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In the Beginning: Malevolent Chronicles: Age of Innocence $0.99
Training: Malevolent Chronicles: Age of Innocence $0.99

“The Guardian Saga Trilogy” ( get all three books in one for $2.99)

“Yellow Eyes” Book I of the Guardian Saga now available only $0.99!
“Dead Eyes” Book III of the Guardian Saga now available: onlly $1.99

If you look over your should, you might notice the target on your back!

Katrina Castillo is oblivious to the danger she is currently in. She’s a graduate student working at State University trying to get her life back together after a recent tragic death.

An attempted mugging brings Michael White, an enigmatic stranger, into her life.

As danger draws near, will Katrina be able to trust those closest to her?

The Prophet Motive: A Cult Thriller

by Eric Christopherson

Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Thrillers/Suspense 2011
San Francisco Homicide detective John Richetti spent part of his childhood living inside an infamous cult known as the People’s Temple. As a boy he’d lost his parents to cult-instigated mass suicide. The memories come flooding back when he investigates the bizarre suicide of a former member of Earthbound, a New Age cult–and suspects murder instead. To uncover the truth he infiltrates the group, along with police psychologist Marilyn Michaelsen.
The new recruits find themselves pushed to their physical and mental limits by a series of sophisticated brainwashing techniques as well as by a cult leader, known only as The Wizard, who appears to possess psychic and paranormal powers. Even the psychologist’s expert knowledge of cults can’t explain The Wizard’s feats, and it isn’t long before John, like his parents before him, surrenders his independence to another . . .
This ebook contains a bonus excerpt:

Chapter 1 of CRACK-UP by Eric Christopherson
Best Mystery, Red Adept’s Annual Indie Awards, 2010

Your Number is Up (Detective Napoli Series)

by Richard Guidice

People play the lottery with hopes of getting money that will change their lives. When they win they feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thinking a maniac will kill you because you’re a winner is the last thing on your mind.
Steven Dunne starts working for the New York Lottery Commission and murders people who strike it rich playing the various games of chance. The money they’ve won should have been his in his delusional mind.
As the link to the killings is discovered, Detectives John Napoli and Terry Franklin believe catching the person responsible has become easier. They begin investigating lottery employees as possible suspects.
What Napoli doesn’t know is Dunne has already picked his next target, someone close to the man investigating the crimes. Will Napoli discover the killer’s identity and stop him before losing a loved one?
Your Number is Up is a thrilling story that will have readers racing to reach the stunning conclusion.

Ripping Abigail, a Quilted Mystery novel

by Barbara Sullivan

Picking up the threads of the Quilted Mystery series that debuted with Unravelling Ada, Ripping Abigail delves into the seamy side of Southern California gang culture. Bright, creative, 13-year-old Quilted Secrets member Abigail Pustovoytenko rebels against her homeschooling and enrolls herself in a high school where the local gangs are under pressure from mysterious forces and engaging in ever more violent acts. As Abigail draws unwanted attention by speaking up for the victims of the escalating gang activity, retired librarian-turned private investigator Rachel Lyons has her hands full trying to keep the rebellious, principled teenager safe while seeking to uncover the forces behind this eruption of gang violence that is overwhelming the high school and surrounding community.

The Alex Sedaka Collection (an Alex Sedaka thriller)

by David Kessler


Alex Sedaka has just 15 hours to save man on Death Row. But why did the condemned man reject an offer of clemency? And who is working in the background to try and stop him saving his client?

Neocon TV presenter (and former rapist and black power activist) Elias Claymore is accused of raping a white teenager. He calls in his friend Alex Sedaka to defend him, but Alex is pressured into giving second seat to a lesbian lawyer from another law firm whose partner works at a rape crisis center, The victim seems sincere and the scientific evidence is strong, but who tampered with the jury selection software?

Alex called in to represent a one-legged homeless man accused of murder, on a pro bono basis. But why did the victim have $2000 on his person, yet no ID? Why would a homeless killer leave the money on him? And why is the British Prime Minister taking an interest in a murder case involving two vagrants 5000 miles away?

