Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 27 Apr 13

The Linden Murders

by Rob Thompson

The Linden Murders…Solved, reopens an 80 year old cold case in Genesee County New York. In 1917, 1922, 1924 and 1934 six people were butchered. The UNSUB set fire to four of the bodies and laughed as authorities were stumped. The horrific crimes were never solved. Rob Thompson, reopened the case files and using modern profiling techniques has come closer to solving the murders than anyone ever has.

Whisper My Secret

by JB Rowley

How does a mother cope when she is forced to walk away from her three children and never see them again? That is what happened to JB’s mother, Myrtle. Eventually, rescued from her despair by tall, dark and handsome George Rowley who fell in love her, Myrtle started a new life and had seven more children. She buried the grief of losing her first children deep within and kept her pain secret. JB and her siblings were unaware of the existence of Myrtle’s first three children until after she died. Desperate to know how such a thing could happen to a devoted and caring mother, JB went on a journey to find out. What she discovered was a heartbreaking story of loss. It was a long time before JB was able to work out that her mother kept her early life and her first family secret out of misplaced guilt and shame. To redress that, JB decided to tell the whole world her mother’s secret. Whisper My Secret is a proud declaration that Myrtle did nothing deserving of guilt or shame.

Book length is approximately 57 000 words.

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