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Bred by my Best Friend’s Daddy (Reluctant Virgin Breeding Erotica)

by Zoe West

Maddy is a late bloomer. She’s had a crush on her friend’s dad for years, but never followed through on it. She knows he’s noticed her transformation into a beautiful young woman, she just doesn’t know that he wants her too.

Left alone with Mr. Logan on a hot summer’s afternoon, Maddy lets her passion get the better of her, but to her surprise, it’s Mr. Logan who makes the first move. He’s going to show virgin Maddy how to make love the right way, but that’s not all.

Consumed by his desire, he decides to plant his seed deep inside her. That’s right, he wants Maddy to give him a baby. Will Maddy decide to give him everything he wants?

This 4200 word story includes graphic descriptions of taboo breeding, the deflowering of a virgin, and hot sex between an older man and a younger woman.

All characters are 18 or older.

Breeding Lucinda (Black Bred Schoolgirl Series)

by Remember Nikki Pink

When eighteen year old African-American schoolgirl babysitter Lucinda accidentally spies on her employer, Mr. Diamond, she sees the handsome white man toweling off after a shower. Watching the sexy older white man lights a fire inside Lucinda that she never new existed. When she gets caught Mr. Diamond reveals his own lustful desires. Will she say â??no’ to the sexy older man? Or does she secretly want to be stuffed and filled with all he has to give?

Warning, this 5,000 word story features a naughty black schoolgirl getting bred by her older white employer in a taboo interracial coupling. There are scenes of first time sex, interracial sex, oral sex and an impregnating creampie ending as the young black girl takes the white man’s full load inside her. 18+ only!

Hypnotized in Bimbo Class (mf hypnosis mind control forced bimboization erotica)

by Neil Bimbeau

Brainy co-ed Emily is about to lose her perfect GPA and her financial aid at the same time because her college’s mandatory Home Economics course, but it’s not her fault: how’s a modern girl supposed to get into the mind of a repressed 50’s housewife? When she brings her complaints to Professor Kirshner, he suggests an experimental new method of learning the curriculum…one that opens Emily’s eyes (not to mention her legs) to just how amazing being a brainless, bubbleheaded bimbo housewife can be! This 4,500 word story contains mind warping orgasms, forced bimboization, hypnosis through a naughty instructional video, and a willful young student who comes to learn the real value of higher education! ***FOR ADULTS ONLY***


“Wait,” I whispered, “this isn’t right. Stop the tape…” Something was very wrong. I didn’t want to spend my life taking care of some guy – I was going to be a lawyer. Wasn’t I? Or was it a doctor? It was getting so hard to think… I struggled to put my thoughts in order, but just as I remembered them the music got louder, breaking my concentration.

“All I have to do is cook and clean and take care of my man, and he takes care of everything else so that can stop worrying about those silly thoughts and enjoy being a girl! It’s so hard for girls to think, isn’t it Emily?”

How did she know my name? “It…it is hard to thinkâ?¦”

“Exactly! That’s why Home Economics is so important! It’s so hard for us silly girls to think of anything but cooking and cleaning and looking nice for our men. Doesn’t my dress look super cute?”

My eyes widened. “It looks amazing! I can’t believe I never saw it before! You look so sexy, um…what is your name, anyway?”

“My name is Emily,” she said with a giggle. “Just like you.”

My mouth dropped open. Light filled the room and poured through my body. I felt like I was going through some kind of drug trip, or religious ecstasy – I felt sweat break out all over my body. Deep in the back of my head I felt an itch, a yearning I had never experienced.

“Don’t you want to be like me, Emily? It’s so wonderful. It’s exactly what a silly girl like me is made for – taking care of my husband, the most wonderful man in the world.”

Oh God. A husband. I wanted a husband so bad I could taste it.

The Male Bridesmaid : Chastity, Forced Feminization and Female Domination. (The Male Bridesmaid : Femdom, Chastity, Forced Feminization & Forced Orgasm)

by Sabrina Jen Mountford

When Gary tries to Alison to dominate him he doesn’t realize it will lead to forced feminization, strict male chastity, public humiliation, BDSM, maid training and slavery.  He definitely didn’t expect to be attending his sister-in-law’s wedding as a ‘Male Bridesmaid : Chastity, Forced Feminization and Female Domination.’
Gary is addicted to erotic stories, he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up, and to keep him locked up and in strict denial. When she catches him out, he thinks they’re going to break up.

However Alison is open minded, and so is her sister. Gradually, Alison starts to assert her ‘aversion therapy’ onto Gary, keeping him locked up snugly in a chastity device, denying him any release and forcing him to wear womens lingerie.

