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Blogging for Pleasure and Money – Discover Easy Ways to a Successful Blog and Attracting Traffic

by Lambert Klein

“Blogging for Pleasure and Money”
A Shortcut to Blogging Profits for Beginners

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Are you new to blogging and want to get off to a fast start? Been blogging for a while but haven’t found the audience and money you were hoping for? Stop trying to learn by trial and error. There is a better way to get up to speed quickly.

Skip Right to the Good Stuff

You can spend years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Some testing and research is unavoidable, but why do more than you have to? Author Lambert Klein poured years of experience into “Blogging for Pleasure and Money” so you can avoid the pitfalls and go straight to profits.

Increase Visitors, Visibility, and Earn More Profits

The report is easy to understand and follow. Step-by-step instructions show you how to set up a blog and the critical steps that are commonly overlooked. With the tips and tricks included, you will quickly understand how to turn any blog into a highly profitable, moneymaking machine!

If YOUR Blog Isn’t Making the Money You Want, Find Out Why

If you take action, “Blogging for Pleasure and Money” will put your business on the fast track to profits. Starting right now, you can:
– Set up Your Blog and Make It A Success
– Learn What to Add to Your Blogs to Bring in Profits
– Bring in More Visitors by Knowing Where to Go
– Discover the Secrets to Earning Extra Cash With Your Blogs

Fun, Notoriety, and Profits Are Just a Click Away
Whether you’ve pictured yourself as a famous blogger or just need a few extra dollars, “Blogging for Pleasure and Money” is a reference you can use.

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by B Hiriyappa

Contents of the Book
1 Interrelationships Between Strategy Formulation And Implementation
 Introduction
 Interrelationships Between Strategy Formulation And Implementation
 Basic Elements Of Strategic Management
 Strategy Formulation And Implementation Matrix
 Contrast Between Strategy Formulation And Implementation
 Strategic Management Linkages
2 Issues in Strategy Implementation
 Introduction
 Issues In Projects Implementation
 Strategic Responsibilities Towards Project Implementation
 Central Management Issues In Strategy Implementation
 Managers And Employees Participation In Project Implementation

3 Organisation And Strategy Implementation
 Nature of Strategic
Change Management
 Implementing Strategic Change: Steps in the Changing Process

4 Organization Structure And Organisational
 What Is Structure?
 Reasons For Organization Structure
 What Is Organisational Design?

5 Types of Organizational Structure
 Vertical Differentiation
 Horizontal Differentiation
 Simple Structure
 Functional Structure
 Multi- Divisional Structure
 Strategic Business Units
 Matrix Organizational Structure
 Difference between Old Organization Design and New Organizational Design
 Development of Matrix Structure
 Geographic Structure
6 Integration And Integrating Mechanisms
 Types / Forms of Integrating Mechanisms
 Matching Structure And Control Analysis At The Functional Level
 Matching Structure And Control At The Business Level
 Designing A Global Structure
 Multidomestic Strategy And Structure
 International Strategy And Structure
 Global Organisational Structue
 The Global Area Structure
 Global Matrix Structure
 Strategic Business Units And Core Competence
7 The Value Chain
 Basic Concept Of Value Chain
 The Value Creation Process
 Primary Activities
 Supporting Activities

8 Concept of Corporate Culture
 Corporate Culture
 Basic Elements of Corporate Culture
 Basic Assumptions And Beliefs
 Contents of Corporate Culture
 Strengths Of Corporate Culture
 Strong Culture Companies
 Weak Culture Companies
 Unhealthy Culture
 Adaptive Culture
 Thickness Culture
 Extent Of Sharing Culture
 Clarity Of Ordering Culture
9 Strategic Leadership
 Leadership Role In Implementation
 Effective Strategic Leadership
 Strategic Leaders
 Role Of Strategic CEO

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