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by Christian Love

We sin, and forget the sin. But God remembers all our wickedness. Awful, dreadful thought! Every impure imagination, every unhallowed affection, every sinful purpose, though unripened into action, every secret and unknown iniquity, is remembered by that omniscient God, who will judge the secrets of men’s hearts by Jesus Christ, and strictly render to every man according to his works. Oh what a day will that be, which plucks away the mask of hypocrisy from the face of sin! which rolls away the whitened stone from off the loathsome sepulcher; which discloses the impure chambers of imagery, and discovers all the hidden evils of a heart once admired, but now abhorred by an assembled world of saints and angels!
In that day, the wicked will bewail, in bitter reproaches, their forgetfulness of God, and their love of sin; but this bitterness of soul, being utterly destitute of every gracious feeling, will only increase the sharpness of their torment, and give additional strength to the sting of that worm which never dies! Thus, their self-reproaches, and hatred of God, will be commensurate with eternity. Hating Godâ??hating themselvesâ??and hating the dreadful fiends who torment them, they will be wretched, beyond all conception, forever and ever!
Happy are they who receive the truth as little children. Lord, give me right views of the truth, as it is in Jesus; and right feelings and affections towards you, who are the God of my life and of my salvation. Put your fear into my heart, that I may not depart from you. Fill me with a reverential awe of your holy name. Let me never pry into the wisely-concealed purposes of your grace, but ever remember, and practically regard, this important declaration of Moses, “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us and our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

Widow of Gettysburg (Heroines Behind the Lines)

by Jocelyn Green

For all who have suffered great loss of heart, home, health or family; true home and genuine lasting love can be found.

When a horrific battle rips through Gettysburg, the farm of Union widow Liberty Holloway is disfigured into a Confederate field hospital, bringing her face to face with unspeakable suffering-and a Confederate scout who awakens her long dormant heart.

While Liberty’s future crumbles as her home is destroyed, the past comes rushing back to Bella, a former slave and Liberty’s hired help, when she finds herself surrounded by Southern soldiers, one of whom knows the secret that would place Liberty in danger if revealed.

In the wake of shattered homes and bodies, Liberty and Bella struggle to pick up the pieces the battle has left behind. Will Liberty be defined by the tragedy in her life, or will she find a way to triumph over it?

Inspired by first-person accounts from women who lived in Gettysburg during the battle and its aftermath, Widow of Gettysburg is Book 2 in the Heroines Behind the Lines
series. These books do not need to be read in succession.  For more information
& resources about the Heroines Behind the Lines
series, visit

By Love Redeemed (The Chastelayne Trilogy)

by DeAnna Julie Dodson

Complete strangers on their wedding day and separated by war since their honeymoon, can they find true love together?

Even though their time together has been short, Prince Tom is eager for his bride’s return. Though his love for her has grown, Elizabeth makes it clear that she considers him a stranger, not to be trusted. Not to be loved.
Certain the lavish love he claims to have for her cannot be genuine, Elizabeth turns to a deceitful friend who feeds her doubts and insecurities, poisoning her mind against her young husband. Just as Tom’s patient tenderness and steadfast faith begin to soften her heart, he is left with a heavier burden. His brother the king receives news that threatens the stability of the kingdom and his marriage. Forced to go in secret to find the truth behind it, he leaves Tom to deal with the undercurrent of treason and treachery that lies beneath the deceptive quiet of the court. Will Tom be able to hold the kingdom together and win his wife’s heart? Or will she let a seductive stranger lead her away from his unconditional love?

DeAnna Julie Dodson is the author of The Chastelayne Trilogy: “In Honor Bound,” “By Love Redeemed” and “To Grace Surrendered” and the contemporary mysteries, “Letters in the Attic,” “The Key in the Attic,” “The Diary in the Attic” and “The Legacy in the Attic.” Writing as Julianna Deering, she is author of the 1930s Drew Farthering Mystery series which includes “Rules of Murder” and “Death by the Book,” coming from Bethany House Publishers beginning in August, 2013.

Letter to a God

by Theo Von Cezar

A short case against God. God’s existence dilemma will remain an open debate between believers and unbelievers as long as humanity will continue to exist. For some of us the truth is known.

Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Media

by Kyle Tennant

We are all connected. To each other, to our devices, to our networks, to everything… The world of social media has turned the rest of our worlds upside down.

Can you disconnect for three days to assess the situation in your own life? This short book is split into three sections to help you DETOX, DISCERN, and DECIDE what role Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the rest can and should have in your life. Unfriend Yourself will help you think critically, biblically, and practically from a Christian perspective about the merits and ramifications of our social media culture.

