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Atlantis Academy (Alter World)

by Robert Larrison

Emily Spencer isn’t your ordinary quick-witted, curly blonde teenage bombshell. Just ask anyone who’s run into her iron fists and lightning limbs. A timid little girl no longer, Emily and her sister Candice prepare for their last year of Atlantis Academy study and the three challenges they must face before they graduate.

Follow them as they take Omega Team on their last adventures, leading them to Ireland, the southern tip of the Bermuda Triangle and deep inside an ancient world in the mountains of Ethiopia. As usual, their luck is plagued with unforeseen misfortunes and problems that complicate their simple desire to make it through senior year and beyond without getting anybody killed.

A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure, “Atlantis Academy: Emily’s Senior Year” is written for Middle Grade/Young Adults who enjoy an easy reading, entertaining romp through the Alter World of Atlantis and beyond.

The Salt Krasnals: Baba Jaga’s Forest

by Richard Monte

“It is a realm of silence and darkness where the evil witch Baba Jaga lives and rules in her gingerbread cottage deep in the larch trees. The whole place has been suffocated by the icy breath of winter. They say icicles hang like long bony fingers from the branches of the topmost boughs, poisoning all who dare to walk beneath them.”

When three plucky krasnals discover their sister has been captured by an evil witch, they set out on a hazardous journey to the White Forest to rescue her. But if their mission is to succeed they must take a strange salt globe to the queen in Krakow, for without it their quest will fail and the malignant crone will capture them allâ?¦

From the author of the Dragon of Krakow and the Mermaid of Warsaw, comes an exciting new story inspired by the myths and legends of central Europe and set in the forests and mines of southern Poland.

Praise for Richard Monte’s collections of Polish folk tales:

The Mermaid of Warsaw

“Full of wonder, this is a stunning collection of enchanting folk stories with a timeless and universal appeal. Richard Monte captures the optimistic spirit of Poland in stories which delight on account of their magic and surprise.” Lovereading

The Dragon of Krakow

“Interesting, well-written, imaginatively illustrated and designed bookâ?¦ there are rich rewards for those who enter the fascinating stories inside.” Ibby Link

Veil Between Worlds (The Grimoire Chronicles)

by Sally Dubats

“We’ll have to make her death look like an accident.”

Cassie’s neighbors have secrets — and she is one of them.

17-year-old Cassie is a Witch who caught the eye of her mysterious new neighbors. They’re elegant and deadly, and renovating an abandoned resort to open a school for gifted teens. Cassie is the only one who knows the whereabouts of their missing and gorgeous son, Trenton. The problem is that he’s not in this dimension, and the mysterious neighbors have given Cassie an ultimatum: Find Trenton or die.

Witchcraft is second nature to Cassie, but protection charms and Drink and Know spells create a world Cassie never dreamed of, a world where Love and Disaster are intimate partners, and Cassie finds out who – and what – Trenton really is.

First in “The Grimoire Chronicles” series, “Veil Between Worlds” is a paranormal fantasy novel that you’ll never forget! If you love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, Witches and Wicca, ghost stories, paranormal mystery, paranormal horror, and action, “The Grimoire Chronicles” is definitely for you!

* * *

“Absolutely perfect! I loved it!” – Cynthia Jones, The Wytch’s Mirror

“The plot of the novel was as original as it gets in my opinion.” – Books Are Magic

“â??Veil Between Worlds’ is definitely worth checking out!” – Nicole’s YA Book Haven

Critically acclaimed “Veil Between Worlds” is a book you just can’t put down!

God Was My Armor (Short Story)

by Michelle Kidwell

We worked hard in the camps digging massive graves for those who had already been killed, often wondering if we were going to be the next to die from disease, from starvation, or taken to the ” showers “. We worked long hours and the food we got didn’t give us any strength, but still after it grew dark and we were back in the bunks, we would sing and pray. Mama knew songs from when she was a little girl, songs a Christian family had taught her so we sang those, we sang Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art in broken English, others joined us in our native tongue German. It was those songs and those prayers that got us through, I know that.

Trial of the Moon (Medusa’s Curse) (Moon Clock)

by Janie Mckeown

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Nonie Moon is catapulted back in time, 70 years, to save a little boy from the Liverpool Bltz. From here on in, she embarks on a fast paced and frightening adventure that takes her to the beautiful, romantic but hedonistic city of Venice and down into the very depths of Calypso Deep. Here she must face the Feared Nemesis that murdered her grandmother. She will experience passionate love and heartbreak, devoted friendship and horrendous betrayal . Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger but will Nonie and her friends all live to tell the tale?

This the second book in the ‘Moon Clock Ticks’ Saga, If you haven’t already read the first book, it is also available for download on Kindle .

The Old Oak Tree (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

2. The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods –
Wooffer has noticed that when he tries to make friends, the squirrels run up the trees and everyone else runs away. As he lay watching the squirrels, he had a fantastic idea. It was worth a try, but could he do it?

Equinoctial Sacrifice – A Euphoria Prequel (The Euphoria Series)

by Lainy Lane

Seasons come
And Seasons go…
But what will remain
After you sacrifice
All you know?

What would you sacrifice for the life of your child?

Hollyn is faced with this very question when she gives birth to Calandra alone in the woods at only 7 1/2 months. Hollyn suddenly finds her new daughter’s life hanging in the balance when Akiye, the faerie of the autumn equinox, offers her a lifeline to save her newborns life. Now Hollyn must leave everything behind, including Calandra, and return to Faerie to set things up to ensure her daughter can fulfill her destiny and fix the things in the world that her own family has been screwing up for generations now. Will Hollyn be able to ensure her daughter is the one to put a stop to the cycle, or will something else take all of her energy in the process?

Destinies set into motion, wills are tested, and lives are changed forever in this prequel to the Euphoria series.

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