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Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves Series)

by Quinn Loftis

Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary 17 year old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania moves in across the street, Jacque and her two best friends, Sally and Jen, don’t realize the last two weeks of their summer was going to get a lot more interesting. From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane she feels an instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know that the flame she is drawn to is actually a Canis Lupus, werewolf, and she just happens to be his mate; the other half of his soul. The problem is Fane is not the only wolf in Coldspring, Texas. Just as Fane and Jacque are getting to know each other, another wolf steps out to try and claim Jacque as his mate. Fane will now have to fight for the right to complete the mating bond, something that is his right by birth but is being denied him by a crazed Alpha. Will the love Fane has for Jacque be enough to give him the strength to defeat his enemy, will Jacque accept that she is Fane’s mate and complete the bond between them?

Circle of Time (The Starry Child Series Book 2)

by Lynn Hanna

If you enjoy the extraordinary stories of Diana Gabaldon, Karen Marie Moning, and the paranormal works of Nora Roberts…

The magic of Scotland…
A love story that crosses the centuries…
Another magnificent, award-winning time-travel romance from the author of The Starry Child

With The Starry Child, author Lynn Hanna created a unique contemporary novel based on the legends, lore, and love of Scotland. Now Ms. Hanna returns to this enchanting world–where the sole survivor of a plane crash on the rocky coast of Scotland discovers the key to his wife’s forgotten past, his daughters’ dreams, and his own heart…

What greater test of a love is there than the need to trust the strongest instinct of all, the tie of timeless soulmates separated by distance and unimaginable danger? Will faith in that love lead to survival or will all be lost on the rocky and desolate shores of the remote Scottish isles? Matt and Rainey have survived challenges beyond imagining in order to be together. But their journey has only just begun and the perils they must face may tear them apart or bring them closer together. Here is love beyond time, beyond endurance, and beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

Rainey’s daughter, Sasha, has reached womanhood and she is about to meet the man who will become her hero, her equal, and the one who will cherish her for all time, if he proves himself worthy.

One more addition to the family… Sasha now has a nine-year-old sister, Carrie, whose Gaelic name means faith. Carrie has a magic all her own and without the legendary wisdom that is well beyond her years, the family may be torn apart.

Here is love beyond the boundaries of the centuries, beyond the boundaries of human endurance, beyond the boundaries of mortality…

The Hold Up (Rancho Diablo)

by Colby Jackson

When Randy Post, a young cowboy riding for the Rancho Diablo brand, gets accused of murdering a saloon girl, Sam Blaylock saddles up to get to the bottom of the matter before they fit him for a hangman’s noose. Sam doesn’t know that the murder has set off a chain of events that will end up with him swapping lead with a murderous gang of robbers eyeing one of the banks in Shooter’s Cross.

In the past, Marshal Everett Tolliver and Sam Blaylock haven’t seen exactly eye-to-eye on things involving the ranch hands. Tolliver intends to hold the peace in town no matter what the cost. But he’s going to need help if he’s going to find out who murdered Jessie Holden in cold blood.

Even after they’ve set there differences aside for the time being, Sam and Tolliver still have to put their lives at risk to hold the line in Shooter’s Cross in a gundown on Main Street that will become a legend.

Enchantment’s Reach3: Orbelon’s World

by Martin Ash

Ever stranger mysteries unfold as the epic saga of Enchantment’s Reach continues:

Betrayed and now powerless in his own domain, Leth, beleaguered king of the magic-haunted realm of Enchantment’s Reach, finds himself cast through a combination of treachery and freak circumstance from his own world. Stranded with his two children in the seemingly endless blue void of Orbelon’s World, he encounters mysteries, dangers and unworldly intrigues unlike any he has met before.

In Enchantment’s Reach itself, the enigmatic, eons old god-entity Orbelon has revealed to Leth’s young queen, Issul, that her husband and children are trapped within his world. Orbelon knows of no way to locate or release them.

Issul has no choice but to believe – and indeed to trust him.

And still the question hangs over her: who, or what, is Orbelon? And what are his real motives?

