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Three Wee Peas

by Laura Yirak

An Amazon Children’s top 100 book!
Learn to count to three with the three wee peas–a fully illustrated children’s book for ages 18 months and up.

Follow the peas through their day, learning to count as they play.

** Book 2 – Three Wee Peas: On the Farm is available. Learn the farm animal sounds with the peas! **

The story about the most boring man in the world (Children’s bedtime stories collection)

by Einat Altman


Bedtime can be a sacred time of day, when the bumps and bruises of the day past are soothed away. Bedtime stories are extremely comforting and reassuring to children and relaxing for parents. Every evening I snuggle my daughters close, one on either side. We leave our troubles behind and enter the world of make-believe through the children’s stories we share.

Making choices can be stressful for small children, who will relate to this delightful story of a man who plays it safe. He carefully keeps everything in his life the same, from the colors he chooses to the clothes he wears, to the way he spends his time. Slowly the man learns how wonderful it is to make new choices, each new choice taking him from safety and boredom to variety and joy.

Charmingly illustrated by Karen Dishaw, The story about the most boring man in the world is a bedtime story gift from our family to yours.

This book is free of DRM (Digital Rights Management)Keyword: Children’s eBooks, Love & Romance, Ages 4-8, Ages 9-12, Children’s Fiction, New Experiences, Bedtime & Dreaming, Sleep, Child Development

My 1st Ebook – Alexis Meets Wiziwam the Wizard : A Children’s Magic Adventure Thriller for 6 – 9 Year Olds.

by Ian C.P. Irvine


‘Alexis Meets Wiziwam the Wizard’ is an exciting, imaginative adventure thriller for independent readers aged from 6 to 9 years old. It is also for parents who still believe in the magic in life and who want something fun to read to their children themselves!

The Story:
One morning, whilst playing in the school playground of her school, Alexis Morgan is somehow turned into a small, green frog.

Luckily, a friendly Wizard comes to her rescue and turns her back into a six year old girl. But how did this happen? And who did it? And why?

In the days following the ‘green-frog-accident’, some of Alexis’s other friends are also magically turned into strange furry animals. Alexis realises that she has to find out why this is happening, and stop it!

Alexis soon discovers that during break times at her school, a magician called Wiziwam the Wizard is holding secret Magic classes in the Wooden Annexe in the playground. All the Fairies and young Goblins in England come to this school to learn Magic!

Alexis has always wanted to learn to fly. She finds the Wizard and persuades him to let her join the School of Magic. At first, everything is very exciting, but then Alexis soon uncovers a secret plot by an evil goblin, who plans to make her school, her friends, and all her teachers vanish into thin air…forever!

Only Alexis can stop him. Only Alexis can save the school, her friends, and her teachers!

But will she succeed, or is it too late?

Join Alexis on her quest, and find out for yourself…

About the Book:
Ian C.P. Irvine is a new author, rapidly growing a reputation as a writer of page-turning thrillers for adults.

As a father who frequently sits at night time reading ‘Good Night’ stories to his children, Ian often finds himself making up imaginative adventure stories that he is then asked to repeat night-after-night.

As the world transitions to ebooks, with Ebook Readers frequently now being used in schools and homes by children of all ages, the author’ decided to create an ebook that his own children would be able to explore as they become independent readers in their own right.

If you choose to buy this book or borrow it with Amazon Prime, for your children or for yourself, we hope you will enjoy it!

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Amanda and the Kitten

by Kristina Andersen

Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

This story comes after the one about Amanda’s parents getting divorced (Maddy’s Guide to Life: Divorce). Amanda returns to school and we find out that she has a new step mom and a new step brother, Ralphie, who is 6 years old. Amanda wants us to be mean to Ralphie and his mom so she can make them go away and get her own mom and dad back together. We didn’t like being asked to be mean to Ralphie but a little kitten made things so much better.

Approx. 1,000 words.

Ten Times Table Multiplication Cards (Multiplication Cards Series)

by Joy Findlay

Multiplication Cards – another great learning tool from Findlay Books.

‘Ten Times Table’ is a set of ebook cards that teach the ten times table. This is a colourful, clear and concise introduction to basic multiplication. It covers the ten times table from one to twelve (1 to 12).

