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Tech and the City: The Making of New York’s Startup Community

by Alessandro Piol

Over 1,000 New York-based technology startups are currently hiring. This may come as a surprise to many who thought of New York as the capital of traditional industries such as financial services, media, advertising and fashion, but not necessarily as a high-tech hub. Yet, it is true: over the past several years the level of startup activity in the city of New York has increased at an exponential rate, reaching and surpassing Boston in number of tech companies formed and money invested.

It is good news for the Bloomberg administration that has made the creation of a high-tech industry a strategic priority after the financial collapse of 2008. It is also good news for the many investors in the city (both “angels” and venture capitalists) who have seen the number of opportunities created increase at a fast rate. And it is good news for the entrepreneurs who can finally benefit from a working ecosystem and from an influx of capital not seen since the internet bubble of the late â??90s.

“Tech and the City” is the first book telling the story of how and why this is happening: from the birth of Silicon Alley in the â??90s to today’s level of activity and important milestones, such as the building of the Cornell NYC Tech campus. Based on over 50 interviews with entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, university professors, members of the Bloomberg administration and other stakeholders, this book’s objective is to inform and inspire the current generation of entrepreneurs.

Fred Wilson, the best known venture capitalists in New York and one of the most important in the US, wrote in his foreword: “I hope this book will be an inspiration to New Yorkers to embrace the technology revolution that has taken hold in our city. I also hope it will be an inspiration to other cities, countries, and cultures who may have missed out on the initial wave of the technology revolution.”

“Tech and the City” takes us on a historical and geographical tour of New York, while addressing the hot themes for entrepreneurs and investors. It is also a guide to help navigate the NYC community: how to network and become part of the community; what to read to understand and keep informed; where to raise capital; what help is available for any professional, entrepreneur, student, researcher seeking to settle in the city.

And this is just the basis for an ongoing conversation, which we hope will continue on our blog,

The authors, Alessandro Piol and Maria Teresa Cometto, know the story and the industry well. Alessandro has been a New Yorker for 35 years and a venture capitalist for 20, during which he has seen firsthand the evolution of the New York entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has a deep knowledge of the tech industry and a passionate involvement in the NYC community, where he invests in, and mentors, a number of young entrepreneurs. Maria Teresa Cometto is a journalist and award-winning author based in New York since 2000, covering business and high-tech for the largest Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, and for other important publications.

How to Be Organized at Work – High Achiever Secrets to Taking Control, Saving Time and Achieving Goals Faster

by Peter W. Murphy

So you want to know how to be organized at work? Although it can seem like a difficult goal to achieve, especially if you have more work to do than hours in the day, you can be more organized and its easier than you think. You simply need to copy the approach high achievers use to organize their work lives.

In this powerful book you`ll discover practical strategies specifically for use in the workplace. We will cover the following topics:

– Simple Techniques that Allow Anyone to Be Organized
– Organization Secrets that Make Your Work Life Easier
– How to Design an Organizational System that Suits You
– How to Organize Your Work Space for Productivity
– The Quick and Easy Way to Handle Hard Copies
– How to Organize Your Time to Get More Done with Less Effort
– Digital Organization Strategies for Quick Access to Information
– Simple Ways to Keep up with Important Business Communication
– How to Keep Your System Flexible for Career Advancement

Get started today and take control of your work life. There is no need to continue to suffer under a mountain of paperwork, files and a backlog of projects that all need your urgent attention.

You can be organized at work. Follow the simple step by step approach outlined in this book and you`ll see how easy it is to be on top of all your work. As soon as you do, you`ll be able to relax, enjoy your work more and achieve much more in your career.

What makes this book different?

Its the focus on delivering straight to the point usable strategies that work. This book is for busy people who want answers now. As long as you can follow simple step by step instructions you can expect to make big progress in becoming organized at work.

About the Author

Peter W. Murphy is a peak performance expert. In his work he enjoys revealing the often overlooked but key distinctions anyone can focus on to achieve much better results.

He has been prolific in sharing his breakthrough personal development trainings online since 1992. He has written several books and over five hundred articles which have been syndicated across thousands of sites. His popular self help newsletter goes out to over 60,000 readers.

