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Red Rover (Team Red)

by T. Hammond

Heart pounding, she woke abruptly. It is still dark. Her mind cleared- it is always dark now. Within a heartbeat, an accident changed Teresa’s life, took her sight, and left her scarred.

Red is a typical German shepherd, well, except for the whole talking-in-Teresa’s-head thing. He’s sassy and opinionated, and pretty handsome, even if he does say so himself.

And if a smart-ass dog isn’t enough, Sebastian and his friend David came to town and both have set their sights on Teresa. Neither of the sexy ex-Navy men are above using military tactics to secure their target- and so begins the Siege.

And when you quit drooling over the two gorgeous men, don’t forget to consider the implications of a talking dogâ?¦ the police department certainly has.

Red Rover is meant to be a Paranormal New Adult novel. It was tough to classify the genre because we have a level-headed girl blinded in an accident who get’s a German shepherd she finds she is able to mentally communicate with – paranormal, right? Sigh… it should be so easy.

The book doesn’t have the feel of a paranormal book because the book is completely taken over by the German shepherd dog, Red, and his snarky, witty dialog, sans filter. So, humorous, right? Sigh… Nope.

I had to make myself crazy and I added two hot guys that decide to compete with each other for her affections (think hijacked dates, and sabotaged good-night kisses). So, light, romantic comedy, right? Heavier sigh.

But wait! I could have stopped there, but no – I obviously wasn’t done messing with everyone’s head (or my own, apparently) so I added that the dog has awesome tracking ability that brings him to the attention of the Police department… so Crime? Drama? See what I mean about trouble finding a good genre fit? Let’s just say the book has it all… and just maybe it does.

Winter’s Blood: A Werewolf Novella

by Zachery Richardson


Twisted steel.

Patches of blood-soaked snow.

Even after six years, these are the things Michael McGavin sees when he thinks of Christmas. Fragments of memory about a car crash he barely survived, and still sometimes wishes he hadn’t. Because he hadn’t been alone in the car that night. Abigail Tanner had been his girlfriend, his best friend, and her body had been thrown so far from the crash site that rescuers hadn’t been able to find it. On the day of her funeral, Michael buried a piece of his soul with her empty casket. On the sixth anniversary of the crash, Michael returns home to spend Christmas with his family. His one and only hope is that this Christmas passes as quickly and quietly as the others have.

And then a single gunshot changes everything.

Now, with an eerily wolf-like bite mark on his shoulder as proof, Michael finds himself face-to-face with the shocking truth behind his car crash. A truth that will force him to chose between two lives and two kinds of love. Whatever his decision, Michael must make it soon, because he knows what that bite mark means and he has less than two days before his first transformation…

The Scent of His Woman

by Maggie Pritchard

This sweet, sexy romance is a perfect summer read.
Lexie spends one searing night of love with Welsh playboy millionaire Gethyn Mathias. In the morning she flees, her wanton behaviour will be her secret along with the red hot memories.
Imagine her horror to find she’s been used, wined, dined and bedded by a man determined to turn the tables on a group of protestors, and she unwittingly gave him the information he needed to do just that.
Geth is astonished, women don’t run out on him, they just don’t, and when he finally catches up with Ms Alexandria Owen he’ll make that quite clear to her, in and out of bed.
Soon he’s got her just where he want her, so why are his emotions in such turmoil, he doesn’t do commitment.
What will it take for these lovers to realise they have been floored by love at first sight? Read on to find out.


by Maggie Pritchard

Dear Reader,

Llangorfan is a modern day ghostly romance, partly set in an old Welsh mansion, rather fancifully known locally as a castle. This is the story of a woman whose life seems to mirror that of another girl, a girl who lived there nearly two hundred years before, some of her thoughts and emotions brought into the present day when our heroine finds some dusty old letters tied into bundles with faded ribbons.
Cadi is of Welsh extraction, she is independent and reserved, but passionate in Andreas’ arms. He is obsessed, as only a Cypriot can be, by his belief that she has betrayed him and intent on revenge. From a foggy, haunted Welsh castle, to the warm sun of Cyprus this couple have so much to overcome, before finding happiness. His search for revenge, the marriage he forces upon her and his cold, calculating search for complete control. Her reserve and inability to show him her love, coupled with a streak of defiance, fuel the blaze. But with a little help from a good friend, and a friendly ghost, they eventually find happiness.