This ebook includes sequential cards, a full times table on one page, hints and tips, and the cards in random order.

‘TenTimes Table’ is part of the Multiplication Cards Series. Check out the whole series by Joy Findlay.

Ages 5 – 10.

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Divorce

by Kristina Andersen

Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

I’ve told you about Amanda before. You know, she’s the girl who thinks she’s really cool and who isn’t that nice to most of the rest of us in the class. One day Amanda got told that her parents were getting a divorce. She wasn’t like the old Amanda after that as she blamed herself and felt really angry. I was so glad that we were able to help her get through the bad feelings. That day we all found strengths we didn’t know we had.

This short story has approximately 940 words.

You Gotta Try, Try, Again! (You Gotta Try! Books)

by Michael OReilly

This is the first in the You Gotta Try! series of Children’s books. Meet some of the characters who appear throughout the series, and see how Donna Dragonfly, Ponderosa Pete, Tommy Tomato and the rest of the gang deal with everyday adversity. When they run into problems, they just try, try, again!

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Amanda’s Birthday Party

by Kristina Andersen

Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

This short story is about Amanda’s birthday party. I was so desperate to be invited but then I wasn’t. It made me sad but then my sister Zoey had a really cool idea: I could have a mini party with Michael and Joey. We had the best time ever and I even forgot about Amanda’s party. Thanks Zoey!

Approx. 910 words

Notes in Time

by S P Preston

A teenage boy, grieving for the recent loss of his mother, comes into possession of a mysterious piano with an unusual book of sheet music hidden inside. Whilst learning to play, he unwittingly unlocks the piano’s secret, that each piece of music leads to an important moment in history.

Conflict with his father leads him to keep his discovery secret, only confiding in his best friend. The two friends then embark on increasingly dangerous trips back in time to important historical events, including ancient civilisations in Egypt, Rome and Mexico in a desperate search for the pianos true potential, whilst juggling everyday problems at school as lessons in history, music and science take on increasing significance, and at home as father and son struggle to relate as they readjust to life after their recent loss.

Deadman’s Diamond

by Suzi Cresswell

Deadman’s Diamond is a thriller for 9-12 year olds. What would you do if your Dad is shot? Right in front of you? And then the robbers take the Deadman’s Diamond. But then the police think Dad may be involved. You might be able to help solve this. If only you could remember what happened. And soon!
This is what Ned must do before it’s too late. He must clear Dad’s name. Then solve the crime. Then find the diamond. No pressure then!

Warthog: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “WARTHOG” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of the different warthog behavior.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

Sophie and the Locust Curse

by Stephen Davies

‘Watch out! The locusts are coming!’ A terrifying army of locusts is making its way along the edge of the Sahara desert, devastating the crops in one village after another. Gidaado’s village is next. When the locusts arrive Gidaado will need all his wits about him in order to survive. He will also need his friend Sophie, his three-stringed guitar and an albino camel as fast as the Saharan wind.

Adventures in Sleepy Cove: Bonfire Night

by Joan Lee

Do you believe that houses can talk? No? Well, neither did I. But Sleepy Cove is a magical place where anything can happen.

Can a stray firework cure Murphy house’s headache?

Ages 4 – 8. 2283 words.

Alien Babies 2

by R. W. Mitchell

Billy is a human baby but his friends aren’t. Join Billy on a fun filled adventure sequel through a Solar System of strange and colourful alien babies!

A fun picture book for young children. Perfect for sharing and laughing together with Mummy and Daddy whether they are human or not!

Meet Billy’s other alien baby friends in Book 1: Alien Babies

Alien Bill (Alien Characters Adventures)

by Neil A Hogan

The Alien Christopher copies are coming back together near the galactic drive at the heart of Planet Elizabeth. Can the Alien Characters get there in time to prevent the gooey grey blobs from reassembling into a super Alien Christopher and taking over the entire galaxy?
And speaking of blobs, what about Alien Bob? What’s happening to him? Missing time, changing colour, creating four arms instead of two?
The Alien Characters quickly discover all is not what it seems when Alien Bob suddenly changes into Alien Bill. But can Alien Bill help them prevent Alien Christopher’s latest plan from coming into fruition before the blob undergoes mitosis?
Find out more in book 66 of the Alien Characters series. Science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical adventure series for children 7 and up.

