Free sports Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Basketball Greats: Michael Jordan

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the life of the greatest basketball player of all time
* Includes over 20 photos
* Includes a table of contents

Michael Jordan is a name that transcends sports as one of the most recognized athletes of our time. There are not many athletes that are known outside of the sporting world like he is.  Mention the name Michael Jordan and everyone from die hard sports fans to people who have never watched a sporting event in their life will know the name.  We have all seen his gravity-defying dunks and his clutch shots that defined his career, but how much do you know about the path he took to becoming the global phenomenon he is today?

This book delves into the details of Michael’s life and gives an inside glimpse of those moments that shaped Michael Jeffrey Jordan into Michael “Air” Jordan. You’ll learn about his life as a youngster growing up in North Carolina and find out what he’s been up to since he retired from basketball. You’ll also get an in-depth look at some of his greatest on-court moments from his NCAA Tournament game-winning shot as a freshman at North Carolina to his championship moments as the star guard of the Chicago Bulls.

Michael has lived a life full of tremendous highs including winning six NBA championships, but he has also dealt with extreme lows such as the murder of his father and his failed attempts as a basketball executive. Through it all he has persevered and shown millions of children and adults that he is the ultimate competitor and champion. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and relive some of Michael’s greatest moments while learning some new things about him along the way.

How To Ice Fish: Ice Fishing Tips & Stories: Gear, Shelters & Safety – Limited Edition

by Michael Smith

Amazon Best Selling Book.

“a great little book for the beginner and experienced fisherman” – Daniel Wiggs

“what really sets this book apart is the detailed information on ice fishing safety. I wish I had this book several years ago when I went ice fishing in Alaska” – Kevin C. Myers


Love to be outdoors? Love to fish? Learn how to really enjoy ice fishing from two people who truly love the sport – Mike and Linda Smith.

Mike and Linda have been ice fishing for years, and in this guide they not only give you specific information on:

Where to ice fish
How to ice fish
Ice fishing houses, ice shanty’s, and ice shelters
Ice fishing tackle
Ice fishing safety
Ice fishing gear

But they also share with you their passion for ice fishing and give you the insiders secrets that will help you be successful your very first trip, or help improve your skills to catch even more fish!

Inside the 2012 London Olympic Games (Inside the Olympic Games)

by Marc Jenner

**UPDATED: July 15th**
The World is getting ready for the 2012 London Olympic Games–are you?
The Olympic Games will be watched by more viewers than ever before in the history of the Games. With so much information and events happening, enjoy this easy-to-understand book that will give you maps, photos, and tons of information about:

The History of the Summer Olympic Games
What the Olympic symbols and traditions are
How the Mascots will be used
What is the symbolism behind the Torch?
When will my favorite events be played?
What is involved in each sport?

These and so much more are answered for you in this informative guide for the 2012 London Olympic Games. And at the cost of 99 cents, you’ll soon discover you’ve gotten a great deal!

Coaching Kids: All Team Sports

by Frank Watts

Disgruntled parents, win at all costs, troublemakers, playing time, balancing talent, and tracking drop-outs… These are just some of the issues faced head-on in Coaching Kids.

Coaches experience many problems many created by excluding parents from the process. In a fun and lighthearted manner full of real-world examples, Coaching Kids provides concrete ways to involve parents in the process and is a step-by-step guide to kid-coaching basics and trouble management. It is the perfect primer for organizing and coaching kids K through middle school.

Much has been written about coaching kids. Most books are sport specific covering only one sport and going into depth on its mechanics. Others are more general mostly feel-good psychological stuff. They often focus on how to make the participants feel better not necessarily perform better. Very little, however, has been written on the basic challenge of coaching kids in general, regardless of the sport, and even less on organizing kid sports from the coach’s and league’s viewpoints.

Golf’s Greatest Players: Tiger Woods

by Parkway Publishing

*Includes an in depth look at the life of Tiger Woods
*Includes high quality photos
* Includes Table of Contents

The name “Eldrick Woods” means nothing to most people, but when you say “Tiger Woods,” the whole world is suddenly alert and listening. Most individuals are unaware Eldrick Woods and Tiger Woods are, in reality, the same man. Have you heard the story of how Eldrick became Tiger? Of course, everyone knows Woods was the first African American to win the Masters Tournament, but did you know he was also the youngest to win the event? Are you aware of the number of professional major championships this golf superstar has won? In this biography, you will explore the different worlds of Tiger Woods and learn exciting facts about the extraordinary golfer who changed the world of golf when he was only 21 years of age.

Golf’s Greatest Players: Jack Nicklaus

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the life of Jack Nicklaus
* Includes several picturse
* Includes a table of contents

Jack Nicklaus is more than just a famous name in golf history. While he is most known for his prowess on the golf course, he has also done a lot to promote and further the entire sport. From his award winning golf course designs to his philanthropic work, Jack Nicklaus is truly one of a kind when it comes to generosity and humbleness.

Jack Nicklaus started out golfing as a child for fun and then his hobby led him in to doing it as a full time career. He dominated the course from the time he entered high school until he declared himself a pro and left Ohio State University after three years of studying to become a pharmacist. Jack said he never imagined golf would be a career for him because he loved to play the game so much. However, it worked out well for him as he left school to try and earn money on the golf circuit and earned way more than he ever could have imagined.

Besides setting records on the courses for just about every record ever kept, Nicklaus became a legend off the course as well. He went into business designing golf courses and remains in business with his sons to this day. Many of the PGA major golf tournaments are held at his courses. There are Nicklaus designed courses in many countries around the world, not just the United States.

Besides designing courses, Nicklaus also has a line of golf apparel, three lines of golf clubs, a brand of wine, a golf academy, a real estate division for his golf courses and even a travel agency. They all relate to golf and how a person can enjoy their game better. Nicklaus oversees hospitable charities with his wife and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to many worthwhile causes in their home state of Ohio and their adopted state of Florida.

Jack retired from golf in 2005 but still works on designing courses and organizing his own charity tournament on the PGA circuit. He and his wife Barbara had five children and twenty one grandchildren. They permanently reside in Florida near many of the courses he has built over the last couple decades.

Golf’s Greatest Players: Arnold Palmer

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes a detailed biography on one of the greatest golfers to play the game
* Includes several pictures
* Includes a table of contents

There are few professional athletes that have made an impact on their sport like Arnold Palmer. Palmer single handedly elevated golf into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. He was the quintessential player who transformed the game from a hobby into an art, and was the complete package of good looks, charisma and charm. The fact that he was the best golfer of his day didn’t hurt either.

Like many other great athletes, Arnold Palmer transcended sports. Today Arnold is a variety of things to many different people: golf immortal, successful golf course designer, prominent businessman and devoted family man. In a world where famous athletes are known for their demonstrative personalities and prima donna attitudes Arnold Palmer was and still is a breath of fresh air.

Despite all of the success, fame and money he is known for his unwavering kindness and affability. It was that approachability and genuineness that propelled him to stardom in the 1950’s and has endeared him to millions of fans all over the world.

We’ll take you through Palmer’s life from the son of a groundskeeper in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of golf success on the PGA tour as he captures 62 PGA Tour victories including seven major championships. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of his golf business including his golf course design firm and his founding of the Golf Channel.

Palmer’s life on and off the golf course is inspiring. Unlike so many elite athletes, he was able to transition from the game as his body failed him and did it with dignity and honor. He has too many accolades to list – including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2004. Ask him and he’ll tell you he’s just Arnold Palmer, a kid from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, but to us, he’s “The King.”

Fantasy Football For The Common Man

by Alex Dole

Fantasy Football For The Common Man will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to play fantasy football with confidence, whether you are a novice, or seasoned champion. It expertly lays out the basics of fantasy football, from drafting and managing your team to understanding the complexities of league rules and formats.

Topics include:
Roster Management
Standard Drafts
Auction Drafts
Waiver Claims
Sleeper Picks
Glossary of Terms
….and much more!

Inside the Winter Olympic Games: History of the Winter Olympics (Inside the Olympic Games)

by Marc Jenner

The Olympic Games, started in 1896 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, have a fascinating history. Read about:

1. The five Winter Olympic events that are no longer competed
2. The history of each sporting event
3. How the Olympic traditions got started
4. Memorable events and people from past Olympic Games
5. How sports are chosen for the Olympics and what determines if they continue

Inside the Winter Olympic Games is an informative and entertaining book that will give you insight into what the Games first looked like, how they have changed, and what the Olympic Movement looks like today.

Learn Soccer Positions, Rules & Plays in 24 Hours

by Mirsad Hasic

Learn Soccer Positions, Fundamental Rules and Basic Plays, Today

Stop Being Confused About The Game of Soccerâ?¦

…Discover How Easy it is to Learn The Basics and Understand This Simple Game, Today!

How to Understand Soccer Positions?

Are you confused about the different positions in soccer and are not able to understand how they work in practice?

There are 13 different positions in soccer and each of them required different players with specific skills and traits.

Learn once for all where a winger, left fullback, striker or attacking midfielder is located and finally understand the game you are watching.

How to Understand Different Soccer Rules?

There are countless of soccer rules but you need ton only know the fundamental one’s in order to understand the game of soccer.

In this book I am listing the most basic rules with illustrations that show you where and how these rules are adapted during a real soccer game.

How to Understand Basic Soccer Plays?

Being able to understand different types of basic plays is important in order to enjoy and easier get into the game of soccer.

In this book I am listing the basic plays every beginner should know and also show you with illustration how they are used in practice.

Do You Want To Understand The Game of Soccer?

Discover how simple soccer actually is with this illustrated guide and stop being an outsider while you are watching or playing the game.

Simply scroll to the top of this page and click on the “ Buy Now With 1-Click ” button!

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space (The Henry Gallant Saga)

by H. Peter Alesso

Second Edition:

As the last star fighter in Squadron 111, Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to the nearest space base in orbit around Mars.

With the United Earth fleet on the verge of annihilation from alien ships, he can expect no help.

In order to reach Mars, Gallant must make his way through the asteroid belt and threating aliens.

With so much uncertainty about the alien capabilities and intentions, analyzing the captured computer equipment in Gallant’s possession could prove crucial.

The fate of Earth could rest on the abilities of Midshipman Henry Gallant. Unfortunately, it is his abilities that have been much in doubt during his tour of duty.

In an era of genetic engineering, he is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer in the fleet. His classmates and superior officers have all expressed their concern that he will not be up to the demands of the space service.

Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for Gallant. Now as his astrogator on the last fighter in Squadron 111, her life as well as a good many others, depends of Henry Gallant.

Crows Hill (The Dark Seeds)

by LM Fields

The Dark Seeds is a scifi-horror series seasoned ever so slightly in steampunk; a post apocalyptic story set in our possible future when the New World Order’s final agenda meets the Book of Revelations. Crows Hill is Adina’s story, the first to be told. She was sold to the highest bidder, but unlike the others, she has every intention of escaping the asylum before the darkness devours her soul. Will an unlikely character help or hinder her plan? Discover the extraordinary lengths some are willing to go through for freedom. Crows Hill is waiting to feed your need.


by Ty Walsh Trez

TYGER 7 is a story that involves elements of TIME TRAVEL from the distant future to the distant past and back again. An android, an alien, a hybrid tiger-cat, an old mansion, a time machine, and a man with nothing much to lose come together in this fantastic tale! Hold on to your hat because your going to go forward and backwards in time!

Year 50

by Geoff Bluske

Complete Edition includes both Year 50 and Year 50: Trial of the Summer

“On the fringe of extinction, it will take bravery to persevere. “Year 50” is a science fiction novel set in a future where humanity is nearly extinct, and the last human colony is struggling to survive against the combined cruelty of nature and an alien species. Calypso has been raised from her young life to fight them, and it’s now on her to save her colony by finding the medicine they need. “Year 50″ is a riveting novel that should prove hard to put down.”

Michael Dunford
Midwest Book Review

Year 50:

It has been almost 50 years since the planet was nearly rid of humans. Wildlife grows without restraint, erasing the metal and concrete structures left behind. Even where industrialization was most prominent, trees and grassland are aggressively reclaiming their land; Earth is pulling away the scab of human civilization.

A young woman named Calypso leads a team of Scavengers beyond the walls of Brighton, the last human colony. Her goal is to find medical supplies, necessary to preserve humanity’s future. It is a dangerous journey few have the training, ability, or psychological threshold to carry out.

The team’s journey involves days of travel through infested city ruins, something even the most battle-hardened survivors are unwilling to do. Entering The Wild means facing Puppets, creatures which nearly exterminated humans and are now the predominant species. They are human bodies being controlled by an alien parasite, turning them to feral, ravenous creatures driven only to consume and replicate.

Everyone on Calypso’s team has been trained to kill these monsters from the moment they could hold a weapon. They have learned to never underestimate the alien monsters, as any mistake can bring death. But a short ways into the scavenge, the team discovers that Puppets are mutating, making them more apt predators now than ever before. Though the journey now borders on impossibility, Calypso pushes ahead, as failure by her team could mean the end of humanity.

Year 50: Trial of the Summer:

A young boy from The Slums is attacked and killed by Puppets along Brighton’s western wall. Circumstances show that many Brighton residents potentially contributed to this death. The seven Founders, operating as ruling council for the colony, conduct a hearing to determine if anyone is culpable in the death, or if it was solely the result of an alien attack.

Testimonies from various residents paint the picture of the fateful day. The Founders listen to the stories of people involved, knowing there is much at stake. Tensions have been growing within the colony over the last year, with civil war potentially on the verge. Should someone be deemed responsible for the boy’s death, it could be the catalyst Brighton has been staving off.

Lost in Space-Time

by Randall S. Smith

Lost in Space-Time is a tale of imagination, combined with research of various internet blogs on physics and presented in an easy-to-read format.

The reader is introduced to the sphere-arena orbiting in space for concerts of the future. Reverse-engineered items are introduced based on Area 51 rumors. We meet the Greys living in an inventive three-D environment in two-mile wide starships. Tachyons are utilized when light-speed is needed. Reverse-spin of electrons solves an engineering problem, based on researched speculation. In one scene, there is even a street fight reminiscent of one in “West Side Story”. The fourth and fifth dimensions are incorporated into this tale, in an easily understandable fashion.

As in another, better-known tale, this one has a princess, good and bad, conflict, adventure, and of course romance.

So ignore the lone one-star rating posted by a sourpuss who was more interested in transitive verbs than creative imagination. Who really cares about such things anyway where entertaining fiction is presented? If you like what you read, if fun science fiction means more to you than transitive verbs, if you want to know what happens to BB, if you want to know where the groups’ next adventure will take them, take a moment to go to and give this story your rating.

The story Lost in Space-Time tells the tale of a group of young astronauts that discover how to fold space and travel great distances almost instantly. It also follows a young girl from her trying days in an orphanage, through her days as a killer street fighter, and watches as she encounters the Greys, the Earth astronauts and finds romance.

Excerpt: “If this works, and I emphasize â??IF’, a pod will form around the ship. We’ll be like a pea in the pod, and our surrounding space will squeeze us from all sides, propelling us forward for awhile. We’ll be propelled by the tachyons, and since their minimum speed is the speed of light, things could get interesting. I have no clue how long it will last or what will happen, but I’ve got the tachyons set for a ten second burst.”
“Do it! Do it!” they all chimed in, as each hurriedly strapped themselves into their seats.

This story is included in my adult fiction collection “Willful Women” ($2.99 on Kindle) and the book has received a 5 star ratings on Amazon.
PG is too tame for some readers. “Willful Women” is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.

Some of my other stories available on the Kindle are:

Just Rewards is a tale in the mid-sixties of bank robberies, ransoms and revenge.

About Sam – a fast-paced story of a housewife who secretly is an agent for Homeland Security.

That Old House on Delaney Street – a thriller centering on a demented older couple who keep a pair of teens prisoner in the basement of their old, haunted-looking home.

Polar Opposites – Two women meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way in this engaging tale.

Lost in Space-Time – If you like sci-fi, this one is based on things that could be true, with romance and adventure.

The Sinclair Affair – A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She ventures off to the big city to find her, having many adventures along the way.

Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – A young woman unknowingly befriends some drug runners, is kidnapped by a group of more vicious ones and evolves into the wicked and bi-sexual Pirate Queen.

Human Space: The Glaive Parliamentary Republic

by John Harper

All three ion cannons fired together and three of the massive bolts leapt across the thousands of kilometers. Two more bolts from each turret were on their way to the target before the first bolts struck. The first three bolts passed through the navigational shielding of the craft as if it did not even exist. Striking the bare alloy armor that made up the hull, they released their energy in a massive flash of bluish white photonic energy. Massive lightning bolts were playing across the aft end of the craft the second set of bolts arrived striking the target amidships and adding to the lighting storm now engulfing the entire back end of the craft. Minor explosions played across the hull as sensor clusters exploded from the massive energy surge. In one area of the hull, an airlock opened inadvertently due to the powered magnetically locking mechanism giving up the ghost to the storm of energy raging around the ship spilling tens of cubic meters of atmosphere in to the void of space before emergency bulkheads slammed shut sealing the breach. The escaping atmosphere formed a crystallized cloud around that area of the ship for a short time before it was vaporized further by the raging lighting. The third set of bolts struck slightly forward of amidships and the storm seemed to grow in fury even further. The craft’s in-system drive went in to emergency shutdown in an attempt to save itself from the hurricane of force assaulting it through the craft’s own power conduits. Inside the ship, personnel were flung from their assigned stations as consoles literally exploded from the power surges running rampant throughout the ship. Breakers located in junctions throughout the ship tripped trying to spare the central computer core from what it saw only as massive power surges. The storm actually lasted only a few short moments as it ravaged the craft from fore to aft before finally abating, leaving a drifting intact hull full of wounded and stunned personnel.

The Doorbell

by Oliver Clarke

They are a normal couple in a normal house on a normal street. They could be your neighbours. They could be you. When their doorbell starts ringing at the same time every night they think it’s a prank. But it isn’t, it’s something far more sinister, something that will tear their lives apart. The Doorbell is a terrifying short story from the author of Sunliner.

The Khekarian Threat (The Khekariain Series)

by A.D. Everard


Their abilities will ensure the overthrow of the Chiddran Empire and secure for the exiled Khekarian prince his return to power.

There are harsh penalties should anyone give Sturn less than what he wants. His bodyguard, Sevi, can deliver. Aleisha should not have crossed him, she knows what Sevi can do.
Jackie should not have crossed him, she knows what Sevi is.

Now it’s Raoul’s turn to take them on – and win – or watch the downfall of the Chiddran, the takeover of Zumaridi, the enslavement of the Jshi and the eventual fall of the Terran Sector.

He has no choice. He has no plan. Raoul leads a small team of engineers, not fighters, and Jackie, the only fighter he has is down.

Andrew wouldn’t have seen it if he hadn’t been looking into the sky pretty much right at the thing.
Reflected light glistened from a long way up. It was getting bigger. Fast.
His eyes grew wide, his reflexes taking over and propelling him to his feet. Something was coming in.
There was no time to shout a warning. He dived outward away from the pontoon as behind him the huge dance floor of a raft was punched hard into the lake, hitting the bottom and causing a wave to balloon outward. The pontoon snapped in two, rebounding. Half of it jettisoned from the water clear into the air and hit the shore with a crash of tin and plastic and wood. The other half bobbed and swayed on the turbulent waters. Burning.
On the shore, neither Jackie nor Sally had been given time to see what the attack was or where it came from. As the raft exploded and ignited, Jackie swept an arm around the girl’s shoulders, pulling her to turn away from the lake. The blast swept over them, hot air smacking their bodies, ripping at their hair, burning their skin.


The Dead Tide | Ep03 | Arena of the Dead

by A.D. Bloom

The Dead Tide | Ep03 | Arena of the Dead
15500 words / 48 pages

Omar survived the quarantine zone and the eight million hungry corpses of the I-80 horde, but when National Guardsmen recognize him from his ultra-violent videos, a rogue Colonel sends him back West into the deadlands to kill a band of Survivors led by a sadist with a growing army and a taste for video.
Omar thought he was done with murder on film, but he soon discovers that he’s got new reasons to kill, new things to shoot, and an audience that’s hungrier for blood than the clamoring Dead.

Arena of the Dead is episode three of six in A.D. Bloom’s Dead Tide series.
The entire six-episode series is also available in a single ebook volume entitled The Dead Tide: episodes 01-06 Complete (US3.99)

The Dead Tide | Ep01 | Survivors
The Dead Tide | Ep02 | Omar and Kitten: Kill Kill Kill
The Dead Tide | Ep03 | Arena of the Dead
The Dead Tide | Ep04 | Out of the Deadlands
The Dead Tide | Ep05 | The Fall
The Dead Tide | Ep06 | Destination

Ball Machine – the Inside Story of the Lies, Seductions and Sporting Triumphs of the Android Vitas Rodriguez

by Simon J. Townley

Can an android win Wimbledon? Or the soccer World Cup? What about the heart of a beautiful woman?
Built as a glorified ball machine, Vitas Rodriguez is the world’s most advanced android – strong, fast, tireless and smart. 
Equipped with the revolutionary quantum entanglement processor, he’s sentient, athletic, handsome, and unstoppable. He knows how to learn. And he loves to win. 
But when pushed to the limit, will Vitas finally shatter his programming and quantify – to the final decimal point – the ultimate, non-binary meaning of life?

The Ward (Book 2 In The Population Control Trilogy)

by Lily Chambers

“A short story worth every penny”

The overpopulated world might be going back to normal but the nightmare for Garry Miles is just getting started. Whilst Garry Miles celebrates his success with the world at the Statue of Liberty – things take a turn for the worst. Something happens that no one will see coming. We will follow Garry Miles as he fights his own inner demons and dreams.


Collection : Vol1

by Austyn Shull

“Collection” is a series of volumes that follow several once ordinary people as they are thrown into their now abnormal lives. Vampires, aliens, time travel, flight, super powers, if you have any of these then you will become property of the Collection; an underground containment facility that makes sure the world of the unknown stays unknown. But when Jerry attempts to transport himself through time, a freak storm wreaks havoc while a meteor shower fast approaches Earth. Aliens, Dragons, Vampires, super powers…, everything that shouldn’t be known is on the Collection’s collection list.

Difficult Times – Season Two – Extermination – Episode 03 (Difficult Times – Extermination)

by Walter Shillington

After a short and bloody war, the Krimach invaders have been defeated. Victory, however, is bitter-sweet. Prohibited weapons were employed. Both sides have been convicted of war crimes and face severe reprisals.

This weekly serial chronicles the adventures of Billy Trapp as he struggles to convince his former foes to cooperate in Earths efforts to avoid annihilation. Each exciting, fun-filled installment contains approximately two thousand words.

In this episode the American military thwart Bill and Tinny’s efforts to return home.

Season one of Difficult Times has been compiled into one ebook called Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season.

One More Time

by Cecil Adkins

A man tries to use his time machine to change the past and save his relationship. Previously published in Allegory.

Alien Prince Thoq Rhishnoq Wants All Human Beings Dead …… Eventually

by Melissa Thorbourne

Human Beings.

Once thought you were all alone.

But guess what? You are not!

We are coming. Coming for you ALL

Brace yourselves ….. puny creatures!

Black Book Part 1: The Devil’s Blood

by Dylan Jones

A man hell-bent on avenging his daughter’s death chases the Devil himself across time and space. Finding himself trapped in the old wild west, trouble is never too far away. But when you’re Sheriff Jack hunting down the Devil, a little trouble always makes excellent practice.

“A pulp serial which dances across the genre borders of sci-fi, horror, western and action thriller. Jack Reacher meets Stephen King’s Dark Tower, with a sprinkling of Arthur C Clarke.”

Part 1 in the Sci-Fi Serial Thriller.

The Byzantinians- Aliens are on Earth. Episode 2

by Dr Aman Singh

Well you know me now, I am Aditya Singh, former junior researcher at CRONEI. CRONEI had no more existence, and I had no plans to join the horrible world of ETintelligence. Of course I don’t want to waste my time searching ETintelligence when I knew there existed at least two.
It was new 2003 and I was just out of university. I left Microbiology after graduation and joined Forensics in post graduation, as past experiences had helped my aptitude grow that way. I joined a hospital and started playing with cadavers and investing postmortem bodies. I was happy in my life tillan incident changed it forever………………..

Matilda 2.0

by Jes Simon

PT and Doug run a computer shop. There’s an old system in the back that doesn’t get much use, until it decides to make itself more popular.

Short story

Word count: approx. 1500

Unconsciously (Imagination and Dreams)

by Keion Alexis

someone knows what happened, who took them do you?.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Handling Depression and Living Your Life

by Parkway Publishing

*Includes an in depth look at depression and how to handle it with not only yourself but others
*Includes table of contents

The following is the perfect source of information for anyone who is or may know someone battling with depression. Depression is an illness that is much more serious than most people think. This illness is quickly becoming one of the top killers in the United States and maybe even the world. This is why it is so important to be educated on what depression is, what warning signs are involved, what symptoms may occur and what treatment options are available. One big warning sign that you should watch out for is frequent thoughts of death. This is just one of the many warning signs, however, and the rest will be described below. You will learn everything you need to know to distinguish whether your symptoms are, in fact, warning signs of depression. You will know what symptoms you can expect with depression which will definitely help you handle the new changes. By reading this, you will be educated enough to know exactly when it is time to seek help, which is the first step to recovery.

