Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Apr 13

Hidden Secrets, Whispered Lies

by Lisa McCourt Hollar

A collection of dark poetry,nothing more, nothing less. It covers a range of topics from love to death and everything in-between.

Nirvana in the Bottle

by Phalachandra Varanasi


— I asked the guy, my friend Omar, “… What do you think of spiritual enlightenment, or the state of No-mind as Zen people call it?” He saidâ?¦

“Myself when young was inclined to find what in truth was behind man’s confined mind
I too tried to meditate deeply and make my mind very refined, to get it properly aligned
To the cosmic consciousness, but then I had to give up the grind, so as to take up
Meditation of another kind, having resigned myself gladly to drinking-smoking combined.”

— I asked the guy, my friend Omar, “And may I ask why? Why did you give up? I think you missed such a golden opportunity and are now wasting your life indulging in these obnoxious things. But still, maybe you can get a second chance.” He said,

“Myself when young did believe that life was a romance, a celebration and a dance
I have since come out of that trance, that dreamy stance, and now I look askance
At all those consciousness freaks who search after Truth, Light and life eternal;
In reality, life is just a chance to glance at the infinite Void, Death’s darkest expanse.”


by Johnny Carlson

Love poems. About Love and longing, confusion and disdain.

The Quest For Third Heaven Book Two Amabilis

by Ron Koppelberger Jr.

This is book two in the quest for third heaven. This is epic poetry at it’s best. Imagine a world of kings princesses and demons that haunt the faithful. A man and his guide wolf set sail to the realms of dreams and in search of true love along the way. They search for Amabilis and the kingdom of smoked glass, in twilight and by inland seas of adventure as they discover the path through saffron fields and wheat bloom. Witches, assasins, and angels populate the poetry in an amazing epic journey for third heaven.

Military Matters

by Tom Benson

A collection of 80 poems about military life. Some are based on personal experience and insight whilst others are fiction. Theatres include; Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf.
Apart from individual poems, there are three series included; ‘Hijack’ – a rescue mission in 5 parts, ‘Operation Autumn Shades’ – an allied demonstration of power in 4 parts, and ‘Steady Eddie’ – a 25 part tale of a young man’s short career.
I feel that this work will touch the hearts of ex-service personnel, serving personnel and even those who have never donned a military uniform. My intention is to entertain, but in this book, also to enlighten.

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