Free philosophy Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

Ruled by Destiny

by Chris Jeffries

Can Class and one’s position in the community really determine the course of your life? Three boys, three scenarios – do we really have a choice?

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

Gone For a Soldier (Gone For Soldiers – Volume 1)

by Jeffry S. Hepple

Divided by loyalty to the King of England and the idea of democracy, the Van Buskirk family struggles from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Yorktown to preserve a way of life or forge a new nation.

This novel includes descriptions of major battles, transcriptions of letters from George Washington, John Adams, Benedict Arnold and many other prominent figures of the American Revolution as well as important documents such as the Declaration of Independence and articles by Thomas Paine.

Redesigning Emma

by Diane Owens Prettyman

Redesigning Emma transports us to the turn of the last century, when Five Points gang leader Paul Kelly held sway with the criminal element, Emily Post hosted the absurdly wealthy, and the mentally ill were shuttled into archaic asylums. This novel brings an entire era to life. Most vividly it show us the world of one visionary milliner on Manhattan’s Ladies’ Mileâ??a spunky, generous-hearted young woman who is torn between her desire for success, her involvement with the 1899 newsboys’ strike and two very intriguing men.

A Promising Man

by K. R. Fitch

Jeffrey Wheeler’s latest promise to his family is that the stagecoach station he runs will be their ticket to prosperity. But like so many of his promises, this one is going sour too. Until the fateful day when a notorious murderer and his band of ruthless outlaws change their lives forever.

TEGAN O’MALLEY The Traveler in Time

by Larry Names

If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go? Imagine that you can pass through doorways to the past, but there is only one catch. In the long-ago, you must find a different gateway that opens to your own time.

Tegan O’Malley accidentally calls a stranger to the present, and when she does, she learns she is not the only person in her family who has a gift. While all these new found machinations swirl around her, Tegan has to deal with her everyday life. Before she knows it, the two spheres of her existence become intertwined with those of her best friend Toni and her nemesis Jason.

While on a 4-H trip to some historic sites in the East, Tegan opens a time door in an old Philadelphia cemetery. Jason rushes through the door, and Tegan and Toni have to follow to bring him back. This proves to be no easy task, one that can only be accomplished with the aid of several very historic figuresâ??and Tegan’s father.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

The Five Mouse Brothers (A Beautifully Illustrated Children Picture Book Adapted From a Classic Chinese Folktale; Perfect Bedtime Story)

by Rachel Yu

Five mouse brothers live happily in Bok Tong Goh Village. But then…
One brother, falsely accused of thievery, must face the “Wheel of Doom.” What will they do to rescue him from his fate? Fortunately, an ingenious plan with the help of their family secret may just save the day. Join the mouse brothers on this fun and entertaining adventure, adapted from a classic Chinese folktale.
If you enjoyed The Five Mouse Brothers, then check out The Five Mouse Sisters, now available.AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:Best-selling author Rachel, 16 years old, is a young high school student from California who spends her free time using her vivid imagination to write stories. She has an unquenchable passion for science fiction and fantasy. In fact, A Dragon Named Dragon, is inspired by one of her favorite books, Dark Lord of Derkhom, by Diana Wynne Jones. A Dragon Named Dragon children’s picture book is Rachel’s first endeavor to the literary world.
Rachel was recently featured on MTV Geek.

The Magic Sleigh Bell

by W. Peter Elliott

Now an improved digital version for 2011.

A national Bestseller in its print edition, The Magic Sleigh Bell is now available in digital format for a new generation.

The Magic Sleigh Bell is a wonderful Christmas book which tells the story of a young brother and sister who find a tiny bell while raking the leaves. The 7-year-old sister believes the bell must have fallen from Santa’s sleigh and rolled down their roof. Her 10-year-old brother, however, is at that age when he’s not sure if he believes anymore. The story is set in 1994, just before the era when the internet and social networking became so influential in our daily lives. The Magic Sleigh Bell continues as the children eventually find out who is right and who is wrong, and where the bell really came from. Young readers, especially, delight in the aspect of the story that features Santa and the elves. But it’s not just a children’s book, as it also deals with the brother and sister’s family and community and their Christmas traditions. It’s an old-fashioned celebration that adults (parents and grandparents) find they can enjoy from a different perspective than their children.
The Magic Sleigh Bell is a fun, family-oriented story with a touch of suspense and a very happy ending that joyfully reinforces a belief in Santa Claus.
Easily read in under two hours by an adult, it makes a nice “sit by the fireplace and get into the Christmas spirit” kind of book. It is also divided into four chapters, and each of these is again divided into smaller, snowflake sections. If it is being shared with or read by youngsters, it can be easily enjoyed a section or two each night as a bedtime story in the days leading up to Christmas.
The Magic Sleigh Bell is for Christmas enthusiasts from 6 to 106 years old. It makes a wonderful addition to any family collection of Christmas books. Its simple homage to established Christmas folklore, in a contemporary setting, has a timeless quality that will make it a holiday tradition for years to come.
Share the magic with your family…The Magic Sleigh Bell

Out of the Oven (Rebirth)

by Z C Yancy

Sixty years ago, the earth was invaded by creatures that were once thought to be myths, taking the world by surprise as they seemingly sprang from the pages of the books that were once their only domain, taking the world by force.

Today there is only a small group of humans left, holed up in sanctuaries, which are all but demolished. The human race has one last hope: the Cause, which is an organization bent on ridding the world of these creatures.

When the leader of the Cause dies, it falls upon his one and only son, Aldous Kaine, to take the reins of the dying organization and save what is left of the human world. But there’s only one problem: Aldous has never even left Symphony City, and though his father seemed to have faith in his abilities, others do not.

In Out of the Oven, the first volume in the epic Rebirth Trilogy, Aldous must prove himself to his companions in order to gain their trust – and their help – to save the world that is so far gone.

Camille (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

5. A Tale Of Wooffer’s Woods – Camille loved being green, but she wanted more. She wanted to be red, yellow and even blue. She must practice changing colors for the Changing Of The Colors Festival. Even she is surprised at the results.

Once More Upon A Time (A Talaria Press Anthology)

by H L Reasby

The founders of Talaria Press come together for a follow-up to the “Quests & Answers” anthology with this new collection of short stories and novellas inspired by classic fairy tales and fables, and even a few all new contributions to the genre.

With referential and exciting tie-ins to their existing titles, such as “It’s My Nature” by Garth Reasby or “Reaper’s Breath” by Ren Cummins, fans of the books will be thrilled to see new facets to the characters and settings they have grown to love. And with new stories like “To Bee or Not to Bee” by Quiana Kirkland and the sci fi thriller “Aurora” by H. L. Reasby, readers will be welcomed into even more tales from these successful authors.

“Once More Upon A Time” – a brand new collection of newly envisioned fairy tales for young and old alike!

Once More Upon A Time contains the following titles:

The Bamboo Princess, by Ren Cummins
Prussia, 1735, by H. L. Reasby
It’s My Nature, by Garth Reasby
Reaper’s Breath, by Ren Cummins
To Bee or Not to Bee, by Quiana Kirkland
Aurora, by H. L. Reasby
The Rat King, by Ren Cummins

This all-new collection also contains special samples from three of Talaria Press’ best selling novels – no Talaria Press fan’s collection would be complete without this anthology!

The Ultimate Leo Tolstoy Quicklet Bundle

by Hyperink Publishing

This is a discounted bundle featuring 2 of Hyperink’s most popular Tolstoy books, including:

-Quicklet on Anna Karenina
-Biography of Leo Tolstoy

Here are brief excerpts from each below. Buy them together and save over 43% off the combined price!

= = = = =

From Quicklet on Anna Karenina:

In Europe, Anna and Vronsky find that they are not as happy as they had expected. Vronsky begins to feel suffocated and look for other forms of entertainment, and Anna becomes increasingly aware of his decreasing affection for her. When they return to Russia, they discover that their social situation has drastically changed: Anna, once universally respected and admired, is no longer welcome at society events, though Vronsky may still move freely and without condemnation. Unable to fit in, they move to Vronsky’s country estate.

Dolly visits with Anna and Vronsky and immediately notices both their lavish lifestyle and Anna’s extreme despair. A combination of Vronsky’s wishes, her social position, and increasing paranoia about Vronsky leaving lead Anna to request a divorce from Karenin so that she may marry Vronsky. Oblonsky also visits Karenin to request a divorce, but Karenin refuses.

Anna is so engulfed by despair that she throws herself into the tracks of an oncoming train.

After her death, Vronsky leaves to volunteer for the army in the hopes of moving on.

Levin, now a happy husband and father, finds religion. Oblonsky gets the job promotion he wanted, and him and Dolly continue as usual…

= = = = =

From Biography of Leo Tolstoy:

Leo Tolstoy is widely considered to be one of the greatest novelists of the western canon. His major worksWar and Peace and Anna Karenina are frequently cited as among the most important novels ever written due to their unique insight into human nature and to their stylistic brilliance. Tolstoy was a complex man, and a bundle of fascinating contradictions. He was a wealthy aristocrat with a large country estate who sought to renounce personal possessions in favor of a simple life.

In his youth, he was a libertine who gambled and killed men in war; in his old age, he became a strict ascetic who denounced personal possessions and taught that violence should be avoided at all costs. A man who, while young, consorted with prostitutes, and fathered a child out of wedlock; a man who later believed that sex outside marriage was wrong, and finally, in his last years, taught that marriage itself was harmful.

Tolstoy’s life is almost as interesting as his novels, and the historical context of his life are bound in his work.

War and Peace, a dauntingly long novel by today’s standards, contains within itself a comprehensive perspective on the human condition, from the minutiae of everyday life and love to the great sweep of world history. Anna Karenina is as large in scope, but concentrates on internal landscapes and the vistas of the human heart rather than warring nations.

Tolstoy’s philosophy has had a major impact on the history of the 20th century, from the non-violent resistance of Gandhi, which helped to end British rule in India, to Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance to racial segregation and his fight for civil rights. Tolstoy crafted exemplary 19th century realist fiction and set the stage for proto-modernists like Henry James.

Celebratory trip to East Berlin

by Eugen Herman-Friede

“Celebratory trip to East Berlin” is an episode from the series “Zeitsprünge” (“Time Leaps”) in which Eugen Herman-Friede forges a bridge from his childhood in 1930s Berlin via the Soviet military administration after the war, Swinging London in the 1960s, New Guinea and other countries in the 70s, and East Berlin in the divided Germany of the 80s through to Lower Bavaria, Israel, and the USA in the 1990s. His stories reflect his personal experiences as well as the spirit of each particular time in a charming, ironic, and yet humorous way, and as a German Jew, son of a Russian mother, Holocaust survivor, and cosmopolitan he has got quite a lot to tell.
“Time Leaps” is a substantial piece of history, just like his other books “Für Freudensprünge keine Zeit” (“No Time to Jump for Joy”) and “Abgetaucht! Als U-Boot im Widerstand” (“I Was a Resistance Submarine”).

About the author
Eugen Herman-Friede was born in 1926 and grew up in Berlin-Kreuzberg. He was forced to attend the Jewish grammar school in Berlin-Mitte until it was closed down in 1942. In January 1943 he went into hiding to avoid being deported to the concentration camps. In summer 1943, he moved on to Luckenwalde where he became a co-founder of a resistance group called the “Community for Peace and Development.” Having been arrested in December 1944, Eugen Herman-Friede survived the National-Socialist dictatorship in various prisons until liberation in April 1945.
After the war, Eugen Herman-Friede lived in East Berlin for a few years. At the beginning of 1949, he fled to West Berlin. In 1953, he and his family moved to Canada and stayed there for some time, but he eventually returned to Germany. Today he lives in the Rhine-Main area.
Eugen Herman-Friede has given hundreds of readings from his books as a witness of the Nazi era. In 2009 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. His autobiographical details as well as the historical background to his life are documented in both the Jewish Museum and in the Stille Helden memorial centre in Berlin. His books have been referenced in newspapers and TV documentaries and have received positive reviews from critics and cultural policy organizations alike.

Childrens’ Bedtime Stories Book 4

by Bill S Graham

This is book 4 of a set of 4 Childrens’ Bedtime Stories

Sparky’s Extra Leg

by Tanvi Kamat

This is a children’s story written and illustrated by Tanvi Jambotkar Kamat, a 9 year old girl, from Redmond, Washington State.

This story is about a beautiful horse named Sparky who is perfect in every way except that she has no tail ! Sparky struggles getting accepted by his friends. One day, through some coincidence Sparky grows a leg where it should have had a tail ! This sends Sparky on an emotional ride, as she embarks upon a magical journey that helps her discover her happiness.

The Spirit of Aripo

by Mark Misu

â??The Spirit of Aripo’ is the first story in the ten-piece anthology of fables inspired by the Native American oral tradition. Mark Misu shares the stories told to him by his Cherokee grandmother when he was a child using stimulating descriptions, while being subtle and succinct. The anthology revolves around nature, one of the greatest preoccupations of the Native Americans. It breathes life and gives human personalities to the creatures of the environment, which we oftentimes take for granted.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

A Box Of Hope

by Nikita Heart

Devastated by the loss of her twin sister’s death, Jordan tries to draw strength and comfort from the things she left behind, including a box which contained Alexa’s bucket list – a list of things she wanted to do before she died.

Together with Dominic, Alexa’s boyfriend, Jordan accomplishes the items on the list one by one as a way of fondly remembering her sister, but as they go through the list, Jordan finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with Dominic.

Now, she must look inside her heart and take a leap of faith, but will that faith be enough to overcome all the troubles of the past, as well as all her fears about the future?

Jesus is my flatmate, I kid you not !

by Sebastian H. Alive

Thomas was in a quandary. Actually it was more than just a quandary. He was actually sitting on the proverbial edge of an abyss with his bare ass hanging over into the murky darkness of eviction and waving goodbye to his occupancy. His rent was due the week after next and he didn’t have the funds to pay for it so he comes up with a plan. He needed a roomie, it was simple. No weirdo’s, yes he certainly had to screen out the weirdo’s, no nasty habits, absolutely no stoners and also no out-patients from any form of rehabilitation centres.

Without delay Thomas puts up his “roommate wanted” ad in his local Londis grocery store and waits for the call. No sooner had he done this then his mobile rings and a man with a definite queer foreign twang to his voice claiming to be Jesus (Not Hey-Zeus) calls to ask for the shelter.

Thomas agrees to let Jesus stay at the apartment so long as he considers wearing some underwear, tames his eyebrows and doesn’t go crazy with the toilet roll. From that day forth the usually mundane and predictably boring life of Thomas is changed forever as their opposite worlds collide. One is the apparent divine central figure in Christian belief here on a short sabbatical preaching the message of God whereas the other is a devout atheist and no amount of evidence or reasoning will convince him he’s wrong and who believes Jesus is nothing more than a foreign migrant experiencing life in a multi-cultural UK probably abusing our visa system and looking for a good time.

So begins a journey of discovery for them both and a series of events which will challenge Thomas’s rather flaky views and knowledge of religion and for Jesus an awakening to the uncomfortable truth that the world really has moved on and appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Millstone: Sexual Abuse, Betrayal, & Cover-up by the Catholic Church – First three chapters free

by James R. Dunlap


Detective Danni Pierce only wants one thing: justice for the victims of sexual crimes. But she never dreamed that one case–a case involving a Catholic Priest–would lead her down a twisted path of betrayal, cover-up, and murder. When confronted with a danger greater than anything she has ever faced, will her resolve be enough to save her life?

Based on true events, Millstone is the tale of one woman’s pursuit of justice, and the only way she will survive is by relying on her dogged perseverance and her faith in those she loves.

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Free horror Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

El Paso Under Attack (Book 1 of The Guardian Interviews)

by Michael Clary

Book 1 of the Guardian Interviews.

It was a warm summer morning when the dead began to rise up and feast upon the living. El Paso was overrun in a matter of hours.

The military acted immediately. They closed all the exits leading out of the city in order to contain the outbreak. They shot anyone trying to escape.

Their methods were successful. The outbreak was contained, but all hope for the people trapped behind the gates . . . had been lost.

The internet was the only form of communication still available to the survivors. It was there that the legend of the General began to take root. He was a hero that fought back against the zombies . . . a hero that saved lives. The survivors once again found something to believe in, but the rest of the world wondered if the man truly existed.

They were about to find out.

The fifteen minutes of footage was leaked onto the internet only minutes after it was filmed. It showed a single man standing between a horde of zombies and a group of frightened survivors. What happened next was amazing . . . and it made the world believe. Because within those fifteen minutes of footage, the man known only as the General stepped out of legend and entered reality.

This is his story.