How To Start A Residential Home Care Business For Seniors

by Robert Burns

Residential Home Care a Home-Based Small Business You Can Start Now.

This is a quick start guide to help entrepreneurs start a home-based residential home care business.
-Learn by example from the people that have built one and now run it.
-Turn your present residence into a profitable business location.
-Learn how to make a six figure annual income from home.
-Tap into the billion dollar health care industry.
-Discover the resources you may already own.
-Gain access to free downloadable forms and valuable links.

There are other books that include extensive business practices; this short book offers a quick start method to get you into the residential home care business ownership now.

Check out the sample or, if you’re ready, go ahead and get a copy.

Mobile Marketing And Advertising Trends: Your Complete Marketing Guide For Local And National Mobile

by Cary Bergeron

Mobile Marketing And Advertising Trends

Have you been wondering if mobile marketing is worth your efforts? Consider this quote:

“In the last 12 months, customers around the world ordered more than $1 billion worth of products from Amazon using a mobile device.”

This was said by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and it shows just how powerful mobile marketing has become. If your company is not making the most out of it, you are missing out on that potential income.

Why is mobile marketing so important? Think about the way people use their mobile devices. A mobile phone, smart or not, is constantly with the individual. If they receive a text, they likely stop what they are doing to check it. If they have a few moments of downtime, they likely use the phone to go online and check their email or their favorite social media site.

By getting your message to that mobile device, you are keeping your brand, quite literally, in your customer’s back pocket. This is why mobile marketing is becoming one of the driving forces in the marketing world. When done correctly, mobile marketing reaches a consumer in a highly intimate way, reaching them on their most personal device.

Mobile media is here to stay, and it is growing at a tremendous rate. Is your business making the most out of this? If you are not following the latest mobile marketing trends, you may be left in the dust. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends and changes in the mobile marketing world.

Business Around A Lifestyle Volume 2 (How To Create An Amazing Online Business & Profit From It)

by Jim Kukral

Volume 2: How To Change Your Lifestyle & Make $$$ For Your Family

It’s Time To Execute! How’d You Like To Know Exactly What To Do To Create A Profitable, Legitimate Lifestyle Business?

It all sounds like such B.S., right? It’s not. This isn’t a Get Rich Quick book.

Lear What Businesses Make Sense For You And Which Ones Don’t

Don’t spend years building a Web lifestyle business that won’t work. Learn how to build it the right way, the first time. Learn how to build something that lasts and provides for your family for generations.

Not Successful? Learn 13-Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be

So why is everyone else rich and you’re not? Ever ask yourself that question? Find out the 13 reasons that are stopping you from having the life and business that you want. I’m warning you. It’s not going to be easy to hear, but it may kick your butt into action.

Learn How People Make Money On The Web – Real Examples You Can Emulate!

The Internet has made millionaires out of millions of people. Real, regular people with skills and knowledge about any topic who use the power of the Web to build a legitimate and long-lasting online business. Want to know how?

About The Author

Years ago I thought I was going to die from a heart attack. Turns out I had my first anxiety attack instead, whew! The panic came from working too hard on things I didn’t enjoy, and not being able to spend more time doing the things I loved. From that day forward I decided to change my lifestyle. But, the catch, I couldn’t just quit working, I had to continue to build a profitable business to make money for my family. Sound familiar?

I did it. I actually began to build a better, stronger business and brand while working on the things I loved and was passionate about. Oh, and now I get to go fishing more often and coach my kid’s sports teams and be a better person. A happy person.

This is NOT a book about making money online by clicking a button. All of that stuff you read online from the “gurus” is total garbage. There is no easy, fast way to make millions, sorry. If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere for people who will lie to you. I’m not going to do that.

I will, however, inspire you and prove to you that you can do it, and show you how many other regular people just like you have done it as well. Scroll up and click on the buy button today.