“Cadi felt lightheaded, almost in a dream. Then she saw it, off to one side dimly through the oncoming rain, a coach, beyond which she could sense the stamping team of horses. Its door was being held open by a liveried manservant and a large man descended, tall, cloaked, he exuded an aura of confidence and power. She watched, mesmerised as he turned and helped a small figure out of the carriage, a young woman, tiny beside him, slim and pale. As her feet touched the floor she immediately pulled away from him as if in defiance, stepping out towards the castle looking up at it’s grim facade. The wind whipped the hood of her cloak back and Cadi could see she had dark hair, almost black. Just then a bolt of lightning flashed across the night sky, illuminating the building for a stark second. Something startled the girl, maybe the sudden revelation of the grim gothic spires or maybe it was the sudden flash and crack of the lightning. Cadi watched entranced as the slim figure turned and fled into the arms of the tall man, he drew her closer into the folds of his cloak before guiding her forward towards the now opening door of the castle. Something in the way she moved, almost reluctantly, made Cadi shudder. Then it was gone and there was nothing more to see but the open door of the castle and Andreas at her side hurrying her towards the light and warmth.”

Note from the author:

The â??castle’ that inspired this story lies not far from my home and is more of a gothic house than a bona-fide Welsh castle. As I wandered its grounds I began to imagine what it must have been like to live there, to maybe sweep down the steps to the garden, lifting the heavy skirts of a period gown. Would my heroine have been alone, or would she be followed? I imagined a tall man, austere of countenance, a lover maybe or a husband, angry at some transgression yet to be imagined.

So you see I have to confess, this story is not the one I set out to write that day, but a modern paced contemporary romance. The girl I imagined that first day is there though, woven through the story, her spirit and the letters she read and wrote during her lifetime play an integral part in its outcome. Think of this as her debut, a prelude to her own story, which will follow very soon.

kindest regards Maggie P

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells (Mystic Cafe Series)

by Rose Pressey

Elly Blair welcomes the chance to escape her ex-fiance and job from hell when Grandma Imelda, ready to retire to sunny Florida, calls for her to take over her little southern cafe.

Elly has no idea her grandmother has baked up magic for the unsuspecting townsfolk for thirty years-and now Grandma Imelda insists that Elly use her own hitherto unsuspected magical powers to carry on the family tradition.

But Elly’s new at this stuff. Her dishes don’t turn out as full of smidgens of enchantment and dashes of wishes come true as she’d hoped. When handsome customer Rory Covington takes a bite of the wrong burger, he ends up capturing the attention of every woman in town. Elly doesn’t know if her feelings for Rory are true or based on her magic gone awry.

Tom Owenton is an investigator the National Organization for Magic sent to look into the magical mishap. Unless Elly can reverse the spell, the cafe will be closed permanently. Tom is more than willing to help Elly out of this magical pickle, but she’s not sure she should accept his offer.

Elly only has forty-eight hours to find a way to reverse the spell, or she’ll lose the cafe and never discover if her feelings for Rory are real.

The Vampire’s Hope

by Danica Winters

Ellie Smith, an emotionally stunted dancer, finds more than she bargains for after her human life is taken by the vampire, Master Liam. Once inside the Vampire’s underground lair, the Keres Den, she meets Ian, an immortal Viking warrior, who is infiltrating the soulless prison.

As Ellie begins her training, she learns that the dark tunnels around her are filled with even darker secrets. As the truth of her existence come to light, she is faced with a choiceâ??does she let her past dictate her future, or can she begins to feel again?

Married While Intoxicated

by Fran Shaff

Ever do anything ill advised while under the influence? Melinda and Matthew did. Stranded in a snowstorm, drowning their sorrows they got “Married While Intoxicated.” See how they handle their sticky situation in this hilarious romantic comedy.


by Shirley Mendonca

The story takes place many years ago when the white man didn’t trust the Indian people. Which takes you on the adventure of drama,suspense,and romance of Moonflower at the time she attended the white man’s college. Learning the white man’s ways and dress. When a white rich girl was murdered Moonflower was acussed of murdering the student.

