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The Kinshield Legacy (The Kinshield Saga)

by K.C. May

Piers Anthony, best-selling author of the Xanth novels
“…a rousing hard-hitting fantasy adventure.” 

Iceberg Ink reviews
“Entertainment plain and simple.”


Book 1 of The Kinshield Saga

A mysterious stone tablet with five magical gems has sat abandoned in a cave for two hundred years. The kingdom is in ruins, with only warrant knights to keep the peace. But then, the gems in the tablet, one by one, disappear.

Warrant knight Gavin Kinshield is a man of many secrets. He’s the one deciphering the runes in the tablet. Unless he can find a suitable replacement, he’ll be Thendylath’s next king. All he really wants is the letter written by his ancestor Ronor Kinshield, the last man to see King Arek alive… a letter he must earn by tracking down a common thief.

But when Gavin saves a woman’s life, what should have been a simple task draws him face-to-face with his nightmarish past… and the truth of King Arek’s demise.

The Kinshield Saga, containing the first two books of the series, The Kinshield Legacy and The Wayfarer King, is also available as a single volume.


The Kinshield Legacy was named a Top-4 Read of 2010 by book reviewer Grace Krispy on

Second place winner of The Kindle Book Review Indie Award, September 2011.

An Amazon Top 200 Bestseller / Top 10 Bestselling Epic Fantasy, Amazon US (Aug 2011) / #1 in Epic Fantasy, Amazon UK (May 2011)


Carol Davis Luce, Author of Night Passage

“From the very first page, The Kinshield Legacy grabs you by the throat and propels you into a world of magic, sorcery, jeweled-eyed gargoyles and a sisterhood of female warriors. A world where beyonders savage unsuspecting travelers; where a dark, yet charismatic, wizard covets the king’s throne for his own and will let no one get in his way–including the rightful ruler. He who claims the King’s Bloodstone shall reign as king. Enter Gavin Kinshield, warrant knight and rune solver, a man haunted by his past, and a hero like no other. A rousing debut from K. C. May, an author worth watching.

Piers Anthony, best-selling author of the Xanth novels
“The Kinshield Legacy is a rousing good fantasy tale, with nice characterization and some ferocious action. These days I read primarily for business rather than pleasure, but I found myself eager to return to this novel.”

SFBook Reviews
“The Kinshield Legacy is a beautifully crafted fantasy work that works so well, perfect escapism and highly recommended.”

Underground Ring: Book 1

by M.M. Reid

“One day I would be the greatest monster the world had ever seen. I
would be the one standing and watching as flames levelled the country’s
largest city. But it wasn’t always like thisâ?¦”

His childhood home destroyed and in search of vengeance, teenage
Augrais struggles to master his new supernatural abilities and fight
against a powerful demon who is hunting him, and his friends. When he
becomes more powerful than anyone imagined, his lust for revenge
propels Augrais down a dark path that threatens to swallow up not only his
humanity, but the world itself.

“…The ending blew me right out of the water, and left me anxious for more. I recommend Underground Ring to fantasy readers of all ages.”–Wanda Plourde, Bookloons

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The Fire King (The Alterra Histories)

by C.S. Marks

The first in the Alterra Histories series of NOVELLAS from the author of the Elfhunter trilogy:

Invincible. Unconquerable. Fearless.

It’s no longer enoughâ?¦

…not for Aincor Fire-heart, the first High Elven King of Alterra.
For Aincor’s reign, his power, his life itself – is about to change.

After charging headlong into a conflict that plunges all of Alterra into war, Aincor must face a force of such power and terror that none may stand against it. Despite unrivaled skill, pride, and valor, no one is truly invincible…or fearless. As the Flame struggles against the Shadow, Aincor’s secret, hidden dread rises up to torment him. Will it stand in the way of victory?

If the King falls – what of the Kingdom?

From the creator of the beloved ELFHUNTER Series comes a tale of fate and faith, of the eternal but never certain struggle of Light against Darkness, of the power of love itself – as a King is forced to confront that which is in himself, that which is in us all.