The trouble is, Alison begins to enjoy dominating Gary, and when her sister Sarah gets involved things take another turn for the worse and Gary ends up being bullied into being fully feminized to be a bridesmaid at Sarah’s wedding.

Throughout the story, Gary is humiliated, embarrassed, and dominated… When he is offered a final choice, go back to their vanilla life, or submit to being dominated, feminized and kept in a state of permanent denial indefinately – what will he choose?

Warning, this 24,000 word short story contains adult material which sensitive readers may find offensive. It includes themes of:-

Male Chastity
Forced Feminization
Female Domination
Force Feeding

All characters in this story are consenting, this story is pure fantasy and not within the realms of realism. If you’re looking for male chastity within the realms of realism, I urge you to look at the works of ‘Sarah Jameson’ whose chastity and cuckholding fiction and male chastity guides are excellent.

You can now follow Gary and Alison’s adventures in the sequel:- ‘The Male Bridesmaid 2 : The Reluctant Cuckoldress’

Also by the same author:- 

  • The Clinical Trial (With ‘The Receptionist’)
  • The Tormentress and the Boss
  • Slavery: Part 1 : Captured!
  • Slavery: Part 2 : Operated on : Forced Transsexual.
  • The Male Bridesmaid
  • The Hypnotist
  • A Sissy Story : WPC Domination 
  • A Sissy Story : Feminized For Her ‘How he became a lesbian’ 
  • Cross Dressing : Schoolgirl Domination
  • Samantha’s Tale : The Deal (Prequel to ‘The Tormentress & The Boss’)
  • Anita’s Tale : The Sperm Donor (Prequel to ‘Slavery: Part 1 : Captured!’)
  • The Harem Slave
  • Femdom; The Dressmaker
  • Femdom: The Ex’s Revenge
  • Femdom: The Beautician Trap
  • Tickle Torture: Tickled into Submission
  • Tickle Torture: Tickled until she wets herself
  • Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning (The BDSM Studies)
  • The Male Bridesmaid 2 : The Reluctant Cuckoldress
  • Orgasm Denial : A Study in Chastity (The BDSM Studies) 

*Slavery 1 & 2 are available together and separately Compilations by the same author:-

  • Feminization Stories First Collection:The Hypnotist,The Male Bridesmaid
  • Feminization Stories Second Collection: Feminized For Her, Crossdressing: Schoolgirl Domination
  • Slavery: Part 1 & 2 : Captured & Operated on!
  • Tickle Torture: Tickled until she wets herself & Tickled into Submission

(For non-Kindle owners) Paperbacks by the same author:-

  • Feminization Tales: The Hypnotist,The Male Bridesmaid
  • Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning
  • Seventeen Shades of Depravity : Seventeen Femdom Tales

Breeding his teacher – cheating wife cuckold story (Cheating housewives)

by Debra Matthews

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! This book contains explicit sexual content including: oral sex, cuckold, cunnilingus, erotic control, domination, submission, humiliation and more.

Laura is sexually frustrated high school teacher and she just realized that tutoring the handsome student wasn’t her brightest idea. But it is to late now and although she’s done anything possible to avoid it she got seduced in roughly fucked by her student right in front of her husband. To make the things worse, this cheating wife got pregnant while her cuckold hubby could only watch the breeding of his slut wife.


Steve’s eyes widened in awe. “Holy shit, dude! Dude, she’s gonna fuckin’ cum!”
“I am!” Laura cried. “I’m cumming!”
Her cries were joined by the boys’ masculine grunts. Vinnie spent several jets of thick, white seed onto her breasts as promised while Steve’s spunk glazed her chin and mouth. But what she and Jacob shared was special. He knew it and did not waste his jism. Pushing into her almost to his balls, Jacob buried his seed deep within her pussy and afterward pulled out carefully so that not a single drop was lost.
“Dude, you fuckin’ came inside her! You fuckin’ bred that bitch!”
Laura did not begrudge Jacob the high-fives he shared with his friends. She did not begrudge him anything. He could have whatever he wanted from her and would do so again, and again, and again…

Also published in this series:
Cheating Housewives: The star of the biker fest
Cheating housewives: Riding Lessons
Cheating Housewives: Blackmailed into Depravity
Cheating Housewives: Taking a walk on the wild side
Cheating Housewives: Taken by the boss
Cheating Housewives: Fucked at Halloween Party
Cheating Housewives: Violated bride

Breeding the Amazon in the Public Arena (Breeding Sex, alpha male, voyeurism, female submission, fantasy) (Erotic Tales of the Barbarian Empire)

by Celia Demure

2,700 words of HOT BREEDING SEX AND FEMALE PUBLIC SUBMISSION in a dangerous ancient world.