“If you like zombie novels and action movies this is a truly fun read… Has a couple truly epic moment’s of glory that raised some hair on the back of my head. All A type goofballs should enjoy.” John

“Love the Interview style of narration. Well structured sentences and word choice. Loved every minuet of this.” Ian Umholtz

“…My favorite thing about this book is the star of the show, a character named Jaxon (or in certain circles, the General). This character is a new kind of hero. A hero weighted down by some interesting flaws, BUT and i can’t stress this enough, you actually like the guy even more because of his flaws. He’s arrogant, sometimes rude and somewhat reckless but if i were in hostile territory and surrounded by zombies, he’s the guy i would want coming to save me!” Zombiefan

“I do have to say that this book took me by suprise – I just figured it would be another zombie book. In fact as I was browsing through books I had come across this one many times and just passed on it because both the description and the cover didn’t really pop. Well the old saying to “never judge a book by its cover” is so correct what I thought was just an initial zombie story of one man leading a group to safety and overcoming both the zombie horde and his own government well I was wrong.” ROgden

“Absolutely loved this book, read it in one day.” Sussy Q

“I really loved this zombie novel. It has such an original plot in The Guardian concept, and it was wonderful how the author developed that concept throughout the book. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel…Our hero Jax is one of those ornery guys who likes to do things his way, and his way means never giving up on people. Jax does not walk away, ever. When that kind of mind set collides with a zombie apocalypse in El Paso, well, look out!” New Yorker

“Really fast paced book and I enjoyed the hell out of it.” Zombie309

“I really enjoyed this book. Chain of events is interesting and fun, the characters are dynamic, and the action is non-stop.” Babymamma08

“No shortage of talent here. Clary has created a host of beleivable characters led by his protagonist “The General”. And he has left it hanging to be open to all types of evil things for the general and his team.” S. Coyle


Thanks to all the folks that have written to me, left reviews and mentioned my book in the different forums. Your kind words are truly inspirational as i complete the final phases of book 2.

Book 2 of the Guardian Interviews will be available in July of 2012.

Crypto-Squad 2

by Jason Brannon

The Crypto-Squad assembles and mobilizes against a global threat when The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse began to wreak havoc in every corner of the world. This is a battle royale of freakish proportions that pits Sasquatch, Mothman, El Chupacabra, and a host of other strange creatures against Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War in a showdown where earth is the prize.

Manuscript Of Deviated Truths, Volume I

by Doug Rinaldi

Manuscript Of Deviated Truths, Volume I, is the first of three collections of short stories by Doug Rinaldi. Volume I contains four dark tales that challenge our vision of reality and make the improbable and impossible truths.

In “Maelstrom”, a crews’ hold on reality capsizes under the weight of death and despair they find on the open sea.

“Annual Seed” documents one man’s obsession with the cutthroat world of growing the best vegetables.

Sadness, helplessness, and unending frustration form a vortex of emotion in “Thy Scars”.

OCD is the least of Brad’s problems when he comes face to face with the crushing and hurtful reality of the world around him in “Cleanliness And Godliness”.

Wild Strawberry: Book 3 Ascent

by Trevor Donnelly

The final chilling installment of the Wild Strawberry Trilogy:
Summer ran. Her lungs felt like they were bursting, her heart was pumping, each beat causing searing pain in her hand where she had been bitten. Her face, usually pale from living so long underground, was flushed with exertion; her long blonde hair swept out behind her as she ran…
It is the end of everything.

From The Edge Of Darkness

by Kevin Saito

You are cordially invited to take a trip to the Edge of Darkness. In his first collection of short stories, Kevin Saito presents you with thirteen terrifying and macabre tales that will make the shadows around you seem much darker and the movement in the corner of your eye infinitely more sinister. In “Tending the Flock,” you will see the lengths that faith and devotion will drive a man to. “Tiebreaker” shows what happens when your family turns out to not be who – or what – you thought they were. Logic and reason only takes you so far in “Proof Positive” while in “One Shot Deal,” you’ll discover what desperation really looks like. Terrifying legends, paranormal horrors and the dark depths of human depravity… All of this and more awaits you within the pages of “From the Edge of Darkness.” So step up, gaze into the abyss and see if the abyss truly does gaze back at you.

Unknown Pleasures

by Charles Colyott

A brilliant scientist’s discovery becomes a sadistic tool in a very bizarre love triangle…
An assassin brings his very unique skill set to the front lines of the zombie apocalypse…
A little girl held captive by a demented killer finds an unexpected, inanimate, guardian…
A father makes a deal with a band of unholy creatures to protect his daughter…
Hordes of the unquiet dead find an earthly champion in a troubled young man…

Sentient power tools, snuff film ghosts, conjoined twins, and a very, very inconvenient demonic possession…

A collection of dark fiction, including the Dark Recesses Press Deja Vu Horror contest-winning story “Severance,” and fan favorite “TEETHgrinder.”

Table of Contents

The Proposal
Carrion Moon
Still Life, with Tools
Dead Things
Soft, like Her
Mute Prayers of a Deaf Heart
Mexicali Blues
The Catastrophic Loves of Edgar J Spurlock
Sample of Changes – A Randall Lee Mystery
Sample of Black


by Matt Shaw

I’ve stopped panicking now. Not because I’m not scared. I just know panicking won’t help the situation. It’ll only serve to make it worse. Need to try and remain calm for as long as possible. Control my breathing. Save my oxygen. I breathed in and coughed. The air in here is stale. I hope I’m not in here for long. Please, dad. Don’t let me be here for long. Please. I started to cry. Helpless.

* * * * *

The day after his 21st Birthday Party, Todd woke to find himself trapped in a box with nothing but broken memories for company. Told through his eyes, live his fear and feel his claustrophobia as he frantically tries to peace together what happened, who buried him and why in Matt Shaw’s new horror novella.

Cover Design: Yaryshev Evgeny (

Nature of the Beast

by Trace Livengood

In the darkness of the human spirit, there is fear, hatred, malice, madnessâ??evil. For art school dropout Jacob Krause, the sun has forever set. He has lost everything: his girlfriend, his parents, his ability to work the paints into the shapes he envisions. Everything.

From his blackest despair he seeks release, taking his late father’s rifle out on a midnight hunt. Beneath the full moon, however, the young hunter soon becomes the hunted. An agile wolflike creature rushes upon him, ripping at him with cruel claws and puncturing him with stinging fangs. With the next rise of the moon, a new feeling engulfs him, a feeling of primal, predatory darknessâ??threatening to forever snuff out his humanity.

Fallen from grace in the Pittsburgh Police, Officer Russell Harrison assumes the position of “Town Cop” in a hopelessly boring little village. Then, a man on the outskirts of town is violently killed on the night of the full moon, his throat savagely ripped out. With no evident leads, the case is suppressed by the sheriff, whose top priority is protecting his public image for re-election.

With the body count mounting, the sheriff aims to stifle Russell’s attempts to stop the homicidal lunatic and redeem himself, but Russell has a score to settle, a score against the darkness, the madnessâ??the evilâ??he once let into his own heart. Fittingly, it is the human heart that the Werewolf Killer greedily feasts upon each time he claims a new victim.

Blue Spirit

by Eric Garrison

Skye can see into another world with her Second Sight… but only when she’s tipsy. Otherworldly creatures wreak havoc in her job, home, and relationships. Soon, she finds herself and her friends in danger, and Skye knows she’s the only one who can save them.


by Melissa Simonson

Cameron is twenty-one and drunk when she’s abducted after a homecoming party. She doesn’t know where she is, why this has happened to her, or anything about her new cellmate, Colin. She has time to figure it all out thoughâ??nothing but time.

Amy, Cameron’s twin, doesn’t think much of her sister’s disappearance. She’s got her own life to contend with. Since Cam has gone missing, Amy’s been the glue holding her family together, but she’s not bulletproof, and she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

Sam has too much anger, a penchant for blondes, and a fondness for voyeurism and electromagnetic shock. He’s good at hidingâ??not even his wife knows he’s a monster dressed in janitor’s clothing. Maybe that’s why he’s gotten away with his dark desires for so long.

Sometimes There Are Monsters: A Collection of Horror

by J.T. Warren

A collection of 14 short stories that transport you to the terrifying corners of the imagination where worse things are always waiting. Welcome to the place where monsters lurk, nightmares reign, and anything is possible.

More than a collection of short horror fiction, these tales run the razor’s edge from grotesque to morbidly hopeful. The danger may be supernatural or human–either way, the monsters are waiting.

Blood Thirsty Lesbian Vampires

by Helen Randall

Tori is a Vampire Princess from Ukraine. She’s traveled the world in her nearly 100 year existence, and continues to move around to avoid detection. Currently touring the United States, her and her lover, Becky, also a vampire, have temporarily taken up residence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they rent a duplex and feed on unsuspecting victims at their leisure. Unlike most vampires, Tori is very free-spirited and reckless, and her casual violence and murder keep her almost constantly on the move. When one of her victims escapes the chained confines of her basement and flees into the night, a whole new series of horrors begin to unfold, ones that will ultimately lead her to meet up with Audrey, another young female vampire who shares many of Tori’s ideals. When the two of them get together, almost nothing can stand in their way.

Blood Thirsty Lesbian Vampires is sure to keep you reading well into the night!

The Stone Man-A Science Fiction Horror Story

by Luke Smitherd

Two-bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful (and antisocial) until he got the scoop of his career; the day a man made of stone appeared in the middle of his city.

This is his account of everything that came afterwards and what that cost him, along with the rest of his country.

The destruction, the visions…the dying.

A full-length novel. 140,000 words.

Blood Vial: The Descendants

by Victoria Lang

Elize has lived a normal, boring life for 24 years. Aside from the girl in the orange dress who she keeps seeing… and who keeps disappearing, there has been nothing unnatural in her life. But everything is about to change.

Elize discovers she has a twin sister… and that she and her twin are descendants of the first ever vampire. Shockingly an age old curse, buried but not forgotten, has reached its prime. She discovers that blood vial is hidden somewhereâ?¦ a vial that everyone is disparately trying to get their hands on.

The twins now have a choice to make. Either die human and have the entire vampire race go extinctâ?¦ or turn into vampires themselves to save vampirism. It’s an easy choice, of course. Kill vampires because they kill people.
But with family and friends to think aboutâ?¦ And a deadline looming nearâ?¦ The choice isn’t so easy anymore.

Salvation and Other Stories

by Mike Bennett

Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque. Volume Two. Three original stories from award-winning novelist, Mike Bennett. Expect violence, horror, strong language and adult situations.

“He is a modern master of horror, dark comedy, and creepy psychological thrillers. I won’t compare him to anyone else because quite frankly, in my humble opinion, he’s head and shoulders above them all.”
Daniel Shaurette. Out of the Coffin Podcast.

In this volume are the stories:

Geoffrey Leech burns in the fires of Hell. When he makes a deal with the Devil, Geoffrey sees more than a chance to ease his suffering – he sees a chance to save his soul. But Satan is not to be easily cheated. Will the Devil get his due, or can Geoffrey escape the horrors of Hell to find his own salvation?

The Green Man.
If you go down in the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise – Alec Bingham is murdering his wife. He’s got it all worked out. But there are some things in the woods that even the most careful planning can’t anticipate.

Night Crossing.
Meet Underwood and Flinch as they cross the Mediterranean on a foggy night. Are they being followed? And if so, by whom? And who should be more worried, the hunter or the hunted? A vampire short story that whets the reader’s appetite for the novel, Underwood and Flinch.

“Mike Bennett’s brilliant grasp of horror may make your head explode. While he is often compared to Stephen King, he is in fact better.”
Jennifer Cummings. review of Hall of Mirrors: Volume One

“This is amazing! Sure, they swore a bit, but it had an excellent storyline! I loved it and it made me want to read Mr. Bennett’s other books! Five stars for this!”
Daniel Harmon. review of Salvation.

“Mike’s ability to inject humour into the very darkest situations never ceases to amaze me. You’re going to enjoy this one.”
Steve Hyland. review of The Green Man

“Fantastic mix of adventure and horror (vampire) with a bit of delightfully dark humour thrown in…really, really liked it and can’t recommend it enough!”
David Dean. review of Night Crossing

Wild Strawberry: The Motorcycle Diaries

by T.A. Donnelly

The Untold Chapter of the Wild Strawberry Trilogy.
Author’s note: This is not a complete novel! It is a short story based on material deleted from Book Two of the Wild Strawberry Trilogy.
I cut thousands of words from my first drafts in the editing process, and most of what is removed doesn’t deserve to see the light of day. â??The Motorcycle Diaries’ are different. This strand from Book Two was deleted because there was â??too much going on’ and the book was losing focus. Book One has several strands that â??go nowhere’ as humanity falls to the zombie virus; I wanted book Two to spotlight the survivors who end up in the Bunker. I liked the bikers and I liked the situations I placed them in, but they were a distraction from the main story. At almost 11,000 words it made up around 20% of the novel! So here, as a separate story (perhaps best read as an interlude between Books One and Two) I present the Motorcycle Diaries…


by Regina Puckett

While Sheriff Wilson has no idea what really transpired the night twelve people were murdered in the old mental hospital during what was supposed to be a simple night of ghost hunting, he was at the scene moments after the lone survivor committed suicide. Now it’s a year later and a group of paranormal investigators want to set up a haunted house and invite the general public in that same abandoned mental hospital. How is he supposed to keep that many people safe from whoever or whatever killed the last group?

Schoolgirl Apocalypse

by John Cairns

It begins in a small Japanese village. A mysterious affliction transforms men into zombies who kill women on sight.
For the few women who live to see the second day, a harsh new world awaits where the only rule is survival of the fittest.
Sakura is a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, naïve and unprepared for the violent murder of her family and friends. Will she give in to starvation and madness? Will she crawl into a hole to die?
Aoi, a sociopathic beauty, finds this new hell to be her personal utopia. In this lawless land she can amass a fortune and indulge in her darkest fantasies. Beware any who would stand in her way!
Okamoto is an alcoholic lab technician in a remote mountain research facility. Her life of hazardous waste disposal ends abruptly with the bloody chaos of the crazed men and the arrival of an angelic boy, mysteriously immune to the affliction. Will this broken woman rise to the challenge to protect the boy and young Sakura? Will these desperate few survive long enough to discover the force behind the apocalypse?
Follow the schoolgirl Sakura and the others as they struggle through a macabre landscape of horror and madness to find the source of this blight on the soul of man.

Electric Pink

by Jamieson Wolf

David Chandler wants to settle down after a life on the road and write the great novel that he knows in inside him. He wants a life of quiet. However, things don’t always go as planned…

Living downstairs from him is a witch named Karma, his best friend Poppy announces she’s a lesbian, his mother Honey has met a new man and has left his father and his boyfriend Jethro has turned dark and broody.

When disaster strikes, ending Jethro’s life, David thinks that he will finally get the quiet he is looking for. However, when Jethro comes back from the dead and his mother moves into a house haunted by a malicious spirit, things really begin to get interesting.

We are all electric pink inside…

Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror

by T.K. Millin

When the keeper of Twin Rocks Lighthouse is the last to hear a secret kept hidden by the towns people, he proves how deadly the forces of Mother Nature can be in, The Keeper.

After discovering a mysterious tree house deep within the Bayou, four friends learn that sometimes-scary legends can be true in, The Forbidden Tree House.

Having traveled ten million lights years from earth and landing on the planet dubbed, LBX One Nine, the crew of Deep Space Voyager sets out on an exploration into the strange barren landscape. However, the excitement of their new discovery quickly turns to horror when they find they are not alone in, The Other Side of Here.

These are just a few of the six tales of terror you’ll find in Fiction in a Flash! Each based on a different theme and under 1,500 words, you’re sure to find a story to satisfy your hunger for something new and different to read in a flash!

Lucky Chance (Lucky Devereaux)

by Heather Briggs

Lucky has been through hell and back, but this last trip may just be her final undoing. Total loss and total gain await her at the end of this voyage, but will she be able to make it. A time constrained search through the deep swamps of southern Louisiana for little Nivea will test Lucky’s will and her heart. Can Lucky save her in time or will they all be consumed by the evil that resides in the bayou?

The Eagle Has Reanimated – A Zombie Story

by Tony Schaab

From best-selling author Tony Schaab, award-winning creator of The, comes an alternate-history tale of terror, mayhem, and zombies on the moon!

Set in the universe established by George Romero in his seminal film “Night of the Living Dead,” the story revolves around NASA’s Apollo XI moon-landing mission in July 1969 and how the outcome may have been altered with the inclusion of the living dead. Readers paying close attention will catch the witty references to the pop culture of the time, as well as nuanced historical information about the actual Apollo XI mission.

Nominated for the 2010 Nebula Award for Best Novelette, “The Eagle Has Reanimated” was originally released in the anthology novel “Dead History” by Living Dead Press. Called a “must read” by multiple reviewers, this is the one zombie story that is truly out of this world!

Praise for “The Eagle Has Reanimated” and the writings of Tony Schaab:

“A great readâ?¦you won’t be disappointed!”

“Clever and playful, with plenty of brains.”
-S.G. Browne, author of “Fated” and “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament”

“Schaab is a finely-tuned writer with a great understanding of history, and it shows in â??The Eagle Has Reanimated.’ I have read many of his [works] and this may be my favorite.” review

“Tony knows his stuff!”
– Dr. Pus, founder of The Library of the Living Dead

What The Fuck? Zombies!

by April Thompson

Hundreds of thousands are dead and/or infected. A group of video game designers are trapped in the hellish real life version of a zombie game. But this is no game. The dead have come back and they are vicious. The only skills the group have are those they have learned during game play. If their skills are not enough to save them, they will suffer a death that not even their worse nightmares can dream up.

