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History for Kids: The Eskimos and the Inuit

by Charles River Editors

*Perfect for ages 7-10
*Includes pictures

In Charles River Editors’ History for Kids series, your children can learn about history’s most important people and events in an easy, entertaining, and educational way. Pictures help bring the story to life, and the concise but comprehensive book will keep your kid’s attention all the way to the end.

North Americans have long been fascinated by the Inuit, but this level of interest has been matched by a general lack of knowledge about the group itself. For centuries, they have been called Eskimos, despite the fact there are distinct differences within the group and many of them find the use of the word Eskimo offensive.

With that said, the group’s lifestyle has long been of interest to outsiders simply based on the fact that it’s so different. The Inuit live in harsh Arctic climates in Canada, America, Russia, and even Greenland, and they are descendants of the very people who historians believe crossed the land bridge that once connected Russia to Alaska thousands of years ago. Given the Inuit’s history and lifestyle, as well as general Eskimo stereotypes, the Inuit have long been associated with igloos, sleds, pack dogs, and other aspects of culture that people think of when they think of Alaska and freezing weather.

The Inuit’s homelands ensured that they came into less contact with Europeans than other Native American groups in North America, which has also added a degree of mystery to them. Legends and myths about the Inuit spread, including the allegation that they would put babies with physical deformities to death like the Ancient Spartans. Historians still speculate that the Vikings came into contact with the Inuit when Leif Ericson sailed to the northern tip of Newfoundland, and it’s even believed that the Inuit’s movements in that region (including to Greenland) helped displace the Europeans from their earliest colonies in what would later be deemed the New World nearly 500 years later.

History for Kids: The Eskimos and the Inuit comprehensively covers the culture and history of the famous group, profiling their origins, their history, and their lasting legacy. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, your kids will learn about the Eskimos and Inuit like never before.

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Bullying

by Kristina Andersen

Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

Joey’s the really annoying kid in our class who farts and plays pranks on everyone. Do you know the type? Well, one day Joey got bullied by some mean big kids. This story shows how by sticking up for each other we can overcome the bullies.

This short story has approximately 970 words.

Dogs and Cats : Sharing Christmas (Christmas Picture Book)

by Melissa Hayes

Dogs and Cats : Sharing Christmas is a picture book that shows such lovely dogs and cats sharing christmas spirits.
It was created for children who enjoy in looking at cute and adorable pictures of animals.

The Pirates (Fun Book For Children)

by Melissa Hayes

Follow Captain Bill and his friends as they try to find the treasure. Beautifully illustrated pirate book for kids age 2-5. Perfect as a bedtime story.

Cute Animals on Christmas : Picture Books for Kids

by Melissa Hayes

Cute Animals on Christmas is a picture book that shows such adorable animals with Christmas atmosphere surroundings.
It was created for kids who enjoy in looking at cute and adorable pictures of animals.

The Hairy Dogmother

by Julia Dweck

Harry is a beagle with a secret. Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, but did you know that some dogs can grant wishes, too? Harry’s a hairy fairy from his head to his knees, except that he scratches and has lots of fleas. Readers will be hooked on the fun and fast paced action of this comical rhyming tale. The Hairy Dogmother is for every little girl who has ever dreamed of being a princess.

Your First Dog! A Children’s Book About Owning & Caring For Dogs

by Brian G. Johnson

Dog owner Brian G. Johnson share’s the joy’s of owning and caring for a dog, starring Otis Johnson the standard poodle. Kids will be charmed by the photos of dogs in this book which parents will also appreciate. For children, much of the joy of having a dog is that dogs always want to play. They rarely tire of chasing balls or Frisbees, and they might even pitch in to help a kid fly a kite. There is little that is that is of interest to children that dogs won’t want to do with them.

Children will be amused by the illustrations, but the text will also inform them about the needs of dogs. For parents, adding a dog to the family can be exhausting if the children are not prepared to share in the responsibility. This book is intended to teach children how to do that.

Children recognize that dogs are natural playmates that delight in shared activities, but they may not realize that having a dog means taking on some jobs. For kids, this book uses great photos to show many of the joys of playing with, training, and loving a dog. Kids will laugh at and adore the illustrations of rambling dogs and children, but the text will teach them how having a dog is a responsibility.