T’Zarra, leader of the amazon contingent, had fought againstâ??and defeatedâ??most of the males of the Unarmed Gladiatorial League.
But that was before she faced the legendary Perros “the Bull.”
Pitted against this powerful, ruggedly handsome, dominating male opponentâ?¦ The amazon fighting woman is finally outmatched. Forced to submit, conquered physically and then sexually, in front of a crowd of thousandsâ?¦
Her body betraying her, consenting to be seeded by this fertile alpha male gladiator, bred in the dirt like the wild she-beast she is.

Bred By A Barbarian Collection 7-9 (Barbarian Sex Stories Bundle)

by Eva Kensin

The follow up to the highly praised ‘Bred By A Barbarian Collection 4-6’. This time we’re back with a all new tale. Meet some new characters, reacquaint yourself with some familiar characters, and hang out in the same barbaric world you’ve come to know and love. With more barbarians and breeding then ever before, get lost in a world of fantasy like no other!

Excerpt from the book:

“She was still deep in thought when she suddenly shivered and threw her head back. Yedus had taken her fully engorged nipple in her mouth and was now sucking her hard. Cindy closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Her breasts had always been sensitive, and this woman, this crazy incredibly hot nude woman, knew just how to work them. She felt Yedus’ tongue go down her torso and finally to her thighs. Cindy parted her legs, knowing full well what was to come next…”

This barbarian sex story is 9700 words long. Be sure to read Bred By A Barbarian Collection 1-3 and Bred By A Barbarian Collection 4-6 as well to get the full story.

Costume Party Mixup (Dicey Affairs)

by M.L. Patricks

(2,800 words)

My girlfriend and I went to a costume house party together for Halloween. I was tired and didn’t feel like attending, but she pressured me to go with her. She quickly threw together a very revealing and embarrassing mummy costume for me to wear. I agreed and put it on. As soon as we arrived at the party, she abandoned me to go chat with her friends.

Bored, I decided to step outside for some fresh air. A girl wearing nothing but red lingerie and devil horns approached me and began speaking to me. I gathered that she had mistaken me for her boyfriend, who I saw earlier wearing the same costume as me. As she began to fondle me, she quickly realized that I am much larger than him. I told her that I wasn’t her boyfriend, and she said that she didn’t care because mine is much better.

Naughty Nerd (Dicey Affairs)

by M.L. Patricks

(2,900 words)

I went to the public library to find some light reading material to take my mind off of work. I found a great book to read, and a large, comfortable reading chair to relax in. I delved into the book, and quickly lost track of time.

While I was reading, I noticed a nerdy girl with glasses skimming the titles on a shelf nearby. She was wearing tight shorts, a loose-fitting tee shirt, and black-rimmed glasses. She tempted me by bending over slowly, and taking her time to pick a book off of the bottom shelf. Then she grabbed the book and walked away. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I eventually dozed off to sleep in my chair. I dreamt about the girl having her way with me while I read my book. When, I awoke, I saw her suspiciously standing nearby.

I attributed the coincidence to my dirty imagination and brushed it off. Then I resumed reading my book, and eventually fell asleep again. I had another hot dream featuring the same girl, except this time when I awoke, my dreams came true.

Mom’s Home Early

by Sammie Lake

Christian has a fantasy and it’s his step-mother. He has a routine. Get home, have “fun” on the computer and clean up before she gets home. However, one day she comes home early and catches him watching naughty videos. How will she respond? Will she give into temptation and fulfill her step-son’s dreams?

Mom’s Home Early is 2,000 words long.

Cumming in Class (First-Time Interracial Teen Sex)

by Lana J. Swift

Sometimes you just can’t hold back!
Eighteen-year-old college student Sarah is having one of those days: she’s horny, worried about her boyfriend, and stuck in a boring class. So when she receives a shocking sex video from her boyfriend, Sarah can’t hold back and has a spontaneous squirting orgasm right in the middle of class!

Later on, she meets a handsome black teen with a similar need for sexual relief during school hours. Although Sarah and her boyfriend have always been faithful, the insatiable girl can’t help but feel tempted by the stranger’s unique solution to their mutual problem – a solution that would involve experiencing her very first big black cock!

Spend a sex-filled morning at school with insatiable Sarah! This erotic novella for adults features public orgasms, exhibitionism, cheating, rough first-time interracial sex, squirting, and enough explicit detail to leave you breathless!

Approximately 20,400 words. All characters aged 18+.

Excerpt from inside:

“And… what about you?” asked Sarah.

“Huh?” replied Tyson.