Accompanied by Orbelon, Issul finds herself bound upon a terrifying quest back to the mysterious land of Enchantment, seeking clues and a lost, perhaps mythical living artefact, the Soul of the Orb, that may represent the one slim hope of saving her world from the brutal, inhuman warrior race, the Karai, and the god-creature that appears to lead them. It is a quest that also demands the presence of the deranged assassin, the murderous head of the outlawed True Sept, Grey Venger, with his knowledge of the Legendary Child. But the nature of the quest cannot be revealed to Grey Venger himself.

Equally, the quest must be kept secret from the ruthless Head of Security of Enchantment’s Reach, Lord Fectur, known as The Spectre. The scheming Fectur has already demonstrated beyond all doubt that he harbours mighty ambitions of his own, and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Ahead lie perilous unknowns for Issul, and a growing yet troubling bond with Shenwolf, the young soldier who holds secrets of his own and is not entirely what he seems.

And in Orbelon’s World Leth discovers a reality beyond anything he could have imaginedâ?¦

Cover design & artwork: Alexia Dima, Michail Antonellos

GAMBLING ON LOVE (Travis Series)

by Kimberley Reeves

Corporate investigator, Beth Sweeney, has never balked at risking her own personal safety; gambling with her heart is a different story. Until she meets Sam Travis. One kiss from Sam and suddenly her whole world is turned upside down as she finds herself falling in love with him. But when death threats are sent to Beth and an old scandal involving Sam conspire against them, Beth is forced to make some of the toughest decisions of her life.

Excerpt from Gambling on Love:

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight…

He was a big man; broad in the shoulders with a heavily muscled chest. Even sitting, Beth could tell he had to be at least six foot three or four.

She opened her mouth to speak, but the sound that came out was little more than a primal grunt. Piercing green eyes lifted to meet hers. Beth stared back, idly wondering how long her wobbly legs would support her. Mr. Travis was quite possibly the most breathtakingly handsome man she had ever seen. His dark hair and green eyes were impressive, but the firm jaw and full sensuous lips made his rugged good looks downright devastating.

Then he spoke, and her perfect ten rapidly descended to a five.

Lunatic Fringe (Tales of the Pack)

by Allison Moon

New author Allison Moon indulges the feminine wild by giving the werewolf myth a lesbian twist.

Lexie’s first night at college, she falls in with a pack of radical feminist werewolf hunters. Then she falls for a woman who may be among the hunted. As everyone battles for Lexie’s allegiance, the moon illuminates old hatreds, new enemies, and a secret from Lexie’s past that will change everything.

Lunatic Fringe is the first book in the Tales of the Pack series. The sequel, Hungry Ghost, will release in 2013.

A Sword Named Sharp (Chronicles of the Moonshine Wizard)

by Phillip Drayer Duncan

Upon passing his final test to officially become a wizard, the young Waylon “Bert” Drake’s mentor rewards his success with yet another test. He allows him to choose a single weapon from a vast collection. Only the weapon that he chooses turns out to be more than just a weapon. A few years later, Bert has joined a team of supernatural bounty hunters. Their current gig was supposed to be easy, but when the target turns out that the target is much more deadly that any they have faced before, Bert will be forced to come to terms with a decision he made long before and depend on an ally that he’s never really trusted.

Hearts Afire

by Monique McDonell

Hearts Afire

A jilted bride, a sexy fireman, a tropical island, a fear of the ocean,
a fear of commitment, a new neighbour, an old flame, a secret identity – this is the story of HEARTS AFIRE.

Cassie Callahan is not having a great day. First her fiancé jilts her hours before the wedding and then her sister sets off the alarm and sprinklers at her catering business, flooding the premises, soaking the wedding banquet and bringing the fire department.

When Jack Urquhart the cute fireman offers her a shoulder to cry on they both feel an instant attraction but they each know the other is not what they are looking for. She isn’t looking for a player and he is definitely not looking for the marrying kind.

Hearts Afire takes them on a journey from Sydney’s inner-west to Tropical North Queensland, and back, in search of and avoidance of love.

Will either of them realise that there is no risk at all in trusting your heart to the right person?