Don’t worry, the world can wait; your friends won’t even know you’re gone-seriously, there are over half a billion of them out there. I doubt you’ll be missed.

In Living Color: The Lord’s Prayer

by Paul W. Meier

Instead of rehashed explanations of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, this exploration of the Lord’s Prayer brings 21st century meaning to its time-honored petitions. An interpretation coming out of Aramaic, the poetic and mystical language that preceded Matthew’s version in Greek, yields wider and deeper significance at every level of body, mind, and spirit.

A study guide for small group discussion is included at the end.

Unlock Personal Power Through Dreams: 40 Keys to Find Your Unique Path

by Steven Fox Ph.D.

Unlock Personal Power Through Dreams: Synopsis
How do you unlock personal power through dreams? Are they simply products of overactive imaginations or the result of that last bowl of ice cream before bed?
After years of work as a private-practice clinical psychologist, Dr. Steven G. Fox has compiled a list of the 40 most common and key themes in dreams, along with explanations of their meanings and several examples of how to interpret them, using actual dreams. Designed for use by fellow clinicians, this handy reference is written in language an interested layman can also easily grasp. The general tone of the book is relaxed yet professional. The casual reader won’t feel intimidated, but the professional won’t be insulted by a simplistic approach.
A random sampling of the numerous themes and symbols covered includes water, flying, pets, colors, food, and numbers. Dr. Fox gives each symbol or theme its own chapter, with a brief explanation of its meaning and then provides several sample dreams from real (but anonymous) clients, along with detailed interpretations of the situations their dreams address.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of dream symbols and interpretation; it is designed to serve as a useful starting point for those seeking an easily accessible and logically explained collection of dream meanings. Following the interpretation chapters, Dr. Fox provides a bibliography and reference list for those interested in further reading, as well as a short glossary of some select terms used throughout the work.

About the Author
Fox, a private-practice licensed psychologist with over 25 years experience, says, “Having this book at the beginning of my practice would have reduced the amount of time it took me to get to where I am now by at least ten years.”
It was while recovering from complications from an experimental treatment for MS (which was ultimately successful) that Fox had a recurring dream that facilitated his recovery and led to his fascination with dreams and their meanings. Fox and his wife Deborah Brogan, a board certified psychiatrist, currently reside and share a private practice office in Mesa, Arizona.

True Cover – Book 2 – Bluecreek Ranch

by Ruth Kyser

This book continues the story which began in “True Cover”.

Samuel Clemens Morgan and his FBI team are back. After a shootout ‘gone bad’ injures all three members of the team, Sam and his team are separated for a time. As Sam tries to recover both mentally and physically, he starts to doubt his faith and what God has planned for his life. Then an unexpected emergency sends Sam and his family to Montana. Events start taking place which cause Sam to wonder about the wisdom of that decision and worry–After all these years, have his wife’s past enemies finally found her?

Boundaries: A New Way to Look at the World (Hartmann on Boundaries)

by Ernest Hartmann

Twenty years ago, noted psychiatrist and dream researcher, Ernest
Hartmann, developed the concept of ‘boundaries’ as a dimension of
personality. With his new book, Boundaries: A New Way to Look at the World, Hartmann extends the boundaries concept beyond the individual and into the world at large.

  • How do boundaries affect our dreams, and is there a biological connection?
  • How do boundaries play out in relationships at work, at home or in love?
  • What happens to boundaries when countries or individuals are threatened?
  • Can boundaries help us understand terrorism, world peace or international relations?
  • What about art, science, philosophy and religion – can boundaries affect them as well? 

addresses each topic in accessible language, one chapter at a time, in a
book that broadens our understanding of the outside world while
deepening our understanding of ourselves. 213 pages. Index, references.

EverPress is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your purchase supports everything
from free books for libraries to financial assistance for graduate

7 Days With Adam

by Jay Speights

7 Days With Adam is about Adam, the first man, who visits me and shatters many of my core beliefs about God, creation, the basic nature of humans, this world and, his and Eve’s real legacy. After the 7 day visit, he leaves me fully enlightened with actual exercises, prayers and meditative techniques that we can all use to access our Divine Inner Power and use it to achieve mastery in our lives. This book is a testament to the value of story telling in spirituality, disciplined spiritual practice and being attuned to the Higher Self and Divine Inner Light that is in all of us.


by Samantha Bennett

Sixteen-year-old Norla was born a slave in the kingdom of Reislan, destined to a life of grueling labor atop King’s Mountain. Freedom is nothing but a halfhearted dream until Pallo, a young count bound by his own unwanted destiny, chooses the beautiful Norla to be his suryan, the mistress of his household. Resourceful and fiercely independent, Norla plans to use her new position at the palace to secure her mother’s freedom.