Snakes and Fire: Part III of Snake Charmer

by Aric Catron

From “Firedancer”:

“Thousands of years ago, in what is now called The Middle East, there existed a grand civilization of men and women, warriors and slaves, savages and priests, wizards and witches. Named after its first king, the Empire of Urnamu stretched from the modern-day Persian Gulf to Baghdad and flourished in the fertile crescent of the land history calls Mesopotamia. In this primordial world humanity harnessed stone, copper, and bronze to build beautiful cities, craft exquisite artwork, and smith weapons and armor.

Emyni duma Duseg is the thirteen-year-old daughter of Duseg the Mudbaker, a craftsman of fine bricks, who lives outside of the majestic Urnamu capital of Nun-Ki. After sickness took Emyni’s mother from their family, her father is forced to raise the young girl on his own. But Emyni hides a secret, a powerful secret, that her father warns could get her taken away from him forever: she is a ‘Firedancer’ – a child born with unfathomable magickal power – a power she desperately tries to hide to keep the family together.

But when their home is attacked and her father is captured by savage slavers she is forced to use the power – an act of devastation that reveals her true nature to the world. With the help of a mystical court wizard, the dwarf Bes, and the King’s most feared and skilled warrior, Mel’k, Emyni sets out to find her father and bring him home. Along the way she hopes she can learn to control the wild power that threatens to take control of her.”

In the third part of “Snake Charmer”, Bes, Mel’k, Datena, and Nusiki leave Abraq in search of Emyni, kidnapped by the Mualan.

From the north, in the vast desert, a group of Mardukai’s Serpents moves inexorably south towards Abraq and the small band. They are pursued by Sargon, on mission to find Prince Urukh.

And Pahas and his compatriots discover a new level of fear as Emyni manifests new powers, threatening her kidnappers and their leader, the Mualan.

Thomas’s Tale

by Dylan Currie

This is Thomas’s tale. A young boy from Texas is growing up in the late 1930’s when war breaks out and on a holiday to Germany his parents go missing. With the constant desire to see his parents Thomas eventually hides on a ship to europe but when he falls overboard and is washed up on an unknown coast his circumstances suddenly change dramatically.

What The Hell

by Christopher Southers

Life in Hell isn’t easy, especially if you work there. The systems are outdated, management is constantly on your ass, and getting an appointment with the boss is nearly impossible. Even more annoying than the weekly staff meetings, inept underlings, and backstabbing coworkers are the mysterious problems that have suddenly cropped up. Blackouts, computer crashes, and ice water?

A cold day in Hell may be just around the corner if Gaap, supervisor of the Abnormal Torment Department, can’t find a solution to this unholy crisis.

Delcaos (Darkest Night Collection)

by Rachael A Payne

This is an introduction to the ‘Darkest Night Collection’. It is a short story following the life of Delcaos, a twisted and cruel vampire who believes himself godlike and has little respect for anyone other than himself.
Delcaos tells us himself about how he became a vampire, sired by a foul creature but one that gave him great strength.
We learn about a devastating event that he caused himself and
how his ego drove him to create Lucretia, his ‘dark child’.
But how long can that ego last? How long can one even so powerful as he go on believing himself to be a God without there being consequences?
Delcaos is forced to learn that no matter how strong you are, there is always something out there willing to stop you.

Be Careful What You Wish For (Saga of the New Gods)

by Daniel Black

The time has come, Hells gates shall be thrown wide and the power of creation shall run rampant upon the earth.

In this, the first book of the “Saga of the New Gods,” a group of young college students bring about Armageddon in the most literal sense of the word. With a simple wish upon a unique wedding band given to him by his love, Michelle, Adam unleashes a power that could – if left to reign unchecked – destroy the entire world…

The story begins with a couple of young women, Chelsea and Michelle, bearers of a tragic past, fighting to create a future for themselves. They travel to an old pawn shop in the town of Athens, Ohio, and purchase a ring for Michelle to give to her love, Adam, in the hopes of becoming his wife. A poorly timed wish after the gift of the ring has dire consequences however, as magic enters the world. All that they know, or have known, begins to come unraveled as first their comfortable existence in this bucolic town is ripped from them, then their future. They reach their moment of greatest despair as one of their number flees, another lays near death, and another sleeps in a state akin to a coma… In this moment of vulnerability a man arrives offering a glimmer of hope, Mathew Banks, a federal officer, arrives with the dawn to take them to a place of safety and security. But what is secure when the very laws that govern reality begin to unravel? What is safe when those who watch over you risk change from day to day, moment to moment, and even those who are your closest friends deceive you and risk more than your lives, but the very souls that make you who you are?

