Free science Kindle books for 28 Apr 13

SAT Prep FlexBook II (Questions with Answer Explanations)

by CK-12 Foundation

A free mini-book to prepare students for the SAT exam with lessons and questions in math, reading, and writing.

Sounds from The Great Animal Orchestra (Enhanced): Water

by Bernie Krause

Selected excerpts (23 pages) from The Great Animal Orchestra-enhanced with nine rare audio clips from the author’s collection: recordings of wildlife on Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica and in Yellowstone National Park, the changes in biophony as glaciers melt, the stark differences in sound among rainforests, deserts, and open tundra, temperature-telling crickets, and the dawn chorus of the site of the Chernobyl disaster.

Bernie Krause is one of the world’s experts in natural sound. In this sound-enhanced e-book short, we get a glimpse of his new book The Great Animal Orchestra, an intensely personal narrative of life as it hits the ears, and of the planet’s deeply connected natural sounds and music. This e-short focuses on heat-related sounds.

Sounds from The Great Animal Orchestra (Enhanced): Earth

by Bernie Krause

Selected excerpts (21 pages) from The Great Animal Orchestra-enhanced with rare audio clips from the author’s collection: recordings of the low rumble of a moving glacier, a meadow before and after a logging operation, a troop of baboons, the howling of wolves, and the bellows of elk.

Bernie Krause is one of the world’s experts in natural sound. In this sound-enhanced e-book short, we get a glimpse of his new book The Great Animal Orchestra, an intensely personal narrative of life as it hits the ears, and of the planet’s deeply connected natural sounds and music. This e-short focuses on wild sounds on land.

SAT Prep FlexBook III (Questions with Answer Explanations)

by CK-12 Foundation

A free mini-book to prepare students for the SAT exam with lessons and questions in math, reading, and writing.

Top Homeopathic Remedies: Learn To Cure Sickness The Natural Way

by Medicine Man

Want an all natural way to cure a sickness?

Do you know the effects of over the counter medicines on your body?

Homeopathic and Holistic remedies and medicines have been used for thousands of years. They have been proven to cure many different types of illnesses in a healthy way.

Every time you put a new chemically altered drug into your body your adding a foreign substance that may react poorly with your immune system. Why wait to learn about a healthy way to cure any sickness you may have? Act now!

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast! The Ultimate Source of Ways to Eat Healthier, De-Stress & Feel Better

by LuAnne Jamieson

High Blood Pressure – One in Three Adults Have It

Of those one in three adults, many don’t have their hypertension under control

Many Times Using Just One High Blood Pressure Solution Isn’t Enough

If you already take blood pressure medication, remedies in this book can still be used, & may even eventually reduce how much medicine you need!

Are you looking for ways to lower your high blood pressure?

Would you like to avoid or reduce using blood pressure medicine because of the medication’s side effects?

If so, this is the ebook for you! You will learn scientifically proven natural remedies for hypertension that can be used either with medication for high blood pressure or as an alternative to those prescription medications.

Don’t wait for high blood pressure symptoms to appear before taking action.. Your first symptoms could be a stroke or heart attack, kidney disease (aka possible dialysis in your future) or even vision problems. That’s why high blood pressure (aka hypertension) has yet another name; it’s also known as “the silent killer.”

Take a moment to think what it would be like if you suddenly had a stroke or heart attack. How would your life change if you survived it? How would your family’s life change?

What would be less painful for you – to change up a few things now or to deal with these diseases later?

Have You Tried Lowering Blood Pressure Previously Without Many Results?

If you have tried one or two natural remedies for hypertension in the past but haven’t seen the results you want, it could be because there is another cause that you haven’t targeted yet. By using these proven techniques to prevent and reduce heart disease, you should be on target to reducing your blood pressure numbers quickly.

Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

The DASH diet is great, but what makes it even more interesting is when you know exactly WHAT benefit a food has for you. When you know specifically what foods actually relax your arteries, you’ll be prepared if you DO get overstressed or eat a meal with a lot of sodium.

Potassium Guide

You should have about 4700 mg of potassium per day – you’ll have a list of potassium amounts in foods so you can easily track how much you’ve had.

Sodium Content Guide

Know at a glance before you shop how much sodium a brand of food has so you can quickly choose the brand with less sodium.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Do you have insomnia? Have you been lying in bed watching the hour get later & closer to when the alarm will go off? Learn natural remedies for insomnia to help you get more sleep.

Melatonin Not Working Right?

Do you wonder why your melatonin supplement isn’t working well? Learn what could be the cause and what you can do about it.

Stress Management & Time Management Strategies

Learn simple stress management techniques as well as time management skills to combat the stress that could be contributing to your high blood pressure.

Finding out you have high blood pressure is scary; feeling any symptoms is even scarier and isn’t something you EVER want to feel! Lose that fear by taking action today.

Of course, just as you get your doctor’s ok before starting an exercise program, it’s best to let him know what you are changing, especially if you are taking medication. He’ll probably be cheering you on!

Now scroll back up and click on the orange box to start on your journey to lower and healthier blood pressure! If you don’t have a Kindle, just click on the button that says “Available on your PC.”

XO: From Turner Syndrome and Me

by Sarah Allen

Turner Syndrome is a genetic anomaly which leaves the baby girl with only one X chromosome. An XO karyotype. Turner Syndrome means shortness and infertility, possible heart and kidney defects. Turner Syndrome means daily shots of growth hormone and eventually estrogen pills.

