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Gathering Food With Farmer Bob (Counting Book For Children 3-5 yrs)

by Scott Worden

Gathering Food With Farmer Bob (Counting Book For Children 3-5 yrs)

The second book in the children’s Farmer Bob series is a book aimed at 3 to 5-year old toddlers. As well as counting numbers one through ten, kids are also introduced to different kinds of farm foods.

Gathering Food With Farmer Bob is a colorful easy-to-read book with a central character that helps preschool learners identify basic numbers and farm foods.

Funny Dragon (A Beautifully Illustrated Childrens Picture Book Age 1-5: Perfect For Bedtime Stories)

by Melissa Hayes

Funny Dragon is a wonderful children’s picture book that every parent will want to read to their child and every 1 – 5 year old will want to hear over and over again. Children loves pictures of funny animals, and especially dragons! Let Funny Dragon tell your child his story, and fascinate with his cute looks.

The Amazing Magnificent Stupendous Incredible Outstanding Unbeatable Exceptional (and Humble) Rubberband Boy [Rubberband Boy, Book 1]

by Jonathan Neuman

“Halt you no-good, nefarious â?¦ umm â?¦ nasty â?¦ no wait â?¦ uh â?¦ no-good â?¦ already used that one â?¦ umm â?¦ nerdy â?¦ uh â?¦ well you get the idea!”

School bus-chasing pirates, booger-hurling zombies, a teacher that can fire energy beams from his head, and squirrels seeking to take over the world?! It’s all a day in the life for intrepid 5th grader, John, and his mild-mannered buddy, Dave. A headstrong, “leap before you look” kind of kid, John is not what one might call a model student. His penchant for mischief is outweighed only by his proclivity for detention. Rational and tentative, Dave has found one lucky thing in his life – his best friend John. Only sometimes, the trouble that entails seems like more of the same old bad luck.

When John and Dave are given detention by their strange new teacher, they come up with a scheme to wreak havoc on the school. When it turns out that the teacher is not what he seems to be, John dons his paper plate mask and his mother’s polka dot bathroom towel to become The Amazing Magnificent Stupendous Incredible Outstanding Unbeatable Exceptional (and Humble) Rubberband Boy! Armed with only his guts and an arsenal of rubber bands – and with the assistance of his timid companion, Clip Kid – Rubberband Boy must find a way to stop his teacher and save his classmates from a horrible fate. But even if John and Dave succeed, what dangers await from the two mysterious figures in the background?

A story about friendship, heroism, and the zaniness of elementary school, Rubberband Boy reminds us that we all have the capacity to be a hero, and does so with nonstop laughs along the way. Unique characters that kids will want to be, wacky situations that children crave, and the kind of hilarious universe that exists solely in the world of imagination, Rubberband Boy is sure to keep its readers rolling on the floor for years to come.

The Case of the Bedridden Bunny (The Adventures of Sally Salazar, Teenage Pet Psychic)

by Leta Worthington

Sally Salazar can talk to animals! This is the story of how she discovered her talent. When nine-year-old Sally goes over to play at her best friend Esperanza’s house one afternoon, she discovers she can talk to â?? and hear! â?? Herman, Esperanza’s very sick, lop-eared bunny rabbit. Because of Sally’s sudden revelation that she can see and hear what Herman is showing and telling her, the two of them together, with the help of Esperanza’s mother, rescue the bedridden bunny from a surely fatal fate! Based upon the author’s 20+ years of practice as an animal communicator, this charming story for children ages six to ten accurately portrays the process of animal communication and how it works when Sally has her first of many such experiences. Watch for more in the Sally Salazar, Teenage Pet Psychic, series!

World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks

by Scott Hughes


In The Top 10 Most Deadly Sharks you will join us as we countdown the top 10 most dangerous sharks in our oceans.
Sharks have survived since the day of the dinosaur. To have lived that long they have become expert hunters. In this book you will learn which sharks are known for attacking humans, as well as what may provoke a shark to attack.

