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Crystal Clean: A mother's struggle with meth addiction and recovery

Crystal Clean: A mother’s struggle with meth addiction and recovery

by Kimberly Wollenburg

“There are precious few things in this life of which I am certain. One is the love I have for my son, Andy…
The other thing of which I am certain is this: no one wants to be an addict.” – from the book.

Here’s what readers have to say:

“Kim’s writing style is clear, lucid, revealing, and on a par with the best of skilled non-fiction authors – Thor Heyerdahl, Thomas Thompson, even James Michener or my favorite, Jan de Hartog, and she is able to make the reader relive her addictions – all of them – to the point that I HAD to put the book down several times and “de-tox” myself, or at least breathe normally, before I could return to it. I’ve never felt so much inside the skin of someone who is going through the horror of addiction as when reading this biography.”

“Kim has cleansed her soul by once again facing the demons of her past, and I can only imagine how much strength it took for her to reopen her wounds and recount them one by one.”

“Crystal Clean is a book I couldn’t put down about an amazing woman who was once completely immersed in the world of crystal meth. If you didn’t know that she made it through the other side (because she is telling her own story), you might not believe she will come out of it alive. Kim lays out her life story, with memories that help show her state of mind as she started using different drugs and then meth. But it’s not a “woe is me” story, and she doesn’t dwell on the bad things that contributed to her mental state. It is ultimately a story about how a mother’s love can overcome the terrible odds associated with this addiction.”

“This is a well-written, entertaining book. The author’s style is light even when when the subject is not. It would have been easy to simply write about the misery that must come with Meth addiction. Instead, the author gives insight into her background and motivations. You can’t help but root for the author as she describes her descent into drug addiction “hell,” even though she is responsible for all her choices.”

“Being a mom of a special needs son (only child) and struggling to be everything to that child, while barely hanging on yourself is such a familiar story to me.”

“While reading this book, it hit home so much I had to stop reading it for moments at a time. So real and writing was so descriptive, I had to separate her feelings from my own in some regard.
Thank you for opening up to your readers and trusting us with your story. I picture you kind of like a female “Rocky” winning in the end. Can’t help but root for you and Andy!”

“What an insightful and bravely written book. What Kim has shared is an amazingly helpful understanding to anyone who has been touched by the outreaching fingers of meth addiction and mental illness. And to those who haven’t, a good reminder that not everyone or everything is as it may seem.”

“A beautiful memoir about one mom’s struggle with her lot in life and how she chose to deal with it using illegal drugs. It’s told in a brave, clear manner with no careful wording. I loved reading more about Andy and was absolutely rooting for Wollenburg through it all.”

“At first, you don’t understand Kim. Then you love her.”

“Kim illustrates with graphic detail and genuine emotion the pain of addiction as well as the sometimes circuitous path to recovery. This book is extremely well written. I wish I lived next door to this courageous mother, daughter, and woman of worth.”

“CRYSTAL CLEAN: A mother’s struggle with meth addiction and recovery is an honest and transparent look at the world of meth addiction and recovery. As a reader, I was swallowed up into this world of addiction, pain, anger, and fear. Many times I wanted out — I wanted to skip to the end of the book and be assured that this young woman was going to be okay. I applaud the author for her obvious courage in sharing her story and exposing her pain and allowing herself to be so vulnerable. The author’s writing is superb — strong imagery and an authentic voice. “

I have to go but I'll see you in your Dreams - A true Story

I have to go but I’ll see you in your Dreams – A true Story

by Hendrik Kupfernagel

When Brigitte Bieber set off on her sailing trip with her husband, they had plans to cruise around the Caribbean for perhaps two years. However, very shortly before they finished their cruise in the Caribbean, Brigitte disappeared. As time passed, her son, Hendrik, struggled to come to terms with the potential outcomeâ?¦ that he might never see his mother again. Within a short time of Brigitte’s disappearance, Hendrik and close relatives began having visits with his mother, at night in their dreams. Sadly, however, Brigitte was not found alive.
Although some might be skeptical of such notions as the afterlife, communicating with the dead, and related issues, Hendrik’s account of his experiences in I have to go but I’ll meet you in your Dreams – A true Story provides a carefully documented and compelling story of the strength and endurance of the emotional ties between a young man and his mother. As Hendrik himself points out, there are far too many incidents that accumulate over time, to simply dismiss them as coincidental. Moreover, they seem to serve a purpose in helping Hendrik deal with such a loss and to move forward with his life.

Early reviews say:
“With a book like this, which is so personal, challenging, and steeped in emotion, the notion of privilege takes on an even greater meaning of reading this!”

“The writer of this book is very courageous and strong of spirit.”

“It is obvious that the writer put a great deal of heart and soul into his book, as well as time and effort. His story reflects the many losses he had to deal with, in addition to all of the anguish of not knowing what initially happened to his mother, and then having to come to terms with the reality.”

“It is such a pleasure to read this book.”

Memoirs of a Bad Dog

Memoirs of a Bad Dog

by Curtis Moser

Bogart is in jail. He’s been there before, but he never felt like he deserved it until now. Peeing on the carpet is one thing, but now he’s killed a man. And it wasn’t just any old man–any old man may have been forgiveable. Bogart killed Swifty’s father, and Swifty is Bogart’s human, so now he deserves his jail sentence. Now he deserves a death sentence. He’s truly a bad dog.

In an effort to give Swifty back the part of him that he took away, Bogart escapes and embarks on a journey to recover the dead man’s Red Sox hat. Joined by his border collie girlfriend, Ginger, and an abandoned kitten named Snowball, the three of them set out to become good again.

Becoming a Superhero: based on a true story

Becoming a Superhero: based on a true story

by Oliver Galang

Becoming a Superhero is the true story of Oliver Galang.  Oliver is a nerd growing up.  He wants to become a superhero because he wants to save the world.  He also thinks that if he saves the world all the bullies will respect him.  Unfortunately, Oliver becomes mixed up in a life of gambling, card counting, and women.

Although this book addresses a very serious subject (addiction), it is humorous.  From his adventures from Portugal to Panama, Oliver talks about his life as a military brat.  He also talks about being raised by immigrant parents.

He talks about his desire to become a superhero.  He even purchases a $500 Batman costume!  He has hopes of wearing it one day while he performs heroic acts; then he meets a psychologist who pulls him from his fantasy world into the real world.  This is at the ripe age of 35!

This is an entertaining book.  It also has received some great unbiased reviews on and  The story explains how a normal person like Oliver gets mixed up in a life of gambling and addiction.  And more importantly, it shows how he gets out of that life…even if that reason involves a childhood dream of becoming a superhero.

Pilgrims with Purpose (The Inspiring Life Story of Two Missionaries to Mexico)

Pilgrims with Purpose (The Inspiring Life Story of Two Missionaries to Mexico)

by Elizabeth Tolman

Pure Unvarnished Faith

Elizabeth and David didn’t fully understanding their future as missionaries to both Africa and Mexico. They didn’t know the adventures, joys, trials, testing (and rewards) that awaited them. They were, however, united by a sincere and deep love for Jesus Christ, and loved each other and their new-found friends with deep seated devotion and Christ-like humility

This couple’s true Christian biography will inspire you, wherever you are at in life. If you wish to learn how to be an effective missionary, this biography will serve as a light to your path. The Tolmans lived by faith alone, a faith which prevailed in times of sickness, insufficient funds, death threats, and normal family rearing in unfamiliar cultures. This book documents numerous times when God spoke clearly to David and Elizabeth, delivering them from situations which would cause a natural man to stumble. This is an inspirational book for men and women whom need encouragement and faith in today’s adverse society.

About the Author

Elizabeth Tolman was born in Aurora, a small town in Ontario, Canada, to parents with an active rural medical practice. She attended Aurora High School, University of Toronto and Toronto Teachers’ College. She met her husband, David, in high school. They married in 1953 and set out on their ministry pilgrimage in 1954. They have four children also in God’s ministry and a son living and working in the Middle East. The Tolmans now live in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, on a Bible School and Christian Primary and Secondary School property.

Their lifetime commitment resulted in an ongoing ministry known as Seedtime and Harvest Ministries Inc, now under the capable leadership of their son, Philip, who with his brother Stephen and the addition of third generation family members, are pastors, youth leaders, teachers, Christian musicians and every facet of ministry.

David and Elizabeth continue to minister in the Rios de Agua Viva Bible School, teaching in seminars and retreats, and providing family and ministerial counseling. Retirement is not yet a word they use, desiring instead to continue in the ministry until they are taken home.

“I’ve observed the life and ministry of the Tolman family up close for almost 20 years. Even after spending a lot of time with them, and having knowledge of many of their experiences, Pilgrims with Purpose grabbed me from the very first page, and I ended up reading it straight through cover to cover in one sitting. This book gives us a peek into the real world of “living by faith,” and challenges every Christian to believe beyond thought. Fantastic read!”
-Walt Hollis, Senior Pastor, Lifeline Church, Mayflower, Arkansas

This Christian book is periodically offered free via kindle download. In this book, learn how to have faith, and how to share your faith, which was given you as a free gift from Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Will Love For Crumbs - A Memoir

Will Love For Crumbs – A Memoir

by Jonna Ivin

Raised by an alcoholic mother and without a father, Jonna learned at a young age to put her needs on the back-burner. After her mother dies of cancer, she goes on a spiritual journey looking for enlightenment and a purpose for her life. Eventually, she ends up as a volunteer in the relief effort following Hurricane Ike. There she meets a man who will forever change her life.

In the swamps of Louisiana and the hills of Arkansas, Jonna follows her heart to build a life with an American hero – a 20 year veteran of the Army Special Forces. Only after uprooting her whole life, leaving everything and everyone she knows behind, do the pieces of this fairytale start to unravel. Realizing the man of her dreams is actually the stuff of nightmares; Jonna must once again go within and discover why she is a woman willing to love for crumbs.

Jonna Ivin is also the author of the crime thriller 8th Amendment

Attorney Lauren Atkinson has spent her career defending death row criminals. When a murder hits close to home and clues tie her to an old forgotten case, Lauren must stop at nothing to find the killer.

With her marriage crumbling and her life in shatters she begins to question everything she has been fighting for. Will her views on the death penalty change once the killer is revealed?

Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy

Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy

by Julie Flygare

Julie Flygare was on an ambitious path to success, entering law school at age 22, when narcolepsy destroyed the neurological boundaries between dreaming and reality in her brain. She faced terrifying hallucinations, paralysis and excruciating sleepiness, aspects of dream sleep taking place while wide awake.

Yet, narcolepsy was a wake-up call for Julie. Her illness propelled her onto a journey she never imagined, from lying paralyzed on her apartment floor to dancing euphorically at a nightclub; from the classrooms of Harvard Medical School to the start line of the Boston Marathon.

Wide Awake and Dreaming is a revealing first-hand account of dreams gone wrong with narcolepsy. It’s the brave story of one woman trampling over barriers and finding light in the darkest of circumstances.

Franklin Roosevelt's Postage Stamp Quilt: The Story of Estella Weaver Nukes' Presidential Gift

Franklin Roosevelt’s Postage Stamp Quilt: The Story of Estella Weaver Nukes’ Presidential Gift

by Kyra E. Hicks

A Saturday morning search of African American newspapers from the 1930s uncovered a startling headline: “President Roosevelt Gets Present of Novel Quilt Designed By Indiana Woman.”

Who was this Hoosier quiltmaker? What inspired her to gift the President of the United States with a quilt? What was so “novel” about the bedcovering that Black newspapers across the country carried its story? Where is the celebrated quilt today?

Follow the surprising pursuit from a WPA Sewing Room in Marion, Indiana to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC and even on to England and France.

Quilter Kyra E. Hicks, who previously shared the true story of a young slave girl’s fifty-year quest to see Queen Victoria and give her a quilt, now takes us on a Depression-era adventure featuring exquisite quilts made for Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Bonus White House Quilt Block included.

Me an our Kid

Me an our Kid

by Michael Yarwood

This is a  true story of two brothers growing up in Liverpool during the late 40s and early 1950s.
They were stigmatised from an early age because they came from a broken home. Growing up in state sponsored poverty, they used their imagination to stay ahead of their antagonists. Trouble always seemed to stalk them from the shadows. Their story traces them through a comical journey of poverty, mayhem and mischief during their early years.Even at school the bigots raise dtheir ugly heads in the form of teachers. Not once did they weaken, they fought for their place in society that had written them off as no hopers. Truly a story of bigotry and definace, yet they stayed close to each other, fought shoulder to shoulder and gave as much as they got even at such young age.Not having birthdays or even a decent Christmas did not deter them, it was what they were used to. After leaving school they drifted apart for 40 years until they met up again and decided their story should be written.
What of them now, well they came through it all with their heads held high. Today, yes the memory is still there but it doesn’t hurt anymore and life has been good to those two brothers over the years.