Survival Instincts Part 12

by B.J.K. Brown

Gladys has the flu; and the whole town comes to see her, some to share joyous news, some to share alarming news.

The Gamblers

by Martin Stanley

What would you do for seven hundred and fifty grand?

Would you betray your friends? Would you gamble your future? Would you kill?

Four men with dirty pasts and uncertain futures discover just what they’re capable of when they have the chance to get their hands on a fortune, in this action-packed noir from the author of The Hunters. They lie, they steal, they double-cross, they kill, and they gamble it all for the big score.

But one thing’s for certain, when the gamble is this big somebody has to lose.

The Gamblers is a powerful, complex, well-plotted crime thriller that makes the most of its gritty British setting. A cast of strong characters spout profane and snappy dialogue at each other and, once experienced, its explosive blood-spattered finale is difficult to forget. It would be a crime to miss it.


by Jack Tunney


Havana, Cuba. 1954.

Mickey Flynn is an ex-Korean War vet turned merchant marine. He was born in the ghettos of Chicago and raised in an orphanage with his younger brother, Patrick. He was one of several young men who received an education from the nuns at St. Vincent’s.

But he was also taught the “sweet science” by Father Tim, a Golden Gloves boxer and retired police officer who only knew one way to bring a troubled boy to manhood. Father Tim worked with his young charges, taught them how to jab and punch and throw a hook that seemed to come out of nowhere. When the young men left St. Vincent’s (Our Lady of the Glass Jaw), they were changed, fit and ready to take on the troubles the encountered around the world, no matter where they found them.

Now Mick’s in Havana, working on WIDE BERTHA, his ship. After surviving a fierce storm at sea, the last thing Mick and the crew need to do is get crossways with the Italian organized crime flooding Havana, but it doesn’t take much to put him in the cross hairs of a vengeful mob boss working for Lucky Luciano.

Unable to get free of bad luck and unfortunate circumstance, Mick ends up in the ring in an illegal boxing match fighting a human killing machine.

Bakewell Beauty Murder In The Peak (Inspired by E L James, Amanda Prowse, Elisabeth Naughton, Louise Douglas, Hilary Boyd, Nick Alexander, Scarlett Thomas)

by Emily Peters

Joanne Senior had the ideal life, living in a large house in the beautiful peak district town of Bakewell and working as a senior manager in Sheffield for a nationwide telecommunications company. She met her husband Sam, a local club owner, when she was sixteen years old and they instantly fell in love. Sam sold the club within a few years and spent his time managing their property empire, playing golf and taking Joanne on fantastic holidays. One day Joanne’s world fell apart when Sam learned that he had cancer, and she was left devastated when he died shortly afterwards. Aged in her early thirties and considered a local beauty, Joanne engrossed herself in her work, deciding to start dating again and championed the Sheffield redundancy scheme for her work. Romance blossomed again and Joanne’s new life could not be better. Then things started to go wrong, horribly wrong. Contains adult themes.

A powerful combination of tragedy, murder, lust, love, jealousy and romance.

The Truth In Lies

by Amanda Cobham

Sometimes the past is best forgotten. Imagine losing your entire life. Emma Taylor struggles to deal with this when she wakes to find herself in hospital with no memory of who she is or how she came to be in the small secluded town of Darlington. While the police investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Emma’s accident and the evidence begins to build up it becomes clear that Emma is hiding one massive secret – the only problem is she can’t remember it. With her past unknown and the future uncertain Emma is forced to trust the people around her to fill in the blanks of her life and help her find the missing pieces of the puzzle but after experiencing flashbacks from her past she soon realises that in cases like this, the past is best forgotten. By the time Emma uncovers the truth buried deep beneath a tangled web of lies will it be too late to save herself and the people she cares about?

