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The Gettysburg Kid (The Gettysburg Kid Trilogy)

by Stephen J. Goedert

She could speak to President Lincoln, General James Longstreet, and General Robert E. Lee. She brought them together on the battlefield of Gettysburg to find and stop the person who was vandalizing the monuments to their comrades and former enemies. It was not 1863 it was 2013, the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, and the people young Emma Smithton was helping were the very monuments that were being vandalized. With the help of Park Rangers, her friend Wyatt, and monuments from across the battlefield, Emma is in a race against time to stop a vandal before he destroys the biggest monument at Gettysburg Pennsylvania Military Park – The Pennsylvania State Monument.

“The Gettysburg Kid II: To Antietam” will be published in eBook and paperback format in early 2013, and the thrilling “The Gettysburg Kid III: Return to Gettysburg” will be released in both eBook and paperback in the Summer of 2013 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.


by Sharon Dow

After Antipas is martyred at the altar to Zeus for his outspoken convictions on Christ, the remaining Christians in Pergamum must flee for their lives. With the Roman emperor’s grip tightening, evil forces behind the scenes aim to root out the growing followers of The Way and destroy the church.

Marcus and Paulus, brothers of the martyred Antipas, have chosen different paths. Marcus, a brute temple guard, remains loyal to Zeus, who many attest is the one true god of Pergamum. Paulus follows in Antipas’ footsteps as one who fearlessly proclaims the Gospel. Enraged, Marcus disowns his brother and swears him as enemy. A battle for the fate of Pergamum is inevitable.

In this sequel to the heart-pounding Antipas: Martyr, Sharon Dow continues the vibrant story of persecuted Christians banding together within the sinister walls of Pergamum, the very lair of Satan’s throne.

Who will be saved and who will choose the easy way out? Amid the rubble, will the new Christians emerge victorious, with their faith strong and vital?

“Sharon Dow’s second book proves to be another eye-opening novel that dramatically portrays the power of God and the life-changing relationship one can experience with Jesus Christ.” â??Jean Morby, host, Young at Heart Show on Faith FM 94.3 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; author, Rainy Day Activities and Hands of Gold

Bone-mend and Salt (Accidental Heretics)

by E. A. Stewart

Bone-mend and Salt , Book 1 in the Accidental Heretics series, launches an adventure of conspiracy and revenge amidst the Albigensian crusade, called by Innocent III to fight the Cathar heresy in southern Europe.

It’s 1210, a year after the burning of Béziers, and the northern French armies have returned for the summer crusading season. Or, as one old-time crusader sees it, Norman lords have come to steal land and replace the fortunes they lost on failed crusades in the Holy Land.

Three descendants of famous crusadersâ??the mercenary Tomás, the young freethinking widow Isabella, and the excommunicated French knight Jean-Lucâ??are pursued by unknown enemies who have plagued their families since their fathers first met in the Outremer. The three find their lives intertwining as they strive to uncover conspiracies that test their courage and devotion to duty.

The advance of the new crusade against the peaceful “Good Christian” heretics, led by the merciless Simon de Montfort, begins to interfere with the trio’s desires for retribution, love, and honor. Tomás, Jean-Luc, and especially Isabella find themselves in increasing jeopardy in an unhappy world where anyone seeking advantage might condemn a neighbor for heresy.

The Kindle version includes the full text of the novel plus an excerpt from Trebuchets in the Garden , Book 2 in the Accidental Heretics series.

The Devil of Tasmania

by George Francis (Robin) Dickman

Imagine the time is mid-nineteenth century England. You are a Jarrod Walsh, a teenager, born into poverty, eking out an existence with a pickaxe. Your mother depends upon you but still mourns your father lost at seas years ago. One fortuitous day you save a nobleman’s life. He gratefully takes you under his wing and prepares you for a better life. You’ve turned the corner and grip firm the world’s tail, on track to become a â??Doctor of Medicine’, attending England’s acclaimed Cambridge University. You’ve witnessed that money and social stature rule the world, and the skids leading to success are greased for your journey.

Good fortune and lady luck must be your guardian angels. Right? Wrong! Poof, it passes faster than a musket’s flash. Your life turns inside out, awakening terror-stricken inside a ship’s foul bilge, sloshing about in a cold dark void, swept away on a nightmarish adventure, one which runs a dangerous gamut of twists, turns, action, lust and love.

Bad luck turns worse. Blame it on bad karma. You find yourself behind bars where time and darkness threatens your sanity. Assisted by an apparent divine intervention, you brainstorm a daring breakout from Tasmania’s famed Port Arthur Prison, reputed to be escape proof. It leads you into the island’s mysterious rainforest where you find a hidden Shangri La-like tribal plateau. Alas, your escape bears an albatross. In self-defense, you’re forced to take a life but with severe repercussions. Garth Torn, a legendary towering lawman feared by all, breathes fire and rants revenge for his brother’s death. He stalks your every step, plotting a vile payback.

As you flee into the island’s interior, you chance upon an albino dwarf, Nibor, who saves your life. Much later, you’ll wonder if he underhandedly controls your destiny? The budding romance with Ani, his temptress daughter, is it mere happenstance? Is Nibor friend or foe? Are you endangering your pristine hideaway and its innocent inhabitants while you ponder a likely showdown with the pursuing giant? Also, what secrets lay within the cavernous catacombs of Kandar?

Historically, the backdrop to this adventure takes place during a colorful time when England purges her shores of criminal misfits and social outcasts, banishing them â??down under’ to a series of festering prisons in faraway Australia and its lush island neighbor, Tasmania. It occurs during bloody era when English homesteaders driven by visions of becoming land barons, squeeze out the native Aborigines. As English civilization encroaches the island’s interior, it’s no wonder that hidden natives fear their future.

The Gettysburg Kid Part II: To Antietam (The Gettysburg Kid Trilogy)

by Stephen J. Goedert

Daniel Miller donated a leather bound volume, later to be called the Mumma Bible, to a religious Dunker congregation in 1853 near Sharpsburg, Maryland. After the horrific battle of Antietam in 1862, the Bible changed hands with Civil War Veterans until the Mumma Bible eventually was acquired by the Washington County Historical Society which in turn donated it to the National Park Service and Antietam National Battlefield. In 2013 the Bible is stolen.
Once again Gettysburg Park Ranger Greg Balston and Park Guide Samantha Roberts race to Antietam National Battlefield to try and catch escaped monument vandal Sebastian Wynters.
At Gettysburg, a new threat emerges that throws the 150th Anniversary celebration into disarray. Treasured monuments at the park including President Abraham Lincoln and General Robert E. Lee join the park rangers and guides to stop the new threat and find the hallowed Mumma Bible.
The Gettysburg Kid: To Antietam, The Gettysburg Kid Part II continues the adventures of young Emma and Wyatt teaming with the monuments in stopping a new enemy that could threaten both Antietam National Battlefield and Gettysburg National Military Park.


by W.T. Sutherland

Eight years after the battle of Culloden Sandy Davidson decides that he would have a better future in Edinburgh.
His journey is full of frightening events and on the way he meets and eventually marries his future wife.
He has a benefactor who helps him gain a career and become involved in the establishment of the Edinburgh New Town.
Their son Charles with the benefit of a stable background trains as an architect and becomes involved in the construction of the Caledonian Canal.
Once back in the Culloden area he seeks out his roots and in the process discovers that there might be a gold hoard near a Scottish loch and he goes in search of any evidence.

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