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Hot Sexy Stories Collection (XXX Adult Sex Stories)

by Natasha Stories

Five Hot New XXX Adult Stories from Erotic Authors Nikki Sex and Natasha Stories!

This compilation contains some VERY hot and erotic stories from two top authors in the genre. If you haven’t read any of their work before, then this is your chance to try them out! This boxed set contains 5 complete XXX stories, including adults only topics like threesomes, gangbangs, anal sex, strapons, sex with strangers, oral sex, submission and dominance, lesbian erotica, and double penetration.

My Hot Threesome (Sexy Stories #1)

Addison wrapped her arms around Gary’s neck and embraced the situation completely, sucked hungrily on his lips and tongue. She had never really been attracted to blond men until now, but she decided that she may have been missing out all this time. Their tongues deliciously entangled, hands exploring each other’s body, Addison was entirely lost in the exquisitely sensual kiss. Then she felt another set of hands wrap around her from behind and slide up to her breasts, and another set of lips sucking on her neck. She realized that her director had joined in, and was now groping her roughly. She gasped in shock, but her gasp came out only as a muffled cry, since Gary’s mouth was still pressed on hers.

First Time Anal (Sexy Stories #2)

He started licking my pussy, but it wasn’t enough. I needed his cock. His tongue darted inside me and I gasped slightly as he began working his way down to my butt. He gently started to feel my ass with his tongue, licking around the same area and moving between my ass and pussy. I felt like I knew what he was saying; he was saying we were going to have anal sex. I began to sweat – I had heard how painful it was from my friends who had tried it, but I had also heard how good it felt.

Violated by the Boss (Sexy Stories #3)

Jessica stood up and turned around and bent over with her face pressed against the chair, heated with anticipation. She longed for the release she would finally get. The waves of desire from his touch had been one thing, but she couldn’t imagine how good it would feel to have his long, hard cock inside of her. He teased her, sliding a finger around her labia, giving her pleasure enough, but knowing she would never reach orgasm like that. Jessica whimpered. The pressure inside her was building up, making her want to scream, trying to convey her need to have him penetrate her, and fuck her deeply. She couldn’t restrain herself any longer.

First Time Lesbian (Sexy Stories #4)

Lucy stepped back and sat down on the bed. She patted the spot next to her, inviting Aubrey to sit. Aubrey’s mind raced; this was the moment to decide. Did she want to do this? She thought about what people thought of her at work, and what she thought of herself. This felt so strange, but also it felt really good. Maybe she should just experience something new and see what happens?

Amy’s Gangbang Love Story(Sexy Stories #5)

Amy loves her possessive Master but there is one problem…he doesn’t like to share. Amy has dreamed of a gangbang for years and is desperate to experience her fantasy, just once. She doesn’t want to lose her sexy Master, but she’ll never be able to settle down with him until she has lived the dream. Little does she know, that her Master has something special planned for her.

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That Girl

by Jason Hooper

Latoya Johnson’s in trouble. Her tainted past is catching up with her, literally putting her life on the line. As a living witness to murder set-up, she’s wanted by thugs and police alike. When the bounty on her head is set so high that even her friends can’t resist, Latoya realizes it’s time to bail. With her testimony needed to seal the deal, she’s damned if she do and damned if she don’t.


by Kat Brookes

Sixteen-year-old Ryan Matthews had always been the â??cool’ kid in school, but being â??cool’ doesn’t get him a free pass into Heaven. Marty, Heaven’s gatekeeper, refuses to let him in until Ryan returns to Earth and makes a difference in someone’s life. Sounds easy enough. That is, until he learns that â??someone’ is Zachary Adams, his old classmate and the world’s biggest geek.

Convincing Zachary that he’s his angel isn’t an easy task. Especially since Ryan hadn’t exactly been nice to him when they were in school together. But Ryan is determined to see this assignment through, especially when he begins to see life through the eyes of a geek.

To make up for the way he’d treated Zachary, Ryan is not only going to teach him how to fit in. He’s going to help him win the heart of Kristen Williams, a girl Ryan used to be close friends with, the same girl Zachary has a thing for.

Will Ryan finally get those white wings he’s been working toward? Or will he end up on the wrong side of those Pearly Gates a hopelessly fallen angel?

Boy Meets Girl (Night Edition)

by H.T. Night

Two Novels. One written by H.T. Night, and the other by Elaine Babich

Two wonderful stories, Winning Sarah’s Heart and You Never Called Me Princess.

Winning Sarah’s Heart by H.T. Night
Cody has made it. He’s finally in the sixth grade and king of the world. Or, at least, king of his school. Cody has a lot going for him but has only one thing on his mind – winning the heart of the new girl in school, Sarah Davis.

But who knew that the sixth grade could be so much work? Almost immediately, Cody defends Sarah’s honor, plays his archrival, Eric Mullen, in the championship football game and still manages to somehow find time to be the lead in the school play.

And as he navigates through the treacherous waters of his final year at Wenchester Elementary – as he experiences his first love, his first kiss, a painful loss, and more fun and laughs and tears than he ever bargained for – Cody Greer will discover the true meaning of friendship and learn that life has a funny way of throwing you a few curveballs. Luckily, Cody Greer knows just how to keep his eye on the ball.

You Never Called Me Princess by Elaine Babich

Kaitlyn Simons has had enough of her father calling her “Chubs.” She hates the name, and she’s beginning to hate him. To stop the name calling, she decides to go on a crash diet. A very strict and unhealthy diet. A diet that works all too well.

After all, it’s easy to lose weight when you don’t eat, right?

Kaitlyn quickly discovers that the rewards of being thin are fantastic. Boys in school take notice. Her popularity soars. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn restricts her diet even more. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn’s unhealthy weight loss falls under the radar since her family has other problems. Big problems, life-changing problems.

