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Fighting Over Apples

by Reed Halberg

This short collection explores parenthood, romance, cavemen, and more in a sweet medley of prose and poetry.

It’s “diverse, incredibly creative, and oddly intuitive.” -Alec Alabado


A Haiku
A Sonnet Cut Short

Short Stories:
Impromptu Bedtime Story
A Blood Soaked Stone


Getaway (a novella)

Inspiring Poetry Collection: Midnight Poetry in a Paradise of Lies

by James M. Clarke

Interested in poetry?

This book is compiled with an inspiring set of poetry that will certainly open your eyes to the world of creative writing.

James M. Clarke has done it again with creating a masterpiece of poetry.

Why wait? Enjoy this set of one of a kind art.

Harvey the Hedgie-Pogg

by Sarah-Ann Pon

Introducing Harvey the Hedgie-Pogg, the son of the woodland hero. He’s a little chap who likes to spend his days lazying in the sun and swimming in the river. Until one day, visitors come and cause trouble. He has to decide on what must be done. Enjoy reading about his adventure.

Bite Your Lip & other poems

by Will Entrekin

A collection of sixteen poems ranging from the fun to the reflective, about everything from drinking to writing to living:

Times Square Always – Which considers those four magical acres of midtown Manhattan where balls drop and neon glows and sidewalks shimmer, especially when you visit them in the wee hours of the morning, when you have so much of the world to yourself.

This Ain’t Wonderland – Which considers everything from Cheshire grins to being a knave, but ultimately realizes that maybe Wonderland expects as much out of us as we might of it.

Regeneration (A Doctor Who Sonnet) – As the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith may have so far demonstrated that bowties–if not fezzes–are cool, but it was Tennant as the Tenth who revitalized the show and made the character his own.

Just One Smile – Barack Obama took office with many expectations–and hopes–resting on his shoulders. His smile and demeanor requested trust, but four years later, has that trust been earned?

Deserted – Which considers the solitary life of writing and the salvation storytelling can provide.

Factory Life – Does schizophrenia feel like working in a sheet-metal facility, where all the water is fed in through the coolers and magic pills reduce the world to a perspective experienced through the small lens of a welder’s helmet?

The Inevitable Decay of Francis “Fitz-Pack” Fitzgerald – In which J. Alfred and his coffee spoons collide squarely with Snooki at the Jersey Shore, where the doormen ask “Joking, or non-joking,” and where every evening is as likely to end in instalebrity as in a situation.

Soliloquies – All the world’s a page, and Shakespeare is the greatest marker of them. From “The Tragedie of Macbeth” to “The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” to “Much Ado About Nothing,” Shakespeare’s soliloquies address both the human and the writer’s conditions. Writing may have changed since the Bard’s time, but the passion behind the stories remains.

Discomfort – The woman rode the PATH train in such a way you wanted to ask what was wrong, and if there was anything you might do. Sometimes, instead of asking, one observes, and writes a poem about that discomfort, instead.

A New Drink – Shakespeare said the clothes make the man, but Alice and James Bond can tell you the right drink can help, too. Maybe that’s why everyone seeks a new one.

Inspiration Point – Not every lovers’ aubade takes place on crisp sheets on a sunny morning; many more occur during long, cool evenings where the stars and the cars and the towns and the world make singular acts of sensuality feel like defiance against an uncaring–or too caring–universe.

Ab(so)lutions – Sometimes getting ready for work in the morning feels like just that, but sometimes the daily ritual of the old rise-and-grind feels like a more epic struggle.

Keep for Me a Place in Your Heart – Which considers those moments of a relationship upon which one might look back fondly and hope the other party in the relationship does, as well. And a plea, really, that she might.

For What It’s Worth – Began its life as a tangent to the author’s novel “Meets Girl.” A sort of song, sort of ode to a girl with tambourine haircuts and elusive love.

Bite Your Lip – Daddy’s little nightmare is a frat boy’s dream, with body lotion tasting like peaches and cream, and she inspires precisely this sort of verse. You just want to make her bite her lip.

Too Happy for Poetry – “Some people just want to fill the world with silly love songs,” but poets seem to want to fill it with solemn, somber verse dedicated to valedictions forbidding mourning and lovers they can never know. Where is the poem from the lover in love and satisfied? Right here.

Monkey Bars

by Jay Nichols

On the precipice between salvation and ruin, an unnamed man sits alone in a parked car, waiting for something to happen. Reminiscing about the good old days can only take him so far. It’s up to him – and only him – to choose his fate.

The Gift

by TeaRon Watkins

The Gift is a collection of 50 poems that cover everything from Love, Loneliness, Fear, Violence, Spirituality, and everyone’s favorite topic, SEX!

As the reader reads the 1st 44 poems all revolve around words and thoughts that are failed or improperly expressed. These poems are sure to leave the reader questioning themselves about how they can take advantage of life’s opportunities and become truly free individuals.

There are also several treats in this book:
Two dedication poems dedicated to 3 people who have inspired the author along the way.

And 4 poems taken from the upcoming Fall release by TeaRon Watkins that will have you begging for more by the end of the book.

“The Gift is the gift that keeps on giving!”

Early Morning Knife Wounds

by Erik Christian

Erik Christian is a Pacific Northwest writer who has lived through his fair share of suffering. From having a heart-attack at 32, battling Alcoholism and having sordid affairs with women, to enjoying short successes with several learning institutions, art school & the merchant marines, Christian has had enough experience to draw upon in his writing. Christian has broken most of the rules of poetry, an unconventional style with neither rhyme, nor meter. It’s raw, poetic prose that paints a hyper-reality of feelings and emotions.

