Free parenting and families Kindle books for 29 Apr 13

Animal ABC’s

by Em Jade

Alphabet letters with beautifully illustrated animals beside them. This ABC book has a large free standing alphabet letter and the name of the animal is written in different locations to help keep the interest in the word.

What Animal Could I Be?

by Em Jade

36 pages of vibrant photographs!

This fun guessing book shows a close up of an animals hair, fur, and skin. There are rhyming phrases with facts that can be used as hints to help children guess what the animal could be.

Squishy and Harry Meet Wheels (The Adventures of Squishy Gum Bottom & Harry Needles)

by BC Caudill

Squishy and Harry’s classmates and he have a new student who is different. Squishy and Harry are the only ones that invite Wheels to play whith them and allow him to choose the game. This series addresses everyday issues for children from Pre-K and up. This is my first fully illustrated color version. I hope you like it.

Is Your Style of Parenting Harmful? (Successful Parentng Solutions)

by Nancy Sander

Have you been wondering what Style of Parenting is best? Discover an informative and thought provoking paper that explores and describes some common and basic Styles of Parenting. These descriptions will give you a platform from which to choose a basic pattern for your parenting style. Recognize and understand attitude and patterns of behavior within parenting styles. Choose rather than fall into a pattern of parenting; the effect on the family and your children’s healthy development can be enormous.

March of the DA-DA-DI-DOTS (The Adventures of Squishy Gum Bottom and HArry Needles)

by BC Caudill

In the latest adventure Squishy has a sleep over and invites Harry and Wheels. They have a realy fun time and most of all learn patience and sharing. Squishy gets to play Da-Da-Di-Dots with his two best friends.

Blackjack and Fish

by Jill Edmondson

There are many things that remind me of my father, including Blackjack, syringes and bologna. The anecdotes about him include episodes of communing with a monkey, graphing his belly button, and dancing with a dead ladyâ?¦ but doesn’t everybody’s father do those things?

Love’s Escape

by DelVita Ahmed

Leila is married to an abusive man who beats her whenever she does something he perceives as wrong. There was something different, something even more inhumane, about his last beating of her. Leila knows the next beating may mean the end of her life, so she leaves, if only for a little while, but oh how things can change in a matter of hours!

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