To Iraq And Back

To Iraq And Back

by Jessica Scott

From bestselling novelist Jessica Scott comes the emotional first person journey to war and back again.
In 2009, Army second lieutenant Jessica Scott deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. It was a year of many firsts.
This is the first person journey through a combat tour in Iraq, through being a woman in the army and learning to be an officer in the unforgiving environment of a brigade combat team. This is the journey of a writer, learning to find her voice. This is the journey of a mother, confronting the emotions of leaving her children. This is the story of an inexperienced lieutenant, growing into a leader. This is the journey as it happened, without commentary.
This is her blog. There are many blogs from the Iraq war, but this one is hers.




This is the true life story of a young English woman, who initially set out single-handedly to smuggle two tons of marijuana from Colombia to the US. It is a gripping story of battling storms, snakes, engine problems in Great White Shark infested waters, days at sea facing deprivations barely imaginable, and Mexican gun boats.

A journey that finally sees Bridget incarcerated in the most infamous prison in Mexico-La Mesa. This is truly an extraordinary adventure story of a remarkable woman operating in a man’s world.



by Barbara Swanson

From the war-torn streets of London to the exotic shores of the Orient, this is one woman’s extraordinary story: an emotional rollercoaster that sweeps the reader along on a breathless voyage through her turbulent life. Bombs and doodlebugs; cruelty and heartache; sultans, snakes, Sikhs; spies, sailors and ships; ex-pats and alcohol and wild, wild parties; love, betrayal, near-terminal illnesses; an angel, three witches and numerous ghosts – they are all included in this searingly honest, sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious memoir.

A tale of danger, sorrow and loss, of cruelty and fear, of a great love turned sour, of sickness, suffering and despair, but also a tale of love, kindness and compassion, family, friendship, and the healing power of laughter. Above all, it is a tale of survival, of the constancy of love between a mother and her children, and ultimately of happiness regained.

Editing and Cover Design by Laura Jenkinson @ Blackboard Fiction

Praise for Swansong:

‘It’s a long time since I read anything so profoundly moving or so gloriously funny.’ Annie, London

â??I am in love with this book and am reading it every spare second I have, immersing myself in every word, running through the fields with Squire Hale and sobbing at Daphne’s cruelty.’ Norma, Los Angeles

â??I read it in one day, crying, laughing, I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t want it to end so I read the last chapter twice !’ Lisa, Kent

â??I have just finished ‘Swansong’ and am overcome by such courage, love and determination of spirit to triumph over adversity.’ Ilona, Warwickshire

â??It just got better and better until the end, which made me cry.’ Jenni, Hampshire

â??A fascinating and moving account of such a turbulent life. I enjoyed the mix of personal and social insights it offered.’ Carol, Hampshire

â??It’s enthralling.’ Teresa, Capetown, South Africa.

â??Powerful and compelling.’ Liz, Somerset

â??She writes like an angel.’ Manon, France

‘I was in the bath and the water had gone stone cold but I didn’t notice until the last word was read!’ Jo, Hampshire

Stand To... A Journey to Manhood

Stand To… A Journey to Manhood

by E. Franklin Evans

While many authors have written books about Vietnam, very few of these authors have actually experienced the horrors of this war. Retired Lt. Colonel Frank Evans brings to the table his experiences in combat.

His memoir “Stand Toâ?¦A Journey to Manhood” is an amazing book written by a heroic man who served his country with great honor.

His memoir depicts how the struggle for survival brings about closeness among men. Evans and his comrades worked for a common goal, despite the danger threatening them, to stay alive and to defeat the enemy. They became a brotherhood with single mind and purpose. This work is relevant to today’s soldiers as they face the same emotions Evans faced.

When his Vietnam tour of duty ended, Evans decided to continue his military career with the U.S. Army. Today, he is a proponent for the men and women of the armed forces. He stresses the benefits in education, experience, and travel to be gained by serving in the military. Yet Evans is also realistic about the strain military life can place upon a family. His recounting of his own experiences enlightens readers about the realities of serving one’s country.

In Evans’ own words “Stand To” is about a young man’s daily experiences in an unfamiliar jungle environment and his emotions dealing with apprehension, loneliness, joy, sadness, and growth, much like the lives of the soldiers currently in the Middle East.
An excerpt follows:

he last glimmer of light crowned the distant trees and slowly faded to blackness. I sat on a sandbagged bunker drinking a cup of hot chocolate. I looked up at the stars and listened to the sounds from the jungle, unusual but somehow soothing. They reminded me of the sounds in the Florida swamps near Big Tree Park. Even the smells of the jungle were familiar, reminding me of peaceful nights camping a few miles from home.
A few yards to my right, my third squad leader, Staff Sergeant Baker, was giving final instructions to two of his men before they moved out to their listening post. He spoke quietly. “All right, you guys, I want you to maintain complete silence while you’re out there. Only use your radio to send your hourly SITREPS. Use your push-to-talk switch to break squelch. Once for â??yes’ or â??everything’s OK.’ Squeeze the switch twice for â??negative’ or â??we’ve got movement.’ Got it?”
“Yeah, Sarge. We know,” replied one of the men.
“Well, this is Brown’s first time on LP, so I want to make sure you all got it right.”
“Don’t worry ’bout me, Sarge. I got it,” said PFC Brown.
“OK. Move out and be quiet moving into your position. Let me know when you’re all set. Keep your ears alert for Charlie. We know the VC are moving through this area at night.”
The LPs quietly moved into their night locations using the designated paths through the protective wire defenses. Should they have to return quickly, they would use these same routes to run back to the safety of the perimeter. Upon arriving in their night positions they radioed back and maintained silence. Hourly situation reports, or SITREPS, would be relayed to the platoon CP through the prearranged radio signals. No voice communications would be sent unless enemy movement was detected. Earlier in the day the company’s 81mm mortars had registered defensive fires. Our supporting 105mm artillery battery was prepared to provide indirect fire support if necessary. These fires would help cover the quick return of the LPs.

Daedalus Rising - The True Story of Icarus

Daedalus Rising – The True Story of Icarus

by Robert Case

A New Mythology
for the 21st Century

We have known how to fly for centuries…

Long ago, Daedalus invented wings, showing us that it could be done. He made two pair of them, one for himself and one for his son. It was a truly wonderful gift.

The old legend tells of a father and son flying together, out over the sea on a beautiful warm day long ago, and of a story of loss that Deadalus told when he finished the flight. We seem to have collectively decided to stay on the ground ever since, but why? There was so much more to the story that Daedalus did not tell.

Daedalus Rising completes the myth, telling The True Story of Icarus and revealing an ancient mystery whose time has finally come.

Daedalus Rising brings to light what really happened in the sky that day, recasting and recreating the meaning of an old myth through the telling of the story of a son’s quest and of the father who cared deeply about him.

It is a story of initiation and growth, and of the power of wings.

With hypnotism and ease, Robert Case teaches us to dream, fly, and explore, and become more of who we are meant to be. Through his sweet and powerful story telling, Case stirs the ancient dreams within each of us, and invites us to reconsider the truth, the myth, and the power of our lives.
~Tama J. Kieves, best-selling author of THIS TIME I DANCE!

The Ghost of Jack Woodford

The Ghost of Jack Woodford

by Keith Nichols

A voyage of discovery as I search for a lost American author from the early half of the past century.

From the online newsletter of renowned author Piers Anthony….

…And one more, not a novel but a biography. The Ghost of Jack Woodford, by Keith Nichols, that I received half a year ago but didn’t get around to reading until now. Jack Woodford was the literary pseudonym of Josiah Pitts Woolfolk, a popular novelist of the 1920s and 1930s who then disappeared from the literary scene almost without trace. Most listings of American writers don’t mention him. How come? I see two reasons. First, he was a trashy novelist, publishing many adventures and sex novels, writing to the public taste. Some said 140 books in all, but a number can’t be documented. (For comparison, I have had 130 published, with 7 in the pipeline, and I’m not yet done. I tried to Google Andre Norton’s bibliography, as I understand she wrote about 150 books, but though it said it downloaded it, I am unable to find it on my system. Par for the course. Maybe a reader will tell me how many she wrote. Anyway, Woodford wrote a lot.) Critics prefer to pretend that such writers don’t exist. Second, he wrote several books telling the truth about writing and publishing…. I learned that the love of Woodford’s life was his daughter, Louella, on whom he doted. No, not incestuously; this was Family. She had potential, selling several novels before she was 20, with aspirations as a Hollywood actress. But then her career and his life were cut off by her insanity. She was in and out of mental hospitals, and he went broke trying to afford treatment for her. He was finally institutionalized himself, and died bankrupt and depressed. So the story of his life is a tragedy, but he was in his ornery fashion a great man.

Piers Anthony, April 1st, 2006 (in his online newsletter)

Advanced Book Marketing - the fastest way to get your books into your reader's hands

Advanced Book Marketing – the fastest way to get your books into your reader’s hands

by EJ Thornton

If you are not yet well-known and no one knows the title of your book – then your future customers aren’t searching for you on the internet.

How do you get them to discover your book? It’s easy. The concept is called Associative Marketing and publishers have been using it since time began to sell books. As an author, you also need to tap into the system so that you can significantly increase your book sales on the internet. It is explained in great detail in the Book Advanced Book Marketing.

It’s not a matter of getting them to notice you and your book, it’s putting your book where your customers are already searching for answers, and everyone wins…

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven (One Woman's Trip to Africa - My Story)

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven (One Woman’s Trip to Africa – My Story)

by Chris Loehmer Kincaid

After receiving several messages from God that she was destined to make this journey, a woman travels to Kenya, Africa, on a mission trip and spends much of the two weeks feeling lost and alone. One question keeps resonating through her head

“Why am I here?”

One Woman’s Trip to Africa – My Story

In August 2006, I had the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream by going on a mission trip to a third-world country. I traveled with fourteen other missionaries to Kenya as part of the last Life Missions team to travel to Africa. Our goal was to educate the Kenyans about disease prevention and to share the word of Christ. A lofty goal and one which seemed far from my grasp. Join me on my fascinating journey to Africa and back and learn how I discovered a God I never knew before.

About the Author

Chris Kincaid has been writing since she was in the third grade, and though she has worked in the medical field for over 20 years, she has never lost the desire to put words to paper. However, her family and her faith have always come first, making some days a challenge as she continues to work fulltime, mentor a local Kinship kid, mentor her church’s college students and remain active as a member of the state society for her career in medical assisting. She lives in northern Wisconsin with her husband, four cats and one dog. Her two children, Nick and Val, are grown and living on their own. They both share their mother’s passion for Africa.

This Christian book is available on kindle and on your computer or tablet via the free kindle app. Men and women alike will appreciate the author’s faith – may this memoir inspire other Christians to follow God’s leading and freely share the Gospel as did she.




Crafty Ladies (Wicked Women)

Author and historian Sylvia Perrini, in this delightful short book, provides a gallery of extraordinary women swindlers, con artists and imposters.Some of the women you may even like and some you will despise.

â??La Banquière’
Sisters you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night.
The Enterprising Mrs. Chadwick
“One of the most extraordinary fake mediums and mystery swindlers the world has ever known”.
Too Many Husbands Spoil The Broth
Just never wanted to retire!
“One of the smartest confidence women in America”
â??The Beautician from Hell’
Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz sister?
Was she Czar Nicolas’s II daughter ?
The greatest actress of all time!

Austin Nights

Austin Nights

by herocious

Bridget had a fierce desire for survival which made her a fighter. Michael had a hankering after immortality which made him a useless dreamer. And that was the great difference between these two Austin transplants who loved each other so well.

Literary Fiction

Hey Joe - Poems and Stories from the Peace Corps

Hey Joe – Poems and Stories from the Peace Corps

by Robert Nicholas

Come larga (sail) with me on a banca (outrigger canoe) across the Sibuyan Sea to the malayo (remote) isla (island) of Romblon in the Philippines. Take your siya (chair) at the lamisa (table) as my new panimalay (family) and I enjoy our panyaga (lunch) of kanon (cooked rice), isda (fish), utanon (vegetables), fried saging (banana) and tubig (water). Meet my host Nana Lola. Lakat (walk) down the dalan (street) with me as I join my migas (friends) Manny, Louie and Popeye to drink tuba (fermented coconut milk). And learn how I got my nickname, “Puti Iboy”.