This first story tells the tale of the creation of this new world, as the series continues you will rise to the heights of this world and others, and to the very depths of hell.

A Sword For His Women (THE PULSE HISTORIA)

by A . Jacob Sweeny

WARNING!!! The author would like to add this light warning about “A Sword For His Women” & THE PULSE HISTORIA series as a whole: “In this series we follow real historical events, meaning certain facts are not sugarcoated. History is brutal and not always “politically correct”. As a historian, I am presenting a narrative without concern as to what some people might think. In addition, as we are following more personal stories of our much loved heroes, remember that they are GROWN MEN and will be doing grown men things. Maybe a little steamier than the average YA narrative.” -A. Jacob Sweeny

THE PULSE HISTORIA is a series of short stories chronicling various episodes in the lives of A Jacob Sweeny’s beloved Immortals from the smash hit trilogy THE PULSE MYTHS. “A Sword For His Women” recounts how several of the immortal heroes first encountered one another while fighting alongside Vlad Dracul against the Ottoman Turks in the mid 1400’s.

Each PULSE HISTORIA narrative can be read and enjoyed on its own. But for a deeper understanding of what and who these characters are, check out PULSE OF HEROES, a 200,000 word epic paranormal romance set in modern day.

Freaky Home Evening: As Sisters in Thailand

by Wendi K. Bennett

The “best two years”â??in your companion’s body?


I turned to Sarah, and as I burped Marlene, I asked, “You know Sarah, you’ve never told us the first story.”

“What first story?” She asked, shuffling the cards.

“The first time you and your companion swapped bodies. In your letter, you said that the statue helped you and your companion work things out.”

I nodded. “BFF. Right?”

She leaned back in her chair, and looked at Sam. He put his hand on her knee and gently rubbed it.

“You tell it.”

“Okay.” She set the pile of cards down, and leaned back into her chair.

Body-Swap: Pink and Blue 2.0

by Wendi K. Bennett

“It’s not fair!” she protested. He hands were in tiny balls. Her knuckles white.

Dr. Pike Wilder’s face was cold, almost bronzelike. But his eyes were golden whirlpools, dynamic and hypnotic.

“Dottie â?¦”

“I said I’m not Dottie. I’m her sister Maddie. We switched bodies.”

Dr. Pike’s face showed no reaction. His voice rose a level, taking an assertive tone.

“We’ve checked your biometricsâ??fingerprints, DNA, dental records.”

Her eyes flashed, nostrils were flared and her breathing shallow and quick.
“But what about my soul-metrics? Have you analyzed my soul?”

“That is why you’re here.” Pike nodded. He held up his hand in an encouraging gesture.

DIMENSION: Anakha the Beast Slayer

by T J Fellows

Few men from this world that we call Earth ever find a way through to the dimension of the Tri-lands. Fewer still survive the harsh conditions of this archaic place and the cold steel blades of other men from other worlds who have made these lands their own.
Mike Michaelson is one who learned to survive, making this world his second home. His quick wit, and his skill as a fighter in defending his queen, earned him a Triton name and the rank of Captain of the Elite Order. But with his new rank came a special and secret task. He was to take a girl-child back to Earth until a sickness came upon her. When that time came, she would have to be returned back to the calling of her own world. That time had now come. But who she is and the identity of her true parents remain a secret from him. And the dark spirit, that even now was beginning to wake within her, was also a secret, even from her.
Complications are never far away in any world of men. When a rich businessman, dubiously, discovered a pathway between the worlds, his intentions are to plunder the natural resources of Triton and distribute them all around the world of Earth. But Triton will not allow these things to be taken from her. She will spread her very being throughout Earth, destroying, and changing everything in her path, until all that had been stolen is back within her grasp. There will be no more Earth. Only Triton will remain.
Only one man believed the predictions of a dream-seller. Only he, and a pretty young slave girl, can stop the apocalypse from happening. His name is Anakha the Beast Slayer.
(81,225 words)


by Mandi Baker

Aurora Dante is on a collision course with destiny.