Perhaps you are not dealing with depression directly. There are so many people who are affected by their loved ones who have depression and the following has some highly useful information for you, as well. People fail to realize how much depression truly affects everyone else who is involved. Being there for someone who has depression can be a serious battle. This article will teach you everything you need to know including what depression is, what symptoms your loved one may suffer through, how you can let them know you are there for them and how you can help them. For example, many people have trouble actually approaching someone who is suffering with depression. You must remember that you have to approach them with a helpful tone, not an accusing tone. These things are definitely hard to figure out, and that is why we have outlined numerous approaches in this article.

With the rising number of depression cases each day along with the rising number of suicides related to depression, everyone can benefit from being educated on this under-diagnosed illness. You will learn everything you need to know and more in the following paragraphs

Hypothyroidism Diet: Fight Fatigue And Lose Weight Fast!

by Cheryl Johnston

Making dietary changes is your first line of defense in treating hypothyroidism. Many people with hypothyroidism experience crippling fatigue and inability to lose weight.

So if you are looking for hypothyroidism recipes that can help you lose weight, overcome fatigue and healing your way to health, then this book is for you!

Pick It Up Today!

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Free romance Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

California Man (Contemporary romance) (Salt Spring Island friends trilogy)

by EC Sheedy


“The slow steady, buildup of sensuality without being overly sexual made this book hard to put down.” Affaire de Coeur

“An exquisitely sensitive love story featuring appealing characters with a wonderful chemistry between them.” RT Magazine

Book description:

Too shy to loveâ?¦

Quinn Ramsay is facing the biggest decision of his life, whether or not to sell his hugely successful sports conglomerate. His schedule has been insane for years, an endless series of trains, planes and automobiles. Even so he’s not so sure he wants to give it up. For what, he keeps asking himself. Where would he go from here? What would be his next step?

With those questions in mind, he heads to a friend’s house on Salt Spring, a small island in the Pacific Northwest that promises solitude and uninterrupted time to think and plan.

Not in his plan is meeting Emily Welland, the shy owner of the local bookstore. She intrigues him as no woman has in yearsâ??more so when he sees how determined she is to avoid him.

Emily is timid, insecure, and introspectiveâ??and she has her reasons. She’s read about Quinn Ramsay, the brilliant and handsome celebrity entrepreneur with the Midas touch, and she’s seen pictures of him in the tabloids, always with a beautiful model or actress on his arm. She knows he walks red carpets with the same ease that he hosts charity sporting events and fund raisers. His glittering California life is the polar opposite to her quiet, safe, and reclusive life on Salt Spring Island. And when he starts to show an interest in her, her initial reactions are disbelief, fearâ??and panic attacks. None of which she can control.

All of which makes Quinn more interested than ever.

If you enjoy this book, you might also like MAN FOR THE MORNING. I thought at least one of Emily’s good friends deserved her own happily ever after. 🙂

Always Devoted (Search For Love)

by Karen Rose Smith

“Popular Harlequin/Silhouette romance author Karen Rose Smith adds a bit of a mystery to contemporary romance in ALWAYS DEVOTED, but she continues to delve into the hearts of her characters and includes her trademark heartwarming passages between an alpha man and a child”. Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

“The mystery of what happened to Paige is cleverly handled while the touch of the paranormal enhances the exciting story line. However, it is the changing relationship between the cynic, the mom, and the child who affirm that Ms. Smith is one of the best contemporary family drama authors.” Harriet Klausner, reviewer
ALWAYS DEVOTED  Brand new novella  Contemporary romance/mystery
Search For Love, Book 3, Linc Granger’s story

     Single mom, Emma Henderson’s worry about her missing sister threatens to overshadow her life. Media mogul Linc Granger offers Emma help, first by airing a nation-wide interview and then… By suggesting Emma consult with his friend Gillian Bradley who has a “gift” for finding missing persons.
     As Emma and Linc walk the beach and she considers his unorthodox suggestion, Emma realizes she feels a sizzle of attraction to this man that she never felt with another–not even her late husband. Linc Granger is out of her league in so many ways. Yet her four-year-old daughter Becky believes he’s her new best friend!
     Emma and Linc’s chemistry is impossible to deny as they consult with Gillian and follow leads to find Paige. What happens when their attraction explodes and they do find answers? Will Emma be able to leave the past behind to find a future with Linc?
     Linc Granger’s friends Nathan and Gillian Bradley (NATHAN’S VOW, Book 1, Search For Love) as well as Sara and Jake Donovan (JAKE’S BRIDE, Book 2, Search For Love) play an instrumental role in ALWAYS DEVOTED. Other friends of Linc’s are introduced–Zack Burke and Tessa Kahill. They will have their own SEARCH FOR LOVE novels in 2012!

     Twice a winner of New Jersey’s Golden Leaf Award in Short Contemporary Romance, Colorado Romance Writers Award Of  Excellence for short contemporary, as well as the Phoenix Desert Rose Chapter’s Golden Quill for Traditional Romance, Karen Rose Smith has also been honored with’s award for Best Special Edition. Her romances have made both the USA TODAY list, Borders Group Bestseller list for Series Romance as well as the Amazon Contemporary Romance Bestseller list.

Also watch for contemporary romances, each with a different twist, in Karen Rose Smith’s Search For Love ebook series.
NATHAN’S VOW, Book 1 Search For Love series romance/paranormal
JAKE’S BRIDE, Book 2 Search For Love series romance/marriage of convenience, secret baby
ALWAYS DEVOTED, Book 3 Search For Love series romance/mystery
ALWAYS HER COWBOY, Book 4 Search For Love series, contemporary ranch romance
HEARTFIRE, Book 5 Search For Love series, contemporary reunion/family romance
CASSIDY’S COWBOY, Book 6 Search For Love series, women’s fiction/romance novella

Just Evil (The Evil Trilogy Book One)

by Vickie McKeehan

The Evil Trilogy
Despite growing up together in their trendy Beverly Hills neighborhood, three best friends hide dark childhoods. The lives of Kit, Baylee and Quinn have been anything but perfect. Little do they know a stranger is about to unravel long, buried secrets, bringing the past back to life with a vengeance.
Just Evil 
Kit Griffin has finally overcome a painful childhood at the hands of her mother, former actress Alana Stevens. No longer living in the grasp of the cold, tyrannical woman, Kit’s life is finally on track. That is, until Alana is found brutally murdered on Mother’s Day, pulling Kit back to the dark horrors of her past. To make matters worse, the police consider Kit the prime suspect.

Jake Boston is an old family friend and the man Kit has loved since she was a teen. He’s fighting his own demons as a suspect in his wife’s murder two years earlier. Despite his past, he’s determined to win Kit over once and for all. But before that can happen they need to convince the police there’s a killer working his way down a list with cold-hearted vengeance in mind.

Forced to delve into Alana’s dark past, Jake and Kit uncover a forty-year-old double murder leading them straight to the door of a legal dynasty. Soon they find out just how far the heirs will go to keep the past buried.

Smart Mouth Waitress (Romantic Comedy) (Life in Saltwater City)

by Dalya Moon

Perry makes a strong first impression, from her white-girl dreadlocks to her uncensored opinions.
When she combs out her dreads on a whim, she catches the eye of a cute guy who’s a regular at The Whistle, the diner where she works as a waitress. He mistakes Perry for someone completely different: the girl of his dreams.

Perry tries to become that girl.

But it’s so hard to be normal.

And eyebrow piercings are so cute.


With her mother down in LA recording her comeback album, Perry’s in charge of the family household, and things are going to change. She starts with paint colors and moves on to doling out retributive punishments for her fifteen-year-old brother.

What Perry really wants, though, is her first boyfriend. She’s eighteen, and it’s about time!

Boyfriend candidates include: the cute but quiet restaurant regular, the all-too-willing coworker, or the outgoing artist who’s eager to whip off his clothes and model. One of these guys loves Perry exactly how she is, but how can she tell which one?

Full of young people behaving awkwardly, Smart Mouth Waitress, A Romantic Comedy, is a light-hearted, giggle-inducing read. 

*New Adult Romance *
For: NA (New Adult) or YA for older teens to adults (some mature content)Please note: the main character is 18 years old
Length: 90,000 words or 287 pages
Kindle DRM-free for your convenience; may be converted for other digital devices.

Each Life in Saltwater City book is a stand-alone novel.

If you enjoy a quirky, fast-paced book with heart and humor, you’ll love Smart Mouth Waitress.

An Erotica Story: Friendly Skies

by Miranda Evans

Warning! An Erotica Story: Friendy Skies has Adult Fiction Content!

This is Book 1 of An “Erotica Story” series of short stories by Miranda Evans!

Olivia, the single, sexy flight attendant has no idea what she is about to get herself wrapped up in when she meets Alex.
Alex Steel, a wealthy, sexy CEO of one of the largest weapons companies around wants Olivia bad.
Alex always gets what he wants, but then again so does his personal assistant Emma…
Below are all my other Erotica Stories… just click a photo to go to one!
If you are a fan of erotika romance (or erotica romance) you’ll love these stories.
Click on the Orange buy now button and grab your copy now!

The Dragon’s Treasure, Part 3 (For Love of Dragons)

by Caitlin Ricci

What would you do to save the life of someone you loved?

Isabelle Falcone has been asking herself that question ever since her brother was born. He’s always been ill and no one has any answers for her. When her family’s healer leaves, she has to find the strength to get help outside of the city she calls home. With only her frail brother by her side, will she be go to the last people that may be able to save him? They’ll ask a high price, one she might not want to pay. But for her brother’s life, anything is worth it. Isn’t it?

This book is written as a serial. Five chapters are released at a time. Every two weeks a new part will be available. If you like this story I hope you’ll read along.

Summer on the Mountain

by Rosemarie Naramore

When artist Summer Windham is offered the chance to vacation at her boss, Gwendolyn’s, mountain cabin, she’s delighted. There’s a catch, however. Gwendolyn wants her to paint a landscape to gift to her husband. Although Summer is experiencing “painter’s” block, she agrees to give it a go. On the mountaintop, she meets her boss’s ruggedly handsome forest ranger son, and the two immediately clash. He’s convinced his mother is playing matchmaker and he simply doesn’t have the time to be bothered. Or, does he?

By Chance (Courtland Chronicles)

by Cat Grant

A life of wealth and privilege doesn’t equal happinessâ??just ask Eric Courtland. Growing up with a cold, unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn’t want out of life or love. The troubled young man prefers a solitary life and is content to keep it that way until a campus emergency saddles him with an unwanted roommate.

Popular, wholesome, straight Nick Thompson is far more temptation than Eric’s prepared for, but Nick’s warm, easygoing manner gradually cracks through Eric’s prickly protective shell.

After Eric suffers a traumatic attack, their friendship gives way to an intense passion. Eric’s no stranger to casual sex, but what he feels for Nick is something deeper, and more fragile.

Independent Eric doesn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship, much less with a lover who can’t even admit he’s gay. But conservative Nick can’t seem to find his way out of his own personal closet.

Rock, meet hard place.


by Lindsey Brookes

Chase Reynolds donated to a sperm bank years before while working on the police force, having no idea that a few months later an injury would leave him unable to father his own child. Now divorced and working as a private investigator, he’s about to find himself facing a past he’d just as soon forget.

When Shay McDaniels learns that her father has been receiving threatening letters, she heads to the resort he owns in the Keys, hoping to convince him to bring in the police. He stubbornly refuses, telling her that bad publicity of any sort could hurt his business.

Chase has no idea that the young woman he meets on the beach, the one whose son is determined to â??catch his mommy a man’ is James Lansing’s daughter and grandson. The background check he’s done on James Lansing has his daughter currently living in Miami. So when he catches glimpses of her talking to James, even hugging him, she moves to the top of Chase’s suspect list.

For the first time since her divorce, a man succeeds in stirring Shay’s passion. But more importantly, he makes her son smile. Unfortunately, Chase Reynold’s constant proximity to her father stirs her suspicion as well.

When James Lansing invites both Shay and Chase to join him in the private dining room, they discover each other’s true identities. Then Lansing informs Chase he’s to become his daughter’s personal bodyguard until the situation with the threats is taken care of. Being thrown together twenty-four hours a day is the last thing Chase wants, considering the growing feelings he has for Shay. Distraction can make a man careless. But he accepts, determined to protect her and her son with his life.

Shay finds herself falling for her â??bodyguard’, a man determined to keep his heart at bay because he believes she deserves a man who can give her more children. Can she convince him he really is her happily-ever-after? Or will secrets uncovered succeed in tearing them apart?

Humorâ?¦Romanceâ?¦A touch of suspenseâ?¦A story to warm your heart and make you laugh!

From Now On

by Louise Brooks

Jo Mitchell is a thirty-something human resources executive. Jo’s sister, Emily, turns heads everywhere she goes. In fact, Emily managed to steal a boyfriend from Jo’s grasp and with a big wedding in the works, she plans on keeping him for good. Despite this, Jo has agreed to plan and help pay for the couple’s elaborate wedding, a commitment that is regularly ridiculed by her gossipy coworkers. At the same time, Jo is under a great deal of stress from her demanding mother and a potential job promotion.

So nobody is more surprised than Jo when a handsomeâ??and recently divorcedâ??man begins working at the company, and he starts showing an interest in her..

Jo must learn to fight for what she wants or she will lose everything that matters.

Will Jo walk through the fire and finally demand her happiness?

Please, Call On Me

by Jan Vivian

A wayward lifestyle as an escort may be all that remains following a failed marriage and redundancy. Events persuade one man to pursue a very different but companionable existence as he seeks the woman to help him rediscover romance and to share his life with once more.

An adult read of 121,000 words.

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

by Rosemary Fifield

Stephanie knows she should avoid the family of Ellis Walker. Her late boyfriend was responsible for the drunk-driving accident that caused Walker’s death. But his family members keep coming into her life, and when she falls in love with one of them–a performer with a popular country band on the East Coast–she can no longer keep her distance. He’s even willing to accept the unborn child she carries, not realizing who the father is.

But some secrets have a way of making themselves known, and some people should never be lied to.

Escape to Falmouth

by Lena Joy Rose

When a feisty, Cherokee beauty and a strong-willed, male, runaway slave lock their destinies together in a headlong pursuit of freedom, they unleash forces that deny their liberty, threaten to destroy their love and propel them into dangerous exploits.

Displaced by a presidential edict in 1838, Awanessa, and her entire Cherokee tribe, must leave their homeland in the Southeast United States to march thousands of miles on the arduous Trail of Tears. Meanwhile, Awanessa wages a personal battle that leads her to rescue Jeremiah, a slave on the run, who is being attacked by trackers and bloodhounds. As the couple’s lives intersect, they yearn to find their place in an intolerant world.

In a desperate race for survival, Awanessa and Jeremiah flee the Smoky Mountains to the Okenofee Swamps of Georgia with the Seminoles, and later, St. Augustine, Florida. By a twist of fate, they end up in post-emancipation Jamaica where they discover a new world of possibilities while confronting jealousy, mistrust, deception and obeah.

As they boldly stake a claim for their future, vengeance strikes, loyalties are put to the test, a life is perilously at risk and they wonder, what price will they have to pay for freedom?

Lily’s Love Triangle – Erotic Adult Romance (The Erotica At Work Collection)

by Valentina J Gallardo

Lily fell for the company’s newest employee, Dana, before she knew there was another lover involved; by then, it was far too late. She just needed to keep the jealousy to herself and all the pleasure she desires while it lasts…

Warning: This romance story is for ADULTS ONLY! highly detailed sexual content happening at the workplace. May be too hot to handle!

This Tangled Thing Called Love: A Contemporary Romance Novel

by Marie Astor

Claire Chatfield has everything a girl could possibly wish for: looks, a promising career, and an engagement ring from one of New York’s most eligible heir-bachelors! Life should be a dream and yet, it does not feel like one… When an enigmatic new neighbor, Alec Brunell, moves into an apartment above from Claire’s, Claire is surprised to find herself wondering whether the choices she has made in her life are worth following through.

In order to secure his place as his father’s successor, David Lawson must settle down with a wife befitting the future head of Lawson Enterprises – and who could fit the prerequisite better than lovely Claire Chatfield? There is just one glitch – David Lawson is in love with another woman.

Alec Brunell has never lacked for women’s attention, but he finds himself at a loss when faced with his downstairs neighbor, Claire Chatfield. Still, her iciness only adds fuel to his fire, as Alec is determined to change Claire’s view of him.

This Tangled Thing Called Love follows the story of four people searching for love – will they have the courage to find it?

What the Readers are Saying:

Marie Astor’s This Tangled Thing Called Love is smart, clever, moving, and surprising at every turn. Funny and wise, this is a tale of looking for that perfect partner in the modern-day world.

This Tangled Thing Called Love is full of passion, excitement, despair, lies, painful choices, and glorious new beginnings that will make you smile as the characters realize that love always triumphs if you allow it to!

This Tangled Thing Called Love has all the components of the contemporary romance genre – thrilling characters, whirlwind romance, and intrigue – prepare to be swept off your feet!


by De-ann Black

The second book in this new series is now out – SHOPPING FOR MEN.


Shopping For Men At Christmas is the first book in a new light-hearted romance series.
It is a new 20,000 word novella set in Scotland at Christmas and New Year.


A beautiful Scottish mansion has been converted into a great shopping experience, filled with boutique shops, where romance is flourishing along with high heels and fashion.

There is talk that women are shopping there in search of love, perhaps to meet the man or their dreams, and so within the gossip and chatter of the tearoom, cafe and coffee shop the saying has emerged – shopping for men. Even if it’s only window shopping and not actually taking one home gift wrapped.

The story features Jaec Midwinter, the handsome and sexy chocolatier. Midwinter isn’t looking for love. But can he resist Erith who owns the cake boutique, or Charmaine who owns the bookshop? And can they resist Midwinter?

About the Author:

De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She’s also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist.

New releases for 2013 & 2012 include:

And the international thriller ELECTRIC SHADOWS

Plus two new box sets:


The People in the Mirror

by Thea Thomas

Culture shock. That’s what Nikki experiences when her father is transferred from Laguna Beach to Seattle. Gazing up in the gray drizzle at the gargoyles on the apartment building that is her new home, she tells herself that life as she knows it is over, that boredom is all she can hope to look forward to.

But that was before she saw the people in the mirror and before she met the gorgeous young man next door….
“Watch your footing.” Mitch turned on a flashlight and pointed it at the ground. I followed him when, suddenly, he disappeared into the ground. I backed away.

“Come on,” he urged.

“Where are you?”

“There’s steps.” He pointed the flashlight up steps where he’d disappeared. “Do you see them?”

“Just barely. Why are there steps into the earth?” I made a great leap of trust as I cautiously took the first step down. It seemed fairly solid. I took the next three steps, then turned around and looked up. A few stars peeked through the buttermilk clouds that nearly covered the night sky. I took another step down, and the sky disappeared behind the ceiling of earth.

“Where is this?” I looked around – what I could make out in the glow of Mitch’s flashlight were walls, a sidewalk, an ancient billboard.

“It’s a part of Seattle’s underground city. It’s cut off from the section that’s on the tour.”

“How did you find out about it?”

“After I went on the underground city tour with my dad years ago, I never could stop thinking about it. I knew there had to be more. A librarian dug out an old city map for me, and I figured out where it was likely there’d be more of the underground city. I kept poking around until I found a gigantic rabbit hole and I took it from there.” He studied me for a moment. “Are you going to come the rest of the way down, or stay perched up there?”

“I’m coming down.” I continued on down the steps and onto the wooden planks of the underground sidewalk. “It’s so amazing!” I felt again a bit nervous about his brilliance and maturity. How could I possibly be interesting and intelligent enough for him?

Mitch trained the flashlight on the billboard. “Millie’s Millinery,” it said over a faint sepia drawing of a Victorian woman wearing a huge, billowing hat. Curiously, she appeared to be looking right up the stairs at the night stars.

“She’s beautiful,” I whispered.

“Isn’t she?” We stood reverently contemplating Miss Millie from a bygone era for a few moments, then Mitch took my hand and we silently headed down the sidewalk. We came to a house and climbed the steps to the porch, then he led me through the front door into the house.

“All that’s left of the house is this foyer and the living room, but isn’t the woodwork fabulous?”

I peered around at the scrollwork of the dark wooden Victorian doorways, archways and window moldings, the scent of wood and earth mingling into a musty, lonely aroma. “Yes. Beautiful.”

“Should we sit on the porch?”

“Okay.” The heavy presence of that other time in this undisturbed place stole into me. I felt like I wasn’t exactly myself. A bit dazed and overwhelmed, I followed Mitch back onto the porch and sat on the steps.

“If you stay awhile with the flashlight turned off, your eyes adjust and you can make things out surprisingly clearly. There’s some phosphorescence in the walls that adds a hazy light. You begin to feel what it was like to have lived here. The city takes on a kind of life, like in a dream….”

Loving You (A Cowboy Romance)

by Mae Martini

City girl Annie Amanti takes a three month job at her best friend’s, from college, bed and breakfast in Texas. Then it’s off to Paris, France where her family relocated, to run a bakery her step father bought.

Cord McCreedy, a born and raised, sexy as hell Texan, who tames spirited horses is looking to put his wild ways behind him and settle down. He’s just waiting for the right girl to come along.

Cord has been waiting four years for Annie. She just doesn’t know it.

He fell head over heels for her when he caught a glimpse of her and heard her laughter on his friend’s sister’s video chat. He knew then he wanted her and now having a taste of her, he knows no other woman would satisfy him as none are as spirited and uninhibited as Annie. Can Cord convince Annie to stay in Texas or will she leave him to go to Paris as planned leaving him a bachelor the rest of his life?

Warning: With a beautiful City girl and one smoking hot cowboy getting it on, this book is meant for mature audiences only as it includes graphic language.

Wilderness of Mirrors (A Spy Games Novel)

by Ella Skye

When a ghost from her past confronts interior designer, Samantha Bond, she fears he might destroy everyone she has tried so desperately to protect.

A decade after his brief encounter with the mysterious blonde, Nigel Forsythe still dreams about her. Forced back to London following a mission gone bad, the world-weary spy thinks his injuries are causing him to hallucinate. Because the blonde is back and their chemistry, explosive.

By the time they realize there’s no going back, the terrifying reasons behind their reluctance to commit have found them. As the bodies pile up, old hatreds come to light. And just when they think they’ve escaped the Wilderness of Mirrors, an unthinkable betrayal threatens to shatter their fragile relationship.

*** Bonus Material Included ***

An Excerpt from Smoke and Mirrors
Book 2 – A Spy Games Novel Series (Spring/Summer 2012)

Chapters 1-3 from Something Wicked
Paranormal/Time Travel Romance (December 2011)

The Yellow Dress

by Elizabeth Munro

Captain Cassandra Williams is in love with the sea and her career until she receives an invitation from a forbidden suitor. A short story originally written for the Writer’s Digest Short Story competition in the romance category.


We’d been running at full speed for nearly an hour; a quick shakedown following urgent repairs to the turbine that powered us over the black ocean. When I sat very still the surface of my bath quivered with vibration that was felt more than heard. As I watched the ripples deepened as the pilot started our slow approach to rejoin the fleet. I’d spent much of the past hour getting grease out from under my fingernails and easing the ache in my back from yanking on a heavy wrench in tight quarters. They were lucky the Captain was small enough to fit where most of the engineers couldn’t.
“Ma’am, engineering is satisfied with the repairs.”
Winter air accompanied her as she let herself in to my stateroom. The Captain’s First Assistant was always the choice of the Captain unlike the rest of the crew who were more often than not assigned by some dumb land-legged bureaucrat back home. My First Assistant came from a proud line of mediocre sailors. Her father and current head of her House never commanded anything sturdier than a lifeboat. Neither had my father for that matter; First Assistant Cora Williams was my sister.
She’d shown no interest in my naval career until I made Captain and earned command of The Esteem. Through bravery and infallible reputation I struggled to bring respectability back to our obscure House. I wanted to be on top; a leader who watched the honour of my House growing as mine did. Cora on the other hand wanted to build our House back up from underneath. Service on my ship gave her access to the kinds of men who could help her; men who could be influenced by the persuasiveness of intimate encounters with the discreet and talented Cora.

Sexy Valentine’s Stories – Volume Four – An Xcite Books Collection

by Sue Williams

Why save it for February? Enjoy the love and romance of St Valentines day throughout the year with these three sexy stories from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Dr Charm by J. Manx

Brought up on a diet of soppy medical romance novels and influenced by a meeting with a fortune-teller, Georgina is sure she’s going to live happily ever after with a gorgeous doctor. So when her best friend introduces her to Dr Luke Daniels, she goes all out to seduce him. But is Luke really what he seems?

Shot to the Heart by Janine Ashbless

Buying a Valentine card for someone else in front of your boyfriend might not seem like the wisest thing to do. But Nikki’s act prompts Oliver to show her the reason why hearts appear on those cards – and it involves a trip to the fanciest department store in town. In the lingerie department, stripped to her panties, Nikki discovers what it really means to be pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

Served, on Wheels by Sue Williams

The job in the roller bar offers her the perfect chance to get revenge on the boyfriend who dumped her. Gliding round, completely in control, she knows she can break the club’s “no sex” rule and have any man she wants. And on Valentine’s Day, she puts on her horniest show yet…

These stories first appeared in Sex Love and Valentines published by Xcite Books.

Unexpectant Mother

by Bob Brown

Juliana was almost ready for work one morning when she paused and frowned, what was that tapping sound? A bird? My imagination? Seconds later she paused again, she definitely heard a faint knocking this time. She went to the front door and opened it—but no one was there.
A child’s voice said, “Is this where Craig lives?”
Startled, Juliana looked down to see a tousled headed little boy.
Something about the boy was special and it troubled Juliana, but she didn’t know why.
“Yes, Craig lives here.”
The boy turned around and yelled at a man and a woman sitting out at the curb in a much abused Chevrolet. “This is it, Mom.”
The woman began getting out of the car. “Okay, Marvin. Come get your things.”
Marvin looked up at Juliana appraisingly. His bewildered sadness was so profound that even years later Juliana would remember it with a faint smile and a tear.