How To Start A Successful Office-Cleaning Business

by Wesley Green

There are times in a person’s life when a decision can change their lives. One such example would be deciding to pursue your own business. In some cases, this decision is a result of any of the following:

A burning desire to be your own boss
A recent job loss
Working a job which doesn’t pay enough
You want to take control of your life and future

Regardless of the reason(s), this book is for anyone who is looking to start a business which will provide them the following:

Job security
The ability to take control of their life and future
A second income or a full-time income
Control of their time
The opportunity to own a business while others make you money

I can tell you up front that starting my own office-cleaning business has provided myself all five of those reasons and much more! This book will show you how to do the same minus the mistakes I made along the way.

Inside, I will show you how I started my successful office-cleaning business with very little money and how I grew it to the point where I now run the business while my employees do the real work. I didn’t get to this point overnight but it is definitely possible for anyone reading this book! Some of the topics covered inside include:

The benefits of starting an office-cleaning business

What equipment, cleaning supplies, and office equipment you will need to get started

How to find and retain good employees

What marketing strategies will work for your business

The steps of signing on new clients

And much more!

Also included inside is a bonus section containing the following documents you will need to run your business:

Quotation Checklist – an editable form you can use when you do your walk-through with your potential client

Office-Cleaning Service Agreement- an editable form which outlines what duties / services you are to provide your client

Client Agreement- another editable form which serves as the official contract between your business and your new client

To save you even more time and money, there are recipes to create environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions which are easy and cheap to make!

Scattered throughout the book are bits of advice pertaining to mistakes I made when I first started and how you can easily avoid them,

When I started my office-cleaning service, I was like you in that I had the drive… but there wasn’t much information available on how to start a office-cleaning service. How To Start A Successful Office-Cleaning Business is what I wish I had the opportunity to read before I started because it would have saved me a lot of time, money, and effort!

Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 5)

by Mark Hendricks

In Volume 5 of “Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success”, Mark Hendricks answers questions
completely and fully with nothing held back. Interacting with his live audience,
he enters into thorough discussions on topics they wanted to know more
about and now you will have this important information for your use too.

You will discover:

– What Is The One Key To Look For To Separate The Gurus From The Screw-Yous?
– The Fastest Way To Get Traction In Making Money On The Internet, Especially In Something That Has A Sound Future
– Needs Or Wants, Which Do You Sell To?
– Marketing To The Three Brains – One Is Really Where The Action Is
– What Is Something I Can Do To Have An Experience Of Selling Something On The Internet?
– What Are Scripts And What Do They Do?
– You Need Your Own Domain Name
– Using Email To Communicate With People
– Email Deliverability – Tracking And Improving
– Should You Use Your Own Domain’s Email Address Or One Of The Free Account Email Addresses?
– How To Use Email Filters On Your Domain
– A Few Thoughts About Integrated “All-In-One” Ecommerce Solutions
– Email Autoresponder Scripts That Are Installed On Your Domain
– Email Deliver Tracking Service
– How To Manage Your Email Subscriber Database Easily
– What Can You Use For A Shopping Cart?
– It’s Your Responsibility As The Business Owner
– You’ve Got To Have A Good “BS Meter”
– More On Email Deliverability
– What Is RSS Publishing?
– More Features To Look For In An Autoresponder System
– With All The Things You Need To Know, How Do You Just Get On With It?
– Getting To Know Your Market Niche With Competitive Espionage
– Learn As Much As You Can About Your Market Niche And Who The Players Are
– What’s The Best HTML Editor To Get?
– Video And Screen Capture Software
– A Summary Review Of Internet Business Infrastructure

Download Your Copy Now.

Mark Hendricks is a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; a joint venture specialist; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach. For the over 25 years, he’s been using his proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. He works and lives with his wife on their horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida. Using the internet since 1994, his advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide finally achieve the success most others only dream about.

His homebase website is:

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Writing Online

by Jenny Kellett

Experienced writer and avid traveler, Jenny Kellett, gives you everything you need to know to make a living writing online.

She started making money writing simple articles online while at university and seven years later continues to do so while traveling the world with her laptop.

This easy-to-read and no-nonsense eBook is the most comprehensive guide to online writing on the market.

There are no outlandish guarantees to make you a million dollars over night, just honest advice to make an honest salary without sacrificing the freedom you’ve always wanted.

