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Syria in Bible Prophecy (High Time to Awake)

by Craig C. White

The city of Damascus is the capital of Syria. It is a large prosperous city with modern amenities and an ancient history. Damascus is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It was founded by the Aramaeans over four thousand years ago, and was inhabited two thousand years before that. Damascus is a living depiction of human history. Today Damascus is dying.

According to Old Testament prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah; Damascus, Syria will be destroyed. Syria has been fighting for the past two years, in the midst of a civil war. During that time Damascus has suffered some damage, but has been mostly spared. That seems to have changed now. Lately bombings and destruction have found the city of Damascus.

Pucker up your Sphinx as I also examine Egypt in Bible Prophecy. According to Isaiah; Egypt will be ruled by a “cruel lord”. Egypt’s new president may fit the bill. Life in Egypt is going to get much worse before it gets better. Jesus will swoop down into Egypt at his second coming. Join me as I look at the “burden of Egypt”.

Start the Revolution Within – A Journey Towards Vibrant Health & Weight Loss – Transforming your Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions

by Brian M. Heater

Learn the Secrets of Natural Health, Well-Being & Weight Loss –
Updated Edition 2012

Author Brian M Heater has been an alternative counselor and teacher for over 25 years. In early 2000 he needed some personal health changes and discovered the secret to vibrant health & weight loss. He developed a program based on these principles and went on to test it on himself. Brian found vibrant health and energy. He lost a total of 83 lbs and changed his life in less than 4 months! Through this easy to follow program he transformed himself and became a new man – vibrant, healthy & full of life. By following these techniques you can too!

Based on the principles of the “Law of Attraction” as made famous by “The Secret”, and Brian’s own unique easy to follow step-by-step cleansing and diet program, this information will change your life. This book & program will guide you on an exciting journey of vibrant health and personal transformation !

Voyage to the Stars

by Phalachandra Varanasi

Voyage to the Stars: Ignition and Liftoff into the Space of Creativity

— Spark Ignition Initialization —

What is creativity? Creativity is reckoning with your imagination without ever totally reconciling yourself to custom. Breathe free. See far. Go high. Customs and traditions may be good in their place, but time and again they fall short of giving us space to breathe. We need to break out and break through. When one’s imagination becomes unshackled from the deadweight of the past, inasmuch as such past and its ways have ceased to be life-enhancing, one becomes a rebel. In that rebellion is born the spark of creativity. In the normal course of things, some or many elements of our past tend to pose a great and constant limitation on us â?? to which our spirit refuses to yield. Defy the limit, then. And define the spirit.

Creativity means rebellion, creativity means revolution. Burn with the revolutionary zeal. Fight for the good cause, and create the effect that many could love. Die for freedom, if need be, and come creatively alive. Seek and yearn and long.

The whole universe is available â?? when you have longing and aspiration in your heart.

This book is about human aspiration. Lead us from darkness to lightâ?¦

Lead us from darkness to light.
Lead us from the unreal to the real.
Lead us from death to life.

This book is a work about human creativity and bold enterprise. We go about â?¦

Moving from light into darkness
â?? from Earth into space.

Moving from the real to the surreal
â?? from Earth to the moon.

Moving from the living into the dead
â?? from the living planet Earth
to the dead planet Mars.

And eventually to the starsâ?¦

Long for beauty, life, and light. Thirst, thirst, thirst. And creativity explodes from within, thrust, thrust, thrust â?? propulsive force enough to take you on a long journey to a star afar…

Perfect Match

by Jerry Byrum

Thirty-four year old Madison Winston wants desperately to hold on to her job and take care of her teenage daughter, Selena. Madison loathes her boss, D.R. Fallington, the man making her life miserable. He has equal disdain for her, since he has no interest in a woman older than twenty-three. What started as an ordinary morning in Asheville, NC, at Fallington Enterprises was swiftly reversed by the company matriarch, Edna Fallington. Her sweeping decision sent Madison and D.R. hurtling deep into experiences neither expected. While her daughter clings to life, Madison’s hatred for D.R. festers, erupting when she discovers the intimate connection he has with her daughter. With a perfect mixture of raw emotions brewing, ex-prostitute, turned preacher woman, Ramona Brimstone, has some advice for Madison, but wonders if she is woman enough to do it. Nothing like “fire and brimstone” to fuel the undercurrents of a simmering romance.