The Ghost Of Eden

by Donald L Keene

Lieutenant Caleb Roman had been with Lee at Appomattox when the general surrendered and now like most other Confederate soldiers, he had to walk to get back home. Seeking a place to stop for the night, he came upon the battered plantation named Eden, and couldn’t understand why the woman who owned the place along with her friend were living in a falling down barn instead of the big house out front. Ignoring their advice about the place, Caleb spread his blanket on the floor of the mansion. But he had just turned in when he learned the war still raged for whatever was living in the building, causing him to come face to face with something more frightening than anything he had ever seen on the battlefield, and his night of terror was just beginning.

MOSQUITOES (Bilingual Edition)

by Marc R. Soto

Learning Spanish as a second language shouldn’t be boring! You can boost your vocabulary by reading this bilingual edition of “Mosquitoes“, a horror novella written in Spanish by Marc R. Soto and profesionally translated into English by Steven Porter.
Start reading “Mosquitoes” (you are allowed to get scared). After enjoying the read, try any chapter you like and read it again in Spanish, or try to read the whole novella (80 pages long) in its original language. 

David is a normal ten-year-old boy who lives in the bosom of a happy family in a quiet town by the marshes, until some mysterious nightly bites lead him to undergo changes. All of a sudden, he knows things he shouldn’t, horrible things: his father dreams of going to bed with the intern and the husband of his teacher Mercedes is cheating on her. Mercedes is herself hiding a terrible secret from her past and is prepared to do something hideous to protect her future… 
And suddenly, along with awareness comes hunger. 

And thirst. An irresistible thirst…

  • “Soto daringly offers his own vision of the vampire myth. And the results are magnificent.” (La Biblioteca del Kraken)

  • A completely original treatment of the vampire myth. I never once felt that I was treading on familiar territory. Lyrical yet savage; hypnotic and dream-like. Definitely of the Spanish horror style. Primal and deeply disturbing. I want to read more by this author.” (Chris McCaffrey )

Available Darkness: Episode 9 (A new breed of vampire serial thriller)

by Sean Platt

From the writers of Yesterday’s Gone and Z 2134…

Don’t want to wait until the next episode? Get all of Season Two (Episodes 7-12 right now at

Following events of Available Darkness Season One, John finds himself one year later working for the very enemy who had hunted him for so long — the government.

The woman that he loves, Hope, had had her mind erased and the only way he can ever find her again is to fulfill his duty, which means betraying his own kind.

11-year-old Abigail, now living with the curse of being a vampire, struggles to survive in a lonely existence where every feeding weighs on her soul and overwhelms her with darkness.

How close can she come to the abyss before she is pulled in?


Hannah Quinn had the almost-perfect life — a blossoming flower business, a loving boyfriend, and she was genuinely happy for the first time in years. But an accident is about to throw her entire life into chaos, leaving her with the question — Who am I?


When a new portal appears, and an ancient evil threatens to destroy the world, John must fight not only to save those that he loves, but to save the entire world. But time is running out, and the Darkness will wait for no man.

Available Darkness: Season Two is the nail-biting, heart-pounding, second part of the Available Darkness Trilogy.

Episode 7 — February 12, 2013
Season Two — February 12 (available the same day as episode 7!)
Episode 8 — February 19
Episode 9 — February 26
Episode 10 — March 5
Episode 11 — March 12
Episode 12 — March 19

Labyrinth of Light

by Nhys Glover

Cathy Donovan is a middle-aged woman who has largely given up on life. In her basement parking lot she is approached by a strange gypsy-woman who offers her the adventure of a lifetime- a chance to save the world by going back in time to change significant events in history.
As Cathy becomes in turn a young priestess of the goddess cults, a Gestapo agent, an early Christian nun and a medieval peasant tortured as a witch, she discovers that she is uniquely placed to influence these lives for the better.
But her journey into the Labyrinth of Light has more than one purpose, as she discovers when she reaches the centre. She must now journey out again in a totally different and more personally confronting way than she ever thought possible.
This is a novel for anyone who has ever questioned the meaning of their lives and has wondered about the reality of reincarnation and past lives.

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Free travel Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

NYC: A Picture Guide to New York City

by Jenny Smith

Borrow for FREE with Amazon Prime!

A picture book packed with 48 color pictures of New York City. If you are from New York, planning a trip to NYC, or just love the Big Apple than this book is for you. Makes a perfect book to enjoy the magnificent city for both kids and adults. As you scroll through the images you will feel the power of this city as it comes to life on the pages. Adults will love this book as it can bring back memories or help with planning a vacation. Children will love all the varying images from around the city. This 99 cent ebook includes pictures of New York Taxis, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Hudson Bay, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, New York Marathon, subway system, Central Park, and NYU to name just a few of the 48 images.

The Magic In The Receiver

by Paul Dillon

Set on the enchanting Greek island of Kefalonia, THE MAGIC IN THE RECEIVER is both a moving family saga and modern romance exploring the timeless enigma of love.

“If you liked Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you’ll surely enjoy THE MAGIC IN THE RECEIVER …”
-Maria Karamitsos, The Greek Star – Summer Book Review 2012

Kefalonia Island, Greece: 1953
Tragedy strikes the Katros family following the Great Ionian Earthquake and nine-year-old Ioannis joins thousands in a mass-evacuation of the Greek island.

Sixty years later, accompanied by his American daughter Elena, Ioannis returns to attend a mysterious mountain festival and lay his ghosts to rest. Embracing her Kefalonian roots, Elena extends her stay on the island, despite the protests of her jealous fiancé. A chance encounter leads to a night of passion with the wealthy and enigmatic Ben, who soon sees lust turn to love – or is it a dangerous obsession…

“The Magic in the Receiver is a paradise retreat for the senses…”

“…a love story with poetic obsession.”

How to Bollywood Dance: A Fun, Practical Guide to Learning and Performing Modern Indian-Style Dance

by A. R. Areu

A sea of beautifully dressed men and women take the stage – the men tall and handsome in their tunics and the women beautiful and glittering in their beaded clothes. The music starts and their bodies spring into action: shaking, whirling, twisting and telling a story, most likely a love storyâ?¦

Bollywood dance has evolved into an exciting, stand-alone performance style of modern Indian dance – both within and outside of India, and among people who may or may not claim Indian heritage.

With this unique handbook “How to Bollywood Dance: A Fun, Practical Guide to Learning and Performing Modern Indian-Style Dance”, A. R. Areu will get you dancing in no time.

Inside you’ll discover things like: what makes Bollywood so fun and unique, the best ways to learn Bollywood dance, how to do 20 different Bollywood dance steps and positions, the essential elements for choreographing and performing a Bollywood dance, tips on lip syncing, how to keep advancing in your dance practice, as well as a primer on Bollywood culture and music!

Heaven on Earth: New Zealand South Island

by Jon Haws

New Zealand was known by the Maoris as the “Land of the Long White Cloud”, as the last country discovered in modern times it always seemed to me as the last great frontier. As a child it was my dream to travel to New Zealand and experience the majesty of nature at its best. This book is a short chronicle of my travels on the South Island of New Zealand. My journal is included along with many photographs and commentary. New Zealand is best described as “Heaven on Earth”. All pictures were taken with my own camera . . . no stock photography here. This is exactly what you will see when you visit the South Island of New Zealand. Over 50 pages of direct insider information about the South Island of New Zealand with photographs.
Every attempt possible was made to insure that the journal has not been edited to exclude the emotions and excitement of the trip. There may be slight grammar and punctuation errors, this is in an attempt to not edit the original emotion of the moment.
Travels and pictures include: Christchurch, Auckland, Queenstown, Milford Sound, and Able Tasman among many others. Pictures are full color and you will feel like you are at the feet of the Majestic Milford Sound as you read the descriptive narrative and view the awe inspiring photos. Enjoy!

Brits Abroad, Another Day In Paradise.

by Steve Hopkins

A true, no holds barred, insight into the surreal world of international property sales.

A “total switch off” read, jam packed full of laugh out loud characters and incidents as we follow the crazy antics of Brits abroad.

Experience flying with International Property Agent’s Airways

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, welcome to International Property Agents Airways.

Dear property seekers please fasten your safety belts. For those of you who haven’t taken advantage of the “Leave Your Brains at the Boarding Gate Boxes” please leave your intelligence, commonsense, marital status and morals in the pocket of the seat in front of you to be collected on your return journey.

Hold onto your hats and get ready to experience the flight of a lifetime. Our plane will be ready for takeoff as soon as the first officer can get an engine or two to start..”

Welcome To My World��.

As an International property agent, I’m a tour guide, marriage councilor, baby sitter, lawyer, translator, confident, bail agent, bodyguard and many more occupations and services too numerous to list here.

Join me in this true romp through the world of international property inspection weekends.

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Free sports Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

The Masters of Golf: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the lives of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods
* Includes several pictures of each golfer
* Includes a table of contents

Arnold Palmer:

There are few professional athletes that have made an impact on their sport like Arnold Palmer. Palmer single handedly elevated golf into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. He was the quintessential player who transformed the game from a hobby into an art, and was the complete package of good looks, charisma and charm. The fact that he was the best golfer of his day didn’t hurt either.

Like many other great athletes, Arnold Palmer transcended sports. Today Arnold is a variety of things to many different people: golf immortal, successful golf course designer, prominent businessman and devoted family man. In a world where famous athletes are known for their demonstrative personalities and prima donna attitudes Arnold Palmer was and still is a breath of fresh air.

We’ll take you through Palmer’s life from the son of a groundskeeper in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of golf success on the PGA tour as he captures 62 PGA Tour victories including seven major championships. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of his golf business including his golf course design firm and his founding of the Golf Channel.

Palmer’s life on and off the golf course is inspiring. Unlike so many elite athletes, he was able to transition from the game as his body failed him and did it with dignity and honor. He has too many accolades to list – including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2004. Ask him and he’ll tell you he’s just Arnold Palmer, a kid from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, but to us, he’s “The King.”

Jack Nicklaus:

Jack Nicklaus is more than just a famous name in golf history. While he is most known for his prowess on the golf course, he has also done a lot to promote and further the entire sport. From his award winning golf course designs to his philanthropic work, Jack Nicklaus is truly one of a kind when it comes to generosity and humbleness.

Jack Nicklaus started out golfing as a child for fun and then his hobby led him in to doing it as a full time career. Jack said he never imagined golf would be a career for him because he loved to play the game so much. However, it worked out well for him as he left school to try and earn money on the golf circuit and earned way more than he ever could have imagined.

Besides setting records on the courses for just about every record ever kept, Nicklaus became a legend off the course as well. He went into business designing golf courses and remains in business with his sons to this day. Many of the PGA major golf tournaments are held at his courses.

Besides designing courses, Nicklaus also has a line of golf apparel, three lines of golf clubs, a brand of wine, a golf academy, a real estate division for his golf courses and even a travel agency. Nicklaus oversees hospitable charities with his wife and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to many worthwhile causes in their home state of Ohio and their adopted state of Florida.

Tiger Woods:

The name “Eldrick Woods” means nothing to most people, but when you say “Tiger Woods,” the whole world is suddenly alert and listening. Most individuals are unaware Eldrick Woods and Tiger Woods are, in reality, the same man. Have you heard the story of how Eldrick became Tiger? Of course, everyone knows Woods was the first African American to win the Masters Tournament, but did you know he was also the youngest to win the event? Are you aware of the number of professional major championships this golf superstar has won? In this biography, you will explore the different worlds of Tiger Woods and learn exciting facts about the extraordinary golfer who changed the world of golf when he was only 21 years of age.

Late Whistle, A Basketball Fairy Tale

by Charlie d’Estries

â??Late Whistle, A Basketball Fairy Tale’ is the story of seven young boys and a basketball coach in New York City who dream, one day, to play in the NCAA tournament. They become the finest high school basketball team in the country, but due to the temptations of the streets, some of the boys go to jail, and none go to college. Fast-forward twenty years… their coach, now coaching in a small D-1 college in the Bronx, is given an ultimatum: either get a bid to the NCAA tournament or lose his job, and his dignity. The boys, now approaching forty with families and careers, decide to help their old friend by enrolling in college and trying out for his team. The team, a mix of young players and middle-aged men, are at first the laughing stock of the college basketball world, but when they start winning, people start to notice.

And then things fall apart. The pressure that comes with conference championship play, aging bodies, and a possible NCAA tournament bid is overwhelming for the team. When the world, including family and friends, find out about the boys’ dark past and why they never went to college, the team almost unravels. Still reeling from public humiliation, the team finds themselves as a sixteen seed playing Duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament, and now the coach must find a way to attempt the impossible.

This story is about people stretching themselves to do what is right and to correct the mistakes of their past. It is a story of reaching deep to see a dream come true. The theme is human nature, second chances and inspiration. And, it is about basketball.

Thanks for considering my book; I wish you all the best!

Concealed Carry: The Fundamentals of Carrying a Concealed Weapon

by John Pershing

Intended for the gun owner looking to safely and legally carry a concealed weapon, this book covers the following topics:

What is Concealed Carry?
Why Concealed Carry?
State Laws Regarding Concealed Carry
Gun-Free Zones and the Gun-Free School Zones Act
Choosing the Weapon You Wish to Carry
How To Properly Carry a Concealed Weapon
Concealment During Winter
The Mental Side of Concealed Carry
Force, But Not Deadly Force
The Aftermath: What to do if Involved in a Shooting

Fantasy Baseball 2013 A Guide to a Championship

by Bobby Bernhardt

The time is now. It is never too early to start preparing for a new fantasy baseball season. It is early January 2013, on a cold and drizzly day in Ireland, and I am thinking fantasy baseball!

I have just sent trade offers to half of the fellow league members in my CBS sports line Goin Deep fantasy baseball league.

Yes, I said trade offers. These guys are used to me, we have played against each other going on our 13th season together.

You can look on the internet for all sorts of MLB players rankings lists and expert opinions on any and all players.

My question is how many championships have these so called experts actually won

I have won 18 in 20 seasons, managing 39 teams. I can help you win your league in 2013 and beyond, YOU need this book.

Of course if you think you know it all and really do not want to hear anything from me, then pass me out.

You will be sorry you did. This book is the ONLY fantasy baseball book you need to help you win your 2013 fantasy baseball league. THE ONLY ONE!

I have put it all together for you in this one book. I have player rankings lists, I have mock drafts, I have player reports, I have updated injury lists.

How to Train a Hunting Dog

by TD Edwards

How to Train a Hunting Dog shows dog owners practical methods of training their dogs for hunting as well as several other tricks and skills necessary for hunting in the wild.

The introductory chapter deals with a history of hunting. In the subsequent chapters, you will learn how to teach your dog to swim, catch prey such as rabbits, raccoon, ducks, possums etc.

Learn how to teach your dog to obey your commands with a silent dog whistle

Learn the advantages of training your dog with a dog whistle as opposed to using only voice commands

Learn how to teach your dog to come back and heed your call when you call

Find links and resources to dog training aids and accessories to turn your dog to a world-class hunting dog

How to Train a Hunting Dog also gives advise on the best type of hunting dog breeds to buy and what physical traits to look out for when buying a hunting dog.

You will also be show how to determine the pedigree and bloodline or ancestry of any dog breed

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green

by Paul O’Brien

This novel contains adult themes and situations.
                                                                               1972 New York City and a dazed Lenny Long walks away from a crash carrying someone’s foot in his hand. He is also searching for the VIP passenger who has somehow disappeared from the back of his overturned van. It’s the first day of his new promotion and Lenny has less than twenty minutes to deliver the missing person or a lot of people are going to get badly hurt.

Danno Garland is in Shea Stadium trying to avoid a riot. He’s coming to the end of the most successful wrestling card of all time but he’s also coming to the realisation that he might not be able to deliver his widely hyped main event. He knows there’s more than the eyes of the arena on him and if Lenny doesn’t arrive soon, blood is going to be sought. Probably his.

Proctor King nervously watches the show on TV, wondering why his fuck-up of a son doesn’t already have the world heavyweight belt in his grasp. Arranging this match has taken Proctor four years of pay-offs, double dealing and bone breaking to arrange. If all that effort has been wasted then he might just have to take him a business trip to New York.

Lenny, Danno and Proctor. Three men with pieces of the puzzle but none with the full picture.

When they do piece it all together, the ‘fake’ world of professional wrestling is going to get very real.

Dodgeball! A Complete Guide

by Jackson Crawford

Dodgeball! A Complete Guide

Dodgeball has been around longer than anyone can remember. For most of us it has been just a school yard game that we played at recess or PE. Recently it has become an adult sport with its very own leagues and associations. It is quite a fun game! We have provided a introductory guide into the world of dodgeball. Enjoy!

The Drinking Game

by Nicklaus Suino

When the young upstart Bob Santoni challenges his drinking ability, the old master, Russell Aldridge, agrees to a contest that will last for six months and end up completely changing both their lives. Filled with “fish stories,” social commentary, and wry humor, THE DRINKING GAME is a character study of a man born in an age long past, when honor and dignity were valued and mastery was a way of life.

