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Erotic Sex Stories (Volume 4)

by laura vixen

WARNING: These are erotic short stories for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes, these stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

Three erotic short stories including:

The Cute Babysitter Sleeps Over
Description: A babysitter ends up having to sleep over when the man she works for purposely comes home late with a plan to get into her pants. It works and he gets the chance to suck and fuck her all night.

RIDING on the Train
Description: A teenage boy ends up sharing a train sleeper car with an older woman and gets the night of his life as she sucks and fucks him.

The Neighbor’s Cum Shot Pictures
Description: A young teen girl allowed to use her neighbor’s swimming pool finds out that he has been photographing her and masturbating over the pictures. She gets turned on by the idea and makes him show her what he does, eventually letting him unload all over her.

Excerpt:Mr. Allen watched as she stroked the long brown hair from her face and kept her eyes on his as she bent down to the cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked it onto his balls, before sliding it all the way up to the tip of the hard shaft, her eyes never leaving his. Ellen licked the tip of her tongue around the head of the cock. The excitement on Mr. Allen’s face was obvious and he closed his eyes and moaned as Ellen’s soft lips closed around the head of his cock and slid down onto the hard shaft. He could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against the inside of her cheek as she sucked the hard cock in deeper and worked her tongue around it.

Mr. Allen put his hand to Ellen’s face and stroked her cheek, lifting his hips to force his cock in deeper. He moaned as the teen girl’s head began to bob up and down, her soft lips stroking along the hard cock.

Oh fuck, you’re good,” said Mr. Allen and Ellen could hear his breath coming hard at the pleasure her mouth was giving her. She worked her mouth harder, wrapping her fingers around the hard shaft and stroking it hard at the same time. Ellen then slowed her hand and inched her mouth down the cock. She could feel it sliding along her tongue as she moved her lips closer to the balls. She looked up at Mr. Allen and the sight of her cute mouth filled with cock was an incredible turn on. Ellen clamped her lips around the cock hard and stroked her fingertips over Mr. Allen’s balls, finally working her mouth back up to the tip.

“Fuck,” moaned Mr. Allen. “You’ll make me cum.”

Ellen smiled. “I know,” she said. “I want to feel you cum in my mouth. It’s making me so fucking wet. I’ll get you hard again, don’t worry.”

Restore My Heart (Daddy’s Girls)

by Chelsea Camaron

Bad Boy, Ryder Davenport comes into Dina Fowlers life in the middle of her own personal hell. Still coming to terms with the death of her parents, she pushes everyone away. When she trusts the wrong man, putting her in a bad relationship she felt she couldn’t escape, Ryder comes along. Enjoying his play boy ways, fast cars, motorcycles and a new woman in his bed nightly, Ryder had no thoughts of settling down. That is, until he sees the damage a man can do when he meets a very broken Dina. He changes in hopes of one day being enough for her. But, can she ever feel safe with a man again? Ryder has restored hundreds of classic cars, can he restore Dina’s heart?

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