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Herbal Medicine: Herbs For Your Health, Herbal Therapy For Your Skin And Hair, And Do It Yourself Herbal Remedies

by Ellen C. Ross

Herbal Medicine

If you have heard of the recent nature craze going around you might be wondering why you should try herbal medicine. Coincidentally, you might be using herbs without even knowing their benefits or how to maximize their effectiveness. You will learn that herbs have been part of our lives for years and those of our ancestors for centuries as they occur naturally in our world. Read on to get a detailed history on herbs, various herbs that will do wonders for your health and the various ways you can make your own herbal medicine at the comfort of your own home and even tips on how to grow them and much much more.
A preview of the book:

  • Herbs vs. Prescribed Medicine
  • Herbs For Your Health
  • Herbal Therapy For Your Skin And Hair
  • Ensure You Do Not Lose Those Vital Nutrients
  • Do It Yourself Herbal Remedies
  • How To Grow Your Own Herbs In Your Apartment Or Backyard
  • Identifying Edible Herbs In The Wild

How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using Free Tools

by Chris Naish

What you are about to read is rock solid information in the area of keyword research which is without doubt one of, if not the most essential part of making any sort of income online with free search engine traffic. Without it you could build websites for years and never make a cent!

After you have digested the information on finding low competition keywords that is laid out here, it won’t cost you a dime from this day forth if you follow the diagrams and step by step instructions laid out in this eBook.

This is not just a general outline of keyword research like you may find in some other books in the Kindle store either; I walk you step by step through a demonstration that successfully finds easy to rank, low competition keywords.

If you:
– Are a complete beginner.
– Want a step by step guide with no BS.
– Are not confident in your keyword research.
– Think you know keyword research but want confirmation.
– Don’t have (or want to fork out) big money for a guru’s course that will give you similar results.

Then this is the book for you!

You can find long tail keywords just as easily as I did within a very short space of time as you are about to find out.

Keyword research really isn’t that difficult when you know what to look for and the time taken to do this research is surprisingly short when you use the free tools in this course.

Some people master the methods on how to find good keywords, others know how to optimize their site/pages for keywords. If you read this book today, you will know both aspects.

Low Fat Diet

by Judy Keating

Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Cooking with Gluten Free and Paleo Recipes

The Low Fat Diet book is geared to helping people lose weight with low fat diet recipes. There are two distinctively different yet similar diets featured in this book, the Vegan Gluten Free diet, and the Paleo Diet. Each diet calls for fresh fruits and vegetables, but the Vegan Gluten Free diet offers a low fat diet plan void of animal protein. Vegans do not eat any meat, nor do they consume any animal product such as dairy foods or even eggs. They do rely on a good low fat diet plan as outlined in the Vegan Gluten Free Diet. The Paleo Diet has low fat diet foods that include meat and animal products.

The Vegan Gluten Free Diet is most all low fat foods. This particular diet has no reason to be high in fat and is perfect for vegans and vegetarians who wish to lose weight and fat. There is information on how to substitute the common ingredients that may stop a meal from being totally vegan. You will find information on the history and philosophy of the vegan lifestyle, and recipes for snacks, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, soups and even raw foods and drinks.

The diet plans in this book includes a diet that features meat in most of the recipes for the meat lovers who also want a low fat diet, but with meat. The Paleo Diet section discusses what the Paleo Diet is and the reasons for choosing this plan. The Paleo Diet is actually simplistic, including the foods eating by our Stone Age ancestors so long ago. Some of the recipes include a Mushroom and Pine Nuts Scrambled Eggs, Cucumber Hot Dogs, Chicken Curry with Pumpkin, Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips with Meatballs, Moroccan Lamb with Squash and various dessert recipes.