Voodoo Daddy — A Virgil Jones Novel (Book #1 of the Virgil Jones Series)

by Thomas L. Scott

Readers who enjoy the depth of story from James Lee Burke, the suspense from John Sandford, and the action of Lee Child will savor the characters and gritty action of Voodoo Daddy, by Amazon’s latest Number One Best Selling Mystery Author, Thomas L. Scott.

Smart, Funny & Addictive!

Voodoo Daddy and Thomas L. Scott Rock!!

Great story, Excellent writing! I loved how it all tied together!

Here’s the skinny:

As lead investigator of the Indiana State Police Major Crimes Unit, Detective Virgil Jones tackles only the toughest cases in the state, and the one he faces this time has the city of Indianapolis on edge, near the brink of panic. A team of serial snipers is on the loose. Their killing ground is the city. Their victims are chosen at random. Or are they? With no witnesses and very little evidence, it’s up to Virgil Jones and his team to find out who is behind the on-going massacre and stop them once and for all…if they can. But Virgil has his own problems, both personal and professional. Among them, a backlog of cases that require his attention, the sudden reappearance of his long lost friend who is a convicted felon, a downtown bar he co-owns with his father, and he is in love with Sandy Small, one of the investigators in his unit.

With the entire population of the city of Indianapolis at risk, it’s up to Virgil and Sandy to explore the dark places of a past where nothing is quite as it seems. As the clues begin to fall in place they paint a portrait of betrayal, deceit, blood-lust, and greed, and in the midst of it all, Virgil and Sandy make a personal discovery so profound it will change their lives forever. Voodoo Daddy is a story of life, love, murder and mystery; one that examines the depths of human emotions and the dark places they often lead us all.

Find out why readers are calling Voodoo Daddy one of the best books they’ve ever read! Order your copy and begin reading right away!

Still not convinced? That’s okay…try the sample. It’s free!

A Look Back (Rennillia (Prequel))

by M. Sembera

  ‘A Look Back’ is a prequel to The Rennillia
Series. The book follows Ren (Rennillia) from the age of fifteen to eighteen as
she struggles to make the right decisions for herself and sometimes works even
harder to make the wrong ones.


(Scott Herterand) has a similar less than ideal home life and has been her only
friend up until she meets Emerson. When her father arranges a meeting between
Ren and the powerful Mr. Roberts son (Emerson) they instantly form a bond that
rivals that of her and Hert’s.


Ren’s father bans her from all contact with anyone but Emerson, she takes a
chance and falls for the charming and flirtatious Jackson. Smitten with him,
she defies her father and embarks on a relationship with him.


the while death, love, hurt, anger and other various family issues arise that
eventually lead the four of them (Ren, Hert, Emerson and Jackson) to the paths
they will follow into adulthood.

Horror in Honduras (The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell)

by Benjamin Wallace

Raised from birth to be a force for justice, Damian Stockwell has forever trained to combat the evils of the world. Blessed with the physique of a demigod and one of the world’s foremost minds, he travels the globe on a quest to confront evil and punch it in the face. At his disposal is a vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets and loyal friends.

Now, one of those friends has gone missing in a Central American jungle and the only clue is the grotesque image of a demonic tribal mask. Dam and his trusted valet Bertrand rush headlong into danger and go face-to-face with evil incarnate to save their missing friend and attempt to destroy the Horror in Honduras.

All The Right Reasons [Damaged Heroes 3] (BookStrand Publishing Romance)

by Sandy James

Can love heal all wounds? Lucas Mitchell returned from Iraq a bitter, changed man, wracked with guilt over his friend’s death. He buys an old mansion and deals with his injuries and grief by restoring his new home and rehabilitating retired racehorses.
Joy Kovacs falls in love with Lucas at first sight. Descended from gypsies who are still influenced by the lingering effects of the Holocaust, her family follows the traditional ways. A husband has already been selected for her, and her father insists she work at their ethnic restaurant. But Joy wants to use her talent and be an artist, and she wants no one but Lucas.
How can Joy find a way to help Lucas break out of his prison of grief? Although they’ve committed their hearts to each other, can the growing love and passion between Lucas and Joy survive her family’s insistence that she marry within her culture?

