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The Witch’s Cauldron: A Novel

by Roswitha Hedrun

The Harz Mountains in the late Middle Ages.
Young Dorith is found raped and badly beaten in the forest.

To protect her from a church exorcism, her mother hides her in a distant cloister. There, she slowly regains her strength and her mental state improves.

To secure her future, Dorith trains to be a cook and soon learns she has other abilities too. She is given secret scrolls to study, writings from Hildegard von Bingen and Paracelsus who hid much of their knowledge from the church.

When she is accused of witchcraft and forced to flee the cloister, she begins a long adventure to become a white witch.

Will Dorith ever find her way back to her life and family? Will she ever be safe?

The Witch’s Cauldron has been translated from the original german Novel “Die Hexenkoechin” that has been long time No. #1 in the german amazon bookstore.

Goldie – The walking, talking goldfish.

by Neil V. Taylor

Neil V. Taylor’s “Goldie – the walking, talking Goldfish”.

A “Fastbook Series” title.

“Goldie” is a “walking, talking goldfish” who wants to help someone in life. He comes across a young boy and wants to help him overcome a bully in this panto styled adventure story.

Neil V. Taylor’s “Goldie – the walking, talking goldfish” is part of his “Fastbook series” which are quick reads covering Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Horror and more.
Current titles are :-

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Neil V. Taylor’s “Goldie” ©
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Neil V. Taylor’s “The Ambition” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Gunslinger” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Parasite” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Wanted Man” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Warm Sun” ©

Check out more appearing in the future!

Bitten: The First Book of The One Rises

by Anna Wolfe

“There is another world touching ours that is filled with demons or, at least, that’s what we call them. They call themselves something else entirely, though that is neither here nor there. Every now and again, human beings manage to pull these demons through to our side. The human dies, of course, and the demon gets a person shaped suit to live in. We call these creatures the demonridden.”

Only fanatics and lunatics believe demons can possess human beings. Or at least, that’s what Callie White thought until one possessed her best friend. Now, wanted for murdering the thing that crawled into her friend’s body and dealing with hungers and powers she doesn’t understand, Callie White just wants to die. She just has to make sure no one can bring another demon over before she goes. When that proves more difficult than expected, Callie is pushed to her limits and discovers just how common demon possession really is.

Flames in the Midst (The Jade Hale Series)

by Sarah Reckenwald

What if you denied being a witch your whole life?
What if you believed you killed your own mother?
What if you were wrong?
Jade Hale seeks a normal life as she hides her magical and tragic upbringing. But when destiny steals her from the present to her past, she discovers an unwelcomed truth â?? her mother’s death wasn’t an accident. In a whirlwind of circumstance, her quest for justice sweeps her back to her magical roots, and suddenly, her every decision controls the past, present, and future. Will she be able to hold onto her new life while immersed in the magical world she left behind? Her confusing and disturbing attraction for a strange, yet familiar boy from her past could destroy both.

Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel

by Liz Long

Even in a world of freaks, being a Firestarter is considered a dangerous Gift.

Lucy was born with the ability to create and control fire. She longs to leave the human world for one filled with Earthshakers, Transporters, and Chameleons, to name a few. When she rejoins the circus, it’s everything she hoped it could beâ??new friends, a potential love interest or two, and a place where she can be herself.

When troupe members begin turning up dead, however, Lucy is suspected of foul play. She must not only prove her innocence but also realize the full extent of her power. To find the real murderer, she must uncover the truth behind her father’s fiery legacy while figuring out whom to trust within her new circle. Little does she know the history of the Donovan Circus and its enemies might actually destroy the entire gifted world.

Earth Fire (The Cross-Worlds Coven Series, #2)

by Phil Stern

Earth Fire is the second book in the Cross-Worlds Coven series.

Returning to Earth following the defeat of Lord Gensrow, Tiffany Smith tries to settle into a somewhat normal life. While remaining an operative of the Coven, Tiffany assumes a new cover in a new city, along with a wonderful man to love.

Yet the fissures first exposed within the Coven by the mad wizard have only grown deeper. Indeed, the Council is even less tolerant of Tiffany’s independence, pressing her to once again pursue the hardened, detached lifestyle of a Haven sorceress. And while initially resisting their pressure,Tiffany herself soon develops doubts about her new relationship, wondering just how Blake would react if he knew of Tiffany’s true identity and powers.

However, a new crisis now bursts forth, after a rival group of witches accost Tiffany on Earth. Once more on the front lines of this new conflict, Tiffany realizes she will inevitably be forced to choose between the welfare of the Coven and the man she loves.

But it’s only after infiltrating the enemy witches’ home dimension that Tiffany uncovers secrets shaking her deepest held convictions…and perhaps testing her loyalty to the Coven itself.

The Cross-Worlds Coven Series begins with Witches, available now on Kinde. Earth Fire is the second book, with the third installment to be released in August of 2013.


by Jadie Jones

Eighteen-year-old Tanzy Hightower knows horses, has grown up with them on Wildwood Farm. She also knows not to venture beyond the trees that line the pasture. Things happen out there that can’t be explained. Or undone. Worse, no one but she and the horses can see what lurks in the shadows of the woods.

When a moonlit ride turns into a terrifying chase, Tanzy is left to question everything, from the freak accident that killed her father to the very blood in her veins. Broken and confused, she turns to Lucas, a scarred, beautiful stranger, and to Vanessa, a charming new friend who has everything Tanzy doesn’t.

But why do they seem to know more about her than she knows herself?

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