House of Mirrors

by Lisa M. Logan

HOUSE OF MIRRORS is a paranormal thriller about a woman who buys antique mirrors from an eccentric antique dealer; only to discover she has brought entities into the house attached to the mirrors. The uninvited guests cause a bit of a stir for the distraught woman who is mourning the loss of her little girl to a recent drowning. Her husband hires a psychiatrist and family friend to exorcise Eleanor’s personal demons, but Dr. Kelso discovers that the mysterious mirrors hold more secretsâ??a few that he isn’t comfortable having aired.
“House of Mirrors” taps into the universal hope and desire we all have of contacting loved ones who have died, but sometimes it’s best to leave the dead at rest.

The Lady of Altnagar and a Little Highland Conspiracy (Altnagar Estate)

by Anna F. Burke

Book 1 of trilogy. Saving the future of a Scottish Highland Estate is left to those that love it most. Employees get their heads together with the help of old Lady Sarah MacDonald, stop the estate from falling into the wrong hands, namely the present Lairds money grabbing wife, and a cousin who is about to inherit half of Altnagar, but can they pull it off……?

A Pound Of Flesh (A Robert Young of Newbiggin Mystery)

by Stuart S. Laing

Edinburgh 1745.

Deep beneath the rain soaked and wind scoured streets of the city a foul crime committed in the dark of night leaves two men lying dead in a dank cellar. A bankrupt young nobleman with an addiction to the twin vices of gambling and loose women stands accused of the horrific double murder and all the evidence seems to point towards his guilt. In desperation his lawyer turns to the one man in Edinburgh who can save him from the hangman’s noose.

Robert Young of Newbiggin.

He is a young man who has earned a reputation amongst the city’s legal fraternity for being the one person who can root out the truth by venturing into the capital’s criminal underbelly. His investigation leads from the elegant drawing rooms of Edinburgh’s high society to the city’s most infamous brothel and into the grim hovels of the lowest alehouses on the Cowgate.

But as more bodies are discovered Robert Young is forced to confront the possibility that his client may actually be guilty!

Word Count – 130,337.


The Hammer

by Joshua Walters

The Killer. The Cop. The Girlfriend. The Hammer.
Homicide Detective John Hansen battles the horrors that people so callously inflict on one another, as well as his own crumbling sanity. Into his maddening isolation comes Redd, an ER doctor, who sees past John’s demons and gives him the hope he desperately needs.
There is a murderer in the city, bent on sanctifying and cleansing the sinners he is surrounded by. Preying on prostitutes, the heights of his depravity evolve into something beyond a means to salvation.
A sledgehammer wielding assassin reverberates through the hollow, souless streets, bringing vengeance to those incapable of finding retribution for themselves.
Can John stop them and save his sanity in the process? Or will he be lost in the vortex of his own madness?

Elizabeth III

by Lynn E. Connolly

Dublin City, Ireland. In Ballymun, a sink estate on the outskirts of the city, an area of Dublin made famous by the words of U2’s â??Running to Stand Still’, a young girl is found dead from a heroin overdose; nothing new there, or is there?

Joshua Quinn, a detective experienced with both the law and Ballymun, thinks there’s something not quite right about the death of Liz Matthews. He believes the father of the child Liz leaves behind is married, and perhaps has killed the mother of his child to hide his affair from his wife.

What he finds as he delves deeper into the murder shocks him to his hardened core, as he uncovers secrets of madness and lust that some had hoped would never be known.

Dark Harbors

by JK Dark

In Dark Harbors J.K. Dark delivers a fast paced, believable
mystery set in the Florida Keys. His use of captivating characters
and settings draws you quickly in and will keep you
turning the pages. Dark’s fluid style of writing brings you
face to face with Jack Cross, an aging rocker who was once
at the top of the “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” scene with his
band, The Pirates of Rock. Jack made money�lots of money,
but also made a series of bad choices in his life that led a
drug�propelled slide from the top. Through it all Jack managed
to hang onto his yacht, The Dark Cross, which he operates
as part of a marginally successful charter cruise business
out of Key West. It’s on just such a cruise that Jack relives
his past and confronts his future. On his cruises into
the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Waters once inhabited
by pirates searching for Spanish gold, but times really
haven’t changed. Pirates still exist. In fact, Jack is a pirate on
many levels.
If you have read Anecdotes, Short Stories & Mind Clutter
or Dark Thoughts and Dark Forces then you are already a J.K.
Dark fan. If you haven’t, you soon will be after reading
Dark Harbors