LaDon’s Lost Diamond

by Jim Reames

LaDon’s Lost Diamond is Jim Reames’ tale about his own wife (laDon) and his real life SW Idaho family, living in and near the remote community of Middleton, Idaho where a battle of the sexes is started between The Lady Vikings (a group of ex-high school cheerleaders) who match wits with Jake (the local, male chauvinist, barber). In this, part fiction, part non-fiction story, a homeless drifter called Dr. J, has come to Middleton who quickly exploits the emotions, creating a laughing uproar that’s impossible to ignore. Meanwhile, a famous New York private detective, Paul Roberts, is in town hunting for Dr. J, who in real life if a multi-millionaire in hiding. At the same time a local pilot, Bill Hadley, has taken in a troubled teenager, Roberta, with his intent to teach her how to fly straight and level as a pilot, then as a human being. Romance blossoms as winter turns to spring, then into summer. This Christian novel was written with the full intent of taking the reader’s mind away from current day politics, economic struggles, the fear of terrorism, and (male or female reader alike) it will simply make you laugh until you cry! This is more than just a book about the tomfoolery of Middleton. It is also a living, breathing, non-fiction biography of the entire Reames family, their impact on their community, and the world at large.


by Shirley Mendonca

The rain was coming down lightly as Brenda rushed to the bus stop after dropping her sons Josh and Eddie off at Mrs. Grimes, the babysitter.
“Thank goodness I only live three blocks from the bus stop. Of course I would forget my rain coat.” Brenda said to herself as she stepped on the bus.
Brenda had only been back in the workforce for a year and it was certainly taking some time to readjust after nine years of staying at home with the children. Brenda didn’t have a choice of not working since her husband of nine years decided he didn’t want to be married any longer.
As the story continues Brenda was on her lunch break when she met her high school crush who was on leave from Germany where he was serving in the Army. They spend time together only to realize they could indeed become soumates.

Vessel (Children of the Sidhe)

by J.R. Pearse Nelson

Vessel is paranormal romance with kick; a bad-ass witch meets her match in a fae enforcer.

Eddie Drake, notorious agent of the Sidhe Authority, has always been a womanizer. So he’s as surprised as anyone when he can’t get a certain black-haired witch out of his mind.

When Alise Rodgers wakes up in Otherworld, a mysterious connection to the place haunts her. And then there’s a more immediate concern – she would never have expected to find Drake sitting vigil for her. While she’s grateful, she’s not at all interested in his bedroom eyes. They’ve always clashed. But they must work together after Alise discovers a rebellious plot brewing among the Sidhe, and puts her life on the line in the bargain.

Vessel is the second novella in the Children of the Sidhe series.


The Sidhe dwindle. Slow to breed and quick to war, the ages have worn away their numbers. An old enemy threatens Otherworld, fearsome in numbers and in newfound magics. The Sidhe’s unloved part-human children strewn about the mortal world are suddenly their greatest source of hope.

Caylen’s Quest

by Robert Marchand

The devastation wreaked on families during and after the Great War of 1914 called into play a situation used in the 1800’s in the frontier west: mail-order brides. Primarily impoverished single mothers, whose husbands had made the great sacrifice or single, unemployed, impoverished females of all ages, in desperation agreed to wed virtual strangers. Such a woman was Lora Helms.
Lured to the wilds of the Canadian mountains by his love for the outdoors, his mother’s need for security, and by the lies of an eccentric gold prospector; Caylen Helms and his mother, Lora, find themselves victims of a greedy, sadistic recluse. Refusing to completely give up, Caylen is forced to become a man at an early age. In a seemingly helpless situation, succor comes from an unusual source; dreams that pervade Caylen’s mind, dreams of an old Indian shaman and a huge black wolf.
Was the call from the old Indian only a dream? Caylen and Lora were certain that was the situation, and that the Indian and the wolf were merely a dream. But, was it? Suddenly, as Caylen opens the cabin door, a black wolf cub is at his feet. Can the vision from his dream and the mystical promise from the ancient Indian sage lead Caylen to success in his quest for a rich goldmine, justice for his family, and the love of a beautiful Indian maiden?

Dark clouds over paradise.

by Hyunki Yoo

Once stuck in a life over-ruled by loneliness and depression until one night stumbling into a different world. In this story, a young man named Tozaki is pushed into a whirlwind of difficult obstacles and is forced to deal and adapt to them alone. A runaway vampire puts claim on Tozaki, forcing Tozaki to become partnered in a wave of danger. Tangled in a dark web of lies in order to receive that special sweet tasting blood every vampire craves. Join Tozaki in the world of best friends, secrets, vampires and terrible lovers quarrel.