Norla does not plan on catching the eye of the powerful but wicked King Vaskel, who sets an impossible quest; if Pallo can accomplish it, Norla’s mother will be freed. If Pallo dies trying, however, Norla will belong to the kingâ??a life of slavery far worse than any on the mountain.

So begins the quest for Penumbra, an infamous criminal whose capture will bring them favor, fortune, and freedom. But Norla and Pallo soon unearth much more than a criminal: masked assassins, ancient armies, and a mysterious man who carries the heavy fate of kingdoms upon his dusty shoulders. Before the quest is over, Norla and Pallo must decide what they believe, who they believe, and how much they are willing to risk for true freedom. (YA Inspirational Fantasy recommended for ages 14 and up)

One Lane Bridge: A Novel

by Don Reid

What J. D. needs is a little peace and quiet. He is trying to run two restaurants, keep his daughter from dropping out of college, and satisfy his lonely, aging mother. Cash begins to disappear from one of the restaurants, and he and his wife argue about how to deal with the problem.

One tranquil evening, J. D. takes off on a ride in the country to clear his mind. Top down, setting sun, wind in his hair … leak in the radiator. When he walks up to an old farmhouse to ask for water, he finds a family living in poverty, and vows to help. When he returns with groceries, he can’t find them or the houseâ??although he’s not lost. While J. D. struggles to make sense of this mystery, his behavior creates doubt in his marriage, and even his best friend thinks he’s crazy. And when he solves it, his life is changed forever.

Feeling Happy Punk? Well Are Ya?!

by Rohan Healy

Want to know “The Simple Solution to Every Relationship Problem”?

Or how to “Conquer Your Fear of Rejection”?

How about learning “How to Get Rid of a Bully or Psychopath!”

Or “How to Have Everything You Want, Today!”

Rohan Healy, the author of “Greeks to Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st Century”, “The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do The Same Form You” and the “Gyaros” series of science fiction action/adventure novels has compiled the 37 most viewed, talked about and searched for articles from the Rohan 7 Things blog and presents them fully organized and formatted in “Feeling Happy Punk? Well Are Ya?!”

Through these articles Rohan shares the very techniques he used to overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, unfulfilling relationships, bullying and much more.

Want to know “How to Make or Break any Habit”?

Or “How to Never Be Offended”?

Find out “Why Your Deodorant is Killing Your Love Life!”

And even learn the “6 Reasons Why Lemons Are the World’s Most Amazing Fruit!”

Read these articles and many more in “Feeling Happy Punk? Well Are Ya?!” and begin your journey back to your innate sense of happiness and contentment.

Damaged: A Violated Trust (Secrets)

by Melody Carlson

Sixteen-year-old Haley’s life is about to change. With divorced parents, she’s allowed to choose who to live with. Tired of Mom’s restrictions (like no dating), she picks laid-back Dad, although that means she’ll have to go to a new school. But even that situation starts to look up when hottie Harris Stephens flirts with her. And when he asks her out, Haley ecstatically accepts.

Chalking up a mysterious warning about Harris to jealousy, Haley continues seeing him. But infatuation turns to devastation when Harris does something totally unexpected. Humiliation and peer pressure keep Haley from disclosing what happened, and with no one to talk to, her torturous secret is overwhelming.

Are You Ready? The End Times and the Antichrist

by Kimberly M. Hartfield

In Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 17, 21 Jesus tells the followers about a time when the world will be in chaos with wars, famines, disease, tsunamis, earthquakes, persecution of Christians and Jews, lack of love, lack of interest in the church, cosmological chaos, and so forth. This time period is described as being like birth pangs which get stronger and closer together as the time draws near. We are already experiencing the beginnings of trouble, with nation coming against nation, and land against land: with a great lack of food, and deadly diseases, and natural disasters, in many different places. These are hard times to be sure, but they aren’t without the grace of Almighty God.

31 Bible Verses For Addctions (31 Bible Verses By Subject Series)

by Charis Brown

This essential quick reference tool will help empower you to break free from every addiction and or bondage – starting with 31 Key verses of Scripture.

It starts with a Groundbreaking introduction, 31 Bible Verses for Addictions in full text (in the King James Version and in the Amplified version where stated) and Scripture Meditation Tips.

“31 Bible Verses For Addictions” provides what you need to begin your journey to FREEDOM using scriptures!