The poetic views of an average somebody

by A Joe

This is a selection of poetry which conveys my views on a range of subjects. My intent is not to cause any offence in any shape, form or fashion. All I wish to do is raise awareness and debate on any topic. I do not think that any topic is above this. I sincerely hope you enjoy this selection of poetry.

Fuchsia’s Attic & Other Poems

by Gemma Tabitha Lewis

A collection of poetry reflecting on life, love and loss. Poems taken from over a span of ten years and some written in the voice of characters from the novels of Gormenghast, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, books which have inspired the author of these poems. There are also poems on the Pre-Raphaelite artists, their models and the author Emily Bronte. Ideal for those interested in the world of art and literature. Though above all, this is poetry for those of us who have experienced the joy of love, along with the heartbreak.
From the author of “The Other World”, book one of The Timeless series.

Funkizm: The Words, Volume 2

by DeMond Owens

Volume 2 is a reflection of solitude. There is good and bad as well as the reactions to both in life. This is explored through reality as well as escapism. In the end, the answer is well-rounded balance.

This book is an example of what comes about when our emotional content comes out in rhyme scheme and wordplay.

Love and Romance (An Anthology of Poetry)

by Tom Benson

A collection of 60 poems featuring love and romance. Included are: emotional scenes, bitter-sweet, tender and intimate moments between lovers.
The rhymes in this volume examine a variety of the emotions experienced by lovers. Some are insight, based on the first-hand knowledge of the author, but they have not been highlighted.

The Muse’s Psychedelic Kiss – Selected Poems 1992-2012

by Robert Hrdina

ROBERT HRDINA was born and bred in Germany. He read English at Regensburg University and at Trinity College/Dublin. Since the early 1990s his poems have appeared in literary magazines, journals and anthologies worldwide. Most notably: (UK) orbis 100 (100 Major Modern Poets), (USA) Verse, (AUS) New England Review. Robert was included in the 2011 Best Overseas Small Press Poet of the Year list (courtesy of Geoff Stevens, editor of Purple Patch). Following his year in Trinity, he received a letter from Brendan Kennelly, encouraging him to carry on writing poetry. Robert is also the author of the Harry Miller Trevis stories – featuring a poetry-loving professional killer. Two of these short story collections have appeared online (KDP): Tales from the Rocky Road [ASIN: B00AL0BPVW] and A Long Way Home [ASIN: B00AQ5D8ZI]. The poems reflect his Irish adventures, encounters whilst travelling acrosss the British Isles, painful loss and blissful love as well as memories of his army days. Currently, Robert ekes out a modest existence as a faculty secretary at Regensburg University. To make ends meet he does a bit of freelancing as Personal English Trainer.

Northern Gothic

by Ian Truman

Northern Gothic is a collection of poetry in four parts.

I didn’t try to reinvent language. I have little use for new ways to twist your tongue and play with words.This is not that kind of book, these are not those kinds of poems. Most of them do not follow any specific form and it wasn’t even intentional.

Most of them just got out that way and I decided to remain as truthful to the original feeling of the poem as possible.

In all things of life, I am a pretty straight forward man. Northern Gothic is a collection of tall tales, slices of life, changes of heart struggles, hopes and contradictions.

It’s about real life, about living in the East end of Montreal, dreaming about the north, working in warehouses and factories, trying to go to back to school or founding a family.

It ain’t always pretty and it ain’t always bad. One thing is for sure, these poems are always honest and that’s one thing we could all use a bit more of these days.

Take care, Ian.

Oneness – A collection of poetry

by Sayantan Sen

This poetry collection will take you to a deep rumination about your real nature. When the difference and distinction between two humans are mostly talked about in our present day world, you will find oneness with your fellow beings after reading these poems!

There are 25 poems in this collection and each will take you to a new dimension you might have never thought of before!

A Candle In The Night

by Ron Koppelberger Jr.

Poetry that will move you by the dawns first rays and the shadows that fill the corners of our subconscious. Laugh and sing with the parables that fill this book. The words will carry you to unbidden realms of discovery as well as transport you to lands of imagined whispers. These are the things that you will find by candlelight.Read A Candle In The Night if you muse the wonts of deeper desire and meaning.

Chasing Shadows

by Bradon Flesher

Chasing Shadows is a collection of poems that touch on the small, poignant moments in life. Haunting and profound, Brandon’s words tenderly broach themes of life, love, and loss, with each poem
possessing a story unto itself.

First day of spring

by Jennie Bartholomew

A collection of poetry about the ups and downs of summer love.


by J.A. SNOW


Like A Mad Man Laughing At His Name

by Jayashree Bora

Life is about different experiences, different situations.

This book gives an insight into different feelings you go through at those times and reminds you of things that can turn your life around.

My Life

by Nicole Pritchett

A collection of poetry about life. Centered around meth addiction and lupus.

Shadows & Light: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice

by Jennifer Hu

40 Haiku in English inspired by the practice of Zen Buddhism and Zazen (seated meditation) in particular.

I hope you enjoy!

She Wore Emerald Then (Celebration Series of Poetry)

by Magdalena Ball

She Wore Emerald Then: Reflection on Mothers and Motherhood

We Bring It Hard, You Go Home

by The Lyricist Firm

The second collaborative poetry book by The Lyricist Firm Family. We produce writes of poetry in a lyrical style format and hit on a variety of topics bring you a selectable taste of enjoyable reads for your enjoyment.

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