Killer Cupid (The Redemption Series: Book 1)

by Maeve Christopher

What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?

The saga begins with an assassin in crisis…

David Lambrecht, aka Cupid, works for an international covert agency. He has a life of adventure, mystery, and accountability to only the most powerful in this world.

Unfortunately his past is catching up with him. His sanity — and his life — are at stake. In the midst of personal crisis, he must deal with a traitor who is selling government secrets and profiting from the international drug trade.

An unlikely “angel”…

Debbie Aldridge, a young artist, struggles in the isolation of an eating disorder amidst the extravagance of Beverly Hills. Her efforts to stand on her own, to succeed with her art, and to reach out to friends, are trampled by overbearing parents and by her addiction.

When her weak heart gives out, Debbie has a near death experience, a glimpse of heaven, and life changing words from her grandmother. She returns to life with a purpose. But she must find a woman called Cat.

And a prophet…

David’s cousin Cat has visions of his peril — and a white-haired girl with her hand on his heart. What will it take to save their lives?

Read an excerpt from Book 2 in The Redemption Series: Fame, Fortune & Secrets

The Wild Poppy

by Julia Bell

Living during the time of Florence Nightingale and the first woman doctor, Elizabeth Garrett, Melody Kinsman is determined to succeed as a newspaper reporter. But in 1864, a female reporter is unheard of and because of the prejudice of the male establishment Melody finds it difficult to persuade an editor to buy her articles.
When she accompanies her friend, Lady Celia Sinclair to London, she uses it as an opportunity to report the news and events in the capital. She finally confronts the attractive but enigmatic owner of the Cork Street Journal, Guy Wyngate who reluctantly gives her the opportunity to prove herself. But first she must face the difficult challenges thrown at her, since Guy wants to test her commitment to the newspaper business.
This commitment will have consequences on her future happiness with the man she gave her heart to when a young girl and to another who is waiting to win her love.

Talon’s Reach

by Shannon Lee Belle

In 2053, at the dawn of the Second Civil War, fifteen-year-old Lillie Forester has learned how to stay alive. Don’t take sides. Let the eastern and western states hash it out. Stay invisible.
But when a covert faction of dissidents kidnaps her, she is forced to choose a side. To her surprise, the Camp wants the same thing she wants: to prevent the war from ever happening. She soon discovers that the lines being drawn turn friends into enemies, brothers and sisters into bitter rivals, and lovers into traitors.
Navigating her way through a war, with lines smudging ever grayer, could be deadly–especially for anyone who steps in front of her gun. And, in the end, Lillie’s search for the truth may cost her more than she ever thought possible.
All choices come with a price. Especially the choices her heart makes.

The Devil and My Bicycle (The Devil’s Bike)

by Giovanni Flores

The Devil and My Bicycle is the first novella in the Devil’s Bike series. The story takes place in the highways and byways of the great state of Texas. The tale finds a high school graduate in a deep depression after losing his girlfriend. He decides to travel across Texas to see her and win her heart back. With no other means of transportation he borrows a bicycle from his friend. Along the way the hopeless romantic takes a detour. On his detour he encounters nightmare monsters and the Devil. Just when he thinks his troubles have ended he is taken prisoner by a serial killer.

The tale is a departure from traditional horror. The protagonist accepts each new supernatural hurdle with a sarcastic wit that brings humor to the usually frightening horror genre.

Also included is the bonus short story “Love Potion”. It is the story of Annie and how she found herself the object of an obsessed lover.

The Book of the Dead in The Valley of the Living

by Samantha Katherine Cohen

Three woman knock on Jake Tanner’s door and they all want one thing – no, not that! Although that is what his cousin Jay Tanner lives for. That and the money Jake has to share with him whenâ?¦ Okay, here’s the situation! Jake and Jay’s grandfather Jack was stationed in Egypt during the war. One night in a bar he met a drunken Englishman who gave him a scroll in exchange for a drink. Eventually the scroll wound up on the Tanner farm in Farnsworth Valley in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. Anyway, it turns out the scroll is worth, well, according to Iris Ibram an Egyptian and a true believer in the old faith, a hundred million dollars. But Jake won’t sell it and that causes Jay a lot of anxiety. So he joins forces with Poppy Swain a girl with a serious lack of morals who’ll do anything to get the scroll. Tara Sobinski’s interest in the scroll on the other hand is purely altruistic. She’s a writer that wants to write a book on what she believes is the scroll’s secret. A big city girl, she only goes out with rich, well- read-men so naturally she falls for Jake Tanner who’s a dirt poor farmer with no hope of getting out of debt and no interest in reading anything except Green Lantern comics, and he read those when he was a kid – so, yeah, go figure! By now you’re saying, okay, but who winds up with the priceless ancient scroll? Well, for that you’ll have to ask Jake because, well, this is his story!
By the author of “Apparition”

Senior Tour (In Golf, You Do Get a Second Chance)

by Clive Scarff

Jimmy Garnett is a truck driver with a talent for golf. Jenny is a waitress at Jimmy’s favourite truck stop. When Jimmy shares his dream to qualify for golf’s senior tour, Jenny sees another side to this trucker and the two strike up an evolving relationship as Jimmy gears up for the journey of a lifetime.

“Senior Tour” explores the journey of Jimmy and three more otherwise unrelated men, who share but three things in common: a passion for a game, their impending 50th birthdays, and the ability to dream.

In this movie screenplay, we meet them individually, learn of their past, plus what or who is pushing them to pursue their dream. We follow them to a pressure-packed qualifying tournament where we not only see these four strangers put their dreams on the line, but watch as they ultimately meet each other and are forced to interact, to win, to lose, and to grow.

Golf is the only sport in the world that has a thriving, star-studded, and extremely lucrative circuit for golfers aged 50 and older. Its very existence stirs up in many, pros and amateurs alike who are approaching their fiftieth birthday a rekindling of the flame; a re-birth of the dream to play a professional sport at an elite level.

Four middle-aged men. One ageless dream. It’s not often you get a second chance.

Far From Home

by Lisa Oliver

For five years Alice was trapped on earth with no foreseeable way to make it home to Tarse. So when Cale came along with his fangs and arrogant attitude she convinced herself that he was merely a diversion – one she could handle thanks to her own blue sparks. But when she gets an opportunity to go home, to her true love, things don’t go the way she thought they would.

This is a short fantasy romance novella of just over 16,000 words.

As Seen Through Windows – five erotic voyeur and exhibitionist stories

by Veronica Wilde

An Xcite Books collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including voyeurism, sexy neighbours, exhibitionism, interracial, heterosexual, lesbian, masturbation, light bondage, spanking, and detective fiction pastiche/humour.

As Seen Through Windows by Giselle Renarde

A lonely woman spends her days and nights watching the sexy female neighbour who lives in the condo building across from hers – including her stolen encounters with a gorgeously virile regular visitor.

The Breaking Point by Veronica Wilde

College girl Savana’s favourite summer jobs have one very specific perk – they allow her the opportunity to indulge her secret love of flashing. But when arousal distracts her from her work and leads to a clumsy error, she finds herself paying a painful, humiliating and utterly orgasmic price â?¦

Cheaters Never Prosper by Landon Dixon

Her name was Mabel Hughes, and she wanted Janson to find out if her husband was cheating on her. Only, it being the Great D and all – times tougher than the steaks at Tony’s Diner – she didn’t have a lot of dough. All she had was what she carried with her under her threadbare dress, so she made a down payment with that – for the good of her marriage, see? Janson saw plenty, his professional bedroom eyes peeping out the solution to the dame’s dilemma and eyeballing a whole new heady problem that even he wasn’t holstered to handle.

Temptation Lives Next Door by Beverly Langland

Alison is a twitcher, a birdwatcher of sorts, and the particular bird who currently has her enthralled is her neighbour, Lucy. Alison is a loner, a recluse, so the girl next door becomes an obsession, filling her life. She is dreading Lucy’s departure for university – but then the younger woman pays an unexpected visit. This is Alison’s fantasy come true, but can she cross the line into making it a reality?

Who’s Watching Who? by J R Roberts

What’s a girl supposed to do on her regular weekday off? Sit alone in her top floor apartment and admire the view? When that view includes a crew of sexy builders working on the construction site opposite, she slips into a fantasy involving her favourite. She certainly knows how to use her imagination, and his image, to arouse and pleasure herself. But someone is watching. And he needs pleasuring too.

These stories also appear in Watching Me, Watching You which is also published by Xcite Books.

Finding Hope (The Sarah Hardy Story)

by Joshua Mumphrey

Sarah Hardy, a successful, confident, freelance journalist working in New York, knows what it’s like to have her world completely turned upside-down.

Everything she once loved was torn away, like a page from her leather bound journal, she always wrote in.

This overly worked, seriously stressed single mother, finds her way into the presence of an enemy.

He took from her the only thing that she had left to live for, after the divorce. He took her only daughter.

What Sarah didn’t know, was that the man who committed such a crime was closer to her than she realized. He was right under her nose for years and she didn’t even know it.

This story has twists that will leave you speechless and a plot that will have you well-entertained until the very end. It has many emotional scenes that might even make you want to cry.

The story reveals Sarah’s troubled past and her promising future. It sheds light on the darkness of her daughter’s abductor. It takes you through the happy times of Sarah’s life, the brighter days since she lost Lilly, but it also explores what it really means to be a good mother and how moving on, doesn’t mean you have to let go.

This novel is a compelling testament through a mother’s eye, of how unconditional love for a child never dies, how it always lives on in the mind and heart.

This is the first book of “The Sarah Hardy Story” series. The next two novels coming soon are Saving Grace and Unshakeable Faith. This collection of novels were inspired by the women of the world, who fight for what they believe in, who never give up regardless their trials and for those who find their happily ever after.

Author Joshua A. Mumphrey, enjoys writing every-day fiction, about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. He draws his passion from the many people he wrote about and interviewed, as an multi award-winning human interest reporter.

Finding Hope is a riveting read that you wouldn’t want to put down until the very last page. Follow Sarah, on her incredible and remarkable journey to bring her missing daughter home.

It’s a heartbreaking and heartwarming tale that you will want to read over and over again. You might even find yourself telling all your friends about it.

Don’t miss out, get your copy today!

Sensual Seduction: Volume 3 (Three Erotic Shorts)

by Vivian Duval

Another bundle of three steamy stories of lust and seduction. Let these stories sweep you away and inspire you in all the right places. 😉

Insidious Whispers (The Hunter Diaries)

by Serena Zane

Abducted from her quiet life as a New Age store owner, Beth Stark is thrown into a dangerous world of intrigue and magic.
Beth’s legacy as Guardian of the Black Tome is to protect the book from those who would seek to use it for dark purposes.

Phoenix, Enforcer of the Vampire world, is sent to destroy the Black Tome before the Queen of the Fae can use it to annihilate the vampire race. Phoenix comes face to face with the tome’s Guardian, but he doesn’t expect the feisty little spitfire to make his blood boil, and his passions

You Never Live Twice

by S.S. Soni

You Never Live Twice
(A Lingering spell of Love and aromatic Romance with chilling twists in the back-drop of exotic Global locales. Set to enthrall your senses)

Aish a young IT professional, was very excited on joining her friendly boss Nick (fondly called by her as â??Personal Boss’) for an IT project in New York USA. Her eyes were full of lovely dreams. She could not have foreseen or imagined the strange and mystic turn of events to haunt her – soon she sets her foot in the wonderland – the NY City. Her project assignment takes her to LA also and those rarest of the rare happenings follow her there too and her present life is shattered and turns topsy-turvy. Could she regain her long-lost life and love? She believed that love is eternal and never dies – can she afford to live her life twice?

Destiny also brings turbulent roller-coaster jolts in the life of other leading lady – the gorgeous Sandra. Will she be able to come out of that reminiscent cycle of fate rocking her life every three years? Will Nick be able to ensure success in his Project USA while struggling with the most unforeseen turmoil?

Lingering fragrance of unique relations and aromatic romance in the back-drop of top exotic locations like – New York, Disneyland, Hollywood, Jungfrau, Lausanne and Mount Titlis – will cast a mesmerizing visual spell on readers. The gripping, chilling and mystic twists keep the readers on the edge till end. And also embedded within the story are flashes of useful professional excellence insights.

Queen for a Day

by Bob Brown

Swindell didn’t tell Mealy, “I’m here to steal your wife.” What he said was more evasive and shrewdly phrased, but still, what he meant was, “I’m here to steal your wife.”

Chasing Beautiful (The Prelude) (Chasing Series)

by Pamela Ann

A Short Chasing Novella Sienna Richards was excited to start anew and follow her dreams to study in England–leaving her boyfriend behind, Kyle. She thought since they had gone through so much together, nothing can ever come in between them.

Once in London, she got sucked into a different world building friendships and seeing life through different eyes. It didn’t help that her roommate was friends with the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on, Blake Knightly. As the months progressed, she and Blake became close friends. But even though Sienna’s attraction to Blake was evidently strong, she wasn’t about to give that up for Kyle. She loved Kyle and always will. But one phone call will change all of that. A call that will change her life forever.


by Steven Falconi

Bobby Loiacono’s fortune is at its highest when he meets Lucy Retter, a student at the nearby University of Massachusetts – Boston. Lucy is everything that Boston’s North End is not: innocent, virtuous and kind-hearted. And, as if by fate, the two become engrossed in a romance that could very well be the key to Bobby’s salvation. But the neighborhood Mafioso, Don Castiglione, has a different fate in mind for Bobby, a fate engrossed in pride, lust and murder.

Marvin Clark – In Search of Freedom

by Stan I.S. Law

Marvin Clark, a man as shy as he is retiring, assumes a cloak of invisibility to protect him from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoys are into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman enters his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts Marvin had so carefully erected begin to crumble. Will she set him free?

Some 5 star reviews from online publication:

“I’m so glad Stan Law decided to write a Love Story. In all the sleazy, pseudo-romantic, erotic stuff regurgitated by frustrated has-beens that is flooding the market, this Love Story is like a breath of fresh air. Loved every minute of it. And… laughed a lot! Keep them coming, Mr. Law.” (Anetta Bach, Canada)

“As I am sure is true for most men, with the exception of Romeo and Juliet, I’d never read a ‘love story’. I always assumed this was strictly a woman’s territory. I was wrong. I loved it. I wouldn’t mind being liberated by Jocelyn anytime. Only, the way she does it would enslave me to her forever. This is one of those rare books which, while being overwhelmingly romantic, elevates the concept of love between a man and a woman to an entirely new level.” (Adam Kerry, QC)

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Promises from God to You

by Barry Davis

This book is designed with the belief that God wants all of His children to have the best that He has to offer. And let me tell you, what He has to offer is most likely a lot more than you think. Your life will be changed!!!


*”For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” — Romans 8:38-39

*”These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life.” — 1 John 5:13

*”Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother (which is the first commandment with a promise), so that it may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth.” — Ephesians 6:1-3

*”For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world- our faith. Who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” — 1 John 5:4-5

How would you like 1,000 Promises from God to You all in a Topical format!


*Those who have never experienced the wonderful promises that God has provided in His Word.

*Those who are looking for a guide for prayer, study, and meditation.

*Pastors and ministry staff who need a great resource to help them prepare Sermons and Bible Studies.

*Counselors looking for a dynamic and instructive guide to use in their counseling practice.

*Anyone looking for a great gift to help others who need to know the great promises of God too!

[“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB © The Lockman Foundation.” — ]

Storm Clouds Rolling In (Bregdan Chronicles)

by Ginny Dye

Carrie Cromwell comes of age as the dark clouds of the Civil War swallow the country. Born with a fiery spirit and a strong mind, she finds herself struggling between the common wisdom of the South and the truth she has discovered. The activities of the Underground Railroad and her close friendships with the Cromwell Plantation slaves create difficult choices. But when her decisions put her at odds with her heritage, and challenge her dreams, will she be able to give up all that is precious to her?

The Law of Attraction Made Simple – Magnetize Your Heartfelt Desires

by Jonathan Manske

Do you want to attract greater happiness, success and fulfillment?

Finally, an eye-opening book packed with powerful and easy to use tips, tools and techniques to activate the Law of Attraction in your life. Become a magnet for more of what you want in your personal and professional life. Get the results you deserve. You will be amazed at how simple it is.

This book puts Jonathan’s magical methods in your hands for immediate use.

Today’s thoughts, attitudes and non-conscious programming create tomorrow’s results. ~Jonathan Manske

Read and discover:
How to powerfully attract more of what you want

The proven five-step formula to create “luck”

How to work with your non-conscious mind to get measurable results

Simple solutions to finally get out of your own way

How to maximize your happiness and success with little known attraction secrets

The surefire method to de-hypnotize yourself from limiting beliefs and agreements

How you prosper when you know the deeper purpose of the Law of Attraction

Jonathan Manske is an expert in the field of human energy. He has personally assisted thousands of people to attract greater profit, fulfillment, health, happiness and success.

A North Georgia Christmas (North Georgia Days #3)

by Howard Wigington

Welcome back to North Georgia! Brett and Sherry Warren have been happily married since summer, and are both looking forward to their first holiday together. Even as they move ahead, they will never forget the circumstances that brought them together, and both are thankful for all the good things that have happened.

Emily Warren has adjusted to life in North Georgia.While she still occasionally struggles with the loss of her birth mother in a car crash this past summer, she loves living with her dad and ‘new’ mom. Suprised to find that she enjoys an occasional trip with her dad, one of those trips will show her just how unpredictable (and dangerous) life on the road can be.

The Evans family continues to enjoy their friendship with the Warrens, and Sergeant Tony Powell is back on the job after a September incident almsot ended his life.

All of the Warrens family and friends will converge on the Warren home at Christmas for the very first time. All of it is a huge change from previous years.

A rare occurence in North Georgia will add some sparkle to the holiday!
In the middle of it all, faith, family, and friends continue to be the order of the day.

Montana Morning (Kilbourne Clan)

by Sharon Flesch

Life on the Kilbourne Cattle Ranch will never be the same.

Nestled in a remote Montana mountain valley, this has always been a peaceful place. Jack, his dad, Will, and Andy have always kept it simple – hard work and a feeling of contentment at the end of the day. They like it that way.

When Jack finds his long lost daughter, his life seems complete until tragedy strikes leaving him to raise an injured grandson he has never met. The men are definately going to need help.

Jack thinks he’s found just what the doctor ordered. What he doesn’t realize is the ‘sweet little lady’ is going to turn their lives upside down and inside out. Determined to turn the old ranch house into a home and this bunch of contankerous men into a family, Adrianna Banks, armed with her faith in God and a quiet sense of humor, sets out to just that.

The Book of Ezra: A Story of Provision and Protection (Daily-Bible-Reading Series)

by Deborah H. Bateman

The Book of Ezra: A Story of Provision and Protection by Deborah H. Bateman is a Daily-Bible-Reading study of the book of Ezra. After seventy years of Babylonian captivity God commissions King Cyrus to write a decree allowing the Jewish people to return home for the purpose of building the second temple at Jerusalem. God is faithful to provide all their needs and protect them on their journey and throughout the process of the building of the temple despite the opposition and their own disobedience.

Roadmap Through Revelation

by Rick Schworer

For those who’ve picked up Revelation and wondered why Armageddon happens more than once, or which comes first, the Trumpets, the Vials, or the Seals, this is a book that will clearly chart out for you a timeline of events, harmonizing the four accounts of Christ’s Second Coming.

Whether you are new to Revelation or have studied it for years, you will enjoy the short stories that bring Revelation to life. Experience the faceoff between the two witnesses and the Antichrist at the temple. Watch as a living, breathing statue commands the world to worship the Antichrist and receive his mark. Rejoice as the Messiah rescues His chosen people hiding within the rock city of Petra.

This book will help to answer your questions with an in-depth look at the three raptures, the seventy-five days between the Tribulation and the Millennium, the differences between the Red Dragon, the Beast of the Sea, and the Beast of the Earth, and Daniel’s Beast; as well as the history of Baal, Nimrod, and Babylon.

Rev. 1:3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

“When I discovered that Revelation is divided up four times, I tried to find a harmony of it. By that I mean a book or commentary that takes all the accounts and examines them separately and then intertwines them. There are several harmonies of the Gospels available, so I thought I could find a harmony of Revelation. I couldn’t, and I still haven’t. There are several commentaries that touch on the subject, but to the best of my knowledge there are no harmonies of Revelation.”

“When Nimrod died, his wife Semiramis claimed that he was now the sun-god. Nimrod, extolled as the sun-god, was Baal. This is the same Baal that the Israelites had problems with throughout their history. It all started with his wife making him out to be a god after his death.

Not long after Nimrod’s death, his widow Semiramis gave birth to a son named Tammuz, or Bacchus. She claimed that the son was Nimrod reborn, as some kind of messianic savior. The sun and fire became the symbols for Nimrod, the sun-god, and the golden calf became the symbol for Tammuz, the child of Semiramis.

Yes, the golden calf problem that Israel had so many times started with this mixed up family…”

“The “pre-wrath” argument teaches that the church is raptured out in the middle of the Tribulation, before the wrath of God is poured out on the Earth. As already stated, this theory ignores the wrath of God in the first half. The only real evidence for this idea is I Cor. 15:52 which refers to us being raptured out at the “last trump.” The pre-wrath argument claims that we are raptured out at the Seventh Trumpet in Revelation – which would be this one. The problem is, the last Trumpet in Revelation is at the very end of the Tribulation, meaning, that if we’re raptured out at that point we go through all of the wrath of God. In the Old Testament, specifically Numbers 10, trumpets were used to move the camp or to give orders. This is what Paul is referring to. The “last trump” is God’s final command to the church on Earth, to “come up hither.”

“Why do so many of the commentators call these things bowls? The text always calls them Vials. They don’t call the Seals, stamps, or the Trumpets, flutes, but they always insist on calling these things bowls. A vial doesn’t even look like a bowl! A bowl is something you put bean dip in; a vial is shaped like a Coke bottle. Try dipping your chips in a vial filled with bean dip and you’ll see the difference.”

“It wouldn’t take long for perfect people who never die to fill the Earth with perfect people who will never die. What happens then? Well, there’s the entire universe, the new universe that is not cursed…”

Solomon’s Porch

by Wid Bastian

We were created in the image and likeness of God. Our souls are eternal, but for a brief time the immortal is hidden within flesh, the timeless joined to the temporary. Trapped in this imperfect state, we strive to find ourselves and our Creator, our souls desperately seeking to become reunited with the Immortal One.

The characters in Solomon’s Porch struggle between the conflicting calls of world and spirit, they reach out for God’s mercy in the darkness. Through my imagination, they do battle with themselves and against evil, stumbling down the path of life making mistakes, sometimes horrific ones.

They ask, as we all do, why are we here? Is there a God and, if so, what does He want from us? What is our destiny? What is happiness? What is love? What is truth? Is it possible to make sense of a world that exalts the most violent, profane, and merciless among us?

The Son of God touched me, reached out to a very determined sinner and atheist, and by His grace is leading me toward salvation. While I by no means have all the answers, I no longer need them. Faith has replaced cynicism. Knowledge of Christ, who He is, and what He has called each of us to become, now lights my way as I patiently await the Lord’s mercy.

Let all who read Solomon’s Porch see if they can find their own road home through the One who assured us that He, and He alone, is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

The Top Ten Leadership Commandments

by Hans Finzel

Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your business, your ministry, even your life. The life of Moses provides a master study on what it means to be an effective leader. Consider his pedigree: Answered the call to do something beyond his means; stood his ground before kings; led millions of people on a journey across rivers and through deserts. Moses did this all with a dogged persistence that would not give up. You will discover a dynamic, effective tool for developing leadership skills, all built on the solid foundation of God’s word.

The Bible: Reliable or Fallible?

by Keith Dorricott

Bible teacher Keith Dorricott tackles one of the most important questions that can be asked – is the Bible a reliable guide for life? Over the first four chapters chapters, the conclusion is reached – YES. The final chapter then answers the quesion – SO WHAT?


Religions of the World: The History and Beliefs of Hinduism

by Charles River Editors

*Explains the history and origins of Hinduism
*Discusses important figures and teachings among different Hindu sects..
*Includes pictures
*Includes Book 1 of the Hymns of the Sama Veda
*Includes a Table of Contents.

A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history’s most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? Throughout time, people have been religious by nature, and billions today adhere to unique faiths across the world. In Charles River Editors’ Religions of the World, readers can get caught up to speed on today’s religions and yesterday’s religions in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known.

In the West, Hinduism is a religion that everyone has heard of but one that few non-practitioners truly understand. Today it is widely regarded as one of the world’s great religions and considered the indigenous religion of India, with practices and beliefs stretching back thousands of years.

However, many of these so-called facts are actually erroneous. Hinduism as it is conceived of today is a conglomerate of a number of indigenous Indian religions; in fact, prior to the migration of Islam and the corporate invasion of the British, Hinduism may not have existed at all. Rather, a number of local religious traditions had very old belief systems dating back hundreds or thousands of years, depending on the tradition, and many worshiped gods that are no longer worshiped today. In essence, it was only through the non-indigenous populations in India, namely the Turks and later the British, who defined what Hinduism was. The British in particular asked only a certain subset of native informants from Bengal “what their religion was” and got a very particular answer, giving rise to the West’s perception of a singular religious Indian tradition known as Hinduism. If the British had not centered their investments in Calcutta, they may have asked a different group of Indians what their religion was and received a different answer, thus changing the popular conception of Hinduism altogether. In other words, Hinduism is as much defined by the non-native “Other” as it is by the so-called native.