“As a high school teacher, I’ve had to watch many young people, students whom I love, put on uniforms and head to Iraq. While I’m thankful they’re all doing well, I felt there was a story to tell about them. Lucas Mitchell represents those students I’ve had the pleasure of knowing who make the noble choice to serve their country.” ~Sandy~

More than Magic Winner ~ Best Single Title
Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Finalist
Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Finalist
Lories Best Published Finalist
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance


by Rosemarie Naramore

When Vancouver Police Officer Shelley Newland is involved in a shooting on the job, she finds herself in need of a getaway, to clear her head. She heads to the Oregon Coast, but rather than stay in a hotel, she opts to take her parents’ old Terry trailer.

While at the RV park, she meets handsome Portland Police Detective, Jake Castle, who has some things to work out in his own life. She also meets a group of senior citizens, who are determined to help the younger couple solve their problems.

Unfortunately, Shelley’s excursion becomes a â??getaway’ in the real sense of the word when she learns she’s the target of a hit man determined to avenge his friend’s death.

Concerned for her new friends’ safety, she isolates herself. Unfortunately, keeping her distance from them becomes impossible, since the helpful seniors have never met a problem they can’t fix. And when Jake discovers Shelley is in danger, he steps up, determined to protect her sinceâ?¦he’s fallen for her.

Will she acknowledge her love for him, or will she ultimately push him away?

Clean read/lighthearted romance

Storytellers (Storytellers Saga)

by Martin C Sharlow

Product description: Fantasy author Martin Sharlow starts a new series here with book one. He shows us a land of magic, where casters summon stories from works of fiction then use these story constructs for work, or for battle.

Thousands of years ago, the great Sage Montok Waynew signed the Book Accords, in which it was declared that all books must edify and instruct for the good of all mankind. Created in the hope to end the tyranny that had come into existence in their time, it was widely received and ratified by all living Sages as a good thing in the wake of the last great Story wars. So it went, that those books that were not found desirable were burned or destroyed, to protect all future generations.
Gailen, Alena and Targ find this peace is about to end. In a world where Sages can summon stories to life to do their bidding, these three apprentices must find where they belong, when the laws of the past seem to no longer exist.

Storytellers: Apprentice, is a 72,000 word count Young Adult Fantasy, which combines myth and legend with popular fantasy and a unique magic system. It is the first of a three part trilogy. That sets up future books and introduces the reader to the power of stories, and how they can be used for good and bad.


Who doesn’t love a good story? Sharlow’s Story Tellers is an intriguing book of fiction and fantasy. Story Tellers is brought to life by the excellent prose, engaging characters, magical plot, and overall fine writing.

Perhaps one of the best fantasy novels I have viewed in quite some time, we hear the story of three heroes, magical creations through the use of stories, and self-discovery. A highly recommended, delightful read of its genre. —–The Book Shelf

The Hungering Saga Complete (Large Text)

by Heath Pfaff

THREE complete – full length – novels for one GREAT PRICE!
This is the LARGE TEXT edition. It is exactly the same as the other edition in all other respects.

Twisted by black magic and driven by soul crushing loss, Lowin Fenly, a young scribe-turned-knight, struggles to hold onto his humanity as he battles to rescue that which he values most in the world. Along the way he will be forced to make friends of his enemies, and enemies of his friends. He will grow from a boy no one has heard of, into a man destined to leave the land forever changed, but how will he be remembered? Will he be Sir Fenly, Hero of the People, or will he be Lowin the Dread, a monster to terrify children?

The Hungering Saga is a sweeping story that begins in familiar fantasy territory, and quickly twists many of the genre staples back upon themselves. These books contain violence and sexual situations.

Last edited and updated 5/12/12

For more books by Heath Pfaff, have a look at the following:


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The Snow Song (Hungering Saga 3) – COMING VERY SOON


Seventh –

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Simple Cyrus – The Wild Chase (Simple Cyrus Series)

by Huey Lee

Join Simple Cyrus on his strange day as he searches for his run away dog Toby. Find out what type of wild characters he runs into and the clues they give him in his quest to find Toby.