The Ultimate California Auto Accident Handbook

by Edward Smith

This book will help victims of accidents in California understand how auto accident cases are handled. Learn: *How best to get your car fixed *Can you get a rental car * If you need to hire an attorney. *How to select a competent personal injury lawyer *What to do if you are struck by an uninsured or hit and run driver. *How to recover your past and future medical expenses. *How to recover for past and future earnings loss *Time limits for Filing suit *Mistakes you should avoid in buying auto insurance *Mistakes that attorney’s make in evaluating personal injury cases *What experts can help you achieve a better result in your case.

Grain Free Diet : Lose Weight On The Grain Free Diet With Recipes Grain Free Diet And Cooking That Works

by Stacey Green

This book â??Grain free Diet” is meant to highlight the advantages of converting to a grain free regimen. It highlights that fact that all the required nutrients can be found in other foods and in greater concentrations. The foods that are considered grains tend to do harm to the body either immediately or after a period of time (depending on how often they are consumed). Many persons like those suffering from celiac disease or have some auto immune disease like arthritis find that they have relief from the debilitating effects of their illnesses when they cut the grains out of their diet.

There may be alternative diets but they are hard to stick to and not as effective in the long run. The best thing as outlined in the book is to free oneself from grains. They may be a cheap source of energy for the body but are harmful in the long run. Everything is outlined and the option is left up to you. You can opt to stick with grain and deal with the consequences or modify your eating habits so that you can remain healthier and free from certain medical problems. The author did it and is much better off for it.

About the Author: An increasing number of persons including Stacey Green have adapted their diets to be grain free. This crucial decision has been made after a lot of research to see whether or not the option was really healthier. As a bonus some recipes are included which are a few of her favorites. Stacey’s main aim is to assist anyone that is thinking of switching to a grain free diet to see how beneficial it would be.

Stacey is aware that many persons find it extremely challenging to stop consuming grains as they grew up eating it and rally don’t know if they could ever stop doing so. She too was in this position. From her personal experiences you can learn that it really is not as hard as it may seem.

Stacey Green encourages the readers to seriously consider their health and to also do their own research to see what they would have to eat to get all the necessary nutrients to remain healthy. It is not about taking supplements but careful planning on how one can get what the body needs without turning to grain. She has rheumatoid arthritis and was not free from constant inflammation and pain until she realized that the grains were the major trigger.

250 Pick Up Lines – Chat Up Lines That Work

by Connor Champion

It can be be hard to find the right words to say to that one person who has caught your eye. However, saying “Hello, my name is Blah” is lame, and is simply not memorable.

To be memorable, you will need a chat up line to break the ice, and to bring a smile to the girl you approach.

With this eBook you will learn tons of winning pick up lines, giving you the ability to turn that first encounter into a fun night, maybe a romantic liaison and even a successful long term relationship.

These 250 Pick Up Lines can be used successfully on any woman, any time, any place anywhere.

These PickUp Lines are funny, clever, cheesy, flirty, corny and romantic, but most of all they are successful.

Having a few of the chat up lines you will learn from this book up your sleeve will enable you to successfully meet, attract, and even seduce any woman you desire.
Why you should buy this book
These 250 Pick Up Lines are probably the largest collection anywhere in the world, and they are all here for you to learn and remember. This is a quick fun read, and who knows – reading this book may just change your life for the better!

Gardening For Health : The Need to Know Guide to the Health Benefits of Horticulture (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides)

by Angela Youngman

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or an enthusiastic novice, Angela Youngman’s fascinating guide details the extraordinary physical and mental health benefits that can stem from spending time in your garden.

Evidencing research that has shown how gardening can help us all to live healthier and happier lives, this insightful book – published by Central YMCA Guides, part of the UK’s leading activity for health charity – explains how to make the most of your garden and explores the important safety considerations, exercises and precautions that need to be taken to ensure that you get the most from your outdoor space, without straining a muscle, breaking your back or damaging your knees.

