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The Cycle’s End: How our greed driven lifestyle will lead to mankind’s ultimate demise

by Colin Bell

Our 21st century capitalist society, founded upon debt, relies on continuous expansion – of population, wealth and resource usage. Yet we live on a finite planet with strictly limited means. So, however optimistic you may be, perpetual growth simply isn’t possible within this fixed planetary boundary.

Pretty much everything we do is dependent in some way upon one of the three fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas, and allowing for the changing trend in their usage, none is likely to last more than another 50 years. So, if you were to have a child born today, these fuels are unlikely to last that child’s lifetime.

Of course, we may find the holy grail of energy – nuclear fusion dangles that carrot, but having known of that source for decades and never managed to get even close to a working prototype, never mind a power station, it’s not exactly waiting in the wings.

But even if we were to find a cheap, safe and readily available alternative to alleviate this impending energy crisis, other problems loom. Climate change, soil depletion and water shortages threaten the fundamental ecosystems on which all life depends.

OK, so we’ve heard all this before – and yet we’re still here, better off than ever before, and despite the present recession hitch, most people expect to carry on as before. However, now it’s different. Our economic system is built on debt, and debt is a terrible positive feedback system. The trigger to collapse will be the cost of energy, which, for the first time since the industrial revolution began, is now in an endless spiral upwards.

Yet why do we carry on as if everything will be fine? Simply because we’ve been nurtured that way.

The Cycle’s End explains the issue in an uncomplicated manner for everyday people. Easy reading, avoiding countless references and scientific jargon, the author has no allegiance to anyone other than himself and nature. We are on the brink and have to act now, or the human cycle of expansion followed by collapse will be assured.

No past civilisation has endured permanently and our global society will be no different.

The end of this cycle of mankind’s existence is close.

Playing the Race Card (A Chip on my Shoulder)

by Christiana O’Connor

An account of a frank, open and honest conversation between a male born in London of English parents and a female born in London of Caribbean parents. Their discussion ranges through racism in Britain, the portrayal and perceptions of Blacks in the media and general society, cultural identity, White privilege and assumptions, immigration, institutional racism and unconscious bias, and the legacies of slavery, Colonialism and Imperialism. This book examines some of the causes and complexities of the issue of racism from their perspectives.

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