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Minecraft Ultimate Guide – Cheats, Hacks, Shelters, Redstone, Furniture, Survival Guide, Plus More

by Studio App Games

This is a complete guide for experts or beginners looking to master Minecraft. This complete guide includes Cheats, Hacks, Shelters, Redstone, Furniture, Survival Guide, Plus More. The complete table of contents is listed below.



Game Modes
– Survival
– Creative
– Adventure
– Hardcore

The Three Worlds
– Overworld
– Nether
– The End

General Gameplay

– Initial task
– The essentials
– Preparing for the first night
– Notes about digging and gathering resources
– Night time
– Safety

Shopping list

– Emergency shelters

Guide to Mining
– Finding a cave
– Cave Exploration
– Ores and Minerals


Crafting Recipes
– Basic
– Manufactured
– Transportation
– Tool
– Weapon and Armor
– Mechanism
– Food
– Miscellaneous
– Dye & Wool
– Enchantment and Brewing Recipes

– Cooking
– Smeltable Items
– Fuel Efficiency

– General Guide to Brewing
– Brewing Equipment
– Ingredients
– Secondary Ingredients
– Modifiers
– Recipes

– List of Enchantments

– Passive
– Neutral
– Tamable
– Hostile
– Mob Boss



Redstone Wiring and Circuitry


Tutorial Video Links


by Clifford James Hayes

A sizeable, low-cost extract from the comedic sci-fi epic NOCTURNIA. Prince Voltron Murkmyre is on the run (again). After his attempt to usurp his mother’s throne fell into utter chaos, he and his dogsbody slave Plip must now avoid one million angry, unpaid Heklan warriors. The wrath of the Lady Tyrants (the bonkers Supreme Galactic Empress, the foul-smelling Queen of the Skanxian corsairs and Voltron’s deranged sister Pestilencia) is also a matter of some concern. There is only one place in the entire galaxy left to hide – Nocturnia, a terrifying world of nightmarish beasties, where only the insane dare to tread …

Another silly, fast-paced space fantasy, starring the corrupt and irrepressible Prince Voltron Murkmyre. Nocturnia continues the cataclysmic events of Murkmyre – Book One in The Murkmyre Saga.

The Message (a short story)

by Scott Nagele

Wayne is on top of his game. His office at the new job has leather furniture. Outside, an executive secretary awaits his instructions. Everybody at the new company thinks he is a genius. He’s going to be the fastest rising star in the the telephony business . . . if only he can figure out how to use his telephone before he becomes the company fool.
First Published in The Berkeley Fiction Review, “The Message” is a short story of approximately 6000 words. NOTE: This story also appears in the collection, A Smile Through a Tear.

From Hilarious To Outrageous

by Ron Rosewood

A collection of twenty-nine short stories involving humor, nostalgia relating to prairie life, a werewolf horror novella and a paranormal romantic tale.

The Cartoon A-Z of Vampires (A Gadzooks! Cartoon A-Z)

by Nick Griffiths

So, vampires. Fantastical, undead, parasitic creatures – cloaked or otherwise – living off perfectly decent other folks’ blood. What is it about them that inspires such fascination in us?

* When did the vampire myths emerge?â? 

* What’s so great about blood (as opposed to Gatorade)?

* What do vampires get up to during the daytime?

* Who had the worst British accent in all of cinema history?

* Who is Xoclanthulanthulanten?

* Are YOU a vampire (see the Quiz section)?

* Who here fancies Robert Pattinson/Wotsername Stewart? (Hands down.)

* Can anyone think of anything beginning with X related to vampires? Please.

All this and more (or less, depending upon the pheasant situation) lies in wait for you. DARE YOU READ ON?

Nick Griffiths and David Mostyn have previously collaborated on The Daredevil Book for Cats, The Daredevil Book for Dogs and The Daredevil Book for Anglers. Nick is also the author of Doctor Who memoir, Dalek I Loved You, and the Harrison Dextrose comic trilogy. David has cartooned and illustrated for the likes of DC and Marvel Comics, The Beano, The Dandy, Disney and Penguin.

