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Pirates of Savannah: The Complete Trilogy - Colonial Historical Fiction Action Adventure (Pirates of Savannah (Adult Version))

Pirates of Savannah: The Complete Trilogy – Colonial Historical Fiction Action Adventure (Pirates of Savannah (Adult Version))

by Tarrin P. Lupo

Pirates of Savannah : The Trilogy includes “Sold in Savannah”, “Battle Rats” and “The Rise of April”, The trilogy is a historical fiction novel about the birth of liberty in the south. It takes place during pre-Revolutionary War age, truly a fascinating time in history that has been greatly ignored by other authors. At its heart, it is a tale of prisoners, refugees and society’s casts offs all joining together to escape from government tyranny and discover a path to liberty. Find out how a group of oppressed colonists gain the courage to start defying authority and begin planning a revolution from British control. It is a gritty, vivid account of what life was like in the 1700’s and is loaded with real, obscure historical events that time erased and buried. Follow the group of freedom seekers as their adventure takes them through Savannah, the Florida Keys, St. Augustine, Charles Towne and Cape Fear, as well as many other towns of the Low Country. Most importantly it is a fun read loaded with action.

Please note: There are two versions of this novel, one for adults and one that has been adapted to be the first in a trilogy of novels for young adults. If you spend your booty on this, you’re buying the adult version, yarrr.

The Selfless Sister

The Selfless Sister

by Shirley Kennedy

Lucinda Linley faces spinsterhood after putting her younger sisters’ marriage prospects ahead of her own. Then she finds true love with the Lord of Ravensbrook-but a tragedy that occurred many years ago involving a missing little girl, impedes their future happiness.

Originally published by Signet

“Shirley Kennedy’s Regencies are a delight.”-Debbie Macomber

Granite Hearts

Granite Hearts

by Elizabeth Egerton Wilder

Hearts of granite forged by dreams and etched with time.

One family, one journey, many paths, all guided by the strength and wisdom of one amazing woman. Granite Hearts continues the tale of early Maine settlers introduced in The Spruce Gum Box fighting to not only survive, but thrive, along the developing 1800’s Maine waterfront and construction of the majestic Fort Knox despite hardship, prejudice, and the growing turbulence between the states.

Granite Hearts is Elizabeth Egerton Wilder’s second historical fiction novel. Her award-winning debut novel, The Spruce Gum Box, began with her fascination with Maine’s Aroostook River and it’s early pioneers, and evolved over several years of research and daydreaming until the characters began to drive the story. New England native, Elizabeth (Betty) now lives in Eastern PA with Cal, her husband of over 52 years.

Huachuca Woman

Huachuca Woman

by Arletta Dawdy

HUACHUCA WOMAN is a work of historical fiction set in Southeast Arizona from 1886 to 1961. A veranda rail breaks. Barn filth is turning to dust. A rattler’s nest needs clearing. Peeling paint on the old house demands attention. At 75, Josephine Nichols hasn’t been up to caring for the Lazy L Ranch. She’s thinking of selling out when spring break 1952 brings the Nichols cousins to the ranch and its matriarch. Recording the treasured stories of border life as only Jo can tell them, they get more than they dreamt of, bargained for or knew.
Jo’s love of the land and family are keys to her life-story. She tells of lost loves; of fears and fights against abandonment; dangerous bouts of depression threaten her stability; and guilt walks with her through too many years. The stories are framed against borderlands events and characters: Geronimo, Buffalo Soldiers, Pancho Villa,¬†Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Mexican Revolution, WWI¬†and more.
A pact develops between the threesome to insure that the ranch endures. Nine years later, as Jo is put to rest at Sentinel Rock, The Lazy L Historical Ranch is a vibrant learning center for the preservation of the history, cultures and legends of Cochise County, not the least of which is of the HUACHUCA WOMAN.

The Devil in the Bottle

The Devil in the Bottle

by Carol Buchanan

After Vigilantes ended a criminal conspiracy in Alder Gulch during the winter of 1863-1864, they founded a “People’s Court” to administer justice.

At the same time, the notorious Joseph (aka Jack) Slade, who once ruled 600 hostile miles of the Overland Stage Line, has settled near Alder Gulch with his wife and adopted son. Although he ruled by violence and intimidation, Overland passengers and the mail traveled on time, in safety. But Slade’s binge drinking wrecked his career when he and his men destroyed Army supplies at Fort Halleck. He continues his destructive sprees in Alder Gulch, despite his friends’ attempts to persuade him to stop.

Dan Stark, the Vigilante prosecutor one of his friends, thinks there’s a devil in the bottle for Slade. He worries that someone could be killed when Slade takes the town.

Early in March 1864, while on a spree, Slade holds a gun to the judge’s head and tells the Vigilantes they are “all played out.”

Slade rules.

Dan and the other Vigilantes face a horrible choice. By yielding to Slade, they expose honest people to the criminals’ return. Yet he has committed no capital crime to justify hanging him.

Will the devil in the bottle get Jack Slade?

Games of Otterburn 1388

Games of Otterburn 1388

by Charles Randolph Bruce

It all started and ended in the month of August, 1388. The sons of Bannockburn thought to raid northern England, forcing London to pay attention to their demands for Scottish independence, which was the same reason their famous ancestors had raided there in 1314. King Richard II of England was the grandchild of Edward III, he being the one who had placed Scotland’s freedom on the executioner’s block and chopped it off after King Robert the Bruce and James Douglas and many, many more great patriots had won that freedom in 1328. What became the battle of Otterburn began as an idealistic punitive raid on the part of the Scots into northern England. But nobody was counting on the impetuousness of England’s Lord Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother, Ralph. They had other ideas that turned the Scottish raid into a major hand-to-hand battle fought for the whole of the night by the light of the full moon. The successful raid, the subterfuge to protect the plunder and the subsequent battle of unusual proportions spawned diverse consequences unimagined by any of the participants. But the various historical records will attest to the base and content of this novel and will forever be an important part of our Scottish and English heritage despite those who would rather have it remain hidden.

A Few Appropriate Remarks - A short story

A Few Appropriate Remarks – A short story

by J.D. Currie

A 1500 word short story by J.D. Currie.

A man struggles with self-doubt as he is about to make a key speech. Will he measure up to the challenge? How will history remember this moment?

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