You will discover what makes sharks so interesting to watch, and why they are mostly misunderstood animals. You will learn the truth about sharks, why their numbers are dwindling and how you can help protect them.
Do you know why the lemon shark is called the lemon shark? Hint it has nothing to do with fruit.

Do you know how the bull shark got his name? You will learn this in chapter 11, and what makes the bull shark so deadly.
Each chapter if filled with high quality shark pictures of the types of sharks we discuss. You will learn what sharks have for lunch, and why they sometimes mistake people for a quick meal. We also discuss several facts about sharks like where they live, and how large they grow.

Not every shark discussed in this book is known for their aggressive behavior. You will learn about the gentle giant of the sharks as well, the whale shark, and why it is not a threat to people.

As you read through the pages, you will discover what scientists believe was the largest shark to have ever lived in our ocean, and that some believe they still survive in the deepest part of the sea.

Personal Note from the Author: I have been fascinated by sharks since I was young. I started watching shark week on the discovery channel when I was 8, and never stopped reading, watching and researching these animals. My son, Scottie, has become very interested in these creatures as well. Now we both love researching shark.

The Sun Would Still Shine

by E.B. Sell

A book for children to start the talk about racism and equality for all. Letting kids know all races should live in peace on earth, and that we should all work together to create beauty just like the shiny and happy rainbow does.

Mel’s Guide to Middle School

by Jamilah Yusef

Melissa Grainer has just entered her first year of middle school, and it is going to be one crazy year! Join her as she guides her fellow students through the world of middle school and beyond. Whether it’s a warning of the dangers of eating blue snow or creating a secret language, this hilarious guide to middle school has it all!

Young Readers Books: Iguanas – Cool Facts for Kids and Awesome Pictures About These Amazing and Mysterious Lizards (Fun Books for Kids Series)

by Lauren Brown

– FREE Children’s Book Sample Inside!

That’s right…For a limited time you can download a FREE sample of “Pandas for Children.” You and your kids will love the beautiful panda pictures and fascinating facts about pandas.

– From Bestselling Author Lauren Brown

Iguanas are amazing lizards and now you and your kids can learn about them in this fun and educational book.

It’s written in simple language for 6 to 10 year old children to enjoy.

Your child will learn new words and improve his or her reading skills while discovering astonishing facts about iguanas.

Kids of all ages will love the colorful and captivating photos of iguanas of every shape, size, and color.

I wrote this book for my children and I hope you and your children will enjoy it, as well.

Discover fascinating facts such asâ?¦

* How long are iguanas?

* How heavy are iguanas?

* Where do iguanas live?

* What color are iguanas?

* How does an iguana’s skin color help it survive?

* Where do iguanas spend most of their time?

* What do iguanas eat?

* Why do iguanas live near water?

* Can iguanas swim?

…and Much, Much More!

Here’s what readers are saying about Lauren Brown’s fun and educational children’s books:

“My 7 year old daughter very much enjoyed the beautiful pictures and interesting information that was presented in such an understandable manner.”– Joseph Siegle (review of “Leopards for Children” by Lauren Brown)

“This book has a cute dog photo for each fact. It is easy to read. A great way to introduce dogs to a small child prior to making one a part of the family.”– Sher501 (review of “Dogs for Children” by Lauren Brown)

Grab it right now while the FREE sample of “Pandas for Children” is still available!

ORBS: A Haunting at the Claxton Mansion

by Stephen St. Clair

Alex is determined to find proof of the paranormal and has formed a paranormal investigative club with some of his friends. Everyone in town knows the stories of the ghost that haunts the Claxton Mansion. Alex and the rest of the ORBS crew intend to prove that the girl in the stories is real.

Can You Find Me Hidden Pictures (Monster Books for Kids – Ages 4-7) v3 (Spooky Silly Kids)

by Luis C. Lewis

From the best-selling series Spooky Silly Kids comes a new kids game of hidden objects. Fans of Where’s Waldo, I Spy and Highlight magazine will love this book.