Trapped on her home planet of Palermos Aurora, daughter of the great warrior Dante, is desperate to escape the evil rebel leader Bartok.

Upon overthrowing the ailing King Jalon, the new ruler issued a decree whereby all Palermonian females were to be submissive to himself and his army of Argonian warriors.

Bartok has made it known his preference for the dark haired beauties, Aurora in particular. Armed with such knowledge Aurora launches a plan that will alter her life path forever. She escapes during the dead of night taking only her faithful friend Talena, a rare turin gifted with the ability of speech.

In that rare moment called fate, her pathway becomes forever intertwined with a golden warrior who is absconding with the great starship, Galentina. Is this stranger friend or foe? A solider sent to take her back or a guardian angel willing to protect her with his very life?

Exiled from Palermos at a tender age, Darton spent his childhood on the outer star of Earth loved and protected by a family of the ancient ones. Traveling the universe, he hears of the turmoil on his birth planet and travels back to fight beside Darvek, leader of the king’s army. Honor bound to protect the warrior’s niece, a Palermonian female who has struck the fancy of the new ruler, Darton is forced to delay his own secretive mission – that of avenging King Jalon, and restoring the throne to its rightful rule.

Together they fight the forces of evil, find hope where none was thought to exist, and share a love that transcends all time.

But will the love they share be strong enough to withstand Darton’s revelations about his past – and the expectations of both their futures?

Bodies Rising (Bloody Corpses)

by Pietro Capelli

Well, it’s zombie apocalypse time, and Hannah Jones battles to keep her brother alive, and what’s left of her family together. She’s joined in her task, and we encounter a few people along the way with the will and the means to survive.

It’s a little more complicated than that, too – some people are starting to exhibit something special, something superhuman. Will this be the end of humanity or the start of our evolution?

Part one of a series. How many books are in the series will depend on how interested people seem. Thanks for reading…

Osiris Rising

by Morgan Blayde

In the year 2040 California is an independent nation. Cars run on alternative energy. Vat-grown synthetic humans serve mankind. And insane cultists unleash an evil, viral intelligence from the blood-etched pages of the Necronomicon. â??â??


Her family targeted, Marie Valentine seeks the aid of occult arbitrator Olivia Siris who calls on her fellow Judges of the Dead and Damned. For centuries, they’ve been outcasts, hunted, and persecuted by a fearful humanity. Now, they are mankind’s last best hope for survival as darkness rises. â??â??


The battle is complicated by the blundering interference of vampire-killer Van Helsing, his samurai protégé, and an army of Hollywood ninja. Forces clash, lick their wounds, and clash again. With time and hope dwindling fast, Homeland Defense and assorted creatures of the night converge in the Missouri Ozarks where an Elder Godâ??born hungryâ??must be killed before he eats the planet

Burning (Brotherhood of the Blade Trilogy #1)

by Eve Paludan

Presented by #1 bestselling Kindle author, J.R. Rain. Fast moving, romantic supernatural thriller with humor, heart and romance…

What would you do if everything – and everyone – you loved was taken from you?

Rand Sebastian, ex-Navy SEAL and now a full-time family man, is about to discover that evil lurks in the world. Real evil. And when this darkness comes after him and his family, he will do everything he can to stop it…and to save his loved ones.

Now trained by the legendary Brotherhood of the Blade in a remote castle setting, Rand will learn all the skills necessary to find his missing daughter…and to stop the killers who prey on mankind.

Burning is a full-length novel and the first of a trilogy.

The next two books in the series will be available throughout 2013.

Corruption Is Key (Azuria’s Pride)

by Jordan Gibson

The boy woke; he coughed as smoke filled his nostrils. He sat up and observed his surroundings; the damp straw floor, the sacking hanging in front of the pane less windows, the leather from the last stukin slaughtered on their farm hanging in front of the door. Memories flooded back to him. This was his home! He leapt out of bed, smoke engulfed him. He trudged through the smoke filled room and saw the source; a large fire with cooking pots scattered around it in the corner of the shack. The boy ran to the other side of the room where the leather covering was over the exit. He stepped through and outside. Sunlight relentlessly clawed at his face and temporarily blinded him; it was hotter than usual.