“C’mon… I showed you mine…”

“Oh, right!” he exclaimed, suddenly recalling their childish bargain. Perhaps Tyson hadn’t expected her to want him to go through with it – Sarah could hardly believe it herself!

Fumbling with the belt of his baggy jeans, Tyson finally got it unbuckled and then undid the button and fly. Giving his jeans a little push off his hips, gravity did the rest and they fell in a rumpled pile around his feet – uncovering those delightful red heart print boxers Sarah had seen peeking out earlier.

No longer constrained by a layer of denim, the stranger’s hard sex tented out the front of his boxers dramatically. Judging by what she could already make out, Sarah knew she was going to be in for a real treat and felt her entire body quivering in anticipation of seeing her first-ever black cock.

Tyson glanced up shyly. “Oh god, I forgot I had these things on. Maya got ’em for me on Valentine’s Day, and she likes to see me wearing them… even if it kills me.”

Sarah snickered. “Oh come on, they’re so cute! The boys must absolutely adore you in the locker room.”

“Uh, yeah, they usually laugh at first… but that always stops when I take ’em off!”

Tyson hooked his thumbs under the waistband and tantalizingly slipped the boxers from his hips, the tight elastic forcing his cock to bend downwards as he gradually revealed his pubic area – first uncovering a nearly trimmed patch of curly black hair, followed by more and more of the smooth, dark brown shaft of his penis. Like an optical illusion, there seemed to be no end to its length – until all of a sudden his cock pushed free and sprang up in front of him.

Sarah gasped in astonishment and clutched a hand over her mouth. “Holy freaking hell!” she mumbled through her fingers, in total disbelief at what she saw.

Lie Down And Take It For Daddy: A Rough Virgin Anal Domination Short

by Kelly Leigh

The world’s greatest erotica writer, Kelly Leigh proudly presents “Lie Down And Take It For Daddy” – Incredibly hot sex stories featuring stepdaughters and their stepfathers!


This story contains adult themes such as bondage, rough sex, humiliation, reluctant sex, spanking and virgin anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who love their erotica to be hot, steamy and rough!


Milie, a college freshman, comes home for the weekend and stays with her stepfather who has recently separated from her mother. She finds their relationship has somehow changed, and there is a lot of tension between them. Her stepfather has always been very strict and uptight, but now he seems worse than ever. He looks through her phone while she’s in the shower and finds dirty pictures of her that she has sent to her boyfriend. They argue and she tries to defy him, but he spanks her – awakening her kinky side. They almost have sex, but she comes to her senses and tells him how she can’t give up her virginity. So he takes her ass instead, and she’s surprised by how much she loves it.


“It was an unbelievable sensation, and although I felt shame and confusion with every slap, I didn’t want it to end. I felt a rush of heat travelling down between my legs, and knew that my pussy was getting incredibly wet, incredibly quickly. Why was I responding like this? Why was I getting so turned on by my daddy?

I didn’t have much chance to question myself further, because Daddy parted my ass cheeks, with one hand, and then slipped to an expert finger up inside me. I groaned and squirmed in his lap, allowing him to slide up inside me even further, all the while panting and squeaking with delight.

I could feel his erection bulging in his lap, straining against the fabric of his trousers. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to undo his zipper and take out his huge, hard cock. I wanted to feel it inside my mouth, taste his salty pre-cum and allow him to tip his load down my throat. I had barely even seen a cock before, let alone tasted one — but for some reason I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted before.”

You deserve the hottest erotica and you’re getting the hottest erotica when you get “Lie Down And Take It For Daddy”.

Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this book is guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device like nothing else!

Told in Kelly Leigh’s usual “down and dirty” style, this tale is sure to please!

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Shared By My Daddy And His Girlfriend: A Reluctant FFM Threesome Sex Encounter

by Kelly Leigh

The world’s greatest erotica writer, Kelly Leigh proudly presents “Shared By My Daddy And His Girlfriend” – Incredibly hot sex stories featuring stepdaughters and their stepfathers!


This story contains adult themes such as bondage, rough sex, humiliation, reluctant sex, spanking and first anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who love their erotica to be hot, steamy and rough!


Emily’s Mother and Stepfather have recently split up, but Emily wants to maintain a relationship with her dad, even now he is no longer with her mother. But the fact that her dad has now got himself a girlfriend who is just a couple of years older than Emily, is a fact that she finds hard to swallow. Although Emily doesn’t approve, she decides to go over to her dad’s new place and meet Tanya, her dad’s new girl, in an attempt to get to know her better.