Alienable Rights (Overlooked by Liberty)

by Blair Smith

This novel champions the American family through the main character Traften Brown. He flees Boston with his baby after a confrontation with a gang leader. Traften finds a place in Vermont as a member of the Island Pond Covenant, a local organization formed to supply the community with food and medicine. As a former electrical engineering student at MIT, Traften designs a communication system for the Vermont group. They accept him in the community as their own. Leaving his daughter with a family in Island Pond, Traften returns to Boston and rescues Ruth. While in Boston, he rediscovers his heritage. A descendant of William Carney, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Traften carries the medallion throughout the conflict. The heirloom haunts him, a reminder of forebears who had fought for him. Rather than abandon the city for an easier life in the North Country, he stays to confront his enemy. (SmithLiterary.Com)

Venus in Saturn (The Trinity Chronicles)

by C Wood

Days before the turn of the Millennium, it is Vanessa Descartes’ last criminal forensic case and seven years before the events of Maranatha, where Vanessa first met Dr. Khalamanga and Professor de Carranza.

A brutal psychopath stalks the streets of Whitechapel, echoing the crimes of Jack the Ripper, 111 years before.

The police are scratching for clues. Only Vanessa believes she understands the true meaning of the case from a series of bizarre occult, historical and scientific anomalies that stretch their
dark shadows over 10,000 years of human history.

As she infiltrates a cultish church based around the mythology of fallen angels, she begins to uncover even more terrifying details of a past she has tried to forget for so long…and one
that she never knew she had, until now.

How can she convince the police that the trauma she experienced as a child, and the strange propensity for madness and suicide in her family, are essential to the investigation?

As she struggles to reconcile her lingering guilt over the tragic suicide of her elder sister with the baffling twists and turns of the case, Vanessa is forced to examine the depths of her own mind in a shattering descent into psychological horror which drags her to the blackest depths of human depravity, madness, and purest evil…and beyond…

‘Venus in Saturn’ is an uncompromising and disturbing slice of psychological horror which sets the background for the Trinity Chronicles.

It is followed by the sequel ‘Maranatha’, set 7 years later, which is also available from Amazon Kindle.

“…an interesting and complex plot with just the right touch of eeriness with some unique religious perspectives. “
-reviewed at

Maranatha (The Trinity Chronicles)

by C Wood

What is â??Maranatha’?
An ancient Aramaic term meaning â??The Lord has Come’, or â??The Lord is Coming’.

2006 AD.

The theft of the Holy Spear of Destiny.
A grisly, ritualistic murder.
A challenge to the very origins of Christianityâ?¦.

When she is called upon by the Viennese Hofburg authorities to test the authenticity of the remains of the vandalised Holy Spear, metallurgist Vanessa Descartes quickly realises she is involved in a horrific murder case. The severed head of a museum security guard has been left upon a silver plate, and grotesque ritual mutilations carried out upon the body.

She is joined in the investigation by eccentric Oxford scholar Dr. Emmanuel Khalamanga, who is convinced of a connection to ancient Holy Grail legends and Professor Tomas de Carranza, best-selling author of radical Biblical histories.

This diverse trio find themselves in a race against time with the Vienna police department to solve the growing mystery. But as they interpret the symbols left at the scene, and discover more pieces of the puzzle, a greater and even more terrifying reality reveals itself – the existence of an invisible â??holy war’ that has been fought since the Middle Ages, and is about to end in blood and death on the streets of Vienna.

And should the wrong side claim victory with the power of the holy relics, an unthinkable holocaust will be unleashed, driven by dark mysticism and insane genetic scienceâ?¦

In the first novel in the “The Trinity Chronicles” series by Chaz Wood. ‘Maranatha’ sets the scene with a shrewd attention to detail and offers radical new twists on popular themes – the secret underbelly of the Western Church, occult conspiracies, medieval heresy and the dark side of the human psyche – all seen through the eyes of a group of very human characters.