Hinduism as a religion spans more than 3,000 years, and today it includes nearly 1 billion people. At the same time, it is not a specific term, since there are clear sectarian boundaries, the same way there are differences between Protestantism and Catholicism, and even differences between the various Protestant sects and the various Catholic sects, Hinduism may be broken down into many major sub-groupings that may or may not have much in common at all. Additionally, in the same way Christianity contains many smaller, spirituality heterodox groups like Gnostic Christianity (which are sometimes called cults), Hinduism also contains many groups that have beliefs that do not fit easily within the common corpus of Hindu belief systems. All of these divisions came well after the time of the Aryans, and Hinduism likely began to divide around the 1st century A.D., about 1,000 years after the arrival of the Aryans into the Indian subcontinent.

Religions of the World: The History of Hinduism examines the history and main tenets of Hinduism, explaining the way the religion has evolved over time, the similarities it shares with other religions and the differences that make it unique. Along the way, it clears up some of the common misconceptions about the religion, and it includes pictures of important figures and places that will help you learn about Hinduism like you never have before, in no time at all.

The Resurrection Power of God

by Bill Vincent

There is a level of faith that causes the dead to live. The Bible says it’s elementary. This is a Chapter that we all need in the Church. I have been given divine revelations from the Holy Spirit and I believe we will see many resurrections in America and across the world.

Have you been in the place where just when you have victory under your belt, the phone rings? Lazarus is dead. All hope that you had for your circumstance is dead. And God says, “I am glad”. Because it is not dead, it is sleeping. And if it is sleeping, I go that I may wake it up.

Woman of Integrity

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Integrity is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Gift of My Heart, Woman of Love, Woman of Purity, Woman of Hope, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God Woman of Valor, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Value of a Child

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Patrick and Candice, both born again Christians, are told by the doctor to abort their handciapped child during Candice’s second pregnancy, but they refuse to do so and commit to loving their child because they believe in the value of life. Patrick gets prostate cancer and goes into a deep depression and draws away from God. Will he trust in God again?
Candice becomes pregnant with their third child. But then they lose the baby. How will Candice and Patrick cope? Will they find solace in God? Will Patrick live and recover from his cancer? Will their marriage survive these hardships? Read to find out.

Author Bio

Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than two hundred Christian books and Christian novels.

They Ruined 4th of July

by Alexandra Louisington

Some evil people attacked missionary Alexandra Louisington around the 4th of July holiday when her only interest is to serve God. But some church folks just did not want God to have His way in her life. They wanted their way. She suffered much abuse. Read this interesting, true life story, which includes Alexandra even being kidnapped. But see her resilence and love for God and triumph through it all. Your own faith will be blessed and challenged.

“This book has been a challenge to my own heart. I highly recommend this fine Christian book. It makes a great gift for friends and family as well.” Endorsement by Joyce A. Meyer.

Alexandra Louisington is a born again Christian who has served God around the world, especially among orphan children.

Woman of God

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of God is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Woman of Love, Woman of Purity, Woman of Hope, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Gift of My Heart, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Feed My People Joy: Kingdom Living for End Times (The Kingdom Living Series)

by Robin Bremer

You Were Created To Use Spiritual Gifts In Your Everyday Life

You were created to live a supernatural life. You are expected to be the answer to the world’s problems here in the end times. You have the power in you to love during times of struggle and to change the world.

This book is like a nice warm bowl of God’s soup, for those who are hungry for God and want to go deeper in the supernatural things. It is for those who believe that miracles are needed here in the end times. If you want everything the blood of Jesus paid for you to have, if you want to experience Kingdom Living right now, then this book is the place to start.

In This Book Robin Will Teach You

  1. How to be joyful by demonstrating and enforcing the victory Jesus’ blood paid for you to have
  2. How to operate in the Kingdom of God and understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the end times
  3. How to walk with confidence and demonstrate God’ supernatural power, love and presence on the street, work or home, anywhere or any time
  4. Unlock your Spiritual Gifts by learning how to hear His voice and be led with confidence by His Holy Spirit
  5. How to understand the principles of Kingdom Living that bring you success, no matter what the circumstances
  6. How to enforce the judgment of the devil
  7. Build your faith to raise the dead and heal the sick as the Body of Christ

If you are ready to take your faith to the ultimate level and unlock your spiritual gifts from God, then this is the ultimate starting point.

Scan back up to the top of this page and take a peek inside the book to see for yourself how Feed My People Joy is going to change the Christian world!

Woman of Love

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Love is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Gift of My Heart, Woman of Purity, Woman of Hope, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Woman of Hope

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Hope is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Woman of Love, Woman of Purity, Gift of My Heart, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than one hundred Christian books and Christian novels.

Double Vision – The Insights of Isaiah (Search for Truth Series)

by Brian Johnston

The Old Testament book of Isaiah can be difficult to understand.

Bible teacher, missionary and radio broadcaster, Brian Johnston, provides the key to open up Isaiah’s message by explaining the “double vision” model that God used in speaking through the prophet.

While what much of what Isaiah said had a current application to the people he was speaking to, there was usually a double meaning which either spoke of the coming of Jesus Christ hundreds of years later, or of events which are still yet in our future.

This short e-booklet is bound to leave you more aware of, and appreciating more fully, the sovereignity of God and his gracious dealings with both Israel and followers of Jesus Christ.

The Basics Of Male Homosexuality (A Guide for Pastors, Counselors, or the Person with Same-Sex Attractions)

by Tim Gould

The issue of homosexuality can be a difficult one to understand. This book offers an easily understood Christian overview of how homosexuality develops, as well as steps those with same-sex attractions can take to regain control of thoughts and behaviors and to deepen their relationships with Jesus and with others. Whether the reader is a pastor, counselor, friend, family member, or one who is dealing personally with the issue of homosexuality, this book offers hope through Jesus and the help of close relationships.

Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers

by H. R. Phillips

I was an avid reader of the Carlos Castaneda series of books which featured the esoteric knowledge of an Indian Sorcerer called Don Juan Matus. Don Juan was a bigger than life character who had abilities not associated with mere humans in their normal consensus. Indeed, so big as to have had books `proving’ that Don Juan was no more than an interesting book character – upon which legends of his realness would be born.

You see, some of the `new ideas’ talked about by Carlos Castaneda when he was passing along the knowledge of the Indian Sorcerer, such as controlling ones dreams via certain dream techniques, was indeed being experienced first hand by a portion of Castaneda’s readership. It hardly mattered to readers if Don Juan was real or not – some of the `knowledge’ – his knowledge, worked.

Indeed, after the passing of Don Juan from the books – the mantle of Guru fell upon Carlos Castaneda – who promptly created an on-going legacy of mysteriousness. Seemingly following closely some of his own advice – I mean – Don Juan’s advice, – such as erasing personal history and leaving a small footprint. Indeed, after Castaneda’s death and the end of his books, fans desperately wanted to have more of that unique knowledge seemingly contained within those books.

Perhaps wanting the knowledge so much so as to trigger connections to Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, that to most of the population would certainly appear to be `near ridiculous’. One man wrote a book claiming to have BEEN Carlos Castaneda (getting his thoughts in his mind and writing them down into book form) – and, another man, well, a Shaman by the current name of Lujan Matus – who has written several books based on the knowledge he personally receives from Don Juan within his own dreams.

What’s most surprising is that in the case of Lujan Matus – he is seemingly writing with clarity about non-ordinary realities in only the manner that Don Juan seemed to previously describe them. Specifically, with his focus on building a parallel perception from gathering power via certain methods of behavior in the body, the mind and the spirit.
Does the knowledge of Don Juan exist in a reality state in which he can still actively dispense his forms of thought? Could such a `state’ exist, – a `state’ of space with knowledge, that has been attributed to this `character called Don Juan’, – that it indeed is actually `active’? Is it really impossible? Might it depend on the character of who is seeking such information? Someone such as a Shaman perhaps?

So, I picked up the first book by Lujan Matus and read it – later writing this short review:
LOVED it – one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. A powerful book with powerful words that probe with insights into the human condition of awareness and actions. Lujan maintains that much of his wisdom for the book comes from visits with the Indian Sorcerer of the books of Carlos Castaneda named Don Juan Matus. Lujan takes these DREAM encounters and brings back the kernels of wisdom that do indeed seem to have ties with ancient knowledge. Much of this book is involved with perfecting actions to gain potential power of awareness – and to break ties with standard awareness.

Then, in 2010 I decided to write a `sum up’ of what remained of the whole legacy of Carlos Castaneda, and in turn Don Juan. When I wrote the legacy I included the Shaman Lujan Matus, which later prompted him to reach out to me, and a relationship was born of sorts. Lujan allowed me to interview him for my blog The Heavy Stuff and for my blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. Indeed, in my first interview with Lujan, he made news by telling my readership of an exact date for an alien escalation of contact. This then resulted in additional questions to Lujan, and more importantly, his `answers’. Answers, to the special consensus of perception he seems to have access to – describing to others and raising their own consciousness too.

Woman of Valor

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Valor is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Gift of My Heart, Woman of Love, Woman of Purity, Woman of Hope, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Woman of Purity

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Purity is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Woman of Love, Gift of My Heart, Woman of Hope, Woman of Kindness, Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

Twevle Paradoxes of the Gospel

by Cameron C. Taylor

The gospel of Jesus Christ is filled with paradoxes. Many of God’s directions appear to be contrary to logic and reason. On the surface they appear to have the opposite effect of the promised result. This book explores twelve of these gospel paradoxes with powerful scriptures and stories from the lives of faith-filled Christians. In these paradoxically statements are profound truth that lead and guide us to a life of happiness and fulfillment and ultimately eternal life with Christ.

-The Paradox of Faith contains insight on faith from the Apostle Peter’s experience walking on water with Jesus.
-From The Paradox of Performance you will learn why the first shall be last; and the last shall be first.
-In The Paradox of Leadership you will read inspiring stories of servant leadership from the life of Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, and the Founding Fathers.
-The Paradox of Wisdom contains three lessons learned from Balaam’s talking donkey found in the book of numbers.
-The Paradox of Receiving contains insights on prayer and receiving gifts from God.
-The Paradox of Pain answers the question of why bad things happen to good people.
-The Paradox of Forgiveness contains great stories from the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and others on the power of forgiveness.
-The Paradox of Wealth teaches principles every parent must know to raise productive, self-sufficient children and grandchildren.
-The Paradox of Giving shows how giving actually makes you richer.
-The Paradox of Fundamentals teaches how to apply in your life the formula legendary coach John Wooden used to create 10 national championship teams in 12 years.

In Satan’s Grasp


A review of the falsehood of Christ’s Divinity

15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation

by Rick Schworer


A new book to strengthen the believer’s assurance of salvation by showing just how impossible it would be to actually lose your salvation. Inside are the 15 steps to losing your salvation, how to know for sure you are saved, the 10 things a Christian really can lose, and the 7 point confusing verse checklist to use when you run into a difficult passage!


Have you ever wondered, “Am I really saved?” Maybe you remember the time you said a prayer and asked Jesus into your heart, but since then you have questioned whether you really got saved at all. Or could it be that you know you got saved, but you fear that you could never live a life good enough to hold onto that gift.

Everyone at some point in time wonders what will become of them after they die. This uncertainty can especially plague and haunt someone who, though being a child of God, wonders if there is hope for their future. To the person who struggles with the security of their salvation, the prospect of any assurance or peace seems futile without clear answers from Scripture.

Others have taken obscure verses out of the Bible to cast a thick and seemingly impenetrable shadow upon the doctrine of eternal security. God’s shining light will cut through the darkness as you are given clear guidelines for understanding some of the more difficult passages in the Bible, and the looming shadow of doubt will quickly vanish as you read the fifteen impossibilities that would have to take place to ever undo the miracles that God executed at the moment of salvation.

Ecclesiastes 3:14, “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.”


“One of the most basic and fundamental needs of a Christian is to have assurance of salvation. A child of God must know he’s secure in Christ and that God will always love Him. Without assurance, it’s hard to do anything for the Lord and you could live your life in doubt and frustration, with all your focus on yourself. God has promised to fulfill our needs.”

“The Bible teaches that everlasting life and eternal life are a present possession. It is not something that is promised to you later on, after you die. It’s not something you can only hope to get or earn; it’s something that you have in your possession right away from the moment you believe.”

“No one is ever predestinated to get saved – people are predestinated after they are saved and what they are predestinated to are things that have to do with receiving a new body or an eternal inheritance.”

“There are a lot of things that verse doesn’t say and one very clear thing it does say. That verse doesn’t say that a Christian should not sin, that he won’t sin as much, that he won’t sin willfully or even that he must remain sinless to stay saved. That verse is written in extremely clear English and twice it says that a Christian doesn’t commit sin and that he can’t sin. As in he doesn’t have the ability to sin.”

“In this book you have read scripture after scripture and promise after promise of God’s eternal love and salvation for the believer. You have seen not only the promises made that if a man simply believes in Christ he will never come into condemnation without any exception given, but you’ve also seen some of the more complicated doctrines that intertwine with the doctrine of eternal security. From doctrines relating to the body, soul, and spirit of a believer, to eternal judicial decrees made by God at salvation, to the permanent identity we have within the spiritual body of Christ: a born-again child of God in this age can not undo everything that God has done for him and to him at the moment of salvation.”

“Don’t let the Devil steal the joy of today because of the fear of tomorrow.”


by Derek Murray

My aim is to demystify the subject of Mediumship and psychic ability. There are many good books written telling you how you can be come a Mental Medium and information on the Web directing you to organisations that will help in developing your abilities. Some go into detail about how and why you should protect yourself, but some fall short. So I have written this small booklet covering the subject of protection.

Woman of Kindness

by Julia Audrina Carrington

Woman of Kindness is part of the real life story of Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a born again Christian, as she served God as a missionary in a very difficult and dangerous part of the world where she experienced joy in her service to Christ and endured danger, persecution and much hardship and severe betrayal for the cause of Christ Whom she loves. This is a fast moving, intriguing story that will draw your heart closer to God. Other books about her life include Woman of Love, Woman of Purity, Woman of Hope, Gift of My Heart , Woman of Holiness, Woman of Valour, Woman of Power, Woman of Eternity, Woman of Integrity, Woman of Humility, Woman of God, and Woman of Sacrifice. All these books can be purchased online. Her exiting books are sure to bless, encourage, comfort, challenge and inspire you.

The Divination In Wicca

by Raven Starwind

A short guide to divination, including several tools & techniques.

Stellar Magic: A Practical Guide to Performing Rites and Ceremonies to the Moon, Planets, Stars and Constellations

by Payam Nabarz

The practical rites and ceremonies in this Liber Astrum are created using a myriad of hymns and tales, drawing inspiration and material from many ancient, classical and medieval sources including: the Hymns of Orpheus, Ovid’s Metamorphoses , Plato’s Timaeus, the Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius, the Greek Magical Papyri, the Chaldean Oracles, the Persian Shah Nameh ‘Epic of Kings’ by Ferdowsi, Scipio’s Dream by Cicero, the Persian Pahlavi Texts, book of Enoch, Bible Ezekiel chapter, Egyptian temples and texts, The Golden Ass by Lucius Apuleius, the Zoroastrian Yasht hymns, Sufi works of Ibn Arabi and Rumi, the Kabalistic Sefer Yetzirah, the Mithras Liturgy, Persian Burj Nameh, the Picatrix, Hesiod Works and Days, Homer’s The Odyssey, Porphyry’s On the Cave of the Nymphs and Aratus’ Phaenomena. In bringing these ancient rites into modern times, stellar related material and ideals by modern poets such as WB Yeats, Robert Graves, Sylvia Plath, and esoteric writers such as John Milton, John Dee, Elias Ashmole, Francis Barrett, Rudolf Steiner, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner have also been included, giving a Bardic blend of the ancient and the modern. The rites here ‘set the scene’ and after all the poems and invocations are uttered, the point is reached in the rite where the magus has to make his/her direct connection, and to draw inspiration from the stellar well directly. The rites here are the beginning steps on your stellar journey, it is recommended that you write your own poems and invocations to the constellations and make your Path to the stars. This is a highly accessible, succinct and practical book on this complex subject. It is written in such a way that it can be used as a manual and workbook for practicing stellar magic or simply read for gaining insight into star lore.

——– Praise for Stellar Magic: “In Stellar Magic Dr Nabarz provides both the reader and the practitioner with an invaluable book filled with the rich lore of stars and a series of stunning and powerful rituals to enable a deeper awareness of the effect these have on our daily lives. Drawing on rare and out of the way materials Dr Nabarz has assembled a veritable treasure house of wisdom and lore. This is an absolute must for anyone even remotely interested in Star Lore and for any practicing magician or seeker after truth.” John Matthews (Author of many books including Walkers Between Worlds, The Grail Tarot, The Arthurian Tarot, The Celtic Shaman, Taliesin).

Fire Magic

by Sheri Ann Richerson

There is no doubt that there is something mythical, arousing, mysterious and magical about fire. Fire is the energy of life. Fire is also nature’s cleanser. The vibrant colors licking the flames, the way the flames move about and even the wonderful warm feeling that you receive from being near an open flame all add to the mysterious aspect of this projective magical energy. Fire is said to change the environment from a mundane, common one to one of adventure and romance proving that no matter where a fire takes place it will weave its own magical spell.
The mythical aspect of fire comes from the fact that many cultures have myths and rites that relate to the origin of fire as well as to its preservation.

COSMIC VAGINA (New Open Books)

by Sera Waters

A captivating lyrical sequence of trance codes in which the world’s great religions get neuro-linguistically re-framed all at once via snappy, trance-configurative one-liners. Spiritual harmony on a global scale ensues and can be danced to…

A memorable stream of Trance Codes for Religion Harmonization, Spiritual Advancement, and Mental Gender Resolution.

Propaganda for Enlightenment for an Age of Grand Ecstatic Transconfiguration.

Trance Codes are lyrical sequences of actively empowering language.

Cosmic Vagina’s trance code sequence is a combination of affirmations and cognitive directives. It can be recited rhythmically, it can be sung, and it can be resourcefully worked into a vast array of compositions and dance mixes

The keynote of a global marketing campaign for advancement of the species.

The spiritual, religious, and philosophical foundation of a complete revolution in consciousness.

You have the power to radically impact the direction of Human Thought, Mass Emotion, and Behavioral Action.

Masculine Directive Principal and Feminine Creative Principal are brought into transformative global harmony.

Mental Gender is a key design feature of the Universe. Mental Gender Resolution is an ALL-pervasive harmonic process that relates to everything from Divine Creative Powers to Sexual Equality to Hermetic Philosophy to Same-Sex Marriage to Mental Transmutation to Manifesting Your Dreams.

Universal Divine Intelligence of Spirited Love Abounds!

The Problem of Evil: A Biblical Perspective

by Doug Erlandson

“If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good, why is there evil in the world? An all-powerful and all-knowing God would have the ability to eliminate evil while an all-good God would want to eliminate evil. Yet, evil exists. So, how can God possibly be all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good?”

Commonly known as the “problem of evil,” this question has perplexed philosophers and theologians for centuries. Countless books and articles have been devoted to trying to justify the goodness of God in the face of evil. Others have sought to show that these justifications are unpersuasive.

In The Problem of Evil: A Biblical Perspective, Dr. Doug Erlandson takes a fresh approach to the problem, one that is based on the revelation given in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Drawing on his nearly forty years of teaching and writing on the issue, Erlandson first of all looks at the traditional attempts to provide a justification of God in light of the evil in the world. These justifications, known as “theodicies,” fall into three major types–metaphysical theodicies, the freewill defense, and greater-good theodicies. Erlandson devotes a chapter to each of these.

Metaphysical theodicies are those that argue that there is something in the nature of creation or in human beings that makes the existence of evil inevitable. Through an examination of St. Augustine’s theodicy as well as that of C.S. Lewis, Erlandson shows that this approach is particularly unpromising as a way of trying to solve the problem of evil.

The widely-held freewill defense, which argues that evil results from the wrong choices of free human beings, is shown to rest on certain debatable assumptions, the most crucial of which is that genuine free choice must result in evil. Through a careful analysis of the relationship between divine omniscience and human free will as well as an explication of what free will is, Erlandson demonstrates that this assumption is mistaken and that attempts to salvage the freewill defense through appeal to middle knowledge and timelessness are confused.

Finally, Erlandson examines greater-good theodicies, using the monumental work of John Hick (Evil and the God of Love) as his primary example. He shows that this approach, which argues that God permits evil to bring about a greater good, is as fraught with difficulties as are the other two approaches.

The second half of The Problem of Evil: A Biblical Perspective presents Erlandson’s fresh approach to theodicy. Arguing that the problem with the traditional theodicies is that they are anthropomorphic (man-centered), he proposes that we take a theocentric approach to the problem, one that assumes that God has created the world first and foremost to manifest His glory, and that He has created the world that is best suited to this purpose. We must also adopt the stance we consistently find in Scripture, as when God confronts Job: God is the eternal Creator of the universe. He knows what He is doing. We may not understand why He has created this world with its seemingly gratuitous evil. But He has promised to lead His children to glory. In the meantime, He asks us simply to trust Him.

Even so, although we must begin with trust, God has also revealed Himself sufficiently that we can gain some understanding of why He has chosen to create this world with its mixture of good and evil. The manifestation of God’s glory in creation involves the revelation of His attributes. Those that bear most crucially on the problem of evil are His righteousness, justice, mercy, and grace. Each of these is most adequately displayed in a world much like the one in which we live.

Finally, Erlandson points to the incarnation and the resurrection as proof that a good and loving God has not only experienced our sufferings and weaknesses but will fulfill His promise to bring His children to the eternal new creation where He will fully reveal to us how everything works to His glory and our good.


by Dr. Steven Stiles

Have you ever wanted to give money to a person in need but wondered if it was the right thing to do? Will your gifts be spent on food or on supporting a drug habit? Do strangers appear at your church asking for help?

Follow a resourceful couple as they visit the churches and ministries of America. Their travels will reveal a dark side of American culture while shedding light on the vulnerability of the church. Disturbing, occasionally galling, at times heartbreaking or even humorous, these vignettes of life on “the street” are interwoven with practical suggestions for fulfilling Jesus’ commands to help those in need.

Questions at the end of each chapter encourage a time of reflection. They may be used as discussion topics for either individuals or small groups to help readers apply what they have learned as they get the inside scoop on how the street game is played against the church.

A separate workbook is also available. It suggests scriptures for discussion, self-inventory questions, action steps, and strategies for individuals and small groups to apply what they have learned.

Dr. Steven Stiles, a pastor, currently teaches at William Jessup University and Western Seminary in San Jose. A Bethany University professor emeritus, he has taught addiction studies and lectured internationally for over 30 years. He is the author of Thorns in the Heart: A Christian’s Guide to Dealing with Addiction, Gotchyaa, Recovery for Codependency, and Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles: The True Story of Big Bad Green.

He is the Clinical Director at New Life Community Services in Santa Cruz, California which provides emergency shelter and drug and alcohol treatment. He is a graduate of the American Baptist Seminary of the West (D.Min.) and maintains counselor certification through the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CADCII).

More Beautifully Ugly People! (Beautifully Ugly People Series)

by Michael Beckford

It’s a political season for the Lewis family and Sandra Lewis decides to volunteer for the George Whip campaign for Florida State Senate. As the race for Senate heats up, the true identity of each politician is on display. Issues of immigration, infidelity and abuse threatens the very core beliefs of the Lewis family as they must choose a side, even if it means to jump ship on Mr. Whip.

How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted – Discover the ways to tell if your house is haunted – Special Edition

by Zak Baxter

Suspect your house is haunted?

Then this book is perfect for you! You will learn how to conduct a paranormal investigation in your own home.

This book will show you:

– The signs to lookout for
– How to use your five senses to determine if your house is haunted
– Techniques and Advice of how to capture evidence
– The does and dont’s of an investigation
– How to use special equipment to capture EVPs and Apparitions

If you’re scared, curious or just plain excited about conducting a paranormal investigation and seeing the evidence in your own home – then get this book.

10 Reasons Christians Should Care About What They Eat

by Myrtis Smith

Why should Christians care about what they eat? God has an opinion about what we put in our body and the Bible has a lot to say about food. There are stories built up around farming and harvest. Food examples are used in parables. Many of the interactions we see Jesus in involved food or mealtime. Your dietary choices affect your body, the environment and other people. What you choose to put in your body is the single biggest thing that is in your control. 10 Reasons Christians Should Care About What They Eat provides a biblically-based starting point to help the average person become educated about the politics of food and begin making more conscious choices in how to spend money as it relates to food.

How to Improve your Vision Naturally – 5 Different Ways that can help you Improve your Vision

by Shivaram Swamy

This e-book gives you basic tips on how to improve your vision naturally. Each of the exercises mentioned in this book will help you improve your vision. There is no need to visit the physician and these natural remedies will automatically cure the eyes.

Earth – Forbidden ( Book 1 of 4) (The Katie’s Gate Quadrilogy)

by Amelia Grace

Death has invaded the Georgian house. Whispered voices heed warnings not to enter, but Cate does. She embarks on the journey of the seven keys where she is visually pulled into a parallel world. There, Cate discovers that all is not what is seems, and is forced into making a choice that will shatter her heart……

What Makes the Bible Special? (Moments That Matter)

by Apologetics Press

“Moments That Matter” is an essay series which provides short Bible-based answers to the important spiritual questions in people’s lives.

