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Disney World: Beat the Crowds

by Clare Swindlehurst

I’ve been a big fan of the Walt Disney World Resort ever since we took our first family vacation there when I was a kid. Since then I’ve been back to the Resort more times than I can even remember, and my husband and I are now Disney Vacation Club (timeshare) members so we get to take a trip every year.

Over the years we’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about planning a magical Disney vacation and we always have a wonderful time.

There are moments though when my husband and I look at each other in disbelief… families lined up on Main Street hours before the afternoon parade because they’re worried they might miss it… people standing in long lines getting hot and cranky… families entering the turnstiles towards lunch time, pulling out a map and saying “where do we start?” People uttering the words that make me cringe the most: “I don’t know why everyone likes this place so much, we’ve been here all day and only been on three rides – next year let’s go to the beach”.

All of these people have made the same mistake. They scrimped and saved to take their families to Disney World and then just turned up expecting to have a wonderful time.

Problem is that it’s not that simple.

Many people think that the only park you’ll find at Walt Disney World is the Magic Kingdom and that it’s possible to see it all in a day. But the Magic Kingdom is just the tip of the iceberg. The Walt Disney World Resort is twice the size of the island of Manhattan; it has four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping village, 19 hotels, 62 restaurants and just over 100 rides, attractions and shows.

Understand now why you can’t see it all in a day?

If your Disney World vacation is approaching fast and you haven’t started planning yet then don’t worry. In this book we’ll walk you through the most important parts of planning a Disney World vacation so that you and your family can experience the Disney magic and beat the crowds!

Bon Courage, Les Anglais. (Tales of the Uninitiated in Rural France)

by Peter and Christine Wakefield


‘a great little e-book and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other readers’

‘it gave me a real flavour of life in rural France’

Daylight breaks again. The first brilliant rays of sunshine spread across the horizon. Down the valley the morning mist, covering the land, begins to rise, giving an almost eerie atmosphere.
We open our window to the sounds of the birds chattering and the cows, shrouded in the mist, lowing as they move across the fields.
All else is tranquil. Morning vista in a small hamlet outside Bénévent L’Abbaye in rural France.

Welcome to “Bon Courage Les Anglais”, where we seek to “open the shutter” to allow a glimmer of light to shine on the life of those who live there.
We were two uninitiated “Anglais”; Christine, who could fortunately speak almost fluent French, and Peter, who initially struggled to string a sentence together.
Our little book chronicles the many heart-warming, often funny, sometimes life-changing experiences that we and our French neighbours shared together.
They record the ups and downs, the achievements and heartbreaks, the triumphs and mistakes of those incredible years.
They seek to share the everyday acts of neighbourliness, kindness and practical support, and the love that underpinned all of these.
They show a way of life echoing shades of fifty years ago, that we look back on nostalgically here in England.

‘I liked reading this book as I and my husband are also in the process of renovating a house in France’

* Amazon Kindle-France-Travel, Number 1, February 2013

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