Free parenting and families Kindle books for 27 Apr 13

Pregnancy Book: Everything You Need To Know About Being Pregnant

by New Mother Guide

Are you planning on becoming pregnant in the near future?

Did you recently find out that you were pregnant?

Are you about to have your first child?

Then this is the book for you! Whether you are planning on having a child or are currently going through the process of pregnancy, you will definitely want to read this book. Every newborn deserves to be raised with the love and support from their mother. Not every child has the luxury of having both parents but this will help you learn nearly everything you need to know about having a child!

From our family to yours, we hope you find the information in this book to be helpful to you!

Children’s Books: How To Choose The Perfect Baby Name

by Children’s Names

Not sure what to name your child?

Need help figuring out a name?

Then you have found the right book for you! You will find a list of top chosen children names and reasons for choosing those names. Why wait to figure out a name for your child?

See why people are reading this book today.

The Power of ADHD

by Dion Matchan

ADHD is often seen as a curse but from my experience,living with it my entire life and now reaching my 40’s, I have discovered that it is like a super power we just didn’t get the instruction manual.

I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 22, I was drinking way too much, way too often and had given up on life a few years after my diagnosis. I was depressed and was hiding from the world, angry at a world that I believe didn’t accept me.

When I was 25, I had a chance trip that changed my life forever. Although it took a few years to fully see the change, I learnt how to channel my powers and stopped being destructive. Thirteen years later, I am living a life I love and sharing it with a woman who loves me for who I am and children who get to see a creative, confident person, who many people are surprised to find out I have ADHD.

This is possible for anyone, yes it takes effort but anything worthwhile does and this book is the starting point for anyone who wants to turn their ‘deficit’ into their power.

In this book I cover

– the 3 Knows of ADHD
– The 7 Super Powers of ADHD
– The 5 Keys to behavioural Change

This power is like any other when aimed at the wrong target, it is not only useless but it is destructive, but aim that same power on a specific target and you have a powerful machine capable of greatness.

Control Your Love Life: How To Get Anyone You Want No Matter Their Gender, Looks, Or Personality

by Love Guru

Can’t seem to meet the person of your dreams?

Want to attract someone worth caring about?

Then this is the book for you! Being able to find someone that will stay in your life is a skill many people possess yet only few use. This book will go detail by detail to explain the key concepts behind dating. After reading this book you will have a better idea on how to meet and keep the person of your dreams!

Why wait? Read now.

Divorce: A Man’s Perspective On How To Recover

by Divorce Psychologist

Had a divorce?
Going through divorce?
Thinking about divorce?

This book is a simple to read guide that will point you in the right direction. It is hard for anyone to go through a divorce. The difference for you is that you have read this book.

Chances are that you have a knot in your stomach about your divorce. Why keep this gut wrenching feeling? All you have to do is read this book and it will go away.

Stress Management Your Essential Guide to Coping with ADHD and Childhood Behavioural Problems

by Gary Webb

Stress Management Your Essential Guide to Coping with ADHD and Childhood Behavioral Problems, is your essential book on helping you and your family to really get to grips with this much misunderstood childhood problem.
It covers common childhood behavioral problems and ADHD in much detail. The guide provides you and your family with treatments, dietary advice, parenting skills, schooling tips, helpful groups and organisations and much, much, more!
It talks about common medication available, their uses and indications. The book also takes pride in promoting a more holistic approach to help you and your child, which includes Tai Chi, Qigong and mindfulness training as a help to support current medical thinking.
Having a child with ADHD and behavioral problems really impacts on the whole family, this book takes you through step by step and provides clear advice on how not only to cope, but to really move positively forward. The guide will provide practical solutions that really help to build your child’s self esteem. This will give them the coping mechanisms that they need to thrive in life.

Save Your Aging Parents from Unnecessary Injuries

by Deborah Van Horn

Save Your Aging Parents from Unnecessary Injuries – Home safety tips to keep your elderly parents safe and out of a nursing home!

