Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 Apr 13

Rise of the Death Walkers (The Circle of Heritage Saga)

by Lawrence Nason Jr.

Jason White is a simple young man of fourteen years old when events in his life place him into situations he never thought he would be in. Jason is a half Indian, half White who becomes the victim of a hate crime in his new school. His mother was taken from him before her time and now he has to live with his aging grandfather.

After he meets, who he believes is the love of his life, he finds out that he is not even who he thinks he is, but the result of a multi-generation breeding program started by an alien race from the other side of the universe! His forefathers were sent to this world to take part in a very specific breeding program to produce a targeted result. Jason discovers he is the one the aliens have been waiting for. After 1500 generations Jason White is the one who the fate of the world rests upon!

Book one in The Circle of Heritage Saga is titled, “Rise of the Death Walkers”

Jason White is a teenager with typical teen age issues. Then he learns he has a destiny in life. Jason is destined to become “The Savior of Mankind”. This destiny follows Jason no matter where he goes and he is not sure he is up to the job. When he begins losing the people he loves to the enemy he runs away.

Insecta: Planet of the Ants (Book 1 – Zombie Queen)

by W Thor Larson


Take the best Nat Geo WILD specials on ants, mix in the Discovery Channel’s “Monster Bug Wars,” cast the brew in fantasy, and you’ve got Insecta: Planet of the Ants (Book 1 – Zombie Queen). Iridescent imagination flies high, burrows deep, and attacks head-on in this epic fantasy adventure set in a distant bioluminescent world where giant insects rule and powerful ant queens lock mandibles in a deadly chess game of massive proportions.

Although the queens command the board, the game is much more complex than they suppose. The pincers of Providence control their fortunes and dangers lurk on every side: voracious ladybug bands, ravenous centipede hatchlings, vicious acid-spitting butterfly menaces, amoebae pandemics, hulking fire ant super soldiers, exploding kamikaze carpenter ants, and a slaver queen’s mysterious arts. But no monster is more feared than the tiny and lethal Phorid fly├ó??the zombie maker! Mantis claw swords and beetle shell shields are no match. Armored millipede tanks and huge war beetles are no defense. Massive bulwarks and moats of tar offer no refuge.

After an impossibly large swarm of Phorids overwhelms his mound, Nodosa braves the desert plains in search of the famed leafcutter fortress desperate to enlist their aid. Little does he know that he’ll become the catalyst of a gallant attempt to rescue his queen from a nest filled with thousands of zombie ants and their fly spawn, the inescapable skirmish between leafcutters and the fire ant horde, and the miraculous healing of a very special egg.

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