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Happily Never After (The Grimm Chronicles, Book 2)

by Ken Brosky

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world.


Now the characters of the Grimms’ stories walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can save them.

For 18-year-old Alice Goodenough, that means taking precious time off from her summer vacation. In addition to volunteering at the local library, Alice must stop the Corrupted who are now actively hunting her down. With the help of her magic pen and her trusty rabbit friend, the world has suddenly gotten a lot more complex. The Corrupted are everywhere, and only Alice can see them for what they truly are.

Meanwhile, at night, Alice’s nightmares have begun to grow more real. Terrifying man-eating rats are plaguing the city of Chicago, and it’s up to Alice to figure out a way to stop them. But before she can do that, she’ll have to face off with an even more dangerous enemy sent to kill her.

An enemy that has killed heroes before …

This book also contains the following Grimms’ fairy tales:
– The Frog-Prince
– Fundevogel
– Aschenputtel

What people are saying about The Grimm Chronicles:

A major plus about
these stories is that Alice is a smart, strong, and resilient protagonist who
does not just extract herself from sticky situations through sheer brute force,
but by also using her brain.
I think it was a rollicking good
read, which drew me in and kept my interest until the end of the book. I am
looking forward to following Alice through the rest of her story in the
chronicles to come.”

— La Revenant, The Book Tart

Don’t get me
wrong, it’s very intense and sometimes I was a bit scared (cough) but I just
absolutely love fairytales- and it was extremely fun reading about the original
Grimm ones instead of the happy ending ones we know today! Alice was a great
protagonist and I found myself getting very attached to her. She was
strong and independent and a serious kick-ass kind of girl!”

— Cheerful Book

I highly recommend these lovely and inspiring

–Mallory Heart Reviews

Looking for a good book with a strong,
positive heroine? Love the Brothers Grimm and want a new take on their
characters? Just want to read a good fantasy novel? Then look no further, this
is the book for you.”

— Sharing Links and Wisdom

These stories may be longer than the average
fairy tales we’re used to, but they are a good mix of fun, humor, adventure and
exciting coming of age.”

— Literature Young Adult Fiction

Alice is sassy, smart and strong and I loved her
character. Briar is kind and comical and makes the perfect sidekick and helper
for Alice. The first three volumes in this book move quickly and there’s not a
lot of fluff or wasted words … I’m very excited to see the next volumes of this
story and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!”

–Jenn’s Review Blog

I really enjoyed the main character, Alice
Goodenough (not a big fan of the name – reminded me of the ballet dancer
Alexander Godenov).  She is strong, witty, and more than a little obsessed
with clothes (but so was I at that age) …”

— Window on the World

“This has got to be one of my favorite Grimm
interpretations until now! The book is amazing, and it reminded me so much of
‘Grimm’ the series, but in a great way.”

— Mademoiselle le Sphinx

“A very entertaining book!”

— Mug of Moxie

“I highly recommend this story and hope you
check it out”

— Danasquare

“Recommended for those who enjoy fairy tales
with a dark twist and a feisty heroine.”

— Geo Librarian

DRT (A Ghost Story)

by Eric Thomas

Greg, a reclusive overnight traffic reporter in Washington, DC, has spent his life in fear, avoiding anything that might shatter his tenuous grasp on normal. It turns out Greg has no idea what it really means to be afraid. After witnessing a horrifying fatal crash, a crash Greg believes he had a hand in causing, he begins to see the ghost of the dead driver. The strain becomes unbearable as Greg attempts to determine why the ghost has sought him out, what it wants from him, and whether any of what is happening is even real.

DRT is the second novel from author Eric Thomas. It’s an alternating look at the absurd and the shocking as he tells the story of one man’s struggle to maintain his sanity.

Apoc-Z Episode 4 (Apoc-Z Season 1 Episode 4)

by Michael Symonds

***NEW*** Episode 4 of the Apoc-Z series is finally here. An Exciting follow up to a series one Reader said was like The Walking Dead but Texas Style.
Konner and his small group struggle to stay alive in this world that has gone to hell over night. There are survivors that need help from the zombie hordes, zombies are everywhere but you also need to fear the living. Check out episodes 1 thru 3 of the Apoc-Z series, also available on Amazon.

The Miracle Worker

by Precious Eghe

A miracle working pastor is forced to do one final miracle.

Death Speaker

by Vickey Kall

In ancient Gaul, Emyn, a Celtic peasant, hears the dead and lets them plunge her into visions. Using her voice, ghosts advise druids and kings, warning them of danger from Caesar and his Roman troops. But can the spirits be trusted any more than the living? Emyn suffers loss, kidnapping and betrayal. Ultimately, she must rely on her own stubborn courage to face her destiny. Death Speaker evokes a forgotten world of spirits and heroes. The story, with elements of magical realism, will appeal to fans of Celtic lore and anyone who appreciates a richly-told tale with a unique voice.