The YouTube Advantage (The Social Media Advantage)

by Luke Lethco

Are you interested in YouTube, but you do not know how to get started? The YouTube Advantage is your solution. The book helps you understand what YouTube is, how YouTube works, and why you need to use it.

For the beginner, the book includes a step-by-step setup guide that will help you get started now. For the intermediate and advanced user, it provides interesting tricks such starting videos resizing videos for different size monitors or starting videos at a particular point.

Businessmen and bloggers will want to know how to effectively deploy video to market their goods and services.

Whoever you are, The YouTube Advantage gives you an advantage!
(The YouTube Advantage is part of the Social Media Advantage series brought to you by

The Google AdWords and AdSense Advantage (The Social Media Advantage)

by Ryan Gunther

Are you interested in using Google AdWords or Google AdSense to monetize your blog or promote your business? Perhaps you simply do not know how to get started. This book is your solution. It will help you understand what AdWords and AdSense is, how AdWords and AdSense work, and why you should use them.

The AdWords and AdSense Advantage is a how-to eBook that helps guide you through the basics–signing up, getting started, and launching your first campaign. The book gives the new user step-by-step instructions on how to maximize these powerful tools.

Whoever you are, The AdWords and AdSense Advantage gives you the advantage!
(The AdWords and AdSense Advantage is part of the Social Media Advantage series brought to you by

All proceeds from the AdWords and AdSense Advantage go to a charity supporting orphanage workers in China.

The Klout Advantage (The Social Media Advantage)

by Keller Anne Smith

The Klout Advantage is a how-to eBook describing Klout, Inc., the various networks a social media user can connect on his/her Klout account, and step-by-step navigational directions for

This eBook shows you how to create the following social media accounts: Klout, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger,, and The Klout Advantage is sponsored by

What is MonaVie? What is Acai Berry? Miracle or Sham? A Business Analysis and MonaVie Review

by Kevin Lindsey

What’s the true story behind the Network Marketing company MonaVie? How did this small Utah company become such a powerful name in person to person distribution? Is it really so simple for people to sell their well-known Acai berry juices? While Acai is touted by Dr. Oz, Dr. Coldwell and more, why is it still so unknown by the average person? 
If you are considering getting involved with MonaVie, consider this book your due diligence. You’ll discover: 

  • Is MonaVie truly a way for an average person to reach a six or seven figure income? Or is it all a sham?
  • What’s the truth behind all the hype – is the Acai berry a miracle food or a lot of talk?
  • What does Viagra and Acai berry have in common? Why don’t people talk about this?
  • You’ve heard of superfoods, what about superFRUITS?
  • Weight loss without working out? Can that even be possible?
  • Do you have to be a super-salesperson to succeed in MonaVie? The answer might surprise you.
  • Does having a sales background prior to joining MonaVie help or hurt you?
  • Discover ‘Community Commerce’ – The future of Networking Marketing.
  • What’s the bottom line on Acai berry and cancer studies?
  • The inside story on Antioxidants and the science behind MonaVie.
  • Discover what you don’t know about Antioxidants.
  • Why a bad environment for the Acai berry made it so powerful for health.
  • Revealed – The secret of Plant Sterols.
  • What you don’t know about Superfoods.
  • Learn the truth behind Cholesterol Reduction
  • Why you don’t have to be a superhero network marketer to reach the top in MonaVie.
  • What best-selling New York Times author is behind MonaVie’s weight reduction product program?
  • The new anti-stress product that is putting insomniacs to sleep and waking up entrepreneurs.
  • How you can use Social Media as a secret recruiting ground with MonaVie.
  • How to avoid the hazards of using Social Media.
  • Two powerful ways MonaVie distributers are using social media to expand their teams – at home and worldwide!
  • How to build stronger customer loyalty using simple social media tools.
  • Discover how to drive more sales with Facebook.
  • Upselling and cross selling secrets even if starting from scratch (which may be easier).
  • How to command a terrific social media presence with up to date content without spending any time on it.
  • Why is topic area monitoring combined with trigger phrases reaping success for MonaVie marketers?
  • The Secrets of Branding, (it’s NOT what you think it is).
  • Why MonaVie was unfairly attacked and by whom.