Die Alien Christopher Kopien kommen wieder zusammen in der Nähe des galaktischen Laufwerk im Herzen der Planet Elizabeth. Können die Alien Charaktere dort in der Zeit, um die klebrige graue Kleckse vom Zusammenbau in einen super Alien Christopher und die �bernahme der gesamten Galaxis zu verhindern?
Und spricht von Blobs, was Alien Bob? Was ist mit ihm passiert? Fehlende Zeit, Farbwechsel, wodurch vier Arme statt zwei?
Die Alien Charaktere schnell entdecken, ist nicht alles, was es bei Alien Bob plötzlich in Alien Bill scheint. Aber kann Alien Bill ihnen helfen, zu verhindern Alien Christopher neueste Plan kommt in Erfüllung, bevor die blob erfährt Mitose?
Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Buch 66 der Alien Characters Serie. Science Fiction, Fantasy und metaphysischen Abenteuer-Serie für Kinder ab 7 Jahren.

Las copias Christopher extranjeros están regresando juntos cerca de la unidad de disco galáctico en el corazón del Planeta Elizabeth. ¿Pueden los personajes extranjeros llegar a tiempo para evitar que las manchas pegajosas grises de volver a montar en un súper Christopher Alien y hacerse cargo de toda la galaxia?
Y ya que hablamos de manchas, ¿qué hay de Alien Bob? ¿Qué le está pasando? Falta de tiempo, el cambio de color, la creación de cuatro brazos en lugar de dos?
Los personajes alienígenas descubren rápidamente no todo es lo que parece cuando Extranjero Bob cambia repentinamente a Bill Alien. Pero, ¿Bill Extranjero ayudarles a prevenir último plan de Alien Cristóbal de venir a buen término antes de que la burbuja se somete a la mitosis?
Más información en el libro 66 de la serie Personajes Alien. La ciencia ficción, fantasía y aventura metafísica serie para niños de 7 en adelante.

As cópias do estrangeiro Christopher estão voltando juntos perto da unidade galáctica no coração do Planeta Elizabeth. Podem as personagens alienígenas chegar lá a tempo de evitar as bolhas pegajosos cinzas de remontagem em um estrangeiro de super Christopher e assumir toda a galáxia?
E por falar em gotas, o que sobre Alien Bob? O que está acontecendo com ele? Tempo perdido, mudando de cor, criando quatro braços em vez de dois?
Os personagens alienígenas descobrir rapidamente nem tudo é o que parece quando estrangeiro Bob, de repente se transforma em Bill Alien. Mas pode Bill estrangeiro ajudar a impedir mais recente plano de Alien Christopher de entrar em gozo antes da bolha sofre mitose?
Saiba mais no livro 66 da série Personagens Alien. A ficção científica, fantasia e aventura metafísica série para crianças de 7 e acima.

En savoir plus dans le livre 66 de la série Alien caractères. Science fiction, fantastique et aventure métaphysique série pour enfants de 7 et plus.

Children’s Book: Tim & Super Tim Have a Bath (In4mal Children’s Books Collection)

by David Gur

What happens when Tim doesn’t want to have a bath?
Will he be persuaded to have a bath?
If so, will he ever be persuaded to get out of the bath?
The book is a part of the Tim and Super Tim series of children’s books.
The readers of the book are given a wonderful gift: a free finger puppets kit, based on the characters of the book.

The Fishy Plot (The Adventures of Ethan and Adon the Heroes)

by Jory Minyen

Dr. Benjamin is up to no good again in this all new adventure for Adon and Ethan. The hero brothers’ mission is to keep the world safe from Dr. Ben and those others who would do it harm. This time their adventures take them deep to the floor of the Pacific ocean as they discover a plot of the Mad Doctor to take over the world. How does he plan on doing this? Will he succeed? Will Ethan and Adon capture the elusive doctor? There is only one way to find out!

Horses – Beautiful Photos and Fun Horse Facts for Kids (Discover the World’s Most Amazing Animals Series)

by Angela Daniels

Discover the Amazing World of Horses

Can kids learn and have fun at the same time? Of course! Learning about our world can be an exciting and informational journey. Travel along this path with me and enjoy this interactive experience!

