Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

A Third Fell: The Angelic Civil War Has Begun!(revised)

by Webster G. Clarke II

Sample eBook:

“How did this get so bad Gabriel? We have done everything we could to stop this madnessâ?¦.and failed,” grimaced Deloris as she turned her attention back towards the wall.

“I guess we have become so accustomed to the way things were. We all turned a blind eye and did not think that Lucifer would actually carry out thisâ?¦this plan of his. Righteousness is our way of lifeâ?¦and we took it all for granted, and now our very freedom is at stake. The freedom to worship our Lord, the freedom to come and go as we please, the freedom of enjoying the beauty that liberty and life around the one true God, the Creator, is essential to our very existence. All that being threatened, by an angel who loves nothing more but to lie, deceive, kill and destroy and to rule with a fist of cruelty. Lucifer is everything that God is not. May there never be another one like Lucifer to come out of our mist again! I believe that this is a wake-up call for us, Deloris. I believe that there is a reason that the Lord is allowing us to fight this war and it is this: our righteous way of life has a price and that we may never forget this as long as we continue to exist for the Lord, and every angel who stands on this side of the wall knows this. Do not worry. No matter what happens, we will prevail,” said Gabriel, who focused on the wall as well.

“Amen, Gabrielâ?¦.waitâ?¦ do you sense that?” Asked Deloris who was now alert on what was yet to come! Gabriel sensed it too when he prepared himself.

“Lucifer is gearing up for the second attack! All angels stand by for attack! Do not fire until you see wings come through and over that wall! Annihilate anything that is not holy!” ordered Gabriel as he charged his heavy energy crossbow.

“Raphael! Now witness the fall of God’s mighty army! Ogg, commence attack!” ordered Lucifer as he grinned at Raphael.

Sample eBook end.

An epic angelic civil war in heaven is about to take place! The Creator, the Almighty God has left for six days to continue His work on earth, however, Lucifer has a sinister plan to launch his attack against the angelic population and he has a third of the angels to do it! Michael the Archangel must confront the “First Angel” to reclaim what is God’s, and try to save Man from Lucifer’s deception! Gabriel, Metatron, Uriel and Raphael, with the help of an angelic professor named Deloris (who has been reactivated for war) are racing against the clock to stop the Morning Star’s total take-over of the Kingdom of God, but there will be a price! The battle between angels is eminent! You may ask,”How did this warfare start?” It all started before A THIRD FELL!

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