Heart rate training for triathletes

by Ken Maclaren

A user friendly guide from KinEli Publishing showing triathletes how to train effectively with a heart rate monitor.

How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Bag: A Survival Guide

by Ben Andrews

How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Bag: A Survival Guide

Most of us believe that we’re completely safe and believe that nothing will happen to us because the government won’t let it happen and they’ll take care of us if a disaster ever happens.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

You need to prepare yourself for any sort of disaster that might occur.

One of the best ways that you can be prepared for survival when disaster strikes is to put together a properly developed bug out bag.

If you truly want to survive, this bug out bag will literally become your new best friend. So, that’s why we’ve put together this quick read to help you pack your bug out bag with all of the essential items that you may need to live independently for a couple of days or even longer.

Get your copy now.

How to Find a Good Pair of Skis at a Great Price: Never Pay More Than $200 to $400 for Skis with Bindings, Again!

by Anne Jordan

When it comes to skiing, there is nothing like owning your own gear. But at $600 to $700, for the skis alone, not to mention another $200+ for a suitable pair of bindings, many people just cannot afford the experience of owning a pair of skis suited to your ability and style of skiing. The cost of rentals can also be quite prohibitive, for those who like to ski, but who are on a budget. I had to face this dilemma in college, and after weeks of continuous research, as well as some trial and error, I finally figured out how to get a great pair of newer skis, that had only seen a couple days of use, for under $200 – WITH bindings!! Had I wanted brand new skis from the most recent season, with bindings, I could have purchased them for under $400, easily! And why rent, when you can buy a good pair of gently used skis for around $100 (again, with bindings), sometimes less? They’ll pay for themselves in just a few trips! Granted, you will need to get boots, which I don’t discuss, as I believe in getting fitted boots (you don’t have to, though). Poles are quite inexpensive, and should not be an issue. But the bottom line is that even if you can afford to spend about $1000 on skis, I can still help you save a substantial amount of money! No gimmicks, no secret websites – just pure strategy. I spent countless hours of my time just figuring out how to get a deal, alone. If you invest a few dollars in this book, the only “homework” that you will have to do involves simply making sure you’re picking the right skis for you. In this book, I help guide you through that as well. I tell you where to buy, what to look for, advantages and disadvantages of buying from various “types” of sellers, how to find your size, and more! I’m just a thrifty, budget consumer, just like many of you, who is trying to finance a graduate school education. No snake oil here!

Hunt Great Deer: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started and Bag a Big Whitetail Buck

by Buffalo Overlord

Find out why whitetail deer hunting is the one of the most rewarding and fastest growing hobbies in America.This quick-start guide covers all of the bases, so you can get all the gear, training, and equipment you need to get out in the woods. Experience the thrill of the hunt this season!

Hunt Great Deer includes an A-to-Z gear guide, success tips, tracking methods — all of it.

Inside, you’ll find:

– Equipment lists
– Beginner, intermediate, and advanced methods
– Step-by-step field dressing instructions

Deer hunting is a year round activity that begins with planning and culminates in the rut. Pick up this guide and begin the adventure of a lifetime!

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 13


by William Sharp

The adorable little creatures we know as hummingbirds are a far cry from the nasty thing that attacks Carley Richards as she hikes in the Colorado wilderness. This is the taut story of a life-changing event, and the couple who face an uncertain future because of it.

The Takers

by D. T. Peterson

Holograms, guns, celebrity status, a penchant for theft, and red warpaint tattoos. This is the arsenal of the “Takers,” a gang of Robin Hood-like thieves terrorizing the rich in Chicago during the year 2067. Enthralled with their reputation and the chance to support her fellow lower-class citizens, a young woman named Lash gleefully becomes their newest member. Her quick-thinking and eagerness to learn earns her acceptance and an invitation to the gang’s most important heist yet. But as Lash learns more about the Takers’ history and intentions, she begins to realize there’s more to the gang than meets the eye.

The Takers is one of three short prequels for the novel Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone.

Admiral’s Fury – part 1 – Purple Blood (Carinae Sector)

by David Buck

It is one hundred and fifty years after the Traders and the Maveen landed on Earth, and aware of the nature of the vassal races, humanity is cautiously reaching for the stars. The Cephrit Tilmud war has raged for one hundred and fifty years, and the war along with other events, has distracted the vassal races from interacting with Earth. The war is ending, and the vassal races are now able to return to star systems near the solar system. Admiral Mary Neilson has brought her fleet to the former Dradfer colonies after the Cephrit gave a warning of a possible attack, and her fleet is confronted by a vast armada of Jerecab ships. Elsewhere in the galaxy, the Barede colonists are settling other colonies on the long journey from the edge of the colony back to Earth.

Approx 89,800 words
Recommended Price $3.99

Admiral’s Fury – part 2 – Hidden Menace (Carinae Sector)

by David Buck

Altarebe has made a daring covert landing on Earth, but has he avoided detection by the humans? Conflict between the Earth fleet and the Jerecab armada has erupted at the former Jerecab colonies. Two Barus captains, Omerio and Gindane, with their squadrons are providing assistance to Admiral Neilson. The Traders and the Sspol also make an appearance, but is it enough to aid the human destroyer fleet? A hidden menace strikes the survivors of war in space, and a desperate sacrifice by the survivors is needed. A hidden presence elsewhere in the solar system is revealed. Elsewhere, Grant Stoneham, a Barede miner, is exploring the outer part of the Carinae sector with the aid of the Maveen, and his mission is dangerous before the legendary Dradfer are taken into account. Seliandre helps Altarebe repair the Maveen sled as the Jerecab armada now races for Earth.

Approx word: 87,500
Recommended price: $3.99

Admiral’s Fury – part 3 – Fleet Action (Carinae Sector)

by David Buck

Grant Stone meets the Huopheen, the Quixxe and the Altoran in his long journey, and he makes progress where the Maveen and the Traders have not. The Vorinne second envoy is aware of the Jerecab armada attacking the humans, but she is both distracted and injured even as she seeks to save her own life. A Quixxe fugitive is taken by her family to meet the life chapter matriarch, and the family is then spirited away to the outskirts of the galaxy. A massive space battle erupts in the solar system as the Jerecab armada arrives and the vastly outnumbered humans attempt to defend Earth. Omerio and Gindane arrive with their ships, the Sspol are present along with a sole Maveen probe. Robert Seville has designed surprises for the Jerecab, but once he gets back to the moon he finds that his plans are not quite ready. The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and will they survive either the armada or the ramifications of an unlikely victory?

Approx words: 84,600
Recommended price: $3.99


by Kieran Yeoman

A collection of short stories written by Kieran Yeoman.


Some Time In New York

by Gary Sweeney

In the early hours of December 8th 1980 in a dark corner of Central Park, New York, a young Englishman is attacked by two muggers. Robbed at knife-point and about to be left for dead, ten seconds later, one mugger is shot dead, the other is on his knees begging for his life.

They had picked on the wrong man. Sam Walsh is ex-British army. Ruthless, cold, no-nonsense, and on a mission. He has been sent back in time from 1985 to prevent the assassination of former-Beatle, John Lennon. Armed with a Russian-made Makarov PB pistol and the benefit of hindsight, the plan appeared to be straightforward, kill the assassin before he could become one.

If only life were that simple.

John Lennon needs to live so he can father a son in 1981.
This son will become a future US President.
But he is employed in the South Tower of the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

On his trips back in time, Sam Walsh is befriended by a feisty New York hooker, Maria Wilson, who becomes a central figure in a mind-blowing sequence of events which span three decades and throws a group of people on a collision course of lust, love, and love-lost.

Solitude (The I.S.C. Archer Daniels Chronicles)

by Emil Peter

This is the first installment of a 14 part series.

The crew of the intergalactic space craft Archer Daniels are on a rather routine mission to bring food and terraforming materials to a remote mining encampment within the solar system. All is normal for the crew in their journey…until it all starts to go wrong.

This is a rather short read and is part of a much larger book. New episodes should be available every two weeks.

Forget Yourself

by Redfern Jon Barrett

“It is important that you know: I love you.
Of course I have no idea who you are.
But I have no real idea who I am either, so it seems fair to me.”

Blondee lives in a world without memories: just four walls, fifty huts and a hundred forgotten people. She came in with the food rations. Mind and body naked, like everyone. Now she lives in a triangular hut at the edge of everything. They say she was a thief â?? she has long fingers â?? and she certainly has a reputation for taking multiple lovers. But haunted by the ghost of a fat man and dreaming of a stone woman, Blondee knows she can reshape the world â?? she just needs to get the world to listenâ?¦


Forget Yourself is truly one of the few stories that I have read which ties post-war and present day struggles with polyamory being accepted into [the] mainstream … Barrett beautifully describes society … a turn at every corner.” – Amy Shiner,


A manic giant with a PhD in queer literature, Redfern writes sci-fi, political rants and polyamorous decadence. His writing has featured in A Cappella Zoo, Witches/Sorcières, Shaped By Time, and Gender Forum â?? as well as the National Museum of Denmark and Paris’ Maison Populaire. He is a regular contributor to Scifi Methods, and his queer sci-fi novel Forget Yourself is now available on Amazon.

Facebook page:
Twitter: @redfernjon


by Allen Peppitt

JFK: ENDGAME DALLAS – Time traveler John Youngblood thinks there’s a future in raking up the past. That is why, armed with previously unreleased files, he travels back 300 years to the time of JFK’s assassination. His aim is to right a few historical wrongs.

Helping him are hard-living, womanizing lawyer, Rufus Jones & streetwise Dallas cop, Darlene Andrews. For this unlikely couple, you could say it is “love at first fight.” But as destiny takes a detour, their feelings for each other deepen as they get dragged dangerously into the conspiracy.

“Combine what has to be the greatest conspiracy generator of the 20th Century with an explosive romance, throw in some biting satire, a good measure of time travel & the result is one very original novel.”

Genre. This is the tricky bitâ?¦. Sci-fi – Historical Fantasy – Satire – Romance – Conspiracy – Political Thriller & more! (U.S. English Edition)

Published by The Electronic Book Company

King of Trees

by Carmen Webster Buxton

“What if the world we’re on is only one thread out of millions of threads in the rope of time?”

The question the Outsider woman posed to him left Bardolph as confused as ever. He knew the Outsiders had appeared as if by magic many years before, during his great-grandfather’s reign, but he had never understood where they came from. He only knew they had changed Albion forever.

Melissa York might have been grateful to her rescuer, who called himself King of Albion, but she saw no reason to let her gratitude influence her opinion of antiquated notions like monarchy and pagan religions. Let the Druids go back to their forests. She and her people were the best defense Albion had against the invaders.

Bardolph knew better. All the people of Albion would need to work together or they would find themselves conquered again. Only this time instead of a Roman emperor, their tribute would be paid to one in faraway China. He only hoped the Outsiders were as clever and as powerful as rumor said they were, because Albion needed all the help it could get.

Perfect Me (Perfection Labs)

by Jason Z. Christie

Funny sci-fi in the vein of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Five year-old Prail Abraxis of Praxis has a boring job taking care of the three suns that orbit Earth 2.0, so she spends her time and energy writing games. President Gorlax, President For Life of planet Gortician, enlists the aid of mad poet Sherman Oakes to win her heart. Hilarity, romance and mayhem ensue.

Warning: Contains several instances of poetry, some mildly disturbing in nature. Implied female nudity. References to fictional body parts. This book contains adult language and situations. You prat.

Knot in Time (Tales of Uncertainty)

by Alan Tucker

My name is Darius Arthur Heisenberg, but most people call me Dare. If my last name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of my great-great uncle Werner Heisenberg. He was a physicist who came up with something called the Uncertainty Principle. But listen, Uncle Werner had no idea how uncertain things really are.

I work for a group, called the Keepers, that label themselves the custodians of time. And, believe me, time is a mess. It needs all the custodians it can get. Which is, of course, why the Keepers selected me, a nineteen-year-old high school dropout, to join them. I recently worked as a janitor for a couple months. Perfect fit, right?

Okay, it didn’t make much sense to me either, but I wasn’t in a position to turn down a steady job and a roof over my head. Besides, all I’m supposed to do is travel through time and save the universe as we know it, how hard could it be?

Yeah, better hold on. This could get ugly.

Country of Superheroes

by Merrell Michael

During a fierce blizzard, an aging comics store owner named Robert Boquet spends his time writing about his friend, Stanley Cantor, the Superhero known as the Whiz. Stanley was a beloved figure during his life. But Robert is more interested in the truth behind the legend, and will find all the details, of sex, lies, and murder. Up to the moment of the Whiz’s own death, and the mystery it contains….
Country of Superheroes is written by a Marine Veteran of the Afghanistan war, and fuses the sensibility of bombastic, comic-book-style storytelling with modern literary fiction to bring to life an alternate history of all of us.

Retribution (Lunatic Slayer Adventures #3)

by Tina Hand

Everything has fallen to chaos. In a master stroke of pure genious, a group of anti-Guild extremists known only as Death First have managed to throw the world into anarchy. Revenants gathered and trained by Death First roam city streets, looking for energy to absorb. The Hunter’s Guild is crippled. It’s leadership missing, it’s buildings locked down, and some of its Hunters betraying it from within, the Guild is as disorganized and chaotic as the rest of the world. There is nothing left…

Or is there? The network of support and help for the famous Lunatic Slayer may be gone, but he himself remains, a bastion of hope in the darkness. Can Hawk gather the remains of the Guild before it’s too late? Or will the dead finally overcome the living?

Soul Hunter (Lunatic Slayer Adventures #1)

by Tina Hand

What would happen if we lived in a world where the dead could come back to life? Where they could take their anger and rage out on an unsuspecting populace? They can’t be shot. They can’t be hurt. They can’t be stopped. Faced with an ever-increasing horde of the raving dead, who could we call on to protect us?

The Hunter’s Guild was formed to protect the living from the dead. Using their own lives as energy, Hunters fight the dead, sealing them away, protecting us from their advances, their attacks. But in the history of the Guild, one man stood out as the best. These are the stories of Hawk, the Lunatic Slayer, the single most talented and powerful Hunter the world has ever known. An orphan and a foundling, he knows nothing of his past, his heritage. Feared and reviled, yet he stands up for us against the dead. He protects us, he saves us. Without the Guild there would be no hope.

Without Hawk, there would be no chance.

Author’s Note: Please be aware that the Kindle file has been updated to correct the errors with the display of Russian characters. Many thanks to those who pointed out the errors.

Chosen One – Earth’s Treasure

by Jo Williams


The United States of America has precise first contact protocols established in the event of an encounter with extraterrestrial beings. However, the government did not count on a ship slipping through our defense system and landing on a frozen Minnesota meadow, without any forewarning.

Although our military forces scramble to secure the scene, these aliens have protocols of their own, and we have little choice but to do things their way.

On that cold winter evening, Dawn Halverston’s car left her stranded on a secluded road where she is the only witness to the landing of the alien spacecraft. When it employs a protective dome over the surrounding area, she is isolated inside with the huge ship. She must overcome her fear to be the representative of her people.

Chosen One – Earth’s Treasure follows a young woman’s journey into uncharted territory, where with youthful optimism and confidence she establishes a relationship with the aliens. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before incidents occur to make her question her own ability and judgment.

And when she has yet another encounter, she learns that there are many more inhabited planets out there. Others who are interested in Earth, and in the treasure discovered here.

What is this treasure? Which side is telling the truth? There is a lot more going on than establishing contact between planets. We are merely pawns in an intergalactic battle for power and control of our galaxy, and all we can do is watch and hope we’re on the winning side.

With engaging characters, page-turning twists, and a unique conclusion, this story is a refreshing alternative to a market filled with gloom, doom, and blood. It provides an uplifting break from reality, and transports us to that meadow to be a part of the first contact with space travelers.


by Adam Moon

This is a 35 page Novelette:
James Hoo lives in a dystopian future controlled by corporate needs and governmental regulations. He’s been genetically engineered to be a brilliant researcher, all sponsored by the corporation that now owns him.
But as he discovers how different he really is, he must find ways to hide these flaws from his sponsors or risk being terminated.
His experiments are bearing unlikely fruit, but his are not the only experiments taking place.

The Verity Key

by Vince McLeod

After most of humanity was wiped out in the Mindvirus Plague, the world’s foremost superpower in 2072 is New Australia. As this nascent Southern empire struggles with a series of murders called the Moneybook killings, the machine cultist Jonty Gillespie is trying to stay alive and out of trouble until his team can win the nation’s premiere virtual reality fighting championship.

Acting on the belief that machine cultists are behind the Moneybook killings, the XSA agent Richard Nordmark coerces Jonty into an adventure that encounters exotic drugs that open dimensions he’s never imagined, mind doctors who live to crack the minds of other men, a communitarian technocult balancing between triumph and oblivion, and technology that forces him to reevaluate his understanding of what it means to be human.

Jonty’s developing involvement with the remote mind control device called the Verity Key gives him more power than he could ever have dreamed of, and with it the responsibility to confront the violence in his past and in the hearts of other men.