June, 1968. Twenty-two years old, 5′ 11″ 155 pounds; red-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, freckled and fresh out of college, I found myself flying out of Logan airport in Boston heading for a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in the Philippines teaching modern mathematics.

It was the era of the Vietnam War – Woodstock – the first man landing on the moon. Everything I took as a given was challenged. My pre-conceived ideas of life, community, family and friendship were turned inside out, shaken apart, dismantled and reassembled. I was advantaged and was going to live with those who were less so. First hand in the “third world” was going to be a shocker.

“Hey Joe” was a greeting of affection Filipinos had for Americans. I am not going to spend 100 pages telling you what my teaching experience was like. That will be covered in one brief section. I devote myself to life outside the classroom, for this is where the Peace Corps experience really shines. The talents we brought with us were important, but the interaction with those we lived and worked with was what really made a difference. I showed them skills they could go forward with, and they gave me a lifetime of warm memories.

This is a collection of poems and stories about my experience. You will be learning some of the local dialect along with me as you read. At first I will give you both the dialect term and the English together. After words have been used several times, I drop the English, but don’t fear, there is a dialect dictionary of about 125 words at the back.

Be sure to click on my name to see my author’s page with several photos from my time in Romblon.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed living it.

The First Great Confederate General: The Life and Career of Albert Sidney Johnston

The First Great Confederate General: The Life and Career of Albert Sidney Johnston

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures of Johnston and important people and places in his life.
*Analyzes his generalship at the beginning of the Civil War and at Shiloh.
*Includes some of Johnston’s quotes during the Battle of Shiloh and accounts of the battle from Grant, Sherman, and others.
*Includes a Bibliography for further reading.
*Includes a Table of Contents.

“The turning point of our fate.” – Jefferson Davis on the death of Albert Sidney Johnston

Today Albert Sidney Johnston (1803- 1862) is one of the most overlooked generals of the Civil War, but in April 1862 he was widely considered the Confederacy’s best general. After graduating from West Point, where he befriended classmates Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, Johnston had a distinguished military career that ensured he would play a principal role in the Civil War. The fact that he was friends with Davis didn’t hurt either, and near the beginning of the war Johnston was given command of the Western Department, which basically comprised the entire Western theater at the time.

The Confederates were served poorly in that theater by incompetent officers who Johnston and the South had been saddled with, and from the beginning of the Civil War the Confederates struggled to gain traction in the battlegrounds of Kentucky and Missouri. After critical Confederate setbacks at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson in early 1862, Johnston concentrated his forces in northern Georgia and prepared for a major offensive that culminated with the biggest battle of the war to that point, the Battle of Shiloh.

On the morning of April 6, Johnston directed an all out attack on Grant’s army around Shiloh Church, and though Grant’s men had been encamped there, they had failed to create defensive fortifications or earthworks. They were also badly caught by surprise. With nearly 45,000 Confederates attacking, Johnston’s army began to steadily push Grant’s men back toward the river.

As fate would have it, the Confederates may have been undone by friendly fire at Shiloh. Johnston advanced out ahead of his men on horseback while directing a charge near a peach orchard when he was hit in the lower leg by a bullet that historians now widely believe was fired by his own men. Nobody thought the wound was serious, including Johnston, who continued to aggressively lead his men and even sent his personal physician to treat wounded Union soldiers taken captive. But the bullet had clipped an artery, and shortly after being wounded Johnston began to feel faint in the saddle. With blood filling up his boot, Johnston unwittingly bled to death. The delay caused by his death, and the transfer of command to subordinate P.G.T. Beauregard, bought the Union defenders critical time on April 6, and the following day Grant’s reinforced army struck back and pushed the Confederate army off the field.

The First Great Confederate General: The Life and Career of Albert Sidney Johnston chronicles the life and career of one of the Confederacy’s most indispensable generals, and the most senior officer to die in battle during the war. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events in his life, you will learn about Albert Sidney Johnston like you never have before, in no time at all.

Gary Johnson: America's Best Hope - The Case for a Libertarian President

Gary Johnson: America’s Best Hope – The Case for a Libertarian President

by Matthew Copeland

Who is Gary Johnson? Why is he running for President? What does he stand for?

Gary Johnson is an awe-inspiring example of a man who has come from nothing and molded himself into a leader. He’s climbed impossible mountains and faced down ridiculously long odds. This book introduces you to the person who SHOULD be our next President.

On the fence? With Ron Paul out of the picture for 2012, author Matthew Copeland makes the compelling case in favor of supporting Governor Gary Johnson’s long-shot presidential campaign.

INTRODUCTION: Liberty’s Next Champion
CHAPTER 1: An Inspiring Man
CHAPTER 2: Building a Real Business
CHAPTER 3: The Unlikely Governor
CHAPTER 4: A Return to Politics
CHAPTER 5: Breaking the Chains
CHAPTER 6: Where He Stands
CHAPTER 7: Why They’re So Afraid
CHAPTER 8: Let’s Just Imagineâ?¦
CHAPTER 9: In His Own Wordsâ?¦
CHAPTER 10: People Are Talkingâ?¦
CHAPTER 11: The Revolution Continues

Marvin's Book: The Story of a Professor and a Promise

Marvin’s Book: The Story of a Professor and a Promise

by M Soldani Lemon

Have you ever made a promise that dogged you through years, nagging you silently?

Melissa Soldani Lemon did in 2000 when her student, Marvin Mark Scott, died in a single-car accident on the way to school. In her grief, she reached out to the young man’s family and promised to write a book for Marvin and start a scholarship in his honor.

Ten years, two children and many semesters of teaching college history later, Melissa had amassed a growing following of readers for the hilarious stories on her blog, but no book had yet emerged. She finally sat down to fulfill her promiseâ??only to find herself facing new raw grief in the unexpected deaths of a colleague and another student, both of whom had encouraged her to fulfill her promise.

Now she was really stuck. How could she write Marvin’s book when she only wrote stories with happy endings? Melissa’s journey to answer that question takes us on a roller coaster ride through a year of new students, service projects honoring United States veterans, office hours, exams and graduations as she interweaves inspirational stories with outrageously funny bloopers taken from real student exams. In the end, it is a student veteran “exiled” in a VA nursing home who leads her to find a bright and hopeful ending to this story.

You will laugh, cry and rekindle your belief in the power of intention as Melissa turns the promise of a book for Marvin into Marvin’s Book: The Story of a Professor and a Promise.

Choose. Love.

Choose. Love.

by Rosalyn Martin

Choose. Love. is an honest depiction of my trials, tribulations, and indiscretions as I walked away from everything that I had been taught in order to find love. It is my candid portrayal of my “lost years” as I sought to attain the sort of romantic connection that I thought I needed. It is a narrative about heartbreak and lossâ??painful, personally earth shattering, and unavoidable. It is about my discovery that all the love I require cannot be found in another person.

“Rosalyn doesn’t just choose love; she chooses honesty. She walks through all the steps of her crooked journey, from faith to rebellion and back again, with a candor and intimacy that will leave you celebrating real love found only in the Savior. You need to read this book!”
–Andy Lucas, senior pastor, Emmaus Road Church

Rosalyn has also written a fiction novel entitled For Those Left Breathing–also available on Amazon.

Loving For Crumbs - An Anthology of Moving On

Loving For Crumbs – An Anthology of Moving On

Contained within the pages of this anthology are fourteen true stories of inspiration, guts, and courage that will inspire anyone who has ever found themselves loving for crumbs. As Emma Tsai says after she finds the strength to walk away from a relationship that nearly causes her to lose herself mentally and physically in The Spell of Starvation, “I spend my days writing, not about him. I can see the mirror from where I sit, and I smile at it, as if it’s an old friend I’ve called a truce with. I don’t need it to affirm my worth.”
Some of the stories are not so easily defined. Lines of infidelity are blurred in Liz Prato’s A New Place, as she writes, “That’s the problem with want – it refuses to distinguish between right and wrong. It prefers to hide behind the self-righteousness of some gray area it constructed for itself.”
And it is not always romantic relationships that cause us to give everything we have until we are drained dry. Sometimes it is our own families as Krystal Engel tells us in Delusions of Truth, “A mother loves her children no matter what they do and she only wants for them to be happy and not to struggle. Not mine.” Or as Sherrey Meyer points out in The Crumb Gatherer it is easy to repeat patterns within family relationships. “I’d managed to pick up a lot of mama’s controlling behaviors and was attempting to create my own crumb gatherers in my new family.”
From an affair with a married man in Jessica Starr’s December 21 to the exploitation of a desperate teenager in K.C. O’Neil’s Confessions of a Teenage Sex Toy these powerful stories will have you cheering for these women as they stop loving for crumbs and make the difficult and often painful decision to pick up and move on.

Connie Blizzard – One Day Is Now
Jo Osborne – Comfortably Numb
Debra Baker – Dark Days
Krystal Engel – Delusions of Truth
Carrie Padian – The Way I Do It & Inevitability
Emma K. Tsai – The Spell of Starvation
Sande Boritz Berger – Clean Cut
Jessica Starr – December 21
Denise Roessle – Rules of the Road
Sherrey Meyer – The Crumb Gatherer
Liz Prato – A New Place
Teri Elders – Needs
K.C. O’Neil – Confessions of a Teenage Sex Toy

Blaise Pascal's Defining force: Science or Faith?

Blaise Pascal’s Defining force: Science or Faith?

by Tim L. Wenzig M.A.

Blaise Pascal is known as both a scientist and a theologian. Many have asked if his faith was formed around his knowledge attained by scientific investigation, or was his science advised by his faith in God? This short work strives to answer that question in order to determine his rightful place in the two often conflicting worlds of science and theology.

Farwell's Folly: The Rise and Fall of the XIT Ranch in Texas

Farwell’s Folly: The Rise and Fall of the XIT Ranch in Texas

by Dede Weldon Casad

When the Texas State Capitol burned to the ground in 1881, Texas was land rich but cash poor. The state advertised 3,000,000 acres of land in the Panhandle of Texas for the price of a new state house.

John Farwell, a merchant from Chicago, seized the opportunity and made the deal; three million dollars for three million acres of West Texas, where only stray cattle and Indians occupied the land.

Farwell’s Folly is the story of the development of that land into the XIT Ranch of Texas, the largest cattle ranch in the world, stretching across ten counties and requiring 6,000 miles of fencing.

It has been more than 30 years since a book has come out on the famous XIT ranch of Texas. Now Texas writer Dede Casad brings this mystique of this historic ranch out of the tumble weeds of West Texas into the modern age for readers who love to read about the often forgotten tales of early Texas.

Several earlier books chronicled the rise and fall of the XIT Ranch, but Casad has also roped in colorful stories of the first cowboys, cattle rustling and cattlemen as entrepreneurs, and tied them into the historical fiber of Texas.

The idea of a man who lived in Chicago purchasing three million acres of undeveloped territory in Texas, sight unseen, takes one’s breath away, even in this day and time. Was it wise or as Casad suggestsâ??folly? That’s the story you don’t want to miss.