The time you take to read this concise and direct book will save you the pain of signing up with MonaVie and finding out it was not what you expected, and all you will have lost was the few dollars you used to invest in reading this book. On the other hand, reading this book could move you off the fence and help you make the right decision. Should you decide MonaVie is for you, what you will learn here will help speed your success and help you get off to a flying start in your new business. You know you want to make the right decision, this book will make that possible.

Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 9)

by Mark Hendricks

In Volume 9 of “Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success”, Mark Hendricks answers questions
completely and fully with nothing held back. Interacting with his live audience,
he enters into thorough discussions on topics they wanted to know more
about and now you will have this important information for your use too.

You will discover:

– How To Make More Money With Adsense
– How To Spot Google AdSense Ads
– The Three Ways To Make Money On The Internet
– The Concept Of Congruency And Why It’s So Important For You To Have It
– How Do We Initially Get The Human To Get To Our Site?
– What’s The Best Way To Generate Traffic
– The Most Important Things To Include On Your Webpages For Good SEO
– Getting Traffic Using Articles
– Why You Should Set The “ALT” Tag On Your Webpage Graphics
– The Top Ten Article Directory Sites You Should Post Articles To
– What Ceramic Frogs Can Teach You About Internet Marketing
– Social Sites – How They Work And How To Use Them
– Yes Virginia, You Do Need A Website
– Using Social Sites As Lead Generators To Get Traffic To Your Main Sites
– The Six Steps Of Your Customer’s Relationship With You
– More On Social Platforms
– What Are Search Engines Really Trying To Do?
– Resale Rights And Private Label Rights (PLR)
– What You Can Learn From E. Haldeman Julius
– How To Outsource Effectively
– As A Newbie Starting Out, Is It Best For Me To Learn How To Create A Site Myself And Do The Graphics Or Just Be Concerned More With Outsourcing?
– WordPress – A Great Way To Build Websites
– Mark, Wouldn’t You Say One Of The Keys To Success Is Outsourcing?
– Is It Better To Pre-Sell To Your List, Or Sell?
– The Six Psychological Triggers To Use In Every Communication
– Using Different Communication Modes To Connect With More People
– How To Warm People Up To Your Idea Before Making A Sales Suggestion
– Is There Such A Thing As Emailing Too Much?
– Are You Using The Marketing Channel That Best Communicates With Your Target Market?
– You’ve Got To Continually Make Offers To Get People To Take Action
– Email Open Rates And Email Deliverability
– Who Should You Be Sending Email To?
– How To Move Your List From One Autoresponder Service To Another
– Internet Explorer vs Firefox – Which One To Use?
– Using Newsletters To Get More People To Your Website
– How To Become An Expert Right Now
– When Do You Start Making Money On The Internet?
– Different Traffic Sources Have Different Purposes
– Headlines, Headlines, Headlines – Did I Mention Headlines Were Important?
– Affiliate Program Traffic – Get Qualified Traffic With No Upfront Cost
– Using Joint Ventures To Get A Huge Burst Of Qualified Traffic
– The Most Important Part Of A Joint Venture
– Using Cross-Promotions To Generate Traffic
– How The Giveaway Promotion On The Internet Got Its Start
– Using Teleseminars And More To Get Traffic
– When Do People Buy?
– Even More Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website
– How To Make Money Off Of Your “Loyal Un-Subscribers”

Download Your Copy Now.

Mark Hendricks is a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; a joint venture specialist; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach. For the over 25 years, he’s been using his proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. He works and lives with his wife on their horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida. Using the internet since 1994, his advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide finally achieve the success most others only dream about.

His homebase website is:

Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 16)

by Mark Hendricks

In Volume 16 of the “Insider Secrets To Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for
Online Business Success”, Mark Hendricks answers questions completely and
fully with nothing held back. Interacting with his live audience, he
enters into thorough discussions on topics they wanted to know more
about and now you will have this important information for your
use too.

