the discussion away from the potency of our thoughts to something more difficult to observe – our karmic imprints – the book reveals to us important hidden aspects of the creative mechanism of life, and offers us the opportunity to intervene in this causal process in a new and powerful way. For those readers who have tried the Law of Attraction and found it sometimes effective and other times ineffective, it is likely that the information presented in this text will illuminate why those techniques often fall down.

Impossible Compassion provides a missing link of sorts, helping us identify and change our karmic imprints through the use of simple tools and processes that fall under the heading of what the author calls directed compassion. By utilizing our own compassion to alter the karmic imprints on the film of our soul – which the book teaches us how to do in specific detail – we can literally re-write the script of our life, leading to rapid and potentially miraculous changes in our external world.

And, while according to metaphysical causation we each sit at the center of and in some way create our own universe, we are also all connected to one another and part of each others’ created universes. In his discussion of what he calls interlocking karma, the author illuminates this critical paradox that is so often misunderstood or entirely missed by students and teachers of modern spirituality. In so doing, he gives us further insight into the process of reality unfolding, and it is with an understanding of interlocking karma that we can see how giving our self compassion can influence the physical health of a loved one or help bring about major changes in our collective reality, e.g., ending violence and war.


Edward Mannix has been on a conscious path of personal and spiritual development for over 20 years. He has practiced Vipassana meditation in a monastery in Burma, travelled to Nepal to receive teachings and empowerments from Tibetan Rinpoches, and worked with hidden masters from a number of traditions and geographies, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States. Throughout his journey, Edward has focused on a form of practical spirituality – integrating his spiritual pursuits into ordinary life, not leaving worldly endeavors behind, but instead using them as a vehicle to go deeper into awakening. While on his conscious path and prior to becoming an author, he worked in the private sector as a management consultant and social entrepreneur. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University where he studied Sustainability and Social Enterprise, an M.A. from The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Indiana University. He has been helping others use directed compassion to reach their physical/material/emotional/spiritual goals since 2009.


Reinventing Truth: A New Map of the Spiritual Path and Reality As It Is

How to win at Roulette & Beat the Casino:Proven Roulette Strategy

How to win at Roulette & Beat the Casino:Proven Roulette Strategy

by Jonny Valentini

You will learn how I turned $20 into $2,000 in just a few hours playing roulette. This strategy consistently works in every casino I have tried it in. Using my 4 rules of casino roulette you will learn how to bet small and win big consistently, in what many consider only a game of chance. Bonus chapter on how to win at Casino Blackjack!

Colors On The Farm

Colors On The Farm

by Cindy Bracken

Come learn your colors by visiting the farm! Colorful animals, buildings, equipment and more are presented through vibrant photo illustrations. Colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white. A great book for shared reading, reading aloud, or early independent reading.

Guide to Effective Technologies for Providing Online Training

Guide to Effective Technologies for Providing Online Training

by Joanne Kaattari

The Guide to Effective Technologies for Providing Online Staff Training provides a practical and user-friendly overview of the common technologies used for providing online training.

This guide covers the following topics:

– An overview of common technologies used for providing online training including social media, blogs, e-books, online videos, podcasting, slide sharing, social networking, webinars, web conferencing, wikis, and more

– Concrete examples of these technologies in action in various organizations and educational institutions

– A summary of the benefits and challenges of delivering online training

If you would like to know more about how technologies can be used to provide online training and learning opportunities then this is the guide for you!

Car Buying Secrets: What Salesmen Don't Want You To Know in Just Under 50 Pages

Car Buying Secrets: What Salesmen Don’t Want You To Know in Just Under 50 Pages

by Thomas Van

Inside this book you’ll learn how to work out a deal before you even go into the dealership. If you’re a woman or a young buyer, chances are you will encounter discrimination on the car lot and they will try to take advantage of you.

Working your deal out before they see you is a huge plus. All that’s left is to walk onto the lot, verify the numbers you agreed on, sign the papers, and drive off in your new vehicle.

Inside this book I’ll tell you how to do quick and easy online research and how to get the deal you want from the dealership, not the deal they want you to take.

Don’t get ripped off on your next vehicle purchase. Buying a car is not the same as shopping at your local retail store. It’s a very nasty and dirty business where the people who are selling you vehicles work off commission and have their best interest at heart, not yours, even though they will try to convince you otherwise.

Learn all about the buying process, myths, dirty tricks, and ways to make your next vehicle purchase go over smoothly while saving you a lot of time and money.

Remember it’s their job to make the most money they can by selling you their vehicles, they do this everyday, normal consumers don’t.

Digital Discoveries: Guide to Online Learning with Adult Literacy Learners

Digital Discoveries: Guide to Online Learning with Adult Literacy Learners

by Vicki Trottier

Do you want to develop or enhance online learning for your students? Are you looking to explore and use new digital technologies and resources in the classroom? If yes, then “Digital Discoveries” is for you.

“Digital Discoveries” provides an extensive overview of promising practices and instructional strategies for online learning in the classroom. These strategies provide practical ideas, tools and resources for teachers, instructors and students.

“Digital Discoveries” also overviews popular digital learning technologies (including blogs, social networking, instructional websites, e-readers, cloud computing, podcasting and more). Finally, “Digital Discoveries” includes an extensive annotated list of user-friendly, popular and useful digital learning resources.

Redeeming Leadership: Shoulder Pads

Redeeming Leadership: Shoulder Pads

by Mark Riddle

Redeeming Leadership: Shoulder Pads is the first book in an upcoming series from Mark Riddle which invites pastors into a new way of leading their churches.

How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands Of Copies

How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands Of Copies

by Kenneth Tingle

If you’re looking to publish a book, or more importantly, looking to sell your completed work, you need this how to book! Written by a self-published author who has sold more copies than 99% of other self-published titles. Short, to the point, and effective, with ideas you can use immediately. No hype, just the straight truth from someone who has done it.

Identity Theft: Don't Be A Victim (illustrated)

Identity Theft: Don’t Be A Victim (illustrated)

by I. D. Theft

In the course of a hectic day, you may write a check at the grocery store, charge tickets to a basketball game; rent a car or video, mail your tax returns, change service providers for your cell or home phone, or apply for a credit card. Chances are you do not give these everyday transactions a second thought. But an identity thief does.
Identity theft is a serious crime. People whose identities have been stolen can spend months or years – and many thousands of dollars – clearing up the mess the thieves have made of a good name and credit record.
In the meantime, victims of identity theft may lose job opportunities, be refused loans for education, housing, or cars, and even get arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. Humiliation, anger, and frustration are among the feelings victims experience as they navigate the process of rescuing their identity.
Sadly, some identity theft is carried out by relatives or friends, roommates, household workers like health care givers, domestic help (maids) and spouses going through a divorce who have a grudge. These individuals may obtain Social Security numbers, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, and credit card numbers by having access to their personal effects.

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