Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 29 Apr 13

How to Efficiently Use Space – Utilizing Space-Saving Furniture & Other Tips

by Vasanth Simon

This short guide provides tips for utilizing space-saving furniture in dorms or small apartments.

Fraudsters with a capital F

by Khedidja Ouheb

This is a short story about two scammers living below poverty standards. They are delusional and they are living in a world of imagined power, riches and secrecy.

All the while, living in utter despair, poverty and drug infested real world. While their virtual lives, on the net, are nothing short of spectacular and swanky. Made-up lives filled with power, money and riches.

They give a made up image of themselves on the internet to lure and to defraud people.

They prey on investors they find online while portraying themselves as rich bankers.

Designing a Kindle eBook Cover Image With Microsoft Paint

by Vasanth Simon

Learn how to create cover images for Amazon Kindle eBooks with Microsoft Paint. The following tutorial offers tips for drawing and editing a cover that features a basic design and text. It also includes step by step instructions for incorporating an image into the cover.

The Getaway (XXX Erotica)

by Mark Fowley

They have lost the passion in their marriage, and decides to take a weekend at the cottage and try to rediscover their love. The cottage is placed down by the sea, and creates the perfect setting for a romantic weekend. She have her doubts that this will work, but as the romantic atmosphere sets upon them they discover there is plenty of passion left in their marriage.

Warning! Adult only! Containing sec scenes with oral sex

The Night Bus To Stockholm (XXX Erotica)

by Mark Fowley

She is on her way to Stockholm on the midnight express, and she is horny as hell. Its been 6 weeks since the last time she had a man, and she starts to please herself with her vibrator in the back of the bus. When the bus suddenly stops, a young sexy man is climbing on board. He quickly picks up the sent of her juices, and approach her like a wolf attacks its pray.

Warning! Adult only! Containing sex scenes with oral sex


by Serina Marie

It isn’t easy being famous. And being in love? That’s a joke. Nothing lasts anyway. From a tour bus to a rehabilitation center. From a broken heart to a healed one. From having miscarried to being pregnant. Natalie’s life isn’t easy. Her bands life isn’t easy. Between Daniel and Lex her heart is occupied. Lex came back into her life when she felt like she was ready to move on. An accidental pregnancy and the emotions of the heart. Does she move to America to be with the father of her child and give up her dreams so he doesn’t have to. Or ask him to.


by Anthony Swoope

Evidence, the story of a rebellious teen, who’s enraged disliking for his father leads him on a path of destruction. As he battles his thoughts versus reality, tune in to see how his story ends.

If you really want to know the truth about me, I’m nothing more than just another face in the crowd. I say that because as human beings we go around building this hype about ourselves as if we have more power than we do. Take celebrities for instance, just because they’re on the television screen people view them as perfect. Then the second they do something that isn’t oh so perfect the world is ready to tear them to shreds. As if they are not human, instead some form of A God in the human flesh. Well of course I have a name, but to me a name is nothing but a label to identify what you are supposed to represent, as opposed to who you really are. We all as humans come from different families, roots, origins, classes and places, but the fact remains we are all human. I come from a family that is looked upon as greatness with an abundance of wealth, power and a sense of pride. My name is Steven Lawson and I am the youngest son of James Lawson Sr. and Elizabeth Lawson. My father comes from a wealthy family who’s involved in almost every successful form of business and my mother’s family are tycoons in the oil industry. With that being said my parents have very high expectations for me, well at least at one point they did. After I got kicked out of my first school for throwing a snowball at my teachers face, they thought it was just an accident. I thought it was absolutely funny, until I realized it was ice instead of snow. As a result, I was expelled from school and Ms. Cartwright took a trip to the emergency room with a broken nose. I guess my parents didn’t realize I had a problem until the age of 12, when I put my mothers cat in the microwave. Quite frankly, I was annoyed from having a cat scratching at my door every night. It partially explained why I didn’t do very well at school. I lacked motivation, because I was always tired and grumpy from decreased amounts of a good nights rest. I honestly was a good kid, but I had no guidance and my parents rarely disciplined me.

Leave Dat Man Alone

by Marcia P. Samuels

When Beverly Dunkley arrived in New York on an extended stay 90 day visa, no one, not even the aunt (Aunt May) she came to see, knew that Beverly had no intention of returning to Jamaica.

After getting over the initial objection, her Aunt May agrees to help her and gives her an under-the-table job as a clean-up person in her beauty salon in Bronx, New York. All the staff at the beauty salon is in on Beverly’s secret and promises to look out for her.
The shy Beverly is as dedicated to her Christianity and faith as any true Christian can be. She knows it is illegal to stay in the USA past her 90-day visa, so her hope is that God will work out some miracle.

One day, the debonair Charles, walks into the beauty salon for a haircut. His eyes meet Beverly’s, and it becomes apparent to everyone that it is love at first sight. Beverly gives a “yes” when Charles asks to take her out to dinner. Beverly become convinced she has found the American man of her dreams.

Trog and Clay (an imagined history of the electric chair)

by Michael Vukadinovich

4 or 6 Males, 2 Females

“Trog and Clay” is a wildly imaginative retelling of the genesis of the electric chair. Based on the actual trial transcripts of William Kemmler, the first person put to death by electrocution, this skewed comedy obscures the line between fact and invention, while wryly looking into America’s grim history.  The bumbling duo, Trog and Clay, unwittingly get caught up in the rivalry between two inventors, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison. While one is destined to create the electrical system that will power America, the other will be remembered for killing criminals in a way that isn’t as painless as is initially claimed.

“â?¦ powered by boisterous dialogue and some great moments of physical comedy.” â??The Scotsman,
Edinburgh Festival Review

“a worthy new play.” â??Backstage

“one of L.A.’s most imaginative young playwrights” â??Stage Scene LA

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