Escaping Towards Destiny (Factors In Refuge)

by Pamela Foland

This story is about a girl, Bianca Stone. Bianca is plagued from birth by prophetic visions or nightmares of artificially intelligent molecular-morphic survival suits breaking programming and sending control probes into peoples’ brains. Consequently Bianca reacts to the nightmares by teleporting away from home to random destinations past, present and futures free from computing technology and circuitry, leaving diaper and all behind. When destiny finally finds her she faces it head on.

Glimpse: Volume One

by Justin Mermelstein

The complete first 10 episode volume of the Glimpse series. Each episode is approximately 1000-2000 words and includes an original piece of artwork.


Chester Dyllis is a twenty-something-year-old face in the crowd. His perspective on life, even from a very young age, has always been even-keeled and grounded in reality. His dreams and passions take a backseat to the pressures of daily responsibility.

His life is turned on its side when he receives news that his mother has died unexpectedly. This sparks the awakening of a dormant ability, one that brings enlightenment to a brand new world, where the rules of time are drastically changed and the past and present are no longer distinguishable.

Wheatfields Beyond

by David Farland

In a world turned upside down, only the fittest will survive. But how can we define “Who is fittest?”

[Special Feature: Includes author notes on the origins of this short story.]


by Robert Paisley

How can a mugging victim disable his attackers without touching them? Two detectives search for the victim to find out how.
They find their lives changed forever when the finally come face to face with the man.

Difficult Times – Season Two – Extermination – Episode 07 (Difficult Times – Extermination)

by Walter Shillington

After a short and bloody war the Krimach invaders face defeat. For Earth, however, victory is bitter-sweet. Prohibited weapons were employed and both sides have been convicted of war crimes. Severe reprisals are imminent.
This weekly serial chronicles the adventures of Billy Trapp as he struggles to convince his former foes to cooperate in Earths efforts to avoid annihilation.
Each exciting, fun-filled installment contains approximately two thousand words.

In this episode the Krimach military wreaks havoc after a local militia attacks a hover tank.

Season one of Difficult Times has been compiled into one ebook called Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season.

The Dragon Hunters

by Robert Paisley

Dragons are mythical beasts, they don’t really exist, do they?
So when these non-existing beast start killing men and sheep, the village needs help fast.
The help comes from an unexpected quarter and puts a young farmer and his girlfriend at risk of their lives.

The Gypsy Witch

by Leanne Cartwright

In England, 1596, a law has been passed criminalizing the gypsy lifestyle causing animosity towards travelers. In a small town in the middle of England the Mayor hatches a plot that will rid the town of the gypsies that have visited every year. By accusing the gypsies of witchcraft the Mayor persecutes and executes them.

William, a wealthy young man on the town council, falls in love with a young gypsy girl telling people’s fortunes. Can he keep her safe when all others are baying for her blood?

Pixie Angel (The Azure Series)

by Rosie Mae

All Alice needed to do to put her early years of abuse and battles with depression behind her was to make the right life choices. She didn’t. Instead, she built a prison of her own mistakes and locked herself away from a better future. Now she spends her days working herself to exhaustion and her nights hoping to find a way to end her struggle without it meaning the end of her life. The unexpected return of her best friend, Jessica provides Alice with one last opportunity to undo the damage she has been doing to them both for so many years. She’ll be faced with a new reality that there’s more than one way for her to choose her last day on Earth.

For Jessica, she may finally be able to do what she was sent away from her family and her world as a child to do: save her own sanity by saving Alice’s.

Pixie Angel started out as more of a love letter to the universe underneath the layer of two central characters that would each be introspective in their own way while being interesting enough for others to follow and learn about as both their separate paths converge and go forward.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free science Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

Life on the Farm; pictures of tractors, farm animals, and barns

by Jessie Mitchelle

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Does your child love animals? DO they get excited every time they see a dog, cow, pig, or other animal? Do they love the zoo? Do love looking at tractors? If so than this book is for you! With 40+ beautiful color pictures of farm animals, tractors, barns, eggs, and fields . . . this is the perfect picture book for children.

This ebook for kids includes photos of cows, pigs, chickens, John Deere tractors, corn fields, eggs, ducks, and other farm animals and elements of farm life. For any child that loves barns, machines, trucks, or animals this will keep them entertained and excited about their interests.

If you reminisce for a simpler life, a slower life on a farm, or just want to sit back at the end of the day and think a slower times in a small country life than you will love looking at these pictures and relaxing alone or with your little farmer!

For those that enjoy picture books, photography of animals and still life, nature books, ebooks for kids, animal picture books and animals this will be the perfect addition to your ebook collection.

Mountains: Pictures of Mountainscapes

by Missy LeReau

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Do you or your children love the outdoors? Are you planning a camping trip? Do you ever just wish that you could escape city life and relax in the mountains next to a stream? This is the book for you. With 38 photographs of various mountain ranges you will find yourself feeling relaxed and calm as you view these high quality color photos of the outdoors. Landscape photography has always been a way to calm down and works as a great stress reliever. This book also works great for children who love to play outside. Let your child read this book while at church, waiting in line, or at anytime that they may need a fun and easy picture book to distract them. If you love camping, hiking, trail running, photography, landscapes, painting, backpacking, or other outdoor activities . . . give this book a try.

Natural Allergy Remedies

by Terrell Clements

Allergies plague millions of people around the globe, affecting people of all ages. Although we have a lot of medications that treats these conditions, many people only get marginal relief through these medications, while also suffering from many frustrating side effects. Natural remedies, on the other hand, often have few to no side effects, and can also combat allergic reactions effectively.

Natural Allergy Remedies covers the top allergy related issues including:

– Foods That Fight Allergies
– Benefits of Taking Probiotics
– Introduction to Homeopathic Treatments
– Natural Allergy Remedies for Hay Fever
– Natural Allergy Remedy for Dog & Cat Allergies
– Natural Allergy Remedy for Asthma
– Natural Allergy Remedy for Sinus Problems
– Natural Remedy for Food Allergies
– Natural Remedy for Skin Allergies
– and more

Spiders! Learn About Spiders While Learning To Read – Spider Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Spiders)

by Monica Molina

Do your kids like Spiders? Great! We love them too. Do your kid want or need to learn how to read? Great! This book is jam packed with over 45+ Different Spider Photos With Spider Information.

Have You Ever Said Any Of These Things:
“I would like my kids to learn in a fun way”
“My kids love learning about different animals”
“I would like my kids to learn something, while learning how to read”
“Can my kids learn how to read and also have fun?”
“Can I instantly get some Spider photos in a “learn to read” book format for my kids Right Now?!”

Here is What You Will Get Inside “Spiders! Learn About Spiders While Learning To Read – Spider Photos And Facts Make It Easy!”…
Spider Food
Spider Pictures
Spider Photos
Spider Webs
Spider Traps
Poisonous Spiders
Tarantula Spiders
Pet Spiders
House Spiders
And Lots More!

How Can I get some Spider photos and facts into my kid’s hands quick?

Other Things inside of “Spiders! Learn About Spiders While Learning To Read – Spider Photos And Facts Make It Easy!”:
This book has photos and info on different Spider facts.
This book is for beginners who are serious about looking at Spiders and learning how to read.
You will walk away with some awesome Spider photos in a book!
Your kids will look on in awe at the different cool Spider photos while learning about Spiders.

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Physics Graduates, Don’t Fret About Finding A Job: Learn How You Can Use Your Unique Skills to Excel and Be Happy in Any Career You Choose

by Micky H Corbett

Want to learn how to turn your physics skills into “superpowers” so that you’ll be indispensible in any job or career you choose???

What if you could effectively keep doing physics for the rest of your life.. even though your chosen career wasn’t related to science at all? And earn much more money in the process??

In this book, “Physics Graduates, Don’t Fret About Finding A Job: Learn How You Can Use Your Unique Skills to Excel and Be Happy in Any Career You Choose” author Micky H Corbett (a trained physicist, experienced rocket scientist and entrepreneur) describes how the very physics course that you didn’t think gave you any REAL options in the world of work has actually reprogrammed your brain, transforming you into a unique and valuable asset.

And it’s more than likely that this has happened all without you knowing it.

You’ll start to appreciate the many career options you have as well as learn top tips to tailor you CV to suit, so that you can apply for any position you choose. This may be a role in a science or engineering company, a vocation such as teaching or even a post-graduate position within academia. Or it may be something completely unrelated and exciting nonetheless.

But also he explains how it is crucial that you apply the same skills and insights to become a master at adapting to the challenges of the real world. But don’t fret!.. your physics course has already prepared you for this very task and you’ll quickly realise you can do anything you put your mind to.

Tired of Being Sleepy? How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

by Barry North

Tired of Being Sleepy?

Are you tired of feeling so tired? Sick of feeling half awake during times when you should be at your best? Better sleep can be yours again.

Do you feel sluggish and unable to concentrate throughout your busy day? Millions of people around the world suffer from a lack of sleep on a regular basis. You need to find out how to fix this and get your daylight awake and alertness back.

Don’t allow poor sleep patterns and the effects of sleep deprivation to cause havoc on your health. Start today and make some simple changes to ensure you enjoy your perfect night’s sleep.

Learn to sit up and jump out of bed after a restful night’s sleep the way it was meant to be with these sleep tips and sleeping advice.

Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease

by Richard Secklin

Pharmaceutical use of cannabis is not new and history shows us how this miracle plant has been misinterpreted through an era of ignorance. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and the credibility of marijuana as a therapy specifically for Parkinson’s disease is somewhat new. Marijuana is a miracle plant that helps Parkinson’s patients and benefits people suffering from many other illnesses. A prospective analysis from a Parkinson’s patient.

What is presently a controversial subject matter as many States one by one approve the medicinal use of marijuana, this new research book should help provide medical support for new legislation. This is an interesting insight from the author who is a retired career law enforcement officer and Parkinson’s patient. His first book, “Looking Down the Barrel,” a Parkinson’s disease self help spiritual book was put in print by Nettfit Publishing in 2010.

The author Richard Secklin, is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and an LCU award winner for his research. Readers are given a brief history on cannabis, the laws, the medicinal use, medical research, and much more in his new book, “Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease – Cannabis Research and the Miracle Plant for Parkinson’s.”

Marijuana is truly a miracle plant that has been around for thousands of years and beneficial for many illnesses and diseases said the author. “Is marijuana, the oldest medicinal plant known to man the sectarian or alternative contemporary medicine or are all other medicines since the existence of cannabis the new modern alternative drugs?” (Secklin, 2012, .4)

Rays! Learn About Rays While Learning To Read – Rays Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Rays)

by Monica Molina

Do your kids like Rays? Great! We love them too. Do your kids want or need to learn how to read? Great! This book is jam packed with over 45+ Different Ray Photos With Ray Information.

Have You Ever Said Any Of These Things:
“I would like my kids to learn in a fun way”
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“Can I instantly get some Ray photos in a “learn to read” book format for my kids Right Now?!”

Here is What You Will Get Inside “Rays! Learn About Rays While Learning To Read – Rays Photos And Facts Make It Easy!”…
Manta Ray
Eagle Ray
Blue Spotted Ray
Yellow Spotted Ray
Southern Stingray
Spotted Eagle Ray
Honeycomb Stingray
Rays Eating
Rays Eyes
Rays Stingers
Ray Camouflage
And Lots More!

How Can I get some Ray photos and facts into my kid’s hands quick?

Other Things inside of “Rays! Learn About Rays While Learning To Read – Rays Photos And Facts Make It Easy!”:
This book has photos and info on different Ray facts.
This book is for beginners who are serious about looking at Rays and learning how to read.
You will walk away with some awesome Ray photos in a book!
Your kids will look on in awe at the different cool Ray photos while learning about Rays.

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Giraffes! Learn About Giraffes And Learn To Read – The Learning Club! (45+ Photos of Giraffes)

by Leah Ledos

Do your kids like Giraffes? Great! You are in the right place. You can help them learn about Giraffes today.

Here is What You Will Get Inside “Giraffes! Learn About Giraffes And Learn To Read – The Learning Club!”…
Giraffe Facts
Giraffes Pictures
Giraffe Babies
Giraffe Females
Giraffe Males
Giraffe Herds
Giraffes Eating
Giraffes Playing
And Lots More!

How can I get some Giraffe photos into my kid’s hands today?

Other Things inside of “Giraffes! Learn About Giraffes And Learn To Read – The Learning Club!”:
This book has photos of Giraffes.
This book has info on Giraffes.
This book has facts on Giraffes.
This book will help you learn.
This book will help you read better.

Buy the book “Giraffes! Learn About Giraffes And Learn To Read – The Learning Club!” Right Now!

BE GREEN, MAKE MONEY, RECYCLE!: The 6 Things You need To know About Recycling And How You Can Make Money Doing It! (The Green Life Series)

by Alexander Martins

Make money while saving
the environment and performing
a vitally important task for your
global community.

Utilize the simple strategies
and sometimes overlooked methods
to perform your responsibility while
earning an extra or full time income.

Read to discover the 6 vital things
you need to know and how to make cash
while doing it!

Find the simple strategies inside
and start using them today!

Overcoming Math Anxiety and How to Be Successful in Mathematics: The Language of Mathematics and How to Love Math Again (Zero Angel’s Mathematics)

by Robby “Zero Angel” Richardson

Many people are surprised that math anxiety is documented and accepted. When you think about it though, mathematics is the one subject that continues to build upon itself year after year. Each year, we learn new mathematics that uses the math of the year before. As soon as one gap gets into our educationâ??as soon as we are missing one tool in our math toolboxâ??our experience with math begins to spiral out of control. It’s something that is hard to avoid.

About the Series:
Zero Angel’s Mathematics is a series of “math help” sections designed to take the reader from no knowledge of mathematics through calculus. Although best used in conjunction with each other, they are split up so the reader that knows where their gaps and misunderstandings lay may only acquire the information they are looking for and not be forced to purchase unnecessary information.

Zero Angel’s Mathematics is one teacher’s attempt to teach the mathematics that should be being taught to students of math today. Math classes everywhere are teaching students to do long multiplication without teaching why we add; teaching cross multiplication without asking why. “Why” is one of the most important questions in mathematics and by teaching mechanical processes without considering their place in mathematics as a field we set students up to be no better than machines.

Unfortunately, this means when confronted with advanced problems, students have no chance of success.

Upcoming Sections:
Feb 2013: “Arithmetic and Number Sense — The ‘Basics’ We are Never Taught”
Apr 2013: “Basic Algebra — Unknowns and the Search for Truth”

101 Diabetic Questions Your Doctor Probably Won’t Answer

by Diabetes Research Team

I have worked for years as a nurse with diabetic patients.

The “101 Diabetes Questions Your Doctor Probably Won’t Answer” was created from questions that my patients asked me over these many years. When they asked the questions, I knew that they all wanted quick and easy answers. Answers that do NOT include many of the long complicated words and phrases common in medicine today.

The reason I created this book is to help you become healthier.

Bear 5-Pack of eBooks! Learn About Bears While Learning To Read – Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 240+ Photos of Bears)

by Monica Molina

Do your kids like Bears? Great! We love them too.

eBook Title #1:
Panda Bears! Learn About Panda Bears While Learning To Read – Panda Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Panda Bears)

eBook Title #2:
Black Bears! Learn About Black Bears While Learning To Read – Black Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Black Bears)

eBook Title #3:
Grizzly Bears! Learn About Grizzly Bears While Learning To Read – Grizzly Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Grizzly Bears)

eBook Title #4:
Koala Bears! Learn About Koala Bears While Learning To Read – Koala Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Koala Bears)

eBook Title #5:
Polar Bears! Learn About Polar Bears While Learning To Read – Polar Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Polar Bears)

Here is What You Will Get Inside “Bear 5-Pack of eBooks! Learn About Bears While Learning To Read – Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy!”…
Panda Bears
Black Bears
Polar Bears
Grizzly Bears
Koala Bears
Bears Running
Bears Eating
Bear Facts
Bears Sleeping
Bear Cubs
Bear Sows
Bear Boars
Bear Food
Bears Swimming
Bears Climbing Trees
And Lots More!

Buy the book “Bear 5-Pack of eBooks! Learn About Bears While Learning To Read – Bear Photos And Facts Make It Easy!” Today! You won’t be disappointed.

Far Out Multiplication Flash Cards 1-12 (Decorated with Solar System Photos)

by Chris McMullen

This eBook includes 288 multiplication flash cards in color (where color is available). Each flash card is decorated with solar system images just like the flash cards depicted on the thumbnail image for the cover of this eBook.

The first set of 144 flash cards has the problems 1×1 thru 12×12 in order. The first half of this eBook is designed for kids who are still memorizing their times tables.

The second set of 144 flash cards has the problems 1×1 thru 12×12 shuffled. The second half of this eBook is designed for kids who have tried to memorize their times tables, and who need to test their mastery of it.

Each flash card appears as its own picture on its own page. All of the flash cards come in pairs: First comes the problem flash card, followed by the corresponding answer flash card. So first you see the problem, and then you check your answer immediately.

The answer flash cards have the names of the solar system images on them in addition to the answers.

