Free sports Kindle books for 27 Apr 13

Tennis – A Journey of Fitness

by Enrique Casados

Tennis is the best sport in the history of the world!

Of course, I’m a tennis coach, so of course I think so. But I really do believe there is no better way to get in shape while having lots of fun than playing tennis. It’s something you can get right into with very little equipment or training. However, it is good to start with a few well chosen tips to get in shape faster, easier, and with less risk of injury.

The information in this guide will make your efforts all the more effective, maximizing the benefit you take away from this great game. Everything from basic errors to avoid, muscles to exercise, and foods to eat to fuel your body.

If you want to get better, stronger, and healthier faster through the game of tennis, pick up this book today!

A Prepper’s Guide: My Plan

by K Farmer

We live in a world where so many things could go wrong and have. We have a dysfunctional government, national skyrocketing debt which one day our lenders will demand payment, and home grown as well as external terrorism. On top of all that, there is the increasing risk of natural disasters like tornados, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and more.
I am not off my nut. I just like to be prepared and I absolutely will make sure that I will be taking care of my family. We are normal, everyday folks who like going to the movies, go out to eat, we love the internet, and more. There is a lot to be said for creature comforts and we really enjoy them, but if they were gone tomorrow, we would survive. It may not be peaches and cream, but we would survive.
One thing I do feel strongly about is that something in our society is bound to break and break hard. We cannot continue down this same path as a world or nation for that matter and not believe that something has to give. It could be a number of things too. The people and countries our nation is in debt to may want their money back before we can pay the bill. Our fragile economy could collapse which quite frankly would take down most of the rest of the world economies along with ours. It could be a natural disaster that impacts a large area in which we live. And perhaps, it might just be the desire for one nation or group of extremists that want to see if they have the moxie to take down the United States.
I hope you enjoy reading this work as much as I enjoyed putting it together!
Happy Prepping!


by Madalyn Ward DVM

How to Have a Holistically Healthy Performance Horse gives answers to many
tough questions asked by people who love their competition horses and want
them to stay happy and healthy throughout a long career. Dr. Ward’s program
is based on personal experience with her own horses and management secrets
gleaned from working on the horses of top competitors. Rather than providing
an in-depth look at each topic, she has purposefully kept the information
here concise and to the point in order to provide an easy-to-use handbook
for ready reference. Dr. Ward’s desired goal is that every horse be able to
perform to his fullest potential, doing a job he loves, well into his teens
and early twenties, and she has published this handbook to help horse lovers
and competitors of all disciplines attain that goal.

How Much Should A Hunter Tell Their Spouse? (I Think My GPS Is Trying To Kill Me, and Other Short Stories by G. T. Rees)

by G.T. Rees Rees

When the author and his horse are chased out of the mountains by a pack of wolves, he contemplates the question, how much should he tell his wife?

Yosemite Valley Guidebook

by Michael Brannan

Yosemite Valley Guidebook is a map and photo heavy guide to visiting, camping, hiking, RV’ing, and staying in resort in Yosemite Valley. This detailed and comprehensive book provides detailed instructions on how to see and enjoy every aspect of what many people consider the most beautiful valley on earth. Designed for experts and beginners alike this book is all you need to get out there and experience Yosemite Valley.

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