Reading the Bible for the first time can be challenging experience. To get the most out of your time in God’s word, it is helpful to understand the Bible’s basic message and how that message is revealed in its pages.

“What Makes the Bible Special?” looks briefly at some of the most compelling qualities of this unique book. It also gives a survey of the Bible’s story and the organization of that story on its pages. This essay is a wonderful starter and reference tool for those who want to get a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Who is an Elder? (Moments That Matter)

by Dale Jenkins

“Moments That Matter” is an essay series which provides short Bible-based answers to the important spiritual questions in people’s lives.

Have you ever wondered why some churches are led by pastors and others bishops and still others elders? All of these terms are found in the Bible and describe a role that God wants fulfilled among His people. Yet, the ideas expressed by these terms can also be a great cause of confusion and division among churches.

“Who is an Elder?” gives an introductory survey of the passages in the Bible that speak of these important roles. It will provide you a great starting point for your study about God’s leaders in his church.

The Ethical Psychic (Chapters 1-4 ONLY): A Survival Guide for the Professional Psychic

by Freya Ray

[This download is Chapters 1-4 ONLY. If you plan to read the full book, do not download this, the entire book is available separately.]

Working as a psychic? Wondering if psychic work is right for you? This honest, humorous guide is for anyone who is psychic and wishes to use or is using that skill professionally. It will save your life.

This comprehensive guide provides help with avoiding burnout, work/life balance, maintaining energetically clear client relationships, getting through more useful information, dealing with client denial, and even practical aspects of running your business. An appendix provides a variety of rituals helpful in invoking sacred space, grounding, and clearing karma.

Being a professional psychic is a wonderfully challenging and rewarding career, which can chew you up and spit you out in short order if you’re unprepared. You can meet these challenges and sustain a successful career with the help of this essential survival manual.

Freya Ray worked for more than a decade as a professional psychic, shaman, writer, and teacher. She taught energy work, shamanic journeying, Tarot reading and how to live a more blissful life in general. Her insights, gathered through working with many hundreds of clients (over 500 in one year alone), are now available to assist anyone working as a professional psychic or intuitive counselor. She is the author of Healing with a Handful of Dirt: Pagan and Psychic Essays for Living an Inspired Life.

It Takes a Village to Run a Fish Fry

by Marisa Mikel

Have you ever wondered what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a fish fry? This story will give you some insight into the work and fellowship that happens weeks before and everything leading up to Fish Fry Friday.

It isn’t always about the money. It is bringing the community together for that one special Friday. Church members work hard to not only show off their cooking skills, but to welcome you to their church.

This short story will show you their love and commitment for providing their best to the community around them.

Jesus Saves

by Glenn Fannin

Short stage play originally written for the Village Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, Florida. This publication includes both the stage play and the musical.

Created For Success: A Bible Study For Teens and Adults

by Jason Ratcliff

Created for Success is a bible study that focuses on success principles and characteristics and helps explain why God created us to succeed in all that we do. Each section has a scripture reference and a story about a real person referred to as ‘The Real Deal’ to showcase how actual people have put these biblical truths into action.

This study is well suited for a group environment as there are discussion questions at the end of each section. It can also be equally effective in indivudual study.

God created each of us with a specific plan and purpose to accomplish His will on earth and it’s up to us, through a relationship with Jesus Christ, to figure out that purpose and pursue it passionately. This study was written to encourage you to do just that.

Beyond Religion

by P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

The religion and science are polar opposites and so they are complementary. Awareness helps you to move from one pole to another. In science one can keep his ego, it is a concentration, one pointed effort. It is a work. Religion is basically relaxation, let-go, no-pointed-ness. It is relaxing in ones own awareness. Work done well brings rest, rest prepares us for work. So work and rest are complimentary. Man must be able to move easily to outside and inside. It is a skill. It is just like moving outside of house and work and then back again to the house. It should not create any problem. We are fortunate to be alive today because something immense is happening today because science and religion are at their peak. Always remaining outside and clinging to it creates problems, similarly always remaining inside is not a balanced life. There is no need to belong to any particular religion which is just an organized belief and dogma if one want to be religious. Religiosity is a quality, a way of life and for this we need not belong to any religion which limits our consciousness with its conditioning, dividing us with fellow human beings.

All Kinds of Prayer: A Study of Ways we Talk to God (Wordmaster 99 cent Bible Study Series)

by Terri Main

Prayer is talking to God. Just like any other form of communication, prayer takes on many different forms. In this Bible study we learn about different types of prayer from the prayer for the impossible to the prayer for wisdom. We learn about prayers for any season and prayers of communion with God. Each lesson looks at a different type of prayer.

This Bible study does not pretend to teach you “better” ways to pray, as if prayer is some magic formula one uses to get what they want. Instead, it aims to help you understand prayer so your time spent conversing with God can be a deeper, richer spiritual experience.

ALL KINDS OF PRAYER takes a discovery approach to Bible study. You have a short commentary about each type of prayer followed by a list of scripture based study questions. The key is to draw you into what the Bible has to say about the subject. This book is appropriate for either individual or small group Bible study.

Blood Oath (Part 4: Prophecy of the Heir)

by JC Lamont

With the House of Shem scattered, the Prince chooses a Sumerian astrologer to continue the sacred bloodline. Incensed that King Elyon dared to stake claim in his kingdom, Lucifer infiltrates the country with the remaining giants, and orders Chemosh, the lord of child sacrifice, to establish his blood ritual throughout the land.

After Michael destroys five of Chemosh’s cities, the hate between the two brews into a bitter feud, and Michael seeks to avenge the slaughter of the innocents.

Bondage to Freedom (self-inquiry)

by P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

Mind at rest is Self. Mind in movement is ego. Empty mind is free. Mind with contents feels that it is in bondage. Action without motive brings freedom. Action with intention is limited and so binding. Humanity is caught up in self ignorance. Every human feels that he is a separate entity not only biologically but psychologically. It is this feeling of being a separate entity that is causing havoc in human society. So one starts accumulating things for himself and his family and is not bothered about the rest of mankind. The concept of community and country has its seeds in family. Because one feels insecure with family he identifies with community and country and accumulates armaments in case there is a war. Armaments are meant to kill fellow human being and we fight war just for ideals thinking that humans of other country are different from us. The concept of nationality is just a glorified tribalism. Every country is spending almost 50% of its income to acquire armaments. See the insanity involved in the concept of nationality. Humanity is one and its problems are same wherever they live. Self centred activity is based on the thesis that one is a “separate” entity and so whatever activity is done will end up in conflict. The contents of mind like comparison, ambition, desire, violence, fear, possession, pleasure, anxiety, hatred, misery, and these are common to all wherever they live and every human is caught in this stream. But if one can observe this self centred activity without the interference of conditioned observer he is free from this stream. The very observation, perception has got its own activity. Awareness is a cleansing agent just as identity is a contaminating agent. Identity with anything limits the consciousness and therefore any activity born out of limited consciousness is bound to be limited and so results in conflict and contradiction. We are free not to be self centred. That happens when you see the danger involved in being self centred. “What is” is the result of evolution. We cannot change it with another part of evolution. But if we observe “what is”, it is changed by the action of pure awareness. It helps you not to identify from the contents of “what is” and so cleanses you. Ego process appears only when the mind is occupied be it daily activity or with psychological activity. In still mind there is no ego.
Because attraction towards things is continuous ego appears as an existential entity. When a fire ball is revolved there is an illusion that there is a circle of fire. If we slow the resolution of fire ball we will know the truth. If that hot iron ball is completely cooled the illusion is gone forever.

When we see a cinema the phenomena in the reel appears to be true, we are involved in it, sometimes we cry, some times we laugh, we like some characters in it and we hate some characters in it, all this because they appearnto be true when reel that is projected is run
with certain speed. If we slow down the reel or completely stop it then only we are aware of the background screen which is unaffected by events in phenomena. So ego is born and dies each moment (Vritti Jnana). There is a gap between appearance and disappearance of ego during which we can find the background of pure consciousness. Ego consciousness is associated consciousness. In self-inquiry we dissociate the consciousness
from outer and inner things. Then awareness of mind is freed from all conditioning, organized beliefs, dogmas, all systems of philosophy, of all preconceptions of what reality or god is. Then mind becomes still. Problems exist only when the mind is occupied. Some how humanity is frightened when the mind is not occupied and so there is perpetuation of problems with occupied mind. Motivated action strengthens the ego and so binds the mind. Motivated action is incomplete and there is the residue of non-understanding stored as
experience in memory cells.

Christian Poetry and The Incredibible Jesumaniac

by John Odziemek

I wrote this poetry book in part because over 20 years ago I had little hope. My life was spiraling out of control. I tried to find happiness in wrong friends, wrong women, drugs, and alcohol. I even was homeless for a short period of time. But alas, something changed. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. When I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart, my life and lifestyle immediately changed. I quit smoking within a week, I quit getting drunk and stoned, I quit cussing, I quit fornicating, and I started to live for Him. As I matured in my Christian walk, I began to live with purpose, and I married the woman of my dreams. Let me say this: life isn’t perfect and either am I. I am just saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I still have more growing to do. Maybe when you read this book, you will feel you are being judged. That’s not it at all. There’s an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” This book is like me leading you to water: living water. It is your choice to drink.

From God to You

by Scott Curran

From God to You is a book of contemplation. It’s written from the point of view of God speaking to you. It includes reflections on scripture and paraphrases of scripture. If you’d like to use the book for daily reflections, it’s divided into thirty chapters, one for each day of the month.

Glory: Expanding God’s Presence (God’s Glory)

by Bill Vincent

If you really pursue God’s Presence you will discover that it is always expanding. This cutting edge book will take you beyond the limits of religion to the extreme Glory of God. Through reading GLORY: EXPANDING GOD’S PRESENCE by Bill Vincent, you will find that there is at all times a sound being released from earth to heaven as well as from heaven to earth. In the unseen realm, it is in the form of energy patterns, waves, particles and though the vast majority of it is not heard with our natural ear, it is sensed by us because we are part of this existence. Science is only just now catching up with the Word of God, but what they are discovering these days, especially in the quantum world of physics, is absolutely amazing as it pertains to scripture. We truly believe all who read GLORY: EXPANDING GOD’S PRESENCE will be encouraged to find more of God.

Handbook of Analyzing Bible Difficulties (Integrated Apologetics)

by Dr. Saneesh Cherian

Every committed Christian is bombarded every day with Bible Difficulties. Many of them despair at not being able to give an answer. Here is a Compact Handbook that will make this task very easy.

The thousands of seemingly different Bible Difficulties that people bring up every day can be classified into less than a dozen categories. That’s all!! This book explains these categories and how to handle them. ANYONE can master these categories and can easily answer as much as 95% of the questions that come up.

The highly experienced authors have more than 1 MILLION copies of their Apologetics books already in circulation. They have also trained more than 10,000 people worldwide in apologetics. Thus they write with great authority and insight.

This book can TRANSFORM your life if you have been facing problems related to the difficult passages in the Bible.

How to Improve Conversation – Find Out 5 different ways to Improve Conversation

by Shivaram Swamy

This E-Book will provide a clear understanding on the different ways to Improve Conversation. Having Effective Conversation is very important these days. Effective Conversation can build or break relationships, friends, families and out relationship to the community. 95% of the people in the world fail to understand the underlying principles of having effective conversation.

How to Improve Effective Commication

by Shivaram Swamy

This E-book will help you with effective tips on how to improve Effective Communication. Effective Communication is very important in order to achieve any results we want in life.

An Insider’s Guide to Scientology

by John Cruise

You’ve probably heard about Scientology. It’s a newer religion that’s gaining popularity these days, in part, because of its connection with celebrities like Tom Cruise. You may also have heard about the controversies it’s been linked with. Some of those might be confusing, which is why this book was created.

An Insider’s Guide to Scientology explores the following topics:
– A Brief Background on Scientology
– What Are the Basics of Scientology?
– What Does Scientology Teach?
– Why Do So Many People Protest Against Scientology?
– How Come Scientology is Called a Cult?
– Anonymous and Scientology: The Conflict Behind the Church
– Why is Scientology Against Psychiatric Treatments?
– Why is Scientology Becoming So Popular Amongst Celebrities?
– What are the Beliefs and Practices of Scientologists Concerning Death?
– How Does Someone Convert to Scientology?

An Insider’s Guide to Scientology should help you answer some of the most common questions about this religion. Educating oneself will help you decide whether to pursue Scientology as a religion and separate fact from fiction concerning this religion.

The Journey

by Michael Mutale

A collection of poems written by Michael Mwamba Mutale, on life, love and spirituality. The poems were written over a period of 18 years, from the time he started writing poetry, when he was only 9 years old.

His style of writing in this collection is abstract and thus each poem seems to have a new meaning each time you read it.
This is his first collection of poems to be published and has that raw feel of a boy and then a man searching for answers, some he finds along the way through his writing, even many years later.
But some poems instead of giving answers just leave you with more questions.

It is a journey told in poetic form of how Michael learns to deal with change; moving from one country to another and how he adapts to changing environments, poetry is also there for him in time of great loss as well as love, allowing him to express himself uniquely.

I have been writing poetry since the age of nine, and considers myself, not only a poet but, a â??student of life’, and I have found that true learning continues right through life and sometimes you learn lessons from the most unlikely of teachers.

Reading has allowed me to learn from others and Writing has allowed me to learn from myself, like a voice from the past or an echo from the depth of my soul, it reveals something new to me each time I read through what I have written before.

“To Learn is to grow”

“The journey was far from easy and the journey is far from over”
Michael Mwamba Mutale

Law Of Attraction Secrets: How To Effortlessly Attract Money, Love And The Life You Deserve!

by Melvin Christopher

Are You looking for the “secret” to the law of attraction? Well if you are, then this is the book for you! In “Secret Law Of Attraction: How To Effortlessly Attract Money, Love And The Life You Deserve-Special Edition.

You’ll not only learn how to effortlessly attract the life you want, but you’ll also learn a step by step process on how to:

1.Master the law of Attraction -(Quantum Physics, The Secret etc)

2. How to use the law of attraction to attract more money and happiness in your
life easily and effortlessly…Fast!!

3. How to use the law of attraction to deal with difficult relationships (Boss, Spouse etc.)

4. What is the law of attraction exactly?

5. Law Of Attraction Quotes

And Much, Much More!!!

You deserve the best, and it gets no better than ” Secret Law of Attraction: How To Effortlessly Attract Money, Love And The Life You Deserve!

Pick it up Today!!

Lord of Death (Thomas Lord of Death)

by K.W. McCabe

What would you risk to escape death?
This is the question and test Thomas answered – and failed.
Now he’s on a race against time to save his daughter before she makes the same mistake – a mistake that will leave her enslaved to Death for all eternity.
A short story of 7,000 words

The continuation of Thomas tale can be found in Angel of Death (Thomas Lord of Death)

Prostate cancer: Climbing above it

by Laurence Lepherd

Nine men tell their stories of how they experienced advanced prostate cancer and how they were lifted up above it.

Walking Meditation: The Ultimate Key to Unlimited Happiness (Meditation Mastery)

by John Edgar

Finally, The Ultimate Guide To Walking Meditation…

Have You Ever Wonder Why You’re Unhappy Most Of The Time? Do You Want To Transform All Your Unhappiness To Absolute Happiness Instantly?

Yes! Today You Can Achieve Greater Happiness Through Walking Meditation!

Most people want happiness in their life but few of them really found happiness.

We knew there are many people who seems to have everything they wanted but yet they still feel unfulfilled.

But there are people who manage to be happy even facing their greatest despair.

So what are the main difference between these two groups of people?

Their state of mind.

Pay attention to this…

Happiness is a state of mind that can be change instantly if we would use the right strategies.

Hence, the key that holds your happiness lies within ourselves and not something that money can possible buy.

Here’s the cold, hard fact:

99% of the world are not happy with their life…

Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your life?

-You’re moody…

-You always think other people are better than you…

-Nobody really know you and no one cares…

-You know you can be happy but you continue to live miserably …

-You are totally lost and confused to what is the purpose of your life…

The Ultimate Key To Unlimited True Happiness

Here’s an overview of this guide:

You will find your happiness through Walking Meditation!
Learn killer strategies to get into Walking Meditation mode.
Master the essential ‘MUST HAVE’ techniques in Walking Meditation.
Benefits of Walking Meditation.
Meditation objects of Walking Meditation.

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Free reference Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

So, You Want to Write a Book – Simple Guidelines to Creating Your Publishable Book (Boomer Book Series)

by Othniel Seiden

This book will be especially helpful to anyone in an industry that is in a “Publish or Perish” situation.

“If I can write a publishable book., anyone can!” Othniel Seiden (Otti) starts out each class he teaches with this statement. So, it is appropriate to begin his book with this very true statement as well!

Otti has published over 20 fiction and non-fiction books in his career and will publish 6 more of both in 2008 alone.

Using commercial & partner publishers and going down the self-publishing path as well, gives his unique and contemporary insights amazing value to anyone who wants to write a book or who faces a “publish or parish” situation in their career.

Each book is different, each author is different, each path to publishing is different.

Find the one that is right for you!

Advice To Jumpstart Your Publishing Success
Why should you read this book?

You picked up this book because of the title. You must want to write a book. Maybe you already have a book started or even finished and are wondering what to do next.

This book is for you and for anyone else who wants to write a book, articles, short stories, a family history.

“They” Were Wrong!

When I first started writing over twenty-five years ago, I took several writing courses from various authors, English teachers, poets, literary agents and people in the publishing industry.

The one thing I remember is that they told me that getting published was extremely difficult. They also said that only one in a hundred thousand would succeed. Well, since then

I’ve had well over twenty books published, and that was while I was practicing medicine full time and writing as an avocation.

Either I’m really beating the odds – or “they” were wrong!

Table of Contents
#”They” Were Wrong
# My Qualifications as a Writer
# Who Should Read This Book
# Book Ideas Are Everywhere
# Researching Your Idea
# Market Research The Idea <
# Target Your Market
# Choose the Best Genre
# Define Your Niche
# Your Qualifications
# Time to Write
# Five Elements
# Writer’s Block
# Set Up Your Document’s Template
# The First Draft
# Draft Two
# All Subsequent Drafts
# Getting a Publisher <
# Self-Publishing has Changed
# Getting an Agent
# Publishing Contracts
# Marketing
# Book Signings
# Internet Book Sales
# Radio & TV
# Speaking Engagements
# Resources & Recommended Reading

Dictionary of Quotes

by Michael Oduah

The “Dictionary of Quotes” is the most complete, up-to-date, and authoritative quotation dictionary ever compiled. It finds the right word on any subject, and explores the links between treasured sayings. This collection provides unrivaled coverage of ancient and modern quotes. The text is a browser’s paradise, covering people and events from Aesop to Bill Gates and so many more.

Wisdom and Sayings

by Ile Milevski

The book “Wisdom and Sayings” it’s a collection of wisdom, sayings, proverbs and aphorisms about life, love, freedom, truth, philosophy and about everything else in our society. This book is good for the affirmation of the Macedonian culture, literature, history, religion and science. This is a second book from the author, Ile Milevski, that is published on
Several wisdom and sayings from the book:
– All people are good. Even though they want to be bad, they cannot because kindness still flows from the human heart. And I have not met a man with no heart;
– No matter how deep you dig, there is always something new and unexpected to surface from your soul;
– All living things are made to be happy. It is a failure if you cannot see the beauty of life that springs from your heart;
– Love is life, life is love. Love while you live. Love to the last breath;
– Life without freedom is not worth to live;
– No one can hurt you the way you can hurt yourself;
– You can have as much money as you like but you are nothing without love and health.

Montana by the Numbers – Important and Curious numbers about Montana and her cities (States by the Numbers)

by John Craig

Montana by the Numbers is a look at Montana’s statistics from a new perspective.

From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance.

Montana holds many amazing records, is full of many wonderful cities, contains amazing places to go visit and has many wonderful residents. Find out more about her now!

Bonus US Trivia and the same personality information for all 50 states included.

101 Bible Quiz Questions : Interactive Kindle Quiz Book

by Joel Quiz

101 Bible Quiz Questions is an interactive kindle book. This is a great way to test your knowledge of the bible. The questions start off easy and gradually get more difficult. Unlike other interactive books which only have a handful of questions this bible trivia book has a full 101 bible questions. Each answer comes with the reference to the relevant book so that you can do more reading or study if desired.

Each question is multiple choice and this is equally useful and entertaining for children and adults alike.

Easy to play and lots of fun for all the family. Suitable for all age ranges!

101 Free Websites to Learn English

by Stephen Harrison

This book will save you time and money, as you achieve fluency in English.

With the event of globalization and the increasingly competitive job market, learning English has never been more important.
In the past, learning English meant paying for expensive lessons. Yet today, many learners are unaware that there are hundreds of amazing websites for learning English – and many of them are completely free!
Unfortunately, searching for them all can be very time consuming and it’s easy to miss some fantastic, lesser-known websites.
This short information book aims to solve this problem. It is a collection of links to one hundred and one of the very best free websites for learning English.
To make things easy, the websites have been ordered by topic under the following headings: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing, general English learning and a collection of fun websites used by native speakers of English.
Each website is an active link so, if your device allows it, you can connect direct from this eBook (if not, simply input the links into the address bar on your PC).

21 Websites That Pay You to Write (and secrets for making the big bucks!)

by Jenny Kellett

There is a lot of money to be made in the freelance writing world – but the problem is knowing where to find it.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer or have been writing for years, acclaimed author Jenny Kellett takes the mystery out of finding writing work that doesn’t pay you peanuts.

After seven years of trying every freelance writing website under the sun, Jenny knows which ones are worth spending your time on.

So if you’re serious about making money writing online, this eBook will give you the tools you need to succeed.

My First Spanish Book – Numbers / Los Numeros (Mi Primer Libro. Learning Spanish for Kids)

by Miley Fisher

This series will introduce kids, from kindergarten to first grade, to the Spanish language and culture. It does so in an enjoyable and fun-filled way. For example, the book employs games, songs, hands-on activities and introduces grammatical concepts in simple Spanish.

The text is vividly illustrated with graphics and bright colours which are visually appealing to young children.

Each unit has pictures and activities to encourage the child to be actively involved in the process of learning a new language – Spanish.

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

The Fall of the Republican Party

by Anthony Alexiou

President Obama presided over one of the worst financial crises and slowest economic recoveries to ever hit the United States. Unemployment was higher at the start of his second term than it was on the day he first took office. He faced gridlock and stymied at every turn. So facing all of this, how could Mitt Romney possibly lose the 2012 election? It had nothing to do with economics or politics and everything to do with a Republican Party that refuses to adapt to the changing demographic and political landscape.

The Fall of the Republican Party details how the GOP is quickly slipping from prominence and seems to be splitting at the seams; one side clinging to the policies of the last 12 years and the other trying hard to change and adapt to what America has become – as uncomfortable for some as it may be.

Will the party reform itself? Will it split apart? No matter what the outcome there is certainly a significant change afoot in the American political landscape. A change that will have major repercussions for years to come.

The New Black Agenda: The Obama Aftershock

by Alan Gandy

In the wake of the first black president’s second term election, you may have noticed racial relations have started to head the wrong way. Or the right way depending on how you feel races should view each other and interact. If you look at posts on social media sites, forums and news groups you will see a rise in racial tensions. With the American landscape changing and the Republican Party fighting for its political life, radical views and desperate proposals are being laid out on both sides of the coin.
In the midst of the chaos a new agenda has been enacted. Some will find it polarizing and some will find it unifying. Some will believe it is the answer to the new racial fears that have surfaced in America and some will just fear it.
This is The New Black Agenda.

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Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 31 Jan 13

Bitter End (Seychelle Sullivan #3)

by Christine Kling

Product Description:
Book #3 of Christine Kling’s Seychelle Sullivan series is loosely based on the real South Florida murder of Greek immigrant tycoon Gus Boolis, once the owner of South Florida’s Sun Cruz Casino Gambling boats. In Seychelle’s new caper, she may just be in over her head when murder and corruption come bobbing to the surface.

Since kindergarten, Seychelle and her best friend, Molly, had been as close as sisters. Molly even dated Seychelle’s brother. But it all ended suddenly when Nick Pontus, a slick, older, up-and-coming entrepreneur, came along. A smitten Molly quit school, married her new beau, and never spoke to Seychelle again. After thirteen years, it still stings.

Seychelle didn’t see the sniper who picked Nick off at the helm of his yacht, but she knows that there are plenty of people in South Florida who wanted to see the gambling-boat tycoon dead: the Russian mobsters looking for a piece of his casino action, the Indian gamers who resent his competition, and the ecological activists fighting his plans to develop Fort Lauderdale’s waterfront. But it’s Molly whom the cops zero in on. And despite her bitter feelings and against her better judgment, when her back-from-the-blue friend asks for help, Seychelle can’t just weigh anchor and cruise. She’s got to dive in.

What she finds is a money-skimming scam aboard Nick’s flagship gambling boat, Nick’s new trophy wife turned merry rich widow, and Nick and Molly’s teenage son, a scared kid with a big secret . . . and a killer on his trail. Protecting the boy, proving Molly’s innocence, and navigating between squalls of gunfire add up to a tall order as salvage jobs go. But like any good captain, Seychelle will never abandon ship. Even if it means risking her life.

About the Author
Christine Kling is the author of five nautical thrillers and one anthology of short stories. She lives aboard her 33-foot sailboat Talespinner and travels wherever the wind and free wifi may take her.