Providing exercise by walking or running with the dog, cleaning up after it, feeding and providing water, and brushing and grooming are among the duties that are discussed and illustrated. Appropriate training by never hitting or hurting the animal is emphasized.

Children are helped to understand that dogs learn by having consequences happen quickly in relationship to the dog’s behavior. They are encouraged to pay attention to the desired canine behavior rather than to the misbehavior. Focusing on the positive and providing praise and small, appropriate food rewards are the training techniques that are put forward as appropriate for children to use.

Once a family decides it is ready for a dog, the selection of one is a major decision. Expert advice as to the suitability of specific breeds is provided along with photos of each kind. Temperament, size, and trainability are the major considerations in the recommendations so that the family can avoid the disappointment and frustration of getting a dog whose needs the family cannot meet.

For parents, this book is a guide to preparing their children for dog ownership. It discusses the value of having a dog in teaching children compassion, empathy, and responsibility. Criteria are provided to help parents to judge when the child is ready for a dog.

If parents realize their children are not yet ready to have a dog, ideas are presented for motivating the kids to change their behaviors. The emphasis is on learning to follow through on tasks without requiring constant, repetitive reminders, being able to restrain impulses so as not to lash out at others when frustrated, maintaining order by putting belongings away, and, in general, having a more cooperative attitude at home.

Whether kids read this book independently or with a parent, it should stimulate meaningful conversation about readiness for dog ownership and the kinds of duties that having a dog would impose.

History for Kids: The Illustrated Lives of Julius Caesar & Cleopatra

by Charles River Editors

*Perfect for ages 7-9
*Includes pictures of busts of Caesar, Cleopatra, and depictions of important people, places, and events in their lives.

“I would rather be the first man in a humble village, than the second man in Rome” – Caesar

“Her beauty, as we are told, was in itself not altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her; but converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behaviour towards others, had something stimulating about it. There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever language she pleased…” – Plutarch

Possibly the most important man of antiquity, and even all of history, was Julius Caesar. Alexander Hamilton, the famous American patriot, once remarked that “the greatest man who ever lived was Julius Caesar”. Such a tribute, coming from one of the Founding Fathers of the quintessential modern democracy in reference to a man who destroyed the Roman Republic, is testament to the enduring mark that Caesar left upon the world. The ultimate conqueror, statesman, dictator, visionary, and opportunist, during his time in power Caesar expanded the borders of Rome to almost twice their previous size, revolutionized the infrastructure of the Roman state, and destroyed the Roman Republic for good, leaving a line of emperors in its place. His legacy is so strong that his name has become, in many languages, synonymous with power: the Emperors of Austria and Germany bore the title Kaiser, and the Czars of Russia also owe the etymology of their title to Caesar. His name also crept further eastward out of Europe, even cropping up in Hindi and Urdu, where the term for “Emperor” is Kaiser.

Cleopatra was a legendary figure even to contemporary Romans and the ancient world, as Plutarch’s quote suggests, and she was a controversial figure who was equally reviled and praised through the years, depicted as a benevolent ruler and an evil seductress, sometimes at the same time. Over 2,000 years after her death, everything about Cleopatra continues to fascinate people around the world, from her lineage as a Ptolemaic pharaoh, her physical features, the manner in which she seduced Caesar, her departure during the Battle of Actium, and her famous suicide. And despite being one of the most famous figures in history, there is still much mystery surrounding her, leading historians and archaeologists scouring Alexandria, Egypt for clues about her life and the whereabouts of her royal palace and tomb.

History for Kids: The Illustrated Lives of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra provides an entertaining look at the facts and myths surrounding the famous lovers and leaders. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, your kids will learn about Caesar and Cleopatra like never before.

Baseball Dreams (Book Three – Childhood Dreams Series)

by William Evans III

A young boy is determined to become the best baseball player in the world, no matter what.

But can he copy his favorite player’s bad habits and still make it to the major leagues?

A funny story, full of pratfalls – perfect for fans of “A Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Big Nate”. Appropriate for readers of all ages.

Read-aloud time is approximately 30 minutes.

The CHILDHOOD DREAMS series was first started when the author was eight-years-old. Now eleven, William is hard at work on the next (fourth) book in the series, BASKETBALL DREAMS.

This book is the third volume in the “Childhood Dreams” series, a collection of tales in which a young boy tries his hand at different things in life, but almost always goes about things the wrong way. The first two books, FOOTBALL DREAMS and RACE CAR DREAMS, are available now!