Accepted by Love–A Christmas Novel

by Julia Audrina Carrington

A Christian Christmas novel of regret, faith, renewal, hope, blessing and romance. Read it to be blessed.

Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than three hundred Christian books and Christian novels. See many of her books at by typing her name Julia Carrington in the search box on Her books make wonderful gifts for all occasions. It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things.

Twin Problems

by Helen Byrd

Twin Problems is the story of identical twin brothers who gradually grew apart, because of their different natures. Harvey is the precocious, adventurous one who spends his time looking for fun and excitement, with no concern for the consequences of his actions.

This is because when thing go awry, which they did with regular monotony, he passed the blame onto his twin brother Hartley, who was a very different character. He was a conscientious, hard-worker and shrugged off the blame for misdemeanours heaped on his shoulders by Harvey as something he had to endure.

Life for both brothers became more difficult, when Harvey discovered that he could not only pass on the blame for wayward activities to his brother, but he could pretend to be his brother on occasion. This gave him license to thrill and things soon developed out of control.

Hartley was a talented musician with an enduring love for the classics. When Harvey tells him of unpublished manuscripts by Tchaikovsky that he has located in Russia, he cannot wait to get his hands on them, because they will also bring him fame and fortune. No matter what the cost in money or personal sacrifice, Hartley decides that he must have these musical manuscripts and he sets off to recover them.

The main cause of friction between the twins that led to nearly all their problems in life, were the numerous love affairs with various women. It started in High School with their various sweethearts, and continued as adults, because neither of them could resist a beautiful woman. They fall in love and enjoy torrid affairs with abandon, and it adds considerable spice to their lives.

Hartley’s attitude towards lovemaking with his wife Juliette is very different to his conquests with other women, so when an opportunity to for a flirtation comes her way, she has to decide whether to choose loyalty or passion. Over the years, Harvey teases Griselda, the mother of his best friend Fabien, remorselessly about wining and dining her, taking her to the Opera and giving her a good time, without ever keeping his promises. When an opportunity for revenge appears, Griselda takes it.

This contemporary romance by Helen Byrd the Best Selling author of “Short Story Romances” contains descriptive love scenes.

The Magic Stiletto Heels (The Fairy Tale Elvis Weddings)

by Mo Goodlin

Drop on by the Angelic Hearts and Valentines wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and let minister Elvis bend your ear, as he recalls some of the fairy tales behind the wedding ceremonies.

These are light hearted short tales about love and life, retold in a romantic pulp fiction style. Stories about girls with an attitude, and the paths they walked that led them to their very own Prince Charming and their nuptials at the chapel.

In “The Magic Stiletto Heels”, Cindie is poor but happy, the evening she meets the handsome stranger of her dreams. But as midnight strikes, it’s time for Cindie to not only leave the ball, but to leave the United States too.

So how can a pair of stiletto shoes help the couple to ever find each other again?

Tones of Home

by Edward Keller

Tired of fighting the pressure from family and friends, insurance adjustor Robin Kelley has reluctantly agreed to settle down and marry her longtime boyfriend, a successful CPA. When her high school sweetheart, washed-up rock star Girth McDürchstein, learns of Robin’s upcoming nuptials, he races from Los Angeles to the little town of Cedar Point, Iowa, intending to stop her. Once he arrives, Girth starts to see the virtues of a “boring” small-town life–but all Robin sees is the excitement and glamour she passed up.

Will Robin abandon a stable but predictable future to live out her own rock-star dreams?

The Gift

by Elizabeth Lord

Please note that due to it’s content, this book is aimed at adults only.

Melissa Stark is the sole survivor of her family’s massacre. She has spent more than a decade running from the shadows of her past: living a life that revolves around drugs, sex and alcohol. Life, however, catches up with everyone eventually. She can’t run from her past forever â?¦ especially when it is intent on hunting her down and recapturing her.

How long can she continue to outrun a ghostly predator from her past, one that is possessed of good looks, connections and a limitless cash reserve? What is it about Jack that captures her heart and soul, tempting her to confront her past so that she can have a future?

There are some scenes of sexual violence within this story and readers are advised not to download this book if this may disturb them.

Immortal & I

by S. Rivera

A love story through slavery in Greece that was unexpected on both sides. Vivian and Raul are past friends with an interesting relationship that changes over time. Their roles before the take over and after leave them confused and desperately searching for answers. Will they get through the changes together or will it destroy them in the end?

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