Free poetry Kindle books for 29 Apr 13

Another Day of Reasoning(A collection of poetry)

by Victor Ibiteye

Life is… A daring adventure. To others , life is cruel and unpredictable.

Even though life could be cruel, it could be kind and beautiful. And it is full of vanities. And beyond any reasonable doubt, life is full of mysteries.

Either you like it or not, there are significant roles you and i have to play in this journey of life. Because it is a place of glory and it is not meant for mediocre.

Inside my Mind

by Andrew Kishyk

This book contains fifteen different poems, ranging from love, to deep depression. Each poem is vastly different then the previous one. All together describing what life as a male teenager. The author being inspired by other great poets much like William Shakespeare, E. E. Cummings, or Robert Frost. Each entries contains inspiration from each one of these great poets.

Daybreak: Gaining Strength Through Our Pain

by Angela Y. Hodge

This is the author’s first book of inspirational poetry.

Past Clouds

by Bella Jantz

10 new poems from actress Isabella Jantz with 5 new beautiful pictures
“My heart runs through the dark clouds
Beats fast and loud
Screams out
Doesn’t stop
To fight for you…”

A Pen In My Heart

by Bobby Stevenson

A collection of heart felt poems written to make you laugh, cry and laugh again.

Crazy Thoughts

by S. Rivera

A book of poetry created from stolen moments, and strange times, and an original, wondering mind.

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