Press for the First Edition of Maranatha:

“Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code…I would recommend it…”
-Our Book Reviews Online (

“If you like your thrillers to have that touch of the ritual and ‘outside normal’, then this is the book for you.”
-The Self-Publishing Magazine, Winter 2010

‘Maranatha’ is followed by the prequel ‘Venus in Saturn’, set 7 years before, which is also available from Amazon Kindle.

Bill’s Christmas

by Michael Dority

Bill reflects on the holidays, life and various other irrelevancies.

Camaro Killer

by Brian Gates

Lisa is 14 years old and decides to run away from home. Outside the train station she gets picked up by a blue Camaro, and unfortunately for Lisa, the man behind the wheels is a serial killer. He takes her to the woods, and kills her cold blooded. From the other side, Lisa begins her battle to make sure that the man that who took her life is held responsible for what he did.

Word count 1650

Jigsaw Murders (A Kathy Bomar mystery)

by John O’Riley

Kathy has discovered that retired life is just a bit too dull for her taste. When she decides to involve herself in a series of baffling murders known as the Jigsaw Murders by local news reporters, the small town of Hopkins becomes ablaze with gossip.

As Kathy ineptly bumbles through town searching for clues and staking out ‘suspects’ who she believes may be capable of murder, the killer becomes nervous and retaliates. Her daughter and son-in-law, teachers at the local high school, struggle to discourage her from this amateur sleuthing which has quickly become a nuisance and an embarrassment. Unfortunately, Kathy is determined to catch the serial killer.

Soon, Kathy wishes for her old, boring life back as her amateur investigation becomes a race against time to protect her family which she has unwittingly put in danger.

Matilda’s Crown

by Alp Mortal

“…Focus on the goal, plan each step and energize each one as you take it, weigh the pros and cons of each subsequent step in light of the new information received, balance the price of the choice you are prepared to make with the possible gain, remain vigilant, remain calm, re-evaluate the goal as it approaches, test each assumption and act decisivelyâ?¦”

Hannah and Charlie are on the trail of a fabulous diamond, breaking codes and dealing out their own brand of justice.

Minus One (The Drew Smith Series)

by Norwood Holland

In this prequel to the Drew Smith Series Norwood Holland takes us back to the beginning when Drew Smith launches his legal career. Before the ink is dry on his license to practice law he finds himself at the center of a murder mystery. The recent law school graduate works as a hotel concierge and befriends two bellmen Medhat and Julio. This eclectic trio form a solid fraternal friendship put to the test when Medhat is kidnapped after running up a drug tab he can’t pay. Rescued by his crew he then becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders. Driven by their romantic entanglements the attorney is captivated with a pretty Latina whose father objects to her dating a Black man. Julio and his Filipina love find themselves expecting, and Medhat’s passion for blondes gets him snared in a femme fatale’s net. Minus One captures Drew Smith’s evolution from youthful indiscretion to a professional burdened with seriousness of purpose.

Cat and Mouse

by Eddie C Dollgener Jr

Short story. Louie and Spike are two street thugs who extort money from local business owners for protection. When Louie finds out that one shop owner also carries illegal drugs, he decides that it is time to party. When he pushes the old man too far, a curse is placed upon both Louie and Spike that will give them their just dues for their misdeeds.

The Prisoner

by Lisa Ahne

Ellen Foley had given up on life. She had lost everything. Her child. Her marriage. She hadn’t stepped foot from her house in months. She was walking and breathing but no longer living. She was ready to end it all, and then an escaped convict breaks into her home. Now she must decide if she wants to live or die.

The Tenant

by James T. Barrett

Kathy Burberry needs to escape her suffocating existence. Clint Evans needs to find his wife who sent him to prison and kill her. Instead, he finds a young woman desperate for a new life.


Kathy is a college counsellor, her husband leads a double life, her daughter despises her and everyone agrees her son should never have been born. Her life is a constant battle and she wants out.