Open Book: The Life and Death of Amy Winehouse

Open Book: The Life and Death of Amy Winehouse

by Christina Westover

Now in its second edition…

Amy Winehouse’s bright star burned out on July 23 2011.
Amy lived a rock-star lifestyle to the max, replacing an addiction to drugs with a battle against alcohol.
When she died, aged 27, she joined a long list of musicians whose lives had been tragically cut short at the same age – the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison.
She burst onto the scene with her debut album, “Frank”, in 2003.
But it was her follow-up, “Back To Black”, in 2006 that won her millions of fans right around the world.
She won five Grammy Awards for the album, which went six-times Platinum in the UK.
Her chart success, though, would always be measured against a personal life full of trauma.
She wrote “Back To Black” about Blake Fielder-Civil, who she married in 2007. But they spent little time together as a married couple as Blake was sent to prison.
Theirs was a stormy romance, and despite divorcing they would remain in love with each other until she died. There were always plenty of other men in Amy’s life, though.
In the end she died alone in her bed. A bodyguard kept her protected from the outside world, but nobody could protect her from herselfâ?¦

Be SAFE and KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY Henry Long Hunter Skaggs

Be SAFE and KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY Henry Long Hunter Skaggs

by Daryl Skaggs

Henry Skaggs was an American hunter, explorer and pioneer, active primarily on the frontiers of Tennessee and Kentucky during the latter half of the 18th century. His career as an explorer began as early as 1750’s as one of the “Long Hunters”. They were men who undertook lengthy hunting expeditions into the Trans-Allegheny wilderness. In subsequent years, working as a land agent with Richard Henderson and Daniel Boone, he explored large parts of Middle Tennessee, Eastern and Central Kentucky. Henry Skaggs is credited with the rescue of noted kidnap victim Jenny Wiley, and led an attempt to apprehend the Harpe Brothers, America First Serial Killers.The term “Long Hunter” is referring to someone who would go on a hunt for several months or sometime up to one or two years. They would hunt and trap for various animals. They also explored different region especially in Kentucky then they would bring back their pelts and furs to sell to the settlers. They told the early settlers who lived in Virginia what they discovered, such as how many mountains they crossed or many rivers they crossed, how to access the easiest route through the mountains. The Long hunters often named many places after the men in the group. A lot of time they was the first white men to walked across the area and explore the region. If you like reading stories about: Daniel Boone, Jenny Wiley, and Isaac Shelby or about Indians such as Pocahontas, Cornstalk and Cherokee Captain Dick this is a must read book!!!!

Submissive: Candid interviews with 20 lifestyle Submissives (Magnolia Books)

Submissive: Candid interviews with 20 lifestyle Submissives (Magnolia Books)


â??Submissive’, explores the largely hidden world of the submissive and masochistic female. The 20 selected interviews here were conducted over a 10-year period, by the BDSM magazine publisher and writer, Roy Turner and offer a full, frank and totally unique insight into the real world of the lifestyle submissive.

It certainly isn’t some E L James â??Fifty Shades of Grey’ or Nancy Friday â??My Secret Garden’, etc fantasy-fest, what it does show is that those stereotypesâ??if they exist at all, are just not at all representative of the experiences related here. Like her male counterpart, the submissive female comes in all types; she can quite often be a highly successful career woman in â??real’ life that simply craves the occasional release from responsibility that comes through role-play, or a women who throws herself headlong into the lifestyle 100%. There was also a tendency to separate â??Husbands/Lovers’ from â??Masters’ and carry on a double-life either with or without their partner’s knowledge or consent. But there is also a much darker side too that is not found so much in the male submissive; a truly dangerous area that some women willingly step into.

These women certainly â??walk the talk’; whether it is extreme role-play, slave training, pony-girl, enforced servitude and prostitution, abduction or even kidnapping. Consequently, some of the experiences related here could be considered extremely shocking and genuinely disturbing. It’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

For many interviewees, the need for domination had its roots, not surprisingly, in childhood. An authoritarian, even brutal, fatherâ??who went way beyond the occasional spanking, etc, started a trend, which they sought to recreate in future relationships. But other subjects found themselves instinctively drawn to it for reasons less explicable, certainly not out of diminished self-esteem or anything that obvious. In many of the stories told, the division between controlled and controller becomes blurred, in other words, the so-called submissive is actually directing the scenario. By far the most popular and powerful scenario for most women was the idea of being used by two or more men, total humiliation and degradation often being the key driver.

Take a peak and use the â??Look Inside’, feature and get to read a free sample of the bookâ?¦

Publisher’s Note: This eBook contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. It is intended for an adult audience.

In My Father's Footsteps

In My Father’s Footsteps

by Robert Lidster

It was the 4th June 1940 that my father’s regiment, the Royal Signals saw action just forward of Lille-Roubaix in France. Three men were killed, seven wounded and one man went missing during the withdrawal.

Although not documented, my father could well have been that missing soldier for I know that on the 12th June 1940 my father was captured by the Germans at St Valery trying to get to England in a small boat, he and his companions came under fire and my father sustained injuries sufficient to see him admitted to the military hospital in Lille prior to his transportation to the P.O.W. camps at Lamsdorf in Poland.

In May 2010 to mark the 70th anniversary of my fathers capture, I travelled to France and followed the route that the Royal Signals took from Cherbourg via Laval to Lille. In Lille I visited the military hospital where my father recovered from his injuries. I then made my way to modern day Lambinovice in Poland, site of the Lamsdorf P.O.W. camps.

In March 2012, I returned to France to re-visit places from my original journey, and to visit other areas not seen in 2010.

This 58,000 word book is my account of my original journey in 2010, and my return visit in 2012. It is part biography, part travelogue but,above all a tribute to my father.

Robert M Lidster

Artificial Imagination

Artificial Imagination

by Kalpanik S.

This captivating, new book mixes technology and art together into a fascinating and philosophical combination.

The book follows one high-tech immigrant’s journey through United States as he graduates from University of California and ventures from Silicon Valley to Seattle, Nashville and back to California in a quest for his dream job and his search for a place which accepts him, a place he could call home.

The story is purportedly narrated by an artificial intelligence program with the
ability to simulate human creativity, sense of humor and spirit of adventure.

Technology is all brain, no heart, all cold logic, and no warm soul, or is it?This gem of a book reminds us that technology could not exist were it not for boundless creativity, and it does this in such a way as to also remind us that without that very same creativity, there would be no art, no literature.

Life After Corporate: My Personal Journey from the C-Suite to the E-Suite

Life After Corporate: My Personal Journey from the C-Suite to the E-Suite

by Ralph Quintero

In Life After Corporate, Ralph Quintero shares his journey from corporate executive to entrepreneur. His personal road from the C-Suite to the E-Suite. As you will soon see, it wasn’t always easy, but it was rewarding beyond measure. This isn’t your typical business book that aims to teach. This short book will inspire you as Ralph recounts the decisions he made, the thoughts that ran through his head, and tells of the ultimate success he found as an entrepreneur. If you are on the fence about leaving the corporate world and looking to venture out on your own and start a business, know that it can be done. This short story is a testament of it.

There is a life after corporate after all. A life of freedom. A better life!


Ralph Quintero is the founder of The Great Business Project, a specialized media and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses and achieve the financial success and freedom they deserve. As a serial entrepreneur and in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, Ralph has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world get off the “hamster wheel,” make more money, spend less time working “in” their businesses and more time focusing on what they are passionate about. Ralph recently launched The Great Business Project Magazine, a magazine by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that is already featured among Apple’s Top 10 business and investing magazines for the iPad. Ralph is one of the most sought after experts on the topics of entrepreneurship and business development. Meet Ralph and learn more about The Great Business Project at

Was George Washington a Christian? Examining the Faith of America's Greatest Founding Father

Was George Washington a Christian? Examining the Faith of America’s Greatest Founding Father

by Brian Tubbs

George Washington was the indispensable man in American history. Without Washington, there would likely not be a United States of America today. He is the cornerstone of the American republic, the man who more than any other epitomized the “sacred cause” to which he devoted the best part of his adult life. Not surprisingly, the faith and values of this incredible Founding Father are hotly contested today.

Was George Washington a Christian? Did he regard Jesus Christ as the Son of God and his personal Lord and Savior? Or was Washington merely friendly with Christianity, counting himself (at least privately) to be more in line with Enlightenment thinking?

This short eBook (just over 5,700 words) explores these questions as well as:

*Was George Washington a Deist?
*Did George Washington believe in prayer?
*Is it significant that Washington rarely used Jesus’ name in his writings?
*Why was Washington uncomfortable with Communion?
*What about the lack of clergy at George Washington’s death?
*Is there any evidence that Washington truly believed in Jesus Christ?

Written by one of the most avid bloggers on the American Revolution, this eBook dishes the facts on George Washington and his faith. It’s written for those who want an intelligent treatment of the subject, without having to wade through a tedious academic treatise. It sticks to the facts and is honest where speculation is required.

Those interested in the faith of our Founding Fathers and in George Washington specifically should add this to their reading collection.

Home is where the Sunsets Full-time RV'ing with Paul and Diane

Home is where the Sunsets Full-time RV’ing with Paul and Diane

by Paul Thibodeaux

This is not a how-to book but rather a what we did book. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to just hit the road in an RV for a while then read this book and come along for the ride. We have been living on the road for over twelve years now and earn our way mostly by workkamping. We are stress free and love it.

Godcidences (Compiled Short Stories of One Woman's Walk With God)

Godcidences (Compiled Short Stories of One Woman’s Walk With God)

by Zaida Thompson

Sometimes a person needs to be inspired to continue in faith. Zaida’s stories will help you step back in your own life and become reenergized in your own walk with the Lord.

This book contains more than 60 short stories of times when Zaida has relied on her faith alone, and the Lord has miraculously provided with His richest blessings. Many lives have been touch by Zaida’s faith in the Lord, and she wishes only to give Glory to Him.

About the Author

I was born in 1936 and baptized March of 1937 in Taylor Ridge Illinois at a Methodist church. I kept the Methodist church membership all my life and currently attend the Trinity UMC in Waldo Wisconsin. I had 8 children with my husband of 24 years, Jesse Thompson. My second husband, Tehal Virk, and I ran an antique mall together for 5 years. I still buy and sell antiques to supplement my retirement income.

This Christian ebook is periodically offered free via your kindle.

Christina Aguilera: A Biography

Christina Aguilera: A Biography

by Michael Tabb


The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. It was the first Super Bowl held in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and was also the first Super Bowl without cheerleaders. Former president George W. Bush was in attendance, and the asking price for a celebrated 30-second ad was $3 million. “Super Bowl XLV averaged 111 million viewers to become the most-watched program ever.”

A severe winter storm rocked Texas with snow and ice in the days leading up to the big event, and the fate of the 2011 Super Bowl was questionable. Seven people were injured by snow and ice that fell from the stadium roof before the game. One of them, a photographer, had his shoulder broken in four places by falling shards of ice. More than a thousand flights to the region were cancelled.

But the monumental Super Bowl XLV, full of firsts and excitement, was soon overshadowed. Headlines the next morning had more to do with the Star-Spangled spectacle than the sport.

Standing alone on a stage at the 50-yard line with her famous platinum blonde hair in stark contrast to her all-black knee-length dress and tights, Christina Aguilera stood unabashed as she opened the show with The Star-Spangled Banner.

Everything started well; her robust, signature vocals blasted through the stadium. It was her biggest venue ever, and it would go down as her biggest flub.

After accidentally singing the line “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming” as “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last [something],” the camera panned out to show athletes smirking, and stone-faced military personnel stationed at Camp Latherneck in Afghanistan.

As the Daily Mail noted, the erroneous lyrics she belted out for a hundred millions viewers matched those printed on Wikipedia at the time.

Although the rest of her performance seemed to put things back on track, the media seized on the error. News outlets reported the singer was “devastated” by the debacle before issuing a statement apologizing for the mishap: “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.” And she apparently wasn’t the only one upset; according to a survey conducted by the Washington Post, two-thirds of people considered the mistake  unforgivable.

Not all Super Bowl performances have passed without incident. Janet Jackson’s infamous “nip-slip” wardrobe malfunction at the 2006 Super Bowl led the National Football League to push for more family-friendly performances. At Super Bowl XLIII two years earlier, Jennifer Hudson was found to have lip-synced her national anthem performance.


Unlike some singers who struggle for decades to get a break, Aguilera had an early start. But even before she was old enough to become a Disney starlet, she faced her own share of adversity.

She was born in Staten Island in 1980. But a few years later, her mother, Shelly Loraine, decided to leave her violent husband, Fausto, and restart their lives in southwestern Pennsylvania. Her mother got a divorce and the family moved in with Aguilera’s grandmother, who lived outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Speaking out about the divorce to E! Magazine, Christina said that her father, a sergeant who was frequently stationed abroad for the US army, was both emotionally and physically abusive to her family and she did not feel safe growing up. Before the divorce, her parents were married for ten years.

Aguilera said that her singing career began as a way to get past her painful memories. Singing allowed her to express things she struggled with as a child. “Feeling powerless is the worst feeling in the world…

…buy the book to continue reading!

A Debt Never Paid

A Debt Never Paid

by George J. Walker

Imagine a World where one minute you are in the jungles of Belize and the next you are in the harsh environment of the British Prison System. Extraordinarily, this is what happened to George J. Walker. Neither a hero, nor master criminal, George J. Walker is just a normal person who has led a remarkable life. Follow his authentic, revealing journey as he comes of age, joins the British Army, then ends up with the challenge of surviving the Victorian built prisons of England. An inordinate true story primarily set in the nineteen eighties!