â?  No idea, sorry

A Letter from Dracula’s Land for the People of Albion

by George Rospinus

This letter want to be a pamphlet and a “friendly reaction” to all those people, newspapers and politicians whose main target seems to be focused to this “poor” countries of EU, whose “poor” citizens are ready to invade the “rich” countries of EU in order to gain access to their Social Assistance Program. Instead, to try to find reasonable solutions to help them to stay at home, they preffer to flout them and to help, fartherly, the”poor” banks of EU with billions of euros.
Dear Sirs,
My name is George Rospinus, a “poor vampire” from Dracula’s Land and I am writing this letter in order to warn you, people from Albion:
There are only a few months, till the end of the year! You don’t have too much time! What will happen to the end of this year? Another end of the world? No, dear Sirs! At the end of this year, more precisely, at the beginning of the next, the people from Dracula’s Land, the “poor vampires” of EU, will be allowed to invade your land with the permission of our EU Mamma! And we don’t want your blood! No, dear Sirs! The times have changed and our habits, too! It’s Crisis, “Austerity uber alles”, as a naughty Iron Frau enacted (see the first picture, below).
WE WANT YOUR SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, WE WANT YOUR MONEY!!! And not alone! We will bring the others “poor” of EU: Bulgarians! They are not “vampires” and they don’t know exactly how to do, they don’t have this in blood, like us, but we will teach them! And all THE SONS OF SUN, (you call them rroma citizens or gypsies) that, yours news reporters interviewed in our countries, concerning this problem!
And I have to say that, we are working a lot, for this special moment: we are learning all English, we are studying your geography and your history and especially, how to fill in form all the necessaries documents to suck your MONEY! It’s a little more difficult with our grandpas and grandmas, because, after so many years in communism, they still have a strongly Russian accent, but, maybe this could fits well with your Cockneys! When they realize the difference between 75 euro pension and four or five hundred pounds, they are trying harder, with tears in their eyesâ?¦You know the Italian saying
“Vedi Napoli e poi, morire”? It’s the same with London: to see London, then to dieâ?¦wonderful dream! So, my friends: be ready!

Minecraft Pocket Edition App

by maddie alexander

Minecraft Pocket Edition guide will help you take your game playing to the next level!

What’s Inside:
– Basics of the Game
– Game Winning Strategies
– Valuable ips and Tricks
– Unbelieve Cheats
– Helpful Screenshots

Grab your copy TODAY, and beat Minecraft Pocket Edition!

1960s Trivia (TRIVIA by Todd Brock)

by Todd Brock

Do you know which two players won the Triple Crown in the 1960s? Or what the original name of the Grateful Dead was? Or on what date Marilyn Monroe died.

If you were alive during this turbulent decade–or whether you’re just fascinated about it like I am–these 201 questions will have you scratching your head more than once.

Bioshock Infinite Mega Guide

by Dogwood Apps

Tired of weak sauce strategy guides containing nothing but boring text or overpaying for a “big publisher” guide that contains too much fluff? Then this guide is for you! The bioshock infinite mega guide contains a complete walk through with High Definition pictures and only tells you EXACTLY what you need to know!

The Bioshock Infinite Mega Guide includes:

– Detailed walk through including high definition pictures optimized for the kindle!
– All voxophone locations
– All sightseer locations
– All vigor locations
– Weapon overview
– Codes, Tips, and tricks!
– Overview of achievements

Don’t enter the sky city of Columbia without the Bioshock Infinite Mega Guide!

Candy Crush Saga – Cheats, Hacks and Walkthroughs!

by KING Creations

This is the ULTIMATE guide to Candy Crush Saga!

This super-extensive guide is the perfect download for anyone who enjoys the hit game, Candy Crush Saga!

Features Include:

â?? Hacks, Cheats and Glitches!
â?? Video Walkthrough of all levels!
â?? Strategy Guide!
â?? Detailed Screenshots!
â?? Infinite Lives!
â?? Free boosters and charms!
â?? Game background!

Also, if your having trouble with any aspect of this guide, just email us at [email protected] for one-on-one help with whatever you need, customer service is our number one priority!

CANDY CRUSH SAGA GAME GUIDE: A Gaming Companion for Beginners Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Secrets

by Candice D Smith

A Quick View of the Guide

So, you have been getting invitations from your friends to play Candy Crush Saga? Well, why not accept one and see what is it that is keeping your friends hooked up for endless hours.
Before you jump into this Saga, there are certain things that you must know if you really want to enjoy the game. You must be wondering why you have to read a book before playing a game, and an easy one at that. Well, what about beating your friends who are already at an advanced level? Wouldn’t it fun and impressive?
This book will give you a brief overview about the game along with some exciting secrets and cheats to get you running. So, just quickly walk through the guide and be at the top of this colorful league

Candy Crush Saga Game Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide to Success with Cheats and Strategies

by Ken A Douglas

Whether you wish to begin playing Candy Crush Saga or are already an expert at matching those delicious-looking candies, this book will provide you with exactly what you need at each and every step of the game. That’s because regardless of the level you’re playing or the kind of expertise that you possess, there’s always going to be something that you’ll want to know in order to enjoy the game play at its zenith.
The cheats and strategies provided within this book will help you achieve ultimate success in Candy Crush Saga. As you move forward, you’ll be introduced to the various secrets associated with this colorfully candied game, secrets that you didn’t even know existed!
The quick strategies and cheats in this guide will not only aid you in getting started, but you’ll literally be able impress your gaming buddies with amazingly high scores whilst playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, iPad, Android, or iPhone.