My Cat, My Dog

by Katrina Streza

Featuring full-color, full-screen images with Kindle Text Pop-Up

A child compares pets in this silly look at cats and dogs.

“My cat can sleep. My dog can sleep. My can can sleep on top of my dog.”

Simple sentences and whimsical illustrations are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, and beginning readers.

Money, Masks & Madness

by Jennifer Bogart

Raised by unorthodox parents in a secluded cottage, only to be set free in the wilds of Montreal, Tulip Garden is painfully naïve and needs to grow up fast. She finds herself teetering on the brink of unemployment, haunted by latex monsters, hunted by Nigerian princes, and in desperate need of a reality check.

As her life unravels in a series of misadventures, Tulip believes she needs to follow her own path despite the advice of her family and friends. Torn between money, masks, and the sinking feeling she is falling into madness, Tulip struggles to discover who she is, what she needs, and where she’s headed in this crazy escapade called life.

Growing Old in Poetry: Two Poets, Two Lives

by Fleda Brown

Sydney Lea and Fleda Brown, both poets laureate of their states and both nationally recognized writers who’ve given their lives to their art, have conspired to write an unusual book of essays on a wide variety of topics, covering a lot of territory, both artistic and memoiristic. Some of the pieces, like “Wild Animals,” are downright silly; some, like “Sex, “Music,” and “Food,” are provocative; some, like “Clothes,” “Sports,” and “Houses,” appear ordinary but are ultimately revealing. The last pair of essays fall under the rubric, “Becoming a Poet,” but actually, the whole collection is about Syd and Fleda as people-poets. Poet-people. Poetry never completely goes off-stage in this wide-ranging and exciting conversation between the two.

SAVE ITALY! Forget the Rest: A Dante Passoni Adventure (Volume 1)

by Tommy Vilar

Dante Passoni, the long awaited Italian counterpart to James Bond, is a man of this century, not a relic of the cold war. He embodies the dynamism of the high-tech world rather than the public corpse of England’s MI-6. Dante is as dashing as James in his prime, as charming as Italy herself, as bold and fearless as we imagine ourselves to be. Passoni brings nail-biting suspense, fun and fresh air wherever he goes. If you love Italy, its food, drink, cars and women; if you love adventure and romance touched by an occasional whiff of the outrageous; if you’re in need of something legal that will quicken your pulse and reignite your senses . . . SAVE ITALY is for you.

Story Of Hope (Romance novel)

by Ann Graham

“This is one of my favorite Ann Graham books. If you love drama, romance, comedy this book is for you! “—-By familyguy

“Well Ann Graham has done it again. This book is about one of life’s challenges and fate. It is filled with hope, love and faith. Well written and really good”—–By MichelleReyolds

This is another great Story from the Best Seller Author Ann Graham.

Hope is struggling with cancer that she is certain will kill her; she has said goodbye to her friends and family and has denied any further treatment. She has decided to travel for as long as she can and find as much inspiration and enjoyment as she can. Along the way she comes upon a traveling companion, a man who introduces himself only as Mitch. Mitch is on a spiritual journey himself, as a surgeon who lost one too many patients. He recognizes Hope’s symptoms as they travel together. Hope’s journey is one of taking chances that she never would have before her diagnosis. She wanted to leave her life with no regrets, but as her attraction to Mitch grows stronger, she wonders if she will be able to. Will Mitch be able to convince her that she should take a chance on treatment before it is too late?

Buzz Books 2013: Spring/Summer

by Publishers Lunch

Start reading exclusive pre-publication excerpts from 11 top spring and summer titles in this free ebook. You’ll find substantial samples from bestselling authors including Michael Pollan’s COOKED, Skinny Bitch co-author Rory Freedman’s BEG, and young adult bestseller Sarah Dessen’s THE MOON AND MORE. There are highly-touted fiction debuts from Laura Lee Smith, Anthony Marra, Kent Wascom and Callie Wright, Therese Fowler’s novel about the life of F. Scott Fitzergald’s wife Zelda, and Laura Bates on how Shakespeare Saved My Life.

The Potato

by James M. Clarke

Looking for a well-written Sci Fi book that will keep you on the edge of your seat?