I awoke with a start, knowing instantly it was my own shouts, which had awoken me.

Memories of the nightmare mingled with the images of the demons my half-awake eyes saw in every shadow thrown into my cell by the outside security lighting.

The terror held me motionless for long seconds, if not minutes, before I was able to move and get my legs into motion. The cold hard floor welcomed my bare feet and helped bring me back to reality.

I walked the length of the cell and urinated into the toilet. Relief flushed through me.

Sitting back on the bed, I was able to roll up a cigarette in the near darkness, a trick I had learnt during the dark nights in Wandsworth. I savored the taste of every inhalation once the roll-up was lit. My mind, too tired to think, just enjoyed the solitary quiet.

Once the cigarette was finished, I carefully put it out and placed the dog-end with the others in an old matchbox. The butts were too valuable to be thrown away, as I would need them when the fresh tobacco ran out.

Wide Open Curtains: A Journal of a Pregnant American in Russia

Wide Open Curtains: A Journal of a Pregnant American in Russia

by Amanda Lynn Hinson

An inspirational, true story of a woman’s journey through the socialized healthcare system of Russia. The author vividly presents one of Russia’s Far East cities through the backdrop of prenatal visits and birthing a child. As an American on foreign soil, she addresses her own struggles and assimilation with humor, playful analogies and personal faith which transcend the cultural divide. A timely book, addressing the question of population decline and healthcare conditions in post-Soviet Russia as well as socialized healthcare through an American’s perspective.

Aelred of Rievaulx: Cistercian Monk and Medieval Man

Aelred of Rievaulx: Cistercian Monk and Medieval Man

by Sharla Race

“In England, the year 1110 was one of severe storms, bad harvests and high taxes. May saw an eclipse of the moon, and in June a comet blazed across the sky visible throughout the country for three weeks. It was also the year that Aelred, then known as Ethelred, was born.”

Insightful and refreshing in its approach, this biography of Aelred of Rievaulx, England’s most famous Cistercian, explores his life in fullâ??from his childhood in Hexham, his time at King David’s court in Scotland, through to his entry into Rievaulx abbey as a monk and his subsequent career within the Cistercian order.

Aelred’s experiences and activities are placed firmly in context of what life was like in the twelfth century. The book is well researched and informative yet also enjoyable and a pleasure to read.

For anyone interested in Aelred, the Cistercians, early medieval England or life in the twelfth century, this is book is essential reading.

Seasons of Wither

Seasons of Wither

by A. Zampino

Everyone remembers their first love
and their first heartbreak.

But what if you could never

What if you were frozen,
forever seventeen?



by G.P. Grewal

Born of two races, one white, one brown, his father a white American from a blue collar family, his mother an Indian immigrant from a conservative Old World home, Frank finds himself caught in the middle, neither white nor Indian enough to be accepted by either side.

HALF-BREED is the story of growing up biracial in America and the pain many biracial children experience as a consequence of being rejected by both sides. It is also a story of a boy forced to grow up without a father, his only role models being the larger than life heroes he discovers in comic books and heroic fantasy, his days spent in imaginary worlds as he hides from the cruel and frightening world outside.

SEASICK: The Cautionary Tale of Jimmy Divine

SEASICK: The Cautionary Tale of Jimmy Divine

by G.E. Watson

SEASICK: The Cautionary Tale of Jimmy Divine is the story of a young man coming of age at sea. Fresh faced and with no experiences outside the confines of the small town in Massachusetts in which he was raised, his story is rich with first-time sexual experiences, humbling incidents and rough treatment from the crew on his first shipping job on the SS New Mexico, a supertanker carrying oil to Alaska and Honolulu.

As the title implies, he makes mistakes and enemies along the way.

SEASICK: The Cautionary Tale of Jimmy Divine contains graphic sexual experiences and adult situations. This is a novel intended for mature readers.

Rise Up: My Story Of Overcoming Bullying

Rise Up: My Story Of Overcoming Bullying

by Peter Harmych

This is my story of what I have dealt with when it comes to bullying. This book was motivated by events that happened in my hometown. It’s simply my story of what I went through and how I overcame bullying. This book also includes a great deal of raw emotion. I also provide some encouragement and help and steps for those being bullied to take. It also helps people who are adults who are dealing with the after effects of being bullied in their own lives. This book also issues a challenge to those people who are bullies to stop what they are doing and for people to rise up and take a stand against bullying.

Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic Fever

by Brian Borgford

A young boy grapples with an incapacitating illness.

Topping the Dome

Topping the Dome

by Richard Novak

In 1835, Thomas Crawford leaves America to study sculpture in Rome under the world’s premier sculptor. His career takes him back and forth between the ancient Capitol of Rome and the new Capitol of America, Washington, D.C. Art and politics collide as his patrons in America struggle to have his work accepted by a Congress bitterly divided over the issue of slavery. Crawford would eventually create more sculpture for the Capitol than any other sculptor. With the country at war, Abraham Lincoln refuses to halt the construction of the Capitol, and Crawford’s greatest work, the statue of Freedom, is placed on the Capitol Dome in the midst of the Civil War, December 2, 1863. In this true story, three other men, Charles Sumner, a staunch abolitionist, Senator, and ideologue, Clark Mills, a self-taught sculptor and opportunist, and the supervisor of construction of the Capitol, Captain Montgomery C. Meigs, an autocratic achiever, play major roles in this confrontation between art and politics and the success of Thomas Crawford. Their careers, in their own way, mirror Crawford’s during this tumultuous period leading up to the Civil War.

Sailing with Senta - Across Coral Seas

Sailing with Senta – Across Coral Seas

by Pierre van Rooyen

In the past sixteen years Faith and Pierre van Rooyen have crossed the Indian Ocean three times under sail, and visited such exotic locations as Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Thailand and Malaysia.

These two intrepid sailors have also sailed Senta around Singapore into the South China Sea to Borneo and the Philippines.

They blame their two children for these exploits, for when Brett and Ingrid grew up, married and left home, Faith and Pierre decided to leave home too.

Sailing with Senta – Across Coral Seas is the second in a series of six books describing-true life adventures most people can only dream about.

Sailing with Senta - Eastward Ho !

Sailing with Senta – Eastward Ho !

by Faith Van Rooyen

In the past sixteen years Faith and Pierre Van Rooyen have crossed the Indian Ocean three times under sail, and visited exotic locations such as Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Thailand and Malaysia.

These two intrepid sailors have also sailed Senta around Singapore into the South China Sea to Borneo and the Philippines.

They blame their two children for these exploits, for when Brett and Ingrid grew up, married and left home, Faith and Pierre decided to leave home too.

Sailing with Senta – Eastward Ho ! is the first in a series of six books describing true-life adventures most people can only dream about.

Buzzards to Butterflies: My autobiography and testimony

Buzzards to Butterflies: My autobiography and testimony

by Bonnie Russell Clyne

Having survived childhood traumas, family deaths, personal crises, and Hurricane Andrew, she is living proof that you can be victorious in spite of the negative things you have experienced.

When bad things happen in our lives, we can choose how to respond, whether we will become bitter or better. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but it’s filled with learning experiences through which God can teach us what we need to learn in order to serve Him.

Written in common terms and a witty style, here is living proof that we can survive and overcome childhood traumas, family illnesses and death, personal crises, and natural disasters.

The Autobiography of Elof Dahlberg

The Autobiography of Elof Dahlberg

by Elof Dahlberg

Elof Dahlberg emigrated to the United States from Sweden in the late 1800’s. This is a very short autobiography he wrote in 1929 talking about the struggles and triumphs of a Scandinavian immigrant in the 19th and 20th century.

Biography of Jodi Picoult (Best-selling Author and Writer of Sing You Home and Lone Wolf)

Biography of Jodi Picoult (Best-selling Author and Writer of Sing You Home and Lone Wolf)

by Laura M.


Jodi Picoults career began with the DC Comics Wonder Woman series, and she has since become one of the world’s best known authors.Her first novel, Nineteen Minutes, shot to the number one position on the New York Times Bestsellers List when it was published in 2007, paving the way for the impressive body of work that has followed.

Picoult was born in Nesconset, Long Island, to two non-practising Jewish parents. Even at a very young age, Picoult demonstrated her love for writing and wrote a story titled “The Lobster Which Misunderstood.” Aged thirteen years old, she moves from Nesconset to New Hampshire and continued to demonstrate her love for writing throughout her high school years.


Picoult requested that straps be added to Wonder Womans bustier, but her suggestion was politely turned down. Picoult then took a different angle to strengthening the character; she chose to endow her with a little more intelligence, and created stories that allowed Wonder Woman to rescue the guys, rather than being helped by them. When she left DC Comics, Picoult felt as though Wonder Woman was “. . . headed in the right direction.

Picoult’s literary successes in novels appeared to dwindle for around a decade after she gave birth, but this was only due to her change in approach to the characters she wanted to represent. Picoult described herself as taking a more maternalistic and empathetic approach to those she wanted to write about, and it was from this point that she began researching her books intricately.

Picoult’s first heartbreaking novel, Nineteen Minutes, tells the story of a child who goes on a nineteen minute rampage with a hand gun, killing his classmates. It was a brave and poignant attempt at capturing the hearts of America, as it reflected events that are rarely, but still too often, broadcast across news channels…

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Biography of Jodi Picoult
+ Introduction
+ Jodi Picoult’s Background
+ Jodi Picoult’s Major Accomplishments
+ Jodi Picoult’s Personal Life
+ …and much more

Sailing With Senta - Africa calls

Sailing With Senta – Africa calls

by Pierre Van Rooyen

In the past sixteen years Faith and Pierre van Rooyen have crossed the Indian Ocean three times under sail, and visited such exotic locations as Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Thailand and Malaysia.

These two intrepid sailors have also sailed Senta around Singapore into the South China Sea to Borneo and the Philippines.

They blame their two children for these exploits, for when Brett and Ingrid grew up, married and left home, Faith and Pierre decided to leave home too.

Sailing with Senta – Affrica calls is the second in a series of six books describing-true life adventures most people can only dream about.

Zane Grey (Novelist, Writer of Riders of the Purple Sage)

Zane Grey (Novelist, Writer of Riders of the Purple Sage)

by Jeff Davis


The concept of a professional writeras we understand it todayhas existed for only about a hundred years. Sure, there were people who made money writing books and articles prior to this, but most of the time these people did not consider writing their main source of income nor their job. They considered themselves artists or thought of their writing as a hobby. One of the best ways to become known as a writer in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s was to have your name appear on the cover of a formula western novel. Formula westerners were extremely popular during this time.

Writers such as Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Earnest Haycox enjoyed this status for work that appeared in a wide variety of magazine and book publications, work that managed to find its way into the most remote corners of American life. Grey, Faust, and Haycox were well-paid too, of course, by the standards of the day, and as Christine Bold reports in her book examining the publishing history of the formula western, Selling the Wild West, Grey became famous as one of the first Americans to earn $1 million by writing.

Grey achieved this milestone during a career that included the production of over 50 novels, nine of which became top ten best-sellers. Grey stood above the rest of the field, as both his economic success and prominent position in the American imagination indicate. However, his contemporaries and successors still attempted to put their stamp on the sub-genre and they continued to profit from its popularity.


Jeff Davis is a lifelong educator with a Ph.D. in English Studies who has taught at both the high school and university levels.


The outlining and the fleshing out of the main character, the hero, became a major preoccupation of the publishers, whose instructions got so exhaustive on many occasions that it seemed the only creative detail left to the writer was the heros name. Even this tiny bit of the content could not be left entirely to the writers invention, however, as another portion of the letter from publisher Smith to writer Patten demonstrates: It is important that the main character in the series should have a catchy name.