This eBook reads like a book. It is not a program or a game. It does not use a random number generator. The flash cards do look like ordinary flashcards (and they are in color and are decorated with solar system photos). The first half of this eBook has the flash cards in order to help memorize the times tables. The second half are shuffled to help test how well the times tables have been memorized. The shuffled cards will always appear in the same order.

SIMPLE WAYS YOU CAN GO GREEN: Discover 5 Simple Ways You Can Go Green, Enhance Your Life And Protect The Environment With Ease (The Green Life Series)

by Alexander Martins


The Green Life Series:

Amazingly simple but
often overlooked, underused
and misunderstood ways that you
can go green, enhance your life
and protect the global community.

Alexander Martins does the job
of uncovering vital facts and easy
to implement strategies that you can
use today.

Discover the tools and enhance your
life and the enviornment today.

All the secrets are inside…

GOING GREEN EXPLAINED: The 12 Things You need To Know About Going Green And How It Will Affect Your Life In The Next 3 Years (The Green Life Series)

by Alexander Martins


The Green Life Series:

In this book, discover
the 12 vital facts you
need to know about going
green and how they’ll affect
the lives of all of us within
the next three years.

Included are some shockingly
simple but often overlooked facts,
resources and strategies within the
growing, global green community.

Discover the secrets inside

Four Times Table – Multiplication Cards (Multiplication Cards Series)

by Joy Findlay

Multiplication Cards – another great learning tool from Findlay Books.

‘Four Times Table’ is a set of ebook cards that teach the four times table. This is a colourful, clear and concise introduction to basic multiplication. It covers the four times table from one to twelve (1 to 12).

This ebook includes sequential cards, a full times table on one page, hints and tips, and the cards in random order.

‘Four Times Table’ is part of the Multiplication Cards Series. Check out the whole series by Joy Findlay.

Ages 5 – 10.

Advanced Concepts In Chemistry: An Introductory Chapter

by J McLean

This is an introductory chapter for what will be the Advanced Concepts in Chemistry series. It is written in course note format, and covers a wide variety of topics that will be found in advanced graduate level organic chemistry and physical organic chemistry courses.

If you have questions or concerns about the material you can email the author at: [email protected]

All of the concepts covered in this introductory chapter are given in a brief overview format, and advanced knowledge in the following subjects is assumed:

– General Chemistry I-II
– Engineering Physics I-II
– Calculus I-IV
– Organic Chemistry I-II

More in depth follow up chapters will build on the concepts touched in this introductory series. They will not be released in any specific order.

Enchanting Evanescence

by David Runyan

The individual snowflake is actually an ice crystal with facets, contours and features which are artistic and amazing. This book presents a gallery of over 100 snowflake closeup portraits. It also explains how this kind of photography can be successfully attempted by anyone with a standard compact camera. The book delves into the history of snowflake photography, going back to 1865 in a small Vermont town and a farmer/scientist named Wilson Bentley. Also, the reader will find a primer on snowflake science and the answer to the old question . . . is it really true that no two snowflakes are alike?

Open Source Cancer Research

by Kevin Buckman MD

Dr. Kevin Buckman of Viratech Corp spent more than three years developing this landmark open source biotech research social network platform model. Such a breakthrough will turn the biotech world into an open source arena and bring in a flood of innovation and advancement in the industry.

Reversing Diabetes

by Dr. Barkat Charania

Diabetes is one of the most expensive and prevalent diseases in mankind. Artificial Pancreas Therapy provides the only proven treatment able to stop as well as reverse many of the complications of diabetes.

Many scientific studies have shown the benefits of Artificial Pancreas Therapy with over 100,000 successful diabetic patient treatments during the last 18 years. This book discusses the body’s Metabolism in relation to treatments of diabetes as well as the published and non published information about Artificial Pancreas Therapy. It explores the science behind the cause and effect of the metabolic deficiencies that result in the complications of diabetes that leads to a high mortality and morbidity rate.

Yellowstone National Park: picture guide to Yellowstone

by David Allen

Borrow for FREE with Amazon Prime

Do you love the outdoors? Do you love nature and wildlife photography? Are you planning a visit to Yellowstone NP? Did you just get back from seeing Old Faithful?

This is the perfect book for you. With 40+ full color images of Yellowstone this book will provide you with the perfect guide to planning a trip, reminiscing about a recent trip, or simply to use as a method of relaxation after a long day. Includes pictures of the geysers in Yellowstone, the lakes and rivers, the animals (bison, elk, deer, and more) as well as pictures of some of the fun signs within the park. This picture book of the park will help to guide your trip.

At the end of the book there are a couple of useful resources to help you plan a trip and insure that your national parks visit is perfect. Each image is in full color and brilliant to help you grasp the magnitude of this wonder or a park. Whether you are looking for Yellowstone lodging or a map of Yellowstone park the resources will point you in the right direction. Maybe you are not interested in Yellowstone National Park Camping . . . regardless you will find pictures of some of the lodges as well as links to book the right lodge for you at the park. Also includes a link to the Yellowstone National Park webcam.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free romance Kindle books for 28 Feb 13

Scandalous: By His Executive Order

by Yolanda Richards

David Hudson was rising in the political field. As a senator from New York, he had it all – good looks, a well-known family name and the finances to go with it, but for David, it was never enough. He graduated from an Ivy League school at the top of his class, and his parents were political royalty in America so he grew up in the spotlight with all of the luxuries one could imagine. David was immaculate in his appearance. His dark brown hair was always parted to the side and combed smoothly, while his tan complexion and deep brown eyes caused many women to take a second glance every time he walked into a room. His fit build ensured every suit he owned looked like it was tailored to his body. Even in his mid 40s, he looked ten years younger and his energy was as high as it had ever been.

This is part one to the Scandalous Anthology series

Stalker in Paradise

by Francine Howarth

Actor and Hollywood golden boy, Ricky Lindon, loved Tara Portland with all his heart and lost her through no fault of his own. On seeing her again he’s determined to do whatever it takes to get her back. But fate intervenes in a way that rocks the very foundations of his movie star lifestyle. Not only is Tara surrounded by bodyguards, the new man in her life is a force to be reckoned with, and a disastrous incident turns Ricky from one-time lover to secret stalker. But is the thrill of watching her as she sleeps enough, or will compulsion to touch be his downfall?

Listed: Volume I

by Noelle Adams

This is Volume I of a six-volume serial novel.

A marriage of convenience has never been like this.

Just before her eighteenth birthday, the doctors tell Emily she has three months to live. Not much time to complete the bucket list she’s had since she was twelve. The first item is the hardest–“Get married”–so she turns to the only man she knows who can help.

Paul, a barely reformed bad boy, has inherited a fortune from his mother, but his life is defined by his conflicted relationship with his father–a white-collar, organized-crime boss who, thanks to Paul, is being brought up on federal charges. Without Emily’s testimony, his father might walk, so Paul agrees to her unconventional proposal. He’ll be her husband for her last three months.

They agree that she’ll testify against his father and he’ll help her complete her bucket list. It’s not supposed to be a true marriage. No consummation. No future. No love.

No love.

She’s supposed to die, after all, and love might not be enough.

Publishing Schedule:

Volume I: February 8, 2013
Volume II: February 15, 2013
Volume III: February 22, 2013Volume IV: March 1, 2013
Volume V: March 8, 2013
Volume VI: March 15, 2013

Each volume is from 80-120 pages. This novel includes adult sexual content.

Listed: Volume II

by Noelle Adams

This is Volume II of a six-volume serial novel.

A marriage of convenience has never been like this.

Just before her eighteenth birthday, the doctors tell Emily she has three months to live. Not much time to complete the bucket list she’s had since she was twelve. The first item is the hardest–“Get married”–so she turns to the only man she knows who can help.

Paul, a barely reformed bad boy, has inherited a fortune from his mother, but his life is defined by his conflicted relationship with his father–a white-collar, organized-crime boss who, thanks to Paul, is being brought up on federal charges. Without Emily’s testimony, his father might walk, so Paul agrees to her unconventional proposal. He’ll be her husband for her last three months.

They agree that she’ll testify against his father and he’ll help her complete her bucket list. It’s not supposed to be a true marriage. No consummation. No future. No love.

No love.

She’s supposed to die, after all, and love might not be enough.

Publishing Schedule:

Volume I: February 8, 2013
Volume II: February 15, 2013
Volume III: February 22, 2013
Volume IV: March 1, 2013
Volume V: March 8, 2013
Volume VI: March 15, 2013

Each volume is from 80-120 pages. This novel includes adult sexual content.

Jackie’s Week

by M.M. Wilshire

Jackie is falling in love with Johnson, a gruff cop who is tender on the inside. There is just one little problem. She is being stalked by a psycho. A part of her wants Johnson to intervene, but the risk is great. What she must ask him to do might just change their lives, and their love, forever.

Forever Yours (#1)

by Deila Longford

In Portland Maine, lives a girl called Rose Peterson. She is human, hardworking, shy, and keeps herself to herself. Rose doesn’t buy into all of the silly things that life has to offer, she doesn’t like to shop or watch chick flicks, instead she indulges in scary movies and reading books. Meet Dalton Clark, he is stunning, mysterious, sarcastic and supernatural. When Rose bumps into him at her local convince store, she is mesmerized, intrigued and petrified of his ever changing eyes. Who is Dalton Clark and what is his story? What happens when these two strangers collide? Is it instant sparks, or an overwhelming tragedy?

Find out in book one, Forever Yours – Part One, over 19,000 words!

The thrilling new Novella series from the author of â??Three Thousand Miles To You’, Deila Longford.

‘Her blood is his greatest desire’

The Solitaire Prince

by Tyan Wyss

â??Once upon a time there was a King who never listened to his daughter’ begins The Solitaire Prince: a medieval fairy tale with a twist. Princess Christine’s fairy-godmother, Eloise, gives her incredible beauty, intelligence, wit, and a definite knack for the lonely game of Solitaire. Christine’s mother, Queen Isabella, lost her throne over 18 years ago to her husband, King Henry, who has determined only males are fit to rule. Henry plots to secure his daughter a husband who will succeed the throne after his death and enlists the aid of his niece, Agnes, to keep his head-strong daughter in line. Christine’s fairy-godmother, Eloise encourages the princess to require any prospective husband to win three games of solitaire or lose his head trying! Things all go awry when two princes, Charles and Peter try their luck and Christine loses her heart to the wrong prince while her cousin Agnes falls in love with the winner! How this medieval tale of chance ends up will be anyone’s call, but one thing’s for certain; King Henry and his kingdom will never be the same!

Nothing But Heart (Nothing But…)

by Holly Jacobs

A WLVH Radio Series and Everything But… Series short story.

Take one WLVH disc jockey and one meddling, matchmaking grandmother.
Add in two neighbors and a stray cat.
And maybe find Nothing But Heart in this story that’s full of Valentine’s magic.

Terror in GreyWolf

by Kathy McCurry

This is the story of Anna Storm. An attractive and sexy widow living alone in a secluded house in a quiet little town nestled up against the Rocky Mountains. A talented author of many best selling books who has many followers, one being an unknown serial killer who is stalking her. A murderer responsible for many brutal homicides of young women slashed to pieces across the Country.
Anna meets a new love in her life, a man close to being like the one she lost. Will their love for each other be enough when a insane homicidal maniac sets his desires on making her the next prize in his trophy case? Will she have what it takes to survive this psychopath when he captures her or will her boyfriend be the one to rescue her? Will it take both of them to survive?
Only Anna can tell you what happens to her and you have to read her story to find out.

Secrets of the Vines

by Scott Dovala

5.0 out of 5 stars Secrets of the Vines January 31, 2013
I absolutely loved this book. The descriptions are so vivid in detail, I felt like I was in the Wine Country of which I miss. All the places Peter visits are vividly described, I felt as though I was there. The characters have full depth and you get to know them while reading. This is a read I would recommend

5.0 out of 5 stars Bravo!! February 18, 2013
We love it! Scott has captured the essence of the vine.
Well done, looking forward to your next work.
The author must live in the area and has extensive knowledge.

Secrets of the Vines is a story of uncompromising love, betrayal, and murderous revenge, set in the picturesque California wine country, the beautiful hillsides of Italy, a small hamlet in England and the exquisite French countryside of Bordeaux,

With one of the oldest and last remaining family owned wineries in jeopardy, Peter Lansing and Samantha Osgood become embroiled in a decade’s long mystery of misplaced revenge and honor. Throughout this journey, their growing love is tested many times as their lives and the future of the winery hang in the balance, as the Secret of the Vines changes their lives forever.

The Warrior’s Wife

by Denise Domning

Award-winning, Best-selling author Denise Domning asks…what if Romeo and Juliet had succeeded?


Four Stars

“Readers who deplore romances set in the Medieval period that are false to the times will appreciate [The Warrior’s Wife]. The practices, traditions, and attitudes of the era are realistically presented [and] the political climate of the time … well-woven into the plot. … [The Warrior’s Wife] is a worthy addition to this author’s list. I look forward to reading the next medieval by this talented author.”
–Lesley Dunlap, The Romance Reader

“The novel will provide pleasure to readers who enjoy a straightforward historical romance”–Harriet Klausner

Two warring families, one widow who has forgotten her family’s hatred, one powerful knight determined to reclaim his family’s castle and a wife to rule it beside him. No one will stop him not her father, his king or the lady herself.

Salts of the Cobbles

by David Xavier

A picturesque seaside town on the Italian Riviera in the early 1960’s is the setting for tragedy as seen through the eyes of one American with his friends alongside him, and gives a look at entitlement and disillusionment, endangered impressions of reality, lost status, forgiveness, love, friendship and tested loyalty in a city of unexpected rebirth.

The House Near the River: A Time Travel Romance

by Barbara Bartholomew

Twenty first century Texan Angie Ward has gone back to visit her grandparents’ long abandoned farm, the scene of a tragedy fifteen years before when her little brother suddenly disappeared, never to be heard from again. Still haunted by that loss and stranded alone at night at the farmily, Angie sees little David, still looking three years old in spite of the passing of years that have turned her into an adult. When she runs toward him, she finds herself shifted back by decades to the 1940s where people she has never seen before call her by name and a man she’s never met tells her they are engaged to be married.

A Lesson For Andrew (The Adventures Of Andrew)

by Philip Stephen

Andrew is a recently retired vicar and has lost his wife Pam to cancer. She was the love of his life. The had been married for forty years and had celebrated their wedding anniversary together. Andrew is now at the crossroads of life and is feeling an emotional emptiness. He needs to find love.

Mr Forster’s Fortune

by Lizzie Church

This is a novel to enjoy at many levels. On the surface it is a traditional, undemanding but meticulously researched Regency Romance. Dig a little deeper and you will find a complex web of themes and patterns which work together to illustrate the human condition – a condition which is just as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. Dig deeper still and you will find subtleties of language and plays on words which, when you stumble across them, will hopefully make you smile. Accidents happen in â??Mr Forster’s Fortune’ – but nothing about it is accidental.
Note that although the novel is a ‘prequel’ to ‘The Girl from Red Lion Square’, either book can equally be enjoyed as a stand-alone romance.

Tattooed Angels

by Steven Wilkens

Josef and Katrina Stein had survived the holocaust but their beautiful daughter had not. Although they dearly loved each other, internal demons were ripping them apart. None of it would have happened to them if he had only listened to her and left Poland before the Nazis came. So in a very real sense he was responsible for their daughter Elsa’s death. He knew she felt it every time she looked at him, he could see it in her eyes.
That wasn’t all she felt. She harbored a deep, dark secret that if he ever found out would destroy any hope of saving their love.
Just when all hope seems lost, the crazy old essentric next door gets involved and their lives would never be the same again.
Tattooed Angels is a powerful, emotional rollercoaster that will live in your heart forever.

Soul Search (A Soul Thieves Book)

by Amber Scott

SOUL SEARCH delivers the chills of “Ghost Whisperer” with the thrills of “Water For Elephants”! 
“Amber Scott is breath of refreshing air in the world of paranormal romances. Her newest book Soul Search delivers a wonderfully inventive storyline and a most unusual romance.
-Tracy Riva, Reviewer

“Soul thieves, spiritualism, and one swoon-worthy alpha hero make Soul Search my next recommended read.”
5/5 Stars, Reviewer

“In a sweeping tale of mystery and romance, Amber Scott delivers a
gripping story of the ultimate self-awareness and trust. It will suck
you in and hold you till the last!”
-Siobhan Muir, author

Three years ago, one horrific night changed his life forever. And now the wolf soul that was invoked to save him is taking over his body, day by day.

Can he master his animal instincts in time to discover who is stealing children’s souls before the delicate balance we all depend upon is shattered?

Or will he reject the one woman who can help heal his body and his soul?
More acclaim for Soul Search

“The twists and turns in Soul Search had me gasping out loud. Once again, Amber Scott delivers a delicious read.”
-Your Need to Read
5/5 Stars, Reviewer

“From start to shocking finish, Soul Search is completely captivating. This fresh twist is just what the genre needs!”
-Carolyn McCray
Kindle Bestselling Author of 30 Pieces of Silver

“From the start, Soul Search grips you and won’t let go. Two endangered souls forced to join together in the search for a missing child–a journey filled conflict and complications. Sizzling romance, heart-pounding suspense, and a touch of mystery make for an exciting, riveting read. Amber Scott has me hooked!”
-Ann Charles,
Award-Winning Author of the Deadwood Mystery Series

Want more Kindle bestsellers by Amber Scott?
***Irish Moon–murder, mystery and moon magick to make you swoon.