Classic Monster Novels Condensed

by Mary Shelley

FRANKENSTEIN! DRACULA! THE INVISIBLE MAN! Three of the top horror novels of all time condensed into “novellas” – a form of short novel. Breeze through this convenient Kindle collection and enjoy all three classic tales in these expertly abridged versions.

These monsters are familiar household names. These are the monsters that authors and filmmakers continue to draw from again and again. These are the monsters whose world-wide fame tops that of any real live celebrityâ??or monsterâ??on any who’s who list. And these are the great novels that introduced them to the world over a century ago. The three abridged versions are reduced to about 25,000 words each. Experience triple the action, suspense, chills and thrills, in half the time it would take to read one novel!

The Devil’s Bike: Origins

by Giovanni Flores

Origins is the second installment of The Devil’s Bike series. This time around we find Warren entangled in a supernatural mess. The recent divorce of his parents’ has landed him in a rental house that comes with a curse. A former priest is tied to the house in an unusual manner. Warren will attempt to combat the forces of evil and try to rid the world of the Devil’s bike once and for all.

In this second novella we encounter the devil, the bike rider and Dusty, the proud new owner of a black hat. The supernatural is presented not as an impossibility but as par for the course in a tiny Texas town.

Included is the bonus short story “A Serial Killer Prequel”. It gives a look into the childhood of Todd, the serial killer we first encounter in “The Devil and My Bicycle”.

Touring the Afterlife

by Nancy Frederick

Awash in despair, Addie swallows a handful of pills, expecting to extinguish her misery along with her life.  She is dead, but she isn’t gone.  Instead, she is trapped in the Afterlife, where Addie finds herself surrounded by loving guides and terrifying apparitions as she is forced to do what she’s most wanted to avoid–examine the key moments of her life.  There are the many husbands, including the teenage son of her best friend.  There are her three resentful children. And a career in ruin, all of which she must deal with.    With a sense of terror and foreboding, Addie begins to confront the deep secrets, the moments of betrayal, and the lingering heartbreak from her past.  After a lifetime of self-serving acts, can Addie accept that perhaps she isn’t the wonderful person she imagines but rather someone who should have faced unpleasant truths and changed long ago.  Can she release the notion of herself as a victim, offer forgiveness and embrace redemption?  This exciting thriller has non-stop action, unexpected turns and twists and will keep you enthralled to the very end as you wonder can Addie die and live to see another day? 

The Itch — A Zombie Short

by R. Brady Frost

The Itch is a short story that provides an engaging front row seat to the end of the world. Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? It might happen sooner than you think.

This short story is a surefire winner for Zombie horror genre fans.


by Timothy Robinson

Can a jackass loser win the hand of his “dream woman,” while simultaneously saving the world? Can a grieving husband avenge the brutal murders of his wife and daughter? Will three twisted sisters stamp out humanity as we know it? Is it possible for a giant-headed mutant canine to eat two-hundred pounds of Dog Chow in a single day? Can a short, middle-aged, socially awkward bald man sell enough books to get both hair and personality transplants, and If so, will the (newly) hairily gregarious bastard have enough cashola left over for a much-needed lifetime supply of Viagra?

The answers to the first four questions can be found by reading the book (“Witchkillers”). The answer to the last question will largely depend on how many suckers…err…readers wanna know the answers to the first four questions. Hopefully, there’ll be a lotta them.

Though largely parable and parody, this book is recommended for ADULTS ONLY due to extreme violence, extreme language, and extremely weird sexual situations.

Hybrid Moments

by Steven Stark

“Daytime was his domain, Damien was certain of that. There was no uneasiness there, all was plain to see, himself included. The night didn’t belong to him. He’d once thought that was because he couldn’t see what secrets its darkness held, but now that he was able to he realised it was something more than that, some kind of primal sense telling him he had no business with the world that exists between dusk and dawn.”

Following on from his cult hit “Disturbing Events”, Steven Stark returns to the Southway district and delivers four more tales to terrify, tantalise and tickle the gag reflex.

A psychotic bodyguard is hired by a man with secret appetites,
A deformed child wreaks brutal vengeance on her abusers.
A conspiracy theorist seeks to uncover the truth behind a slew of animal attacks.
And a young drug user finds himself torn between two realities, neither of them pleasant.

“They say Southway used to be a nice place to live.
Now they say that it’s gone to Hell.
Perhaps it hasâ?¦”

“Bloody, brutalâ?¦and utterly beautiful. Splatterpunk at its finest!”-

“Fantasy horror with social commentary, Stark delivers the grisly goods again.”-Vicino magazine

“As thought provoking as it is gut churning”

“Thank Steven Stark for keeping real monsters alive.” PRJ Aldis


by Heather Choate

Meta is an angel: a.k.a. “one of the good guys,” but her ebony hair and calling to haul souls to Hell has made her an outcast among the other Shirley-Temple-blond seraphs in heaven. Assigned to work with Sol, who thinks sneezing during prayer is a sin, Meta gags at his prudish, butt-kissing perfection. To her surprise, though, after they get into a territory war over a dead mortal in a hospital room, her vomit reflex turns into an urge to kiss Sol’s pearl-pink lips.