But when Kaitlyn’s weight loss reaches a critical phase, as her family rallies around her, Kaitlyn will discover that there’s more to life than being popular and thin. But will this revelation come too late

Cody has made it. He’s finally in the sixth grade and king of the world. Or, at least, king of his school. Cody has a lot going for him but has only one thing on his mind – winning the heart of the new girl in school, Sarah Davis.

But who knew that the sixth grade could be so much work? Almost immediately, Cody defends Sarah’s honor, plays his archrival, Eric Mullen, in the championship football game and still manages to somehow find time to be the lead in the school play.

And as he navigates through the treacherous waters of his final year at Wenchester Elementary – as he experiences his first love, his first kiss, a painful loss, and more fun and laughs and tears than he ever bargained for – Cody Greer will discover the true meaning of friendship and learn that life has a funny way of throwing you a few curveballs. Luckily, Cody Greer knows just how to keep his eye on the ball.

Acclaim for the novels of H.T. Night and Elaine Babich:

“Sweet and heart-warming…and just flat-out hilarious. I absolutely fell in love with Cody Greer – “The Notebook” for young adults!”
â??Lani Bennett, author of False Dichotomy

“Elaine Babich has created such a vivid tale of teenage angst and redemption â?? one that will stay with me for a long time.”
â??Aiden James, author of Cades Cove and Deadly Night

“Heartbreaking and Touching. A powerful story of a teenager’s struggle with anorexia, told in a straight forward and powerful way, without talking down to the reader and without being overly sentimental. You Never Called Me Princess is an honest look at what could happen when a young girl decides to lose weight at all costs. Should be mandatory reading for any parent who suspects their child might have an eating disorder. I believe the novel will show the reader that there are answers to their problems, and that they are not alone. Highly recommended. An important novel.”
— J.R. Rain, the author of Moon Dance

George & The Magic Radio

by John Silke

“Hi, I’m George. I’m 10 and a half years old. I live in London, where I just had the coolest adventure ever. Let me tell you about it. Well, I bought this old radio you see, a 1930s radio from a shop where I live. Incredibly, the radio turned out to be, well, like it says in the title, magic!
The first night I used the radio something amazing happened. It turned out to be a time machine. I was whizzed from the year 2010 all the way back to 1951! Well you can imagine how shocked I was. Unfortunately the time travel trip damaged the radio, so I wasn’t sure if I would ever make it home! Well, what did happen is all within the pages of my book, George & the Magic Radio. I hope you enjoy it.”

Recycling (a short story)

by Stephen Livingston

A short story about the realisation of a new cycle in life. First published in the anthology “Scores 4” which is available from the University of St. Andrews Department of English.

Griffin’s Adventure

by Debby Fischer

“Griffin feels safe and secure now that Big Jim has rescued him from the animal shelter. His dreams of being a shrimpin’ dog on the Gulf of Mexico are changed when Hurricane Katrina comes through. Little does he know of the adventures that lie ahead of him. Follow Griffin on his adventure and the lives he touches along the way. This amazing story of a precious little dog will warm our hearts and remind us all of the connections that bring us together.”

My Friend Miranda

by I M Griffin

‘Last night I dreamt that I was walking along the edge of the River Irwell with my friend Miranda. It was a summer evening and we were laughing and singing our favourite Billy Connolly songs. Miranda had bought a bag of sherbet lemons and we sucked them hard until the sherbet came shooting out of the ends, leaving a hollow sugar shell behind. There was a row of pebble-dash houses, with a man outside one of them painting his fence with creosote. We stopped for a while to inhale the heady chemical smell, the essence of suburban summers.’

A tale of friendship, of growing up and of falling apart.

‘A treat for those who are growing up or who ever managed to do so.’ Kitty Wakes, (Steal Softly Thru’ Sunshine)

‘Oh Manchester, so much to answer for.’ Morrissey (The Smiths)

Cryptic Ocean (Carter & Victoria)

by A. L. Elder

Victoria Garrison-Ammon or Tory as her friends call her, decided to return to school in her mid-thirties. Her goal was to improve her and her husbands life. Sixteen years of marriage is teetering on divorce after her husband, Carter reveals that he has been seeing a woman named Erin. Choosing to share this information after tossing the divorce papers on the table while Tory is working on homework.

A trip to the hospital morgue, a chance encounter with seduction, and a future filled with unlimited possibilities. This short story is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

The Wisdom of Ages – A Short Story Collection

by Maryann Miller

Three stories; four men whose lives take unexpected turns. Meet Samson who wonders what is down that country road that draws people so. Should he get in that old truck and go see? Mel and Rube have been having dinner at the Leavenworth Grill every Wednesday for years. One day the menu changes and so does life for Mel. Tom would give anything for his life to change. Can he beat back the effects of a crippling stroke by sheer force of determination? Growing old is not for the faint of heart.

“These three gems will make you think about time and how you use it. Maryann Miller has a rare gift for taking the pulse of ordinary lives and spinning that into extraordinary tales.” — Craig Lancaster, author of 600 Hours of Edward and The Summer Son

“Miller shares her skills as a writer and her humanity in this inspiring glimpse into the realities of aging and the heartbreak of letting go.” Paula Stallings Yost Editor/Author, What Wildness is This: Women Write About the Southwest

“Sometimes the best stories come at the end of our lives, and so do the strongest lessons. Read Maryann Miller’s poignant vignettes about aging and let them tug at your heart-strings. They capture the very essence of our tender humanity.” ~ Dani Greer, author, editor and Special Projects Coordinator for Little Pickle Press