Over 50 brightly colored pages and with over 125 objects that”ll keep kids coming back over and over again for hours.This kids game requires detective skills to sort out which is the real Spooky Silly Kids among a crowd of look-a-likes. Plus they’ll need to find the hidden objects that they’ve lost along the way. Also included in this hidden picture book, is find-the-differences games where they’ll need to use eagle-eyes to spot out all 50 differences. Do you think you can find over a 125 hidden objects and rank from “spooktacular” to “terrorific”?

You be the judge and grab book three of “Spooky Silly Kids: Can You Find Me?” today! Or grab it from the kindle lending library.

The Disneyland Quest

by Matt Ainsworth

15 year-old Dizzy Walker and his younger sister Ana are about to meet their mom’s new boyfriend, Steve, and his son, Travis, for the first time. To make the introduction go smoothly, Steve offers to pay for Dizzy and his family to meet in Disneyland; Dizzy’s favorite place in the world.
When they arrive at the theme park, they learn about a once in a lifetime treasure hunt called The Disneyland Quest. Clues are hidden throughout Disneyland, leading the quest participants to the combination of a vault set up on Main Street and the $250,000 prize inside.
Dizzy, Ana, and Travis must work together in a race against the clock, thousands of opponents, and the mysterious man in red who follows them throughout the quest. Friendship, perseverance, and trust are all put to the test in The Disneyland Quest.

THE IMMOVABLE ROCK (Peter W. Collier – Rhyming Children Bedtime Short Stories)

by Peter Collier

This story is filled with amusing situations, focused on a group of simple farmers who have decided to remove a large rock from the field of Farmer Grimm. It is a delight with twists and silly situations that impact their efforts.The imagination of children will overflow and I am sure this story will also become one of your favourites, as it is one of mine.
Ideal for a bedtime read.
I have several fully illustrated stories, like ‘Monsters I Know’, ‘Kids I Know’, ‘Hector the Collector’, or ‘Marmalade Jam and Chocolate Eclairs’,and others like that are simply magical to read.

If you like this one, other stories like ‘Cross Your Fingers’, ‘Everyone has a Name’, ‘The Fishing Derby’, ‘Foggy Daze’, ‘The Very Last Apple’ you will find great for family laughs …these are the feel-good kind of bedtime stories that everyone looks for when reading to children. The best illustrations are often inside the imaginations of children.

My stories are designed for both the reader and the listener.
Children will request parents to re-read, over and over again, a story that has caught their imagination.
If not in rhyme, these stories will quickly become dull and a burden to read.
When written in free verse, a story is both a delight to read and to hear.
The reader feels accomplished when reading my stories and, in the act of story telling, begins exaggerating tone, inflection, and mood.

When constructed in free verse rhyme, while reading along, children quickly begin to retain portions of each story.
Once the child begins reading independently, these stories act as memory assisting templates to guide the beginning reader through their first reading selections.
The reading successes of a child will fuel additional comprehension activities and help to jump start reading skills that greatly motivate the young reader.

For the adult reader these stories are always a treat.
I understand the necessity to include a readers interests and needs as part of the story telling activities.

The length of this story is designed to be between 15-20 minutes, to act as a short break or bedtime activity.
Unlike Dr. Suess, I have avoided making up new nouns and adjectives for purposes of rhyme, other than some tintinnabulation (words designed to give greater description of sounds), finding that teachers do not appreciate this activity.

I find that by identifying children by full name, as the story characters,
it adds a sense of character reality and identity.
The children accept the diversity of people, which, in turn, opens the imagination to accepting limitless fictional situations and opportunities.

My stories constitute several conceptual elements to motivate reading and precipitate a positive child’s reading development.

Your efforts to improve early perceptions of reading will provide children with a foundation for continued learning comprehension and development.

The Island At The End Of The World (The Keys)

by Craig McLay

David Apollo and his friends are having a perfectly ordinary day until the man in the samurai armour comes staggering out of the broom closet and squashes their history assignment.

