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Set in an emerald cloud forest in the final decades of 1900’s this passionate novel reads like a South American “Out of Africa”. “A Place in the World” is the romantic-adventure story of a young biologist and a multicultural cast of characters.
When her Colombian husband deserts her on his family’s coffee farm high in the Andes Mountains, Alicia struggles to make a life there for herself and her son even as guerrilla uprisings begin to threaten the area, and a nearby volcano rumbles to life.

Reasons to Live in Nebraska: Stories from the Short-grass Prairie

by Mark Steven Hess

In “Reasons to Live in Nebraska”, you’ll find seven little stories of love and loss, tragedy and triumph, hope and despair set in a wide open country. These stories come from fictional small towns where Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska come together on the high plains. They are stark tales like the country from which they spring yet show a richer intricacy–a deeper intimacy–for those who care to stop and have a look, to slow down while passing through, and maybe even sit back and stay for an hour or two. Like the second story in the collection, titled “Where You Have Been, Where You Are Going” (originally published in the “The Prairie Schooner” from the University of Nebraska Press and anthologized in Best of the West 2), somehow all the stories manage to be about finding one’s way home.

A Family Arrangement Part Six: Mother

by Shelagh Watkins

The first six parts of this nine part story can be downloaded separately. The setting is nineteen twenties rural Lancashire at a time when single mothers struggled to bring up a child without the support of a husband. Part Six is about Emily’s Mother.

The Hurricane Catchers

by Spencer Earl

The world’s energy needs have shifted to a new source. Young and brave scientists and pilots have learned how to use the violent and unpredictable winds of hurricanes to provide energy to the world.
Chief among the scientists to learn the techniques of mastering hurricane power is Murdoch. A roguish character with a brilliant mind, he soon enlists Baha Jones to carry out his schemes as he tries ever harder to create stronger and more powerful hurricanes to harvest the energy the world so seeks. She is a beautiful redhead with a fiery and indefatigable spirit and a penchant for high-danger. Baha is a hurricane pilot who flies the aerobines that harvest the energy of the hurricanes. When she meets up with Murdoch she soon finds that he is the only man who can satiate her perilous need to challenge ever greater risk.
They slowly begin to fall in love as they learn about each other’s desires and how they can be fulfilled through one another. Murdoch seeks to provide Baha with even greater challenges believing she will be attracted to him as a result. He believes that Baha’s love for him grows with each new challenge he creates for that promises greater risk.
Though friends try to forewarn them, their mutual inner desires entwine thrusting them on a path toward possible mutual destruction. Fate steps in at last when the two come face-to-face with a fatal challenge. Though they cannot back down from what they have created, they unwittingly involve their friends who seek to rescue them. Fatal consequences ensue and the two are left to resolve their own sense of morality and the implications of their actions.

The Lovers (Magic England)

by Z.E.F

Many versions of events have swept through Magic England concerning the tragic affairs of Mr. Tefilo Winter and his lover Miss. Leola Denvers, ever since news of their deaths headlined all national newspapers.

However the true events of that dreadful spiral are known only to a rare few, one such person was Mr. Volvic Manor who was sat alone one rain beaten night a couple of months after the events, in The Peacemakers Club, taking a drink.

Suffering in silent misery he was met by a young man called Jack, to whom he told the whole terrible affair…

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The Rascals (Magic England)

by Z.E.F

Swick, Topper and Haley are rascals, and so when they catch their History teacher Mr. Holliswotter having an affair, they see it as a perfect opportunity to take advantage.

Planning to rob the unfortunately named Silly Twofingers, the three rascals enlist their teacher’s help but soon find they may have bit off more than they can chew. Also competing for Silly’s fortune are the dangerous and alluring Beauties who operate in their town, and the most notorious gangster in the land, Walter Pray, meaning the rascals must use all their ingenuity and daring if they are to escape with their lives, let alone a fortune…

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by Edward Keller

After graduating from film school, Stan McCague moves from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working as a Hollywood screenwriter. Instead, he finds work as a Hollywood reader, analyzing the scripts others write for dicey producers, shady literary managers, and anybody else who will pay him for his opinion. Along the way, he plots against friends who are plotting against him, moves through an array of bad romantic relationships, and struggles to understand why his life and career have left him unfulfilled.

Will Stan ever find happiness? If he does, does he even deserve it?

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