Then you have found the book for you!

This Sci Fi book is about a mining reconnaissance engineer in an asteroid belt who’s base is hit by a catastrophe caused by an adjacent research facility conducting experiments in quantum entanglement.

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Lili and Grandma Visit New York City

by Susan Blair

Lili and her family love to take trips, this time they are going to New York City. Lili is very excited because she is going with her Grandma, and she knows it is going to be so much fun.

She doesn’t want to hold her Grandma’s hand in the city, because she thinks she is a “big girl” now.

When she gets caught in a crowd and loses her family, she realizes that being a big girl is listening to your parents and people that love you.

. Beautiful illustrations will hold your children’s attention

. A wonderful book to teach children the importance of keeping close to parents when in crowds

. Your children will want to read this story over and over

. Wonderful bedtime story with a happy ending

. This is the beginning of a Lili and Grandma series

Pick up a copy today!

The Story of Haybaler: A Saga of Generations

by Bradly Jay Keller

The Story of Haybaler, is a book about the lives of the Stiles family in hill country Texas. The author portrays the drama of individual lives as they unfold on life’s stage. There are many pearls of wisdom to be gained from chapter to chapter. In fact, the book can be seen as a string of pearls, which begins and ends on a piece of land called Acorn Ridge.

Love’s Destiny (Love Trilogy #2)

by Tracey Smith

After the happily ever after, the story continuesâ?¦
Destiny had always loved the story of how her parents met. How Fate had drawn them together time and again, until they finally found each other and fell madly in love. That was the way love was supposed to be. Someday she knew it would happen for her, someday a handsome mysterious stranger would come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She knew that the first time she saw him she would know he was the one.
Tyler had known Destiny his entire life. She had been his very best friend, but it had been years since he’d seen her. He wasn’t nervous about seeing her again, until he did. She wasn’t the skinny girl he remembered from childhood, and suddenly he found himself anxiously wondering if she would ever be able to see him as anything other than the boy she’d grown up with.
Is it possible to look at someone you’ve known your whole life, and see them for the very first time? Sometimes love doesn’t happen the way you thought it would.

In Her Mothers’ Shoes

by Felicity Price

Three women caught in the adoption triangle – the birth mother, the adoptive mother and the daughter – are about to discover the emotional turmoil of confronting their past, when Kate Stewart traces her birth mother and finds she has a brother and sister who never knew she existed.

Based on three true stories, “In Her Mothers’ Shoes” tells of the heartache of having to give up your baby for adoption without even being able to hold her; of the insecurity of adopting; and how, for an adopted child, there will always be a lifelong yearning to belong, to fit in.

First Kiss: Missing (Last Kiss Goodbye)

by Ronald Ragan

First Kiss: Missing was a wild ride and I enjoyed the trip so much I’ll probably be making it again sooner rather than later. As an aside, I can easily see this being made for the big screen in the vein of Pulp Fiction or Memento.

It is a story of a man who has held hope of finding the love who went missing in 1979. Rick Blayne and Chase Rossmoor are two best friends that grew up in the small oil rich town of Odessa Texas. When the recession of the ’80s hit oil production the boys made their move to the west coast. Soon Rick and Chase had made a comfortable fortune in security software. Rick has kept his quiet search for his long lost true love TJ close to his heart.
They set out searching for love and find danger and murder.
Will his global search help him find his lost love or was she closer to the heart than he expected?

The Mystery of Conan Blake

by Les Lunt

‘A terrific novel with threats and intrigue lurking in the dark recesses of the mind.’
In order to save his marriage, Dr Conan Blake arranges a romantic holiday in Berlin; it is meant to be the holiday of a lifetime in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. But the holiday turns into a nightmare, a rollercoaster of murder, intrigue, and kidnap. Conan must confront the terrifying fact that someone very close to him is prepared to destroy him; but why, and for what reason? Who could possibly want him dead..?