It is one of the eBooks in the 31 Bible Verses by Subject Series.


by Derek Murray

This is a series of notes produced for an open development circle in Worcestershire. Development Circles are run by experienced mediums providing a calm and safe environment in which to encourage the abilities required for spiritual growth or to develop mediumistic ability. Spiritual organizations and churches throughout the world hold open or development circles. A Circle is where people gather to work with Spirit. An open development circle such as the one I run in Worcester is usually the first step someone takes to gain basic knowledge and experience, it’s called an open circle because that’s exactly what it is, open, open to anyone regardless of religious belief, class or ability. Closed circles are where the same group meet to work together. Because they become comfortable and familiar with one another, a closed circle can take you deeper into the unseen world. People usually progress to a closed circle when they feel they have gone as far as the open circle will allow. Due to its nature of an open circle, the same subjects will be repeated again and again. People come and go, some totally new, while others may turn up every now and again. I don’t consider this to be a bad thing, as revisiting areas that have been discussed helps in the process of learning and giving a deeper understanding. The following sections are written with the intention of providing general notes for those thinking of running a circle or for any one considering taking part. Every circle will take its own direction. Each section is a stand-alone module that can be used or discarded as required. This book is not a rode map but can be used as a reference work that will assist you along the path you have chosen. The main body of the script is written in standard text. (Each time a term, word or phrase is use that needs further explanation it will be indicated with an * and the comments shown in a smaller italic typeface within brackets.) These explanation notes will be shown after the paragraph in which they were used. What I have written is intended as a guide, it’s not cast in stone. Your reasoning may well differ to mine but please understand that I wish to give no offence and what I have written has been written with love.

Waters of Grace: Christianity for the Nonreligious

by Israel Sanchez

“Although God chooses us before our birth, our path to Him is filled with uncertainty on our part. Everyone has a different story. Everyone experiences events that one way or another end up being connected through time in a divine tapestry of sovereignty.”- From the Introduction

During his early years, Israel Sanchez grew up fearing God, but he didn’t know much about him. He seemed to be a distant Being, someone living in a mansion in the sky. When he had to leave Cuba without either of his parents at the age of 11, God as a Father became more than a heartwarming notion, it became a reality. More than a memoir, Waters of Grace, tackles contemporary issues faced by Christians today and points readers to the reality of God.
For those love, for those who hurt, for those who ask the tough questions. Waters of Grace is for you.

For My Mother Tells Me So

by Douglas Browning

Esther Doris attempts to keep her conservative stranglehold on her daughter Eileen as she leaves for a bigger city to go to college. Eileen travels on a path of self discovery and uncovers dark secrets about her past while learning more about herself.

No Forwarding Address

by Taylor Hamilton

Rarely seen adoption documents. If you are part of the adoption triangle, then this will be informative and eye-opening for you whether searching for someone or not.

After moving somewhere around 22 times – around town or around the country – it became obvious that I had accepted Jesus as my Savior and then did it my way anyway! No matter how many times I moved, or what the reasons might have been, I also couldn’t help but see that I may have changed my address, but Jesus did not.

So how did I find my way back? My journey takes you from Wisconsin, to Missouri, back to Wisconsin, on to Alaska, eventually to New Mexico (and back to Wisconsin) and then home to Minnesota. This is a roller coaster ride you will not believe. If I still can’t believe it and I lived it, then you will enjoy every bit of this 3-part series.

Join me as I make my way through the minefield that included a federal agent, deputy medical examiner, funeral director, various examples of the male variety and finally found my way back to the only One who matters and the truly God-given husband meant just for me.

In the end, you will share asking Jesus into my life, then ignoring Him and finally coming to know that no matter how often we change our address, there has been one – and only one – person in my life who never changed theirs.

The Seeking Mystic: Sermons Of Rudolph A. N. Rukavishnikov

by Rudolph A. N. Rukavishnikov

Sermon 1: The Irony of Humanity

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” (Ps. 82:6-7)

“Ye are gods . . . but yes shall die like men.” This is the irony of humanity. Being created in God’s image, we have divine powers and capacities. We can act, create, build, conquer. We think, create, and love.

Yet, we shall “die like men.” We wither, age, corrupt, and die. Our biggest death is our folly.

So what are we to make of humanity? Are we gods on earth, or are doomed to a few quick breaths, and then death? I think the answer lies in ourselves. Remember that we are created in God’s image, and are “a little lower than Eloheim.” (Ps. 8:5) We have in a rudimentary or embryonic state, the same powers that God has.

In Search of Ganesha, the God of Overcoming Obstacles

by Pria Acharya

Obstacles are a part of life. We can access tools within us to handle and manage the obstacles we experience and reach our goals and potential, while creating peace and joy in our life.


by Nick Sturgeon

Live Your Best Life is a book that takes you gently by the hand and walks you through the life you have and the life you want, showing you how to bring them closer together.