But those are only facts, and as any breathing, pulsing person can tell you:

We are so much more than that.

Kindle Fire Apps Top 100 Must Haves + Fire HD

by Dustin Kaban

Now that you have purchased your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD it is time to learn all the best available Apps your device has to offer. The Kindle Fire is one of the most exciting pieces of technology out there, Congratulations on your purchase!

The Kindle fire is not just an eReader, it is a powerful mobile device capable of many if not more functions that a standard laptop. There is no better time than now to learn what Apps are out there that can help increase your productivity, or simply help you pass the time through top notch entertainment.

Congratulations on purchasing your Kindle Fire!

Table Of Contents

  • Games
  • Entertainment / TV
  • Music
  • Business
  • Social
  • Other

Living with Schizophrenia

by Neel Burton

This prize-winning book provides schizophrenia sufferers and their carers with a source of information about the illness that is accessible, reliable, and comprehensive. By teaching you about the condition, ‘Living with Schizophrenia’ aims to alleviate any feelings of fear and isolation that you may have, and provide you with a realistic sense of hope and optimism. Simple and practical advice about day-to-day management enables you to take greater control over the illness, make the most of the services that are available to you, and ultimately improve your chances of once again leading a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

Schizophrenia is isolating and frightening for the people who have it and also for their families. This is a very gentle, straightforward book tackling a really difficult subject crying out for unbiased, compassionate but honest information. We particularly liked the advice on the psycho-social and legal aspects of mental health, which are often ignored. â??Judges, MJA Open Book Awards

Though information on schizophrenia is freely available in the public domain, much of it is hard to find, unreliable, inconsistent, and, because of the uncontrolled nature of the internet, unnecessarily disheartening. Much of what is easily accessible is aimed at scientists and healthcare professionals rather than at schizophrenia sufferers and their carers, for whose benefit this book has been specially prepared. By leading them to a better understanding of the illness and its treatments, from medication to psychological and other therapies, and by guiding them through their day-to-day battles, it should serve as a giant first step on their journey to recovery. â??Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive, SANE

To sum up, a lot of information is contained in this concise book, which makes it a valuable reference, particularly for people confronted with a shocking diagnosis of schizophrenia for the first time. â??The British Journal of Psychiatry

Dr Neel Burton is a psychiatrist who practices and teaches in Oxford, England. He regularly blogs for Psychology Today in the USA, and is the recipient of the Society of Authors’ Richard Asher Prize, the British Medical Association’s Young Authors Award, and the Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Award. His other books include ‘The Meaning of Madness’ and ‘Growing from Depression’, both also with Acheron Press.

Kindle Fire HD Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Battery Saving tips + Apps

by Dustin Kaban

Welcome to the world of Kindle. Congratulations on purchasing your Kindle Fire or Fire HD! If you are new to the tablet space, you have chosen well. The Kindle Fire and Fire HD are in direct competition with the iPad, Nexus, and galaxy tablet devices out there really only limiting its capabilities by your imagination.

No better time than now to learn how to take full advantage of your Kindle Fire bringing you to the ever evolving mobile market, either as a brand new user or an experienced veteran.

Table Of Contents

  • Origin & Background
  • Everyday Use
  • Apps
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Battery Saving Tips

Skin Care Solutions – Skin Rejuvenation Solved

by Soluciones Tainas

Fine Lines! Wrinkles! Blemishes! Brown Spots! Puffed-up Pores! Sore Skin! Dull Skin! Worry Lines! Aren’t we all tired of them? This straight to the point short report is a terrific way to keep your skin healthy and stunning.Our skin may merely feel like a guard that protects us from the world outside. But, the fact is, it’s greater than simply the “mask” that keeps your insides in. It is a really unique and amazing complex organ that reflects our basic health

Est. Reading Time: 10 mins.

ADAM TO APOPHIS Asteroids, Millenarianism and Climate Change

by Nicholas Costa

For millennia societies across the world have held the belief that at some point in the future there will be a major â??end time’ phase, culminating in world-wide catastrophes caused by the fragmentation of a comet or near earth
asteroid. According to Islamic reckoning late in 1979 we entered this phase, and the world as we know it will end at some point during this current century. There have been numerous â??end time’ claims in the past that have been repeatedly discredited, however since 1986 following the latest apparition of Halley’s Comet the earth has indeed been subjected to an increasingly long list not only of terrorist acts and revolutions across the Islamic world but also of â??record’ traumas in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.
Early in 2013 the world witnessed the power of a very small asteroid exploding over populated areas of Russia. Is there any substance to the
long held claims of Islam and other religions?
This is the first ever book to analyse ancient chronologies and testimonies in relation to modern scientific research concerning major
climatic cycles in the Earth’s recent past. The results are not only eye-opening but disturbing.
Nicholas Costa is a freelance writer and lecturer.

The Day the Flowers Died

by Susan Lapp-Mellott

This booklet is for anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness. It addresses all the changes that will occur in your life, as well as, your spouses life. It will explain what happens to your and your spouses relationships with friends. It will be a great influence to, not only the person with the illness, but anyone who is connected with that person. It explains how you and your spouse can embrace your illness. A must read for everyone!

Physical & Scientific & Historical Proof & Confirmation of the Reality of GOD as PERSONALITY. (…) (!)

by Luis Marco figueroa conde

Physical & Scientific & Historical Proof & Confirmation of the Reality of GOD as PERSONALITY. (…) (!)

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