The mismatched angels plow halo-first into a quirky, often dysfunctional relationship.

Meta is weakened by her new feelings for Sol when Satan tries to seduce her with promises of power and acceptance if she will join him. In a world where forbidden desires are paid for with your soul, young Meta must decide if she will be Satan’s right hand or turn her back on the alluring darkness to follow her heart and the love of an angelic man who was never meant to be hers.

Buttermilk Road

by Maggie Shearon

A ghost story in three voices.

The Night Unleashed: A Short Story Collection

by Pixie Lynn Whitfield

Enter the world of Night. Here creatures of your nightmares and dreams are real. Three haunting stories are included in this mini-short story collection, along with an exclusive DARKNESS COMES THIS WAY short featuring everyone’s favorite characters: Zarah and Thomas.

In this collection:

Monster World
Pinkie Promises (A Darkness Comes This Way short story)

Zombie Dash

by Mark Matthews

Are you fast enough to survive the Zombie apocalypse?

Well, now you can find out. It’s the new trend in running races; run through miles and miles of zombie infested trails, but instead of biting you, they grab a flag off of your belt, flag-football style.

See what happens when Big Pharm meets Big Horror, as three Pharmaceutical Representatives take part in a Zombie Run, and get much more horror than they planned for.

A short story of 5,000 words, by the author of STRAY and The Jade Rabbit.

Digital Immortality

by Shaun Hipkiss

Have you ever wanted to live forever? To never have to face death. With all the technology at our disposal now days is immortality within our grasp? Would you want to live forever? Would it be a wise decision to try? In reading this short story you will be faced with these questions and be forced to ask yourself would you like digital immortality ?

Dedicated to Barbara Hipkiss the best mother a boy could have, Laura Etheridge the lady who taught me you have to reach for the stars and my daughter Shauna Hipkiss who always helps me look to the future.

The Gift

by Stephen C. Ormsby

Trapped in the basement, he doesn’t remember who is, but he knows he’s a monster and that he stole somebody’s soul. That somebody wants it back. Would you accept the Gift?

Sorcery in the Dust

by Tim Reynolds

Following a family tragedy, teenager Nick Campbell embarks on a quest of revenge. In this, he is joined by the battle scarred obsessive, Justin Foley – man on a mission of his own. Together, these two very broken people chase an ancient and seemingly all-powerful thing as it carves a path of madness through the American rustbelt.

Followers- a short story

by Nicholas Bennett

Daniels has a thing about unusual graveyards but one man’s hobby leads to another man’s folly.

Will Daniels’ hair has turned completely white. His wife has left him and his seemingly perfect home is in disarray. His life is falling apart. Now Daniels needs to share his burden. A problem shared is a problem halved they say.

Pull up a chair next to the fire and have a drink. It began with a request and a refusal…

“Followers” is a short story.


by Paul Little

An ultra short horror fiction story. A man, his discovery, his fear and failure.

The Semblance of a Hell

by Zach Greenblott

Corson McCain is popular, a star-athlete and straight A student, but underneath this charming exterior lurks a highly medicated, tortured mind contemplating murder. Corson masks his growing instability from family and friends, though bears all to his psychiatrist Christopher Tobin, to whom he rants and raves about media violence, human atrocities and the horror genre while telling his life story as though it were a literary tale of mythological proportions.
Christopher, however, has been dead for nearly 10 years and his rhetoric of morality is slowly waning from Corson’s conscience, his talk of compassion competing with the cacophony of malevolent voices that fill Corson’s mind. When these voices begin to materialize around Corson, fantasy and reality coalesce, making his friends and phantasms indistinguishable from one another.
No one suffers more in Corson’s lurid and hallucinatory world than Vanessa Tobin, the daughter Christopher left behind and the object of Corson’s increasingly obsessed eye – the lamb, as he sees her. Vanessa sought refuge in faith and religion when she lost her father. It is faith which eludes Corson and which he hopes to test in Vanessa.
As the days pass and Vanessa catches glimpses of the deranged madman in her midst, she grows convinced Corson is responsible for her father’s death and certain he plans to kill again. Unable to get anyone to believe her, Vanessa is left to face her Devil alone. With revenge consuming her mind and compassion pulling at her soul, Vanessa searches her heart for her father’s guidance.
Facilis descensus averni. The descent into Hell is easy.


by George Pearson

The Symington family has lost everything. The business. The house .The cars. Everything. What’s worse is John Symington’s best friend was murdered trying to protect their failing business. Now on the long road from Johannesburg to Cape Town they head into an unknown future, hoping to start fresh. What they don’t know is that on this night terror will change their lives forever.

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