Themes for Dreams

by Chris Warren

Great fun to read, yet thought-provoking and, in many ways, a comment on the values and standards by which we live our lives. Themes for Dreams is a collection of short stories and verse from the pen of an experienced, well-travelled writer, Chris Warren. Chris’s other publications and writings include considerable work in the fantasy adventure genre plus important contributions in technical topics centring on people and what makes them â??tick’. The flavour, colour and variety of this collection, ranging from very short pieces to substantial short stories, draws on the full range of the author’s experience and demonstrates a most creative, inventive and innovative mind with material proffered in a style that will bring delight to even the most discerning reader. One of the most significant benefits of this book is the variety of choice presented to the reader; from humour to horror; fantasy to adventure; through ghost and science fiction stories; to love, lust, mystery and life; all can be described as having a touch of magic about them. From castles in the air to feet firmly on the ground, you will travel with Chris on a magic carpet of pleasure and enchantment with the book offering pieces to match all moods, dispositions and time availability. Whether a bed-time read; a Sunday afternoon retreat from the harsh, real world; or to accompany a relaxing morning on a sun-kissed beach, Themes for Dreams is the sort of book that, once opened, is very difficult to put down.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1 – New York City

by Joe Bruno

Introduction – By Mathew J. Mari

I have been a criminal defense lawyer in New York City for 34 years, specializing in organized crime cases. Like Joe Bruno, I was born in New York City’s Little Italy. Also, like Joe Bruno, I lived in Knickerbocker Village for more than three decades. Our neighborhood was filled with unforgettable characters, most of whom were criminals, and many of whom were in the Mafia. Joe got to meet and see many famous criminals during his years in Little Italy (in the 6th Ward), and in Knickerbocker Village (in the 4th Ward). It is no surprise to me that Joe was fascinated not only with the mafia characters, but with the entire history of Lower Manhattan, and New York City in general.

Joe Bruno’s book, ” Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” is a composite of characters and events, that weaves the denizens of New York City’s underworld with the rich history of New York City, from the early 1800’s, through the early 1900’s. Although Italian-American criminals are covered, this is not just another Italian mafia book. The book covers the Jewish gangsters as well (who truly were the pioneers of organized crime) and the Irish gangs, who were one of the first ethnic groups to run the New York City rackets. Joe even presents a few “lady gangsters” too.

Most of all, ” Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” is easy to read. The short-chapter format is a stroke of genius. It is interesting, informative, entertaining, and to the point. You won’t be bored reading it.

Joe Bruno has hit the mark in presenting Old New York the way it really was. Rough and bloody!

Son of the Accused (Sneak Peak)

by Andrew O’Brien

IMPORTANT: This is just Chapter 1, a sneak peak into the book!


***REAL MEDIA CLIPS HERE: – Keep up with us and see when the full book is being released!
Michael awakes one morning to a phone call from his brother. His brother tells him that Michael’s mother is hurt and her husband is dead. He then moves back home to try and help his family pull their lives back together, unaware of the challenges he is about to face. Michael battles his own mind as he struggles with moral dilemmas as his mother faces first degree murder charges. Does he make the right decision? He struggles with new relationships, media harassment, courts and investigators as he tries to pull his life back together. Michael tries to get away from the mess he was forced into but keeps getting sucked back into it. Watch as he struggles to start a new life and leave the past behind him.

How to quickly and easily improve learning with mind maps – Effective ways for increased general and academic studying

by Lillian Patterson

Do you want to know about mind mapping, and the benefits mind mapping can offer you in your professional and personal life? Do you want to learn how to use mind mapping to solve your problems and to improve learning? Then this is the book for you. There are many reasons why you would want to learn how to effectively use mind maps. For example, the frustration of struggling in class because your notes feel worthless and you feel like you have to read and read and read with poor results. Not to mention the stress of studying for an exam. Are you feeling disorganized and unproductive because you just can’t seem to take good enough notes when you need to?

This book offers quick and easy solutions. Once you learn what a mind map is and how to use it, once you see the results, you will use it in every aspect of your life.

Problems with learning are common and can be solved quickly and easily using mind maps. So stop feeling inadequate and get to work and your troubles will be over before you know it.

You deserve the best, and it gets no better than How to quickly and easily improve learning with mind maps.

Other titles by this author include:

How to quickly and easily improve your reading comprehension skills – Effective ways for increased general and academic reading comprehension – for all ages (B008NK39AM)

The Advantage of Being an Introvert in an Extrovert World – How to Use Your Introverted Personality for Professional and Personal Success

by Amber Keyes

Roughly one-third of the world’s population has introverted personalities. Often labeled as shy and social outsiders, introverts are often out of place in our contemporary world of information and self-promotion. This book has the power to change the way introverts see themselves and how they use their personality to win. But being introverted can be a great asset if used in a constructive manner. This book will show you how.

Learn successful networking strategies for an introvert.

Learn how to use your personality to conduct more in-depth business interviews.

Learn how to effectively communicate with extroverts, both in a business setting and in your social life.

Learn how to navigate and succeed with your romantic relationships as an introvert.

Discover all this and much more.

Ocean Creatures Library (A Set of 5 I Love Reading Level 2 Readers)

by Cindy Bracken

The Ocean Creatures Library brings together 5 popular level 2 books from the “I Love Reading” series.

Young readers will learn about the starfish, seahorse, octopus, jellyfish and shark. Bright, colorful photography and bold text will keep young readers engaged. Information presented includes facts about how each animal eats, moves, and survives.

By bestselling children’s author Cindy Bracken.

The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

by Parkway Publishing

*Includes a detailed timeline of the events leading up to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, as well as the investigations after
*Includes photos
*Includes a table of contents

Former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa went missing on July 30, 1975 and to this day has not been found. Much speculation surrounds his whereabouts and what led to his reported demise. The case is still unsolved and actively being investigated by federal and state officials after nearly 37 years which has caused the case and subsequent folklore to take on a life of its own. There are several conspiracy theories as to where Hoffa’s body is as well as theories about who killed him and why.