Patches on the Same Quilt

by Becky Mushko

PATCHES ON THE SAME QUILT is a series of related stories told by members of six generations of a Franklin County, Virginia, family. A young boy’s wish for a horse changes not only the direction of his own life but also the lives of his children, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter. As his grandmother, the quilt-maker Gillie Anne, says, “We might not be cut from the same cloth, but we’re all patches on the same quilt.” Each character’s story adds a patch to the pattern of interconnected lives.

Tales of a Trail of Life (Romance novel)

by Ann Graham

“This is one of my favorite Ann Graham books. If you love drama, comedy and romance novel  this book is for you! “-——By familyguy

“Well Ann Graham has done it again. This book is about one of life’s challenges and fate. It is filled with hope, love and faith. Well written and really good romance novel”—-By MichelleReyolds

Based on true stories everywhere

High School sweethearts Dwayne and Ashley reunite after 50 years while bicycling on their hometown trails. Their careers behind them, their internet business interests add to their fun times and the law of attraction, Universal laws are very evident in making the daily manifestations possible.

This will be relaxing read family drama, romance and mystery from best seller author Ann Graham

Don’t Let Them In

by Elizabeth Fields

Six tales of terror from the twisted mind of Elizabeth Fields. This collection includes:

The Debt Collector
Plenty of Flesh in the Sea
The Joys of Motherhood
Campfire Tales
All Sales are Final

The Debt Collector:
When a down on his luck actor meets a beautiful woman in a bar, things finally seem to be looking up for him. But is she really the woman of his dreams, or his worst nightmare?

Plenty of Flesh in the Sea:
Siblings, Emily and Sam, have an unusually close bond. Growing up, they only had each other to rely on. Now, as young adults, they’ve done their best to take on the regular responsibilities that come with maturity, but something is still holding them back from leading normal, healthy lives, a hunger they just can’t seem to satisfy. Not to worry; if they can’t find what they’re looking for just yet, there’s still plenty of flesh in the sea.

The Joys of Motherhood:
A young married couple is about to welcome their first baby, but the new baby may not be the bundle of joy they’ve been expecting.

Simon and his dog, Lucy, are inseparable, that is until Lucy goes through some changes.

Campfire Tales:
Since high school, a group of six friends have been coming to this one campsite for an annual get away. They reconnect with each other and with nature this time every year, and at night, in the grand tradition of camping, they sit around the fire and try to scare each other with ghost stories they’ve already heard many times before. This night, however, will be a little different. A story will be told that they haven’t heard before, and they may just wish they hadn’t heard it to begin with.

All Sales Are Final:
Kathy and Mike have come into town to take care of some last minute things before their dear Aunt Mille moves in with them, or so they say. They’ve set up a yard sale to help Millie get rid of some her possessions to help ease the move. Will Mike and Kathy make the yard sale killing they so desire?

Does He Really Know What Love Is? (Gabe & Lily’s Adventures)

by Genni Wyden

Limited Time Only – Introductory Pricing

The abusive teenage relationship of a naive girl named Lily and how she learns how to deal with a controlling boyfriend is where this story starts. It doesn’t stay there as Lily tries to get free and find her true love in this young adult novel about love, abuse and enlightenment.

Lily Phelps is a self-described “cute girl” who is dating Gabe Wilson, a lovable geek at Centennial High School. When she agrees to meet Tyler Stephens, a sophomore at the same high school, little does she know that this will set off a trail of events that will lead to abuse, control and anguish that will forever change how she views boys and her family.

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Run Away -a daughter’s search for her father; a mother’s search for herself

by Alex Johnson

Julie’s been haunted by the memories of her failed marriage for far too long. Devastated when Lisa, her teenage daughter, sets off on a Gap Year trip, Julie realises she really is on her own. She buries herself in her work as a beauty journalist and tries not to worry about the lack of news from her daughter. Then, out of the blue she receives an invitation to go on a press trip to a perfumery school in Paris. There, she meets and falls in love with the suave, sexy Olivier and they begin a tentative cross-Channel relationship. But can she be sure he feels the same way about her? She has no time to find out- an urgent call from ex-husband Martin telling her that their daughter has disappeared whilst staying with him compels Julie to fly out to Australia in search of her. What or who made Lisa run away? Julie is confronted with her past, but is she ready to face the future?

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