He hands David a key that he claims can open the secret doors between worlds – a key that may unlock the mystery of the disappearance of David’s father on an archaeological expedition five years earlier. Using the key to escape an army of marauding monsters, David and his friends Milo and Futz suddenly find themselves in a strange new world aboard the Valiant, a warship on a secret mission to rescue an imprisoned king.

When the mission takes an unexpected turn, the boys are faced with man-eating Troglodytes, demented hotel managers and a nasty pirate named Sharkface, who is feared throughout the land for his evil disposition and terrifying (but slightly impractical) dental work. Sharkface wants the key because he believes it will unlock a priceless treasure and isn’t about to let a skinny 15-year-old history buff stand in his way.

Desperate to solve the mystery of the key and his father’s disappearance, David and his friends are caught up in a chase that will take them to the end of the world – and beyond.

¡Hola! ¡Stella! (Stella – Lovable Cocker Spaniel Travels)

by G. R. Calcagni

This is the first book of the Stella – Lovable Cocker Spaniel Travels series. Follow Stella when she travels with her family in a big moving house from Rome, Italy to Barcellona, Spain. Experience the trip through the eyes of a furry friend and find out about all the places they visit. Read about her encounters with other families while they stay at various camp grounds. Read about her travels in a moving snake and how she enjoys watching the various acts on the famous La Rambla in Barcellona.

The Midas Tree (The Golden Acorns Series)

by Lesley Phillips

Joshua lives in the Garden Of Color and Light, an idyllic paradise where he is always playing and having fun. Each day is like any other, until he finds a magical golden acorn that enraptures him and propels him on an incredible adventure.

After being guided to chase the acorn as it flies through the garden, Joshua discovers a door at the base of a tree, and once he enters his life changes forever.

“Now it is time for you to go on a journey.
You may forget the garden for a while.
Follow this golden acorn wherever it takes you.”

Joshua is transported into a mysterious realm within “The Midas Tree.”

Desperate to return home, he sets about exploring this unfamiliar environment. He encounters sticky situations and meets wily characters along the way. Fortunately he does not have to face them alone. His guides are the mystical creatures that live inside the tree, called Devas. They are keepers of ancient secrets that can help Joshua to cope with the obstacles he encounters and the challenges he meets.

Joshua learns from the Devas that if he wishes to return home, he must first transform himself – and “The Midas Tree”.

The Devas are fairylike nature spirits, who love “The Midas Tree” and live to keep it happy and healthy. Each Deva presides over a different realm within the tree and lovingly passes on their knowledge of their territory and the mysteries it holds.

Joshua’s quest is to uncover the spiritual secrets of the tree, overcome challenging situations, and oust his inner turmoil to finally fulfill his destiny. He is taught different techniques and skills that help him cope with the trials he encounters. The processes that the Devas expose him to begin a path of revelation where he learns the truth about himself.

This spellbinding story overflows with challenges, magical creatures and mystical superpowers, which you too will discover along the way.

“The Midas Tree” is a spiritual adventure novel aimed at a middle grade to Young Adult audience; although all the adults who have read it like it too.

The more mature readers that have read the book say it reminds them of “Illusions” by Richard Bach, or “The Celestine Prophesy” by Michael Redfield, but with the flavor of a fairy tale.

Children who have read The Midas Tree say it is reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland” and other well known children’s books. They enjoy all the funny characters, which include talking animals and insects, and each selects a favorite Deva.

The Midas Tree has many teachings. It is an adventure story, a guidebook for personal spiritual unfolding, and even includes lessons about biology and nature.

It is a book that parents can enjoy reading with their children, or that teachers can share with their classes to introduce them to internal self-awareness.

The Midas Tree is a book of light that offers techniques that can help all people cope when they are going through difficult times in their lives; as well as illuminating the path to personal enlightenment in a fun and entertaining way.

Trains: Photos to enjoy (a children’s picture book)

by Fran West

In this picture book there are 20 colorful photos of trains from the USA, Australia and Wales.

To see samples of the photos (with words on them) view the video on Fran’s author page (click on “Fran West” below the title of this kindle book).