Murder At The Rocks (A Fitzjohn Mystery)

by Jill Paterson

When Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly. After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs.

Meanwhile, Laurence’s nephew, Nicholas Harford, has his certainties in life shaken when he becomes a suspect in his uncle’s death, and receives a mysterious gold locket that starts a chain of events unravelling his family’s dark truths.

Sheep’s Clothing: A Thriller

by Henry Carver

Desperate people make desperate choices. Nothing is as it seems.

Detective Alan Calloway watched his marriage crumble. His wife’s rapeâ??and his own inability to close the caseâ??detonated a bomb in the center of his life and left him with a permanently short fuse. Returning to duty after a leave of absence, he’s assigned to investigate the murder of a known sex offender.

One murder becomes two, becomes three, each victim more guilty than the last. The streets run red with blood as someone purges the city of its predators. Calloway must search out a suspect in the gray area between crime and justice, but can he bring himself to solve the case when his quarry is hunting the very man who destroyed his life?

SHEEP’S CLOTHING is a thriller from Henry Carver, the author of Family Murders, Face Blind, and Ocean Burning.

Cross Roads

by C. Michaels

After losing his prominent job, Benjamin Cross packs up his little trailer and moves to Wind River, a small fly-fishing town in Idaho where he plans on spending a few months recouping with his friends.
He arrives to find that Cue and Katie, the owners of a bar and grill located on the banks of the Snake River are in a power struggle with the proprietor of the prestigious hotel next to them. Ben puts his efforts toward helping them, unaware of the lengths some will go to get what they want.
Sex, greed, and murder take over the lives of Wind River’s residents, and soon, it becomes fuzzy who can be trusted.
Twists and turns will keep you reading this thriller, with the colorful small town characters surprising you when you thought you had it all figured out. And when you’re finished, you will be left wanting more, not realizing the colossal damages that greed and lust have done to affect the future of your new friends, the residents of Wind River.

Theresa’s Revenge

by John Edward Falato

Theresa DeMarco was making a new start in L.A. when she received the dreadful news that her father was shot to death by a mugger. When she returned to New Jersey for her father’s funeral she learned that this was not a simple mugging gone bad, but involved the local underworld. She was intent on having her revenge on the killer, even though it was the head of the local mob that did the actual killing. Her brother attempted to dissuade her, “You are crazy. There’s no way you can even get close to this man.” But Theresa was adamant, “You know what they say. A determined person, intent on getting at someone is impossible to stop. Sooner or later he, or she, will get to the victim.”

A Fatal Verdict (The Trials of Sarah Newby)

by Tim Vicary

A Fatal Verdict

What would you do if someone murdered your child, but the justice system let you down?

Kathryn Walters is faced with this dreadful decision when her daughter, Shelley, is found dead in a bath in her boyfriend’s flat. Despite the best efforts of the Crown Prosecution barrister, Sarah Newby, it seems likely that the boyfriend, David Kidd, will be acquitted. How can her family tolerate this? And how should the investigating detective, Terry Bateson, act when it seems that the murdered girl’s mother is seeking revenge on the man he is certain killed Shelley in the first place?

As the story unravels Sarah Newby is confronted with one of her toughest defence cases yet, with a client who is not only reluctant to give evidence on her own behalf, but also refuses to explain why she chose Sarah to defend her in the first place …

This book is a 2012 B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree

Hitchhiker—A Suspense Thriller

by Tim Kizer

When a serial killer hitches a ride one sunny day in a beautiful California valley, he does not suspect that he may have met his match, who is dead set to take another life. The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive.

Bonus: “Intoxication” by Tim Kizer.

Are you paranoid if you end up dead?

Leslie has a suspicion: someone at work is trying to poison her. Can she prove it? No, and she doesn’t care that she can’t as she takes the law into her hands.

How about those who dismiss her fears and believe she is paranoid? Well, they certainly deserve to be punished.

What does she do when she starts questioning her own suspicions–and sanity? Hmm. That’s complicated.

In this disturbing tale of derangement, a young psychopathic woman is slipping into madness as she fights an enemy that may exist only in her imagination. She has to resort to desperate measures when she realizes that a gun, security cameras in her apartment, and constant vigilance will not be enough to survive. It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if the cat is not there, but Leslie, with her resolve fueled by paranoia, is hell-bent on finding and slaughtering it.

Plus a preview of Tim Kizer’s paranormal horror novel “Days of Vengeance.”

NEXT BEST HOPE (The Revelation Trilogy)

by Stephen Woodfin


A tightly crafted legal thriller written by an attorney who knows the law.

A national coalition known as the Christian Militants attempts to overthrow the United States government and all hell breaks loose. As the rebellion threatens to divide the nation, two unlikely leaders arise in the opposing camps. Will they save the Union, usher in the Kingdom of God or plunge the United States into all-out civil war?

You can follow Stephen on Twitter @stephenwoodfin and at

Murder in Ballyhasset

by Grainne Maher

This tale is a murder mystery set in rural Ireland of the 1970’s.
Libby Hargrove lives in the sleepy town of Ballyhasset in West Cork. Libby has only become a private investigator, becoming a partner in Mooney’s Detective Agency after the death of her father.
The whole town is shocked by the killing of a young doctor, Kathleen Lynch, she was killed while on duty in the local hospital. The victim’s husband, a rich planning officer, hires Libby to investigate.
Libby’s assistant is Dawn, the niece of the senior partner in the agency. Together the two female private detectives unravel the mystery of Dr Lynch’s death. They get to know the doctor’s colleagues and find out the victim had her dark side.

Crescent City Connection (Skip Langdon Mystery #7) (The Skip Langdon Series)

by Julie Smith

CRESCENT CITY CONNECTION (formerly Crescent City Kill) is the SEVENTH book in the Skip Langdon series by Edgar Award winning author Julie Smith.

“Sizzles with action, making this the most memorable of the Skip Langdon series.” — The Monterey Herald

“…characteristically Smith, full of surprises.” –The Santa Barbara News-Press

“A superbly written piece of drama, even by Smith’s high standards. …plenty of subplots to keep things moving…(and) a wonderful description of the city’s bizarre Easter parades” — The State (Columbia, SC)


Sure, New Orleans is known for corruption, but suddenly the good guys get a breakâ??an honest police chief. And then someone guns him down. When a terrifying organization called The Jury takes out the cop-killer, Detective Skip Langdon’s on the case. But no one cares! After all, the guy was a cop-killer.

Skip cares really a lotâ??because she suspects The Jury’s the brainchild of her old nemesis, self-described preacher Errol Jacomine. And because other lives are at stake–those of Jacomine’s granddaughter Lovelace and his younger son Isaac. Eager to add Lovelace to his maniacal fold, Jacomine has Lovelace kidnapped, but she escapes and flees to the bohemian home of her Uncle Isaac, an artist and true eccentric known as The White Monk. Isaac’s taken a vow of silence, but uncle and niece manage to communicate and form a bond that could save both their lives. And Langdon comes up with a plan so clever even the FBI can’t shout her down.

“SERIOUS SUSPENSE â?¦ Smith’s colorful characterizations and the showdown with Jacomine make this an excellent addition to the series.” â??Publishers Weekly
“If it’s gritty realism you’re craving, gently simmered with spicy suspense and marvelously memorable characters, Smith is the perfect New Orleans tour guide â?¦ [A] powerful tale of justice gone awry. Crescent City Kill’s finale is Smith’s strongest finish yet, wired to blow at the slightest shudder â?¦. The inevitable showdown rakes in more than just good vs. evilâ?¦. Julie Smith never fails to turn up the New Orleans heat.” â??The Clarion-Ledger


by Jeff Gomm

Two teenagers are trapped in a cavernous world amid a lost civilization. In order to escape, they must learn the secret of the Source and avoid capture by a renegade chief and his rebels from the Firelands.

Interpreter for the Dead

by David Lee Martin

Master thief Michael Dane lands in jail after being snared by the FBI. During his stint he learns his deaf father has died, and he is the sole inheritor of land worth millions outside Boulder, Colorado.

Released on bail, he returns to the home he swore he’d never go back to. Michael Dane soon discovers his father’s death was no accident and finds he now has two choices: dig through the broken pieces of an abusive past to solve his father’s murder or become a fugitive.



by Walter Jackson

Caulder is an ex-con with a simple assignment – find Dawayne Howard and deliver him to the old man – a mob boss in Orlando. The only problem? The old man is going to kill Dawayne, and Dawayne doesn’t want to die.

The First Detective

by C A Lane

This extract is the opening 7500 words (approx.) of the full length detective novel, The First Detective, written by award-winning writer and director C A Lane. The novel will be published exclusively on Amazon in February this year.

The First Detective is a rollicking traditional yarn told firmly tongue in cheek and is based on the real life friendship and adventures of internationally renowned novelist Charles Dickens and Inspector Field of Scotland Yard.

The first in a planned series of novels, The First Detective features a young Charles Dickens, failed actor and wannabe writer, serving as apprentice to his fellow failed actor Inspector Field. Together, they take on all the sensitive, difficult jobs Scotland Yard hasn’t the time or the inclination to pursue. Left in debt after Dickens has allowed his attraction for the beautiful Lady Hetherington to jeopardise their latest case, the duo are grateful — and more than a little surprised to be hired by wealthy industrialist Lord Bartholomew to find his missing grandchild. Desperate to regain their reputation for results, and their cash, they take the case despite Dickens being resolutely convinced the search is a wild goose-chase and the boy is already dead.

As Dickens and Field’s search for the lost boy takes them into the murkiest, most dangerous corners of Victorian England they make a multitude of dangerous enemies and must combine their very different skills in order to stand any chance of saving Bartholomew’s grandchild and themselves from certain death at the hands of powerful members of the establishment, men who have dark secrets to keep and who would hide those secrets at any cost.

Bosom Bodies (Mina’s Adventures)

by Maria Grazia Swan

Italian-born Mina Calvi has a way of finding trouble, but when she offers to help a friend by moonlighting at Bosom Bodies restaurant, it’s trouble that finds her. The body of the restaurant manager is discovered on the beach, a hit and run victim, and Mina’s VW Bug is impounded as the vehicle used in the crime. Stunned beyond belief, Mina is suddenly up to her ears in assault, betrayal, smuggling and murder. Now the police are watching her. The mob is targeting her. And who comes riding to her rescue on a metal steedâ??none other than the cook at Bosom Bodies, the mysterious Diego. Is he more than a bad cook and a good lover? Is he protecting her, or setting her up? Scared, clueless and on her own, Mina struggles to reclaim her life and stay two steps ahead of those stalking her, but it’s a treacherous path and she’s losing ground fast.

Gypsy Spirit (Tango of Death)

by Rita Karnopp

Gypsy Spirit is Book 1 of Rita Karnopp’s Tango of Death series published by Books We Love.

Few people realize that being Gypsy in 1943 Poland was as dangerous and frightening as being a Jew. It is guessed that between five hundred thousand to one million Gypsies perished during the Holocaust, the Porraimos (the devouring) as the Gypsies called it.

Gypsy Spirit is the story of fifteen year-old Zilka Sucuri, a Gypsy girl who is thrust into the horrors of the Holocaust. Her life of traveling from town to town, singing and dancing the Gypsy way comes to an unconscionable stop when a SS death squad shoot every man, woman, and child in her kumpania. If she had not literally been up a tree, she would have been among those lying dead in a mass grave.

Her lungo drom (the long road) takes her across Poland, Austria, and Germany in a driving struggle to help an American pilot return safely to his unit so he can return to bomb the many concentration, work, and death camps all across Poland and Germany. Her efforts reveal the truths of Belzec, the challenges of the partisans, and the burning desire to survive to be a living witness of what truly happened to the non-Aryans of Hitler’s Germany.

Gypsy Spirit is a story of the driving spirit of a Gypsy girl, who took it upon herself to document the truth. Her strength and determination brings to light a story of magnanimity and the fears and atrocities such a Gypsy girl might have lived through.

The Bishop of Scorpius (The Bishop Chronicles)

by Warner Sharp

A few miles off the coast of the Caribbean island of Scorpius, there are six SCUBA tanks resting on the ocean floor.
Meet P.T. Bishop, a thirty-something former minor-leaguer turned SCUBA shop owner with a slightly misaligned moral compass and a weakness for married women on vacation. Facing foreclosure and the threat of losing the only woman he’s ever cared about, Bishop is summoned to the newest and most luxurious resort on the island to meet with Tam-Lak, a Buddhist spiritual advisor who specializes in rehabbing the one percent. Desperate for money, Bishop agrees to take Tam-Lak on a mysterious night dive.
The dive sets into motion a series of events that revolve around six SCUBA tanks resting on the ocean floor and draw Bishop into a drug scandal with congressional implications. As the mystery of the tanks unravels, Bishop learns about his own past that includes a con-artist mother and a father he never met.
The Bishop of Scorpius is the first book of the Bishop Chronicles. Author Warner Sharp, a former Naval Officer has been diving for over 20 years. He’s worked as a SCUBA instructor in Mexico and the Bahamas.

Murder by Nightmare

by Jennette Green

May has never liked to be alone at night, because that’s when nightmares haunt her. However, when her husband leaves for the weekend, she’s certain she’ll be safe home alone in their suburban neighborhood; after all, she’s not truly alone, with her cat Marmalade by her side. But when the man next door is attacked, and the woman across the street is murdered, her life begins to take on a nightmarish quality. Who is behind the attacks? Will the nightmares ever end?

(A novellete)


by Elizabeth Cameron

Grieving from the untimely death of his fiancee, Ryan Winslow, the young dynamic director of the Fallbrook Museum of the Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts, resigns his position and wanders throughout South East Asia eventually boarding a freighter bound for Prince Rupert.

Passengers are contemptuous of the food, the crew, the tired and ugly seaports and particularly of each other. Then during a severe storm and in the treacherous waters of the coastal shipping lanes of British Columbia, the freighter collides with an oil tanker with the apparent loss of life of everyone on board. Yet incredulously, Ryan and five other passengers are alive, trapped in an airtight compartment in the bow of the freighter, perilously perched on a subterranean shelf 624 feet below the surface.

Ryan soon discovers an A.R.S. – a system used for scrubbing the air installed in this compartment, is providing their life support. But, for how long? Would anyone even know they were still alive?

When a submarine picks up a signal from the sunken bow and with suspicions already aroused by the circumstances surrounding the collision, the US Navy scrambles to begin a covert rescue operation.

In a valiant attempt to keep their spirits hopeful, Ryan begins to realize that his fellow passengers are far more than just victims. One of them could be dangerously insane, or a cold-blooded killer.

The Reverent Gilbert Manchester, a Baptist Missionary being recalled from Kyoto, Japan. A remote, brooding man full of vengeance at man’s evel deeds.

Eddie Derosa – a shy, dangerous weasel of a man, intent on surviving at any cost.

Melanie Kincaid – a young, pretty nurse who seems to reflect a personal concern for the dignity of life – or is it death?

Gerald Banning – an aging homosexual from New York, terrified of life and even more terrified of dying.

Anna Langford – a private school teacher, looking forward to her retirement until her opes and fears begin to feed in her murderous imagination.

On the surface while weather conditions owrsen, mysterious delays lead to the suspicion of sabotage and then to the unthinkable possibility of terrorism. In their tomb at 624 feet as the recirculated air supply dwindles, the fate of the survivors takes a deadly turn. First one passenger dies, then another. And then in a grisly “accident”, a third. Ryan must face the horrifying truth that they have been murdered. While the killer’s identity remains unknown, he must now defend himself and try and uncover the identity of the murderer.

In the last desperate house and minutes remaining before the bow is to be brought to the surface, hairline cracks begin to shift the buoyancy and threaten to send the bow and the survivors to certain death on the ocean floor two miles below.

Judith: A Quoddy Tale

by John R. Cobb

Though it has been nine years since the passing of his beloved wife and son, Ray Winn’s grief has not slackened as he plies the waters of Passamaquoddy Bay aboard his lobster boat, Judith. Already weakened by age and infirmity, the loss of his daughter and grandson has eroded Jasper Mann’s granite resolve to endure his remaining years. After a stint in prison for manslaughter, Dale Mann is still tormented by guilt over the horrific deaths of his sister and nephew.

When local fishermen are beset by a spate of tragic maritime accidents, stories are whispered about a melancholy song heard in the brume. It has been many years since the last appearance of The Old Scot, an apparition known to devour the souls of lost fishermen.

Nine Days to Evil

by N. G. West

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Meredith Laughlin, a San Antonio graduate student, recently married, plunges into studying Shakespeare’s tragedies and abnormal psychology. A fateful call from her husband propels her into desperation. A stalker trails her, her pregnant friend is attacked, and she’s afraid to trust anyone. Her classmate Aggie Mundeen’s wry take on Meredith’s dilemma isn’t always helpful. Emboldened by what she learns in class, Meredith resolves to find the truth behind the attacks. Yet she knows one misstep will push her into the clutches of people who want her dead.
Prequel to the Aggie Mundeen Mystery Series.

An Agent’s Demise

by Philip G Henley

Intelligence analysts and agents have gone missing, some may have been killed. Is there a serial killer on the loose? What is the connection between the missing? Who is John Slater? Where does he get his money? Why does he have no history? What has Iraq got to do with it? The Metropolitan Police Special Branch investigates, with the help of the Intelligence Agencies but is everybody telling the truth?

Rebecca’s Gift

by Chris Ward

The walls have ears. The very ground upon which we tread, remembers. Rebecca has learnt that she is gifted to be more than sensitive to this strange phenomenon. History all around calls out to her; and much more. Rebecca has learnt from childhood that she can also read the memories of others; but as she grows, this ability becomes potentially lethal. It is a gift she must learn to control. Caught up in a web of supernatural sensations she suddenly finds herself immersed in something which involves her past, some connection which binds her to the very landscape which surrounds her. When confronted by Jade, once her childhood friend, now troubled by a darkness Rebecca does not understand, she is forced to deal with a bewildering array of emotions and realities, ones which seek revenge for things hidden in the past. Rebecca quickly finds herself immersed in events seemingly beyond her control, and which take all her courage and resolve to confront. As her powers increase she is finally ready to make a stand against that which would destroy her.

Rebecca’s Gift is the story of a girl who sees her world in a way which is both terrifying and strangely beautiful.

Alligator Alley (The Continuing Adventure of Glen Wilson)

by Ken Coffman

The irrepressible Glen Wilson travels to Orlando where his wallet is stolen. How far will he go to get it back? A novel of drug dealers, sex, violence and technology.

Twin Set

by Mary Anna Evans

Imagine you have just woken up in a bed soaked with blood. Imagine that your boyfriend is lying next to you, dead. Imagine that you know with certainty who killed him, because she has hated you since the moment the two of you were born.

Now imagine that you and the killer share the same DNA.

Haley knows that no crime lab in the world can ever distinguish her from her identical twin, Bailey. There is only one way for Haley to escape prosecution for murder. She and Bailey are going to have to work out this little problem face to face…sister to sister.

TWIN SET is a short story. It received an honorable mention in Red Adept’s 2011 Twists Competition. Its author, Mary Anna Evans, is the recipient of many awards for her work, including the Benjamin Franklin Award, the Mississippi Author Award, the Florida Literature Award. More of Ms. Evans’ short works are available in her collection, JEWEL BOX.

Micky Mallet, P.I.

by Randall S. Smith

Micky Mallet, P.I. is a mystery which introduces us to an ex-cop, turned P.I. and to a mysterious black ops agent. There are several suspicious deaths when an egocentric billionaire desires the wife of a powerful politician.

Excerpt: The portly, wealthy businessman had been found dead on the floor of his high-rise office, with a pair of broken eyeglasses lying next to his head. A bullet-hole in the window was clear evidence of what had happened. The nearest building of comparable height was a half-mile away, indicating this had been the work of a professional.

Excerpt 2: Alima was the only wife who he had not gotten to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and she was not the type to go willingly. A divorce would be too time consuming and costly, possibly draining half his estate. He didn’t need the added aggravation in his home life. Over the years, he had cultivated relationships for handling despicable, immoral acts. It was now time to use them.

#3 – “You goddamn Americans; my people will teach you arrogant infidels some lessons. We are Allah’s messengers!”
“What are you saying, sir?” she asked him as he lay on his stomach, handcuffed.

Midwest Book Review – “PG is too tame for some readers. ‘Willful Women’ is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.”

Some of my other stories available on the Kindle are:

Just Rewards is a tale in the mid-sixties of bank robberies, ransoms and revenge.

About Sam – a fast-paced story of a housewife who secretly is an agent for Homeland Security.

That Old House on Delaney Street – a sexual thriller centering on a demented older couple who keep a pair of teens prisoner in the basement of their old, haunted-looking home.

Polar Opposites – Two women meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way in this engaging tale.

Lost in Space-Time – If you like sci-fi, this one is based on things that could be true, with romance and adventure.

The Sinclair Affair – A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She ventures off to the big city to find her, having many adventures along the way.

Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – A young woman unknowingly befriends some drug runners, is kidnapped by a group of more vicious ones and evolves into the wicked and bi-sexual Pirate Queen.

Guardians – a tale of extraterrestrials

Possessing Sara

by Hazel Hart

Sara Kramer, who doubts everything, is pursued by two men of opposite but equally strong faiths: Garth Drummund,a New Age psychic healer and Junior Lawson, a fundamentalist preacher. When Sara refuses the preacher’s proposal, he blames the psychic healer, believing the man has put a curse on Sara and she is now possessed by demons.

The rapid thuds sounded again. “Sara, open the door. Uncle Oren told me someone followed you last night and that someone vandalized your house. I want to help you, Sara. Please open the door.”
He didn’t sound crazy. Maybe she should talk to him. She crossed to the door and put her hand on the knob.
Then she heard her neighbor’s voice.
“Junior Lawson, what is all this commotion about? I heard banging all the way from my place,” Ida Mae scolded.
Sara pressed against the wooden barrier that protected her from the outside world and listened for Junior’s reply.
“I need to talk to Sara. She’s in danger,” Junior said, his voice edged with irritation.
“I’d say Sara doesn’t want to talk to you,” Ida Mae shot back. “If she did, she’d let you in.”
Deciding she couldn’t let her elderly friend face Junior alone, Sara opened the door. “What’s going on out here?”
At the sound of her voice, both Ida Mae and Junior turned, their battle faces fading to shock and concern.
Sara stepped outside, squinting against the light reflecting off Junior’s car window.
Ida Mae gasped. “My goodness, girl, those dark circles around your eyes make you look like death warmed over.”
“It’s the demons,” Junior declared. “She’s possessed.” He rushed forward and grabbed her shoulders. “You’ve got to let me help you. The demons must be exorcised.” His fingers dug into her flesh.
She brought both hands up and pushed on his chest. “Let go of me,” she screamed. “Get out of here and stay away from me.”
Still, with all her struggling and threats, she was unable to break his hold.
Ida Mae grabbed his arm and tugged. “Let go of her, Junior. Let go, or I’m calling the police.”
But Junior’s grip only tightened. “I’m trying to save you from the demons, Sara. Let me save you.”
She looked into his wild eyes. If anyone here was possessed, it was Junior. Remembering moves from her self-defense course, she tightened her fist and jabbed him in the stomach. He moved back slightly, eyes wide.
Taking advantage of the distance, she opened her hand and smashed her palm against his nose. Blood spurted from his nostrils and he staggered back, cupping one hand under his nose and reaching for a handkerchief with the other.
Through the blood and tears, shock, dismay, and determination all registered on his face. “I’ll be back, Sara. I won’t let the demons win. I swear I’ll save you,” he vowed before turning and stumbling down the steps.

Birds of a Feather

by Kara Stefanowich

When Shiloh Lashley, an International Assassin, breaks all the rules and falls in love with Monty Wright, her latest target, she finds herself in a conspiracy with her own name on the hit list — and a deep, dark secret surfacing in the fight to save her love, her life and a past she’s hidden for so long.

Birds of a Feather is a sexy tail spin of murder, money and conspiracy that gets blown to bits when Monty Wright and Shiloh Lashley are both hired by opposing agencies to kill each other. When the assassins finally meet the sparks fly, along with a hail of bullets which lead them straight into each others arms. But when their agencies discover their affair, cities crumble and a barrage of car chases, explosions and gun fights stalk the lovers around the globe, from Berlin, Germany to Tijuana, Mexico. Even as their affair blossoms, the shock still grips the pair as there are secrets a plenty in the world of spies and contract killers.

Can their love withstand the smoke of gunfire, or will their secrets tear them apart and take their lives?

Scroll up and click ‘Buy Now’ to find out!

Bloodless Revolution

by Melissa Hudson

Sarah believes that when she leaves her family and their staunch religion behind her to follow a singing career in London, her life will begin to improve. Instead, when she arrives in London, she becomes tangled in the clutches of a dangerous pimp with a knife obsession.

Working as a prostitute, she draws on strengths gained from surviving a childhood of emotional abuse and escapes the brothel, only to find herself pursued by a shadowy figure who follows her every move.

As she struggles to get to grips with her new job, someone is watching, waiting, and hoping she will fall into his trap.


by Braxton DeGarmo

“Indebted” is a story of redemption that begins in the backwoods of western North Carolina in the late 1960’s. Alice Cummings, raised by an abusive, alcoholic father, longs to leave her home and have a real family of her own, a desire that contributes to an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. But when she returns home with her baby, her father makes good on an earlier threat and sells the infant boy. Driven to find her son, she sets out to leave, find the baby, and start a new life together. Her plans go awry from the start when she witnesses a murder outside her home, and injures herself as she attempts to retrieve her suitcase from the shed. She escapes with the help of a neighbor, and circumstances force her to move on, unaware that his kindness will bring retribution by her father and the murderer.