Mimi volume one, a picture story book for young boys and girls

by Dr. Howey

Mimi volume one is a delightful collection of 7 fun picture stories to read with your little ones.

– Mimi is a preschool girl who loves to have fun with her Mama and Daddy.
– Each story has 30 or more beautifully illustrated pictures, appearing one per page on the Kindle edition.
– Young children can relate to the real life adventures of Mimi.
– With easy to follow funny plots and punch lines.
– Simple text ideal to read to little ones or for early readers.
– Over 200 pictures!


1. Mimi goes Shopping
2. Mimi and the Exhibition
3. Mimi goes to Kindergarten
4. Mimi goes Swimming
5. Mimi goes for a Walk
6. Mimi gets Mucky
7. Mimi and the Rainy Day

Chimpanzees (A Level 2 Easy Reader for Kids)

by Jackie Jeffrey

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent social animals. They have been studied in the wild for decades. This book offers children an introduction to chimpanzee life, their social structure, eating habits and family bonds. Featuring full color pictures of chimpanzees living and learning in their habitats.
Chimpanzees is suggested as a shared reader or as a Level 2 reader for children with a larger vocabulary.

The Animal Bunch – Volume 2: Learn Numbers (123)

by Aleli Silva

Learn Numbers is the second book in the Animal Bunch series. It is an illustrated picture book featuring cute and lovable animals. Your little kids will enjoy counting with them on every page!

How to Be Tall

by Molly Pepa

How to Be Tall is a silly children’s illustrated eBook. This is a funny bed-time story to tell your child before she or he falls asleep. Created especially for Kindle, has simple text and jolly pictures. The format makes this book an ideal Kindle experience for sharing with children.

No More Broken Promises (The Cassie Perkins Series)

by Angela Hunt

Ages 10-14

Life is wonderful! At least that’s what thirteen-year-old Cassie believes. Everything seems perfect: she’s tried out for–and won–the lead role in the eighth-grade musical and she’s singing with the best-looking guy in school. Cassie is sure of one thing: nothing can stop her now!

Then her dad moves out. And suddenly Cassie’s perfect world comes crashing down around her . . .

Children’s Ebooks: The Littlest Dragon ( A Illustrated Children’s Picture Book)

by Michael Yu

None of the other dragons think Danny, the littlest dragon, has a chance at winning the annual Dragon Game. But what he lacks in size, Danny more than makes up for in spirit, and he sets out to prove them wrong.

If I Were a Sock: A New Friend

by Craig Wynters

How would you see the world as a sock? Craig Wynters shares his stories as he explores the wonders of our world as your sock!

Slips’ Slip Up (The Imagibles)

by A. J. Cosmo

Are imaginary friends real? To eight year old Alex there is an entire world filled with them. They’re real enough to make a mess of things and get Alex in trouble. Can Alex forgive his imaginary friend Slips when Slips slips up?

7.5K words, 9 Color Illustrations, recommended for transitional readers in grades first through third.

About the Author

A.J. Cosmo’s stories are crafted to help parents teach their children
simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner. By artfully
marrying beautiful illustrations and language, children are challenged to
explore his magical worlds. Written for the transitional reader, A.J.’s
stories allow your child to develop and master a new level of reading.

Bob and Joe in Our First Race (The Adventures of Bob and Joe)

by Emma Ward

Currently on Amazon Kindle Best Seller List

When you download “Our First Race”, your children will be transported to a forest, filled with oak trees and a rather busy pond. This is the home of Bob and Joe – identical twin turtles who love to have racing adventures with their friends. Arnold the Alligator and Sammy the Squirrel are just a couple of the crazy characters who help Bob and Joe teach children about friendship and fair play.

In “Our First Race”, we learn how Bob and Joe got their start. Take a trip down memory lane as they share their first racing adventure with Mookie the Mosquito. Read the book to find out who won the race. More importantly, find out who would change their lives forever.

Your kids will fall in love with these characters and will soon be asking you to tell them another “Bob and Joe” story.

Cute Baby Animals: A Children’s Picture Book

by Diana Beck

Cute Baby Animals is a kids picture book featuring over 30 adorable animals. Each baby animal is accompanied by what it is called (i.e. a baby cow is called a calf) and a fun fact.

Babies and children alike will enjoy the full-color pictures of these cute baby animals.