The importance of the pulp and slick magazine trade that replaced the dime novel was that they published in serial form chapters and excerpts from longer, complete works. Zane Grey and his contemporaries benefited from the distribution of parts of their longer works in the magazines before the entire narrative was published as a hard back novel. In this way, publishers were able to produce a yearning for more. Although Grey was able to enjoy considerably more authorial freedom during the golden age, the detailed instructions glimpsed above had already hardened into a set of rules that even he had to obey to a certain degree. The formula was constructed from the very beginning to be as tightly organized as possible, perfected for easy transfer from individual to individual…

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Biography of Zane Grey
+ Introduction
+ The Formula Western Novel
+ Background and Personal Life
+ The Critics
+ …and much more

Kobe Bryant: A Biography

Kobe Bryant: A Biography

by Jasmine Evans


Kobe Bean Bryant is an American professional basketball player. More specifically, he is a shooting guard (#24) for the Los Angeles Lakers and has been since 1996. Bryant is a great basketball player and some argue that hes one of the best that ever played. Over the span of time that Bryant has been with the Lakers, the team has gone on to win five championships. He is best known for his offensive skills but has also made his mark on the defensive side of basketball.

His career has included some scandal on and off the court. Most notably, Bryants ongoing sibling rivalry with Shaquille ONeal got pretty heated in the 2003-2004 season. That season ended with the Lakers losing the NBA Finals and ONeal leaving the Lakers. Bryant has also faced scandal in his marriage and personal life.

In 2003, Bryant was arrested based on allegations that he had sexually assaulted a 19 year old hotel employee. Bryant admitted to an adulterous affair with the woman but repeatedly denied sexually assaulting her. Despite the drama, Bryant continues to have a strong fan base and to perform well in the game.


Jasmine Evans is a graduate of Princeton University who has been writing fiction and nonfiction on and off since the 8th grade. At Princeton, she majored in Sociology and minored in African-American Studies. She currently writes for two blogs–one about education and the other about job hunting. For fun, Jasmine likes to read, exercise, and play with her bunny Penelope.

Twitter: @JazzyTigress11



When Bryant started with the Lakers, he was incredibly excited. The Lakers had always been his favorite team and he had finally realized his dream to play in the NBA. Bryant played well during the Lakers summer league averaging 25 points a game. But due to a fractured left wrist and his relative inexperience, Bryant did not get much floor time during the first half of the 1996-1997 season.

The head coach, Del Harris, did not see a need to push Bryant too hard during those first several weeks.

Injuries plagued the Lakers that season. Bryant did not see too much floor time until March and April when the coach had little choice. Towards the end of the season, Bryant averaged about eight points a night.

The next season, Harris decided to have Bryant be the Lakers sixth man. Bryant and the team flourished with him in that role. They started the season with 11 victories. Despite this positive start, the Lakers did not have much success in the playoffs for the second season in a row. This theme repeated in Bryants third season as well.

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Biography On Kobe Bryant
+ Introduction
+ Background and Upbringing
+ The Accomplishments of Kobe Bryant
+ Off the Court: Bryant’s Personal Life
+ …and much more

Leo Tolstoy: Biography of the Author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy: Biography of the Author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina

by Greame C.


Leo Tolstoy is widely considered to be one of the greatest novelists of the western canon. His major worksWar and Peace and Anna Karenina are frequently cited as among the most important novels ever written due to their unique insight into human nature and to their stylistic brilliance. Tolstoy was a complex man, and a bundle of fascinating contradictions. He was a wealthy aristocrat with a large country estate who sought to renounce personal possessions in favor of a simple life. In his youth, he was a libertine who gambled and killed men in war; in his old age, he became a strict ascetic who denounced personal possessions and taught that violence should be avoided at all costs. A man who, while young, consorted with prostitutes, and fathered a child out of wedlock; a man who later believed that sex outside marriage was wrong, and finally, in his last years, taught that marriage itself was harmful.

Tolstoy’s life is almost as interesting as his novels, and the historical context of his life are bound in his work.

War and Peace, a dauntingly long novel by todays standards, contains within itself a comprehensive perspective on the human condition, from the minutiae of everyday life and love to the great sweep of world history. Anna Karenina is as large in scope, but concentrates on internal landscapes and the vistas of the human heart rather than warring nations. Tolstoy’s philosophy has had a major impact on the history of the 20th century, from the non-violent resistance of Gandhi, which helped to end British rule in India, to Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance to racial segregation and his fight for civil rights. Tolstoy crafted exemplary 19th century realist fiction and set the stage for proto-modernists like Henry James.


Following the completion of Anna Karenina Tolstoy became depressed, believing that he was pursuing an egotistical life of fame and wealth-seeking. After reading Arthur Schopenhauers’s The World as Will and Representation (first published in 1818), he began to reconsider his world-view, coming to conclusions about the nature of life and how it should be lived that were radically at odds with the Orthodox Church and the Tsarist system. He published a series of works, beginning with “Confessions” in 1879, that articulated his thoughts on way of life. He also created what today would be described as a commune, first at his summer home, and later at Yasnaya Polyana, to which he invited many friends and hangers-on to stay, much to the chagrin of his wife.

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Biography of Leo Tolstoy
+ Introduction
+ Background and Upbringing
+ Major Accomplishments and Works
+ Religious and Philosophical Writing
+ …and much more

Beyonce: A Biography

Beyonce: A Biography

by Audarshia Townsend


It’s fascinating to watch the onslaught of media attention for anything Beyoncé-related. From the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, to her very first tweet, to the stupendous honor of being named People’s “World’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman,” the over-the-top coverage keeps this mega superstar in the spotlight.

Beyoncé Knowles first grabbed headlines in the late-1990s with the African-American, all-girl group Destiny’s Child, which was originally comprised of childhood friends Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. They were constantly compared to preceding R&B female sensations like The Supremes, En Vogue and Xscape, yet this was a new type of girl group. At that time it was shocking to see teen girls brandish sexuality like weapons with such finesse, yet they did so in songs like “Say My Name,” “No, No, No” and “Bills, Bills, Bills.”


An obsession with Chicago’s vibrant dining and drinking scenes drove Audarshia Townsend to first write for respected publications like Essence, Chicago Reader and the Chicago Defender. She also has written lifestyle features for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Upscale magazine. Audarshia continues to write cocktail-, dining- and lifestyle-oriented stories for Dining Chicago, Michigan Avenue Magazine and Playboy (as well as appears regularly on WCIU-TV’s “You & Me This Morning” and “The G Spot Radio Show”).


Following the shakeups, a hit with the controversial “Bootylicious,” as well as a few lawsuits from the original members that quietly went away, Beyoncé eventually emerged as a solo artist in 2001, according to VH1 (“Beyoncé Bio”). That’s when Hollywood came calling, and she snagged starring roles as the resident sexpot in MTV’s “Carmen: A Hip Hopera” (2001), “Austin Powers in Goldmember” (2002), and “Dreamgirls” (2006).

It was such an obvious choice for her in these roles, as her lioness mane of golden tresses, glowing skin, and spectacularly fit figure always stood out from the others in Destiny’s Child. Plus, she was always strategically placed in the center, in flamboyant clothing designed by her mother, Tina Knowles. Mrs. Knowles, in fact, styled all the members of the group in similar outfits, however, Beyoncé’s always had more va va voom.    

Their outfits were streetwise and sexy, with an edge of sophistication, so it was only a matter of time before the Knowles mass marketed them. Beyoncé and her mother served as the force behind the House of Dereon clothing line, with Beyoncé, of course, as its “face” when it launched in 2004.


Beyonce: A Biography
+ She’s â??Irreplaceable’
+ The Beginning: â??Sweet Dreams’
+ Beyoncé Wants To â??Run The World’
+ Beyoncé’s â??Crazy In Love’
+ …and much more

Sailing with Senta - Small Boat Voyaging

Sailing with Senta – Small Boat Voyaging

by Pierre Van Rooyen

In the past sixteen years Faith and Pierre Van Rooyen have crossed the Indian Ocean three times under sail, and visited exotic locations such as Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Thailand and Malaysia.

These two intrepid sailors have also sailed Senta around Singapore into the South China Sea to Borneo and the Philippines.

They blame their two children for these exploits, for when Brett and Ingrid grew up, married and left home, Faith and Pierre decided to leave home too.

Sailing with Senta – Small Boat Voyaging is the seventh in a series of books describing true-life adventures most people can only dream about.

I Have Known the Eyes Already

I Have Known the Eyes Already

by Morgan Worthy

If eyes are “windows”, this book leads you to look with the author, a retired psychologist, through two very different windows. The first one, an outward look, shows how eyes give clues to human and animal behavior. His major thesis, based on research of many species, is illustrated, pictorially, on the front cover of the book.The second “window” the author invites you to look through with him is an inward look at a psychologist who is trying to live a normal life as he lives with memories of childhood traumas. He reflects on the effects of traumas and relates his own journey of self-help.All of us live our lives based on what we see looking both outward and inward. By means of dialogue, the author relates what that process has been like for him. Ever the searcher, he calls this a “research memoir”.

Emigrating Home

Emigrating Home

by Yasseen

About the Book and its Author

“Hassan! Don’t tune into Berlin when we’ve got guests! The moment war breaks out you’ll come under suspicion as a spy for Germany. We should all be interned.”

“I am not a spy for anybody.”

It is 1938. The world is heading towards the Munich crisis and World War II. Hassan, who had obtained his medical degree in Germany, goes home to Egypt. His wife Jeanne and his five and two-year-old sons, Yasseen and Yazeed, remain in Jamaica, a British colony at the time.

Emigrating Home is a memoir told in fiction form. It follows Yasseen through his childhood and teenage years to an unforeseen predicament that changes the course of his life.

As he is about to set off for school in England, his eccentric Great Aunt Consuela suggests that he is going in search of his father. Yasseen reminds her he is going to England not Egypt. She adds, “One day you’ll go to Egypt. I know. A man needs his father.”

This prediction comes true when Egypt and Britain come into conflict in the 1950s. Yasseen finds himself in a dilemma. He is called up for service in both the British and Egyptian armies.

He cannot think of himself as the enemy of either country. “What do you think I should do now?” he asks a friend. “Buy myself a couple of pistols â?? one for Egypt and one for Britain â?? and shoot myself through each ear?”

On his father’s invitation and the advice of a friend, he visits Egypt. There, for a time, things seem to spin out of control because, while he speaks no Arabic, he looks like a native and nobody takes him for a tourist. His father doesn’t want him to leave. “You can go home anytime,” his father says banteringly. “But where is home?”

Eventually Yasseen feels accepted and stays.

Senior Skip Day-Southern Style

Senior Skip Day-Southern Style

by Jo Cottonfield

Jo Cottonfield’s “Senior Skip Day-Southern Style” is a true action comedy. His autobiographical short story of a thrilling road race with the law in a small town in the south, in 1977, will surely entertain those with a penchant for fast cars and good times! The story centers around Cottonfield and his wingman and one wild and unforgettable day, while trekking to a swimming hole in a ’63 Pontiac Catalina. Guaranteed to make you laugh … while pulling for the bad guys.

Frederick Douglass: A Biography

Frederick Douglass: A Biography

by Charles Limley


A young boy, somewhere around eight or nine years old, eagerly rushes out to meet the rest of the neighborhood boys. But instead of playing the usual childhood games, this particular boy wants to recite the alphabet. He wants to talk about words, and he wants to read. Already demonstrating wisdom beyond his years, this young boy knows that what he wants won’t come without a cost. He trades whatever snacks, treats, and food he has to the neighborhood kids in exchange for quick, informal reading lessons. In this way, he slowly and gradually learns to read, and as he does, he sets his life on a course that will eventually take him around the world and thrust him in the spotlight as one of America’s most influential political, cultural, and literary figures of all time.

A decade and a half later, this same boyâ??now a 23 year old young manâ??stands “at the podium, trembling with nervousness,” preparing to address a large group of “abolitionists who had travelled to the Massachusetts island of Nantucket” for an important conference. He eventually masters his nerves and delivers a rousing and eloquent speech, denouncing the social ills plaguing his society, and catching the attention of many of the day’s most prominent political activists.

Wordsâ??whether spoken or writtenâ??were the tools with which Frederick Douglass worked to build a new life for himself, his family, and all of America’s enslaved. Through his words and his powerful language, Douglass created an identity for himself as “the most important black American leader of the 19th century.” A visionary thinker, skilled writer, and masterful orator, he ultimately hoped to forge a new national identity for the entire United States.

After spending his childhood and teenage years as a slave, Frederick Douglass eventually escaped and settled in the northern United States. Armed with the ability to read and write, he quickly became a well-known abolitionist. His work as an activist eventually led to the founding of several newspapers, involvement in the Underground Railroad, international lecture tours, and the publication of multiple important books. Through the course of speaking out against slavery, Douglass also became closely associated with early women’s rights movements of the 19th century, becoming a strong voice in favor of universal suffrage.