by Christian Love

There is something peculiarly soothing to the heart of a pious Christian, to know that he who rules over all worlds, in whose hands are the destinies of nations, and who guides the minutest concerns of families and individuals, is his Father and his friend. The more we know of God, of his power, wisdom, love, faithfulness, and truth; the more we shall bow before his throne in humble adoration, and filial confidence and love.
To know God in Christ; to know him as a covenant God; to know him as our God; is to possess all the sources and secrets of true peace, in the midst of surrounding storms and tempests. This knowledge will raise us above the agitated elements of the world, and place us in that pure region where the soul can breathe more freely, and expand her powers more fully. Faith views with admiration the perfections of Jehovah. Hope rests the fulfillment of her expectations on these perfections. Love delights in them, and gradually assimilates the soul to them. While patience calmly waits, under every changing dispensation, for that abundant harvest of rich blessings, which the God of truth has promised, and which his faithfulness will perform.
Come, then, Oh, my soul, and learn, from this view of your privileges, the blessedness of trusting in God. “He changes not, nor knows the shadow of a turn.” All his promises are yes and amen. All his ways are righteous and true. Cast your care upon him who cares for you; and, under every trying event, be still, and know that he is God.

JESUS, Vol. 1

by Christian Love

The Bible is the sacred storehouse of heavenly wisdom. Its pages are stamped with the divine seal of eternal truth, and contain the charter of our hopes, our privileges, and our joys. Whatever tends to lead us from the love and study of the Holy Scriptures, should be dreaded as inimical to the highest interests of mankind; while every attempt, however feeble, which has for its object the promotion of the Redeemer’s glory, and the good of souls, will be received with affectionate indulgence by real Christians, who well know that success in any effort of usefulness is ‘from above’. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord,” is a declaration at once calculated to strengthen the weak, and to humble the strong. The simple design in publishing the following reflections is to induce a habit of self-examination and prayer; and to excite to a more diligent perusal of the word of God. The author, therefore, desires to come in the kindly aspect of a friendly visitor; and if privileged to enter into the sacred retirement of the Christian, would there, through the blessing of God, endeavor to lead him into a closer communion with his own heart, and with Jesus, his exalted Savior. Nothing new is here presented to the Christian. The good old way in which the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and all true believers in every age have journeyed to the heavenly Canaan, is pointed out- Jesus is the way, the only way to the Father; the living way to holiness, happiness, and heaven.

The prophet Isaiah was commanded to teach the people by line upon line, and precept upon precept; where, therefore, the same unspeakably precious truths recur again and again in these pages, their recurrence will not offend the humble believer who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. As bread and water are always pleasant to a healthy stomach, so the bread of life and the water of life are peculiarly refreshing to the soul which is hungering and thirsting after righteousness.

An original hymn is subjoined to each meditation, which, it is hoped, may assist the spirit of piety, although it can lay little claim to the charms of poetry. The Christian reader must kindly excuse the frequent lack of close connection between the hymns and the meditations to which they are attached, as they were composed before the present volume was contemplated by its author.
Should the Lord condescend to bless these humble exercises of the heart, to the guiding of some young inquirer to the Friend of sinners; to the quickening of some lukewarm professor; to the convincing of some skeptic; or the comforting of some afflicted believer; to the Triune God of our salvation be all the praise.

Refreshing Grace

by John Correia

Have you ever wondered, “How can God be in control of everything but allow humanity to have free will at the same time?” If so, you’re not alone and this question isn’t new! In fact, Calvinism has argued that God is in charge for 500 years. For just as long, Arminianism has maintained that humanity has complete free will. “Refreshing Grace” takes a new approach to this often emotionally charged issue. It helps us embrace the best of both theological systems in a refreshing and understandable way.

Genocide Red (The Genocide Series)

by Dan Arrow

To be granted The Creator’s blessing of everything this world could offer, and to squander all of it. We always say we’d know what to do with great fortune if it landed at our doorstep. Somehow we’d know how to use it better than the next guy. How ridiculous, when in the end we are turned back to dust, and the opportunities are but a forgotten memory. Futile, the effort wasted chasing desires. But we spend an entire lifetime dedicated to doing just that. What else is there to live for?

Synopsis: Genocide-Red was written at a time when Native Americans were gaining ground on forging casino business deals on reservation lands. The premonitions included in the book had not come to fruition. Ten years later, all were fulfilled, but one that is yet to be enacted – The Indian Giving of reservation lands.

Danny has everything, and nothing. A drifter in his own backyard. Learning how to survive his own people. It’s not up to the white man to create his genocide this time . . . he can kill himself off without any outside help. Success has changed everything and Great Grandmother may have been right, warning not to get involved pursuing the Green Back. Now, it’s up to him whether he remains trapped in his iniquities, or to provoke his people to become true leaders of a land that’s been taken from them.