A Christmas Tree of My Own

by Deborah Berry Morgan

An illustrated childrens book about a boy who goes with his father to get a Christmas tree.

The Dragon Egg

by Michelle Zimmerman

Tyler and Ryan discover something magical in their backyard! The Dragon Egg is a story of discovery and friendship. You and your young reader will share the joys and dangers of dragon parenthood!

A fun and exciting bedtime story, also great for story time.

Always a Princess

by janet sierzant

When five year old Arabella picks up a pair of scissors, and cuts her own hair, her dreams of being a princess seem to disappear. How can she be a princess without her long beautiful hair? Sad and upset, she doesn’t want to play princess anymore. But, after a trip to the princess store with her mom, Arabella discovers princesses like Mulan and Snow White all have short hair. That and a new green dress makes her smile. Arabella feels like a princess once more.

The Flower Traube (Mystery Detective Bert # 3)

by Elle A. Kagoena

Bert, a private investigator, finds himself in the middle of a mystery after a car that is used as a flower planter goes missing from the middle of town. In the midst of the mystery, Bert’s nemesis, James Moriah, returns to town and his girlfriend, Alice, goes missing. Can Bert and his sidekick cat Apache find Alice solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Reading Time: 25 mins.

Dinosaurs: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the Planet Collection, “DINOSAURS” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of the different dinosaurs and their behavior.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

The Magical World of Almagor

by Rick Schuster

Gigantic Spiders?
Talking Trees?
Magical Watches?

What seemed like just another birthday party for the triplets turned out to be the adventure of their young 13 year old lives. Entering another world through the most unlikely source proved to be the most spectacular adventure any of them could have ever imagined.

The World of Almagor, located somewhere between the 6th dimension of earth and the moon, is a magnificent and magical far out land filled with fun, excitement, sorcery, battles and danger. Come along for the experience of a lifetime as the 3 kids try and save Almagor from a wicked and evil Czar named Arboc.


by June Colbert

Junior fiction adventure – 28,000 words.
Jeffo and his mates notice the water levels are getting higher. Why hasn’t anyone else seen this? And then suddenly it’s all over the news – along with the melting iceberg in Sydney Harbour and port cities all over the world going under. Families are encouraged to take in High Water refugees, so Jeffo’s family takes in Frogboy’s family. But the water keeps rising and they all have to move.
They find a farm inland and set up camp – but what are the townspeople not saying? Sheep go missing, then teachers … clearly there’s something in the water….

The Thunderbird Conundrum (The Allison Cromwell Chronicles # 2)

by Elle A. Kagoena

Allison Cromwell is a young lady who has always had a knack for seeing the world in a different light. She knows her sense of style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, what with her long red hair with streaks of purple through it, but it works for her.

She is really into cars and anything that is truly unique catches her eye. She has a very unique car of her own and she owes it all to a local body place. They took her vision and made it reality, with a purple paint job that out shines all other cars.

She hears about a classic car show and gets a called a couple of days before the show. Apparently, this guy’s car went missing from his garage and he hires her to look into it. He knows the police are doing what they can but they don’t have the manpower to put the time into it.

Reading Time: 23 mins.

THE MEASUREMENTS – LAS MEDIDAS (Happy LANGUAGE KIDS – a bilingual book series for elementary school (English/ Spanish))

by Suzy Liebermann

Bilingual children’s book about MEASUREMENTS in English and Spanish

teaching the vocabulary of what can be measured.

Ben A Zero (1) Cloudclipper

by Peter Berridge

Ben wakes to find himself in an underground jail held by Prison Robot FIDO and Prison Computer Warder CLEO. He is horrified to find he has huge elvish ears. CLEO says he is a well known Elvish criminal guilty of a foul crime. Ben has no recall of doing anything wrong. Ben eventually settles down to life in the Underground Prison Complex. He is allowed to train spot in an area above his jail. The entire area is surrounded by a charged dome which CLEO tells him: “It will kill you if you touch it!” Ben throws a stick at the dome. The stick explodes! There is no hope of escape! Both Ben and robot FIDO become keen train spotters with the objective of “copping the lot” (seeing all the namers listed in an ABC given to Ben by CLEO.) Ben eats well and has put on weight. Then, one day a strange elf appears and addresses him as “Prince Ben”….


by Knowledge Works Company

Rapunzel is the classic children’s fairy tale about a beautiful young lady with long, flowing hair that lives in a mysterious tower. The tale begins with Rapunzel’s parents, who lived next door to an old woman who grew a delicious vegetable called rampion. The wife, at home pregnant, notices the rampion growing next door and desperately wants some of it to eat. In order to please his wife, the husband steals the rampion but is eventually caught by the old woman. Begging for mercy, the husband agrees to give his child to the old woman upon its birth. As the years pass, Rapunzel (named after the rampion plant), wonders about her neighbors. This leads the old woman to lock Rapunzel away in a tower in the forest, until the day when a dashing prince comes to her rescue.