Candy Crush Saga Manual: Your Complete Guide to Interesting Tips, Cheats and Walkthrough

by Mary A Stein

What You Will Find in this Guide

If you’ve been looking for a complete guide to get the edge you need to unlock advanced levels in Candy Crush Saga or win big points, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is equipped with the most interesting tips, tricks and cheats that’ll help you pass every level with great ease.
You can also use this guide if you are new to Candy Crush Saga as the simple walkthrough mentioned at the start of this eBook will show you how things are done correctly. Continue reading this guide to know how you can beat the levels in Candy Crush Saga with ease and accomplish your goals.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Murder

by Darrin Mason

Sex, sex, and more sex. And murder. Sister Maree-ahhh escapes from her convent and finds herself at the house of Captain E. Von Trapdoor in which an adult movie is being made. She becomes a willing participant but the filming is interrupted by a Nazi sympathizer armed with a gun. Sister Maree-ahhh and the Von Trapdoor kids go on the run, over the hills and far away. They are soon caught up to by the sympathizer and a nun from the convent Sister Maree-ahhh escaped from which results in a bloody gunfight the Sister and the kids are destined to die in, but not before getting some of their own back. WARNING: THIS KINDLE BOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEX AND IS SUITABLE FOR AN ADULTS ONLY AUDIENCE.

House Guide Pro for Minecraft: Ultimate Ideas for Impressive Homes

by Solano Apps

Ready to build an amazing home in Minecraft? Want ideas for the most impressive homes with step-by-step instructions?

From beginner to the most advanced Minecraft player, this is the home building and design idea eBook for you.

Some amazing Minecraft home designs included:

– Fancy
– Treehouse
– Japanese
– Beginner
– Houseboat
– Cottage
– Brick House
– and many more!

Unique Creations
– Bomb Shelter
– Underwater observation deck
– Watch Tower
– and many more!


Minecraft: Complete Step By Step Guide

by London Sky Books

***************** 75% OFF! – $0.99 FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY (REGULAR $3.99) *****************

Are you sick and tired of Minecraft guides that show a few pictures and leave all the frustrating details for you to figure out all by yourself?!

If so then this book is for you. In this guide you’ll receive instructions that are full in details and easy to follow, with plenty of screen shots of course!

Includes: Materials – sticks and coal; make a crafting table; make a pickaxe;
make a torch.

Includes: Materials – wool and iron; make a furnace; make iron; make shears;
make a bed.

Includes: Red, yellow, blue, green, brown, black and white dyes, and how to
use them.

Includes: Make steps; make a sign; make a picture; make a storage chest;
materials – paper and leather; make a book; make a bookcase.

Includes: How to use redstone wiring; pressure plates; buttons; levers;
tripwire hooks; how to hide redstone wires.

Includes: Make a redstone torch; logic gates; materials – stone; make a
redstone repeater; make a note block.

Includes: Make a bow; make a dispenser; make a bucket; make a trap;
make a turret; make an arrow; materials – feather and flint.

Includes: Materials – sand and gunpowder; make TNT; make a cannon.

Includes: Tame a wolf; tame an ocelot; make a fishing rod; catch a fish;
tame the ocelot; breed your pets.

Includes: Make a Nether portal; make a flint and steel; activate the Nether portal; time and space in the Nether.

The To-Hell-With-Diets Diet Book

by Donald Beesley

Got a bad diet attitude? You aren’t alone. This spoof full of truth offers down-to-earth diet input through very brief interviews. There are tips, pointers, comments and opinions that introduce you to dieting (or non-dieting) attitudes that are based on reality.

These characters have been where you are. They know that real life is more about losing the guilt, and less about losing the weight.

This short book is light reading on a heavy subject. You’ll smile. You’ll nod. You’ll wonder what trained monkey drew the primitive sketches.

Don’t like diets? Welcome, friend.

Top 6 Games That Every 4th-5th Grader Boy Should Play In Childhood

by George Willis

There are many different activities such as water balloon wars, tree-house, snowball wars, karate, ninjas, and even pirate play. Once you introduce these types of plays to your child, you’ll notice that they prefer one over the other or they may spread them out just to prevent boredom. You will also notice that every few months, your child may switch to a new play and stick to that for a few weeks. Every child is different in their own way and it really doesn’t matter how they pick their battles/plays. Here is a guide with the most popular kid’s games below

Window Shopping for Men: Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)

by Jemima McCandless


A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy based on a true story – Jade’s story. Jade is new to internet-dating. Before searching for Mr Right, she recollects hilarious but true anecdotes of where her previous relationships went so wrong! What lengths will Jade go to in her search for Mr Right and will it be worth all the trouble?

New to internet-dating (or not) this hilarious book will give you a perspective on life, love and that strange species called man.

Jemima McCandless only started writing in the summer of 2012 and self-published her first novella on Amazon for Kindle in September 2012. Lacking the confidence to write an entire novel, she released three little eBooks in her â??WindowShoppingForMen’ series. This book is the coming together of that trilogy:
Trouble in Singapore (censored version)
MEN: BuyOneGetOneFree

What readers said in their 5* reviews of the series:

A light-hearted laugh-out-loud book. Well written, witty and sharply observed. You won’t want to put it down. Like being a fly on the wall. Jade welcomes the reader into her mind. You will experience a roller coster of emotions. It put a smile on my face and it has a happy ending – what more could you ask for?

YOUR FACE SAYS IT ALL – 106 Classic Expressions

by Mussy

Warning: This eBook is not a mirror. Any similarity with you, is purely coincidental.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.