Spiritual First Aid – Finding Balance

by Lesley Rodgers

Spiritual First Aid is what we use to raise our energy levels, to balance our moods; allowing us to lick our wounds and pick up the pieces to carry on with tasks and responsibilities.

We all hope to heal our past to make way for a happier and healthier future, so as we re-learn and reclaim personal power, we encourage others to do the same. In this short book we’ll explore our ‘selves’ – finding ways to love and care for the self.

Spiritual First Aid is a very natural way to self-empower; once we understand how our â??self’ works we can begin to change the aspects of that self which no longer fit with our way of being or fails to serve us in a positive manner. Using simple techniques we can â??rescue’ our â??self’ before we damage it further.

Initially, it’s only a matter of commitment.

Hitchhiking from Vietnam: Seeking the Ox

by Richard Chamberlin

This book is the intimate account of Vietnam veteran Richard Chamberlin’s meandering journey to fulfillment during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The story begins in 1975 in the liberal enclave of Madison, Wisconsin. The war in Vietnam has just ended and even though Chamberlin has been out of the service for five years, he is still trying to put his life back together. The first chapter begins in a run down Madison laundromat where the author meets a mysterious character named Ken-Adi whom he hopes might become his guru. The two of them decide to take off on an adventure together and hitchhike to San Francisco. The trip becomes a spiritual quest and a window into the past. The central part of the book is a series of flashbacks of Chamberlin’s experiences with the Navy’s Seabees in Vietnam. At the end of the story, on the outskirts of Fort Collins, Colorado, a conversation with an old friend helps him put the pieces of his life back together.

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So… for quick reference, Suzanne White wrote and published YOUR POCKET GUIDE TO NEW ASTROLOGY©. CHECK OUT EVERYONE – new friends and old, enemies and allies alike. THE NEW ASTROLOGY zeroes in on the basic character of each of 144 NEW ASTROLOGY signs. The Cancer/Horse is nothing like the Cancer born in a Dragon year. Don’t think a Leo born in a Dog year is anything like a Leo born in a Dragon year. It’s uncanny how accurate Suzanne White’s NEW signs can be.

What is THE NEW ASTROLOGYâ?¢? It is Suzanne White’s ingenious and savvy new way of reading character, using both Chinese and western Astrologies. White has developed 144 “New” Astrology signs. A Cancer born in a Dragon year is a Cancer/Dragon. A Dragon born Cancer is entirely different from a Cancer born in a Tiger or a Dog year. For quick access to the true character (warts and all!) of everybody you meet or already know, get Suzanne White’s POCKET GUIDE TO THE NEW ASTROLOGY. A must addition to everyone’s E-Library.

Changing Your Life, Your Reality, Your World

by Sharon D. Anderson PhD

Changing your world or reality is easier than you think. It is really quite simple and best of all it doesn’t cost a lot of money or time. The good news is: IT IS FREE! That is correct! Changing your world is unquestionably at no cost to you. You don’t need to take a class or go to school (Unless you choose to after you read this book). You don’t need someone to show you how to do it. You don’t need someone to do it for you. All you really need is a desire to want to change your life and the belief that you can.

Faith seeking understanding: a confident journey

by Pastor John

Confident Christians are not only those who are theologically conservative. This book explores how Christians who have other perspectives in the church can develop a faith that is robust and confident. Faith is a lively and exciting journey of discovery and in this context confidence comes from living out that faith in our complex modern world. The chapters in this fascinating book deal with faith, spirituality, the prophetic voice, intellectual exploration and inclusion.

The title comes from the words of Anselm who was Archbishop of Canterbury over 1000 years ago.

Pastor John from Scotland has written several books, available on Amazon Kindle, to help people explore and develop their faith and spirituality.

This short book is just over 19,000 words.

The Prison Epistles

by Thomas Schrader

The Prison Epistles is a commentary on the four books that Paul wrote when he was in prison. It can be used as a commentary or a Bible study. This book is easy to understand and user friendly. It is a useful reference tool that gives a verse by verse explanation of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon,

Golden Economy Country Booster

by T. Scott McLeod


The Great People love poetry and celebrate The National Pride. We eat time and steep in soul while body laboriously. All is not effort but many opportunity of growing and encountering rigorous exploits in beauty. Ice cream memories in the park with hands sticky from punctuation. Reminders of points sharp and important. Laments of sorrows not overdone. Choirs of triumphs for winning great defeats. Pure liquid honey drooling from the brandywine of existence. The magistrate of writing is spoken and kindly received like ripples on water magnificent. You realize all when you realize nothing. In the golden economy of our success, we party the country booster which ferments this book. For many moons we linger in the currency of these reflections.

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