Rapunzel is the classic children’s fairy tale that we all grew up with. Many renditions and spin off versions have been created over the years, but nothing beats the classic story of Rapunzel in this beautifully created children’s eBook.

Beth the baby boat discovers treasure (A children’s picture book)

by Silvano Martina

It’s a beautiful late-summer morning and Beth and Joy are playing quietly when, in a moment, a “sea monster” drags them in one of their daily incredible adventures…

A bright boat, a cheerful buoy and a spiteful giant squid join their forces looking for a fabulous treasure: will they succeed?

Age range: Preschool

Bullpuss And The Ginger Nuts (Louisa’s Ginger Nuts Series)

by Peter Brighouse

In Bullpuss And The Ginger Nuts we relate how, having thought that the garden was rather quiet with the absence of Captain Bullpuss, the real Bullpuss arrives and causes havoc whilst waiting to gain official admission through the cat-flap and back into the arms of a loving family.

In The Ginger Nuts Pull A Leg, Old Master is in bed with the flu and in need of cheering up so the complete gang oblige with fun and frolics.

In between these two tales is a short piece describing how cats enjoy the appearance of the Christmas turkey.

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Davy Crockett

by Charles River Editors

*Perfect for ages 7-9
*Includes pictures of Davy Crockett and important people and places in his life.

“I know not whether, in the eyes of the world, a brilliant death is not preferred to an obscure life of rectitude. Most men are remembered as they died, and not as they lived. We gaze with admiration upon the glories of the setting sun, yet scarcely bestow a passing glance upon its noonday splendor.” – Davy Crockett

In Charles River Editors’ History for Kids series, your children can learn about history’s most important people and events in an easy, entertaining, and educational way. Pictures help bring the story to life, and the concise but comprehensive book will keep your kid’s attention all the way to the end.

The Wild West and the frontier have long held a special place in the narrative of American history, and of all the legends and folk heroes who lived in the 19th century, none became as famous as Davy Crockett, “The King of the Wild Frontier”.

Crockett had the distinction of being a living legend in his own life. Known as a hardscrabble frontiersman who could spin a good yarn but who also took a no-nonsense approach that brought him from the backwoods of Tennessee to the halls of Congress. Though he served during the presidency of another Westerner, Andrew Jackson, Crockett was very much his own man, and he was distrustful of other politicians, a sentiment that has only endured him further to subsequent generations of Americans.

In 1834, Crockett was promoting his autobiography, which provided colorful accounts of his life on the frontier, all while facing reelection. In the midst of the campaign, Crockett noted, “I told the people of my district that I would serve them as faithfully as I had done; but if not … you may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” When he lost in 1834, he kept his word and set off for Texas, a spot he grew to love so much that he would write to his children in 1836, “I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world. The best land & best prospects for health I ever saw is here, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country to settle.”

Crockett was famous in his lifetime, but it was his death in Texas that made him an American legend. Though there is still some mystery and controversy surrounding exactly what transpired at the Battle of the Alamo, the deaths of Crockett, Travis, Bowie and the rest of the defenders at the hands of Santa Anna’s Mexican soldiers became a symbol of sacrifice and defiance, and the battle itself became a rallying cry throughout the rest of Texas’ War for Independence. Naturally, it also cemented Crockett’s legacy as well.
History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Davy Crockett looks at the amazing life of the frontier hero, his controversial death, and the fantastic legends and mythmaking that have shaped his legacy. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, your kids will learn about The King of the Wild Frontier like never before.

Anti Abortions: Behind the Signs

by Misty McBeth

You know those moments in your life when you are so passionate about an issue that you just want to scream it out loud to the world? I am talking about the kind of passion that leads us to wars, giving us the strength to speak up for what we so strongly believe in, moments in life when you make the decision not to hide behind the crowds but instead choose to be in the forefront of battle.