With simple to follow warm-up exercises, top tips and step-by-step instructions to help gardeners of all ages to maximise the health benefits of horticultural activity, this is a must read guide for anyone who is keen to mow, dig, prune, cut, plant, strim or water their way to a dream garden and to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


by Lauren Woodcock

Matthew Pickering has always known that he is different. Loud noises never seem to pierce other people’s ears the way they do his, or bright lights burn their eyes as intensely as they do his own. Other people are not stared at in the same way as him, or mistreated to quite the same extent, simply for being themselves. Although the word â??autistic’ may mean very little to four-year-old Matthew, it is set to take on great meaning for him throughout his teenage years, and into his adult life.

Facing judgement and discrimination from society is an everyday occurrence for Matthew, but when those whom he loves the most seemingly turn against him too, his life begins to take a dramatic downwards spiral.

With a whirlwind of emotions that he does not fully understand controlling his unusual and violent behaviours, can anything, or anyone, now save Matthew from himself?

– living with autism
– autism kids
– autism in teens
– autism in adults
– autism parents
– autism siblings
– autism in the classroom
– autism in the workplace

Detouring a Dream

by Gail Falzon

This memoir of memories is a twisted tale of love and heartache over a 25 year period of time. Expressed through a sequela of 38 poems, it defines the decisions and detours that derailed the lives of two fated lovers on multiple occasions. The seventies introduced a time of sex, drugs, and rock & roll that resulted in an accidental affair altering the lives of our two poetic protagonistsâ?¦forever.

Over the decades, these strangers could not forget each other, and their telling poetry speaks of two bleeding hearts beating in syncopation. Even on different continents, their love could not be deniedâ?¦along with their mutual desire for a future togetherâ?¦one fine day. Experience their trials and tribulations through the romantic verse and rhyme which brought them together in God’s good time.

Detouring a Dream is based on a true story…although the names have been changedâ?¦to protect the innocentâ?¦and the guilty.

If you liked “The Notebook”, and “The Bridges of Madison County,” then you’ll enjoy this true tale of forbidden love finally consummatedâ?¦20 years laterâ?¦simply by never giving up what, in your heart, you know to be True.

Weight Loss Diets

by Teresa Capo

Weight Loss Diets

Lose Weight with Clean Eating and Superfoods

The Weight Loss Diets book is about two diets that help with quick weight loss and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The two diets featured in this weight loss diet plan book are the Clean Eating Diet and the Superfoods Diet. Both diets serve to help the body to become healthier and as a result, weight loss is achieved. In searching for weight loss diets that work, we realize that it is the diets that encourage the breaking of bad eating habits and makes weight loss diets that work.

The Clean Eating Diet offers a weight loss program that works to aid the body is assimilating the foods we eat and in helping us to build our bodies up with the use of good clean foods. By doing so our bodies are able to take on a healthy weight loss diet that will give us the results we want. The Clean Eating Diet is one of the best weigh loss diets because it works to help clean the body from the inside out through the foods on this easy weight loss diet plan.

Of the quick weight loss diets out there, probably the best approach is one that will give last effects rather than dumping the weight fast. The Superfoods Diet is a good weight loss diet program that uses the approach that if the body has all the nutrients it needs it will be able to lose the weight at the optimum amount of time and will be able to keep the weight off. It takes energy from food to get up and move to lose the fat and weight and this happens when you eat the right foods. The foods on the Superfoods diet plan contain optimum levels of nutrients.

Jackie’s Miracle (The Miracle Series)

by Emeka Iwenofu

Enter the world of a young girl, names “Jackie” Jenkins, who has just been released from a 4-year prison term. Prior to that, she had a tumultuous childhood where drugs, alcohol, and abuse were all this poor young girl has ever known, and no real family to go to upon her release from prison. It isn’t until a total stranger, who is her parole officer, informs her of an ancient closely guarded “secret” that sends Jackie on an exciting adventure beyond her wildest dreams. In this secret, are step-by-step techniques which she applies that also serves as a blueprint for the reader in attaining “success” in their life… whatever that may be.

Witness a life-changing book that has every reader claiming it to be one of the greatest books, if not the greatest book they have ever read on success where they clearly understand and can start applying the principles in their own lives. It is a book which you’ll not only cherish but would want everyone you care about and love, to read.

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