This book will provide an in depth look at Jimmy Hoffa’s early life, rise to power, prison sentence and disappearance. You’ll read about his humble beginnings in small town Brazil, Indiana to his ascension to Teamsters President and alleged mob conspirator. You’ll read about all of his alleged mob ties and the many people who claim they were involved in his disappearance.

The conspiracy theories range from the outrageous to the unthinkable. This book follows every story and lead and gives you an inside glimpse into Jimmy’s life, his disappearance, the FBI investigation as well as the impact it has had on his wife and children.

Jimmy Hoffa is an enigmatic and complicated figure with shades of goodness and corruption. He stood up for the common man, but also fell prey to the trappings of power and wealth. It’s almost a fitting end to his life that he disappeared without a trace. Jimmy wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The Scoundrel’s Essential Guide: Survival Kit Ideas and Techniques for the Collapse

by Qwame Brown

With society’s health as a whole looking increasingly shaky, have you thought about your own ability to survive in case the worst happens? With extensive information on survival kit ideas, water purification techniques, homemade medicine, tool crafting, and hunting, the knowledge contained in this survival guide can only be described as essential. It’s also easy to digest, written in a unique style, blending humor and fact.

In addition to taking the necessary steps needed to protect your family in a post – apocalyptic world, 10% of all revenue generated from the sale of this ebook will go to the homeless, who are already having to live without assistance from the government or society. With the help of our guide, do your research now and survive when all forms of societal security of have collapsed. Visit for more information.

I Help Her Read: A Beginning Sight Word Book

by Jackie Jeffrey

In this beginning reader, your child will learn the uses of sight words such as, I, help, flower, read, him, make, song, water. Illustrated with real photos of children doing the action that is presented in the simple text. Your child will enjoy reading this book as they build their confidence and sense of pride.

The Rainbow Adventure (Adventures with the Little Red Haired Girl)

by Crickett Heassler

The wild redheaded girl is at it again and this time finds herself flying with an eagle, riding and tasting a rainbow and swimming with none other than a rainbow trout. A fun read which also explores the senses, colors and sequential thinking.
Plainly put;
Like dancing with your broccoli, it’s a heck of a lot of fun, and good for you too!
At the end of the book I have provided a recipe for rainbow gelatin which can be used for fun sleep overs and parties, classroom projects and sensory taste experiences.An interactive book, you can read the book and ask the kids what color is next before you read the answer. And adding the gelatin treats to taste with our red headed heroin is also quite a hit. You can ask them to describe it in their own words.Created for my classroom Preschool teacher ( for a period of about 20 years) it is a tried and true story with over hundreds of kids. This is a book you can read and use again and again.

School Shootings are Not Senseless & Other Essays on Violence

by Jane Gilgun

Many people say school shootings and other murderous rampages are senseless violence. This set of five essays, which is 46 pages long, shows that murderous rampages are not senseless to those who commit them. To the gunmen, the rampages not only make sense, but they give enormous satisfaction. They also are the end points of a long period of thinking and planning.

These essays also show how three factors are key to the prevention of violence. These factors are relationships, self-regulation, and belief systems. Many people can work with these ideas each in their own personal and professional lives to contribute to violence prevention.

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: A Fairly Conservative Perspective

by Cindy Kilkenny

Wisconsin government saw sweeping changes in 2011 when Scott Walker became Governor. The Progressive Tradition gave way to Republican control. After months of protests and several recall elections, the law can still change daily here depending on what a judge decides.

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin gives you a little of the history of the man and a lot about his first year and a half in office. It covers the recall process and updates the progress made against expensive public unions in the state. Powerful big labor met its match. Wisconsin still leans to the right as the November 2012 presidential election looms.

Kilkenny creates a readable timeline of events in this book with her usual independent tone. Photographer Nick Schweitzer contributes memorable snapshots of the day of protests.

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Prometheus Unplugged

by Hunter Toth

Open and expand your mind. This is what Prometheus Unplugged is all about. It gives the readers questions to become inspired and create curiousity. Questions about our Universe that man has been trying to answer since the dawn of civilization. Are we alone? Is someone watching us? Why are we here? Why were we created? My book expands on these questions and puts thoughts into the mind to come up with your own conclusions.

Prometheus Unplugged explores the question of are there other beings in the Universe like ourselves.

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Free war Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

The Sun Shines Again

by Mari Vert

Enjoying a well off comfortable life with her family in Australia, the author looks back at the life she endured during WWII and later. Mari takes us back to the years after that very dark period and allows us to travel through some parts of Europe, including the ruins of Pompeii, then to free, but austere Australia of the 1950s. She reflects on the excesses of both right and left political extreme governments describing some of the horrendous methods they used to get what they wanted.

In contrast she thanks her Mother for bringing her to the free, beautiful, accepting Australia we all enjoy.

Some excerpts from the book:

Woman trying to shield their children, covering them with their bodies. And the fear, oh the fear.

At this, one of the men grabbed her arm and pulled her the other way. Hanna tried to escape, but there was no way. Now she knew she was in trouble.

“Let’s cry into each other’s arms and start a new beginning. Let’s build up a good life for the girls and for us. We deserve it.”

My flirtatious girl self, came to the surface. I thanked him with a girly smile pulled my dress in order and flicked my hair as only girls who like a boy can.

Bringing us to this great country that has taken us in and allowed us to become part of them.

The sun is shining, even when it’s not and we are free. What more could I ask for.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Uneasy Lies the Crown, A Novel of Owain Glyndwr

by N. Gemini Sasson

The story of Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince of Wales.

In the year 1399, Welsh nobleman Owain Glyndwr is living out a peaceful gentleman’s life in the Dee Valley of Wales with his wife Margaret and their eleven children. But when Henry of Bolingbroke usurps the throne of England from his cousin Richard II, that tranquility is forever shattered. What starts as a feud with a neighboring English lord over a strip of land evolves into something greater–a fight for the very independence of Wales.