Photos depict carriages, engines, a freight train, a metro passenger train, a caboose, model trains, a slate train and a trackless train with examples of both steam and diesel.

Railways depicted are the Alaska Railroad, Santa Fe Railway, Grand Canyon Railway, Verde Canyon Railroad, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Puffing Bill Railway, Cockle Train, Llanberis Lake Railway, Brecon Mountain Railway, Pichi Richi Railway and Snowdon Mountain Railway.

The photos were taken in Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Wales, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

The first sequence is for looking and enjoying.

The second sequence is for looking and learning.
This time the photos have a word (or words) on them and can be used like flash cards.

This would appeal to children (and adults) of all ages who love trains and locomotives from the past and present.

Let’s Go Camping

by M.L. Ross

Join this group of young kids as they go on a camping adventure. Follow them as they trek to the camp site and set up their tents, gather wood, go fishing, play lots of games and go swimming.

Contains a picture glossary of camping and outdoor related items, so you child can learn a number of new words.

Suitable for boys and girls ages 3-8, this book contains 55 high quality diagrams and close to 2000 words.

The Winning Target or Pandora’s Curse

by Peter K. Tyson

Book 3 in my football series is very different from the first two books, The Winning Touch and The Winning Tackle, in that it is more concerned with growing up, relationships and rites of passage, although the football detail remains important. This is the story of Pandora, who previously has only been talked about but now actually makes her first appearance in person with a devastating impact. As well, the tales of the other main characters, Killer Kev, Meaty, Davo, Kirsty, Suzie, Zoe and Adriano are continued. The ground is laid for The Winning Team, the final book in the series, which will return to the style of the first two books. This time, though, the tone is darker as evil throws one of the major players into a deep crisis…

The price of the game (Liberty Love)

by Stasia Cramer

Textiles manufacturer Vanderley is planning to release a new model of pants on the market. When he sees a group of young people laughing and racing over the moorland at the Liberty Love boarding stables, he gets a brilliant idea: the ad campaign has to associate the new pants with the image of young people with horses. To launch his promotional campaign, he organizes a cross-country over the moor. The winner gets to star in the tv commercials, second place wins ten thousand guilders. The riders at Liberty Love all participate in the competition, but everyone has their own reasons for going after the first, or sometimes, the second place prize. The results of the competition become so important that friendships disappear, leaving hate and envy in their place…

Help Santa to Match the Pictures : Santa’s Matching Book (Christmas Edition)

by Melissa Hayes

Help Santa to match the pictures in the book. You will find 5 differences and 1 animal in each page. You may need your mommy or daddy to help you to find them. Have fun!!

The Trans-Atomic Era #3: Empress of the Sky

by Duane Aakre

The Trans-Atomic Era – Episode 3: Empress of the Sky – Stoney has been captured and taken to the adversaries’ remarkable city-sized flying flagship. While there, Stoney will finally learn the identity of their leader and of her plans to create the ultimate trans-atomic weapon.

Meanwhile Stoney’s compatriots are forced to battle on without her. And a battle it is, as their adversary unexpectedly attacks a major U.S. city. Now it is a race to round up sufficient resources between the Americans, the British, and the Nazis to defeat this seemingly unstoppable foe.

Author’s Note

I have always loved the classic ‘Golden Age’ style of Science Fiction where the main characters were heroes, the storylines were fun and upbeat, and ‘Big Science’ was optimistically used to solve problems rather than cause them. I have a hard time finding very many people writing in this style these days, so I decided to do my own adventure in this old school style.

This series is inspired in part by the old Republic movie serials ‘King of the Rocket Men’, ‘Radar Men from the Moon’, and ‘Zombies of the Stratosphere’ and uses some similar technological devices like rocket planes and jetpacks. I have moved the time frame from the early 1950’s to 1936 because I thought adding Nazis to the mix would be fun. (Hmm, should Nazis and fun really be used in the same sentence?)

In keeping with the movie serial concept, where each episode ran about ten minutes and ended with a cliffhanger, I have decided to do something similar here. Each episode of this story runs about 100 pages and ends in some kind of a cliffhanger.