Looking at Your Environment, Your Thinking, Your Money, Your Family, Your Work, Your Relationships, Your Well Being, and at Your Love, this book gives you helpful insight into what it takes to ensure that it’s Your Best Life.

Be there more often
Home as a place of Strength
Be IN the Room!
Home as a reflection of yourself

Choose your own thoughts
Leave others be
Personal Effectiveness

Face the reality of it
Earning it
Keeping it
Paying down debt
Making it work for you – Saving
Increase it – Investment. Learn about it
Prosperity Consciousness

Acknowledge Them
Make Time for them
Stay in Touch
So many People, so little Time
Stick with your Commitments
Leave a Learning Legacy for Your Children

Do Something You Love
Make it Second Best
Avoid the Commute. Keep the Focus
See it as Service
Be a Mentor
Think Win – Win
If they don’t like you, it’s not Personal
Get out of your own way

They don’t grow on Trees
You have to work at them
Don’t take People for Granted
Have ones that Support You
Let go of the ones that Hurt You
How about the one with Yourself?

Stress, Worry and Fear
Make time for You
Enough is Enough
Stop chasing Rainbows
Be Grateful

Give It
Forgiveness – You and Others
Letting Go
Attracting Love
Accepting and Receiving Love
It will be Remembered
Look after the Love

You are in Control
Change Happens
Attracting the Results You Want
Vision and Values

The Christmas Story Is It True?

by Jeanie Blanton-Trimble

The Christmas Story Is It True? is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon’s FREE Kindle application for PC.

Are you ready to learn the true story of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ? If so, The Christmas Story Is It True? is a must read for you and your family. There are so many stories about the birth of Jesus that I felt a need to write the true story based exactly on the scriptures of the gospels books, Luke and Matthew. You will learn there were two miracle births only six months apart during this magical time and view the predictions of the Old Testament as they come true in the New Testament. You will be able to follow along, verse by verse as this beautiful story of the miracle birth unfolds, and you can be with Mary as the angel Gabriel visits her and gives her the good news that she is favored of God and that she will be the mother of God’s son. You will journey with Mary as she makes haste and visits her cousin Elizabeth and be with Joseph as he ponders whether he can marry Mary or put her away. Then you will take the journey with Mary and Joseph as they leave Galilee and go to Bethlehem to be taxed, and while there, be an eyewitness to the birth of Mary’s firstborn, and see her wrap him in swaddling clothes and lay him in the manger. You will be singing “Oh Holy Night” as the shepherds come to visit the babe in the manger, and later you will get to see the Wise Men as they follow the Star of Bethlehem to the house where the Holy Family is living as they present their gifts to the young child. Later when King Herod plans to kill all the babies under two, take the flight to Egypt with the Holy Family as they flee for their lives in the middle of the night. What a journey and what a beautiful story Luke and Matthew report of this wonderful miracle birth of Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Discover and Maximize Your Thoughts and Watch the Weight Fall Off (Natural Weight Management)

by Mike Benkin

Working with the best weight loss plan is not guaranteed to have maximum result without the right mindset. In fact, with the correct mindset, you are in absolute great position to have serious results with just a simple weight loss plan. Understand your thoughts and how it can drive you to success. You have the mind power to control;to make decisions;to achieve your desired goals. Master it and utilize it fully with your weight loss plan and expect to see what you expected.

Topics Covered:


Chapter 1: Promote Weight Loss with the Power of Your Mind
– What motivates people to desire weight loss?
– Why do you want to lose weight?

Chapter 2 – The Power of Thought: What Creates a Leader?
– How can power of thought and desire help you?
– How to use power of thought to lose weight
– Finding the right formula – make weight loss easier

Chapter 3 – The Reality Behind Weight Loss: How Difficult Is It Really?
– Understanding your mind – why is change so difficult?
– Ways to welcome change and make a difference
– Living with a fresh attitude to bring change

Chapter 4 – Footsteps of Inspiring Leaders: Stop Following the Herd!
– Want to become successful? Follow the right leaders!
– Condition your mind to think – â??Success’!

Chapter 5 – Master Your Mind in Just 7 Days
– Change your thinking to promote weight loss
– Use hypnosis to bring about change
– Drawing inspiration from weight loss pioneers


Healing & Mystical States Are Just a Breath Away: Personal Experiences with Holotropic Breathwork

by Andy Grant

Healing & Mystical States Are Just a Breath Away shares six first-hand reports of the powerful personal growth and transformation tool, Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic Breathwork is an amazing modality for healing and insight in which “breathers” reach non-ordinary states of consciousness via accelerated deep breathing, evocative music and a safe group setting. The author digs into his personal journals to encourage others to learn more about this simple yet extremely effective tool.

