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The Library of Lost Books

by Darius Jones

Where do lost books go?

The Babylonian texts thrown in the Tigris by the Mongol invaders of Baghdad. The sequel to Gogol’s Dead Souls burned to ashes by its own creator. The original edition of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom misplaced by T.E. Lawrence in a train station. Are these books destroyed forever in those moments? Or does a piece of them live on?

By day, Darius is a struggling ad writer. One night, he slips into a hitherto undiscovered world where a small group of determined guardians preserve lost books. As he explores this new world, he learns the techniques used for gathering and preserving the lost manuscripts.

But all is not well. Darius’ arrival has set in motion a series of events that threatens to bring down the entire world. If Darius hopes to preserve the Library and all it contains, he must reach within himself to find the strength to face the greatest threat this world has ever known.

Where do lost books go? They go to the Library of Lost Books.

Silence After the Storm

by Adrian R. Magnuson

A five-hundred-acre island is a small place when its inhabitants are at odds, and both inside and outside forces throw them together. Roger Whitney needs to find forgiveness for past mistakes, in and out of bed, but keeps making them. Kit Wales needs a father, but another woman is in the way and her mother doesn’t seem to care. She’s got bigger problems, money problems, and no way to solve them except for a sketchy and dangerous plan that seems destined to backfire. Then there’s Joe. Still on patrol in Nam. Still looking for his buddy.

“Silence After the Storm is an intriguing tale and a worthy follow-on to Adrian Magnuson’s debut novel, Taking Flight. The combinations of love in Silence are odd, numerous, complicated and engaging. We see into Roger’s heart and mind – he speaks to us even when, literally, he cannot speak. His is the first person voice, but the author also gives us the perspectives of the other “inmates” on Limpia Island.

I’ll never forget spirited Kit, mysterious Allie, wise Doc, lost Joe, stranded Lea and toughest of them all, island owner, Kat Wales – the sixth generation of Kat’s to command, protect, and frustrate all island dwellers. And let me not forget to mention Mr. B, Magnuson’s first portrayal of Man’s Best Friend – a not-so-Golden Doodle whose antics help connect the other characters in ways they could not have imagined.

This book is about love, forgiveness and redemption. The author delivers on all three. One bit of warning to lovers of Taking Flight: this book has more edge. The pace is faster with even more challenging characters to come to love and embrace. If you are put off by occasional profanity or by intimate scenes, maybe you should take a pass on this book, but if you do, you’ll be missing something wonderful.”

Sarah E. Mackaman, author of Darling Edith, Dearest Wayne: WWII Correspondence of Two Young Lovers

Delphine Dodd

by S.P. Miskowski

Before the town had a name, people buried their dead on the mountainside. Now Mont des Morts exists only in memory but its ghosts still haunt Delphine’s family.

First in a series of three novellas set in the world of Knock Knock.

Delphine Dodd not only expands and illuminates the tragedy in the brilliant novel, Knock Knock, but also further proves Miskowski possesses that talent most enviable in a writer: she makes you *believe*.” — Simon Strantzas, author of Nightingale Songs

“Miskowski doesn’t merely craft ‘atmosphere,’ she generates gravity. Dark and compelling, Delphine Dodd is a singularity… pick it up and its pull is inescapable.” — Ennis Drake, author of Twenty-Eight Teeth of Rage


by Inge Moore

A lonely young woman longs for more in her life.  Desperately seeking intimacy and love, she fears that she may find something much more sinister.

In Einstein, Moore brings us a fresh character, a young woman looking to discover true intimacy and love but terrified by what she may uncover.

Einstein first appeared in Prairie Fire, A Journal of Canadian Writing. The story boldly yet subtly portrays the loneliness, longing and fear that entwine a young woman’s soul.

For more stories by Inge Moore, check out REFLECTIONS AND ACCIDENTS, A Collection of Short Stories, and AS CRAZY AS YOU, A Collection of Short Stories, both available on Kindle.

The Silence of Water

by Valerie Morales

When her daughter leaves home to find herself Nomi is distraught. Mariah is not like other seventeen year olds. She is a celebrated prodigy in the area of classical music. She has traveled the word performing complicated pieces by Strauss and Beethoven and yet she has kept a secret her inner struggle with success and failure. At the age of fifteen, overwhelmed by the demands and expectations fostered upon someone brilliant she stopped playing altogether, stopped performing, stopped practicing. Without the structure of music there was the structure of nothingness. Mariah drifted in and out of friendships and normalcy. Now she is gone, disappeared. Her mother hires a private detective to find her. He eventually locates Mariah in a remote area migrants inhabit, a small place on the map, Dos Mujeres. Nomi and Will go to get their daughter and in a struggle to make her leave, a violent incident harms all three but it is Mariah who is the physically injured one.

Five years later Mariah is twenty two and has a child. Her memory of her last night in Dos Mujeres is sketchy, typical of brain injuries. Her life is different now. She has a lover, she has a son. But her relationship with her mother is in a state of fog. It worsens when Mariah learns her mother has hired a writer, an east coast woman, to pen her memoirs. This triggers Mariah’s anxiety, nervous about what may be written of her, Mariah slowly descends into habits she formed as a homeless seventeen year old. And then. One afternoon while driving home from the market, her baby boy in the back of the car, Mariah crashes into a lamp post on a busy corner and several witnesses report to the police she ran through the red light intentionally.

In the legal aftermath Nomi is awarded temporary custody of Mariah’s son while Mariah is in jail. How can she trust her daughter anymore? Is she stable? But when Mariah comes home she wants her son back and it’s a contest of wills. But who do our children belong to? Us? Or the world at large?

The Silence of Water is an evolving drama of guilt and love and grief whereas there is a price to be paid for all things.


by Inge Moore

In this coming-of-age story, eleven-year-old Celeste is at the quarry with her father when he tells her something that frightens her. More revelations follow from her mother and her best friend, Kathy. Celeste will remember this summer always.

Something of Substance, is the first in a series of stories about Celeste. Others are: The Sheets, An Honest Woman, Cowboys, and Intervention.

These five stories are available also as a Kindle collection, AS CRAZY AS YOU, A Collection of Short Stories.

For more stories by Inge Moore, check out REFLECTIONS AND ACCIDENTS, A Collection of Short Stories, also available on Kindle.


by Inge Moore

Set in England, The Stoat is the story of a young man who joins a karate class for his own reasons. He develops a respect and love for his karate instructor. In the end, he must choose between friendship and revenge.

The Stoat placed first in the Fiction Division of an annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and was published in Story Magazine.

Two Bonus stories are also included, titled, Our Country, and Trees In The Wind.

For more stories by Inge Moore, check out REFLECTIONS AND ACCIDENTS, A Collection of Short Stories, and AS CRAZY AS YOU, A Collection of Short Stories, both available on Kindle.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down (Broken Requiem)

by Jessica Davis

From Rain’s experience of juvenile bullying, we travel into her adopted sister Scarlet’s childhood story of severe abuse, starvation, and her ultimate redemption through Rain herself.

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