Are you concerned about the safety of your elderly parents in their home? As people age, their physical abilities often decline and they become more prone to falls and other injuries. Even small things, such as a broken floor tile or throw rug, can trigger a fall or injury.

Falls can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, for the elderly. A broken hip can put your parent in a nursing home, the one place the elderly fear the most.

To reduce the likelihood of falls or other injuries, you can improve the safety of your parents’ home. In this book, Debbie Van Horn takes you through each room of the house and points out pitfalls awaiting your parents and the safety improvements you can make. Many of these improvements are simple and inexpensive. She also covers the exterior of the home.

This short book focuses on the practical steps you can take to improve the safety of your parents in their home.

Get your copy now!

How to Get Divorced For Free in California

by R.A. Martin

This book is an excellent roadmap to help you get divorced the simple and inexpensive way, without spending any money on attorneys. It’s packed with easy to understand information, as well as great free resources to help you save both time and money. You can learn in mere pages what took me months of trial and error, talking to many attorneys, family therapists, court personnel, and others who’d been through the process.

With my financial background and input from other specialists in the legal and child/family fields, this book addresses both the financial, as well as emotional issues (for adults and kids) that are relevant in most divorces, including how to deal with them effectively and cheaply for the benefit of you and your children.

The following are the specific items in the book that will save you much time, and potentially thousands of dollars on your California divorce:

– I’ll show you how to set the stage for a cheap divorce. If you’re just starting out and have no clue where to begin, I’ll lay the groundwork on how to get started and what pitfalls to avoid.

– I’ll give you tips for coming to an agreement with your soon to be ex, even if you’re struggling with negotiating who gets what.

– I’ll walk you through the on-line legal divorce process at the least cost to you (both in dollars and in time spent).

– I’ll show you how to get the most out of various internet resources, rather than buying multiple expensive legal guides filled with all kinds of legal forms, software, and data on how to fill out and check every box. That is money wasted, as many of the forms don’t apply, and are overwhelming and confusing.

– I’ll show you how to get the relevant, and current forms filled out at no cost. Don’t fall for ads telling you they can file your documents for you for $199, $249, or more. That is money wasted! If you follow the suggestions in my book, it’s truly very easy for you to do this yourself.

– I’ll show you how to get free legal advice from attorneys for your specific legal questions. Yes, you heard me, free legal advice that anyone can get from real attorneys regardless of your income level.

– I’ll show you step-by-step how to quickly and accurately calculate child support, at no cost to you.

– I’ll share a great way for you to get free, quality divorce therapy for your kids.

– I’ll give you tips for structuring a solid co-parenting plan.

– I’ll share many more money and time saving tips throughout this book so that you can get your divorce done quickly and cheaply. Since I’m not a lawyer, I’ll leave out the legal jargon and instead, explain the process in an understandable, easy to follow format. A lot of legal guides created by lawyers are 500 pages thick and so overwhelming that they leave you paralyzed. This guide is simple, easy, and will get you moving down the divorce path, making you feel relieved and empowered.

OMG My Son is GAY – Why is my Son Gay? – How You Can Help Your Kid Coming Out of The Closet and Keep Him Safe – The Ultimate Guide for Parents of Gay Children

by Anita Parks

“Bullying gay teenagers to death is a traditional family value.” – Dan Savage (co-founder of the It Gets Better Project to prevent suicide among LGBT youth)

Gay teens attempt suicide four times as often as their heterosexual peers, according to The Trevor Project, an organization that runs a 24-hour helpline and an online community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) kids. When a child gets rejected by his family, the odds are even nine times higher.

Fear keeps many teens from coming out as gay. It takes time for them to come to terms with who they are. They might also feel everyone expects them to be straight and they might fear your reaction. Finding out your child is gay can be a tremendous shock. Parents have all kinds of emotional responses to this news and even more questions.

How did it all happen? Why am I so uncomfortable with his sexuality? Is my son just confused? Where have we failed as parents? How are we going to break the news to the rest of the family and our friends? What will the neighbors say when they see him with his boyfriend? Can we “straighten” him out? How can we be there for him?