Now we have all seen the signs or maybe even have been the people behind them, those signs that can so easily create a torrent of rage with some individuals. The signs may have been used in a street protest or political ad for an upcoming election ballot. The signs I am describing represent each side of the battle on the war between Pro-choice and Anti Abortionists.

A recent discovery that led to a conversation I never thought I would have with someone very close to me is the reason I decided to write this book. Walk with me through this journey as I try to bring out the message of what is hiding behind all the signs and propaganda that slaps so many of us in the face.

Bella Sue and the Mother’s Day Thank You (Holidays and Celebrations with Bella Sue)

by Linda Ryan

18 Pages/Illustrations
Bella Sue and her Dad have many surprises planned for her Mom on her special day. Homemade breakfast, jewelry, a card, a special walk, a cake and more!

Big Cats – For Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

by John Davidson

Bestselling author John Davidson presents “Big Cats For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers”. Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with big cats. This is one of over 20 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series.

The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle.
Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of these beautiful cats: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about big cats***

Table of Contents

1. 10 Facts About Big Cats
2. Facts For Children About Leopards
3. What Do You Think A Wildcat Is?
4. Endangered Big Cats
5. Big Cats Habitat
6. All About Cougars
7. Have You Ever Heard Of An Ocelt?
8. About African Cheetahs
9. The African Caracal
10. Big Cats Diet
11. Cubs Or Baby Big Cats
12. Tigers
13. A Cat Called A Serval
14. Snow Leopards: King Of The Frozen Mountains
15. The Bobcat, North America’s Wildcat
16. Why I Love The Jaguarundi
17. The Lynx – A Majestic Cat
18. What Are Pumas?
19. What Is A Jaguar?
20. What Are Lions?

Get this book at this special price exclusive to the Amazon Store.

If a naturalist uses the term of big cats, this usually will be talking about the four different kinds of cats that can roar, and these four different kinds of cats are very different in size from each other, and they also live in different places in the world. The first fact about all these big cats is that they are all carnivores, which means meat eaters, and this means that they do out hunting for their food a good deal of the time.

The second fact about big cats is that they belong to a family group called the genus Panther and in the Panther group you will find lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. The third fact about big cats is that they unlike smaller cats do prefer to eat their food while they are laying down. The forth fact about big cats is that they mainly do their hunting at night, but there are some species of these big cats that do hunt only during the day. The fifth fact about big cats is they are very powerful climbers the big cats is no other than the leopard. The leopard is able to carry any prey up a tree, which is sometimes twice its own weight.

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Childrens Ebooks – Around Town, A Bunny, A Mother and Officer Bill, The Puppet Show ( baby-3, ages 4-8) (Stories from Grandma)

by Marrj Elliot

FROM THE PUBLISHER “Stories From Grandma”:
In her second volume of stories, Marrj Elliot writes and illustrates three rhyming childrens ebooks for baby-3 and ages 4-8.
“Around Town” introduces you to characters you see in in “A Bunny, A Mother and Officer Bill” and “The Puppet Show”.
The puppet show teaches you how to make puppets in a simple and easy way.
If you enjoyed her previous childrens’ ebook you definitely will enjoy this one too.

There are several illustrations showing different animals like bunnies, dogs and frogs.

Curses The Witch’s Cat – Halloween Party

by Frances Ermengarde

Curses is a young cat, not a kitten. More than anything he doesn’t like to be called a kitten. What Curses really wants is to become a witch’s cat like his parents. Come join him on his journey to achieving his dreams.

Limehouse Jack

by Don Webb

Time Travel is like a cloak of invisibility, a duty, a responsibility – and a temptation. Just a tweak to history and Hitler may never have been born, the Holocaust didn`t kill millions of Jews, the Twin Towers still hover proudly over Manhattan, the atom bomb didn`t devastate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Go a little further back and the Great Plague disappears, slavery vanishes. Tempting. Impossible.

History evens itself out. It is not possible to change a single event in isolation without affecting hundreds of thousands of infinite variables. Chaos Theory comes into play. A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a typhoon in the China Seas.

Limehouse Jack is a Time Traveller. He operates in the shadowy half world on the edges of History. He is an apprentice knight, steeped in chivalry, born of the mysterious mythology that surrounded Camelot and the pure, holy faith that drove and possessed the world wide, time wide, knightly brotherhood that spawned him.