As I was writing the second and third episodes, I began to realize I really like this format. It seems like lately I have been buying lots of books that run 400-500 pages, but a lot of that just feels like filler. Frequently, I end up getting bored and give up after only reading the first 100-150 pages. However with this format, I am forced to come up with something interesting every 100 pages to convince the reader to stick with the story for another episode – so the story is forced to move along at a brisk pace. Hopefully readers will come to like this style, too.

Have a great day, Duane

Special Note:  These ebooks do NOT have DRM.  Hopefully this will help
if you need to convert the file to some other format to use with your
preferred reader.

Over the Waves

by Marianne Mitchell

In the summer of 1914, Joel Peterson’s father offers him a challenge. Go with his mother on a visit back to Sweden and make sure nothing goes wrong. To Joel, it seems like an easy way to prove that he is old enough to make big decisions. Joel enjoys meeting his grandparents in Sweden and making new friends, especially a pretty girl named Kari. But lazy summer days end abruptly when World War I breaks out and Europe is thrown into chaos. Suddenly, Joel is faced with the monumental task of finding passage on a ship back across the Atlantic where mines and German U-boats lurk in the waters.

The Adventures of George the Giraffe

by M.L. Ross

Join George the Giraffe as he embarks on a series of fun adventures with his friends from the zoo.

Join them as they fly in a hot air balloon, sail in a boat, and ride a steam train.

Meet George Junior, and see George teach him some skills of being a giraffe.

A fun book filled with 30 pictures, suitable for ages 2 to 8.

La o mila distanta de Rai

by Sergiu Timus

Povestire pentru copii…

In “Rai” – cel mai mare magazin pentru copii din oras, se intampla lucruri ciudate. Toti stiu acest lucru, iar George e convins ca nu poate fi o simpla coincidenta. Ca doar au mai ramas zile numarate pana la Marea Deschidere…

Impreuna cu prietenii sai, care se dovedesc a fi oameni cu experienta in tot ce tine de “supranatural”, el porneste intr-o aventura mai putin obisnuita, incercand sa afle ce “Sarpe viclean” se furiseaza noaptea in “Rai”…

Little Magpie´s Wingless Adventure

by Esa Myllylä

Magpie kid falls during a storm out of the nest. His wings are too weak to fly and he lost wandering in search of food and security. But the dangers are threatening behind every bush and tree. The book is from 6 years.

The Missing Easter Eggs Mystery

by Robin Dawn

Come along with Sonny Bunny and Merrill the Squirrel for a Mysterious adventure as they uncover the clues that will lead them to the missing Easter Eggs. Will Sonny Bunny find the missing Eggs in time to hide them for the Easter Egg Hunt at Central Park? Chicken Baja will bring a smile to your face as she helps the woodland critters and discovers what Easter Eggs are. See how Brother Owl saves the day with his infinite wisdom. Find out who gets the Chocolate Bunny treat at the annual Easter egg hunt.
Put some fun in your day with a short story sure to bring a smile to your face.

What Sport Is That?

by M.L. Ross

Fun diagrams provide a great way for your child to learn the many different sports highlighted in this book.

Containing almost 40 high quality diagrams, your child can quickly and easily learn to identify different sports.

Suitable for ages 2-8.

What Toy Is That?

by M.L. Ross

A great book to teach your child or toddler all about the exciting collection of toys they can play with. From toy cars, trains and boats to musical toys and soft and fluffy friends, this book teaches them all about 40 toys.

It is a look and point book, so you can interact with your child and ask them to point to the different parts of the picture.

The book contains 41 high quality diagrams of different toys.

Baby, Mommy Loves You! (Book 1 of I Love My Baby! Series)

by Jessica Sparks

A book depicting the everyday activities which mommy shares with baby. Baby is enveloped with mommy’s love. Being together with baby brings joy and happiness to mommy. A sole care giver of baby definitely has its own nameless and priceless rewards.

I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me what you think of this book. Do leave a review.