After a harrowing encounter on the misty slopes of Cadair Idris, the English knight Harry Hotspur offers Owain a pact he cannot resist.

Peace, however, comes with a heavy price. As tragedies mount and temptations loom, Owain questions whether he can fulfill the prophecies and lead his people to freedom without destroying those around him.

For centuries, the bards have sung of King Arthur’s return, but is this reluctant warrior prince the answer to those prophecies?
Other books by N. Gemini Sasson:
The Crown in the Heather (The Bruce Trilogy: Book I)
Worth Dying For (The Bruce Trilogy: Book II)
The Honor Due a King (The Bruce Trilogy: Book III)
Isabeau, A Novel of Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer
The King Must Die, Murder and revenge in the time of Edward III

The Figurine (Into the Light of Day)

by Rona Simmons

The Figurine is one of ten short stories included in a collection titled “Into the Light of Day”, each story highlighting small details–single moments that sparkled brightly through the fog of the many years since they took place.
In the summer and fall of 2012, the author interviewed several individuals, some life-long friends, some distant relatives, and some complete strangers all of whom were gracious enough to contribute their memories and moments. After poring over existing story drafts, copies of emails or message board posts, and photos from the contributors, the author created dialogue and added narrative to bring the stories to life. To some, she added characters, scenes, or situations for dramatic purposes, but she always remained true to the original. Though a few of the stories are set during the war years, they are not war stories, but rather stories of giving to and caring for others, of learning life’s hard lessons, and of growing up in turbulent and troubled times.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Angels Don’t Die

by Soren Petrek

When an American agent is taken hostage, famed WWII assassin, Madeleine Toche resurfaces to rescue him, taking on the PLO and all comers in the middle of Israel’s Yom Kippur War. Toche, feared as the Angel of Death, must send the PLO a bloody message, release the agent or die. With the help of the Mossad, Toche unleashes her fury, leaving a path of destruction everywhere she goes.

Macbeth: Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair

by Aaron McCarthy

“Why does it make me think of murder?”

When he meets three witches Macbeth finds his life turned upside down. This revered soldier will now do anything to be King…including killing his cousin, the current monarch, King Duncan.
With his wife’s encouragement Macbeth sets out on a journey of deceit, lust and murder.
In this book Aaron McCarthy retells the story for a modern audience. The dialogue is updated but the meanings remain the same.
A “book-form” adaptation that removes the language barrier holding so many back from truly enjoying William Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

“She leant up for a kiss he did not return.”

Please Note: This eBook includes both Aaron McCarthy’s “book-form” adaptation and a copy of William Shakespeare’s original play.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Purrfect Poems

by Harvey the Cat

A charming collection of poems written by Harvey the Cat. Cat lovers who are used to seeing the world through a cat’s eyes will enjoy Harvey’s humour and playfulness as well as understanding his concerns. Essential reading not only for cat lovers but for sensitive and thoughtful people – and cats too.

When Afternoons Taper to Mortality and other poems

by Richard Walne

Acclaimed South African writer, poet and musician Richard Walne (1968 – 2007) takes us on a poignant and, at times, melancholy journey in this collection of poems, found in a journal on his kitchen counter after his death.

Poems from the Beach

by George Sandford

A romantic, sensuous,spiritual, poignant and sometimes humorous journey along the beach. Full of tender observations accompanied by beautiful photographs. Lovers of beaches and poetry will return to reread this set of poems again and again.

Saying I Love You

by Patricia Lieb

Love… the strongest and most beautiful of all emotions.

You are invited to lose yourself in the imagery and heartfelt expressions penned within these poems… that celebrate the wonder of love.

Read them at night to your partner.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

A Third Fell: The Angelic Civil War Has Begun!(revised)

by Webster G. Clarke II

Sample eBook:

“How did this get so bad Gabriel? We have done everything we could to stop this madnessâ?¦.and failed,” grimaced Deloris as she turned her attention back towards the wall.

“I guess we have become so accustomed to the way things were. We all turned a blind eye and did not think that Lucifer would actually carry out thisâ?¦this plan of his. Righteousness is our way of lifeâ?¦and we took it all for granted, and now our very freedom is at stake. The freedom to worship our Lord, the freedom to come and go as we please, the freedom of enjoying the beauty that liberty and life around the one true God, the Creator, is essential to our very existence. All that being threatened, by an angel who loves nothing more but to lie, deceive, kill and destroy and to rule with a fist of cruelty. Lucifer is everything that God is not. May there never be another one like Lucifer to come out of our mist again! I believe that this is a wake-up call for us, Deloris. I believe that there is a reason that the Lord is allowing us to fight this war and it is this: our righteous way of life has a price and that we may never forget this as long as we continue to exist for the Lord, and every angel who stands on this side of the wall knows this. Do not worry. No matter what happens, we will prevail,” said Gabriel, who focused on the wall as well.

“Amen, Gabrielâ?¦.waitâ?¦ do you sense that?” Asked Deloris who was now alert on what was yet to come! Gabriel sensed it too when he prepared himself.

“Lucifer is gearing up for the second attack! All angels stand by for attack! Do not fire until you see wings come through and over that wall! Annihilate anything that is not holy!” ordered Gabriel as he charged his heavy energy crossbow.

“Raphael! Now witness the fall of God’s mighty army! Ogg, commence attack!” ordered Lucifer as he grinned at Raphael.

Sample eBook end.

An epic angelic civil war in heaven is about to take place! The Creator, the Almighty God has left for six days to continue His work on earth, however, Lucifer has a sinister plan to launch his attack against the angelic population and he has a third of the angels to do it! Michael the Archangel must confront the “First Angel” to reclaim what is God’s, and try to save Man from Lucifer’s deception! Gabriel, Metatron, Uriel and Raphael, with the help of an angelic professor named Deloris (who has been reactivated for war) are racing against the clock to stop the Morning Star’s total take-over of the Kingdom of God, but there will be a price! The battle between angels is eminent! You may ask,”How did this warfare start?” It all started before A THIRD FELL!