The book contains high quality, beautiful sea turtle photos with captions providing more information. They will look great on every type of Kindle device.

If your child likes animals, it will be entertained from start to finish. All interesting horse facts are presented in a kid-friendly style. However, I guarantee that older children and even adults will learn a lot of new things about horses too!

In “Horses – Beautiful Photos and Fun Horse Facts for Kids” you will discover:

  • How Did The First Horse Look Like?
  • What Do Horses and Donkeys Have in Common?
  • How to Read a Horse’s Body Language?
  • Why Do Horses Have White Markings?
  • What Are Horse Favorites?
  • Spectacular Horse Racing and Horse Shows!
  • Majestic Arabian Horse
  • Superfast Quarter Horse
  • Competitive Thoroughbred
  • Strong and Muscular Clydesdale
  • And Much More…You Will Love It!

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In The Shadow of The Sphinx (Storie per il mondo)

by Lorenzo Taffarel

What mysterious people are invading Egypt using terrible and strange weapons? The ancient Egyptian civilisation comes into contact with a new people whot come from far away, the Hyxsos. The confrontation is terrible and the Egyptians are forced to retreat before these cruel invaders. In the background of this important historical event the story of Nef takes place, a beautiful girl who is kidnapped to be sold to a Phoenician Prince. From there arise a series of adventures and unexpected events. Over everything and everyone looms the shadow of the Sphinx, while in Egypt life continues to flow following the unchanged rhythms of centuries.

Italian title: All’ombra della Sfinge

100 Jokes for Kids: Funny Joke Book for Kids

by Tanya Turner

Kids love to hear jokes! It entertains them and tickles their funny bones. Sharing fun, clean jokes is a wonderful way to bond with family and friends. A good laugh brought about by a funny riddle, joke or knock, knock joke can lighten up the mood and brightens up the day!

“100 Jokes for Kids: Funny Joke Book for Kids ” is a hilarious joke book for them to read. The jokes written here are appropriate for kids and are guaranteed to give the kids and even the adults a good laughing trip!

Get a copy of this book and have a fun time sharing jokes with your kids!


by Richard Porter


This book uses captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about Sea Turles.

Pics Look Cool

The pictures look cool even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle.
The description in the large text beneath is enough for early readers and fun for a parent
to guide a child through very easily.

Look At The Images

A child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty.
This book depicts the wonder of the world of Sea Turtles. Children are given a well-rounded
understanding of this beautiful creature: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.


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The Adventures Of Roscoe The Pig(A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)

by Sid Ahmad

Roscoe the pig tries to escape his surroundings after finding out from an old horse that his brothers and sisters end up as human meat in the mysterious red building
Will Roscoe be able to escape and embark on an epic journey full of adventure or is his fate linked to the red building?
To find out,
Grab your copy of â??The Adventures of Roscoe The Pig’
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Bella Sue and the Birthday How-To (Holidays & Celebrations with Bella Sue)

by Linda Ryan

18 pages/illustrations
Let’s throw a party for Bella Sue’s birthday. We’ll have unicorns and rainbows, balloons and cake!
Easy rhymes and colorful pictures show the preparations for Bella Sue’s birthday party.

Buzzer Beater (Sports Challenges (Ages 9 and up))

by Steven Becker

My name is Seth Goodwyn. I’m in 8th grade and on a new basketball team this season.

Things are not going so well. I can practice OK, but have trouble in games. There are also a couple of kids that pick on me. And there is my annoying 7th grade neighbor Judy and my dad who doesn’t understand me.

I was about to give up and quit the team when I got some unexpected help that turned everything around.

I’m ready for the school team now and the guys that picked on me are now my friends. There is still Judy to deal with though.

Great game scenes and stuff you can use in your practice that will actually help your game


Coming of Age (Dreamscapes)

by Linda Pociecha

Dreams provide us with a glimpse of the subconscious and more commonly than not, they replay daily events or struggles in our lives. But sometimes we wake up and say to ourselves, “Wow, what a curve-ball.” Dreamscapes are a series of short stories based on real dreams that seem to have come from nowhere. There is no common theme to the stories except that they are all fictional and based on a dream. Come along and dream with me.