Five years earlier Kim Moon testified against Clint Evans who vowed to find her and kill her. He’s never forgotten her treachery, and now he’s free to right a wrong,

Kathy’s first Girls’ Night with her co-workers comes to an end too quickly. She stays for a nightcap, the most pivotal decision of her life, and from across the bar Clint sees the exotic woman who stole his life. She’s the perfect image of Kim Moon.

He won’t let her go. His charm grows more compelling as the weeks go by and Kathy’s soon torn between his love and another she can’t explain or deny. And Clint knows. He knows everything about her.

From his dark sanctuary above her bedroom he hears her every word. He watches her every move as he orchestrates her family’s collapse, witnessing intimate moments and whispers shared by Kathy and Michelle Lopez.

Too late the women learn the truth. Kim Moon’s world is at last destroyed and they know by whom. In their grief they vow revenge. But they’re alone and devasted, and who will help them after what they’ve done?

Betrayal (Varigo 6)

by S H Villa


Varigo: Volume 6

El Capitán has disgraced himself once again and La Señora feels betrayed. La Sargenta Carmen has been asked to resume her position as CO of the Guardia Civil in Varigo. She is deeply suspicious but cannot see how this could be used against her, so decides to return. Will her trust be betrayed?

Gheorghe Petrescu is back from Bucharest and soon asked to help the British police in Gibraltar in questioning a group of Doru’s associates who have unwisely entered The Rock. Gheorghe being Gheorghe has his own evidence gathering techniques which result in trouble for himself as well as others. And what about his attraction to Ileana?

Pepe has a bright idea. He trades the last the Guardia’s grass crop for some wheel clamps. They are bound to get rich on the fines! Until he realisesâ?¦ But El Capitán has stumbled on the real money-earner. Kilos and kilos of drugs, to be stored in Varigo. They just have to get them in – and out – without La Sargenta knowing.

One of Doru’s gang, Daniel, has not been arrested and is out for revenge. If he can’t find Gheorghe, Carmen will doâ?¦

Jesús goes walk about while unconscious but still has time to rescue� well, everyone.

A Forgotten Sin

by Gaurav Walia

A man identifies himself as Ross Denver and files a report of his missing wife and son to a police department where Detective Vaughn Parker starts investigation from a scratch but finds this case to be the most bewildering and strangest case he has ever investigated.He finds himself along with his partners in police department trapped in a never-ending mystery.Uneven turns and twists make this story a perfect blend of Mystery and Thriller.

Satan’s Scalpel

by E C. Tepperman

STEVE DAGGETT thought it strange that no one had met him at the station. He waited until the train pulled out, leaving him alone in the gathering gloom. There was no one on duty at the station, not a soul around. It was one of those local stop-on-signal-only spots.
Steve waited a few moments, then shrugged and started up the road. Lanson had given him a fairly good idea of Doctor Mizenor’s cabin. The night air was cool and crisp. He shivered slightly, and turned up the collar of his overcoat.
He had started from the office at a moment’s notice and carried no baggage. Lanson, his boss, had said, “Take the call, Steve. If you make the two-ten, it’ll bring you up there in the early evening. Mizenor promised to have some one meet the train, but you can’t go by that; he seemed scared stiff on the phone and might not remember. Got an overcoat? Better take itâ??the Adirondacks are cold in October.”
That was all the notice he had had, and Steve hadn’t squawked, because the motto of the Star Detective Service was, “Give ’em serviceâ??and charge them plenty!”

The Tombola Pole

by James T. Barrett

Cassidy stands ready at the pole, determined to hurl the killing stone at midnight. His aim is true. The old man is finally dead and Cassidy must now escape the Isle of Tombola with his mother or take part in her murder.


Wendell Parkens learns of his father’s cowardly death and incredible secret, despising the man for the ill treatment and neglect he’s endured throughout his life, surprised to discover that he’s inherited a fortune and an island from a man driven to suicide by financial ruin.

Wendell visits the lush but desolate island, wanting nothing to do with Tombola. Instead he keeps the money, tripling his wealth by virtue of a war he fears.