***A Love Soul Deep–a charmed locket and just one wish for the one that got away.

***Fierce Dawn–2011 Best Paranormal Romance nominee (The Romance Reviews)…X-Men Action meets True Blood heat.

***Wanted–spanning time to find the only one who can set him free.

***Love Lust
–so hot, so sweet, to satisfy deep paranormal needs.

***Play Fling–this stupid cupid will split your sides with her antics.

If you like mystery like Dead Again and Time After Time, you’ll die for Soul Search!


by Gilli Allan

Gilli Allan writes unconventional romantic fiction for grown-ups.

Life is not a fairy tale; it can be confusing and difficult. Sex is not always awesome; it can be awkward and embarrassing, and it has consequences. You don’t always fall for Mr Right, even if he falls for you. And realising you’re in love is not always good news. It can make the future look daunting.
Jess has made a series of bad choices. Job, relationships and life-style have all let her down. By escaping the turmoil of her London life, she is putting her young child first. This time she wants to get it right, to devote herself to being a mother. But the country does not offer the â??good life ‘idyll she pictured. The landscape she looks out on is under threat, new friends have hidden agendas, two very different men pull her in opposing directions.

And in the face of temptation old habits die hard. She is torn between the suitable man and the unsuitable boy.

A Brighter Spark (Xcite Romance)

by Mary Borsellino

Suzy’s enthusiasm for life has been slowly buried under the ordinary humdrum stresses of single motherhood and adult responsibilities. At only 30 years old, she already feels like all the fun parts are behind her and that there’s nothing ahead to look forward to. Then she meets Daniel, an old-fashioned gentleman with two perfect children of his own.

For Suzy, it’s lust at first sight, but when a one-night stand rapidly deepens into a genuine bond she starts to second-guess herself. She barely knows how to muddle through her own life – what if she brings disorder and disaster into Daniel’s perfect, orderly world?

Will she ever feel grown-up enough to be with somebody like him, to be his equal and his friend as well as his lover?

Short & Sweet (Four Fun & Flirty Tales)

by Amanda Brice

Sign up for Amanda Brice’s newsletter by January 20, and you’ll be entered to win a $250 gift card! Details at her website.

“Sweet, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny!” – NY Times bestselling author Angie Fox

“Short reads that aren’t short on entertainment. Sassy humor and sigh-worthy. Amanda Brice delivers.”- NY Times bestselling author Christie Craig

A very short single-author romantic story collection (approximately 15,000 words total, or 54 pages) from the author of the Dani Spevak Mystery Series.

Includes the following fun and flirty tales:

“She’s Got Legs” — Congressional aide Daria Wyatt is mortified when she wears the wrong shoes to her 15-year high school reunion in this sassy Cinderella story.

“Love @ First Site” — Lobbyist Julie Antonelli has sworn off online dating after a string of disasters. Well, there is this one guy…

“Dancing Cheek to Cheek” — Can a young woman find romance while teaching ballroom dancing to seniors?

“Birthday Gifts” — College student Claire Chen misses her boyfriend while spending the semester in Paris. Will her birthday be just as sad?

AUTHOR NOTE: From now until Valentine’s Day, all author royalties from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

“Anyone who is a ‘White Christmas’ fan will adore ‘Dancing Cheek to Cheek’. The best things don’t only happen when you’re dancing… they also happen when you’re reading Amanda Brice!”
– NY Times bestselling author Gemma Halliday

“Amanda Brice has a voice that easily captures the self-depricating humor and strength that so many young women have as they attempt to find their place in the world and the man of their heart.”
– Jana DeLeon, author of Louisiana Longshot

” ‘She’s Got Legs’ is a funny and romantic short story. … I really enjoy the author’s voice, her sense of humor, and her ability to balance cynical humor with unabashedly romantic happy endings so these these two apparently contradictory elements end up complimenting each other very nicely. Give me more, give me a longer story, just give me – I want to read more from this author.”
– Rating of 88 from Mrs. Giggles

The Rock Star Next Door, A Modern Fairytale

by Lily Silver

Sometimes true love conquers time . . .

From the first moment he saw her, Lex recognizes Jessie.
He knows they were lovers in a past life and their souls are destined for a reunion. Can he convince her they belong together?

Jessica Kelly has reached the pinnacle of success with her hot new rock band. She and her friends have rented a house in Malibu. Living next door is the notorious rock legend. When Lex takes a personal and passionate interest in Jessie, can she afford to lose her heart to The Rock Star Next Door?

Lex learns someone is stalking Jessie. She refuses to let him help her and hides the identity of her tormentor. Will their tragic past be repeated, separating them for another lifetime? Can Lex prevent Jessie from being taken from him again by a malicious and violent force reaching across time to destroy them?

Working it Out

by Nicola May

Ruby Matthews has a plan. Twelve jobs in twelve months, until she finds the one of her dreamsâ?¦

After an unexpected redundancy, Ruby begins to question her priorities. Inspired by a quote from Kahlil Gibran about loving your work, she launches her mission to find the ideal job.

Her year of gainful (and sometimes painful!) employment includes nannying for clients in the South of France; dealing with embarrassing ailments in a Harley Street Clinic; waiting tables in a buzzy Soho cafe; and meeting the celebs of years gone by in a home for retired actors. And even though love is no longer top of her list, relationships just seem to start happening along the way – which sees her handing out some P45s of her own!

But will any of the jobs, or men she meets, see her dreams come true? Or will Ruby just end up back where she started?

Penis Exam (Dicey Affairs)

by M.L. Patricks

(2,700 words)

A routine annual checkup turns into a wild sex romp with a sexy nurse.

Risking It All

by Ambrielle Kirk

Risking It All is a 63,000 word multicultural romance novel written by multi-published, best-selling, award-winning author, Ambrielle Kirk.

Would you risk everything you’ve worked so hard to obtain for one adulterous night of passion?

Julissa literally has the world in the palm of her hand. A successful long-term partner. Fabulous house in an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta. A prosperous career as a realtor. An abundance of loyal friends. Although, what her friends see on the surface of her seemingly perfect life is the opposite of what goes on behind closed doors. Her boyfriend, Michael, seems to care about moving up the corporate ladder more than taking the next step in their relationship with her. Trying to convince him has become depressing and disappointing. She’s been neglected for too long and would do anything to revive their love life.

Julissa’s loyalty is tested when she crosses paths with Quinton, a determined real estate investor, and discovers that he is everything she wants and needs in a man. When Quinton comes to town and spots Julissa, he wants to invest in more than just properties. One round of explosive sex turns into two. And twoâ?¦into many. But Julissa knows the difference between lust and love, and she won’t give up her relationship with Michael after three long years through thick and thin.

Quinton refuses to let Julissa get away. He wants her anyway he can have her, even if it means they continue their secret affair on the down low. Julissa doesn’t expect the wild nights with Quinton to blossom into something more, but when it does, she must decide between the man who wants her and the man who craves her. But how long will Quinton wait on the sidelines while Julissa weighs the consequences?

What would you do if you were asked to risk it all?

The Blacker House

by Nicole Mulloy

A not-too-scary ghost story, appropriate for ages 13 and up, The Blacker House is a fun, spooky tale of teen romance and a haunted house.

Sixteen-year-old Kate is shocked when she must suddenly move across the country to Huntington, West Virginia, leaving behind her college-aged boyfriend, Jacob. Dazed and angry, Kate nevertheless tries to find her place in a new school and a new home, a beautiful but eerie southern mansion.

Soon, strange occurrences pique Kate’s suspicion. Sounds of a lively party fill the house at night, love letters to Jacob seem to rip themselves to shreds, and Kate’s arm is branded with a heart-shaped burn. One night, she awakens to find herself in the “dirt room,” a mysterious room in the basement almost completely filled with dirt…and she is not alone.

As her relationship with Jacob fades painfully away, she begins to embrace the people of Huntington, including a new boy. Together, they must dig to find the secrets of the Blacker House.

“One of the better ghost stories I’ve read in a long time.” Shelfari Reader Review

Cover art by Mariana Edelman –

The Bamboo Mirror

by Faith Mortimer

Mystery-suspense-thriller writer, Faith Mortimer warmly welcomes you to her anthology of short mystery stories, “The Bamboo Mirror”. In three of the stories the reader is introduced to sleuth, Diana Rivers who features in Faith’s mystery thriller series of full-length novels. In “The Bamboo Mirror” each story has a unique setting, is sometimes psychological and always with a twist in the ending.

This volume also includes short excerpts from Faith Mortimer’s published novels – The Assassins’ Village (A Diana Rivers Mystery), Children of The Plantation (A Diana Rivers Mystery) and The Surgeon’s Blade (A Diana Rivers Mystery Thriller).

“The Bamboo Mirror” – Set in a 1960’s Singapore boarding school, new girl Diana Rivers (The Diana Rivers Mystery Books) has an encounter with two mysterious children – Who are they? Mystery, suspense, ghost story.

“The Cast Party” – The lovely Linda, aspiring actress, has a devious plan. Will she be able to carry it out? Mystery/love

“Making A Right” – Sometimes two wrongs can make one! Retribution and suspense

“Rebecca With Two C’s” – A poignant ghost love story. What is real?

“Summer Visitors” – Has Alex made the right decision? Is real life like this? Romantic suspense.

“Widow’s Weeds” – Maria visits her birthplace, Cyprus and meets Christos. After a whirlwind romance they get married. As time passes wealthy Maria questions herself. Has she made the biggest mistake of her life? If so, what will she do? Mystery suspense & murder.

35500 Words

What people are saying:

Faith Mortimer has reminded me of why I enjoy good short stories…after I
learned the authors pace and tempo I was flying through the pages…

Well written works. “The Bamboo Mirror” was
intriguing; “The Cast Party” had a fantastic, shocking twist; “Making a
Right” was haunting and disturbing, and “Rebecca with two C’s” was
heart breaking.

These aren’t just mystery stories; they delve into human
nature and our relationships to life, love, and death….

Ms Mortimer certainly does have a way with words and I enjoyed how she can switch writing from both a male or female point of view…

…amazed at the difference in the type of stories she has given us here and the style in which she writes…

Different ideas, types of writing and from different viewpoints. She has written about love, remorse, jealousy, grief and joy…

…This collection is brilliant and if anyone wants a taste from a good writer then I can recommend this to you.

One particular story stood out for me – Rebecca with 2 C’s. Sad, tragic and even as a fella I couldn’t help wiping away a tear. Good stuff! Let’s have more please.

Wild Desert Rose: A Hellbound Western Romance

by Van Holt

Wild Desert Rose

In the fall of 1874, a beautiful half-breed Indian girl named Rose Wilder shoots the most powerful man of a small town accidentally in a quarrel. Then to escape the lust and rage of the sheriff and his deputy, both related to the dead man, she sets out alone on a perilous journey that takes her to wild Texas towns and on into even wilder desert country roamed by the wildest men of the wildest time in America. Stalked by lawmen and outlaws, she meets famous gunfighters and a strange Indian who wants her to go away with him
into the wilderness and help him search for the wild desert rose.

More old West gunfighting stories by Van Holt:

  • Curly Bill and Ringo: They Rode to Hell Together
  • The Last of the Fighting Farrells
  • The Bushwhackers
  • Hellbound Express
  • Dynamite Riders: 9/11 in the Old West
  • Rubeck’s Raiders: the Old West Rides Again
  • The Fortune Hunters

Coming soon by Van Holt:

  • The Stranger from Hell
  • Blood in the Hills
  • The Man Called Bowdry

Enslaved In Shadows (Author Cut) (The Shadow Unit)

by Tigris Eden

A man’s Past leads to his Future……

Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit’s job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind.

When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can’t help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made.

The Heart of a woman is Tested……..

Jes can’t let the tall dark agent back into her life.
How can she trust any man after what she’s endured. Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn’t have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn’t abused her physically but he’s tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life.

Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again?

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late.

The road to forgiveness sometimes only brings more pain. Unexpected events set their lives on two separate tracks leading to one outcome. Lives will be changed and an emotional battle to save their souls will leave them both trapped and enslaved in their need for one another.

***WARNING*** This book contains foul language. A torture scene by a mad man and explicit sex.

In the Dead of the Night

by Terry Spear

Allan Thompson arrives in Waco, Texas for a mission of utmost importance–protect a terrorist’s mistress from being the next victim on his hit list. But when the mission goes down wrong, Jenny Brant is nearly killed and Allan begins a new mission–protect her at all costs–as her faux husband until she can regain her memories.

Everything about the mission seems wrong–all starting with one Jenny Brant who doesn’t fit the profile of the kind of woman Wilson usually hooks up with. Allan and his team must protect her, but at what cost to his own sanity or his heart?

Jenny Brant begins to regain her memories, but when she learns she has a huge inheritance that Wilson wants by marrying her, and the agent Allan Thompson will marry her instead to secret her money away with the Agency’s protection, she still can’t remember why she would have been a killer’s main squeeze. hen Wilson’s thugs try to return her to him, she becomes less sure of who the good guys are and who she truly is.

The only thing she knows for certain–if someone doesn’t take down Wilson, her life is forfeit.

Believe In Love

by Claudia Loens

Someone is after her and she doesn’t know who or why. A private, painful trip to tropical Kaui was meant to heal and restore Molly Carson. Yet the entire trip is turned upside down when she meets a charismatic architect. Quite by chance, she finds herself tangled in a dangerous plot that has her looking over her shoulder and having her wonder – What could someone possibly want from a dowdy nurse from Idaho?

Pandora’s Box

by K. C. Blake

Caught between two powerful men.

Madison Grey has to choose, but now is not the time to work out her love life. Her duty-to-country father tried to assassinate the president, and Madison needs to know why, especially since everyone is looking at her like she’s a traitor. Her father’s final words take her on a dangerous, twisted path to the truth. Some secrets are better left buried.

Along with Navy SEAL Tyler Law and her ex, she will risk it all to find out the truth. And in the end she will have to risk her heart or lose it all.

Better Together

by Nicola May

Jess is nearly 40 when she meets Dan Harris at a party. She is single, sorted, happy – with a great job and a buzzy social and sex-life. All of this is threatened when she falls deeply in love with Dan, who is only 23.

Jess, being older, recognises this as the real, precious thing – but in his immaturity, Dan does not. Unable to cope with the stigma of being with an older woman, he eventually leaves her.

Ten years passâ?¦

Jess, who is still gorgeous at 50, is married now, with a child of her own.They meet again. The years fall away.
This time, Dan understands – but is it too late?

Stitches on a Canvas

by Joshua Pope

Blake Nichols has a troubling past. Though through his difficulties, he has managed to be steps away from becoming a brilliant neurosurgeon. Everything seems to be going to plan until he meets Colette Knight, a beautiful, yet scarred art major at the University of Maryland. The closer he and Colette get, the more he becomes obsessed with her secret.

The two troubled students learn to accept each others difficult past and decide to make their future work, together. However, as hardships break the two apart, can they manage to be faithful and committed? Though time and distance separate the two, they realize they are more connected than either one had hoped, each being brilliant artists, only with a different idea of a canvas.

cosmic warriors – Kuiella Taldama: my journey

by Carlos X

cosmic warriors

Kuiella Taldama

How far would you go to find your dream? Would you travel to another city or country? Perhaps your journey would take you to the very edge of the universe.
“Imagine having to travel to a very far place to find your dream or to make your dream come true, instead of staying in within your comfort zone and not getting aheadâ?¦” Would you go for it?

Sometimes we must confront our problems rather than run away, and this is never an easy task. But what if confronting your problem means traveling to the very edge of the universe? That is exactly what happens in this story.

Sometimes we need help to solve our challenges, and sometimes that help comes from unlikely sources. For example, from someone we do not know and need to learn to trust. In the end, what is left is a warm friendship that will last forever.

OK so “cosmic warriors – Kuiella Taldama” is the story of a boy who went to the very edge of the universe to resolve his personal challenges. He has had enough of the cold winters in Chicago and is looking forward to new challenges and a new purpose. By coincidence, he meets a special alien girl, who will change the way he thinks about his life forever.

Will he succeed and will he find his true purpose in life? Are you ready? Find out by reading this book today!

I detected anger in my queen’s voice.

“Kuiella, what is wrong?”

She did ignore me. Then my queen faced the crowds and spoke in a rhythmic manner.


It sounded hard and with an edge that was flinty and sharp; as in a crisp supreme voice.

“I speak to you today on our war.”

Silence filled the room. Kuiella became more angry.

“I regret to inform you that we will lose if we keep on our current course.”

There was something about her tone that was as cold as a block of ice. She sounded like a hanging judge giving out a death sentence in a gloomy court room. Fear did grip me like a vise. Kuiella was starting to scare me.