I love the church – Missional Churches

by Kevin Wilcock

This book covers the characteristics of missional and incarnational churches

Chapter 1 – The missional church
Chapter 2 – The emerging church
Chapter 3 – The incarnational church
Chapter 4 – Where is the Holy Spirit in the emerging church?
Chapter 5 – Emerge or submerge: Missionalise or Internalise


by Michael Delaware

The word ‘Inspiration’ derives from Latin and literally means to: “Breathe in and be filled with spirit of the gods”. It refers to any influence that drives one to inhale, enliven and animate oneself in a way to infuse this sensation of ‘supernatural influence’ and experience ‘spiritual motivation’ as a result, and this could be said to be ‘inspiration’. Inspiration impels artistic creation, spiritual illumination and endurance of the soul.

This book is about the exploration and finding of inspiration in life in many corners of the soul. It is about knowing where others have found inspiration, even when there seems to be no hope. It also is about finding the light of inspiration, and sharing it with others to build a brighter tomorrow.

In this book you will discover the following:
– How does one find inspiration when they seem to have lost it?
– Where does one find new ideas?
– How can artists re-inspire themselves?
– Where has mankind for ages found inspiration?
– What is the benefit of inspiring others?
– How can pursuing inspiration in daily life illuminate one’s outlook on life?
– How does one find inspiration, even in bad times?
– What is the relationship between imagination and inspiration?

This book is designed to inspire you to take on the challenges of achieving your goals and open new doors that will help you ‘breathe in the spirit of the gods’ in your life for real, and realize that you are capable or more than you have allowed yourself to consider possible. It is about finding your dreams and realizing them.

Master of Me

by Penny Hemans


Have you heard of ‘Shaktipat’? Then – Read On!!

During my adventures travelling through India in 1985-1986, I had the good fortune of being accompanied, guided and looked after by an incredibly spiritual man. He had just become my then, life partner, and I acknowledge the fact that I was tough to teach, hard to deal with and ignorant of the spiritual world as he knew it. This is my Journey of Discovery! The story is fictional, but as you will gradually become aware, a proportion of the dialogues between Harry, the Master, and Daniel, the Narrator, include some factual discussions we shared during our relationship. As for the meditation ‘events’ these too are based on my own experiences during our stay in the Ashram just north of Bombay. I wrote this in 1990 and have resurrected the manuscript for whatever reason! . All these are a tribute to Harry and his teachings. Bless you for taking the time to share this with me. Penny Hemans
30 January 2007
Dedicated to Tim for his patience, and to all my family and friends who have been on this journey with me. To Sophie, my daughter, and to William, my son, who have shared parallel journeys and taught me so much. . Thank You and God Bless.
21 September 2012:

Angels, the Good the Bad and the Ugly

by Linwood Sprouse

Exploring Angelic existence, is this the final frontier? Angels, who are they, and what involvement do they have in our lives? The whole concept of this mystical creature is difficult to assimilate in the depths of our minds. It is one thing to imagine angels exist, but quite another to actively believe they participate in human existence.
Hollywood creates such a vast array of movies depicting life in the supernatural realm where spirits abide; it is difficult to imagine anything good exists in the unseen dimension of the spiritual world. While people generally say they believe angels exist, no one actually expects the protective hand of super human strength to both guide and protect their lives. The mysticism surrounding this heavenly creature is barely more than imaginary fantasies. There is a vast difference between confession and belief when speaking of life in the spiritual realm.
Attempting to have a sane discussion concerning the existence of spiritual beings, we must answer the question in our own hearts about whom and what we believe. All discussion must begin with God; do we believe he is real? There is no denying the authenticity of life in the unseen realm and admitting the existence of God is debatable. Men and women debate the existence of God every day. However, no rhetorical conversation and musings of the mind will ever alter reality. God is real, or he is not, it is that simple. Generally, most people believe a supernatural force or spirit exists, somewhere. The opinion of the masses reveal a deep-seated belief someone or something created everything we see and touch, meaning there is a deep-seated belief in master architect who designed everything we see and touch.
What do Angels do, if they in fact are real? Is it possible to live in a constant awareness of their presence without appearing insane? What potential is there for human beings to acquire supernatural abilities that transcend the laws of nature? Jesus said “if you believe, you can say to this mountain, “MOVE” get down into the sea” and it would in fact happen. It was the words of Jesus who implied those who believe could walk in the dimension of the supernatural, but then as we survey the vast sea of humanity, does anyone walk that walk, or is it all just talk? Historically, the Bible reveals supernatural beings walked this earth long before the flood, and for the inquisitive mind, we should ask do they still exist today? To live and move in this realm requires one fundamental element; faith in that which we cannot see.