In “OMG My Son is GAY – Why is my Son Gay? – How You Can Help Your Kid Coming Out of The Closet and Keep Him Safe – The Ultimate Guide for Parents of Gay Children” you will not only learn how to deal with the emotional upheaval caused when your son tells you he is gay. You will also discover:

– Why you didn’t do anything wrong.
– How you can keep your gay child safe from bullying and away from suicidal thoughts.
– What to do when you believe your son is gay and he has no clue.
– You will learn how to talk to your gay child and to support them at school and in your religious community.
– Why your gay son doesn’t need to be “fixed”.
– How to talk about sex and dating with your gay son.
– Where to find gay support and resources for you and your son.

“OMG My Son is GAY – “Why is my Son Gay? – How You Can Help Your Kid Coming Out of The Closet and Keep Him Safe” is a compassionate guide meant to support you in one of your most confusing hours as a parent.

You will feel empowered to keep the communication open with your son and to tackle all the hurdles of parenting a gay child today. Grab your copy now and connect with your child on a basis of mutual trust and unconditional love.

PS: If you are a young gay man and you don’t know how to break the news to your parents then please let this book do the job for you.

How To Baby Proof Your Home: Create a Safe Haven for your Newborn

by Baby Proofing Expert

Expecting a baby in the near future?

Not sure what steps to take to “Baby Proof” your home?

Then this is a book you should read! Preparing for a newborn can be very stressful. By purchasing this book you will be able to sleep well at night knowing you have done everything necessary to preparing your home for the arrival of your new baby.

Why wait to learn about crucial tips and hints that will help benefit your family? Your time is limited! Enjoy.

Adam’s Amazing Counting Book Counting in Chinese (Adam the Little Airplane)

by Craig Thompson

Adam’s Amazing Counting Book Counting in Chinese is part of the Adam the Little Airplane series of books. It is a children’s book designed to introduce young readers to concepts of numbers and basic counting in English and Chinese, including phonetic pronunciation. A light narrative in English is also included for more advanced readers or parents.

Adam’s Amazing Counting Book Counting in Swahili (Adam the Little Airplane)

by Craig Thompson

Adam’s Amazing Counting Book Counting in Swahili is part of the Adam the Little Airplane series of books. It is a children’s book designed to introduce young readers to concepts of numbers, basic counting and provide a small introduction to the Swahili Language. The numbers are presented in English, then Swahili with a phonetic pronunciation. A light narrative is provided for more advanced readers and parents including an Swahili translation. This book can be a fun learning exercise for both parent and child.

Moral Rat: The First Edition

by Marc Corn

Alfie Roberts, The Rat Catcher makes a mistake on the job, he is afraid to tell the law firm owner(Harry Williams) because of his own pride to admit the mistake he made.

Perfection can be found in all of us, but being human doesn’t mean we are immortal from imperfections.

Character List:
– Mrs Smith, Law Firm Receptionist.
– Harry William’s, Law Firm Owner.
– Alfie Roberts, Rat Catcher.

The Divorce Diaries

by Fynn Gillen

The estranged husband and wife both tell their own sides of a messy and difficult divorce.
You can decide who is telling the truth, as you read two very different versions of the same story.

After Your Wedding Vows

by Ruby Binns-Cagney

“After Your Wedding Vows” is a guide for newly married women to use as a tool to shape and build their marriages successfully.

Women who are planning to marry will also find this guide extremely valuable.
Men may wish to give a copy of this book to their sisters.

“After Your Marriage Vows” will help to eliminate feelings of disorientation as new life as a Wife begins.

Bestowing a grounding effect on your approach to concerns about married life such as financial, emotional, effective communication, and more, this guide will serve as a source of much needed support at such a crucial time in a woman’s life.

Recommended reading whether you are about to marry for the first time, or for the fifth time.

If you’ve been married for many years you can still learn a thing or two from this essential book.

This book will absolutely soothe your anxiety about marriage and give you the keys to emotional freedom at last.

Real world examples of marital issues are discussed with solutions to real problems from Relationship Expert Coaches.

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