El cinturon de Maria

by Brenda Trott

de María le ha dicho que ella puede tomar clases de karate si puede mostrar que ella es disciplinado lo suficiente para hacer su tarea cada noche y ahorrar $ 5 para el cinturón. ¿Será capaz de resistir la tentación de gastar su dinero?

Emily Jones and the Magic Museum (Tales of the Magic Museum)

by Roy L. Jelly

When Emily Jones goes to stay with her father in Devon, little does she know that a dangerous adventure awaits her. Accompanied by her new friends Will, Tim and Roli, and the mysterious museum activities teacher, Joe Tanaka, Emily embarks on a quest behind the scenes in the Royal Museum, and into a subterranean world known as The Dreaming, where they must do battle with the ultimate foe.

Funny Things (and more …)

by G. R. Calcagni

Wonderful children’s short stories describing special family moments with Alison and Megan – two sisters growing up.

Liam and the Grump

by Graham Austin-King

A story for 3-10yr olds about a little boy who loses control of his temper which then rampages about the house causing all sorts of funny mayhem.

When Liam’s father tells him to control his temper, Liam goes one step further and pulls his temper right out of him. Unfortunately his temper doesn’t really want to be controlled and would rather have fun. Follow Liam and the Grump though the mayhem as he tries to get his temper back under control.

The book is in a fixed layout format and should work on any size screen (it was tested on Kindle Fire and Kindle Android phone app).

Liam Payne: 125 Facts You Need to Know!

by Jessica Stewart

Discover 125 Amazing facts and secrets about Superstar Liam Payne!

Do you know everything there is to know about Liam Payne? In 125 Facts You Need to Know about Liam, author and Directioner Jessica Stewart brings you 125 fantastic facts about your favorite hearthrob, including:

  • What he looks for in a girl
  • What his life was like before the fame
  • His weird hobbies and habits
  • His best quotes
  • What drives him crazy
  • Funny Stories


Find out if you’re a true Directioner!

Maggie Moore Wants to Win (a children’s book for ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

by Firna Rex Shaw


â??Laugh out loud funny, ‘I fell off my chair’ and â??love it.’ These are just some of the things that readers aged 8-12 have said about â??Maggie Moore Wants to Win’.

Maggie visits a fortune teller and is told to expect a big win. But what will it be? And how can she make sure it happens?

Follow her on this hilarious adventure where things don’t go quite as planned. She ends up crouched behind a tree wearing enormous red underpants, finds herself dressed up as a carrot and accidentally causes mayhem at the school sleepover. But will she win anything?

A story about friendship, family and dealing with problems.

(160 pages, with lots of doodley illustrations).


Many Horrorz 3

by Russell Moody

3 story’s of horror and fun

Mattie Monster is Too HOT to Sleep (Funny Bedtime Stories)

by Anne J. Emerick

In this second Funny Bedtime Stories, Mattie Monster is trying to sleep, but it is just too hot!.

When Mattie’s friend Ethan asks him to come swimming, Mattie can’t resist. But the two friends get a lot more adventure than they bargained for.

Will either Mattie or Ethan make it safely back home?

The Mouse Who Touched the Moon

by Tanya Turner

Rocky is a loving mouse who wants to help provide for his family’s needs. When the Mice University announced its contest that promises a huge prize, Rocky saw it as a perfect opportunity to help his family. But a big problem stops Rocky from winning the contest.

Will Rocky win the contest or not?

Read about Rocky’s adventure, and meet his new friends – Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Positive, Mr. Hard work and Mr. Wisdom. Discover the wonderful lessons Rocky learned from his friends and enjoy the beautiful illustrations in this book.

Saltwater Crocodile (Wild Fun)

by Shawnie Clark

Saltwater Crocodile is a fun learning experience.
It contains exciting facts about the saltwater crocodile!
This book really makes learning fun!
“Salties are exciting too!”