The Easter Story… Is It Really True?

by Jeanie Blanton-Trimble

The Easter Story Is It Really True? is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon’s FREE Kindle application for PC.
The Easter Story Is It Really True? Have you been asking yourself this question? Have you heard so many stories about Easter that you don’t know which one to believe? You are not alone in your quest. Since that horrendous trial and crucifixion of Jesus in A.D. 33, the whole world has pondered this question, The Easter Story Is It Really True? and have asked themselves, “Can It Really Be True?” If you are one of those people that have been searching for the answers to the question, The Easter Story Is It Really True? then you are in for the eye-opening treat of your life!

Are you ready to learn the true story of the crucifixion of Jesus? If so, then The Easter Story Is It Really True? is the book you must read and invite your family and friends to read.

The Easter Story Is It Really True? begins where my book, The Christmas Story Is It Really True ended. We pick up the life of Jesus as a young Jewish boy growing up in a devout Jewish family. We walk with Jesus as he grows into a handsome young man who is favored of God and man. We close our eyes and see Jesus as He partakes of the Passover Supper with his 12 disciples and we see Judas as he betrays his Master.

We will be with Jesus as He is arrested in the Mount of Olives and we will sit through His trial and see Peter as he denies his Master.

In The Easter Story Is It Really True, the answer to the question, “Who really killed Jesus?” will be answered once and for all.

We will then be with the women who loved Jesus and suffer along with them as they see their loved one hang on the cross, and we will be at the tomb with them when they discover He is Risen.

Are you ready to find out if The Easter Story Is It Really True? Come with me and get ready to be enlightened!

Ectara (Memoirs of a Good Thief)

by Kragg Darthanon

Slave, Gambler, Monk, Thief. Kragg Darthanon was all of these and more.

Darkness is spreading, it’s poison seeping into Erath’s veins. As the world cringes in terror, a handful of misfits stumble into greatness, hoping that once again, light might shine in the shadows. Pursued across Ectara, they search for the one weapon that might give them a fighting chance at survival. After all, when Shadows take on substance and voices call your name in the dark, you cling to whatever hope you can find.

Not all would be heroes are good. Some of them are just good at what they do.

Grace of the Cast Off Cross

by Dolf Unger

In March of 1942, 7,000 American, British, and Dutch Japanese POWs on the island of Java were ordered into camps.

Dolf Unger, a Corporal in the Dutch Royal Army was one of these soldiers. Newly married with an infant daughter, Dolf was not to see his wife and daughter for over three years. This book is a compilation of articles, letters, and mementoes documenting his camp experiences. Dolf’s story is not just one of survival, but of spiritual transformation.

For Dolf, this transformation began one cold fall day when he was forced to shovel scrap metal. In a moment of utter despair, as he cried out silently to God, he kicked a pile of scrap metal. God’s answer came in the form of a perfectly shaped four-inch iron cross, which landed on his boot. Dolf soon became involved in a Christian community in the camp called “The Church Under The Cross”. The spiritual growth and transformation of this community of sick, starving, and often beaten men offers a greater context to Dolf’s own spiritual Journey.

Gratitude is the Only Attitude: Being Thankful Will Take You the Distance

by Katie Lenhart

Gratitude is the Only Attitude: Being Thankful Will Take You the Distance reveals how a gratitude attitude can change your life. Gratitude a way of life is the most powerful tool that a person can have to live a better and happier life. Katie Lenhart unleashes solutions to your problems in your everyday life that can be associated with a negative attitude. Gratitude works. You deserve to live the best life that you can and Lenhart shows you the all important benefits of appreciation and what matters most in life. With gratitude, it will bring you to a much higher level of happiness and appreciation. Lenhart reveals the answers to many questions that you will most likely have. You will only lose out if you don’t read what Katie Lenhart has to offer you about appreciation and being grateful.

It is crucial that you grasp as much knowledge about the power of gratitude and Lenhart delivers to you what you need in this book.
Some of what Lenhart reveals to you inside:

– Just What Really is Gratitude?
– Taking the Different Roads to Expressing Gratitude
– Benefits and Psychology Behind Gratitude
– Gratitude Myths Uncovered
– How Does Gratitude Improve Your Health?
– Gratitude Quotes to Live by
– Is There Really a World Gratitude Day?
– Practice Does Make Perfect
Life is too short to live without a gratitude way of life. The gratitude attitude is the only attitude. Let Katie Lenhart show you now just how and why gratitude is so important in your life!