Afraid, he maims himself to avoid conscription, suffering his wife’s contempt and the festering belief that her two daughters aren’t his, until the day he sees her with another man. He kills them both, confining the girls to a convent before he flees.

He lives a solitary existence for two years before bringing a woman to his island retreat. One year later he brings desperate men, virgin women and orphaned children. He’s found the Weatherbone diaries of Charles, William and Horatio. He knows the history of Tombola. He knows Horatio Weatherbone was Aristotle Horatio Parkens, his father. He knows of the gold in the crystal pool and the ruby ring that will become the true symbol of The Grand Guardian.
His one mistake is Jonathon Clayton, a learned man who is unafraid at death. Jon’s son is Jacob, who sees his father’s tattered remains one morning sprawled on the beach, washed clean by the sea and nineteen years later Jacob’s son Zach watches his father die.

Now Cassidy must watch as his mother throws the stone that makes Zach’s death merciful. He hurls the second to honour his father’s last wish.

Five years later The Grand Guardian is 100-years-old, having sworn that no Clayton will outlive him. Yet now he is next to sit at the pole, murdered by his eldest son after writing a frantic journal, lamenting his cowardice that is the Parkens’ curse. He wants his youngest son to know of the ring and the gold, to inherit the adoration of the village. He wants Dakota to kill his older half-brother and become the greatest Grand Guardian of Tombola.

Though Dakota is unaware that Cassidy Clayton has stolen the journal and the ring, unaware that Cassidy will escape with his mother to honour his promise to his father that no other Clayton will die at the Pole of Tombola.

Cooper Collection 104 (Mysterious Ways)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott is served with a subpoena to appear in court as a witness to a murder trial. Justice does not always prevail but in the process Elliott is kidnapped, threatened and told to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Gloria has a surprise for Elliott. It’s true, life works in Mysterious Ways.

The Cooper Collection consists of 103 stories and one retrospective with index. They are all available here on Amazon. These are the stories you’ll find:

01) It’s In The Bag
02) Petty Crimes
03) November Child
04) Welcome, Matt
05) The Reunion
06) Cold Cash
07) The Mother Goose Murders
08) The Condiment Killer
09) A Million To One
10) Little Matt
11) Find Her
12) Hard Bargain
13) The Case Of The Plates
14) Dead Ringer
15) The Stickup
16) You Can Bank On It
17) The Last Stop
18) Violence Is Golden
19) Surprise Package
20) The Big Sweep
21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders
22) Guilty As Charged
23) All In The Families
24) Paper, Rock, Scissors
25) The Other Matt Cooper
26) Hit And Run
27) Officer Down
28) Double Trouble
29) Track Record
30) Love Finds Matt Cooper
31) The Plunge
32) Concrete And Clay
33) Top Of The World
34) ‘Til Death Do Us Part
35) Not On Your Life
36) One Bad Apple
37) Even In The Best Of Homes
38) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame
39) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper
40) Beatlemaniac
41) End Of An Era
42) Cooper Generations
43) Clay Cooper, Panhandler
44) Cooper And Partner
45) Mutiny On A Bounty
46) Witness Protection
47) Diplomatic Immunity
48) Justice Delayed
49) Two For One
50) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick
51) Revenge Never Expires
52) Head Shot
53) A Passage From The Bible
54) Come Fly With Me
55) If Dogs Could Talk
56) Trapped Like A Rat
57) Paydirt
58) Take The Money And Run
59) Fresh-Faced Kid
60) You Ought To Be In Pictures
61) Noel
62) Classified Information
63) Heart Condition
64) Reese’s Peace
65) The Best Offense
66) Jack The Stripper
67) Room For One Less
68) The Glowing Corpse
69) All The Write Moves
70) Dead Letter
71) Playing The Rolls
72) Life Is Boring
73) Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Murder
74) The Family That Preys Together
75) Next
76) Change Of Heart
77) Road To Nowhere
78) I See You
79) Single File
80) Home, Home Within Range
81) Nothing To Sneeze At
82) Your Place Or Mine
83) Stand-In For Murder
84) Auction
85) Nut Job
86) The Next Great Adventure
87) The Friendly Skies
88) The Not-So-Private Eyes
89) The Hollister Story
90) Hell Is Other People
91) By Hooker By Crook
92) Separated By Birth
93) Bleeding Heart
94) Baby Steps
95) That First Step
96) Oscar Night
97) Second Chance
98) California Or Bust
99) It’s Worth A Shot
100) Cooper Retrospective
101) Mention My Name In Sheboygan
102) Memories Are Made Of This
103) Call 911
104) Mysterious Ways