Through his work as a writer, public speaker, and civil rights activist, Frederick Douglass asserted himself as a man with a voiceâ??a leader speaking loudly and clearly on behalf of justice. In the end, it was the simple determination of a boy trading sweets for reading lessons that became the foundation for the cultural, political, and literary icon that is Frederick Douglass


Through all this, Douglass asserted his belief in “the power of the spoken and the written word, as two of the most effective means by which to bring about permanent, positive change.”

While his autobiography was certainly a success for both himself and the entire abolitionist movement, the personal details it provided also presented new challenges and dangers for Douglass. Shortly after publishing the book, he was forced to leave the country in order to escape slave hunters who now knew his physical whereabouts. In August of 1845, Douglass left the United States and began a lecture tour throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland. While completing this tour, he raised enough money to start his own abolitionist newspaper and to finally, officially purchase his own freedom.

With the fear of being captured and returned to slavery eliminated, Douglass returned to the United States and in early 1847, he printed the first edition of the North Star. A year later, he and his family moved to Rochester…

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by Ian Thomas

‘Life is not an apology’ …Jack Kerouac

By the Sea (Natural Inspiration)

By the Sea (Natural Inspiration)

by Joanne Clarey

*****Clarey’s story of the little green crab reminds me of Annie Dillard’s account of the giant water bug she encountered at Tinker’s Creek. Both authors braid the wonder and wickedness of nature into tight and fascinating tales.
C. Clements

*****By the Sea is a book of stories about the treasures found on a wild island by its lone inhabitant, a woman caretaker. Humorous, thoughtful, and inspiring, the short tales are beautifully written. Roberta Hollins, author

The setting of By the Sea is a wild uninhabited island miles off the coast of Maine; the time, a summer season during which the caretaker experiences a solitary and rugged lifestyle very different from what she is used to.

Interactions with the natural world, swimming with seals, watching the little green crab struggle to save her young, and learning to survive inclement weather, challenge and change the caretaker. Six short stories communicate her sense of wonder and her desire to find meaning in the savage and magnificant wiles of the wild island. By the Sea is a sensual gift from the author to the reader, full of humor, suspense, and adventure.

Joanne Clarey is the author of nine books, including a cozy mystery series, The Mysteries of Hummingbird Falls, Riddled to Death, The Fall Hunt, and Cold Call.
These mysteries are full of wild weather, wild characters, and wildlife.

Clarey’s series, The Dr. Christie McMorrow Psychological Thriller Series, includes Twisted Truth and Skinned. This series is fast paced and explores the motivation and methodology of a serial killer.

Clarey’s books are available at Amazon, print and ebooks, and are found in bookstores and online.

Beki: Living with Depression

Beki: Living with Depression

by Beki Becker

Has depression entered your life? Perhaps you are newly diagnosed or have a family member or friend with depression and want to learn more. Most Internet sites and books will talk about medicines, disease courses and symptoms.

This book is not your typical book. You can read those types of books all day and still not really understand how depression will affect you or your loved one for one simple reason; depression is an emotional disease and those books don’t talk about emotion.

This book discusses emotions. This book gives the dirty details as it tells the story of one woman with depression.

She honestly describes her interactions with her children, husband, friends and family. Depression comes alive and you will finally understand what it is like to struggle with this disease and live with someone who has it. A candid and insightfully written book.

Chapters include:

Life before Depression
MS Diagnosis
Two kids and Depression
3 Kids and Depression
Fixing Depression
My Husband
My Kids
Other People I Know

A Toast to Glory: The Prohibition Party Flirts With Greatness

A Toast to Glory: The Prohibition Party Flirts With Greatness

by Darcy G. Richardson

For much of its history, the Prohibition Party has fancied itself as a significant entity in American politics â?? and occasionally it proved to be precisely that. Though twice rebuffed by an aging William Jennings Bryan, who graciously declined the party’s presidential nomination in 1916 and again in 1920, the Prohibitionists demonstrated considerable political savvy before and during the period of national prohibition.

The 1932 presidential campaign was no exception.

As the Great Depression deepened, resulting in a record number of business defaults and home foreclosures, more than 5,000 bank failures and an ever-climbing jobless rate that would eventually peak at 25 percent, the Prohibitionists â?? after more than six decades of political penury â?? believed that they had not only landed a formidable candidate for the presidency, but also had a genuine shot at winning the White House.

In addition to the devastating collapse of the U.S. economy, the 1932 presidential election took on even greater importance for the Prohibitionists due to the growing clamor for repeal of national prohibition, the party’s raison d’être.

“A Toast to Glory” takes readers back to that exciting, pivotal and often-overlooked campaign.

Grandfather (A Memoir)

Grandfather (A Memoir)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Written as a memorial to the author’s grandfather, this memoir starts by telling a brief history of his grandfather’s life, and then goes on to recount the events and circumstances surrounding his death and funeral.

The author concludes by reflecting on what happened and stating the lessons he learnt from the loss.

Pedro Martinez: A Biography

Pedro Martinez: A Biography

by Anita Y. Tsuchiya


There has never been a pitcher in baseball history-not Walter Johnson, not Lefty Grove, not Sandy Koufax, not Tom Seaver, not Roger Clemens-who was more overwhelming than the young Pedro. â??Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated

I always said you need four things to be a great pitcher-location, movement, velocity, and deception. He’s got all those. Now, you add the intelligence he brings to the mound and we’re not talking about a mere mortal here. â??Jim Palmer, Hall of Fame pitcher

Any way you measure it, Pedro Martinez rises to the top of the list of greatest pitchers in the history of baseball. He was a phenomenal pitcher who could throw as hard as Nolan Ryan, locate with the precision of Tom Glavine, and effectively employ a variety of pitches unparalleled by anyone.

Martinez played in the major leagues for 18 seasons, from 1992-2009. He pitched during the modern era of offense-driven baseball, facing challenges pitchers from earlier decades couldn’t have imagined. By the time of Martinez’s playing days, the game had evolved to become more fan-friendly, which meant higher scoring games and tape-measure homeruns.

These changes included rules designed to make it easier to hit the ball, athletic players who could drive balls further, better bat designs that improved control, league expansion that spread the talent pool across more teams, and importantly for pitchers in the American League, the introduction of the designated hitter.

Martinez made these changes irrelevant. During the prime years of his career, he dominated the game as few other pitchers have, before or since.


Sportswriters filling out MVP ballots are supposed to consider five “rules”:Actual value of a player to his team, that is, strength of offense and defenseNumber of games playedGeneral character, disposition, loyalty and effortFormer winners are eligibleMembers of the committee may vote for more than one member of a team

Martinez received the most first-place votes but lost to Ivan Rodriguez on total points because two writers left Martinez’ name completely off their ballots. Writers George King and LaVelle Neal argued pitchers should not be eligible for the MVP because they rarely contribute to team offense and appear in such a small percentage of total innings played.

While this debate is a common one among players and fans, voting sportswriters are instructed to, “Keep in mind that all players are eligible for MVP, including pitchers and designated hitters.” King’s excuse was particularly odd, considering the previous year he voted for two pitchers, Rick Helling and David Wells…

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Pedro Martinez: Biography of a Future Hall-of-Fame Pitcher
+ The Best of the Best
+ Viva la Republica Dominicana!
+ Not Your Granddad’s Game
+ Shutting Down the DH
+ …and much more

When I Married My Mother: A Daughter's Search for What Really Matters - and How She Found It Caring for Mama Jo

When I Married My Mother: A Daughter’s Search for What Really Matters – and How She Found It Caring for Mama Jo

by Jo Maeder

“This book is important to every mother and daughter, and to every woman who wants to be one.” Maya Angelou

Jo Maeder was a not-so-young DJ on a decidedly youth-driven New York City radio station (Z100) when a series of crises led her to do the unthinkable: leave New York City for the Bible Belt – “Greensboring,” North Carolina – to care for her estranged, eccentric “Mama Jo.” Everyone predicted Operation Mama Jo would be a disaster. Jo’s therapist suspected Rescuer Syndrome – and her mother could not be rescued. Jo’s friends staged an intervention. Even Mama Jo, who had been a distant presence in Jo’s life for three decades, had her doubts.

What Jo thought would be some of the worst years of her life turned out to be some of the best. And she discovered there’s nothing boring about Greensboro. Jo’s roller-coaster ride with the unforgettable Mama Jo and her enormous doll collection, Jo’s born-again brother, the laid-back South, and first-time home ownership – plus a few drag queens along the way – proved to be a magical, hilarious, and, at times, heartbreaking antidote to heal a long-fractured family.

This is an enhanced e-book of the 2009 hardcover edition that has been embraced by book clubs, transplanted Yankees, Southerners, religious and hospice organizations, and high school and college classrooms. Bonus material includes a Q&A with Ms. Maeder, caregiving tips, a guide for reading groups and classrooms, and two videos.

Sailing With Senta - Omnibus

Sailing With Senta – Omnibus

by Faith Van Rooyen

In the past sixteen years Faith and Pierre van Rooyen have crossed the Indian Ocean three times under sail, and visited such exotic locations as Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

These two intrepid sailors have also sailed Senta around Singapore into the South China Sea to Borneo and the Philippines.

They blame their two children for these exploits, for when Brett and Ingrid grew up, married and left home, Faith and Pierre decided to leave home too.

Sailing with Senta – Omnibus is the eighth and last book in the series. It contains the contents of the previous seven books which describe-true life adventures most people can only dream about.

Horseback: A Memoir of My Early Life with Horses

Horseback: A Memoir of My Early Life with Horses

by Lisa Wysocky

Award-winning author and trainer Lisa Wysocky writes of her early life with horses. From her start with Snoqualmie, the intelligent mare she describes as a “sister,” to her dutiful colt, Ben, Lisa takes readers through her adventurous teen years working at a dude ranch. After college, Lisa became a farm manager and brings alive a number of horses–including the colt who would not come out of the trailer, and her loving but tumultuous relationship with a mare who (almost) won a world championship–along with the many lessons she learned in the process. Horseback is a touching memoir that brings both laughter and tears, and is a must for any lover of horses.

Lisa Wysocky writes with skill and nearly unparalleled knowledge of the equines she dearly loves.
–Horse South

Lisa Wysocky is an expert horsewoman and trainer, and she bathes her story in interesting explanations of just what that type of lifestyle entails.
–Midwest Book Review

Lisa Wysocky is the award-winning author of the equestrian mystery, The Opium Equation, as well as horse books such as My Horse, My Partner, and Horse Country. She is also a riding instructor and equine clinician who helps horse / human partners form amazing bonds. A registered PATH International instructor, Lisa trains horses for therapeutic riding and other equine assisted therapies. She splits her time between Tennessee and Minnesota.

Have I got to have another scar? by P G Cook

Have I got to have another scar? by P G Cook

by P G Cook

My story takes us through the years of my post university life. Meeting my now wife and the subsequent years that followed. The birth of my daughter and the worrying times that lay ahead.

I knew becoming a dad for the first time would have its tough times. I just didn’t realise how tough. But then I hadn’t reckoned on anything other than a â??normal’ birth. And perfectly healthy offspring. It had crossed my mind of course, but how many of us really think it could happen to us?

I’d certainly never imagined I would have to stand by and watch my little girl, 2 days old, being driven off in an ambulance with its lights flashing and sirens blaring. Isn’t that just something that happens to other people? Our destination was Addenbrookes Hospital, the specialist hospital for babies in our area. I had never been so frightened.

I have been ever present since the birth of my little princess. Changed her first nappy and carried her to the operating theatre for her first operation and every subsequent operation. I have been consoled and been the one consoling.

I have had many days and nights when my emotions and those of my wife and extended family have been stretched to a limit above and beyond anything I ever thought I would be able to cope with. But I have also laughed so hard its hurt.

This book takes in everything. From simple tales of splashing about in puddles, changing nappies and ending up with the contents of a soiled nappy on my forehead, to not being able to pick my daughter up for a cuddle as she was “way to poorly” and being told by an intensive care nurse “I genuinely thought she was going to die”.

I’ve had days when I have thought “why us” and days where I have been thankful it wasn’t us.

I never thought anything could be more frightening than that first operation when Charlotte was just two weeks old. But then came open heart surgery in Gt Ormond St. and what happened in Addenbrookes in June 2008 made the heart surgery operation feel more like a check up at the dentist. Seven operations later and the memories are as fresh today as if it was yesterday.