Introduction to a Gluten Free Diet

by Brian Sorel

This book will help you learn more about a gluten free diet and help you decide if this diet is right for you.

NEVER GIVE UP FACING THE GIANTS, A True Story about Miracles and the Power of God


Thank you for taking the time to read my True Story. Before you start I want to share my vision for what this book is about. You certainly have someone that you love among your family or friends who is facing giants right now.
Perhaps they’re struggling against disease; maybe they’re overcoming an addiction, or facing a personal demon from their past. Some people’s giants loom on the horizon with hulking forms that block out the sun for everyone around; other people face invisible behemoths alone.
I’m here to tell you a story about a God who slays giants.
Travel with me to post-World War II Italy and Luxembourg. There I grew up with six brothers under a dying mother and a paralyzed father striving to defeat poverty–while I struggled against my own neurological disorder. Some days I wanted to bury myself away so no one could see my face contort; so no one would feel me kick them under the table when my legs jerked out of control; so no one would watch the black ink sprawl across the paper when I tried to write and my hands disobeyed. Giants like tobacco addiction, disease, and depression dominated my life.
Maybe you’ve faced seasons like that–seasons where you felt infinitely smaller than the monsters in your closet or the day-to-day disasters that grip everyone now and then. I’d like to share my story with you for those seasons. I’d like to give you a break–transport you to another culture, another place and time, and let you watch Jesus changing lives. The conversations in this story are dramatized stylistically: I don’t know exactly what people said during my parents’ courtship, for example, or what Michele thought word-for-word when he tried to stop me from smoking. Nevertheless the healings, disasters, and battles in this story are all completely real. I was there; other people were there. I want you to know this so you can find strength to face the giants in your life. I want you to know wild miracles really do happen, and you should never give up.
This is a true story about facing real giants.
This is a true story about how they fall.
I hope you come back from your journey refreshed and encouraged.
Antonio Colaci

Peter Grandich: God and Money (ResourcesWire Interviews)

by Kevin Grace

Wall Street star Peter Grandich talks to editor Kevin Grace about his 30 years on Wall Street, gold, stocks and God.

Peter is very frank about his faith, the market, depression and gold.

The Poetic Mind of, A Whispering Traveller

by Brett Causey

The influence of Ireland’s James Joyce lives on through the works of his-legitimate- 21st century Cousin, Brett Austin Causey. Written from the point of view of the young author as he ventured across the mid-western states beginning back in 2008, “The Poetic Mind of, A Whispering Traveller” embodies the emotions of its creator while giving vivid, life like descriptions into the pleasant and, often overlooked, aspects of life that tingle and prick at us everyday. Simple, soothing, contemplative and on the verge of ever something greater, this work is a must have for every lover of poetry, praise and contemplation.

Source Code of The Universe

by Derek Clark

Powerful Affirmations to Change Your Life. Watch the Universe respond when you use The Source Code.

White Witchcraft

by Lauren Stevens

Great book on magic, history, spells, and holistic healing for the beginner or experienced practitioner of white magic.

The Wisdom of Athor

by Evelyn Fuqua Ph.D.

In 1988 a client name Rose came to me with the goal of curing her life threatening condition of environmental illness through hypnotherapy. During the process of almost three years of therapy, we discovered that when Rose was three years, two months old an extraterrestrial spirit by the name of Athor had overshadowed the Rose soul. We further discovered that Athor was one member of a Council of Twelve from the star system Sirius. All indications were that this was a Soul Exchange, but in 2005 Athor “walked out” and Rose eventually determined that this experiment was in fact an “overshawdoing” rather than a Soul Exchange. We spent much of the therapy time trying to determine why such an advanced spirit would choose to inhabit a damaged body from a dysfuntional family. The story of this therapy was documented in From Sirius to Earth written by Dr. Fuqua in 1997.
Cosmic Relationships published in 2012 is based on the numerous personal readings for Dr. Fuqua and her four husbands along with soul readings from Religious Research.
During the time Fuqua worked with Athor until the time he/she walked out, Athor
gave hundreds of soul readings for her clients which went to the root of their problems. Book One includes material used in the Oakdell Multidimensional Research Association (OMRA) Newsletter. The stated purposes of the newsletter were threefold: (1) to disseminate information gleaned from the Athor readings. (2) to give research data regarding the “Walk-In” phenomena and (3) to give a greater understanding of the role of Jesus the Christ in the evolution of Planet Earth.
Future books will use additional material from the numerous readings conducted by Dr. Fuqua through Athor as a channel.

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