Myra Mitchell is the mega-bestselling author known as the “Diva of Disaster.” Yet, calamity is about to befall her this time, as her hard-partying lifestyle catches up with her. After passing out, she wakes up in the hospital ICU to learn she has little time left, unless she gets a liver transplant. The Catch-22: she must remain alcohol-free for six months to qualify, but she might not live that long. It’s a race against time to write her last book. With an assistant imposed upon her by her agent, she sets her sights on the story of her favorite cartoonist, Betsy Weston. Betsy appeared out of nowhere in Asheville, North Carolina in 1969, arose to develop the wildly popular cartoon strip – “Sweetie â?¦ and George,” made millions, and at the summit of her success, disappeared from the face of the earth. Myra puts everything on the line to uncover the rest of that story.

Face Reality

by Marisa Mikel

Marisa Mikel presents a story of love, lies, murder and suspense.

Dr. Robert Stanford, a plastic surgeon, and his wife, Susan, have a great life together. They spend a lot of their free time with their friends, Dr. Dale Stevens, a younger surgeon, and his wife, Sandra. They especially look forward to vacationing together where they have spent many hours just relaxing and enjoying time with each other.

However, being too close is not always good. Susan finds herself alone with Dale a lot. Not always by accident; sometimes by design. She feels drawn to him. Then everything begins to unravel.

What would you do if you found out your husband might want you dead? Who could you trust? Follow Susan as she tries to decipher the clues around her.

It is not always how it looks.

This 10,000 word Novellette keeps you close to the characters and their relationships with each other. It will draw you deeper into their lives and open up their true feelings for each other.

Vampire Dental, Veneers (Contemporary Crime Novel) (a Chelsey Bloodworth, DDS Novella)

by Delaney Rhodes

Book 1
a Chelsey Bloodworth, DDS Novella

Houston socialite, Chelsey Bloodworth, DDS has inherited her grandfather’s established uptown dental boutique. Just four years out of dental school, Chelsey is thrust into the limelight when a local press office prints an expose referring to her practice as “Vampire Dental.”

After it’s discovered that five young college students have been viciously murdered – victims of the so-called “Fang Faery” serial killer, Chelsey is recruited to assist in the investigation; and must work side by side with Houston Homicide Detective, Josiah Redd. Her knowledge of dental records matching could be just the break he needs in the case.

There’s a ghost from Chelsey’s past that threatens to destroy her future. Will she ever be able to move on with her life, and escape the dangerous mistake she once made?

The Big Freeze

by Michael J. Katz

THE BIG FREEZE is the third in the acclaimed Andy Sussman/Murray Glick comic mystery trilogy from Michael J. Katz

“Spirited prose, refreshing surroundings, deftly delineated characters and engaging protagonists.”
Library Journal

THE STORY: Sportscaster Andy Sussman is presented with a mysterious manuscript. It’s his buddy detective Murray Glick’s account of the disappearance of a young woman at the Sunburst ski resort in Colorado. Now Murray has vanished, and Andy must trace back Glick’s unreliable narrative, solve a murder and stop a kidnapping.

“Katz, who’s always looking for good ways to segue between New York sportscaster/ amateur investigator Andy Sussman and his buddy, seedy Chicago private eye Murray Glick finds a honey here…Katz’s breezy, what-the-heck style is always easy to take.
Kirkus Reviews

“A light-hearted romp of a mystery…a solidly plotted mystery that provides a glimpse of the conflicting problems facing developers and environmentalists.”
The Toronto Star

“Panache, charm and wit. All are apt descriptions for the style of Michael Katz.”
West Coast Review of Books

“Crackles with wit.”
ALA Booklist

Also by Michael Katz:

Murder Off The Glass

Last Dance In Redondo Beach

“Murder Off The Glass is like an off-balance jump shot that rolls tantalizingly around the rim before dropping through for the score.”
Henry Kisor, Chicago Sun-Times

“Murray Glick is a new type of private eye in contemporary fiction…Get. You’ll like.”
New York Times

“A highly entertaining tale. Katz displays a flair for witty dialogue and for funny characters as well.”
Publisher’s Weekly on “Murder Off The Glass”

“What a lot of raffish, rowdy, reprehensible people Michael Katz has assembled on Redondo Beach. I loved hanging out with them, and I was sorry when the party was over.”
Donald Westlake

“[Andy Sussman’s] dogged pursuit of the facts is consistently beguiling. Katz’ character is as relentless in the pursuit of the story as Gregory McDonald’s Irwin Fletcher, and he could just as easily be played by Chevy Chase.”
New York Newsday

“The second adventure of Andy Sussman, an out-of-shape, un-suave personality, should delight his fans…Funny, poignant, and definitely human.”
Sara Paretsky

“Michael Katz is one of the wittier crime writers to come along in some time. I enjoyed Last Dance In Redondo Beach every wry step of the way. Don’t miss it!”
Roger L. Simon

“Katz makes the men behind the gaudy facades believable figures rather than comic grotesques…the unmasking of both victim and killer is cleverly and comically plotted.”
Los Angeles Times

Loosening of Associations (Tamsen Bayn Forensic Psychiatry)

by Vivian Chern Shnaidman

Tamsen Bayn is a recently-minted forensic psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. When she is asked to evaluate a defendant in a high-profile murder case, she is thrilled at her chance to enter the big leagues. But what she learns surprises everyone . . . and has some deadly consequences.

Driving in Reverse: Complete Series

by E.C. Richard

Zachary Haas had a normal life-good job, nice apartment and a coworker he’d secretly loved for five years. That is, until he was hit by a car. Dead, on the street, he’s give a second chance. He is brought back to life three days before the accident, and is given an opportunity to live life again. But, if he survives, the same car will kill an innocent little girl. The choice is his.

Passing Judgement

by Lesann Berry

Passing Judgement is a compact collection of twelve short stories about people who deliver their own form of justice. These are tales about breaking the rules and seeking retribution, especially when the law fails. Bad guys sometimes do the right thing. Desperate good guys cross the line. In the end, justice is blindâ??she doesn’t care which side of the law a person lands as long as the scales get balanced.

Find out what happens when:
· A Senator collects historic guns, each responsible for shooting a sitting President.
· Guilt drives a desperate man to seek redemption through acts of violence.
· In search of his true identity, a man makes a fatal lapse in judgement.
· African mythology intersects with an escaped slave imprisoned in a strange world.
· Social scandal, great wealth, and a bizarre bequest point to old murder.
· After an error releases a predator, a detective crosses the line to stop the killing.
· A lottery ticket bought on her birthday propels Ivanka’s future sideways.
· The assassin sent to eradicate a target, discovers he doesn’t want to pull the trigger.
· An orphan journeys home to seek retribution for a mother gone missing.
· Law enforcement holds itself responsible for the murderous actions of a young man.
· Bethany’s dull marriage takes on new worth when a gunman steps off the elevator.
· Old acts of violence bring together two men in a reciprocal act of retribution.


“Mitch shook out his hands, watched mud and slime splatter against the hard packed dirt. After damn near six hours of slogging through bottomland, he’d found a road. He hiked up one canvas pant leg and inspected the three tiny pairs of puncture wounds on his calf. Almost delicate, the trio of red perforations marked the places where a determined cottonmouth had struck repeatedly. Each bite-mark was an objection to the disturbance Mitch caused as he struggled to hold the woman’s head under the surface of the brackish water. At seventy-three, the lady had been a real scrapper, a good fighter.”
– Last Chance for Redemption

“The gun swept the room, the assailant’s arm held straight out like an accusing finger until it pointed at her chest. Death would be swift at least. She supposed the end of life offered a resolution of sorts. The upside meant no more strain or deception. Bethany squeezed her eyelids shut and found comfort in knowing that Brian would mourn her passing. Her dumpy husband had wormed his way into her slate heart. That was something.”
– The Man in the Dark Suit

“A car would be waiting at the street level in a matter of minutes; she just had to reach that relative safety. She tightened the straps on her backpack and thought for a fraction of a second about the man who’d fathered her. He’d been an absentee parent for the last few years but it hadn’t always been that way. To her surprise, a tear spilled down her cheek. She was an orphan now. Well, as much as any daughter of the Russian District was allowed to be, since the community was family too.”
-The Tsar’s Granddaughter


by Janis Anderson Yelton

I Know You’re Hiding I’ll Find You

Dawn Standers enjoyed living near the top of a mountain until one pitch-black, dangerously cold night, her car ran out of gas – leaving her stranded on a desolate stretch of road, fifteen miles from her home, with only dense woods along the way. Being a well-known author, Dawn Standers had enjoyed the peace and tranquility the mountains provided for her writing, and liked being in close proximity to her publisher. But the events that take place tonight will change everything.

Dawn’s shiny new Lexus sputtered twice before coming to a complete stop.
“Oh no – I’m not out of gas again.” she said loudly.

Dawn had met with her publisher and chastised herself for not checking the fuel gauge before leaving the village. In frustration, she laid her head on her steering wheel. It was then that she spotted it – a light in the distance. Feeling as though she must seek refuge from the cold, Dawn decided to follow the light, believing it must be coming from a cabin on the other side of the mountain.
After hours of struggling in the darkness around pines and through thick underbrush, Standers had lost all feeling in her limbs; so when she saw the cabin, she felt a sense of relief. But as she walked closer, she heard a woman’s screams.

Not knowing what to do, but knowing she must find shelter from the cold, she quietly walked up the steps to the nearest window; but in doing so, toppled over a stack of firewood. Knowing she must have been heard, she ran back into the woods and hid behind a tree. She watched as a man, with a fire poker in his hand, flung open the cabin door. She once again began to run, but as she did, she glanced behind her. The cabin door remained open and the light coming from inside lit up a small section of the woods – enough that she was able to see the man was running behind her!
Knowing she was unable to outrun him, she once again hid behind a tree. As he approached the spot where she was hiding, he suddenly stopped and stood quietly. Dawn was sure he was listening for noises – noises he hoped she would make. She now wondered if he had been following her by listening to sticks breaking beneath her feet as she ran. As he walked on, he began to slash through the underbrush with the fire poker and saying again and again as he did: “I know you’re hiding and I’ll find you.”

She remained hiding until his voice sounded off in the distance. She set off in the direction where she believed she had left her car, struggling to continue. Twice she had thought she heard him and dropped to the ground, hiding in the underbrush.

Finally Dawn spotted her car. That would be the last thing she would remember.

I Know You’re Hiding & I’ll Find You has an unpredictable ending. This is Janis Anderson Yelton at her best!

Spent City

by Andrew Kealy

Reluctant investigator Gerry Lambe is wasting his days in a booze-fuelled oblivion when he is sent into a dizzying spiral of desperation after being hired by a cynical stripper for what initially appears to be a simple job. Things get out of control in a town where everyone has their price.

Catch My Drift

by Jamie Pierce

In the beginning Jamie says, “They beg you not to kill yourself, but they don’t tell you what will happen if you live. This is how they trap you.” Defensive and devious in her dealings with psychologist Al Foxworthy, Jamie maintains the psychogenic amnesia that has caused her insupportable depression. She infuriates Al. She makes him laugh, she makes him cry, and she makes him ache to restore the hardy spirit that has nearly been extinguished.

Privy to their intimate, turbulent hours together, the reader experiences the struggle between a woman determined to die and the therapist fighting to save her.

Judges from the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Conference Contest said, “Fabulous writingâ??immediately involves the reader.” “Compelling, emotional, so beautifully written, the reader can easily empathize with the main character and understand her pain, despair and convoluted logic.” “This is powerful writing, absolutely gut wrenching . . . “

Cheating the Line

by Jack Atchison

Terry Handren, Chief Financial Officer and of the ultra-posh Midas Touch, one of Las Vegas’ most exclusive casinos, thinks something might be amiss in the casino’s sports book. He discovers large losses that are connected to large bets made by a handful of big bettors on a few college basketball games. Defying all odds, the big bettors are right all of the time.

Handren takes his suspicions to Lieutenant Rogers and Sergeant Rodriguez of the Las Vegas Police Department. Unable to convince his friends in the department that his concerns are valid, Handren teams up with private investigator, Roscoe Benson, and they soon find themselves knee deep in the world of point shaving, extortion, and murder.

Into the Shadows

by Steven Miscandlon

Murders and violence. Dark shadows and darker deeds.

Would you rent a flat whose last occupant was a murderous cannibal?
How would you deal with a dead body washed up on the beach?
Do you know whether what you see around you is even real?

â??Into the Shadows’ collects ten of Steven Miscandlon’s short stories written and published between 1993 and 2012, covering a range of genres from crime and horror to science fiction.

Steven’s work was first published in various independent magazines in the early nineties, including â??West Coast Magazine’, the leading Scottish literary journal which helped launch the careers of writers such as Irvine Welsh. His first collection of short fiction and poetry, â??Forever Lost’, was released in 1994. In addition to stories published online, his more recent work has featured in the British crime anthology â??True Brit Grit’.

â??Into the Shadows’ contains violence, cruelty and adult language.

The Killer Unseen

by Chris Robertson

THE KILLER UNSEEN: A mentally challenged man learns that a drainage pipe contains a transparent mass which dissolves human flesh.

When Gymkhana Smiles

by Gretchen Rix

WHEN GYMKHANA SMILES, run. This young black girl’s survival depends on her dental health; yours on keeping out of her way. As her Southern Gothic horror of a family prowls the coast waiting on her transformation, no one realizes what the old man plans. And Gymkhana never wanted her boyfriend involved. Not sitting tied to that chair. Whether you like your horror stories nasty or merely scary, this one leaves your teeth on edge.

This is a short story.

I’ll Be Watching You

by David Loan

A 3-minute dance with a girl who hardly notices him. But for Donovan Smith, the dance never ends. Twenty-five years on, the temptation to stalk her is only a mouseclick away: to seek out what he longed for a quarter of a century earlier. No one can feel safe in the past now, and in a story laying bare the sinister potential of the internet, Donovan’s obsession tragically entwines their lives. But as he breaks cover with the secret world he’s built for himself, the web will destroy them both


by Alan Orloff

In shock radio, nothing is too far over-the-top in the pursuit of ratings.

Not even murder.

During his twenty-six-year career, D.C. radio talk show host Rick Jennings steered clear of outrageous radio. Wasn’t his thing. So when WTLK execs tap him for the Afternoon Circus to land a lucrative satellite deal, Rick struggles to maintain his standardsâ??and his dignity. A chilling call (“I’m a long-time listener, first time KILLER.”) leads to the discovery of an intern’s arm in a trashcan. Rick spars with the “First Time” killer over the airwaves. The police are stymied. Ratings skyrocket. And First Time continues to knock off members of the Circus, phoning in to gloat afterward.

In a world of psychics and poseurs, crazy deejays and crazier callers, it’s up to Rick to bring First Time down before more people perish.

If you toss the movies Network, Play Misty for Me, and Talk Radio into a blender and add a liberal serving of Howard Stern, you’ll get the flavor of FIRST TIME KILLER (a full length suspense/thriller – 86K words, the equivalent of approximately 350 printed pages).

Zak Allen is the author of the ebook horror/thriller, THE TASTE.

Zak Allen also is the darker pseudonym of Alan Orloff, author of the Agatha Award finalist DIAMONDS FOR THE DEAD (2010) and the Last Laff Mystery series (KILLER ROUTINE (2011), DEADLY CAMPAIGN (2012)), from Midnight Ink.

The Orphans of the Creek

by Richard S. Todd

Whiteboy is Scanlon Creek’s top disc jockey and a rising star in its drug-dealing underworld. He and his best friend, Joey, are ready to make a killing with a new designer drug that’s sure to take the Creek’s nightclub scene to new heights. He’s handsome, drives a convertible, and is ready to start a family with Juniper, his beautiful girlfriend.

But it all starts to crumble when Whiteboy’s father, absent twenty years since he ran off to follow a mysterious preacher known only as “John Doe”, contacts Whiteboy and entices him into a final visit. In a strange castle in northern Ontario, Whiteboy bids his father farewell and scatters his ashes, only to find that the ashes don’t want to be scattered. They want to stay. They want to live.

Since then, nothing has been the same for Whiteboy and a violent cloud seems to be gathering over Scanlon Creek. Suddenly, the Creek’s seedy sideâ??along with decades of shameful secretsâ??starts boiling out of the shadows. And everything those shadows touch, they cling to. Forever.

Inside 553

by herocious

When a twenty-year-old virgin meets Julie, they go on a date into the Regenstein Library stacks, where she catches him masturbating inside 553 MENS and decides to take the situation into her own hands. But just when everything seems simple and true and good, this college love affair blows up in his face.

(Extrapolated from true events at the University of Chicago. Some graphic content)


Birth of the Black Widow

by L. L. Reaper

Jeanette Mason always knew she’d kill one day; she’d just wanted it to be on her terms, and definitely not today. Now she had a dead man on her kitchen floor and no idea how to get out of this situation. One thing for sure, she needed to ditch the body before people noticed he was missing.

Note: This 4000 word stand-alone story is a prequel from the Black Widow and the Sandman dangerously-sexy suspense series.

Nightmares of Reality

by JM Herriott

Peter Bryant dreamed of writing the next, In Cold Blood. So, when he reads about an unsolved eight month old murder in the town of his Alma Mater, he takes a sabbatical to investigate the shooting deaths of a young couple. Their youngest son was also shot, but recovered, and is now a ward of the state. The oldest boy suffered a psychotic break, and has lived in a mental hospital since the shooting.

Soon, ghosts from Peter’s past returns and he realizes he may have links to the family. His hope for a quick and straightforward wrap-up, are dashed when he uncovers evidence of multi-generational abuse, complex family relationships, and psychological problems. He observes a bizarre and powerful influence the case wields throughout two communities.

Additional complications arise when he unexpectedly falls in love with one of the witnesses. Not only does this present difficulties with his research, but he is forced to deal with his personal relationship demons. Finally, just when he is on the verge of giving up, in a most unique way he learns the surprising truth of what happened.

Saving Molly Jane Hampton

by Janis Anderson Yelton

On the same day of his disappearance, the body of six year old John William Hampton was discovered not far from his home. His father, Joe Hampton was tried and convicted of his son’s murder. The prosecution had made strong allegations that the child’s mother, Mary Lynn, had been aware of previous abuse.

After the sentencing of Joe Hampton, the judge added: “To assure the safety of the Hampton’s four year old child, Molly Jane, I’m removing her from her mother’s care. Custody will be granted to her maternal aunt, Laura Wilson, and Ted Wilson who I understand to be in good standing with the courts.”

As the crowd dispersed, Laura said to her sister, “I will see to it that Molly Jane is safe – like you should have done for John William.”

Mary Lynn wholeheartedly believing in her husband’s innocence, and denying all allegations of abuse, said to awaiting reporters, as cameras flashed: “I will find the murderer of my son and Iat the truth is known and Joe and Molly Jane will come home to me.”

Bring it back!

by John Chadd

Bring it Back is about one man’s struggle to restore Capital Punishment.
A serial child killer is on the loose and in Tony Harris’s eyes the only fitting justice is the Biblical Eye for an Eye.
What kind of justice would you think fit if your child was raped and murdered?
Are child and police killers victims themselves?
Would you have the guts to pull the lever of the trap-door or administer a lethal cocktail of drugs?
This is a roller coaster ride of emotion and confrontation where an ordinary man goes to extraordinary levels��.


by Katherine Moore

The life of pushy career girl Laura DiLanzia gets turned upside down when she becomes too involved in her work. Missing a day at the office due to her car breaking down, she leaves the vehicle with mechanic Pete Cross, then takes home a collection of computer files to try and catch up. The information in the files is corrupted, and as a trusted employee she remotely accesses her employer’s mainframe. A typing error opens Laura’s eyes to her employer’s real line of business.

A communications divert allows her employer and crooked members of the FBI to monitor the law enforcement agencies and manipulate both them and mobsters across the country. The legitimate face of the Scala Corporation masks the largest criminal organisation in the US. Long held suspicions about who is responsible for the death of her brother take Laura beyond the point of no return and she steals the information, downloaded to computer disc as â??insurance’.

Unaware her employers have noticed her activities, a threatening phone call sends her running for her life. Her only chance is to flee Los Angeles, but her car remains with the mechanic. The mob almost catch her at the garage but for Cross’s intervention, which forces them to change tactics, and pursue both Laura and the unfortunate Cross. They run to Texas, where Cross hopes to make contact with a trusted friend on the San Antonio police force.

The FBI create a cover story that DiLanzia and Cross are members of a right wing terror group. This gives carte blanche to use all necessary force in apprehending them. Pete and Laura are forced to fight through four of America’s largest states generating a tidal wave of intrigue and conflict.

Their escape is a journey of realisation and survival.

The Cooper Omnibus (90 P.I. Stories)

by Bill Bernico

I’ve been writing Cooper stories since 1989. Here for the first time are all 90 stories in one volume, with a Table Of Contents. These stories will take you through three generations of Coopers in the private eye business. It covers the period from 1934 to 2013 and Features Matt Cooper, his son Clay, his grandson, Elliott and Elliott’s new partner, Gloria. Once you get to know the characters, they’ll seem like part of the family. Within these pages you’ll find murder, mystery, suspense, humor, nostalgia and good old family values.

The Cooper Omnibus consists of 90 stories. These are the stories you’ll find in this volume:

01) It’s In The Bag
02) Petty Crimes
03) November Child
04) Welcome, Matt
05) The Reunion
06) Cold Cash
07) The Mother Goose Murders
08) The Condiment Killer
09) A Million To One
10) Little Matt
11) Find Her
12) Hard Bargain
13) The Case Of The Plates
14) Dead Ringer
15) The Stickup
16) You Can Bank On It
17) The Last Stop
18) Violence Is Golden
19) Surprise Package
20) The Big Sweep
21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders
22) Guilty As Charged
23) All In The Families
24) Paper, Rock, Scissors
25) The Other Matt Cooper
26) Hit And Run
27) Officer Down
28) Double Trouble
29) Track Record
30) Petty Crimes
31) Love Finds Matt Cooper
32) The Plunge
33) Concrete And Clay
34) Top Of The World
35) ‘Til Death Do Us Part
36) Not On Your Life
37) One Bad Apple
38) Even In The Best Of Homes
39) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame
40) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper
41) Beatlemaniac
42) End Of An Era
43) Cooper Generations
44) The Cooper Back-Story
45) Clay Cooper, Panhandler
46) Cooper And Partner
47) Mutiny On A Bounty
48) Witness Protection
49) Justice Delayed
50) Two For One
51) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick
52) Revenge Never Expires
53) Head Shot
54) A Passage From The Bible
55) Come Fly With Me
56) If Dogs Could Talk
57) Trapped Like A Rat
58) Paydirt
59) Take The Money And Run
60) Fresh-Faced Kid
61) You Ought To Be In Pictures
62) Noel
63) Classified Iinformation
64) Heart Condition
65) Reese’s Peace
66) The Best Offense
67) Jack The Stripper
68) Room For One Less
69) The Glowing Corpse
70) All The Write Moves
71) Dead Letter
72) Playing The Rolls
73) Life Is Boring
74) Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Murder
75) The Family That Preys Together
76) Next
77) Change Of Heart
78) Road To Nowhere
79) I See You
80) Single File
81) Home, Home Within Range
82) Nothing To Sneeze At
83) Your Place Or Mine
84) Stand-In For Murder
85) Auction
86) Nut Job
87) The Next Great Adventure
88) The Friendly Skies
89) The Not-So-Private Eyes
90) The Hollister Story

An Incidental Reckoning

by Greg Walker

“An Incidental Reckoning” is the story of Jon Albridge and Will Roup, two high school friends now struggling with middle-age who meet once a year for a weekend camping trip. But the memories that bind them are not pleasant ones; decades ago Jon and Will became targets of a bully named Brody Stape, the friendship that emerged from their experience borne from a need to survive.

They still bear the scars.

Jon wants to leave the past in its proper place.

Will wants to get even.

On the second day of their trip, two bikers enter the campground to spend the night, and suddenly Jon and Will find themselves playing an uncertain game with the new occupants, escalating towards a troubling end. Before the events set off by the confrontation reach a conclusion, both men will be forced to face their past as it spills over into the present…and threatens to take whatever future they have left.

Indigo (Screenplay Version)

by JB Lewis

One day at the mall turns Joss’ life upside down when his daughter is kidnapped right under his nose. With the police suspicious of Joss’ past and the FBI harboring their own agenda, Joss enlists the help of his brother, Mark, and together go on a dark and cryptic search for his daughter through the underbelly world of trafficking and dark government agencies.

Running out of time, the brothers find more than what they expected and are faced with decisions they never thought they would have to make.

In the early 70’s, it was believed by many that Indigo children had come to shift humanity and the powers that control it. In fear of its own survival, the government sent out probes to search for signs of these children. Born with the powers of foresight, telekinesis, telepathy and immunity to disease, it was thought by some that an unknown sector of government was devised to abduct these children and harness the power within to serve a darker purpose.

But can the powers of the government fight the light within the children and convert them into the weapons they desperately seek?

Men With Guns

by John St. James

Everybody wants Ego Shabazz. After stumbling into a shoot-out between two rival drug gangs, he left with a big bag of cash and two account books. Big Ed Zelkey wants his account books back. So does Armando Duarte, Big Ed’s rival for control of the North Jersey drug trade. Then there’s Tiny Lianides, a bail bondsman, who’s in the hole for 100K after Ego failed to appear for trial on a drug rap. Another interested party is Miles Archibald, a South African mercenary and free-lance manhunter.
Enter John Mack, former NYPD detective, now working in New Jersey as a private license. As a favor to his old friend, Tiny, he agrees to track down Shabazz. With the help of his associate, skip-tracer and part-time philosopher, Costas Dalmas, they follow Shabazz’s trail from Washington, D.C., to the hills of North Carolina to the torrid streets of Little Havana, bumping heads along the way with various mobsters, murderers and other ne’er-do-wells.