After a couple of bottles of champagne, Emily finds herself getting to know Tanya a little more intimately than she bargained on. She finds herself squealing and moaning, as Tanya slips her nimble fingers up inside Emily’s tight pussy. But when daddy comes home and catches them in the act he takes matters into his own hands. Emily finds herself being dominated, punished and pleasured by daddy and his girlfriend – and there’s nothing she can do to stop them.


“Tight little ass….” my daddy mused, pulling my ass cheeks apart and leaning back to inspect me like a piece of meat, “lets see if you have a tight little pussy too!”

With those words I heard the sound of a zipper, and I braced myself as I felt the unmistakable hot, hard bulge of my daddy’s cock as he snaked it down my ass crack and nudged at the wet opening of my pussy. I drew in a sharp breath and bit my lip as he gently teased me, dipping in and pulling out just so he could watch me squirm. My cunt quivered and I felt my juices coating the inside of my thighs. I wanted this so badly, and I couldn’t keep it inside any more.

“Daddy, please!” I squealed in a voice that didn’t even sound like my own “Fuck me daddy! Fill my little pussy! Please, Daddy…”

My daddy gritted his teeth and groaned. Then he began to inched his way into my tight cunt. I gasped and panted, desperate to feel more of his hard length deep inside me. But my panting and gasping was silenced a moment later, because Tanya walked up to me and grabbed me by the hair. I just had time to shriek with pain, before she placed her foot on the back of the couch next to my head, so that her bare cunt was right before my face. Then without a word of warning, she rammed my face into her pussy, forcing me to experience the warm wetness of her folds and taste the juices of another woman for the very first time.

You deserve the hottest erotica and you’re getting the hottest erotica when you get “Shared By My Daddy And His Girlfriend”.

Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this book is guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device like nothing else!

Told in Kelly Leigh’s usual “down and dirty” style, this tale is sure to please!

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Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin: A Rough and Reluctant Virgin Sex Encounter Between Stepdad and Daughter

by Kelly Leigh

The world’s greatest erotica writer, Kelly Leigh proudly presents “Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin” – Incredibly hot sex stories featuring stepdaughters and their stepfathers!


This story contains adult themes such as bondage, rough sex, humiliation, reluctant sex, spanking and virgin sex. It is intended for mature readers who love their erotica to be hot, steamy and rough!


A rough and reluctant virgin sex encounter between stepdad and daughter.


“You deserve this, don’t you Laurie” Daddy whispered – although his voice was clearly strained. He was doing a good job of making himself appear to be composed and detached – but I could hear the underlying lust in his voice. He wanted me. He wanted my tight, teenage pussy.

“Y…yes” I managed in a small voice, still yelping with pain as he spanked me. “I deserve this!”

He grunted with appreciation as I affirmed what he’d said. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was becoming. Pretty soon he would be able to see my juices leaking down my inner thighs. He would be able to see how much I wanted this – and then I didn’t dare think what he might do. I was utterly at his disposal.

“You’re a naughty little slut, Laurie” he continued, tugging my panties to the side and revealing the glistening opening of my tight, wet cunt. Then without warning he stuffed his fingers inside me and began finger-fucking me ruthlessly. The sharp pain coursed through my body and made me shudder – but it quickly turned into pleasure as his fingers became slick and wet with my juices. I let out a soft moan as his fingers slammed into me – I’d never felt anyone’s fingers up there besides my own, and I was astonished at how good it felt. Daddy certainly knew what he was doing!

You deserve the hottest erotica and you’re getting the hottest erotica when you get “Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin”.

Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this book is guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device like nothing else!

Told in Kelly Leigh’s usual “down and dirty” style, this tale is sure to please!

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Watching Her – Voyeurism/Masturbation/Hardcore Seduction-Erotica

by Lexi Voss

Caution this story contains sex! Pleasuring yourself in your own home is completely normal, but find out what happens when it feels so good the screams excape and neighbor’s start to watch……


It was 3 a.m. by the time I got home. I noticed the lights on next door, but a quick look in the back lot told me Todd was still out of town. I rushed in without looking at her window and tore my greasy clothes of for a well-deserved shower. Donning some gym shorts and no shirt on another hot night, I emerged from the bathroom to the sounds of a guitar. I found myself in my beanbag chair, my head just barely above the window ledge, my binoculars at my side, a book light clipped to some sociological text and trying to ignore the desperate urge to peek at what Sandra was doing. I listened for several minutes as she played through an acoustic list that was rather impressive. Then, I heard the beginning of “Please Don’t Let Me Be misunderstood”. She altered it a bit, using a reggae style, and I listened intently. Then, there was silence. I leaned up from my beanbag chair and peered through the binoculars just in time to catch her tossing her panties on the floor, kneeling on all fours facing away and sliding her finger into a pussy so moist, I could almost hear the sticky sound of her fingers going in. With the binocular view, there was nothing hidden, and I had the full close up of all her most intimate parts. I found myself, however, creeping closer to the window and watching her whole body without binoculars. Watching her whole body writhe in self-gratification.