You will discover:

– How To Work Smart
– Let’s Talk About Time And Money
– The Quickest Way To Generate Money
– How To Get Or Create Great Looking Graphics
– Is One Website With Several Niche Domains Possible?
– What Is Bypass Publisher?
– A Little Bit About RSS And How To Use It
– What Is The Real Take On Using Co-Registration Lists?
– The Challenge Of Internet Business Is Putting It All Together
– How Can Someone Just Starting Out Do Joint Ventures?
– How To Be Unique In The Marketplace
– How Do I Transition To A New Business While Keep The Existing Business Going?
– How Much Should You Charge For A Downloadable Product?
– What Are The Top Five Niche Internet Markets Right Now?
– If You Could Only Use One Marketing Resource To Build Your List, What Would It Be?
– How Do You Best Market A Proprietary Product?
– The Difference Between Features, Advantages, and Benefits
– How Do You Get Attention By Using Press Releases?
– How To Best Communicate With Your Website Visitors
– What Are The Most Lucrative And Fund Internet Marketing Tasks?
– Affiliate Program Software
– The Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Outsourcing
– How To Systematize Your Business For Scalability and Profitability
– How To Increase Retention For Membership Sites
– Mark, Why Do You Do These Q and A Conferences?
– The Best Strategy For Find The Money Keywords That Translate Into Sales
– Is A Blog Better Than Traditional Website?
– Is There A Way To Have Central Status Reporting Control Panel For All Your Sites?
– What’s The Best Way To Get Started With Little Cash Flow?
– Are Sub-Domains Good To Use?
– A Quick Look At A Membership Site
– What Are Some Good Advertising Means To Attract New Members Besides JV Partners?
– What’s The Best Way To Start Getting Affiliates?
– Using YouTube and Craig’s List
– Where’s The Best Place To Have An IP Map On Your Site?
– How You Can Make Yourself More Unique
– Three Words Guaranteed to Make Your Sales Letter Fail
– What To Do With All Of This Information, Knowledge and Experience

Download Your Copy Now.

Mark Hendricks is a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; a joint venture specialist; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach. For the over 25 years, he’s been using his proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. He works and lives with his wife on their horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida. Using the internet since 1994, his advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide finally achieve the success most others only dream about.

His homebase website is:

Kindle HOTSHOT – How to promote your kindle book and reach the TOP 100 Books in your category

by Nino P

Kindle HOTSHOT – Your answer to more sales of your books.

As a Kindle Publisher you know that some books sell without any promotion but wouldn’t be better if you could drive those sales? Which in the end turns into more money?

Of course you agree.

But here’s another thing you need to consider before you start reading this book . Every Kindle author should promote their books through all the methods available. Of course some are more efficient than others but in the end… marketing is marketing and

===The Kindle HOTSHOT isn’t the typical promotion book!===

You won’t find 100 pages of information put there just to justify the money spent! You will find less than 15 pages which will guide through all the methods you NEED to know and use to promote your kindle books!

You might know a few of them but there are over 20 methods guaranteed to boost your sales!

The promotion methods described can be applied in any niche and they might work for other publishing platforms too but they weren’t used anywhere else yet.

—–So…what do you say?—– Do you want a powerful guide on how to promote your kindle book?

—–1 Leaked promotional method—— Included just to give you a clue of what’s inside!===


I should shout this method! The right tags will put your book higher in ranking in the Amazon store and this can mean the difference between 1 sale a week and 1 sale an hourâ?¦depending on the topic and the niche.

In fact I know for sure that when I used the right tags on my books I jumped from 1 sale a week to more than 1 sale a day!

I know how powerful this is and it just takes a few minutes to add a few relevant words.

THE CYCLE CODE | long-term stock option wealth through short term S&P cycles

by Julian Sebastian

Every market has a cycle code – a mathematical spiral that regulates its cycles. When you know a market’s cycle code you have that market’s number and know when it will make its highs and lows on any fractal or time chart. With the cycle code you can profit spectacularly with options. In this book I take the 1.793% price cycle of the S&P 500 on the hourly chart and show through three years of hourly data how the 1.793% cycle code has resonated with the price peaks both at swing tops and bottoms.