Being a parent is the most amazing experience that has ever happened to me and ultimately I love being a dad, it is without doubt the best feeling in the world, If we could just stop having to go through so many life saving operations���..

Walt Disney (Creator of Disney Company and Mickey Mouse)

Walt Disney (Creator of Disney Company and Mickey Mouse)

by Sara M.


For countless people all over the globe, it just takes one name to evoke an entire childhood full of memories: Disney. That single word is able to capture the uniquely magical experience of sitting in a movie theater or curled up on the couch at home, losing oneself in the stunning animation and vibrant characters brought to life on the screen in front of them. The Disney empire took beloved fairy tales and age-old legends and turned them into something that both nodded to tradition but also breathed exciting, distinctive new life into familiar characters and plot lines. Most people growing up had a favorite Disney character, whether it was Cinderella, Aladdin, Ariel, or any of the others. And Disneyland and Disney World are magical destinations, drawing up the thrill of a place where fun surprises are around every corner and fairy tales spring to life.

Without one man, the happy childhood experiences of millions of people would have been forever altered. Walter Elias Disney was born the year 1901. He was born in Chicago, although his father, Elias, was from Irish-Canadian origins and his mother, Flora, was from German-American origins. Elias had originally traveled from Ontario to the United States in the 1870s, hoping to strike it rich by finding gold. When this did not prove successful, he settled down to farm and married Flora. When Disney was still only a child, his family moved to a small town in Missouri. As a young boy, Disney displayed a strong artistic talent and loved to draw. His friendly neighbors encouraged his love of drawing, purchasing the sketches for pocket money.


In 1925, when the Disney Brothers Studio was just starting to really pick up, Disney hired a young woman named Lillian Bounds to help out with celluloid painting and inking. He felt a spark with the new employee, however, and soon began to court her. They quickly realized that they cared about each other and wanted to start a family together, and Lillian became Lillian Disney in 1925, the same year she started work with the Disney corporation.

At first, the two ran into some complications when trying to have children. Lillian miscarried the first pregnancy, causing sadness and heartbreak for both her and her husband. However, in December of 1933, Lillian gave birth to Disney’s first daughter, a healthy baby named Diane Marie Disney. When the couple wanted to have a second daughter, they decided to adopt, and welcomed Sharon Mae Disney into their lives. Sharon Mae was born in 1936 and was adopted by the Disneys soon after.

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Biography of Walt Disney
+ Introduction
+ Background on Walt Disney
+ Awards and Honors
+ Personal Life
+ …and much more

Beautiful Bella

Beautiful Bella

by Sally Porch

“Beautiful Bella” is a short story (15,000 words) about dogs by someone who thinks that she isn’t a “dog person”. She recalls with humour some of the many unfortunate experiences throughout her life that have led her to this conclusion. Then, of course, she meets Bella and everything changes.
Set in the sub-tropical hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the story takes the reader through the development of a loving friendship between woman and dog. Dramatic events strengthen the growing bonds between the pair. It is all about finding the finest human virtues in a dog and is something of a love story.

Reflections of My Life.

Reflections of My Life.

by Ken Windsor

Ken Windsor has had a wonderful life. Celebrity chat show host, International Exhibition Photographer, Cabaret host and even a Police officer for 10 years.

This story is being told using the additional resources of multimedia Internet links, so your reading device must have full INTERNET and AUDIO capabilities to take advantage of all the links we have included here.

The presentation of this biography is unique, and presents the reader with a mixture of humour, audio celebrity interviews, pictures and musical performances.

This book is best suited for customers who have the Kindle Fire series of readers.

Moments of humour are mixed with moments of sadness as you journey through an incident packed life. We have 20 celebrity interview recordings interwoven within the stories, including Morecambe and Wise, Sir Norman Wisdom and Tony Bennett.

American Legends: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

American Legends: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures of Poe and important people and places in his life.
*Discusses the inspiration for Poe’s most famous works.
*Explains Poe’s relationships with the various women in his life.
*Discusses the mysterious circumstances of his death and possible explanations.
*Includes a Bibliography for further reading.
*Includes a Table of Contents.

“He was an adventurer into the vaults and cellars and horrible underground passages of the human soul. He sounded the horror and the warning of his own doom.” – D.H. Lawrence

A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history’s most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors’ American Legends series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of America’s most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known.

Edgar Allan Poe was one of America’s first native-born professional authors, but he nevertheless embodied the now-common archetype of the artist â?? dark, tortured, brilliant and tragic. Born into troubled conditions, Poe’s life hardly improved over the years, and when it did, his happiness or triumph was always brief. His work was lauded during his lifetime, but his lifestyle never came close to matching the legacy that would swell in the decades following his death. And that untimely end, so mysterious and pathetic, was an event that only Poe or Fate could have been macabre enough to script.

However, in spite of (or perhaps because of) all of his suffering, Poe remains one of the great forces in American literature, particularly during its formative years. He was a pioneer of multiple literary traditions, including the gothic, horror, dark Romanticism, detective, satire, hoax and science fiction genres. Poe is best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, and Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story. Long before Sherlock Holmes became famous, Poe invented the genre of detective fiction and contributed to science fiction.

Had Poe simply pioneered genres, he would have left a worthy legacy, but Poe also happened to master them, and the imagery of his stories remains unsurpassed. His portrayal of insane protagonists and antagonists, horrific situations like being buried alive, supernatural phenomena, and vivid descriptions of the physical and mental effects of sickness and death continue to amaze and bedevil subsequent generations of readers, most of whom come to admire his genius and wonder about his sanity at the same time.

American Legends: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe profiles the dark life and works of one of America’s most famous and influential authors, examining his stories and analyzing his lasting legacy. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Poe like you never have before, in no time at all.

Gimme Shelter Fear, Healing and Disaster in Iraq

Gimme Shelter Fear, Healing and Disaster in Iraq

by Gerard Seling

Contrary to what some have concluded, the last book by an American in Iraq has not been published yet. Gimme Shelter: Fear, Healing and Disaster in Iraq is not written by a soldier who was there to kill; it is offered by a healer who was there to save lives. This journal is a compelling and insightful personal account of the Iraq War. It is a sardonic confirmation of bureaucratic incompetence and corporate greed–revealed through the observations of a man who clearly loves his country and takes pride in his job. Gimme Shelter is a compelling read from start to finish. It leaves readers feeling satisfied that they have finally discovered an honest, fair-minded, and comprehensive account of life on the ground in Iraq. This is a book that will remain relevant long after our country’s inevitable departure from this troubled region. Gimme Shelter reads like fiction, using a terse, fragmented style to emphasize a terrifying reality. Intensely readable, the narrative sprints from the light to the tragic, the mundane to the maddening, as it bears its readers toward a deeper understanding of the true nature of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Iraqi Reconstruction Project.
“American soldiers in battle don’t fight for what some President says on T.V., they don’t fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag, they fight for one another.” Lt. Gen. Hal Moore

About the author: Gerard Seling was employed as a paramedic, assigned to treat employees of some of the largest oil and electricity reconstruction projects in Iraq. Once a true believer the Iraq War, Seling emerged questioning U.S. economic motives as they related to the war and rebuilding of the country.

In The Footsteps of War: 90 Years of Remembrance (Special eBook Edition)

In The Footsteps of War: 90 Years of Remembrance (Special eBook Edition)

by Ni Bell

This new special eBook edition of In The Fooststeps of War: 90 Years of Remembrance is now available for the first time on Amazon Kindle.

This book is a collection of real stories from real people whose lives and families have been touched by war. Authors come from all walks of life and stories cover a variety of conflicts. This year choose to remember and support our service men and women. By speaking out and asking questions we can educate, inform and learn.

“By buying a copy of this book and bringing it to the attention of your friends you will be playing your part in the relief of suffering.”
Terry Waite CBE

“The Prime Minister’s office has asked me to pass on his appreciation to Ni Bell for his support of our Service personnel. I hope that the new eBook â??In The Footsteps of War: 90 Years of Remembrance’ will be as well received as the book produced last year in 2011.”
The Prime Minister’s office and Ministry of Defence on behalf of The RT Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister.

This is a non-profit book.

Legendary Pirates: The Life and Legacy of Henry Every

Legendary Pirates: The Life and Legacy of Henry Every

by Charles River Editors

Includes historic illustrations of Every and important people, places, and events in his life.
Includes a profile of Every from the famous English pirate history “A General History of the Pyrates”.
Discusses common legends about Every and his career.
*Includes a Bibliography for further reading.
Includes a Table of Contents.

“NONE of these bold Adventurers were ever so much talked of, for a while, as Avery; he made as great a Noise in the World as Meriveis does now, and was looked upon to be a Person of as great Consequence.” – Captain Charles Johnson, A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates

The people who have lived outside the boundaries of normal societies and refused to play by the rules have long fascinated the world, and nowhere is this more evident than the continuing interest in the pirates of centuries past. As the subjects of books, movies, and even theme park rides, people continue to let their imaginations go when it comes to pirates, with buried treasure, parrots, and walking the plank all ingrained in pop culture’s perception of them. Charles River Editors’ Legendary Pirates series covers the lives, piracy, legends, myths, and legacies of history’s most famous pirates.

The Golden Age of Piracy generally refers to the era when history’s most famous pirates roamed the seas of the West Indies from 1670-1720, engaging in colorfully daring and oftentimes murderous attacks on any ship they felt emboldened enough to take on. And it is no coincidence that while the end of the Golden Age was marked by the death of Blackbeard, the beginning of it was marked by the rise of Henry Every.

Though Every is no longer as well-remembered as the likes of Blackbeard or Black Bart, in his day he was the “King of Pirates”, and he is recognized as blazing the trail and setting the gold standard for the pirates that followed him. In addition to popularizing the famous skull and crossbones logo that would become the most famous pirate flag, Every conducted what is considered the most profitable pirate raid in history, leading to what is considered the first worldwide manhunt in history when the English put a large bounty on his head.

As amazing as Every’s pirate career was, the most incredible part about it was that he survived it. In fact, Every’s one of the few famous pirates to ever actually retire, or at least so it’s believed. A year after conducting the raid that netted him over half a million pounds, Every dropped off the historical record, and while speculation swirls as to what actually became of him, what is known is that he never met his fate at the hands of English authorities or any of the other sworn enemies he had made during his piracy.

Legendary Pirates: The Life and Legacy of Henry Every looks at the life and legends of the famous pirate, attempting to separate fact from fiction while analyzing his lasting legacy. Along with pictures depicting Every and important people, places, and events in his life, you will learn about the famous pirate like you never have before, in no time at all.

The Totally True Diary of an Eighties Roller Queen (The Totally True Diaries of an Eighties Roller Queen)

The Totally True Diary of an Eighties Roller Queen (The Totally True Diaries of an Eighties Roller Queen)

by Christina Anonymous

These are the totally true diaries I kept in high school from 1983-1988.

August 5, 1983 [Age 14]
… I can hardly wait to go roller skating Sunday. I’ve gone every Sunday since last November… I’m looking forward to high school this year. My future goals are to become either a pilot or an architect. I also may look into becoming a private investigator.

July 4, 1984 [Age 15]
Today we went to Wonderland. Willow and I went on four roller coasters. We went on the Mine Buster four times, the Wild Beat six times and the Dragon Flyer five times. It went upside down. I scoffed nine stuffed animals. Willow scoffed nearly the same. We told my parents we won them. I also scoffed a hat, key chain, bear and a house. We just walked into gift stores and walked out with our arms full. No one suspected a thing! It was tremendous. We had a great time. I was really tired. We waited one hour to get on the Grand Canyon ride and found out it wasn’t worth two shits.

August 28, 1984 [Age 15]
We got our half of a 26er of vodka and a 26er of Sherry… Tyrone flattened his back tire. I almost fell asleep and I think I’m going to go now but first I have to tell you something, okay? Tyrone is going to ask me to go with him tomorrow when I’m straight. I know it because he told me. Well, gotta go. Bye. I have to eat some crackers.

July 12, 1985 [Age 16]
Today Honey and I got wasted. Keith came over and Honey accidentally poured glue in my eye. She thought it was eye drops. My eyelashes stuck together and I had to pull them out. Now, I have no more eyelashes on my left eye.

June 14, 1986 [Age 17]
I went to the dance tonight. I danced a couple of slow songs with Len, until he jokingly tried to pull down my track pants. The first time we laughed. The second time I slapped him in the face and kneed him in the balls.

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