Misguided Trust

by Kayden Lee

With the sudden death of her mother, Claire Kelp’s life is turned upside down, throwing her into a whirlwind of depression and emotional disconnect from the only family member she has left; her stepfather, Max. With too many unanswered questions, and mistrust over the death of her mom, Claire refuses to stay with Max after returning home from college. Against his advice, Claire agrees to join her two best friends on a road trip across the countryside. When this road trip takes an unnerving turn, leaving the three college students stranded in a dead-end town isolated from civilization by miles of timbered woods, Max is the only person Claire wishes to turn to. Without phone reception, and no way to leave, the girls must determine how to survive their time alone with the handful of suspicious people thriving in the small town.
Deciding whom to trust, and accepting that people are not always what they seem, is a deadly lesson that Claire will have to live with for the rest of her life.

A Timely Death (novella)

by Lucas Nicolato

“I understand that you don’t believe in the possibility of the supernatural. Am I not right, Lord Dunsley?” – that was the last question Mr. Touvard asked to me, just a few hours before being villainously deprived of his life.

There were present in the room some of the most intelligent men and women I had ever met, including the host himself, for Mr. Touvard was counted among the most accomplished – and certainly the richest – scholars living in Paris at the time. Yet not one of those outstanding intellects seemed to be able to grasp the subtlety of my opinions on the subject, and thus I had, much contrary to my usually humble attitude, to briefly lecture the small attendance on some metaphysical distinctions.

“Much on the contrary, my dear friend, I would say that it is you, and your adorable guests, that fail to believe firmly enough in the supernatural. In face of a little mystery you sooner bend the very Laws of Nature than take the time to consider the most probable cause – the actions of the agency of known supernatural causes. I, on the other hand, always keep the principles of my investigative method, never positing an unknown miraculous intervetion when a much simpler explanation is available. For make no mistake, my friends, I believe in the existence of men and women, and we are certainly supernatural entities – indeed the only supernatural beings we know for sure to exist.”

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My Christmas Angels

by Jason W. Chan

Revised and Updated! 2nd Edition!

My Christmas Angels is a tragic yet heartwarming Christmas story about Greg, a single father in his twenties, and Angie, his lively six-year old daughter, living in poverty in Vancouver. When they are evicted from their home, they move in with Greg’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, for whom he still has feelings. Just as their romance blossoms, Angie suffers a concussion and slips into a coma.

Riddled with grief and guilt, Greg stays at his daughter’s side night and day. As the Christmas season approaches, he comes to terms with the possibility that his daughter may never wake up. He is advised to keep busy so he buries his grief in doing good deeds. Uplifted, Greg takes solace in the realization that great tragedy can give birth to great blessings.

My Christmas Angels is a touching and uplifting story of hope and love that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

Word Count: 20,000 words

Woodhill Wood

by David Harris Wilson

“He had to go on. The snow helped him slide. He grabbed handfuls of grass, digging at it with his fingers and pulling himself forward over the ground. He flailed with both hands and pulled again. The sudden strength in his arms shot him onward and the pain vanished under a wave of desperation. So, with his heart pounding in his neck, Gurde dragged himself down the lawn like a beached seal sprinting for the sea.”

Matt Duff parents are in constant conflict, so he spends his time alone on a hill not far from his house waiting for something to change. He thinks the newspapers point towards his lawyer father being the final victim of a UK serial killer but no-one believes him. His innocent attempts to help are the trigger that changes everything.


by Michael Link

Is a young girl ever safe from a sex predator?

Shortly after her family moves to Colorado, eleven-year-old Shannon Marsh is cunningly seduced and molested by her teenage neighbor, Gene Gillian. When her mother learns of her assault, she refuses to disclose to anyone that her daughter has been molested, or to report Gene’s crime. Two years later, Gene brutally rapes eighth grader Connie Wojcik when she is walking home from a Halloween party. Despite being arrested and his voice identified, Gene is once again able to escape being indicted.

Connie is left to struggle with her emotional and psychological trauma, while her parents and brother try to deal with the affect her assault has had on their own lives. A therapist who was herself a victim of childhood sexual molestation counsels Connie to accept that although her physical virginity was stolen from her, only she can choose when and to whom she will surrender her innocence spiritually. While Connie works to recover her self-esteem and confidence, Gene Gillian continues to seek out new prey.

A story of love and friendship, Inviolate depicts the blind innocence of young people unaware of a potential threat that can exist anywhere at any time. Based on true incidents, it illustrates the terror and humiliation of sexual assault and the collateral damage that is inflicted on a victim’s loved ones.

A Prelude to Signatures in Stone: A Bomarzo Mystery

by Linda Lappin

— a deftly-written of mystery of art history, sex, and murder…a wild phantasmagoria…The gallant heroine barely escapes the monster park with her hashish pipe.–Margaret Sheffield, art critic

Seeking inspiration in the timeless Italian landscape, four unlikely misfits find their destinies entangled in the meanders of the mysterious sculpture garden of Bomarzo, peopled with freaks and monsters. Daphne, a writer with a hashish habit, Clive, American gigolo and aspiring artist, Nigel, an English aristocrat down at the heels, and Finestone, a fly by night art historian come together in a decrepit villa looked after by two Italian servants who are not what they seem. To find their heart’s desire, all the characters must descend into the depths of hell, but not everyone will make it out alive.
In the hideous sculptures of the Monster Park, Daphne must face up the hidden sides of herself while solving the mystery of murder for which she is unjustly accused. She will discover that her own journey to hell has already been written sculpted by an unknown genius centuries ago in these signatures in stone.”

This kindle publication includes a preview of three chapters and an interview with the author

False Tales

by Daniel Oldis

False Tales is a short story collection that explores the relationship between text, truth and sanity: “The Diaries of Fortune”, about a man that rewrites his life in diaries and hopes for a better outcome; “Monroe’s Doctrine” about a teacher who assigns a confessional story to his students and receives a confession that unnerves him; “Felix’s Prize” about a writer whose works are interpreted opposite of his intentions. “The Diaries of Fortune” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and described by Richard Powers, winner of the 2006 National Book Award, as “a delight; wistfully and deftly told.”

Dancing on Canvey (Short Story Singles)

by Lane Ashfeldt

It is the evening of 31 January 1953, when a storm hits the east coast of the England. Inspired by the reminiscences of people from Canvey Island where over fifty people lost their lives that night, this short story follows Gwynnie, an 11-year-old girl whose main concern is whether she will be able sneak out to the dance without her parents seeing her, and meet with Johnny Deakin.

â??Dancing on Canvey’ won the Fish Short Histories Prize, was also placed second in the overall Fish Prize that year, and was included in the Fish Publishing anthology, â??A Paper Heart is Beating’. â??Dancing on Canvey’ is longer than a typical European short story at around five thousand words (which is the equivalent of about 23 printed paperback pages).


by Scott Gardner Merrick

Lives relates one soul’s journeys through three times: the American Civil War, mid 20th Century middle-class America, and a post-holocaust future in which the protagonist might well be the only man left on the planet. (Contains sexual references and scenes of violence in a dramatic context.)

Passing Through Paradise

by Dennis Vickers

“Collage: an assemblage of diverse elements in unexpected juxtaposition.” Passing through Paradise is a collage of narrative elements, some forming linear narratives, others embellishing these narratives with odd images and facts. Characters appear and vanish. Plots take shape and develop. Settings adjust sporadically. Themes emerge. Mysterious satyr-like character pops up in Colorado and walks to Chicago, gathering an entourage along the way, to put on Sophocles’ satyr play, Ichneutae. Naive author of newspaper articles falls into ill-starred infatuation. Derelict Jazz-age theater, subject of intense political wrangling, is razed to make space for characterless condominiums. Elements from these and other narrative fountains splash onto the pages to create a playful literary kaleidoscope.

A feast of narrative morsels; some create delicious entres, others garnish with unusual dainties and treats. – Worthy Banguet Jr.

A carnival of feast and frolic. – Merry Libertines International

Hundred of exotic ingredients in this recipe, mixed and stirred in surprising ways. – Epicurean Toyland Ltd.

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Cooper’s Gift: A Lilac Creek Christmas Dog Story

by Dana Landers

Christmas has always been a wonderful time of year for Heddi James. But this Christmas nothing is the same. After the recent loss of both her husband and her loyal canine companion, Heddi wonders if she should celebrate Christmas at all. But all of that changes when the true gift of healing comes to her in a most mysterious way.

This is a short story perfect for a quick holiday read!

Seed Saving Tips & Techniques

by Julie Turner

*** BESTSELLER in Vegetable Gardening ***

Most keen gardeners decide at some stage that they want to save their own seed. Raising your own seedlings is extremely satisfying. I still find it so exciting and heart-warming when I grow beautiful, healthy plants from seed that I have collected myself. Watching a seed germinate, become a seedling, and then mature gives me such joy and deep satisfaction. It is witnessing and participating in the miracle of life!

I want to share with you how to save yourself a small fortune by collecting your own seeds and saving them for the next gardening season. This is a guide to getting the best results when saving your own seeds.  

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Know that you are growing totally organically
  • Learn about germination requirements for plant families
  • Plant life cycles
  • Seed viability, pollination and isolation distances
  • Best ways to store your seeds

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living….


The BIG book of Paper Beads

by Kimberly Clarkson

This really is the BIG book of paper beading. It was designed with the beginner in mind but there’s plenty to keep even an experienced beader interested! The wrapping method taught primarily is designed by the Author and is what she teaches in her classes. The paper beads she makes are made to be durable, wearable pieces of art- and YOU can make them too!

It covers a History of paper beads, Paper Ed. 101, Bead board and why that’s important, basic beads and shapes: oval, round, cylinder, cone and hourglass. Now let’s step it up a notch: it covers simple techniques that make your beads a work of art and moves it into some shapes that are designed exclusively by the Author: two tone, double cuff and flat beads. WAIT! What about those amazing beads coming out of Africa and the Philippines? Yes- those are in there too! As well as so much more!

But the most important part? This is a fun and easy craft that doesn’t need any fancy tools or expensive materials. Great for all ages

7 Myths About Aquaponics

by Michelle Booth

Is Aquaponics For You?

If you have ever tried to keep tropical fish – or even the odd goldfish – you may be put off trying aquaponics due to the problems you’ve experienced.

Perhaps you had a kitchen windowledge like a chemist’s shop, with medicines for various fishy ailments and potions for altering the acidity of the water, the alkalinity of the water, the nitrate content of the water, the wateriness of the water. It can seem that you can never get the water just right for the little creatures.

Maybe you got fed up of waiting for the kids to keep their fervent promise to clean the aquarium every week – and ended up doing it yourself and having to clear a month’s worth of gunge out of the filters and off the glass every time.

Who could blame you for thinking that aquaponics is going to be like that with a few lettuce thrown in?

The good news – no, the great news – is that Aquaponics is different! It is as far removed from keeping an aquarium as keeping lions on a safari is from keeping a domesticated moggy in a small home. The domesticated cat will scratch your furniture (and possibly your legs), require regular de-fleaing and de-worming, need meals served twice a day in a special bowl from expensive little tins with gold edges and use a box filled with bought litter that you have to clean out frequently before it stinks the house out, etc.

The lions? You just drive through their paddock in a LandRover once a day and bung half an unfortunate cow out the back for them to scrap over. The lions in the safari paddock look after themselves, pretty much. The domesticated cat wants to be waited on hand and paw.

The aquaponics system is like a self-managing microclimate. It is a complete system on its own – a safari on its own if we continue the analogy!

Personal Note From The Author

Hi! I got interested in aquaponics as part of a self-sufficiency drive. I wanted to be healthier and organic food is very expensive; and I wanted to reduce my grocery bills (following a divorce). I’m very concerned by the amount of pesticides in store-bought foods and love the idea that I can grow beautiful vegetables and salads right outside my back door. They taste like food used to taste!

This is a short eBook to give you a basic understanding of how aquaponics works and what equipment is involved. I’ve also covered some of the questions that newcomers to the hobby often have – questions that I had myself before I started.

I wanted to reassure people that aquaponics isn’t difficult and isn’t overly expensive. I delayed getting my own system because I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with the plumbing aspects but it isn’t complicated – it is actually rather like ‘plug & play’ on computers!

I hope this little book goes some way to encouraging you to get started with aquaponics – or to inspire others to join in with this fun and cost-effective hobby.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle x

Ten Easy To Perform Card Tricks To Amaze Your Friends

by Noel Johnson

STREET MAGICIANS… If you have ever watched crowds gather around a street magician performing impressive tricks and thought, “Wow, how on earth was that done,” you are not by yourself on this. The trick or illusion has had it’s desired effect.

TV PROGRAMS… You may have seen spectacular tricks live or on one of those street magician TV programs which have become so fashionable these days.

CHILDREN’S FANTASY MAGIC… It could also be said that most children at some time or other would love to become a magician. Whether this desire derives from watching confident magicians perform their amazing street magic live or on TV, or reading one of the great best seller novels of fantasy magic and wizards, it is now possible to learn impressive magic tricks and have fun while confidently entertaining an audience.

EASY… Ten easy to perform card tricks to amaze your friends has been written and designed to work you through the stages and get you where you want to be on your wonderful new magical fantasy journey.

NO SLEIGHT OF HAND… These are simple tricks. You will find that no sleight of hand is required.

CONFIDENCE… Just one thing to remember. You can’t look confident unless you know the trick and understand it. So practice does make perfect in this case as the author takes you by the hand and walks you through every simple stage of these “card magic” illusions.

GREAT FUN… Great fun for all the family, and especially a nice gift for up and coming young wizards under parental guidance.


Shih Tzu – An Interactive Games Quiz Book

by Mega Pets

Shih Tzus are one of the most popular breed of dogs, according to the AKC, that Americans keep as pets. Shih Tzu information is readily available from many different sources, but our unique Interactive Games quiz book makes learning about Shih Tzus fun.

Shih Tzu information says they are great pets for any household and our quiz book will address these questions. Teacup Shih Tzus are very popular and survive wonderful in your home. Most people like to get unique Shih Tzu pictures and many people name name after dogs from the entertainment arena.

Shih Tzu temperament is a concern for many that are thinking of keeping them as pets. A Shih Tzus’s intelligence is well known and they are respected for their loyalty to their owners.

It’s not uncommon for Shih Tzu puppies to last long at any store or Shih Tzu breeders. Most teacup Shih Tzus will always be sold fast at any pet store or breeder! The Shih Tzus price is irrelevant as the potential owners will gobble them up at any price.

Shih Tzus books are usually boring, but not ours! Using the magic of the Kindle we present fun facts about Shih Tzus in a quiz book format. We ask a question regarding facts about Shih Tzus and you get to touch your answer. If you are right you go to the next question, if you are wrong you get to guess again.

If you are loyal to Shih Tzus dog owner, or just a fan of the breed, then please test your knowledge with our quiz book.

Fashion Model Blueprint: How Women Who Are 18 – 30 YEARS OLD, 5’2 – 5’7 TALL, A SIZE 4 – 10, Can Break Into Fashion Modeling In 3 Months (fitness Model and Swimsuit Model)

by Chris Jay

You don’t need to be 6 feet tall and a size ZERO to be a fashion model, fitness model or a swimsuit model. I know this may be shocking to hear. After all, the media constantly shows images of women who are tall and skinny as models. However, there is a secret in the industry. There’s an underground group of women who make $100K to $300K each year as fashion models, fitness models, and swimsuit models — and most of these women are NOT 6 feet tall and most are NOT a size 0-2.

Finally, I want to reveal to you how you can be part of this “Secret Society” of women how quietly make 6-figures each year doing what they love: looking beautiful, modeling the latest fashions, meeting terrific and influential people, and traveling to fun places. Let me first warn you, I’m not claiming you are guaranteed success just because you purchase my book. I’m not guaranteeing that you will make 6-figures in the next 3 months.

What I can guarantee to you is that you will learn how what photographers and some modeling agencies hope you never find out. There is a 1-2-3-4-5-6 step process to becoming a model. These 6 steps is my “6 Commandment” process to breaking into fashion modeling, fitness modeling, and swimsuit modeling in the next 3-months. If you follow my system, you greatly increase your chances of becoming a model.

And, it won’t cost you more than about $50!

Even if you had to borrow $50 to become a model, you could get the money. You don’t pay that money to me. That $50 is to pay for travel and lunch as you interview at various agencies, the way I tell you to do it. Let me also warn you that being a model is NOT for everyone.

— If you’re a Diva … modeling isn’t for you!
— If you can’t follow instructions … modeling isn’t for you!
— If you think modeling is a part time hobby … modeling isn’t for you!
— If you have too much drama in your life … modeling isn’t for you!

If you’re still reading, then you at least passed my first test of being a model. What does my “6 Commandment” process reveal to help you become a model?

** Commandment 1: Thou shalt know their body type BEFORE approaching any modeling agency

** Commandment 2: Thou shalt research which division at a modeling agency might be best for your body type and skills

** Commandment 3: Thou shalt only use basic photos showing your natural beauty and ignore what so-called photographers tell you

** Commandment 4: Thou shalt follow up with modeling agencies you approach in a systematic way

** Commandment 5: Thou shalt present themselves in a professional manner at all times

** Commandment 6: Thou shalt listen to Chris and follow his Blueprint and not listen to some photographer who says he/she knows better

Obviously, the details are revealed in my book. DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK TODAY, before enough photographers and agencies get upset with me for revealing these secrets that can get you access to the “Secret Society” of women who make $100K to $300K a year — and most are not 6 feet tall and a size ZERO.

I also spill the beans on the following:

— The BIGGEST SCAM In Modeling And How To Avoid It (Photographers will be upset with me for telling about their scams)

— 10 Critical Mistakes Aspiring Female Models Make That CRUSHES Their Chances Of Breaking Into The Fun World Of Modeling!

— What REJECTION Really Means And How To Prepare (you need to understand how to deal with the word “No!”)

— The 6 Categories of Fashion Modeling That Are Looking For Women Like You (If you think “High Fashion” modeling is the only category, you are incorrect. There are 5 more you need to know about and you may qualify for.)

— Big Markets vs Small Markets. Which market is easiest to break into?

— Your Life After Fashion Modeling (yes, you must plan for your life after your modeling career. I show you how)

This book is jam-packed with all the juicy nuggets you need to finally be part of this “Secret Society” and become a model. Download this book today. You will be amazed!

Landscaping – 50 Landscaping Tips For Beginners

by Oisin Murphy

Landscaping can seem like a difficult thing to do especially when you’re a beginner. So how can you turn that tired looking garden of yours into a oasis that you can be proud of and make neighbours jealous. But where should you start first, what should a beginner do first when transforming their garden? Here’s 50 things that every landscape beginner should know, from ways to save money to picking the right plants for your garden. You’re about to discover…

– The biggest mistake beginners with landscape designs that waste both your time and cash.
– Should you hire a landscape gardener for your project you may be surprised by what I reveal
– How to plan ahead so your landscaping ideas don’t cause headaches in the future.
– How to take the static feel out of your new garden and make your new landscape come to life.
– The best way to group plants, trees and bushes to make your garden look more natural.
– How to shop smartly so you can cut hundreds of dollars off your backyard landscaping project.
– And so much more!

For the cost of an overpriced cup of coffee in your local shopping mall you can save yourself time, frustration and lots of cash. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Scroll up now and download your copy of “Landscaping – 50 Landscaping Tips For Beginners” you’ll be glad you did.

Foreclosure Investing For Beginners

by Barry J McDonald

Foreclosure investing can be tough if you aren’t sure what you should be looking of. There are some skills and lessons that can only be learned by working in the foreclosure business. But what are they? In “Foreclosure Investing For Beginners” we’ll take a look at what a trained foreclosure investor ‘s would pay attention to when looking for their next property.

Learn How to Win Chess

by Chad Chesterman

Learn How to Win Chess is a book that incorporates a series of 52 informative, easy-to-digest lessons that will walk you through all of the ins and outs of learning the game and perfecting your technique.

If you’re interested in chess and you want to learn tons of all-star techniques like winning moves in chess, winning chess traps, and winning chess tactics, then this is the book for you!

It will provide you with tons of unbeatable information that can help you get to the level of world chess master. You can watch YouTube chess game videos to supplement the education you will receive from this book as well.

Winning in chess does not have to be as difficult as you might think… not when you have the right tools and resources at your side! Check out this book and learn everything you need you know and more about how to win chess.

Persian Cats – An Interactive Games Quiz Book

by Interactive Games

Persian Cats are one of the most popular breed of cats, according to Cat Fancy, that Americans keep as pets. Persian Cat information is readily available from many different sources, but our unique Interactive Games quiz book makes learning about Persian Cats fun.

Facts about the types of Persian Cats say they are great pets for any household and our quiz book will address these questions. White Persian Cats are very popular and survive wonderful in your home. Most people like to get unique Persian Cats names and many people name after cats from the movies or television.

Persian Cats temperament is a concern for many that are thinking of keeping them as pets. A Persian Cat’s intelligence is well known and they are respected for their loyalty to their owners.

It’s not uncommon for Persian Cats kittens to last long at any persian cat breeders, persian cat rescue or any place that has Persian Cats for adoption. Most white Persian Cats for sale will always be sold fast at any pet store or breeder! The Persian Cats price is irrelevant as the potential owners will gobble them up at any price.

Persian Cats books are usually boring, but not ours! Using the magic of the Kindle we present fun facts about Persian Cats in a quiz book format. We ask a question regarding facts about Persian Cats and you get to touch your answer. If you are right you go to the next question, if you are wrong you get to guess again.

If you are loyal to Persian Cats owner, or just a fan of the breed, then please test your knowledge with our quiz book.

3D Characters Album

by iacob adrian

A album containing wonderfull pictures of toon and fantastic 3D characters .

Doberman Pinschers – An Interactive Games Quiz Book

by Interactive Games

Doberman Pinschers are one of the most popular breed of dogs, according to the AKC, that Americans keep as pets. Doberman Pinscher information is readily available from many different sources, but our unique Interactive Games quiz book makes learning about Doberman Pinschers fun.

Facts about Doberman Pinscher dogs say they are great pets for any household and our quiz book will address these questions. Blue Doberman Pinschers are very popular and survive wonderful in your home. Most people like to get unique Doberman Pinscher names and many people name name after dogs from the movies.

Doberman Pinscher temperament is a concern for many that are thinking of keeping them as pets. A Doberman Pinschers’s intelligence is well known and they are respected for their loyalty to their owners.

It’s not uncommon for Doberman Pinschers puppies to last long at any store or Doberman Pincher breeders. Most blue Doberman Pinschers will always be sold fast at any pet store or breeder! The Doberman Pinschers price is irrelevant as the potential owners will gobble them up at any price.

Doberman Pinschers books are usually boring, but not ours! Using the magic of the Kindle we present fun facts about Doberman Pinschers in a quiz book format. We ask a question regarding facts about Doberman Pinschers and you get to touch your answer. If you are right you go to the next question, if you are wrong you get to guess again.

If you are loyal to Doberman Pinschers dog owner, or just a fan of the breed, then please test your knowledge with our quiz book.

Recreational Poker Playing To Win

by Mike Saint at

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” – Stu Ungar

This is going to be a series of gaming guide books aimed at ordinary people who want to enjoy an occasional gamble for recreation.

The very reason behind the format for easy viewing on your kindle or e-reader that it is now the norm for most people when travelling.

“There are hundreds of books out there about Poker, Blackjack and Roulette” I hear you shout!

This is true but most of these are about how some big time gambler won millions and how you can too. Just follow this foolproof system and you too can be rich!

If you want to believe that or indeed have done that, then that’s ok by me! I just want the average person to be able to enter a Casino and feel confident enough to play at a Roulette wheel or Poker table and not feel intimidated.

Dog Training: A Simple Guide On How To Train Your Canine

by Caesar Owens

There is more to dog training than simply teaching your dog to sit or stay. Dog training is vital to both a dog’s safety and those around it. Many untrained dogs end up in shelters and millions are killed annually there.

Dog training has many advantages including: improving the dog-owner relationship, enhancing the dog’s intelligence, lessening behavioral problems, paving the way for other fun learning activities, and keeping your dog safe.

Dog Training: A Simple Guide on How to Train Your Canine covers the following topics:

– Why Do You Have to Train Your Dog?
– Dog Training Aids
– Basic Commands Your Dog Should Learn
– House Training
– Reward Training
– Crate Training
– Behavior Training
– Leash Training
– How To Control Your Dog’s Barking
– Must-Teach Dog Tricks

It’s never too late or too early to start training your dog. The fulfillment of having a well-trained dog will definitely make up for the time and resources you spent on the training.

Roulette Gold: How to beat the online casinos every time (using none of your own money) with this little known roulette strategy

by Benjamin E. Moritz

The Roulette Gold guide is a wonderfully simple and little known roulette strategy which exploits a loophole in online casino software.

Software can never be truly random and that’s what this system takes advantage of!

The Roulette Gold strategy is risk free. You can try playing it with ‘fun money’ (without making any deposit) and try the strategy in trial mode.

With this roulette strategy you can make between $50 – $100 dollars per day.

Important Bonus: The Roulette Gold strategy works on online casinos which can be plaid from inside the USA.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.