The Blog Monetization Advantage (The Social Media Advantage)

by Austin Nappier

The Blog Monetization Advantage provides beginners the information they need to monetize their blog.
The time you spend working on your blog can be time spent earning you money! Create a blog. Increase viewer traffic. Then, monetize your blog.

How does blog monetization work? How can I do it? How much money can I expect to earn?

The in depth answers are found inside.

(The Blog Monetization Advantage is part of the Social Media Advantage series brought to you by

Enhancing Communication for Business Leaders Part 5 – Motivating Others

by Fiona Campbell

This book – part five of the seven-part Enhancing Communication for Business Leaders series covers motivating others.

The books in this series are simple, practical workbooks with actionable exercises designed for you to easily take what you are leaning and apply these skills to the workplace to enhance you communication with others.

Some people are naturally good at motivating others, but for most of us, this is an important leadership skill that we learn.

Often in business, people get promoted to a position of leadership because they are fantastic at the specific job they did before that promotion. They get put in â??charge’ of a team and are sent off to â??lead’ others without having any training in people management.

They become frustrated when others don’t respond to their own motivational style, and often you will hear them say “John (you add your own name here) is just not motivated!”

It is not true that people are â??just not motivated’; it is the responsibility of a leader to find out what words people need to hear to become motivated, and to communicate to using that person’s motivational words back to them.

This book covers six different motivational styles, how to recognise them and how to match the language of these styles to motivate others.

How To Become An Internet Marketing Consultant

by Success Sculpting Coach

Local business owners need you.

They may not know it yet, but you do — or should. If you’re not helping local business owners bring in more customers via the internet, you’re leaving a whole pile of money on that infamous table — your pile… and theirs.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever tried to Google your local pizza place or hair salon, looking for a phone number? I bet in about 50% of the cases, you weren’t able to find it. For a society with nearly 80% Internet penetration, that’s pretty shocking, isn’t it?

The fact is, small businesses are missing a huge opportunity by not having an Internet presence – or worse, by having a bad Internet presence. And for you, that means a fantastic opportunity to help your local economy and grow your own business by helping others as an Internet marketing consultant.

Not sure local Internet marketing consulting is for you? Then download your copy of “How To Become An Internet Marketing Consultant” which that tells you exactly how you can start and grow your own consulting business. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the planning process. It covers:

* Learning the trade – how and where to learn the skills you need (hint: you already know everything you need to know!)

* How to find your target market – this is the easiest part of the equation, and the one most people mess up!

* Bringing in the business – you don’t have to be a salesman to make money as a consultant, I promise! In fact, you will learn a super-simple plan you can implement today.

* How to do 48 hours worth of work in a 24 hour day – you don’t have to settle for trading dollars for hours – I’ll show you how to ramp it up!

* And tons more!

“How To Become An Internet Marketing Consultant” is jammed packed with details on what to do and how to do it to successfully start your own internet marketing consulting business today.

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So how about it? Help yourself, your family and your future financially by helping local businesses as a local internet marketing consultant.

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How To Promote Your Book Online & Offline Vol 3 (Advice & How To)

by Dr. Leland Benton

Welcome to Volume #3 of How to Promote Your Book Online & Offline. In volume #1, I offered the following: Marketing & Promotions Checklist, EPUB Publishing Formats, Quantcast, Backlinks, Promo Book Trailers, Author Central, Book Tours, Audiobooks, Translations, Proof-reading & Editing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Automated Postcards, Pay Per View, Social Media Marketing, and The Most Important Publishing Platforms. Volume #2 describes the strategies and techniques I have never revealed before and they are designed for self-publishing authors; everything from how to promote your book, how to market your book, how to publicize your book, how to promote your book online, ways to promote your book, self publishing, to sell your book. Like volume #1, this book is dedicated to the promotion and advertising of any ebook or printed book. I use all of the techniques described in this book and so should you. If you do, you will literally see an explosion in your book sales virtually overnight.