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Happily Never After (The Grimm Chronicles, Book 2)

by Ken Brosky

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world.


Now the characters of the Grimms’ stories walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can save them.

For 18-year-old Alice Goodenough, that means taking precious time off from her summer vacation. In addition to volunteering at the local library, Alice must stop the Corrupted who are now actively hunting her down. With the help of her magic pen and her trusty rabbit friend, the world has suddenly gotten a lot more complex. The Corrupted are everywhere, and only Alice can see them for what they truly are.

Meanwhile, at night, Alice’s nightmares have begun to grow more real. Terrifying man-eating rats are plaguing the city of Chicago, and it’s up to Alice to figure out a way to stop them. But before she can do that, she’ll have to face off with an even more dangerous enemy sent to kill her.

An enemy that has killed heroes before …

This book also contains the following Grimms’ fairy tales:
– The Frog-Prince
– Fundevogel
– Aschenputtel

What people are saying about The Grimm Chronicles:

A major plus about
these stories is that Alice is a smart, strong, and resilient protagonist who
does not just extract herself from sticky situations through sheer brute force,
but by also using her brain.
I think it was a rollicking good
read, which drew me in and kept my interest until the end of the book. I am
looking forward to following Alice through the rest of her story in the
chronicles to come.”

— La Revenant, The Book Tart

Don’t get me
wrong, it’s very intense and sometimes I was a bit scared (cough) but I just
absolutely love fairytales- and it was extremely fun reading about the original
Grimm ones instead of the happy ending ones we know today! Alice was a great
protagonist and I found myself getting very attached to her. She was
strong and independent and a serious kick-ass kind of girl!”

— Cheerful Book

I highly recommend these lovely and inspiring

–Mallory Heart Reviews

Looking for a good book with a strong,
positive heroine? Love the Brothers Grimm and want a new take on their
characters? Just want to read a good fantasy novel? Then look no further, this
is the book for you.”

— Sharing Links and Wisdom

These stories may be longer than the average
fairy tales we’re used to, but they are a good mix of fun, humor, adventure and
exciting coming of age.”

— Literature Young Adult Fiction

Alice is sassy, smart and strong and I loved her
character. Briar is kind and comical and makes the perfect sidekick and helper
for Alice. The first three volumes in this book move quickly and there’s not a
lot of fluff or wasted words … I’m very excited to see the next volumes of this
story and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!”

–Jenn’s Review Blog

I really enjoyed the main character, Alice
Goodenough (not a big fan of the name – reminded me of the ballet dancer
Alexander Godenov).  She is strong, witty, and more than a little obsessed
with clothes (but so was I at that age) …”

— Window on the World

“This has got to be one of my favorite Grimm
interpretations until now! The book is amazing, and it reminded me so much of
‘Grimm’ the series, but in a great way.”

— Mademoiselle le Sphinx

“A very entertaining book!”

— Mug of Moxie

“I highly recommend this story and hope you
check it out”

— Danasquare

“Recommended for those who enjoy fairy tales
with a dark twist and a feisty heroine.”

— Geo Librarian

DRT (A Ghost Story)

by Eric Thomas

Greg, a reclusive overnight traffic reporter in Washington, DC, has spent his life in fear, avoiding anything that might shatter his tenuous grasp on normal. It turns out Greg has no idea what it really means to be afraid. After witnessing a horrifying fatal crash, a crash Greg believes he had a hand in causing, he begins to see the ghost of the dead driver. The strain becomes unbearable as Greg attempts to determine why the ghost has sought him out, what it wants from him, and whether any of what is happening is even real.

DRT is the second novel from author Eric Thomas. It’s an alternating look at the absurd and the shocking as he tells the story of one man’s struggle to maintain his sanity.

Apoc-Z Episode 4 (Apoc-Z Season 1 Episode 4)

by Michael Symonds

***NEW*** Episode 4 of the Apoc-Z series is finally here. An Exciting follow up to a series one Reader said was like The Walking Dead but Texas Style.
Konner and his small group struggle to stay alive in this world that has gone to hell over night. There are survivors that need help from the zombie hordes, zombies are everywhere but you also need to fear the living. Check out episodes 1 thru 3 of the Apoc-Z series, also available on Amazon.

The Miracle Worker

by Precious Eghe

A miracle working pastor is forced to do one final miracle.

Death Speaker

by Vickey Kall

In ancient Gaul, Emyn, a Celtic peasant, hears the dead and lets them plunge her into visions. Using her voice, ghosts advise druids and kings, warning them of danger from Caesar and his Roman troops. But can the spirits be trusted any more than the living? Emyn suffers loss, kidnapping and betrayal. Ultimately, she must rely on her own stubborn courage to face her destiny. Death Speaker evokes a forgotten world of spirits and heroes. The story, with elements of magical realism, will appeal to fans of Celtic lore and anyone who appreciates a richly-told tale with a unique voice.

Classic Monster Novels Condensed

by Mary Shelley

FRANKENSTEIN! DRACULA! THE INVISIBLE MAN! Three of the top horror novels of all time condensed into “novellas” – a form of short novel. Breeze through this convenient Kindle collection and enjoy all three classic tales in these expertly abridged versions.

These monsters are familiar household names. These are the monsters that authors and filmmakers continue to draw from again and again. These are the monsters whose world-wide fame tops that of any real live celebrityâ??or monsterâ??on any who’s who list. And these are the great novels that introduced them to the world over a century ago. The three abridged versions are reduced to about 25,000 words each. Experience triple the action, suspense, chills and thrills, in half the time it would take to read one novel!