She was arching her back like a cat, undulating in rhythm as her fingers cork-screwed into her hot pink cream machine. Her humping, thrusting ass finally got the best of me. My hands found my own cock and…..


Demon Heart

by Sable Grey

Adrian Black got kicked out of hell and now he’s looking for the key to get back in before his sister destroys any chance of his return. He locates the jewelry store that might provide him the key and thinks he might take a soul or two back with him for extra demon points. He doesn’t expect Annie Sellers to hold on to her soul…or his heart.

She Looks Like Jail Bait (Jail Bait Chicks)

by jjvjj

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Description of She Looks Like Jail Bait.

Mitch is reaching the big four-o and he’s been thinking of another girl while fucking his wife. He fantasies and masturbates about a young teenage girl. That girl is their baby sitter, Samantha. A smoking hot little blonde honey with a body built for sex.

Mitch and his wife go to her office party where she flirts with the younger guys and goes off with a few to snort cock while our boy Mitch waits for her to stumble out the bathroom door.

She passes out in the car and he carries her into their home. Our hot babysitter opens the door for him and he carries her off to bed. Samantha helps him undress her and comments on his wife’s beautiful tits. He assures the young girl that her tits look fine just the way they are. He apologizes for his comments and tells her he’s had a few drinks himself.

She decides to stay the night to watch the kid so Mitch and his wife can sleep late in the morning. She retires to the guest room and Mitch snuggles up to his boozed and coked-out wife. He slides away from her so he can jack-off in full stretched-out comfort.

He thinks about Samantha while he strokes his huge penis. It turns him on to think about a hot chick sleeping downstairs. His big cock in his hand feels so good but he knows it would feel even better if he was smoking some great weed while doing it.

He goes outside by their pool and rolls a joint and takes off his shorts. He sits in the moonlight with his massive hard-on and a joint in his mouth. He gets super high and throws his head back in dreamland while stroking his huge prick.

He doesn’t hear the sliding glass doors open or her quiet footsteps coming towards him. She sees him smoking in the lounge chair then notices that he’s masturbating. He opens his eyes and covers his dick and apologizes to her. She tells him it’s her fault for walking up on him and she leave him to finish.

He tells her that he’ll put on his shorts and they can smoke this joint together. She tells him that he doesn’t have to put on his shorts and takes off her top then slides her panties off and joins him on the giant lounge chair.

She smokes and gets high with him and asks to borrow his rough fingertip. She uses his callused-from-playing-guitar fingertip and massages her tender pussy with it. His rough touch on her throbbing big clit makes her squirt high into the air.

They start to kiss and the sex gets hot and nasty. She gives him a BJ that will make your toes curl as you read it.

Have fun,

Gay Lovers Volume Six – 3 erotic m/m stories

by Elizabeth Coldwell

A collection of three mixed and varied erotic stories packed with m/m action.

Beach Challenge by Elizabeth Coldwell

Spending a friend’s stag weekend in a posh country house in Cornwall, Chris finds himself undertaking an unusual challenge in a game of Spin The Bottle. He has to run across the beach wearing nothing but a towel, and pay a forfeit if he’s caught. But what he doesn’t know is that the man who is chasing him wants him to fail – so he can initiate Chris into the delights of man love…

A Birthday Present by Ruth Ramsden

To be bound and helpless, to be totally at my mercy is his fantasy and tonight I am going to make sure he lives it to the full. After all, a birthday comes but once a year, but only coming once is not what I intend for him!

The Anniversary Gift by Garland

Huston Blake writes erotica for a living so why is his own sex life so unsatisfactory? He thinks he knows the answer: routine kills everything. So he devises a way of spicing things up a bit. Threesomes and maybe even foursomes, but long term boyfriend, Sug, is horrified at the idea. The question is, will Huston be able to change his mind?

These stories were first published in Boy Fun by Xcite Books

Fingering her Babysitter Boss

by Conner Hayden

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes,this lesbian story is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

Description: A teen girl babysitter finds herself becoming attracted to her new employer and fantasizes about having some fun with her. The chance finally arrives when the woman comes home from a night out a little drunk and lets the girl use her pussy as a sexy fuck toy.