The Doctor’s Wife

by Carlene Lindeque

After filing for divorce The Doctor’s Wife flees from her emotionally abusive husband, Ira, a well-known and successful plastic surgeon. Cut-off financially and fearing for her life, she desperately tries to hide herself away, but her past will not let her go so easily. A thousand kilometres away from her life in Johannesburg she lives a precarious and fearful existence in Cape Town where she has no friends or family. Constantly haunted by the spectre of her husband’s presence and the traumatic memories of her past, The Doctor’s Wife begins to feel a hopelessness creep into her spirit. She enrols in a script-writing course. This results in a revenge screenplay Jozi’s Daisies that to some extend, emotionally encourages her not to give up. The Doctor’s Wife realises she is not safe in Cape Town. She sells what few possessions she has and goes on the run again, this time to a secluded meditation retreat in the mountains where she volunteers to become a long-term server. Someone from her past comes to the retreat and recognises her. News from a murder that took place in Johannesburg, make her realize that she is not safe. She seeks medical treatment for acute backache. Her condition is perceived to have a psychological dimension and Marion is turned over to the psychiatrist, Dr Andrews. Does he know Ira? Marion believes that all she has to do is survive a few more weeks, until the divorce is finalised. Will she be able to hold on to her sanity? Will she be able to survive long enough to divorce Ira and be free?

The Killing Vision

by Will Overby

When the tortured body of a missing fourteen-year-old girl washes up on the river’s edge during a Fourth of July fireworks display in the town of Cedar Hill, police detective Mike Halloran has only two clues – her body has been kept frozen for several weeks, and she’s been violated in unspeakable ways. And Halloran isn’t the only man searching for answers; Joel Roberts is obsessed with the crime and he has an uncanny psychic ability. While struggling to understand his gift, he wonders if he can use it in some way to help solve the murder. But as Joel gets deeper into his own investigation, he starts to suspect the killer may be closer than he first thought, and that he himself might be in danger. But even as the shock of this crime is still fresh, another young girl goes missing, and both men realize Cedar Hill is harboring a serial killer. And somehow they’ve got to stop him before he strikes again.


by Dan Dunphy

When his 85 year old neighbor is found dead in his back yard the former Police Chief comes out of retirement to solve the crime. The old man’s history includes being a Nazi Hunter 60 years earlier during World War II, the huge amount of cash and priceless art in his house create more questions than answers.
The hunt for the truth leads out of the country and reunites old friends to protect the neighbor’s good name.
This book was formerly released as “SKELETONS” but was riddled with format errors. I hope you enjoy the story.

Window to Eternity

by Christina Jung

Window to Eternity

In a small town in Germany, Pastor Eleonore Morgenstern’s dull married life changes overnight when she discovers her husband making a mysterious phone call. Who is Dirk talking to in the middle of the night? And why is he hiding in her office? In the attempt to find out his secret, Eleonore develops detective skills – and a terrible suspicion: Dirk is involved in an illegal child trafficking operation. Devastated, Eleonore flees to Greece, where she finds tranquility, makes friends and falls in love with a fascinating stranger. But this idyllic interlude does not last long – the pastor’s life is in danger. Window to Eternity is a suspenseful, entertaining mystery filled with surprises. It tells a tale of greed and unscrupulous dealings, disillusionment and trust. A tale in which first impressions are often deceptive. Christina Jung’s characters are as complex as they are in real life, especially the heroine Eleonore, whose vulnerabilities make her so sympathetic.

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