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Sasquatch Camp

Sasquatch Camp

by Robert Tucker

It’s the adventure of a lifetime as Danny Conley sets out for the Adirondack Mountains, hired by his uncle to guide clients into the wilderness in search of a legendary beast. The experience turns out to be even more incredible than he imagined as he falls in love with both the mountains and local girl Theresa Nighthawk. At nineteen years old, he has found his home. Unfortunately, his mother’s illness forces him back to Philadelphia where he lives in exile, wanting only to go back to the place, and the girl, that he loves. He knows he will return eventually, but will he be too late? Robert Tucker’s second novel is an adventurous, yet poignant, examination of courage, love, choice, and consequence. Set in the remote, yet breathtaking confines of the Adirondack Mountain range, it’s a page turner of monstrous proportions.

A XXXMas Carol - Sampler (Steamy Escapades Series)

A XXXMas Carol – Sampler (Steamy Escapades Series)

by Wicked Pleasure

A XXXMas Carol – Sampler (Steamy Escapades Series) – First part sampler

A sexy new twist on the old literary classic, A XXXmas Carol tells the story of Carol, an office worker in her late thirties trying to overcome the loss of her husband and rebuild her life, her love of Christmas and maybe a new relationship with one of the new guys at her workplace. Unsure of quite what is right, and torn between the need to satisfy her lustful yearnings and the guilt about betraying her husband’s memory, she seeks the guidance of the spirits which visit her and show her the way to get exactly what she needs.

Part 1:The First Visit
Part one of the story introduces Carol, for the first time in nearly five years contemplating attending her office’s Christmas party, a time traditionally which had held so many memories for her. After the arrival a sexy new staff from her department, she begins to feel torn between her feelings for this new man and her late husband, until a familiar face visits.

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, involving masturbation, bdsm, sub/dom, sex toys, & bbw.

Length: approx. 6,700 words.

The Whisper of Promise

The Whisper of Promise

by Claire Lamont

A Fairy tale with a difference

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