The Devil’s Bike: Origins

by Giovanni Flores

Origins is the second installment of The Devil’s Bike series. This time around we find Warren entangled in a supernatural mess. The recent divorce of his parents’ has landed him in a rental house that comes with a curse. A former priest is tied to the house in an unusual manner. Warren will attempt to combat the forces of evil and try to rid the world of the Devil’s bike once and for all.

In this second novella we encounter the devil, the bike rider and Dusty, the proud new owner of a black hat. The supernatural is presented not as an impossibility but as par for the course in a tiny Texas town.

Included is the bonus short story “A Serial Killer Prequel”. It gives a look into the childhood of Todd, the serial killer we first encounter in “The Devil and My Bicycle”.

Touring the Afterlife

by Nancy Frederick

Awash in despair, Addie swallows a handful of pills, expecting to extinguish her misery along with her life.  She is dead, but she isn’t gone.  Instead, she is trapped in the Afterlife, where Addie finds herself surrounded by loving guides and terrifying apparitions as she is forced to do what she’s most wanted to avoid–examine the key moments of her life.  There are the many husbands, including the teenage son of her best friend.  There are her three resentful children. And a career in ruin, all of which she must deal with.    With a sense of terror and foreboding, Addie begins to confront the deep secrets, the moments of betrayal, and the lingering heartbreak from her past.  After a lifetime of self-serving acts, can Addie accept that perhaps she isn’t the wonderful person she imagines but rather someone who should have faced unpleasant truths and changed long ago.  Can she release the notion of herself as a victim, offer forgiveness and embrace redemption?  This exciting thriller has non-stop action, unexpected turns and twists and will keep you enthralled to the very end as you wonder can Addie die and live to see another day? 

The Itch — A Zombie Short

by R. Brady Frost

The Itch is a short story that provides an engaging front row seat to the end of the world. Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? It might happen sooner than you think.

This short story is a surefire winner for Zombie horror genre fans.


by Timothy Robinson

Can a jackass loser win the hand of his “dream woman,” while simultaneously saving the world? Can a grieving husband avenge the brutal murders of his wife and daughter? Will three twisted sisters stamp out humanity as we know it? Is it possible for a giant-headed mutant canine to eat two-hundred pounds of Dog Chow in a single day? Can a short, middle-aged, socially awkward bald man sell enough books to get both hair and personality transplants, and If so, will the (newly) hairily gregarious bastard have enough cashola left over for a much-needed lifetime supply of Viagra?

The answers to the first four questions can be found by reading the book (“Witchkillers”). The answer to the last question will largely depend on how many suckers…err…readers wanna know the answers to the first four questions. Hopefully, there’ll be a lotta them.

Though largely parable and parody, this book is recommended for ADULTS ONLY due to extreme violence, extreme language, and extremely weird sexual situations.

Hybrid Moments

by Steven Stark

“Daytime was his domain, Damien was certain of that. There was no uneasiness there, all was plain to see, himself included. The night didn’t belong to him. He’d once thought that was because he couldn’t see what secrets its darkness held, but now that he was able to he realised it was something more than that, some kind of primal sense telling him he had no business with the world that exists between dusk and dawn.”

Following on from his cult hit “Disturbing Events”, Steven Stark returns to the Southway district and delivers four more tales to terrify, tantalise and tickle the gag reflex.

A psychotic bodyguard is hired by a man with secret appetites,
A deformed child wreaks brutal vengeance on her abusers.
A conspiracy theorist seeks to uncover the truth behind a slew of animal attacks.
And a young drug user finds himself torn between two realities, neither of them pleasant.

“They say Southway used to be a nice place to live.
Now they say that it’s gone to Hell.
Perhaps it hasâ?¦”

“Bloody, brutalâ?¦and utterly beautiful. Splatterpunk at its finest!”-

“Fantasy horror with social commentary, Stark delivers the grisly goods again.”-Vicino magazine

“As thought provoking as it is gut churning”

“Thank Steven Stark for keeping real monsters alive.” PRJ Aldis


by Heather Choate

Meta is an angel: a.k.a. “one of the good guys,” but her ebony hair and calling to haul souls to Hell has made her an outcast among the other Shirley-Temple-blond seraphs in heaven. Assigned to work with Sol, who thinks sneezing during prayer is a sin, Meta gags at his prudish, butt-kissing perfection. To her surprise, though, after they get into a territory war over a dead mortal in a hospital room, her vomit reflex turns into an urge to kiss Sol’s pearl-pink lips.

The mismatched angels plow halo-first into a quirky, often dysfunctional relationship.

Meta is weakened by her new feelings for Sol when Satan tries to seduce her with promises of power and acceptance if she will join him. In a world where forbidden desires are paid for with your soul, young Meta must decide if she will be Satan’s right hand or turn her back on the alluring darkness to follow her heart and the love of an angelic man who was never meant to be hers.

Buttermilk Road

by Maggie Shearon

A ghost story in three voices.

The Night Unleashed: A Short Story Collection

by Pixie Lynn Whitfield

Enter the world of Night. Here creatures of your nightmares and dreams are real. Three haunting stories are included in this mini-short story collection, along with an exclusive DARKNESS COMES THIS WAY short featuring everyone’s favorite characters: Zarah and Thomas.

In this collection:

Monster World
Pinkie Promises (A Darkness Comes This Way short story)

Zombie Dash

by Mark Matthews

Are you fast enough to survive the Zombie apocalypse?

Well, now you can find out. It’s the new trend in running races; run through miles and miles of zombie infested trails, but instead of biting you, they grab a flag off of your belt, flag-football style.

See what happens when Big Pharm meets Big Horror, as three Pharmaceutical Representatives take part in a Zombie Run, and get much more horror than they planned for.

A short story of 5,000 words, by the author of STRAY and The Jade Rabbit.