If you enjoyed this book, do tell other daddies and mommies!

Books in this “I Love You” series
Baby, Daddy Loves You!
A heartwarming book depicting a daddy who is spending a fun filled day with the baby. The day is full of activities that a loving father has arranged. However, the activities do not go as planned. Hence, the dad has to let go. When he goes with the flow, he begins to enjoy the humorous antics the baby.

Grandma Loves You!
Grandma is babysitting toddler for the day. They both enjoy themselves in the garden. In the afternoon, Grandma bakes a chocolate cake with toddler. She then entertains toddler with indoor activities when they are confined at home on a rainy day. While Grandma starts be a bit frazzled, she cherishes this time with the toddler.

Grandpa Loves You!
Toddler is going on a camping trip with Grandpa! In this nature trip, grandfather and toddler enjoy themselves in the wilderness. Toddler learns basic essential survival skills from Grandpa. Grandpa bonds with the toddler and appreciates the time spent together

Be Strong And Ride Hard (Sarah Tanner)

by Emily Pruitt

Sarah Tanner’s sister is sick and getting worse, if they don’t get some medicine soon she will surely die. The only chance she has is if Sarah can get to fort Abraham Lincoln and back in time. It won’t be easy though, she will have to make it through bad weather, evil brutal men and some wild animals.

Childrens eBooks – Where Is Love

by Barry J McDonald

In this original and enchanting children’s book you’re about to meet a cute little angel on the search for love. While some people love doesn’t exist anymore our little heroine wants to prove them wrong. Filled with fantastic colorful illustrations along with an entertaining, cute and fun rhyming text. This book is guaranteed to entertain and enchant both you and your child. Discover now why reviewers call Barry J McDonald’s rhyming books a treasure to own. You won’t be disappointed, scroll up now to download your copy.

Concentration Camp of the Soul: My experience as a Juvenile in the Adult System

by Mary Danielson

Nathan Ybanez was raped and tortured emotionally and Physically by the person who was suppose to protect him, his Mother. Nathan reached out to authorities for help but his pleas fell upon deaf ears. 8 months later Nathan 16 is charged as an adult with first degree murder for the killing of his abusive Mother. Though he came from a dark place of suffering, Nathan rises up as a warrior of against this injustice and is a voice for the 50 other Juveniles serving life without parole in the Colorado Prison System. An illegal sentence. His words will draw you in to a deeper realm as he exposes the truth of what its like to grow up as a Juvenile within the adult prison system.

A Different Princess // Una Princesa Diferente (English and Spanish Edition)

by Amy Potter

Amy likes to be a princess, but not only a princess. She likes to be a different princess each night. Her magic unicorn Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they have a lot of fun.

A Amy le gusta ser una princesa, pero no sólo una princesa. Le gusta ser una princesa diferente cada noche. Su unicornio mágico Huggy la lleva a mundos de ensueño llenos de diversión.



The Haunted Oak Part 1 (The Adventures of Inspector Badger)

by Chase Foreman

Every night since Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel moved their family into an oak tree on the outskirts of Ravenwood, they have been under assault by an unseen and unidentifiable criminal who steals half of the food they collect during the day. But soon enough the truth will be revealed, because Inspector Badger and his trusted assistant Ferret are on the case! THIS VERSION CONTAINS THE FIRST HALF OF THE STORY. THERE IS A FULL VERSION AVAILABLE.

How did I make a sad Tiger happy / animal storeis for kids (animal books)

by ely offir

Ely Offir is a well known Nature guide and nature Photographer.
in his work he tries to show kids and adults the beauty of nature and teach how can we help the planet, help the animals so they will continue living in our world.

this animal book is a special collection of 4 of Ely’s uniqe animal stories in which he tells us about 4 different true stories from his daily work with animals and people.

this is a great animal book for kids.
it contain information about uniqe animals that kids would love to discover.
in this animal book you will also enjoy Ely’s animal photographs that he took while writing this book.