Sarah Jekyll and the Teddy Bears’ Picnic

by Gaz

Sarah Jekyll has blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. She likes drawing and dancing, and is fond of horses.
She is just like any other nine year-old girl. Most of the time.
But sometimes Sarah Jekyll changes. Her body shrinks and her arms grow long. Her blonde hair becomes matted and greasy. Her blues eyes turn dark and menacing. Her cute freckles are replaced by puss-oozing spots and boils.
When Sarah Jekyll changes, she acts differently too. She no longer likes dancing and horses. Instead, she likes breaking things, spoiling things and hitting people. She still enjoys drawing – but only on walls and other people’s schoolbooks.
It’s a shame, really. Because Sarah Jekyll is such a nice little girl. She really hates the wicked things she does when she changes.
But there’s absolutely nothing she can do about itâ?¦

This book contains three fiendishly funny Sarah Jekyll stories:
– Sarah Jekyll and the Teddy Bears’ Picnic
– Sarah Jekyll’s Valentine
– Sarah Jekyll’s School Lunch
All with full-colour illustrations

For children aged 8 to 12.

save the prinsess – a story about love and fear (hebrew edition)

by amit offir

this book is written in Hebrew.

the Israeli bestselling book “Save the Princess” is a story about love and fear. Fears that move us and make us look for love

this story is for people that fear love and the answer for that is in the book.

Magical fairy’s world Troubadour suitable for children and adults alike.
The book tells of a knight, princess and dragon in between.
The story allows us to overcome fear and to rediscover the love

The book is well suited for romantic events, separations, crushes, love days, anniversaries and other romantic events.

In addition, the book is suitable for anyone who wants to overcome the fears and concerns of the unknown and unrequited love.

The book is a kind of parable for life of each and every one of us.
Lovely gift book.

The book is written in Hebrew

A very special gift and personal …

At the end of the call – I’d be happy if you leave me a comment telling and warm recommendations to other customers

The String Horse

by James Linde Campbell

A true story that invites readers to spend a year with James, a third grader who looks like he has the perfect life from the outside. But life just isn’t going the way James planned. James is dealing with more stuff than your average 9-year-old. He has a big bad secret that makes him feel sick a lot of the time; he’s sad that his mom whom he adores has to fly all over the world for her job, and his headmaster has his mom on her speed dial. Trouble just seems to find James. However, James and his mom are adventurous and creative; they have a master plan. James and his mom are determined to find a way to fix his life before James is a teenager, and their methods might surprise you.

This is a journey into a young boy’s life that forever changed him from fearful and timid into a confident and courageous teenager.

Wolves – For Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

by John Davidson

Bestselling author John Davidson presents “Wolves For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers”. Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with wolves. This is one of over 20 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series.

The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle.
Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful mammal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about wolves***

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. 10 Facts About Wolves
3. Wolves as Pets
4. Do Wolves Hurt People?
5. How Intelligent Are Wolves?
6. Do Wolves Communicate?
7. How Do Wolves Hunt?
8. How Wolves Live
9. Re-instating the Wolf in Yellowstone Park
10. History of the Gray Wolf
11. What Does the Gray Wolf Look Like?
12. Hunting the Gray Wolf
13. The Ethiopian Wolf
14. The Arctic Wolf
15. Himalayan Wolf
16. Tundra Wolf
17. Red Wolf

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10 Facts About Wolves

1. Wolves are social and very loyal animals.
2. Collectively, wolves are known as Canis lupus.
3. Wolves live in packs and each pack usually comprises of 4-6 wolves.
4. Wolves communicate with each other through sounds. They bark, grunt and growl.
5. Gray wolves are the most common type of wolves. The gray wolves have very good communication skills.
6. They are found to be more active during the night time.
7. The wolves are found to run on their toes. This enables them to be active and sharp runners.
8. The wolf pups are born blind and deaf. They weigh only about 1 pound at the time of their birth.
9. Wolves have small webs between their toes which enable them to swim up to a distance of 6 miles.
10. The adult male in a pack is termed as the “Alpha Male” and the adult female is termed as the “Alpha Female”.

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Zoo Time

by Tanya Turner

In this beautifully illustrated book, follow the adventure of our little friend on his first trip to the zoo. Discover the many wonderful animals he saw and read about the cute antics these animals did.

“Zoo Time” will teach your kids about different animals. It will help them learn how to read with the cute and fun rhyming text in this eBook.

This book will entertain your kids and bring them back to read it over and over again.

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