Free war Kindle books for 27 Apr 13

Action Adventure – Common Ground

by Dr. Harry Jay

Action Adventure – Common Ground’s central character is Joshua Olivion. He has returned from the Vietnam War as the most decorated veteran in US military history. He has vanquished all of his enemies except one – HIMSELF. After graduation from college, he enters the world of investment banking only to find a new class of enemies but with one that has followed him from the land of the Mong – Vietnam. This action-adventure novel leaves you riveted as Joshua engages in a new kind of warfare in the world of high finance. He has never lost a battle; will this be his first? Common Ground is a publisher book brought to you by It is the first book in a series of 6 online fiction novels involving Joshua’s post-war life. You may download books online and enjoy the complete series: Common Ground, Until the Next Time, No Crimes Beyond Forgiveness, The Writing of the Wrong, We Own the Night, and Who Hoards More Thieves or Popes. Read a novel online and enjoy all of ePubWealth’s fiction books online with a wide selection in many different genres.

The Lost Solider

by Samuel Clark

A young solider finds himself lost in enemy territory after his boat gets blown out of the MeKong river. Alone and tired, he must find a way back and help comes from an unlikely source.

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