Being a nature guide is more than a dream for Ely. in every single day he gets tons of phone calls from people around the country that has a snake in their house and they need a Professional snake catcher. not only that Ely works 7 days a week but he really loves and enjoy his work. after cathching the snake he show it to the owners of the house and teaches them about it for hours.

Ely is surrounded surrounded with people, and everywhere he goes he find animals around him. peole love that and they listen to his stories about these animals with great pleasure.

this is not only a tiger book, but the tiger story the one of the most special animal stories you have ever heard in your life, and kids will love it!

so if you love great tiger books for kids this book is just what you need.
it is full with 4 great true animal stories for kids, colorful pictures of animals and you will enjoy it for sure!

The mouse in the roller shutter box – Volume 1 of 9 (Die Maus im Rollladenkasten – Gute-Nacht-Geschichten)

by Nina Schaberick

A mouse called Mimi lives with her children Maxi, Mucksi and Pucksi in a small, cozy apartment, which is located inside the roller shutter box of a bedroom. An old man, also, lives there.

Every day, Mimi experiences new adventures together with her three sons called Maxi, Mucksi and Pucksi. These adventures are either invented by our daughter or they are reality. Some of them are a product of fantasy, some are reality – but, all in all, they are marvelous good-night stories that children love very much. The stories in all seven volumes (+2 volumes just filled with pictures to paint in) contain colorful pictures, that are the spice of the stories.

The volumes are best suitable for beginning readers, if you switch the font size to a big value.

Children experience so much, when they are young: It can be a wiggling baby tooth, a visit at a fire department or at a dentist or perhaps watching a blood donation. Of course, also, mice experience these adventures.

The stories are written in a special form: They are not just told, no, they are narrated in dialog form. Children, who listen to the stories, discover that other children ask the same niggling questions.

I used children’s language so that they are able to understand the stories.

The children direct the stories. They have to give answers to questions put in the text. So the child hopefully gets very tired although it fights against going to sleep. Everything that happens in the evenings gets reflected in my books.

This volume contains the stories
– How everything started
– The next morning
– Bread and butter
– Mimi wants to fly with a kite
– Mimi’s wiggling tooth
– The star

I wish you a lot of fun while reading aloud and while showing the pictures.
In case of questions to the author, mail to: [email protected]

Finger Counting Fun – A Number Counting Picture Book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

Brand new Illustrations formatted for Kindle Fire!

If you have already downloaded the older version, please upgrade to this ebook edition with full length images.

This is a great book for young children (Ages 2 – 4). Toddlers love finger play and this book encourages them to show numbers with their fingers.

Bright illustrations make counting a fun game to play. There are hidden objects to discover and count on each page.
Be it the adorable octopus wearing a shoe on each arm or the hungry pandas munching on bamboo shoots, this book will make for many re-reads.

Book Bonus:
Encourage your child to trace each number with the pointer finger. You might be surprised; they might start writing numbers on their own.

*Note: Dear Reviewers, thank you for your comments/suggestions. I have (hopefully) fixed/addressed all of the issues in this newly illustrated book.

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark – the Brimstone Forest

by Ngaire Elder

This is the story about a girl called Cecilia who is captured by a witch whilst she is bug hunting in her garden. The witch takes Cecilia to her witchwam in the Brimstone Forest and she is locked in a cage.
This is the start of Cecilia’s enchanting adventure. As the story unravels we read about her encounter with the snapdragon plants, her entrapment in a dragon net and her meeting with the Troglosauruses.
Can Cecilia outwit her captor and find her way home? Get ready for the adventure of a life time and meet the mesmerizing characters and creatures from Brimstone Forest.
The story is beautifully illustrated throughout – creator Peter Maddocks. His illustrations capture the magic and charm of this spellbinding adventure.

This is the first book in the new series – The Adventures of Cecilia Spark.

Target audience – 5-8 years old. Great book for reading aloud.

Extract from Amazon review posted 09 February 2012 – “What an enchanting tale … The descriptions of Cecilia Spark’s adventure magically transport the reader into her world … the wonderful illustrations really bring the story and its characters alive …” LNC.

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