The Last of His Kind

by Alexandra Stewart

When Vanessa Morrow bumps into gentle hunk Christopher at the grocery store, she never expects a pleasant exchange of words to blossom into a steaming night of passion. But in Christopher, she finds not just a blisteringly hot sexual partner, she finds herself drawn into a war she never knew existed, and hunted by a man who will stop at nothing to catch his prey, even if it means putting her — and everyone she holds dear — in the line of fire. Steamy, fast-paced, and powerful, this debut by a fresh new voice in romantic fiction is sure to thrill. (Recommended for 18+)

Dreaming of a Day

by Jessica Darlen

Logan, Ororo, and Sabertooth triangle. Real life is never easy, it’s full of love, hate, lust, obstacles, revenge, betrayals & illnesses enough to make you give up on love. A full length novel at 128,000 words.

First Class Seductions (Romance, Love and Seduction Series)

by Jessica Collins

One of the hottest first class flight attendants ever to fly the friendly skies goes on a worldwide trip of self discovery. It’s a sexual adventure that will make your heart pound and make you blush with desire as Tréasa experiences the fantasy trip of a lifetime. A trip she will never forget and one that profoundly changes her life forever.

Live life to the fullest.

This has often crossed the lips of so many people. It’s about time someone steps up to the plate and finally does live life to its fullest. In the first book of the First Class Seductions series, Tréasa Whelan finally decides to set herself free from the confines of conventionality.

She discovers another side of herself as she accepts a special task from Delta Airlines that allows her to be whatever she wants to be with whomever she chooses to be with. Beautiful, intelligent, charming, and naturally alluring, Tréasa is the perfect woman that any man would do anything to be with.

Her special review on the paradise island of Maira-ira Cove in this first installment shows not only the beauty of the secluded paradise but also the whole new type of woman that Tréasa has always wanted to be. It’s not a revenge type of thing but a kind of redemption for herself and that side of her that has died of heartbreak a long time ago.

She seduces Rave Fergusson but then realizes that he might have also seduced her the first time they met at the airport. Tréasa knows that there was something there so the moment she finds out that Rave has business in Maira-ira, she immediately grabs at the chance to start living.

Who says you cannot mix business with pleasure or work with play? Let the author take you to a whole new ocean of possibilities with First Class Seductions. Let yourself go just as Tréasa Whelan does and you’re in for a ride that you’ll never forget. Grab your copy now before the price goes up.

Until Darkness Comes (Redemption Series)

by Melynda Price

A guardian angelâ?¦ A forbidden loveâ?¦ Eternal consequencesâ?¦
Olivia Norton was born with a giftâ??a gift heaven has sworn to protect, and hell is bound to destroy. Her perfect world is turned upside-down when two handsome strangers, Max and Liam, step into her life. Olivia soon discovers that her ‘Mr. Perfect’ is actually a perfect nightmare.

The rules of engagement have changed and Liam, Olivia’s guardian angel, is forced to cross dimensional borders or risk losing the woman he’s sworn to protect. Suddenly, thrust into a world unlike anything he’s never known, Liam isn’t prepared to come face to face with the young woman whose life he holds in his hands.

But nothing is as it seems, and secrets abound that will ultimately force him to choose between two impossibilities. Max will stop at nothing to finish what he’s started, and Olivia is soon plunged into a battle between good and evil. Her very life hangs in the balance as two forces fight to win her heart.

The Wedding Ring (Romance, Love and Seduction Series)

by Jessica Collins

Be prepared to be transformed and transported back in time.

A cursed objectâ??a wedding ringâ??takes over the lives of couples in Heliopolis, Egypt, during the time of the pharaohs. It is true love that empowers the cursed ring, giving it the mystical power to turn back time for a few days, giving the couple only three opportunities to correct their marital mistakes. But when the couple fails to improve their relationship the third time, the ring takes their lives, seeing that death is the only correction that they need.

The Wedding Ring is a fictional story that evolves in the concepts of fate, forgiveness, and true love. Jessica Collins is able to bring the story to life by injecting elements of humor, well-researched scenarios, and a smooth, conversational flow. Reading the story is like stepping through a portal that transports you to every situation that the characters are in.

The entire story could only be described as refreshingly eerie. Everything is connected to the story line. It’s truly one of the contemporary twists in conventional artifact stories of our time. You will love it. Buy today before the price goes up.

Heaven Made

by Saralynn Hoyt

Award winning author SaraLynn Hoyt aka Sheryl Hoyt
as Featured in the December 10th 2012 issue of Time Magazine

“The hero, Ford, is smoking hot, a kind of Brad Pitt scientist. This book is a really fast read and kept me engaged all the way to the end.”

“If you love “Downton Abbey” this is the book for you.”

“If you are searching for a good book to get comfy and escape from the world this is it.”

“Folded into the sexy romance is a wonderful ghost story. I really loved “Madame Lou” and look forward to more books by this talented author.”

Heaven Made: Ghost meets Downton Abbey
London, 1905
Desperate and penniless, Sabrina Tremaine must flee her grand home with her daughter before her brother-in-law mistreats them both. Little Alice believes her papa’s ghost is helping the two find a new home. Ford Northcliffe is an absent minded scientist only concerned with his experiments. His house in chaos since his mother’s death, he desperately needs a fine lady to run things. The employment agency that brought them together is in cahoots with a local psychic, Madame Lou. The medium is under strict instructions from the spirit world to make a match of these two regardless of the obstacles they face, including a deathbed vow and murder most foul. With the help of the mystical matchmaker, the two have fallen into the trap of a forbidden passion and a consuming love that neither can deny. But there are insurmountable obstacles in the way of their happiness and it will be up to the spirits of the dead to guide their destiny.

The Summer Of…

by D.C. Lowe

Teri and Jamie were destined to be together, there was just one problemâ?¦ Sam. Teri was about to be married and was on her last hoorah in Key West, Florida, when a fascinating woman named Jamie comes in to her life. Teri’s entire world is put into a tailspin as emotions build and passions rise between the two women. Follow her through the struggles and her first encounter with intimacy and love like she never knew existed. Add a doting mother, friends who don’t understand, and an ex-girlfriend into the mix and you have a page turner you will not want to put down.
Set in 1992, before cell phones and the internet were prevalent, people had to communicate the old fashioned way, snail mail and land line telephoneâ?¦or face to face! For readers who remember those days, this story will take you back. For those who don’t, you will get taken back in time as the story unfolds. Either way, The Summer Ofâ?¦ is a book you don’t want to miss.

Tilt Monkey

by Gregory Shultz

Eddie Valentine is thirty-seven years old, flat busted broke, virtually unemployable, lives with his mom, and has an anger management counselor who has suggested he share his feelings with someone other than herself. Though she specifically recommended that he maintain a diary and join a support group, Eddie figures airing his dirty laundry in a more public fashion would be far more therapeutic.

So he starts a blog, and soon the world learns that Elvis Edward Valentine isn’t your garden variety, run-of-the-mill blogger. He’s a raw nerve, a man-child who shares EVERYTHING about his life with whoever cares to read about it.

Though Eddie is every bit as crazy as a March hare, he has his hopes and dreams. He wants to make a new life for himself, and he knows that ain’t gonna happen by being a working stiff. He has to make a big score somehow, and quick.

One night, while watching TV, Eddie sees an advertisement that changes his life. Instead of spending $150 originally intended for his mother’s Christmas presents, Eddie deposits the money into an online gambling account.

While experiencing the emotional ups and downs of his new professional endeavor, Eddie Valentine ventures about town in search of his dream girl. But who will that ultimately be? His new Venezuelan “cougar,” a beautiful Chinese manic-depressive, or the facially flawed but otherwise gorgeous bookstore clerk? It won’t matter who it is unless he can make something happen online. Making that big score becomes more important than ever….

TILT MONKEY has everything: loose women, lots of sex, colorful language, irreverent humor, marijuana smoking, heavy drinking, rock and roll, and just about everything else that makes life worth living. And you read all about it directly from the blog entries of Elvis Edward Valentine, an aspiring author with an oeuvre of two dozen incomplete manuscripts.
What the hell are you waiting for? This is a novel you can truly enjoy while perched atop your porcelain throne. Read it now!

Homage: Love Sonnets

by William Zink

A stunning and lyrical collection of sonnets that explores love in its many faces. Like Zink’s prose, there’s an honesty to each mini-epic – emotions aren’t hinted at, struggles aren’t mentioned in passing, but comprise the stark, rich subject matter for these works. The form is stretched without abandoning its inherent beauty and structure. Surely, a collection to be savored and reflected upon long after the last page has been turned.

Enslaved In Shadows (Author’s Cut) (Shadow Unit)

by Tigris Eden

A man’s Past leads to his Future……

Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit’s job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind.

When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can’t help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made.

The Heart of a woman is Tested……..

Jes can’t let the tall dark agent back into her life.
How can she trust any man after what she’s endured. Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn’t have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn’t abused her physically but he’s tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life.

Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again?

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late.

The road to forgiveness sometimes only brings more pain. Unexpected events set their lives on two separate tracks leading to one outcome. Lives will be changed and an emotional battle to save their souls will leave them both trapped and enslaved in their need for one another.

Portals Of Time

by J. Lee Coulter

The portals had been blasted open!
The world was literally being destroyed on her heels as she passed through the portal to another time…another age. Arianna had been saved from that terrible fate…time travelling backwards to fulfill her destiny.
His betrothed had disappeared when she was two years of age. Promised as children, Lucian had honored the contract and remained untethered till he learned of her true fate.
Her sudden appearance through the portal surprised them all…especially the one responsible for her time travel in the first place. Why was she spirited away? Or was she an impostor? Will the portals ever be opened again?

All That Is Unspoken

by T. Scott McLeod


He’s a lonely waiter. She’s a rich heiress.

He’s younger, twenty-eight, and she’s a little bit older, but not too much older.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life. He’s lost; he’s been struggling. There is some hole within him, some void, which he knows has everything to do with how he was raised and with the fact that he was adopted. Some deep sense of rejection; of not being wanted. Would he be rejected again, as he was rejected by his biological mother when he was so young? He feels like he carries this within him, a memory from that very early rejection. It makes him fear people, and not let them close. Will they attack me, as his adoptive father was so attacking and critical? Will they reject me, as his biological mother rejected him? This is how he feels, what he fears, about other people. This is why it is hard for him to let people close.

What does it mean to be intimate?

What does it mean to be loved, and to love?

Can he learn to overcome his fears and let someone in close to him, in his life?

There’s some chemistry there between them, something inexplicable. He knows it, almost immediately it seems, from the first moment she comes in the restaurant. From the first moment he talks with her. She’s beautiful, and engaging, and he can’t help but to feel himself falling into the scary territory of vulnerability; that scary territory of falling in love.

Can we ever hope to find a permanent and lasting love, or is that just something for fairy tales?

Thomas McAllister decides to risk everything and bare all of the scary uncertainty and vulnerability of love to find out if he is lovable, and if this woman, Jezebel, might be the one who loves him.

All That Is Unspoken will draw you into what it means to love, and be loved, leaving you touched, inspired, and surprised by the capacities of the human heart.

The Devil Knows

by K. Cavanaugh

Megan has met her soulmate, her eternal love. The problem is, he is immortal. Not only that, he is a minion of the Devil sent to steal her soul by using her desire to save her best friend from death.

Jeremiah, a real devil of a man, is truely in love with Megan. But his work with the Devil requires him to ask the immortal question, “What would you give to save a life?” A better question might be, “What would you give to save a love?”

Eternal love and mortals, those words are not something that go hand in hand. By definition eternal love is, well, it’s eternal and mortals are so fragile and break so easy. How can something that can die so easily ever really know eternal love? And how can something damned to eternal life ever know love at all?

This breakout novel from K.C. Cavanaugh, delivers a vibrant tale of eternal love and imortal torment with clarity, fire, sorrow, and joy.

“Couldn’t put it down. K.C. Cavanaugh reminds me of a Gothic Nicholas Sparks. I fell in love with all the characters…even the devil.”

C. Jeff Oakes, Author of Beware of What You Wish

Dreams Behind The Cloud

by Benedict O. Emeka

Personal growth is a journey that continues throughout life and those always seeking to grow, have to learn the option to choose the life they want to live.

No doubt, everyone has something, at least one dream, if not more, that are locked-up behind the ‘cloud’. The concepts and stories expressed in this new book should inspire you and leave you with a positive impression. I hope you do enjoy your reading. Thank you!

The Engagement Game

by Robert L. Arend

Yes or no depends on Heart cards outnumbering the Storm cards in a game created by Tiffany’s married once-too-often friend. Is marriage in the cards or will love goeth before the storm?

** MILD Adult Situations **

Eternity in the Half-Light

by Peter Nuttall

What if the girl of your dreams turned out to literally be, a girl in your dreams?

For Sam, meeting Susi in the same pub every night when he closed his eyes was exciting until he started to realise that this dream world, this half-light, offered more than his real life did. But now, in this place between reality and dreams, this place that is nowhere and everywhere, Susi has started to change; she is becoming confused and distant. Sam begins to realise that there must be a link between this world and reality, that something is drawing him to Susi each night. Can he solve the mystery and ultimately save Susi from spending eternity in the half-light?

Eternity in the Half-Light is a Short Story with approx. 15,000 words.

The Gift from the Light

by Kathy McCurry

A young woman encounters a mysterious light in a field near a Native American burial ground. She walks closer to this light and is suddenly overwhelmed by the strange phenomenon.
Shocked and confused, she seeks out the answers to what happen to her only to find the truth when she learns she has an incredible power to help others. What will she do as the future unfolds for her on her incredible journey through the rest of her life?
This is book one of a two book series, The Gift from the Light.
Part Two will be titled, The Gift from the Light, Part Two, “The Storm is Coming”

Seer Temptation (Underworld Temptation)

by J.L. Hein

Living off a meager trust fund, Alexandria Perdoe must change her life in order to survive. When an amazing job offer comes out of the blue to be the personal assistant of a CEO at Swift Enterprises, Alexandria could not be more delighted. Working in New York could be the key to creating more opportunities in her life.

Planning a simple masquerade party in a NYC estate for her boss’s charity sounds easy but she was wrong. In steps Alexandria’s boss, Niall Monroe. Niall is an exotic god with a mysterious side that leads Alexandria into temptation. With every look and conversation she falls more in love with a man that she hardly knows.

Every minute that Alexandria spends with Niall the more that she wants to make love to him. With different stresses in her life Alexandria must divide her time between the people that she loves while keeping her virtue.

Alexandria’s life goes into turmoil when she is given news that turns her life upside down. Not only does she not know who she is but the man that she is desperately in love with wasn’t who he seems to be.

Niall Monroe is hiding a deep secret from the woman that he loves. Niall is the Greek god, Hermes. He was sent down to bring back the seer to Mount Olympus. Obstacles and love stop him from making the smartest decisions. He is fighting back Zeus’s orders and trying to rebel against the only family that he has known for centuries. Niall knows that the seer from mythology legends is supposed to remain virtuous but the temptations that he is feeling about sex could be putting the seer at risk.

Risking his life for the woman that he loves, Niall goes down to the Underworld to rescue her from the evil grip of Hades. Niall knows that the seer plays an important role in how Hades’ plan will unfold. Trying to do his best for Alexandria could mean putting his immortal life at risk.

Hades is planning on making his escape from the Underworld. He travels up to New York City and does his best to interfere with the gods plan. He knows that he will be unable to get close to the seer but he can take advantage of the world around her. He only has a set amount of time on the surface and he does his best with the time given to help get the wheels rolling on his plan.

Who says temptation couldn’t be deadly?

Truthfully, yours: The Miracle (mini-series 1)

by R.G. Myers

Mela’s baby was born deaf and dumb. The only way her son Martin could have his hearing and speech is by having surgery. The doctor told Mela that it would cost over $45,000. She prayed, belived and you are going to see the results to the miracle, and many more in this action book.

Truthfully,yours: Hans and Sasha’s Traveling Adventure (Truthfully, yours)

by R.G. Myers

A memoir told by Hans and Sasha Schweitzer. Travel through their adventures as they visit different countries. Read about their experiences that will last you a lifetime.

Unconquerable Callie

by DeAnn Smallwood

Callie Collins, a proud woman in the late 1800’s, is a liar and a darned good one, a master of the dubious art. She is also a dreamer. Her greatest hope is to reach a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming, where she can open a bakery and live an independent life. To be successful, she will need her greatest deception to date, a mythical fiancé who waits at the end of the line. As a woman alone, she has to prove to Seth McCallister, the wagon master, that she has the wherewithal and the stamina to survive months of drought, dust, hardships, and even the risk of death.

Seth McCallister is mystified by the audacity and determination of Callie Collins. His initial distrust and concern for Callie, a woman traveling alone, opens first to admiration, then friendship, then love, a love that he is forced to hold at bay. What he doesn’t realize is that there is no fiancé. To make matters worse, Callie develops feelings for Seth McCallister, too. Yet she feels certain that once he realizes her deception, he’ll turn away, ashamed of his love and trust in her.

With Liberty and Justice for All

by E.L. Morris

A young girl fights the system for what she believes is right. Philosophy, love, and religion converge as a futuristic government learns a valuable lesson about change.

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