“Let me see you naked first,” said Mrs. Conrad and Stacey felt her excitement leap. She stood up and moved back a couple of steps. Slowly raising her short skirt, she teased the older woman by flashing her panties at her. Stacey could see Mrs. Conrad’s eyes glued to her little white knickers and could feel the dampness at the front of them growing as the wetness leaked from her. She dropped her skirt again and reaching under it, grabbed the panties and slowly stroked them down her smooth legs. Stacey could see Mrs. Conrad’s chest heaving as she started to lift the hem of her skirt again. The older woman suddenly sat up and leaned forward to get a better view. The excitement rushed through Stacey as she raised her skirt higher and higher until she finally exposed her naked shaved pussy.

“Oh fuck, that’s so gorgeous,” moaned Mrs. Conrad, her voice a little breathless. “Come here and let me touch it.”

Stacey slowly moved forward, her anticipation rising as she watched the older woman’s hand stretch out towards her. When the fingers gently caressed her pussy an electric shock ran through the teen girl’s body and she moaned. Mrs. Conrad stroked her hand between Stacey’s thighs and pushed her fingers hard against the wet pussy. She slid her hand back and forth, getting more and more turned on by the feel of the wetness that coated her fingertips. She finally sat back again and Stacey watched as Mrs. Conrad lifted her hand to her mouth and flicked her tongue over her fingertips. It was a moment of pure excitement to see the older woman licking the wetness from her fingers and Stacey suddenly wanted to taste Mrs. Conrad. She quickly stripped off her skirt and then raised her t-shirt over her head. The bra was the last piece of clothing to come off and when Stacey looked towards Mrs. Conrad she could see the older woman’s eyes glued to her tits.

G-day, Walkabout in the Land Down Under, Australia, Queensland, Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Undara.

by J Jones

All you need to know when you visit Australia. Plus, the adventures of John and Tammy in Australia.

Will Tammy bathe naked under a waterfall?

What did John do when a snake wrapped itself around his steering while he was driving down the motorway at sixty miles an hour?

Why was the life guard keeping his eye on the lovely Tammy while she boogie boarded in the surf at Surfers Paradise? Could it possibly have anything to do with her swimming costume being pulled down by a giant wave?

What were the bizarre circumstances under which John became the Australian long jump champion?

How did John and Tammy save six hundred pounds on the air fares to Australia?

All this and much, much more in “G-day, Walkabout Down Under.”

Exposed to Something Different: Sampler I’ve Been Naughty Please Arrest Me… Officer! (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)

by Wicked Pleasure

Exposed to Something Different: Sampler (Voyeurs and Exhibitionists) – First chapter intro to this fun and sexy adventure.

Ted hit middle age and found himself alone. Overtime he finds that he is a little exhibitionist. To his surprise Ted found someone new for his life and his new sexual hobby.

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, involving masturbation, lesbian sex, exhibitionism, voyeur.

Length: approx. 3,400 words.

Secret Sex Stories (A Short Sex Stories Collection of 3 books in 1)

by Nicole Joly

A short sex stories collection in a bundle filled with juicy, hot, erotic, sensual sex activities that will blow your mind.

WARNING: These are short sex stories for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen. These sex stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

This Secret Short Sex Stories Collection Contains 3 books in 1:

Pure Lust
Pure Passion
Ultimate Pleasure

Book 1: Description Pure Lust (7800++ words)

It had been more than 6 months since her husband had so much as touched her, much less made love to her. But Tasha wasn’t feeling sorry for herself. Instead she felt resolve to continue to soldier on, suppressing her desires until her husband’s health problems reversed themselves and he was back to his normal, lusty self. She didn’t think she was heading into danger when she set off that evening to meet a few friends for drinks. Fate, however, had another plan in mind for her. By the time she would find herself home much later that night, her life would never be the same again. She would soon find out that there is nothing like a night of intense sex to put new focus on the life she was living.

Adults only 18+
This book contains erotica romance content.
short sex stories 7800++ words
sex stories bundle collection genre

Book 2: Description Pure Passion (6700++ words)

She could hardly believe that was here at the airport, his airport, about to see him again for the first time in over a month. Was she really going to spend the weekend with someone she had only met one month before, someone with whom all she had done was enjoy mind-numbing sex? Yes, she was doing it she had decided you are only young once, so why not go for it while you still could. What she had done before with him was absolutely completely out of character for her, so why was she playing with fire by agreeing to visit him for the weekend? Would their time together be awkward as they really hadn’t expressed much in terms of words on their previous encounter, or would no words be necessaryâ??again? The anticipation of what was to come drove her towards the baggage claim, ready to claim whatever the weekend held for her.