He looked around with disbelief as he saw mutilated bodies all around him, these were his family members!

He looked up, a horseman rode towards him.
“You would have been better off staying in your filthy little home, Orc Scum!” the horseman said aggressively. “You are just corrupted beings, our lady demands that this land must be cleansed of your kind!” The horseman raised his battle staff and brought it down furiously. The boy fell to the floor.

The Chronicles Of the Chosen Ones (The Chronicles Of The Chosen Ones Book 1)

by Heather / H Bessette

Over six decades ago the four most powerful witches in the world known as the Chosen Ones were killed in a battle in the magical country of Mevam.
Present day now, Hailey, a witch, discovers that she is a Chosen One after the prophecy is retrieved by a powerful wizard. Briana, Hailey’s best friend, discovers she is one too, and together they must find the other two to complete the four Chosen Ones.
Along the way, Hailey experiences so much, from heartbreak, going to mortal high school and surviving multiple demon and creature attacks around the clock. Will Hailey open up her heart again to a possible true love after her boyfriend was killed by a demon? Will Briana, Hailey and their friends survive the constant attacks so they can find the other two Chosen Ones?

The Chronicles of the Chosen Ones begin here.

Daggers Part Four: Departed (Short Story)

by Stephen L. Morgan

Following the loss of powerful allies, Jack and his friends push on toward the Pinnacle of Creation, the only place in the realm where the potent relics he carries might be safe from the Reaver’s reach. But Gordon Malory is in close pursuit, and all involved must face a reemerging threat from ages past in order to gain ground.

Daggers Part Four: Departed is the third installment in a series of short stories detailing the adventures of Jack Scarlet.

Death Throes

by R.M. DuChene

The best collection yet! R.M DuChene brings out his dark side in these ten new entries. The genres range from horror, to the absolute weird, but all of these stories are certain to entertain.

Fire Start (Julius Gray)

by John Kramer

Julius Gray suddenly finds himself enwrapped in a thousand-year-old mystery after witnessing the murder of his mother at the hands of a fire starter, a being who brings destruction and chaos wherever it goes.

The Heroes of Edenville (The Unusuals Trilogy)

by A. Wunderlin

Wynnie’s a young woman with a dark past, seeking refuge on an island far from the life she knew. She’s angry and perfectly content to hate the world forever… until she meets Davis. One look into his eyes and Wynnie knows she’ll never have to suffer her secret alone again.
Davis is the leader of a particularly unusual gang of young men whose mysterious auras and deformities, scare the island inhabitants, labeling them as rejects. Like the others, Davis has never met a girl like Wynnie… neither has Davis’s cousin; the hateful and dangerous Falcon. They battle each other to win her heart, and at the same time, thwart an invisible enemy who threatens their very existence.
Fighting to stay alive, and trying to fit into a society that can literally FEEL their abnormalities, will Wynnie and Davis’s gang learn what it means to be human, and what it takes to be a hero?

The Hunt for the Dark Wizard (Chronicles of the Moonshine Wizard)

by Phillip Drayer Duncan

Waylon â??Bert’ Drake is a modern day wizard living in the Ozarks. Always willing to help out for the right price, Bert readily agrees when a friend invites him along on a profitable mission to serve the feared Hand of Magic by helping to hunt down an extremely dangerous dark wizard. Bert isn’t worried about the danger aspect, because he knows that if they even happen to run into the dark wizard, he will be pushed to the background while the stronger wizards handle business. Besides, no one seems to think they’ll really find the guy anyway. Only when things don’t quite work out that way, Bert finds himself in the middle of a desperate struggle to survive against horrors he never would have imagined. When it’s all said and done the Moonshine Wizard will either be among the dead, or his name will be known for his deeds in the hunt for the dark wizard.

Legacies (Legacies the Arcanis Prophesy)

by William Lutz

Beneath New York City lies the New York council, a lair of power thirsty vampires that rule this dominion with an iron fist. Living above in the city are the renegades. Vampires that seek to live peacefully with man rejecting their inherent blood lusts. With mankind caught in the middle, the two sects are involved in a violent covert civil war. After decades of fighting, will here be peace or destruction between the two vampire cultures so opposed to each other?