Jack does not change to try to change history. He thwarts those who would do so, for reasons good or ill. He is harassed in his endeavours by a deadly adversary whose aim is to change history and profit from the Chaos that must surely ensue. The Trickster is a Shapeshifter, Mordred, the Black Knight, offspring of the deadly union between Arthur, the Once and Future King and his sister, Morgan Le Fay, the witch. She has given her son the powers to tamper with the fringes of Time, careless of the wider implications. She wants Arthur dead by Mordred`s hand, Mordred King and the World driven down different, perilous chasm of Time.

Jack`s power and authority come from Merlin, the magician who has divined Morgan’s impulse and fights to preserve the World from her malignity. Mordred and Morgan Le Fay seek out crucial hinge points in Time where an event can be twisted to their purpose.

Jack arrives back in the present day from such a hinge point, wounded seriously in a successful battle to prevent the premature death of the Second Lord Protector of England, Richard Cromwell, whose assassination would have set back the course of democratic debate in England for a hundred years.

Jack`s life is saved by Tilly, a fourteen year old girl who becomes his ally in his next important mission, to prevent the assassination of Winston Churchill in an effort to alter the outcome of World War Two and allow the Third Reich to complete its thousand years of control.

Jack`s enemy, the Trickster senses Jack`s interest in Tilly and embarks on a series of feints and attacks to draw Jack out into the open. This direct assault doesn`t work and the Trickster isolates Tilly by killing her friends as babies by going back in time, then by attacking her grandfather as a baby and later, as a young man, a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain, whose continued existence is essential if the plan to kill Churchill is to be foiled. Jack is drawn into battle on Tilly`s behalf and the climax of the book comes when Jack is sucked back into nineteen forty and left stranded with no means of return to the present day. Jack`s faithful ally, Polly, a talking magpie goes back to the rescue with Tilly. Their efforts are alternately helped and hindered by the eccentric and disgraced wizard, Merlin who has a stake in Jack`s continuing life and future.

Jack, Tilly and Polly beat off the marauding Trickster to save the grandfather`s life so that he can fly his Spitfire to the rescue of the beleaguered statesman, saving countless future generations from the scourge of Nazism.

This book is the story of Jack and Tilly and their struggle to stop the World from being destroyed.

A Memorable Family Gathering (Tiddly Winks)

by Nancy Winker

Two short stories about growing up in rural South Dakota. The first story, “A Memorable Family Gathering” is set in the 1990s, when the family of six siblings and two parents get together for Thanksgiving. It ends up being a day of work and destroying the house for renovations.

The second story, “Learning to Ride,” is set in the 1970s. It’s the same family, but the youngest has not been born yet. The youngest boy learns how to ride his bike before his older sister.

These short stories are great for elementary school children, but are enjoyable at all ages.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Edition

by WiWi Gaming

*** Monopoly Game: Ultimate Edition***
Monopoly is more a game of art rather than skill. Despite this, it happens to be a remarkably interesting pastime judging by the incredible number of sales the game has raked in. Most people want to know what the game is all about.

This book describes what the monopoly game entails and how to play it. Also included are some remarkable strategies to apply in the game to emerge the winner and to drive the opponents to bankruptcy. The tips also guide the player to ensure that there are always conscious when making any move.

Step by Step – How To Draw A Simple Cartoon Part III (Art Made Easy)

by Antonio Viegas

ebooks are fun. Free ebooks are even better! This ebook can be borrowed for free.
Make a cartoon.
This book walks you through simple steps to create a cartoon character. This book walks through the steps of drawing a full figure, head, face and torso. Art should be fun and enjoyable. Following these easy steps you can create a cartoon character. This is the third book in a series written on the premise that anyone can learn how to draw and paint. Ever wanted to make a cartoon character? Or wanted to help your children learn how to make cartoon characters? Cartoon pictures can be fun to draw and any one can do it. Some people have a desire to draw but do not know how to start or are afraid to start. This books walks you through creation of a simple cartoon character one step at a time. Kids cartoons can be easy to create. Follow these eash steps, practice a little and soon you will be creating cartoon characters. Cartoon faces may appear to be difficult can actually be easy to draw. Kids can follow these instructions. Drawing cartoons was never easier.

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