Digital Immortality

by Shaun Hipkiss

Have you ever wanted to live forever? To never have to face death. With all the technology at our disposal now days is immortality within our grasp? Would you want to live forever? Would it be a wise decision to try? In reading this short story you will be faced with these questions and be forced to ask yourself would you like digital immortality ?

Dedicated to Barbara Hipkiss the best mother a boy could have, Laura Etheridge the lady who taught me you have to reach for the stars and my daughter Shauna Hipkiss who always helps me look to the future.

The Gift

by Stephen C. Ormsby

Trapped in the basement, he doesn’t remember who is, but he knows he’s a monster and that he stole somebody’s soul. That somebody wants it back. Would you accept the Gift?

Sorcery in the Dust

by Tim Reynolds

Following a family tragedy, teenager Nick Campbell embarks on a quest of revenge. In this, he is joined by the battle scarred obsessive, Justin Foley – man on a mission of his own. Together, these two very broken people chase an ancient and seemingly all-powerful thing as it carves a path of madness through the American rustbelt.

Followers- a short story

by Nicholas Bennett

Daniels has a thing about unusual graveyards but one man’s hobby leads to another man’s folly.

Will Daniels’ hair has turned completely white. His wife has left him and his seemingly perfect home is in disarray. His life is falling apart. Now Daniels needs to share his burden. A problem shared is a problem halved they say.

Pull up a chair next to the fire and have a drink. It began with a request and a refusal…

“Followers” is a short story.


by Paul Little

An ultra short horror fiction story. A man, his discovery, his fear and failure.

The Semblance of a Hell

by Zach Greenblott

Corson McCain is popular, a star-athlete and straight A student, but underneath this charming exterior lurks a highly medicated, tortured mind contemplating murder. Corson masks his growing instability from family and friends, though bears all to his psychiatrist Christopher Tobin, to whom he rants and raves about media violence, human atrocities and the horror genre while telling his life story as though it were a literary tale of mythological proportions.
Christopher, however, has been dead for nearly 10 years and his rhetoric of morality is slowly waning from Corson’s conscience, his talk of compassion competing with the cacophony of malevolent voices that fill Corson’s mind. When these voices begin to materialize around Corson, fantasy and reality coalesce, making his friends and phantasms indistinguishable from one another.
No one suffers more in Corson’s lurid and hallucinatory world than Vanessa Tobin, the daughter Christopher left behind and the object of Corson’s increasingly obsessed eye – the lamb, as he sees her. Vanessa sought refuge in faith and religion when she lost her father. It is faith which eludes Corson and which he hopes to test in Vanessa.
As the days pass and Vanessa catches glimpses of the deranged madman in her midst, she grows convinced Corson is responsible for her father’s death and certain he plans to kill again. Unable to get anyone to believe her, Vanessa is left to face her Devil alone. With revenge consuming her mind and compassion pulling at her soul, Vanessa searches her heart for her father’s guidance.
Facilis descensus averni. The descent into Hell is easy.


by George Pearson

The Symington family has lost everything. The business. The house .The cars. Everything. What’s worse is John Symington’s best friend was murdered trying to protect their failing business. Now on the long road from Johannesburg to Cape Town they head into an unknown future, hoping to start fresh. What they don’t know is that on this night terror will change their lives forever.

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

A Maui Wedding – Purple & White

by Dellables Inc.

A Maui Wedding, focused on the color theme of Purple & White at Maui’s own Merriman’s Kapalua Restaurant

Especially excellent imagery by Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Dellables Wedding Design and Florals.
Since 1995

The National Parks (a visual guide to visiting)

by Zack Frank

This guide was designed to make casual visits to the National Parks as rewarding and convenient as possible. Extensive color photography and park maps are featured throughout the book to make the recommendations clear and easy to find.

The book also has must see sites, things to know before you visit, brief park histories, facts, contact information and nearby attractions.

The volume features 30 of the 59 National Parks in the United States: (including the newest, Pinnacles National Park, established in 2013)
Big Bend
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Byrce Canyon
Capitol Reef
Carlsbad Caverns
Cuyahoga Valley
Grand Teton
Great Sand Dunes
Great Smoky Mountains
Guadalupe Mountains
Hot Springs
Joshua Tree
Mammoth Cave
Mesa Verde
North Cascades
Petrified Forest
Theodore Roosevelt
Wind Cave

The Insider’s Guide to Mystery Shopping Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Spas, and Cruises

by R.S. Stone

A down-to-earth look at mystery shopping, focusing on shops in the hospitality industry, with advice on how to score the most coveted shops and avoid some common pit falls. This book contains lists of useful resources, including a list of mystery shopping companies that hire individuals to mystery shop hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, and/or cruises. Written by an insider with nearly a decade of experience in the field of mystery shopping, specializing in hospitality shops.

Florida Nude Recreation Guide

by Thomas Berns

Wanting to try a little “different” vacation or experience in the state of Florida?

This is a great resource for existing nudists or those that have never experienced nudism in public but don’t know where to start.

Tips for the beginning nudist that may want to visit a nude beach or resort. The author also explains the health benefits some people experience along with the increased self-esteem and sense of freedom. There are also common myths and misconceptions that are addressed.

Informative listing of the only legal nude beach in the state along with locations of other “hidden” and “secret” spots. The author also lists the clothing-optional resorts, campsites, cruises, private boat charters, hotels, festivals, races and even a bar where the patrons let it all hang out!

Whether you are already in the lifestyle or contemplating it, this book will cover all aspects of nudism in the state of Florida. This guide is the ultimate resource for any naturist’s library.

Praski’s Warsaw Itinerary No.3 (Praski’s Itineraries)

by Jan Sandford

A leisurely exploration of Warsaw’s beautiful Royal Łazienki Park. See the former Palace and gardens of Polish kings, visit Chopin’s Monument and take a guided tour around the park and water features and statues.

Take a half or full day to enjoy the elctronically guided tour.

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