The silver chalice of Velegris has been found by the New York Council. It is a mystical object that can change the very nature of the vampire. In the wrong hands, it could lead to destruction. Can the renegades stop the council before they unleash it on the world? Will they survive the onslaught of the council? The renegades begin a journey that will take the vampire from a creature of darkness into a legacy that will become legend. Enemies and allies with join them into a destiny that will not only affect them but all of mankind as well.

The man who nails! (L’Inchiodatore!)

by Luigi Moggio

The inchiodatore is an ironic novel that combines the sublime and the surreal, observes the world that lies between the “sewers” and the “stars”.
Depressed, weighed down by a bulky paunch, the bill in red, creditors at his heels, Nicola Feelings (aka Nick) is a detective: The most straight investigator improvised never existed!
In the novel, the author plays with an old stereotype, adds his philosophy of shiny disenchanted drunkard and a pinch of true despair.
The bars, cynicism, humor, professional and existential failure, along with the mere narrative inventions, become a real mess.
Nick, struggling with an alleged Hitler and his charming woman, a lesbian betrayal, false teeth stolen a very special and dangerous landlord, mixes humor and imagination in carrying out investigations and never forget to bring with him his ¾.
A novel that is developing as this that you browse the pages. A particular attention is the note in the choice of the names of the characters, each of which is closely related to its head.
Described as “Pulp immoral”, this novel will make you die of laughter!

The Monster Beneath the Bed (Chronicles of the Moonshine Wizard)

by Phillip Drayer Duncan

Waylon â??Bert’ Drake is a modern day wizard living in the Ozarks. He’s never really much cared for holding down a steady job, and makes his living doing the occasional odd job for a small company or whoever is willing to pay. One of the services he offers is to help out parents with children who have trouble sleeping for fear of monsters. As he would put itâ?¦ He comes in, pretends to be a wizard, and convinces the kid that he beat up and then banished the monsters. Bert gets paid, the parents get the problem resolved, and the kid gets to sleep well at night. Only this timeâ?¦ The monster under the bed won’t be so easily convinced.

Orion (The Voxian Series)

by Ruth Watson-Morris

In the second book of the Voxian Series.
Vox has become infected and the only people safe are those who were not on the planet surface at the time of a viral sonic boom. Orion, Halen and Kale are on Earth, Fantacia is with them when they discover an injured Stu and Shadow. With all explained, Orion and his warrior friends are left to rescue the infected and find a cure for our enraged blood sucking warriors.
The Vardu are here with them comes Lemala the deathly queen and following her comes Beth, the wayward daughter of Kathos who now has the problem of defeating Lucifer a strong Demon, and even Kathos must consider if he will be defeated this time.
Yet it would seem that Kathos has one more ally to call upon, time to meet his Angel Brothers. . .

Return of The Fox (Society of Vampires)

by Adrian Scott


The Society, under the guidance of Lord Tarkus, provides refuge and sustenance for vampires. The Paris Gypsy clan are allies against their common enemy, the werewolves.

My wife and I live under the protection of Lord Tarkus with our adopted daughter. I did my best to rid the Society of a heinous enemy. We believed all was well – until a strange man claims an old title and vampires, gypsies, and villagers begin to disappear.

Finally, to save Lord Tarkus and my family, we are forced to flee Europe for my homeland, Australia. But is anywhere truly safe from the return of The Fox?

Veil of Life (Alecien)

by Lyndie Swedersky

When the war broke out, mystics left Alecien; those that stayed died. Chaos reigned while the harmony of the once peaceful land was shattered. Now two hundred years later, many ancient races have long left, and evil is brewing once more.
Raillyn, a natural mystic, raised by the necromancer Chaimh, upholds the shaky peace treaties between the warring races. Evil threatens to tear apart this peace. Can Raillyn find where this threat is coming from? Even if she does is there still time to stop this chaos that is spreading across the land?
Veil of Life follows Raillyn through her travels of family, friends, love, loss and bloodshed, as she seeks a way to stop the chaos that is sweeping across Alecien. Can the bloodshed be stopped and can order be restored once more?

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