Adults only 18+
This book contains erotica romance content.
short sex stories 6700++ words
sex stories bundle collection genre

Book 3: Description Ultimate Pleasure (9000++ words)

So much had happened since Cassie had broken Keith’s heart with an abrupt and firm good-bye. She had felt so sure of her decision back then. But if it had been the right decision, why had thoughts about Keith never truly left her mind? And why was he all she could think about now that she was in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage? Did she dare find out if there was still a spark between them, or should she just leave sleeping dogs lie, as the expression went. And if she did track Keith down, was she really the type to have an extra-marital affair? It was tempting. After all, sex with Keith had been so incredibleâ?¦

Adults only 18+
This book contains erotica romance content.
short sex stories 9000++ words
sex stories bundle collection genre

secret short sex stories collection by Nicole Joly

Sinful Sex Stories (A Short Sex Stories Collection with 3 Hot Stories)

by Megan Monroe

A short sex stories collection bundle filled with juicy, hot, erotic, sensual sex activities that will blow your mind.

WARNING: These are erotic short stories for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen. These sex stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

This Sinful Short Sex Stories Collection Bundle Contains 3 Books:

Book 1: Desperate Need of Sex (+ 5100 words)
Book 2: My Personal Trainer (+ 4100 words)
Book 3: The Best Sex Ever (+ 3900 words)

Description Book 1: Desperate Need of Sex (+ 5100 words)

Looking back over my life for the past few years, getting divorced was the best thing I could have done for my future. I was stuck in a loveless marriage that was going nowhere. My husband’s idea of foreplay was a kiss on the cheek. Then it was wham bam, thank you ma’am. So, being divorced definitely has its advantages. I can go where I want, when I want and with whom I want. Not to mention, I get to follow my own path now.

Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as well. We had been together since high school and part of me still cared. But his infidelity was overwhelming. So, I told myself, “Sherryâ?¦ You can either be tied to man who can’t keep it in his pants or you can let go and find a few pants of your own!” And that’s just what I did.

Description Book 2: My Personal Trainer (+ 4100 words)

“Come on Sarah, you can do it. Push it, push it, come on, push those legs,” my trainer at the gym told me. His deep voice yelling those words excited me to no end. I wanted to tell him, “I’d love to push it against you.” But that would have been inappropriate.

Todd has been my trainer for about two months now and I have had a major crush on him the whole time. His rock hard body, tight ass muscles and six pack abs have me soaking wet every time I look at him. I can’t wait to get to the gym every day, just so I can see him sweat too. And today is no different.

“Come on Sarah, stretch those abs,” he said as I bent over backwards trying to touch the floor with my hands. If he had to do this move, he wouldn’t say that as if it were so easy to do. So, I gave it my all and touched the floor while straining to hold my position. His commands always made me want to give him more.

Description Book 3: The Best Sex Ever (+ 3900 words)

Today had been quite long and boring and I was tired of sitting around the house, doing not doing much. So I decided that I would get dressed up and hit the bar wide open. I wanted a little something extra tonight, if you get my drift. Therefore, I searched through my closet and tried on various outfits to find just the perfect thing to get what I wanted. I came across a cute little black dress that fit me just right in all the right places. I knew that this was the one that would get me exactly what I wanted.

I am a beautiful, slender brown-haired woman with big brown eyes and when I want to be, I am one of the prettiest girls I know. Most of my friends tell me all the time that they wished they looked like me, so I know I got itâ?¦ Whatever it is!

Anyway, around eight o’clock I slipped on my high heels and out the door I went, turning heads all the way to the bar. Men were whistling at me as they passed by, so I knew I had chosen the right dress. I would not be coming home alone tonight.

Short Sex Stories Collection by Megan Monroe

Sexy Lesbian Stories – Volume Six – three f/f short stories

by Toni Sands

Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillate.

The Perfect Italian Wife by Toni Sands
Melissa persuades her Italian tycoon husband she needs a holiday with her friends. Vicenzo suggests cruising on the family yacht. Three gorgeous girls, unlimited champagne plus Melissa’s desire for boundary tumbling, unleash surprises for unsuspecting guys on a stag trip. Melissa intends remaining faithful. Until Joy and Riley invade her boudoir.

Those Good Times by Jennie Treverton
What’s a waitress to do when service drags on for ever and all you can think of is how your co-worker is going to fulfil those silent promises she’s making with her bad black eyes? Aia is dark, exotic and seriously distracting. She could make women dream about doing things they’d never even considered before. The only challenge, on a busy Saturday night at work, is finding the opportunity …

Ticking Over by Carmel Lockyer
Take a butch taxi driver with an addiction to online sex shows and an icy career-woman with a buttoned-up lifestyle … and add a shared secret. It’s a recipe that leads to an encounter on the backseat that ends up costing a fortune. But it’s worth it!

These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books.

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