Make A Killing Online: Quick Tip #1 | An easy way to make A TON of extra money with your eboks (even during the free kdp promotion) – Pink Cover

by Justin Kofoid

Selling Books On Amazon

Think of how it would feel if every time you sold one of your ebooks, on any online market, for any price you could get an extra $50.00 or more without really doing anything at all. That would be INSANE right? Hi, I’m Justin Kofoid, author of Make a KILLING Online – Guru Secrets Revealed: Getting Rich with Ebooks (even if you’re not a writer). This is one of my tips that I feel EVERY ebook author should know. So here’s what I want you to ask yourself right now. “Do I want an extra double cheese burger the next time I’m at McDonalds, OR do I want to gain the knowledge to give my book the chance to earn me an extra $50.00 OR MORE per sale?” If you’re still reading, then you made the right choice. This isn’t any sort of scam, you’re not going to be ripping anybody off, you’re not tricking anybody at all or anything like that. This is completely legal, and it is an INSANE technique that brings indie authors like us a HUGE extra chunk of change.

Give Your Book To Potential To Make $50 PLUS on Each Sale

Seriously, think of how many copies you need to sell just to get $50.00. Now think of possibly getting an extra 50 OR MORE for each one of those sales. That would be pretty good right? Right. I will tell you right now, I did not use this technique in this quick tip, and I did not use this technique in my full book on writing an ebook that sells from scratch called Make a Killing Online. This is an excerpt from my book Make a Killing Online which you can find in the amazon kindle store for $6.97 by searching Make a Killing online, or simply clicking here. If the links aren’t working you can always copy paste this into your web browser.

OK, enough of my shameless advertising, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here right now. Let’s be honest. Not all of us can throw up a book on amazon kindle and have a few hundred thousand, if not millions in the bank a few months later. If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you already know that’s true, and you also know any extra money per sale would be great, fifty plus would be AMAZING, and it is, and you BARELY need to do anything at all to get it. Enough talk, here it is, the big secret on how to earn more money per sale without doing any more work.

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Secret Sales Techniques That Work!

by The Success Sculpting Coach

Is your business experiencing declining sales?

Are you currently frustrated because you’re spending thousands of dollars on various sales and marketing methods and getting little to no results?

And are you slashing your prices, taking huge losses and making less and less money?

Well, if that sounds like you then keep reading.

Because I’m here to tell you that there is a way to increase your sales and profits without spending more money on marketing and advertising.

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See, creating a business that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t have to be just in your imagination. It can be your new reality.

And I reveal exactly how you can do it in this eye-opening fast paced book.

Inside this book, you will learn…

– Powerful marketing strategies for no extra cost to increase your sales and boost your profits.

– How to create a persuasive and compelling marketing message to your target audience.

– How you can get more customers and clients with less time and money.

– The “Real” secret to attracting more qualified leads and ready-to-buy prospects to your business.

– And tons more!

In fact, just preview the table of contents of this amazing book and you will see it’s jammed packed with “Secret Sales Techniques That Work!”

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Surveys That Pay:100 FREE Online Paid Survey Companies

by Holla Hakin

This eBook is a collection of online companies that offer mostly cash incentives for surveys. There are 100 companies available in this book to profit from if online surveys is your thing. From short questions to being asked to be in focus groups, this I believe will be valuable to every reader. If you apply yourself to it, the potentials are endless and it is FREE!

The Ultimate Money Making Marketing Mix

by Success Sculpting Coach

If you want marketing methods to grow your profits quickly without spending a fortune on, then check out what “The Ultimate Money Making Marketing Mix” has to offer you.

This Kindle book reveals the truth about how to grow your business in this tough economy. This stuff comes straight from the trenches. No theory. No fluff.

These marketing strategies are proven to work. And by work, I mean they have already been battle-tested and proven to increased leads, sales and profits – significantly â?? with very little effort.

If you just aren’t seeing the results from your business and you would like to earn more money, take more vacations and live life on your own terms, then download and read “The Ultimate Money Making Marketing Mix” which reveals a powerful proven marketing strategy.

In the “The Ultimate Money Making Marketing Mix” you get simple, yet powerful methods you can use right now to add real revenues and real profits real fast every month to your business.

By the way, it even works whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.

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