Free sports Kindle books for 29 Apr 13

The Simple Art of Bodybuilding: A Practical Guide to Training and Nutrition

by David DLM

This Is The Guide I Desperately Wish I Had When I First Became Serious About Cutting Fat And Building Muscle

 Inside you will learn what parts of your diet directly affect body composition and which key variables must be manipulated in the gym to ensure steady progress. I honestly believe this book is an invaluable resource for anyone new to lifting weights or who feels like their current routine is not optimizing their efforts and yielding quality gains. I have cited scientific studies and references for every claim. 




– Calories & Energy Balance- The Macronutrients- Fats- Carbohydrates- Protein- Water- How Many Calories You Should Eat- Food Selection & What to Eat- Meal Frequency & Timing- How to Count Calories- Supplementation 

Resistance Training

– Compound vs. Isolation Exercises- Barbells, Dumbbells & Machines- Volume & Progression- Repetition Tempo- Tracking Progress- Rest- Form- Upper Body Pushing Exercises- Upper Body Pulling Exercises- Leg Exercises- A Simple Routine- Aerobic Exercise- Stretching & Foam Rolling

Medium Manager: A strange baseball mystery (Simple Guy Series)

by Rix Quinn

GUY SIMPLE is not a detective. He’s a consultant who’s called to unravel strange riddles. He does this through a process of incredibly simple thinking. That’s why he’s called The Simple Guy.

In this short story, he’s summoned to a minor league baseball park to discover the secrets of an ancient manager who wins game after game.

Guy must travel with the team — composed mostly of lethargic players — to find out how this manager inspires mediocre athletes to temporarily perform like superstars.

How does the manager bring out the best in those players? And will the team owner accept what Guy discovers?

For baseball fans, this is a contemporary saga with a hint of history. And for short story fans, it’s a mysterious and upbeat ride with some old baseball players who occasionally shine.

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