Free world literature Kindle books for 28 Apr 13

Jaz, Tall Men, & Mayhem (A Jazmine Davidson Adventure)

by Kate McVaugh

Not even that recent close call with a dead body, or those interrogations by the authorities can deter Jazmine Davidson from enjoying her new life in Tel Aviv.

Jaz, back on her feet and gainfully employed in the city’s hottest new nightclub, Max’s Place, wonders why she ever considered going back to teaching. Granted, bartending is a far cry from her previous profession, and not exactly what some relatives might approve of, but it beats the heck out of a classroom. Besides, where else can you find work in Israel where you don’t have to know Hebrew? And so what if the clientele are usually drunk and the hours are hideous? With customers ranging from pro basketball players to hip young locals, Max’s is never dull.

But then one of those tall, ball-playing jocks dies right there at the front door of the club, and Jaz, once again, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. It’s bad enough when the cops question her, but what is it with the anonymous threats? At least this time she has friends to turn to.

Infiltrating smelly locker rooms, crashing high-end parties, and eves-dropping on private conversations, could lead Jaz to the killer. Then again, it could lead the bad guys right to her doorstep

Old Agnes (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

This is the first of twenty-seven short stories in The Tales of Wooffer’s Woods series of books. The tales are about a dog named Wooffer, the animals who share his world and how they all become friends of the truest kind. In this story, Wooffer meets the matriarch of the field mice, Old Agnes, Mother of Thousands and comes to the rescue of her many children.

The Crocodile That Wasn’t

by Peter Hancock

Thousands of years ago something momentous happened on the south-west coast of Australia – something so important that the Aboriginal people preserved it in a traditional Dreaming story and named landmarks around the mouth of the Swan River as a vast natural monument to it. Research by journalist and historian Peter Hancock reveals that hidden behind the folklore is an eyewitness account of an encounter with one of prehistory’s most fearsome monsters – a gigantic carnivorous lizard called megalania that once roamed Australia and shared the bush with Aboriginal people. His investigations also bring another important prehistoric event to light – the coming of the dingo to south-west Australia. This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery into the distant past, unveiling an important piece of prehistory preserved in Aboriginal oral traditions. As featured on The History Channel’s ‘Monster Quest’ series.

The Three Books (Sacred Knight)

by Dawn Blair

What happens when a boy who’s struggled all his life to prove himself discovers that he alone has the power to save his world or shatter it?

Steigan only wanted to be his best. A skilled tracker, an apprentice blacksmith, and the youngest Temple warrior to ever gain the title of dominus, he learns that magic is returning and vows to stop this evil. It’s a quest that sends him searching for three books hidden away 1,000 years ago.

Will he be able to overcome his own demons in time to save his world or will he be left wielding the very magic he’s sworn to annihilate?

The Three Books begins the legend of Dominus Steigan.

Kremlon Book 1: The Crystal Pendant

by Jane Ellison

In today’s world, the land of Arikmania is not much different from Earth. The only thing different is that Arikmania holds magic and has a magical past of which Earth does not. On Arikmania, is a country called Kremlon which has both a beautiful and bloody past and when the President wants his hand on the Crystal Pendant, a n object that has ALL powers, there is no stopping him. Except for four teenagers, brought into this quest by fate and prophesy. Only these teenagers can destroy the Pendant and it takes much more than throwing it at the wall. And there’s much more for them to learn before they can even find it- it’s magical past and mysteries. Welcome to a world full of magic, elves, faeries, and goblins and a world that’s beautiful yet evil and modern yet magical.

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